Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 6, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1958
Page 4
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fc , V Hut H 9 P t STAR THREE FACES OF IOVE FAITH "BALDWIN >5f b, hitli iol4*IS CorfcrHI. bKtrittillJ b) UlA iiftKl, 1*4. -THfe STORY: Hop* and Adam? - havt been married 10 jeora. I r §he feels t M at there is a laek - ' belwfceh herself and her hus- i band, and she e.imiot under- | stattd It, because they are hap- , .• '" pity married. Her husband cai talk lo Marly, the widow of hi* | < business partner, but h« cannot . talk to Hope. | Chapter IV > The place In which they spent their holiday uas not too fai nor too close Mis Riggs decided lo Vacation with her sister: a mnn Would occasionally look in In sec ithere has been no fire, breaking or cnleiing lip would also cut '^ - the temperamental grass. weed ' ' Hope's garden, and shake his head over Adam's vegetables ,|\|. ptter went on uith them, but be' ing with Adam u.is alw.ns a hoi-1 iday for .ttipltcr. They fished in the cove from the rowboat that wont with the ' . 'Cottage and their clfoHs were > llticky or not lucky. H depends, \vhijUicr you aie the fish or the fisherman. 1 jBceimse II was after scn'son ', nnd the water cold, they general ]y had the beacli lo Ihemselves 1 They swam, and Jupiter with •; thorn. They snl on benched "boots ^ and looked away, up the hill or across the inlet; and grew evenly I" brown, for the weather was IIMI- ally golden, as comfortable as an _ ,dld person dreaming by the flro \ yet still viRoiuiis. Only Iho wii- * tor really knew summer wns \ , ovor. Tliey swam to a mured j -*> boat and hung on, unch with one ri -> hand, holdmo tlio other by a „' shoulder; numctlmes they let go ; '. nnd came up laughing and Hope's hair oscuped the cap nnd her wet "~" ^fiice was tawny pink. A kiss In swimming !. c elusive; ;" ,000) as water, warm as sun, salt <-' as tears. „- J One evening after supper thev * went to tho sunsot-lookinn toeaeh , nnd there wore people nhcsid of j then). A >oung woman in a ' ( " shapeless shirt and shorts went ^ watjing in the tinted pouls with jr I wo ' small children. i'-," Another evening there were l t- people pouring out from a col- tago, two little boys, a third who y'. Mumbled in the sand, an-1 a thiji '/.T'girl child wiln pigtnils; aiul \villi <.Vi them the pjrent-! Tho man wns , n , stocky and strong, as was IMS -'. \v{fe. They ]-'li"<-'l with their ehil- f-'' fljTMi and once ran to sou if the ',>" little one was hurt when, bare• •^ foot, he stumbled over a stone. ,'JC As they plnyod they laughed, and 'vv it' was harmonv. i That evening when (hoy r»j- turned to Ihoir cottage Adam rebuilt the fire and (hep sat in front 'of it, each in a bijf chair, nnd looked at the blue-greon flame, lor there was driftwood among the logs and tho salt had generated' the volatile peacock bla/.o. ."Come here, woman " s a i d 'Adam, "you're so far nwny." "I'm never/' sho denied She curled her toes beneath her "bVt'mo just stay here" Unoffendccl, he reminded her 'thai usually she was docile. Jupiter looked up from besjde Adam. Jupiter smelled nC sail n}so, regrettably of fish and a 'long-defunct crali recently dU- POSITIVELY NO HUNTING of Any Kind — Or Trespassing On The CARl. HINTON Prgperty At 'EYKIOS Sonto C|OM? will be ot WARD 6, 9,p,m, to 5 p,m. by and ?eg him! * 2nd & Main Sts, •4' S't, '-.'•' " r Ipc" " , "fi '' i* i% pilwy Day " ' 'Sept TIL XMAS covc'l-etl. '•)i must bnlhe Jupiter," Jald Adam, "He iikos It. Adam. Ihc jtirl we paw with her llllld girls iifid than iho couple I o n I g h I, on the bench—" "What about them?" dp risked warily. "It liriS lo do With IK," sho said. His i n I c r e s 1 tjuic):pnccl, Mb asked, "\Vliy and whtitv" "Would we be more- eompletfrt 1 ' "How is il po3sibb . . ." hi! br-iim, and then slopped. rfe said, with honesty, "1 don't know, darling." "I don't either. J never have. Adam, I didn't re-ally want uhll* (Iron i would have loved them but second, I am sure, always second. You road ch« books, they tell you how inlHcvnblo children .•ire in homes where Ih'} parciiU don't lovo each other, and the next chapter talks about children feeling rejected and jealous If the parents do. No middle grnttncf evidently. 1 sometimes think 1 wouldn't have loved them for themselves, but because of Us, That wouldn't huve- bC"Jn a -good thinu, would it?" "f suppnso not. >!• don't know.!' He was r.eeing her with cornpas- sinn, watching tho thijughl.s strug- (.'le into expression, and 'not conscious of her as S'Wie, not at nil conscious 01 her in his blood, only in his mind and heart. She cried out, her hands linked about her bare knees. "It wasn't our fault," and th« tireliuht flickered across her face. "Still If I'd terribly wanted children I would feel less— is it now guilty? If I'd lunged fur a cMild and not had one. at least I would have fulfilled something. Out t didn't lonK, Adam, I didn't." "I never have cither except in a vague way, a man must feel ;i certain pride . . . thinking maybe" his name might live, , a 'sort of immortality. Not that il is. often." She nodded. "It isn'-t • a lack, I mean, 1 don't feel a laqk, 1 clor)H miss anything. I just foul 1 should have wanted, 1 .should havp been unhappy." She looker) at him, frowning in concentration. She said, "Perhaps if we'd had 'a hild we wdulct have chann'eliad off somthin.i> . ; . exclusive -— - 'is that (he word?— between u.s yg.( not lost anything, i'm saying this badly." "1 understand what you're saying. Maybe you're right. I still wonder about adoption." "No, I'm selfish now, I couldn't deliberately adjust. . We've lived one way for 10 years -~ that's tomorrow," she romincloci him, smiling, "and it's top late now. Besides, we don't really want jt that way, do we?" "No," he said. "I'm ylad the owners are com- ins( back for a whilg," [{ope said. "I wouldn't like lo think of Hie house being closed," "It will bp, Inter,' said Adam, cinirtooiisiy banding Jupiter a piece of loasl, "maybe tho housp likes il anywey; bpi«£ frpp of pctmlL, oven of owners Qf of love; Jy tenants like us, Mnybe it llkeij boipg quiet for a changp," "1," said Hope proudly, ''have left it terribly clean," So 1 noticed, Olid normally you're sijch a bad houseKecpoi, If it weren't for Mrs, Riggs and her ilk-" p * ' "What's an ilk?" "I haven't got (he remotest iclon except jt )ias nothing to d.o with antlers. Pon't i n , t o r r 14 p i ff\^ What wns 1 saying nnyway" "Vwy wfJe. r Uwusht this morn' ing, It's too beautiful to Je-nvo, J thpug))t, I'd rolhor leave in n bpr) storm, Then J rpcoypred jny sppsps. Stprms nre not fun -to drive through—or is it jn? §q, »Jl light, WQ Jpnvp in thp §un," ^ "You wiu havp tq "tjjar' qff inv mpdiatcly, Bight' HP\v," sajtj Adam, "Mnrp cpffpp qp \\\g wijy,, and Jupitor will stretph his legs «nsJ so fartii when vyp find a safe spot ancl we'll iPpU for a good pjaco (o lunch. On ynur toes, Susan, oi^Hors pweteh - anrt nil that sort of fhine 1 , fhp {joliciay's °yp>'- The Qr?at Man nnd 'his Jpy, iug spousp return to the serious business of JiYiiig,' 1 A» Jivjng >y fl s a serjo«5 b.u,sj, ness; and ajgo, Jpving, Epch hatj spen piore pliariy j)pre tjinn ovej- .bpfore Jhp |a?P of Ins loyer sligpco; • to thp os» PV9$?imi gf Ipye. Neypr fac?. Tliej'P had not by a lamp, n slant ot moonlight, gn ih Ppmma <jawn or an o.ntgQinjg day, th» flHtgr a fsi}|i on, g d.gsertp4 •beach. HO«P haej scan gravity, sii^ i'iP 9V°P(lipg regard \vliJpij Jias the inexplicable look, of angpf pncj is OQi '1»gPf an?l a!} »»fv}§{w with an had sepn submyrsg^ 'j> Jfgpo, ynp \vhipi> drovvxed. vmdpr to? ly to give and the l §t&ekiRB the other evening wo chanced i lo overhear rt rollier healed clis- \ mission cnrricd oh by a group or youhg fncii ih httntihg clothes. This was not ft case of eavesdropping; there Was no need, Tlio conversation Was In tones loud enough to be heard clearly ih all parts of the room. H seems that the boys had fotlfid little or ho game that day, so they were .giving the dattie Commission what'for. "Jtp wonder we got no game. Too frinfiy toes." "Sight! They ought to put a bounty on foxes," "NftW, that nlh't It. We always hnd foXes, Trouble is, their stock' Ing programs lousy. What we pay our money for each year, btiyih' n license?" Ahd so on, ad Infinltum. That seems to be the usual solution of the uninformed — stocking. You who hunt ruffed .grouse know that this bird, once plentiful, has suffered serious reverses. Whore once there were 50 birds, now there Is one or, more probably, hone. All right — why not stock g rouse 1 For n great many years every effort was made to do exactly that Fi;om the beginning, difficulties were uncountered. Wild birds, which hnd been trapped, soon died .1)1 captjv.ity. Then the game biologists learned'thai grouse chicks, hatched in mi incubator from eggs thql had top en brought in from natural gVoUs'e cover, could toe raised' to adulthood on wire. The next job Was to gel eggs from 'the captive birds, Nothing- doing. They simply would not' breed in captivity. After many years of heartbreaking failure, the game gioiogists came to the inescapable conclusion that they had been walking down a dead • end Street, That Was not the solution. Of course, every effort has been made and is being made to provide .adequate food and cover for our native.grouse. It has been proven, rntpur conclusively that the ruffpd grouse must work out his own salvation, .aided as much as possible" by our biqlogists, In former years, Ihe bobwhUe quail was the nurn'ber one game bird of the country. These appealing little .birds were pretty much Hope Star Classified Ads ADS MUST IE IN OFFICE DAY StWRI PUIU2AT10N «= PH5NI ^3431 FC|fc AD TAKER jng syhlch he coul^ not Interpret, nor di'd he try. All ' (his each had seen in U\° len years past but never' with such clarity . as on this hoHclay, and each, all his life, would remember. That year winter look ils'elf seriously and toward its wretched indecisive departure Adam's mother fell ill i" " strange city, Actually she lived on the branch: she had a • small house in the Country and an nparlment in tho town, some distance away, where Adam had been born. But relentlessly she pursued hcrse'lj around the world as, having been endowed with a facility Cor Ihp written and spoken word, she had employee] first one, • then both', prior to l\Qr marriage. When her marriage ci^ejl ?he redoubled her effofts; it wns at pnce a living nnc) a balm, No\v, from n pi'y in which .-.he had been speaking -publicly. Helen's 'Secretary tpjophwpd Adarp at his office and he'ealjod Hope. They would go at once, ho sai<l, Mrs. Riggs could dog-and-housp Sit. flew; nnri m tjip-bjg plane bled, and Hope f)qybly s,Q! for A flftrr> »n d for hpripjf, She did HQt-loye Adam's fftplfjor but ihp likefj hey, f s),ie sugtjected, ' rathor moj-e than Adam did,, But Adam had the losson-boaK 'nppvPOflh, "She's not younfr" 's»ji^ J\floni. «^he'§' funny "pbout hpv'age. isn't §jie won't admit H in or »«t of print, 1 "jhfi^ to}'?" Inoui rod h,PBP. "\YbQ ndmitp it Ail right. j;$p ( - y/w'§ 'yam rm 3 child fiQmpprBsl, (q, yqvi {tjij} ^ goojl Hpnyons," she 'esp)l)lmpd §9 pas. siflttatfijj' that nearby passense'' gijirjed jn npprehensjpn, wqndpi' ing u they had hit an Bir'8 ocl5 ot. and not fpit If, "I'll bp 30 jp the spring'' "Make it 38 for me." her husband said, "eonjjp Jjijy, Jlelon bo 65, at ipasi, §ijj3 wasn't bride JiHo ,vnw t "' is 30j ai 30 ypu ^ye not wnlHin« in B i^rfen. I? more tton \ytes 30; spi<l, ''Railing Hslsn will be- all rjght." •• - . ''I'm, jure pf it, But .. -m -awt slow., fin nay father und i ai at ti\ p • -., stay ijf iu^ to geJJ me «w tb»t ypw Milwl JlsJ^} s. h n J . f Jypn yo^ '.Jjji^e ,poj to, she's rarely >Y!M$ >'8W .as 1 ? BJ $' IIPW mid thpflj far dinner 3«4 M? hest show ia.iswn." ,, , "J Jwxo»'. j8uij s»W finals? ov>rf- . 9s -r 41 Kin* • m »/^g^ssre-ix Emphasizes Importance ; of Polio Shots WASHINGTON iAP) — the im* portnnce of hnving children tmder S yenrs of nge protected with Snlk polio vaccine was ernphn- slxctl toclny by new statistics. j The Public Henlth Service said stntifniirios from Arkansas, Colorado, New York State (excluding Mew York City). North Carolina and Oklahoma show that nioro than one-third of all paralytic cases (liis year were among chiU clron under f>. For all agi-s there were lpl;ij|a> alyti'c cases, with 07 of them, in such children. '/' Forty-five of the paralytic cases were in children who had received no vaccine, seven had received one shot, six had received two; fcvon hp.cl received the recpni' mended three, nnd vaccination slatos was not reported for two cases. "The percentage of cases in children wider f> years of age, lit each of the states varied from about 23 per cent in New York to about BO per cent in North Carolina," the service said, —"The percentage of cases In children who hod received no vaccine ranged from about 30 per :ent in Oklahoma to 100 per cent In Colorado, where there were only five cases in children under 5 years of age." There were deaths nttirbutcd to' polio in persons who had had Shroe shots, nil of tho victims bo- nK more than 4 years old, and hree of them in North Carolina being over 14 years of age. ^Q^^^^P^W ^^^ flr ^^^^^P ^r^W P^^s^^^^P^P^ | everywhere, and they supplied'fe^- cellent sports' afield as they! -^If-e ideal tooth for wing shooting Sand dog work. ': 3$5f ;> Now the .days of good ; quail shooting are things of tha : .p|St, so far as ipublic shooting is'^c.^i- cernecl. The decline of this wqnciifr- ful little bird can bo credited fto two major causes — inadequate natural food and cover and, too-, heavy gun pressure. (* So the game commissions |uj the various states decided to stock .quail. There was little trouble in raising these birds in captivity. Trouble wns, the little pen-reared birds simply did not have what it took for th'em to survive in open country. Not only were they easy prey, to predators also, they, owcrc not hard enough to withstand extreme weather. So, year afte,r year, slopked quail simply disappeared. Recently word has .come from Tennessee, formerly n .great quail state. Their conservation commission regretfully decided to discontinue stocking pen-reared quail. Studies which extended over a period of many years showed that only about three per cent of tho 'stocked quail foil to the hunter's gun. Qn this basis, every quail in a hunter's game bag was costing the Commission about $33. Now the accent is on an improved management program with improved natural food and cover conditions. Of course, 'both tlip Federal and State conservation commissions haye been,' fully aware of this dianeing picture. 'WMh the. increase in population there h.a.s, of course, boon a decidecj change in our- great outdoors. Native birds, .such a,§ gfousp, quail, prario ehivk- en," shanptail grouse, etc., simply have not been n>b}e to adopt themselves 'to tho changing conditions, In thP earnpst attempt to take up tho slop!? and populate ovey eovers,,wit!) Ibircjg wWoh will thrive under'.present-day conditions, a ], most-icvery gome bird that fifes anywhere in the world has been, studied carefully and in ninny coses, given a trial 'in our covers. The grent majprHy h.avp been hopejpsg fajkjres, i' One exotic species, liowever, has Ibeen a notable success -r- the ring neck pheasant. This colorful fellow •and Jiis little firfib hen have made gunning in areas wnere upland shooting \yos just about a thing of tho past, The ringneek has given (is much fop whiclj to be thankful. 'Trouble is, U)e ringneck cjqes pot thriv? in the warmer clinvj|e south o{ the MasoivPi-^pn \M°> " §o jjo\y {he problem js to find an jrrv """ wWeh \yiU Jen4 itgejf to con. as jjjey aj-p in tl>p Southern ... , t ThPl'P are seyeral Jilsejy pvospepts, pi}£ of thpm thp yqdt Jeggpd. patrj^ge 1 of Spain, i~ Jut stpgkipg, of; itsey, certainly j§ noj. ijjg P|it;rg_ apswgr. Obyi^usT b'i'9 stopfe?!} bjrg; cEtiinM syrvive 1'osp.oj' .uijtp^s 'he gf\r) fine) i\& ?9.9^ ^Od adp.C)y3te coyer. to farmers pan b' Statp in i'.Ptwvn of pypy^ Ions |pr |pod| -aaci coyer for the wp.q4',lots. ?\?> 8 the schedule 6f SoltlhSf as printed below, has beeli tak«fl from John Alden Kftlght'S gdllihaf Tables. Plan your days so that you will be fishing ih g"opd territory or hunting in good covdf during these times, It you W'sh td find the best sport that e&fJh day hiU td offer. The Major Periods are 'Showfl Itt boldface type, These beguV-jt'the times shown and last for ah'hour and a half or two hours' there* after. The Minor, Periods, shown.in regular type, are of Somewhat shorter duration. A, M. P.M. Minor Major Mlhor Major Saturday 1:05 7:20 1:35 '/!45 2:00 8:15 2:55 9',15 3;55 10:15 4:55 11115 Sunday Monday" Tuesday Wednes Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 5:55 0:55 12:40 7:50 1:35 8:40 2:25 2:30 8:40 3:30 9!40 4:30 10S40 5:30 11:40 6:30 12:15 7:25 1!10 8:20 2!05 <J:10 2:55 LET Ul f«B6v*U jBuf did ffi&t< . Wi INclilll* Ifl »f«liUfi' eesi 711 We* 4th, fhoB» HALWi tt»ta for* *•"--•—' Market, «us. W« have meat 'ifeite. Sec ui fte- SiMGfitt gfiiWlUCJ' MACHINE CO, §4les and Service, 613 East 3rd. L, fi. fioflth, PhotiS Pft ?'dd9S. 644-lt POWER Saw available for removal of trees, stumps and etc. For free estimate call 7-4052. 2d4 mo. e ' her a'gift certificate for Christmas from Diane's Beauty Salon. P.hone 7-311,8. 2-tf PIANOS tuned, repaired and re* built. Guaranteed. Write H. Woosley, Prcscott or Phone Bndcaw TW 9-2385, 4-6tp 1 AM taking orders for cakes for Christmas. Also have limited amount of 2 Ib. fruit cakes. Mrs. Milton 'Eason. 7-4622. 44f BearstoGo In to Semi > Hiberndfibn LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Arkansans can expect fewer boar sightings during tho winter months, Nelson Cox, director of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, said today. Cox said lhat while Arkansas' boars do not go inlo full-fledged hibernation during tho state's- relatively mild winters, they do be come sluggish and inactive. A . bear recently \vns shot: in Springdalc and others were', sight cd earlier in various section's of, tho stale, including Joiiesbiiro; Cox said Ihe bears normallf: are not dangerous and only become dangerous when wounded. Usually the animals are rather .-timid and elusive, he said. But, Cox continued, the Game and Fish Commission wants to get rid of Ihe "garbage raider" either by donating him to a zoo or k'll ing him. He again urged that any one spotting bears notify the com mission or local police. This year the commission trap ped 20 black bears in Minnesota and brought them to Arkansas, The animals were impqrtcd in an at tempt Jo bu.Ul up Arkansas' bear population with the h.p'pe that the stale some dny could have a boar hunling senscn, .,. ' "We went into Ihe wild^ to avoid gelling gcirbiigd raiders, bul wo may have inadvertently gotten c>no or two," Cox KH ! C|. ' He estiairii-eci that Arkansas' present bev.' prpulalion totals be tween '100 tint 1 , 500, will) must of them in tho Vi'nito River bottoms and the Ozp.i'i? Mountains, Alford to Have Office Choice LITTLE ROCK (A)—Pv, Dale Alford of Little Rock, congressman-elect from the Fifth. District, will have first chqic.Q for office space among the 77 new members of Ihe U.S. Hpuse of Represenla- Jives. Claude Carpenter Jr,, who will be Alford's admjnisiraiiye ssgist- anl, telephoned from. Wellington today that He j-mcl $rawi) NO, 1 for Alford in sejqptiqn of aft'jeo space. Alford,' a writo-in eandjdatp, cle, featecl Rep, Proofs Hays (' m the gcnpra} election. Lost \VHITE and black spotted female terrier. Reward. Phone 7-4910. 28-tf SMALL black and white female Setter. Weight 40 Ibs. Russell Evans, 2520 Hazel St., Texarkana, Tex. on collar. Notify Herbert Arnold. PR 7-3188. 4-3tp For Sole or Trade USED furniture of all kinds. Bed rorffn s.ets; stoves, living room i sets, appliances, odd chairs and etc. City Furniture Co, 7-2261. 2-12lp For Rent or Sole Sal* ALUMINUM sereehs, ddors, st&frtt windows, weather * stripping, iii» stilation, roofinit awfiifigs", gut* tefihg, orHafflentai railing, Ffe§ estimates. Andy Ahdrews, PMofte M8d?. 8'tf 1950 STUt)fieAl46tt pickitp, dattie bed. heater, clean ahd in gOod condition. Phone W2d4 or ^ 3 SMALL tracts of land iiear town suitable for chicked farms, 80 acres timber land UVo miles but of Foreman. Ark. See Ralph Saunders or Phone 7-4001. 19-tf 174 ACRES, good house two trttles south Shover Springs. W, B, Beardcn, PR V'SOSS, 1'dtp 51 O'bDS'four door. A'l Condition, New tires, radio and heater, $495 Will arrange financing. Call 72487. 24f GOOD Johnson grass hay deliver* ed to your barn. SOc per bate, anything over 5 bales, Call 72201 days or 7-2257 nights. 2-12tp ONE 9 room house and balh. Corner lot. 150 foot front,' 200 feet deep. Plenty of shades. Four 'bearing pecans and 3 or 4 young trees. Garden space. Good quiet zone with excellent neighbors. See J. R. Anderson or call PR 7-6090. , 3-6tp HOME grown papershell pecans. 37c Ib. 10 Ibs. $3.30. Monts Seed Slore. We Give Gold Bond Stamps, , 4-9lc EQUITY in 1958 lour door- Mercury. Practically new. Excellent condition. Good chance for some one to own Big M for small down payment. Already financed. Ph. 7-4047. '4-6tp WANT AD RATES •< All Wdrif Ads are 1 pdyab'tS !ri advance but <bds will be occepted civer tho telephond and ar.:ofrtodd- tiort accounts allowed with the lirti defstdridirvj the dccoufif is payable wheft StaWrn^ht is rertdereU Nufnodf 6ni thre# Six Qne 6f Words Day Davs bays Month Op fo 15 .45 .96 1-5Q 4.SO 16 to 20 .60. 1.20 2.00 «.6d It f6 25 75 1 50 2.50 7.50 50 fd 36' .98 t.?0 3.00 $.66 51 »6 35 1.05 2 to 3.50 10.50 36 to 46 -1.20 -2.-IO 4.00 2.00^ 41 »6 45 1.35 2.?0 450 3-50^ 46 »6 50 1.50 3.0.0 500 15.00. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ') time .., ".. Spc ,pef inch 3 tlfnfti' '. 65c per Inch 6 tirnes :.... 554 per Inch IJqtfiS ,ctuotdd above ore tot coh secutive In'sc'rfloHs. Irregulac of skip date ads will take the one-day tate. Alt doily classified advertising copV will be dceepted. until 5 p.m. fbr publication the following ddy. The publisher reserves the right to' ,• revise of edit oil odvestisDments_ of . fefed for- publication and to reiect • any objectionable advertising submitted. " , , Initials o.f one or more letters, gl-dups of ttauros, such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope. Star will not be resparv. sible* for'error's jrt Want Ads unless errors are called, to cur attention . after FIRST insertion Of ad and then for. ONLY.tha.ONK Incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 3 BEDROOM h,ome. 416 S. Grady. Contact o'i- call Mrs. \V. I. Stroud. YUkon' 3-2362 Washington. 14-1-mo c CHRISTMAS trees.' Beautiful Arkansas Cedar, -Nice full,; class ' A trees. Fresh ciit, no fir, pine or .ske'lton. Hundreds to choose from. Lot at 3rd and Pine St. .. 5-Gtc Reol Estate for Sale New thrge bedroom home, car port, 10Q foot frontage, attic fan, floor furnace, Venetian blinds, near school.-Owner said: "Sell It!" i (For sale or rent, two bedrooms, 1 den, double carport, bath and half, good neighborhood, vacant, 1514 Pecan. Five room home, lot and half, on pavement at 210 North Ferguson, clean, comfortable, immediate possession, $3,000, Modern six room home in excellent condition, built-in garage, floor furnace, fenced backyard, plenty of storage, 412 F,nst 14th, We have' other ^elections In Good Locations, LEONARD ELUS Real Esta,le, Insurance, Loans 108 East Second Phonp 7-2221 4-Ole For Rent LOCA.L trailers. Byers Gulf Service. Call Day or Night. 7-9955. 8-lmoe Wanted to Buv ,CUB IrH or, other small tractor '• with disc apd turning plow, Write Box 9,8-N,' 2-6te Iowa'is the'lop popcorn produc- irjg.plaje in,tjie notion. Other top popcorn stale? are Indiana,,- Illinois, Nebraska pncj Ohio.. i Some Municipalities Really Get Spirit CARTERET, N. J, CAP' — The yuletide spirif rewjly go} ipto the poljpe d^pprtment tpday. ,jt an- (louncecl plij^tip coyofs will lie put pn all ej/TOJflW}-perking niotcis until Phristmi)^ SQ shopper? may free,.. Annugl Office CHHstmas Party Seems to Have Faded Away as Did the High Button Shoes NEW §y HAL . i' mistletoe, Teav clo>vi) the ti § e ' • , We're not having 9)1 Christina? wiiij" thU ' ^bout your Jirrri? , }t nppears 4hgt . th Jjaying ofijpp pbristiPflS R§r.U 8 § jnp tlio wpy Of ftfejl ' This vviJJ ^gW^W ?«y number o pyerjy possess} y.o ' jyjvej;' fin4 j^ro- fe,ssionaj j<illjo^ ^V|W 19V yp'M' . i? 'a Bum* purity of lj.\e family 'the Repubiia. - > Put you \yjiJ furs»y« j)^ if JV -. & g«iUniBfltsl tw a lino jylypli, -by ftiMlv^qVfjp, 'vyc l" bean move tp the , |QJ- the,}),' *; :• , 19 IM ttpsi U m ? ypw .fppl JiJsc '' 1 e iPii ciie. •«? •ymk 8fUey?, m-.. to ie^:, i? $s&, m,mj*m$ w. «$;»¥$- ii t |?io,s ti&W\Wwi.M][t.M"to» ®mmKm&MsM'$m<$' firsi e p the big vmUi'eky-^)n\ye, noqeni thjijij o"jl. {t; Jfi ts'ufe t}u\j at sums we iiave ggpn a §ed?te, ?ged ssYiyol ehpU' jppHPJ'i swept by the Ju|fW passion of ai) un- lQd, hour, ggt a 4UUe lipsj,ip(? hjs pheoHljonp. naost piit-jstmas. pavMps I have flSd h8yesb,ep|i Ojily KlightJi' wilder than ihe .avprape big wedding pssJebraUfjq ftr- plci-ifi&Wojjaci wa^e, gprpp )^ye bepn milder Han Pities » The?' pno «Pgs in nn prslej-p4, l^iw* 'WJint'jf oy^pr 's of .9 fepi s? ^i«wif? 4 a phoflce }jwi3« a? NICELY Furnished 4 room apartment. Adults only, No. drinking." 801 East 3rd, 3-tf UPSTAIRS apartment. 3 large rooms and privale bath. 203 High Street, 15-tf 5 ROOM house. 301 N. Ferguson St. Call 7-3578, 3-Glc 5 ROOM house on Margaret Street, One on Mockingbird Lane, Vacant now. T. N. Belew, 7-^308, 4-3tc FURNISHEP apartment, Call 73791, Micldlebrooks Grocery. 4-3tp UN'FURNIISHED 3 room apt. 222 No. Louisiana. 5-3lp Notice WE Buy . We !?«!« • 'REAL ESTATE R O FBAJ-fKLRJ RO^ A, P, Delppey, M«0l<tr Howard 'Collier, SaleimM Col ' iecf fl,??. Fr«? Bates, Have V<mi - WiH TravtJ PB53SCOTT STOIiAQl CQ, PBK3CP7T, W-tf ^ratf)ej§ ers,, Insurer ^ fr?e' « Write g^rl)?fn ' WE Buy and sell Antique Furniture and bric-a-brac. BY|SRS'ANTI« QU'E SHOP, Patmos « Sl>over Springs floa4, Phone 74057, JJope Star route open'fof b°7S 12 years and oyer, Apply s Star Office, posiTjetios has openings ^or rnaiure; , otherwise employp'cj to spVyjpe e cellent Avon territories. Can, e^r $2 or more per .hour." jQpooing available in Hope/Qar ttecess|ry Avon, BO* 377, HoJ Business Oppoitunitift ' . precis of bvi'sinesses, t'atWS-,fln4 jnppmc propcrtjsp ^rsHStww^y- S,, panada' jgpepify typ# at Jo Ambulance owners, y, J, guyjjrs. 41. 1608 flJJJJp-ul ' ' " Hope Star Stor of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated Jonuory 18, 1929 Published everv weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs; Ct E. 'Palmer, President Alex. H. 'Woshburn, Secy-Tres. of The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Alex/H.'Washburn, Editor S, Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor OonaJ PorKcr,: A.dr'crtl<l.ng Mgr. George W. Hosmer, Mcch. Supt. * Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. • Member of'the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription hates, (payable In ' • advan:'j) ».! By' carrier''ijvaWope a> ? d oe-lghp:5rina • , , . .(towns •— _" Per week,.,..,..,„ .. S .30 Per year 1560 By'irnqil. in: Herr|pstead, Nevoda, LoFayette/dHoward and Miller Coun- . ties' — , " , Three' monrhV I- 85 tin months ... .: 3-SO One year 6-50 Al} ( otrler'^ajl — Three i months i ).: 3.90 Six months' , ,™0 One y Cft f..„.„.....,. 15,60 Not'l Advertising Beprcsentotives: ,t iij Ylil* ' Arkansas ^Doiljes, Inc., 1602 Sterirk, Bldg. .Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 "^os Bank Bldg.V Dajlas 2, Texas; 360 N Michigan Ave.,-'Chlcaoo 1, III.; 60 E, 42nd St,, Nf,w^Y9rk (7, N. Y.j 1763. Penobscot Bldg., Dolroit 2, Mich,; Terminal Blda,, Oklahoma City 2, Okla. fj* Member of The A»*«clate<S fress; The Asspcloted: Press Is- entitled' exi" cluslvely to the use for republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all Ap news dispatches., ' i Taylor & Jordan , USED CARS — BODY SHOP, — FOREIGN CARS — . • ' .- 'S i 216 s. Haze) Phone 740^. John BUI Jordan WANTIP T9 BUY , pjne Pwlpvyooo by Truck t-oacj Cut In foods'or otherwise HAROLD HENDRIX Phpne PR 7-«gi • 15th * l-9Ul§lana» H°p§i Ark, BREAKFAST «. 50e — Home Style Net ej?ewiti „ Open 3 A. M. *° 9 P> M, tt * f rf' e i y ,j * 'it "* By rial

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