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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 6, 1958
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^fiOr *'" *£***&' <,™TJOTT*",jC<r« * ;'"tj»? * r *(. : s ,<.*?-sw*--'l ! v •I--"!** HI -- \~^ , y^ "-,_« i' ( - 7, . t \\ - - ,'" ' ''.o™ To City tf yeu fell fa get yaur Star WMJl P. m. and a §p*dai carrier dgfivsf eur r For Weather Report! See Column af Boffem of this Page Dem. Committee Primes to Crush Ttebel Revolt By JA6K BELL (AP)-The Dem. ocratic National Committee was primed todny to crush a revolt by Southern segregationists against Its civil rights policies, And to nail down its stand on ,|iis Volatile issue, the committee •tfas expected to vote commenda- lion of National Chairman Paul M, Butler who has stild that Southerners can accept "a '"«trdhij civil rights plank in i960 >or go their own iv-iy, The. Immediate issue before the party governing group MIS, .n home state attempt to oust Ca« millo M. Gravel Jr, .as Louisiana national committccman because he had said segregation was iiorally wrong and because ho had praised a civil rights bilJ passed by Conm-css last year. • Despairing of making any' headway, in the ouster 'attempt Southern committee members voted 14-5 at n eziucus Friday night to demand Gravel's resignation from the party's executive committee. Gravel, who had been elected as a Dixie representative, on that P°''cy-niaking group after -the JJ5G presidential nominating con- %mtlon, said ho would not resign nny party post. Ho added that th« only charges against him were »iat he supported the national Party s principles and its nominees. The Southern caucus voted to back Hugh M. Clayton, Mississippi national committcoman, -as Gravels successor on '(he 'executive F?5 yt u" >lold " reporters he abide by. the National Coms decision,' which 'lie' obvi- <*Fsly expec'od to go" against him. Gravel won 7-2 support-from- the hf r s . 4Crecientiil ls- -Committee in « s; fight to keep 'from,, being re- Placed by Jett M. .Ta^lbot-as^L isiana national -comniitfcem'an . Talbot was named 'byV-the L Jsjana State Committeon'ri'-'an- October meeting- to succeed ;Gravcl who had become '-.involved in a political controversy-; frW- v Gov? Th 0 N»H'f^ V^'^'V „' HOPE, AUKANSAJ, SATUIDAV, DCClMltft 4, If SI 'Magic Circle' Series Introduces Road Tours .Editor's Note: Jhls is the first of.-ia., series .of suggested highway.'tour maps which iHope Star' will publish on a 'weekly basis. T»he.,series-will cover'the South and Southwest during the winter months, and the' Northern sec- t!ori« in the spring. This is excellent ''material to cut out and paste up.in 'a .scrapbook for future-, 'reference when planning your' vacation trip. •By;EDWARD COLLIER .Long/ago Hot Springs was sacred j to the Indians, a neutral territory. In 15*1 came the first tourist, Hernando t>'e • Soto, who rested his weary bones in the healing waters after ' a'fruitless search for gold. For. years, now!i thor Chamber 'of Conimei-cc has'claimed 1 ,thai "We Bathe,the -Nation," „- 'the relaxing, land' pf^Ouachita National Forest; dotted '.by clear fishing streams, * natural i 'swimming holes, picnic ' grounds" ' ahd" good camping sites. At'-'.'Y" City, center of lumbering activity; , we Mtirned , north (U.S.. 71) for; 24 '01110340 be- V ,. |tlc P°< ! rs e Sin a route (State iS).'6f ••primitive ?.f ?^ toly would not beauty. Rough,-, unpaved, 'crooked 1>S the moon ' som and with poor bridges, 11 , it kept this '' area almost unknown 'until 1 ' a few years ago." Today/ the' last' 10. miles Army Launches t -v •! Moon Rocket; ' i* Fate Uncertain By VEBN HAU6UAND ,) CAPE CANAVERAL,, Flu. ,(A*Pi — The Army launched it 13 pound Sold ' plated cone thousands ,ol miles into the sky today. But Us fate was UHceHatn. scientists said It wasn't (ravel* lug fast enough or In a h!«h onoueh trajectory to carry It to the far reaches of space; However, as of St 15 a.m. (ESTv the space agency In Washington estimated it had reached 40,000' miles from ear'lh. t>r, T. Kolth Glennan, head of the National Aeronautics *,and Space Administration, told' a news conference here three hours 'after the firing that the 60-ton rdcket carrier failed by 1,000 miles' (in hour to achieve the nearly 25.000 miles an hour speed' needed to pull clear of the earth's miilh gravitational grip. Glennan also said the '- four- stage rocket traveled 3'/ 2 \degrceg below Its prescribed course. /',' ' The slowcr-than-expccted speed was attrlouted to a prcniaturg burnout-in the first s'tajrc, a modified Jupiter Intermediate ran'se. ballistic missile. ( " The Army had hoped to fire the instrument-packed probe past the moon and possibly out into an orbit around the sun. ' > But in Washington, Dr. William Pickering, director of tha ' Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology, reporters Ihc space probe ly would nol gct> as far out moon, some. 220,000 miles A*. Net Pstf Cifel. t mti, (Mini «,( Ci»»ilMi*«i 38, 1ISI ^ j,*»» PRICE SG COPt Grtek Children . tireeee iAP> — «f the dreek childt-titi taken he- hind thfi ffcn dtirialn by the Com- mimists It) the postwar rt'Volt ar« proving fihsUrnle for their kidnapers. ' Only a select 200 of Ihc esll- mated 27,000 takch awny as babitM *nd tceh.affcrs have becn/rtllowcd to come homi?, they refill-tied to Isolated mountain villages where their parents still live, nnd wtw disillusioned by the primitive sur« foundings. ,. 10 years in Communist custody, the youngsters htid born AlVcn favored treatment, They | 1 ow_arc da«.lfttfl villagers with 'Ho wonderful Theme for Holiday Homes Pilgrimage From Shakespeare SpuTniklJl" Dies During the Night By MAWY ANITA LASEtER Appropriately enough, (ho theme for the first Holiday Humes Pilgrimage In Hope, sponsored by tin 1 Council of Garden Clubs, was tnkuh from Shakespeare's "As You Like it." As you will llki> this lour of six homes, maybe we should tnkc n closer look nl Iho plans for II. Tho sis local Garden Clubs .vill depict the Christmas reason of activities "Tlmnmh the Ages" of people beginning with Small folks »t the homo of Mrs. Clliio Franks. Teen- will ' UNTryfor Cyprus Peace Jqlks Fizzle • By TOM Jr., followed by Young Colleglnns «l Mrs, A, A,' Hnlbert'.s home. Fur the First Christmas In n Home of Own, the tour will HO to the homo of Mrs. H. H. Itol- llngsworth. Then. Mother and Dad will be Illustrated nl (he home nf Mrs. John Kelly, and (he tour will conclude wllb Grandmother and Grandfather at Mrs, 12. p. O'Ncnl's house. thnl Chrlslmas * - • - • • *.*-»«,« *a iw inuiiuii jjutit i; talks -for Cyprus fizzled today aft cr n . compromise pl>'m failed to muster '• enough votes to 'unsure General Assembly approval. The fil nation Polltica ICommls- tec -voted on three rival proposals late Thursday nlyhi after « con fused procedural wrangle' that cli maxcd two week'-i ot debate on Britain's crown colony in Ihe east crn Mediterranean. away. Pickering declined to- estimate whether the small . satellite' would higher 79,000 I thing Today .this, famed, apa IB some- ing* •that« f couTd'Mia P pcn bnly--in' bids from Los -Ahgeles^SSn Frum eisco, Now York, --Atlantic.' Cilv, Miami Beach and "Chicago, ' ' : Wardenjusf Wentinibncl is Guards FLOR ENCE, ' A riz, '(AP) i-Wtfa t ^vas in the mind' of Warden Frank -Eyman of the Arizona State "Pj-Js-" on as lie faced down rebellious Prisoners who h a d threatened ' il Kill ( hostage' guards? '<- • • >- tninK! 'You arc -going I In happen only-in it is-untypical of Arkansas, 'but-ha's something reminiscent of many other parts of the nation. On 'the streets . see license plates from • every* 1 state, attesting that.ii is. the year-around hub oi an expanding series of Magic Circles' — , a target ipoint for weekend trips from neighboring Texas, Mississippi,' Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma 1 and Missouri. The set-up is .peculiar. It is a national park, and yet a bustling city",' 'of commerce, curio shops, plush motels "and hotels, Flourishing- auction houses and antique ! Although, speed.-is .possible we stopped repeatedly, after .".passing Mt. Magazine, ;highestr"peak-,in the stale.-'Each menitoer. of- the family Jtept"finding" 1 what, he Considered the perfect 'picture. 'My.-Iavorites were those, of jjtto} caibins ,of chink- e l r^ logs and hahd-h.ewn -stone built by 1.hc,,pione 1 ers".who,'came'into this wilderness "•• a^Kimdrcdi-years", ago.,- •Modernt Glory .- iWe , turned . left" 'at;, 'Brashers (State' 16) for Fayetteville- which, like Rome, is built on,-seven hills. Unlike Rome, ^this . modern little city is just coming','into Its glory. From the top ofMVH, 'Soquoyah, citadel of line new . mansions, you can sec across '.the rojlins greon world into Oklahoma, 'Down below nor I lunar probe 'Oct. 11. is 'the University of Arkansas, In the fall, the "Ra'/.o'rbacks" take over with, 'big-time, , flashy Southwest Conference' football, AH seasons of the 'ye^rf; the "visitors 1 ' find a warm welcome 'on this cam- stores, m'ake you think you aye ia pus; we first' were "impressed with Atlantic Citvi.meht nimhs-nn iho the beautiful Fine;'Avt's Center and i^ n «l.A. i TJ^II Ti«- j '_..* «.%ji i:»ut * . , the broiwed.fa.coci man with gimlet • eyes, n tall or 20, I'm j uck y j didnM ' Allanlie Cily; . night edge 'of -the city offer stellar entertainment, -ibingo, gambling and slot niachincs; that- '.-have a Nevada -~ .,,- -.-,, (t , , (IJ tinge,'Restaurant stress food epec- t°lgot- your guards,'" said,^ a Wes from Bohemian and Greek rt """ 1 -•—•' to Dutch nnd Kosher. My favorite is -a local, unadvortised delicacy known as ','cat fish and hush puppies;'-' a, cpnimenl concoction, .- No-Bets Missed "Not a 'tourist bet is missed, The Thor9ughbve'd horse racing kicks off the-annual events with a meet starting February, From then on It's-the glato'Mvisic Festival, Easter, Sunrise -Pageant, Professional Fresh -Water" Fishing Ch'ampion,* 5h4p",' Pishing Derby, Spring Flower Sh'bw.-Stflto pahd Festival, Open "" ' , Gojf.' Tournament and /our personally IcdsnTassiiuJt by.,25 men on 46 prisoners who had' barj-Jcfldod. themselves within the S nig)it. A! ''' ?0na>S Prt '° n - Ti W'* ; ..The prisoners released' their two hostages, - ' " *• " 38 an, wnrdbn of the prison January 1955, sajrl ? ho had ' hp In . , 'fcvpry mon j j lirp knows ;iiy orders," ho said,- "if the fl taken we jjyp e „,„„ tlunk, th?n move in, concessions," , A native of jo]iot, * , of -Ho " g UCf -gf TUBfWl Jij JfW anfl ' • «M jwst been lorn as (Q fl • tlnrc ai flays of -parados j, n( j entertainment for Mjss gcauty stjJl is the therapeutic and relaxing hot min.? erai.wa.tgiy strjstjy controlled by Un?lo ' ^am» The 18 bath houses the 100 m,iir gpt4heir-watpr , Jion gallons that flow daily from 47 is batlv )'0>v. The Jfatiopfil Park Ser* Administration bHilding and museum has good, displays qf »-ogks fossils; JfPSrby, one oj JlQt springs ha? 'Ijepn left open for pwrpose's |)igWi|W Of any trip hey? ? a 4rive lo the lop o{ Brings Movntajnj's £airyland idid| ,r^^§-*' T8Uy3e('iUuj'P§,,^ JQ pf {iia^eiiie evergreens, os^s] rho, winlma jjpJ^45= .^wwaj mesjjjia'jaiid^ljrWs to insure ypm ; --nvo"i^ '€ d ?, ^,rt^ r a«!&-??ffl!»W PAw^l: ZTO..H»«-«*?9ry»«pn ppidgj- prw»y :im la^Ti Se- f 7 t Sll f^\ VWWbW inflw»l/*Suad'uy.-aiilfj^5ndIy^^ •9V°vi«4 pfcserya,tJQji J9W81V 1H ^ ^fe^Y,P to? sjty, -Iheye Is a AW-P^Wf pauovama pi iiius Conceit Hall,, Its' decor and' lighting shame anything, New:York can offer, Organ pipes J jn, vivid'colors' form the-basic-stage ; set, blnrk walls contrast,with a'ceiling canopy of aduminuiT) drapery, Thi^ is but,- a sainple ot this amazing university in' a pprt of America that -.'.easterners would consider isolated, Stunning 'sorority row, for ^example,' or-the 'ultra* modern..buiUlings^tjeyoted. to law and animal jndusfry, or the shin* jng metpl flc}d''h.9|ise ; , ? Bpwh in an unused j'svino is-^ 1 ;newly, complet' ed and ;;em3)'Ha6lc!¥l,259 t QOO hpus* ing project fpr, iniari'lad students, Wv " !lric "s of glasg Jisy^'a 'concrete [cl- of circles'"sitf) scjiuavcs, Ent'putc to BHreka',SJ3<;inefs,,(f?(iite 45 mid 23) we wefc^MDAPle to re' sisl buying ^ornej-o/'th^-ihteresting native ral^ of tho' v W»'r ' "^rr i - ^tw.^Mf^ji s**^ "> Jr»^v V ||P| 4^Ho« u Rivej\ ppuntry.' 'PaHjcuisi-y. good are (he himcHoorrieE} 9|otii and pot- terv. • i •• • — ~ i : tecy. s "LjtUe SwjixprJand" ,is an appro ' Pilate' nam§ foe uneven lo\w . o( - hills,' streets an<J?paves' that oppn Pt) " graceful lilUe with, the *maii) oljj homes hap passing [3GG11 los probe % definitely would not go into orbit around ilie earth, Another • Washington scientist said the vehicle "will .cor-' tainly fall back and burn 1 'up v .as it reaches the atmosphere." ,;• At a- simultaneous news- confer- one ,hbre, ,.officials were somewhat .more optimistic,' Maprf'Gen, '.'John , B, •',Meda'rT$ head ' of the Army's missile > ordnance command, said that 1 -"certain tolerances" were allowed in the assigned goals for the probe. JTc said ,u would take further tracking and computing to 'dctor- mine how far into space' the 1 ,2 -inch-long, 10-incb-wMc, cone,might venture. Asked whether the probe eventually would /nil back and b'i;rn up in the earth's atmosphere, Medaris said this was "highly questionable," Mcdaris said the failure of Ihc probe — called Pioncr III — lo achieve the planned peak,velocity was duo primarily to the fact lhal the booster engine of the Jupiter first stage cut 'off three second! too soon, Youth Claims He Shot Man in Oklahoma ROPERS, Ark, (AP) -T,Rogers Police Chief J.-Q,. Morrison sal 9 youth ,8j-rostcd hero early ': related he shot and lulled » n 1st near Bristow,' Oki»,, issf nigh and then took, the man's -autoon bile, / The prisoner was- booked M James .French,' 30, of gan Jos- Ciilif. Morrison quotgcj him 9s sayin h? hjd the )?ocly <jf ^hc mm HJUpi. jn some weeds near Prjstow, T'l" man tentatively identified. «/ iwm nuut ,,,,i. . ,, ,, ~ "inns' 11 UNITED NATIONS NY (API I 1 ' "' ' ly " ri! "e iotls "ccaslnn, Ihe -rU. N. efforts 'tc» launch' peacl f' l ' b '""mbort will hnvc at'each '•••'-• '"•"•• home a sacred emphasis suitable for the ngo depleted In the home There will bo: first, The Manger second, Cni-olers; third, Three- Wise Men; fourth, Angels Proclamullon; Since the clubs themselves —Dnf- {oclill, Azalea. Iris, Gardenia Lilac, and fioso — sound like tho prettiest of floral bouquets, it Is not surprising thnt their first Holiday Homes PIlgrlmaKe will have colors in it to please the taste of everyone. Two of the homes will use a variety of traditional colors in their decorations, while,ano'lh'er home will have only red and .?reen. White and green is the color scheme for one, pink and silver for another, and ml and white for still another, '• Tho Azalea nnd the ROJ.O are tho Council Club Sponsors for,the Holiday Homes Pilgrimage to bo hold on December, II, from 2 until a p. m, LJght. refreshments .will'be served nt the lust homo on the lour;' Ev- cryone is.Hooking forward- to this second, of events for -the'Yulotldo season iri'Hopu. Of course, Ihe'sea- son was opened officially Ibis week with t the, annual Christmas' Parade; The only resolution to -escape defeat as a much amended Iran- jan proposal approved 31-22. with 28-abstentions.- This-was still/fihort of the two thirds majorty needed in. the Assembly. . ' • The resolution called on Greece, Turkey and Hrllrtin—the notions disputing: the future of Cypius—to 'negotiate fhuir differences. Ihc Iranian plan -.vis virtually doomed »vhcn-Greece- aimounco.l Jn yanec that she would volo 1 The committee defeated .17 to 17 with 47-abscpntldns," a Colombian plan for a U. N. study, group to visit Cyprus and- study the situation, H also rejected 11-22, .with 48 abstaining, a ,'Bclfiian proposal calling on 'the three' nations to «i.! ,, - -trying 'foj^agrcemont. ;. j Four 'other resolutions Lncl -HGftek->ir 'for U., N. J app.--,,.. of independence for Cyprus, wcro withdrawn. ^ The', vote came after n r?^y of heated debate which included n slashing Greek attack against the United States. Greek Foreign Minister ISvange- los Avoroff Tossizza accused the United States of taking sides In th Cyprus dispute despite Amor lea's'stated policy of neutrality on three, members of the North Atlantic Allhjncc. - The Greek diplomat made his Delegate Hc/iry Cabot Lodge threw his support behind the Iran inn resolution, Lodge, apparently not, to add fuel to (he m , cendiary situation, made no reply to._the Crock charges, „ Buys Out Another Firm Mnrk'December 1) on yourValoir- world's a stage, And all the men nnd women merely ulayers: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his lime plays many parts, His acts being (six) ntffte " CAMOHtDOE, Mass. fA) - Hussiii's huge Sputnik III rockel-» nn exciting celestial spoclnclu for millions as it soared aroliitd lh£ nnrlh H'/ a times n day (or 200 days—apparently fell to a lonely death In live South PncHIc last Tuesday. That wns the conclusion reached by Smithsonian Astrophyslcal Ob- Bervatury seiontls'ls today, Dr. John White. smlthRcjtii'dtt spokesmiin, snltl ' there hfitl been no reliable report of anyone sighl- Ing the pulhnan car si/o melnl tube tiller its passage wns re Corded at 0:S5MI' it,in , Tuescla by the Stanford University rndi telescope in California, The rocket went Into nn egg shnpucl orbit aiound Ihc earth las May 15 al the same time that 1 launched the Intlriinicnlecl sate! lite Sputnik fl into a Separate 01 bit. Since then, gravity his pulle it closer and closer to the".earth. Smithsonian scientists said thu by the time It reached the Soult Pacific, II presximnbly had selllec BO much lower In the atmosphere ihnl II flared to .extinction lo before it readied the Equator. Franklin Bono, an4 the car' Jjcense as \y, Ya, 39 0 { French wag <JrJ¥in$ tlig par when pqjice Officer flil him up 'this morn iha ' »•• writers, grgcpfsJjly makes , -, ,„ artists, whp vsnt tQ vetive 3», the FOIH F*9?tivil month. Thp ,jnedi,pjn8j waters have desej-yep; 'are, jhe t9 Ipw ».«n'jtojiJifiatp' Jtig ,^^,,^,, p^tBwgi}- u\- jhV£jjvcpn,$ii(Med bl*lfik ann mapKl«*.Tv»i»e.rtmA A* ta^.». Uvjsk §n4 ,__„,, r-yvilie.. fhis eiftl fier- M Ami. tb* . , tq 4rjye to Memphis fe was Wm the two I\ was §QOflp Washington Paper Held Up by Strike , WASHINGTON (API—A strike £y the Washington Newspaper" Guild today held up publication of the Washington Evening Slar. A number of mdchanical em- ployes gathered across the street from thq Star building and refused lo cross striker picket Jlncs aflw ane of their number was uiftuged in a picket line scuffle. ' Star officials said Ihoy had enough people on the job in other departments to go to press but were short on pnnk-rs and stereo- typprs. ..,•. - - ^. .Members of the Slar guild unit. , AUnnesota and (lip taking in both news and business (AP) _ Sunray il.Co.-of-Tulsa yesterday bought cut' .the bulk plants and sorvic-K nations operated by Tidesvotoj- OH LO,-Jn. Missouri, Kansas, Okla-^u "Iowa, Indian!}, Officials Q( the t wo companies ta iho ij-ansgetion invplvcd more Ulan §00 bulk plaiHs,serv|c.» dealers, jobbers and dis- ..... ouice workers, voted JO-HO in , tributors. Tlio terms were not disclosed, r, — -- . - , — Airliner Missing With 21 Aboard MAORJP (AP) - Bad wcuther pontrsl Spain postponed an air search for a airliner missing with 2} persons, , Tiie four . engine commercial Plane left Yigo northwest Spain, at 4H? p, m. Thursday and was post.midni«ht lo strike rather than accept management's latest tcirms. Wages and knglh of tho work week wore described as the chief issue in tho dispute, The Star guildsmon rejected the nesvspaper's latest pffer of a graduated wage Increase of $Q a 6;?0. Us last Jt Wh5 QVB1 . northwest t-f having trouble with jts gomniyn.ic8tion equip. - " ' ' §; 3Q, 1QQ TlJ9sp' aboard! all apparently were Spanish, , • ' )§ o Grondmofher aj*l> — Sen ,8'grandma djvln.e,'' ga«pcjj actresg but "•• Hie first year, $3 Ihc secQnd yoai and $3 for the third year of three-year contract. The guild is asking un increase of 5>8 the fust year, $4 the seconc and $3 the thud your over tha present tup minimum of $1^7 week for reporters iind phprs, Fdubus Grants Clemency to Knife Slayer UTTU§ HOCK (API—A Negro sentenced? to life Imprisonment Coi the butcher knife slaying of His wife received executive clemency today. • Gov. Oryal 'E. Ifaubus commuted ; to 18 years the term .ol Junior \ Lambert, who iiicud'cc guilty to',the slaying and was sentenced ,jn, Hot Spring County In 'S Without 'thy benefit of i ul,''. " Faubus acted after an allprnuy wrote the Slule Board, of Pardons nnd Paroles that he \vas confident he could obtain the release oC Lambert, The iillorncy suid he could find no statute which permitted sentence in capital cases without a jury. Other clemencies granted today by the governor Included: Harold C. • Oliver,, sentenced Jn Union County May 19, r )S to < 21 years fur second degree murder, commuted lo eight ycnri, George W, Knight, sentenced in Boonc and Madison counties December 1053 to 21 years for gruntl Jareeny, com muted to J5 years, Franklin flay Horton, Miller County, sentenced November JOfjO to three years fo rburglary and two years* tor grand larceny, to run consecutively, pardoned on two your count, .Roy C|ay, Jf«t 6'prlng County, sentenced April IU58 ti< four yc«rs for burglary, paroled. Bill Scott, Polk County, son- lencod November lf)5H lo one year lor grand larceny, cornmutcrl to iimc served, TheJma Bines, Negro, Drew County, sentenced May 1957 lo !i5 yeqrs for second degree murder, commulud to four years. American Flier Held as Pawn in East Germany fly REINHdLD 0. ENS2 BlSllUN (AIM — An American" filer who parachuted into East Germany wns hold today ns a pawn in the Berlin situation, An Ejul German official lhfll« cnlcd Ll. Richard Mnckln wolilrl' , bo returned to the U.S. Army only through direct negotiations with , Ihe ISiisl Gcrrnnn satellite rogimcV Mnckln becamo lust nnd ballet) out behind the Iron Curtain Wednesday. Tho Communists accused West >, JIM many of trying to prevent' ~ Germim unified I ion. West German Chancellor Kort- i-ncl Adennlicr .stiicl Friday tho West should sol lie the Berlin prob'«, k-m before gelling bogged down-' in other long-stalcmaiod German problems such ns unification. The Kast Gormini Com mu.nl sis ' promptly charged him 'with oppoa- , Ing any move to bring together the''- WcBtcrn nnd Er.'stcm German '• stairs. '• ( " The Western Big Three who'V occupy West Berlin rufusu lo roc- ,' ogni/.c the Kasl Gorman roglmo, ',or have nny negotiations with ft.. ; This affects both (he Mackin case'-' : nnrl Soviet efforts to make the United Sinks, Britain nnrl Frances ' dcnl with Rust Gcrmnny for access to Berlin. Soviet Premier Khrushchev b:\s threatened to turn over to ISnsIr Germany in six months thu Soviet ,, controls over transportation from ' r \.« West Germany lo the isolated -cily 7:3 110 miles inside Kasl Germany, /"li The Soviet boss wants the West ~ to gel out, leaving West Berlin"a' clcmilllnrl/.od, free.- cily nt the' mercy of surrounding Soviet and '»" satellite tioops. The Allies rcfu.se,to budge. .,..„ ing they, will stick by tho pledges/p lo protect the 2,200,000 residents o£ «ff West Berlin, Bui both Washingtpn' ,",'* md London have suggested thnt " tj k Ihe Khrushchev proposals could''be 'ft'J tho basis for reopening discussions V/|| m reunifying Germany, which Juts'-''^ been spill since World War 11.-'JiT Mackin, 27, ^vus dying a 'small ,' Army liaison plane-when lie 'Ml?' enme lost, crossed tin; Kasl GeK, . man border, ran .out of gasoline incl had to jump feet first into •' he Berlin situation, -, ' The pilot, from Washington, " D.C., wns held for two days bq- ' , ore- the Bust Germans ndmitte'd" , -hoy had him. Then a Communist llslnct official said, "The Amer- eans will have to talk to us a bo lie pilot," Thumb Means Same in Any Language By GORDpN BEARD Mel, (APj — The thumb meuns "Going- my ^*> Vny?" no mailer where, the hitch- "° ikur seeks s lift, ' ,' ."It's part of th 0 iitternaUojial ' i en language," siiy u ppjr- o£ Dutch women with muix-' nine years' experience in --,"^ Itching,rides. , ",-rtj Hobby Van Per M/a and Jos, da ^ ongp Wendels have visited, 57 r"i 1 in i t*! i i* i« i .1.. „ i _. . _ • , < . ' ountrits since their Obierv§§ Constitution Soviet MOSCQ\y (API _ Vnion ccicbratc4 the vej-sity of its Constitution (ocjay by assorting that .Russia h,as gen- Ulnu democracy but the papiUJist countircs c}o"H- AH Moscow newspapers tarried editorials jir Cmistltuljon which, sa/g of speech, preys, assembly street processions atju 1 r 1 p 1 1 tiQns" are guaranteed. County Has to Give n Bond? will be- sccio- Carpenter Named Alfprd's Secretary LITTLE HOCK (A I 3 ) — Clatifla Carpenter Jr., who managed Dr. Diilo Alford's succojslul campaign for come Alford's tary. The Fifth District cungrossman- elect unnouncud CurpeMlor'r up- Ijointmcnt last in'gln. He B(\id he had not mudc any otiiur sluff i»g- 1'jcUons. Carpenter lofl a posi :is attorney for the slate Public; Service Cum mission IM m paign against the 'Uemper -• Amsterdam Juno 'J, 1040. They have seen Europe, (b« Middle- "-M'i Kast, Africa, South America and. nave been in the United. States , about fquj- wot'ks. > " l In Maryland, Ihey aru staying-"^ ol the home of Mr, and Mrs. Wil- v 4 imm Shoup here, Mrs. Shoup met - ! | hem in Turkey, Tho next stop , M them in Turkey. - /$ The world travelers carry some ,'-/?? 1)8 pounds of ], JC ] U£ |i n g ' > n , camping ecjuipment, plus uamuras -3 and othoi .small items. Porhaps rt most Important aie a paji -wf ^ BUJlars they use to earn, money ?'v lor iood and IransporlatiQn—wlwn-'-s free rides aren't jjoisible, Thex "'• " """ , sing lulls syngs, fuvorik's 0 C var» countries and original com* positions. . Noy, 4 genqral Carpenter I Remocrutic Party ' ! -...fu«cl-ruisuifj drivp in Arkansas, He ''Is a close associate of Orval K Well Digger is Trapped by €gy@*in ger. working at tho bottom of 7Q-foot well, was trappw<| when the si^ps gave way, A four-man rescue team, vvarshia (i '€$, Prince Philjp's Magpie ut Gibraltar, in t of Tito, and for an HMimj bai«». Whoa the trip Qnds, the wom«» hope ta givp lectures with (he aid. of films they huyp taken. And j03;,..„. wants to iijie her -diary "••*"" t^^'^ wulc !\ book. T*"?®

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