Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 11, 1963 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 11, 1963
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVEN News of Area Men and Women in Armed Forces S.Sgt. Dwayne E. Donelson local Air Force recruiter, an nounced today that Capt. Eliza beth G. Ferrell, Air Force nurse and medical specialist selection officer for the Midwst Area, wil! be in Alton, June 18. Registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists or dietitians intersted in learning of the opportunities offered in the Air Force can cal Capt. Ferrell for an appointment She wjll be in the Air Force recruiting office, 101-103 E. Broadway, between the hours of 8 a.m. 'and 4 p.m. '' PFC GARY B. ALLEN, grandson of Mrs. Elsie Warren, 236 Haller .St., 'East .Alton, has won honors as the outstanding private first class of the month at Camp Hove in Korea. Allen entered the a r m y in March, 19fi2, and completed his basic training nt Forl Leonard Wood, Mo., where he also'attend- ed communications specialist school. He received an excellent rating there and was assigned to the 7th Infantry Division in Korea last August. ' ' Allen is now serving With Co. A., Second Battle Group, 17th infantry. He is applying for a warrant officers commission as a rotary wing aviator. USS YORKTOWN — EDWARD R. SPENCE, aviation boatswain's mate airman apprentice, son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. Spence of 210'Cooper-St., East Alton is serving aboard the anti-subma- rilie warfare support aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, a unit cur,- cently operating as part of th Seventh Fleet Anti-Submarin Warfare "Hunter Killer" Grou] in the South China Sea. Marine PFC JERRY F. AUT ERY,.and his wife, Phyllis, hav returned to San Diego afte spending two weeks with the! parents, Mr. and Mrs. Russel Autery, 3220 Kendall Ave. and Mr. and Mrs. L. Ferguson, 380( Horn St. Pfc. Autery was graduated re cently from Communications and Electronics School in San Diego and is now stationed at Camp Pendleton, Calif. He is a ground radio technician. He has also qualified for the expert rifle med al, scoring 230 points out o a possible 250. SHAW AFB, S.C. 1ST LT. ALAN W. BUCKLES of Edwardsville has entered the Air Force advanced course for RB-66 jet reconnaissance navigators here. The_ lieutenant received a B.S, degree from the University of Illinois and is a member of Beta Theta Pi. He is married to the 'ormer Gayla D. Krouse of 705 Roanoke Drive, Edwardsville. GREAT LAKES, 111. — Herman ). Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. toman M. Smith of 147 W. Tydeman, Roxana, completed recruit training recently as squad eader in his company at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes. RAMSTEIN AB, Germany — S.Sgt. BILLY C. MAEDGE of Atorden has arrived here for as- ignment with a unit of the Air r orce in Europe. Sgt. Maedge, a personnel spe- ialist, formerly was stationed at Scott AFB, near "Belleville. The sergeant, son of Mr. and VIrs. Louis C. Maedge of Worden, s a graduate of Worden High Ichool. Sgt. Maedgc's wife, Alice, is he daughter of Albert W. 'Al- Mbrecht of Rte. 2, Edwardsville. U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Mo. — Cadet. CHARLES R. COSTER of Carrollton and Cadet )AMON R. RICKARD JR., of Ron are on a field study trip to ir Force, Army and Navy in- tallations across the United tales. Rickard is the son of Mr. and /Irs. Damon W. Rickard Sr., 2202 {rug Drive; Koster is the son of /Ir. and Mrs. Frank J. Koster of te. 2, Carrollton. FORTY ODD By Peg Bracken and Rod Lull "Look, Jen, if we build a room on ... it ups our taxes, heat, insurance, furniture bills . . . let's saw a room off!" Farewell Given Carrollton Pastor CARROLLTON — The Rev. and Mrs. Charles Fradenburgh and family who will leave this week for Deland, where the Rev. 'radenburgh has accepted the pastorate of the Methodist Church were honored at a farewell dinner Saturday evening by members of the local Methodist church if which he has been pastor the >ast two years. In recognition of heir work here the Rev. and Mrs. Fradenburg were presented a silver hostess tray and silver ream and sugar set by the con- ;regation. Other guests at the dinner were lie Rev. and Mrs. Darwin Rol- ns and family, the Rev. and Mrs. <ieth Gerberding and family and ic Rev. and Mrs. Dan Vititoe, all f Carrollton. Carrollton Notes CARROLLTON — Sunday guests of Mrs. Oren Siebermann vere Mr. and Mrs. Ray Garvels f St. Louis, Mr. and Mrs. Robrt Meldrum of White Hall, Dick VIeldrum of Jacksonville and Mrs J'regg Fuller of Carrollton. . Miss Nita Ford left Sunday for 'eoria, where she will be a guest ;ntil Wednesday of Mrs. David milh. Barclay Boirun, a student at le University of Illinois, arrived ome Saturday to visit his par- nts, Mr. an Mrs. John Boirun. Dr. and Mrs. David Linn and aughter of Poplar fBluff, Mo., pent the weekend here with Dr. inn's mother, Mrs. T. H. Linn. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Sullivan r., and two daughters of Sando- val were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Daum and children spent the weekend in Salem with Mr. and Mrs. Delmer Schofield. Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Linn were Dr. and Mrs. David Linn and daughter of Poplar Bluff, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Linn and family of Jerseyville, Mr. and Mrs. David Linn and daughter, Mrs. T. H. Linn and daughter and Miss Mary Linn of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Verl Owens spent (he weekend in Chicago with their sons-in-law and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. David Weitnan and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Micele. Miss Jane Stauter and Miss Janet Stauter, students at University of Illinois, are spending this week with their mother, Mrs. Leslie Stauter, and will leave Sunday to return to university for summer school. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Price and family spent Sunday in Ml. Sterling at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Elbus. Francis Becker and son of Chandler, Ariz., spent the weekend with Becker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Becker. , Mrs. Arthur Long .of Chicago, who is enroute to California to make her home, was a guest Saturday of her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Clough and Mrs. Edith Allen. Mrs. Long, who formerly lived in Litchfield, is the former Ruth McPherron. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brannan and son, David, of Bloomington arrived Sunday and are guests until Wednesday of the parents, Two at Carrollton Receive Degrees CARROLLTON — Mrs. Kenneth Gimmy of this city and Miss Agnes Robinson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Robinson of Kane, received degrees at the commencement at McKendree College at Lebanon Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Gimmy received a bachelor of arts degree in education nd Miss Robinson a degree in English. Mrs. Gimmy also received a science foundation grant which will cover all of her expenses as she continues her education in night courses at MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Mrs. Gimmy s now teaching the 6th grade at :he Greenfield Elementary School. Attending the ceremonies from his area were Kenneth Gimmy ind daughters, Cathy and Patri- :ia, Mr. and Mrs. Carter Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Robinson, Carter Robinson Jr., Mrs. Ed Weber and Mrs. Edith Robinson of this city and Kenneth Robinson and son, Fred, and daughter, Virginia, of Kane. Hospital Notes CARROLLTON — Mrs. Carl rlutchens of Kane received reatment Saturday in Boyd Memorial Hospital for a head injury which she sustained in a fall at icr home Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Roberts of rtockbridge are parents of a daughter born Sunday. Admitted to the hospital Sunday for surgery were Mrs. Anna Marie Dunbar of Kane and Mrs. Sandra Richey of Carrollton. Admitted Sunday as medical pa- ients were Clarence Laris of Car- •ollton and Oren Pence of Hillview. Byrl McGlasson of Eldred vas admitted Monday. Dismissed Sunday were Mrs. Blanche Harr of Greenfield and VIrs. Dorothy Inlow of Eldred. Dismissed Monday were Robert Werrigan of Jerseyville, Clarence ..aris of Carrollton and Mrs. Way Ann Bland and son of Sampsville. col,,,,,,, Fund Drive for You Have to Watch Weed Killers in Beans, Corn Park and Pool Mr. and Mrs. Keith Brannan in Eldred and L. M. Dowdall of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Meyer and daughters, Elizabeth, Mary and Donna and son, Paul, spent Sunday in Berkley with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Meyer. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Covey and family of Geneva and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meier of Her- •ick were weekend guests of Covey and Mrs. Meier's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Covey. r- v Bursting with good news? Just reach for the phone! Your telephone gives you so much...for so little cost. For all the sparkling fun of sharing good news, fast —what would you ever do without your telephone? It's always there to depend on, 24 hours a day. And we're constantly striving to give you better service at a reasonable cost. Just think about all the different calls you make and receive every day— and how you'd feel without them, For sharing good news... for dependable service.,. your telephone gives you so much— for so little cost, ILLINOIS BELL ) TELEPHONE Part of the Nationwide BeU System . By TRUMAN W. MAY Madison County Farm Adviser Pro-emergence herbicides have become increasingly popular for con I roll ing early weeds in corn and soybeans. Many farmers are using them, but when to cultivate after using pre-emergence herbicides is a common question. Odds are about 3 to 1 that pre- emergence herbicides will do a satisfactory job. But they can fail, especially when not enough rain falls to move them into the soil. If the chemical i s controlling weeds, don't rush cultivation of the treated area. If you banded the herbicide over the row, cultivating it too soon or too close to the row may throw new T. W. May weed seeds into the treated area and reduce the benefits from the chemicals. On the other hand, if for som reason the herbicide is not killin weeds, better not wait too long t start cultivating or hoeing. If you applied one of the moi soluble pre-emergence herbicide such at Randox or 2,4-D, at plan ing time and it hasn't taken hoi within two weeks — and weec are showing up — chances ar that the chemical isn't going t work. In such cases, you'd bette move in with a rotary hoe or cu tivator to get the early weeds. Don't Wait it Out If you used one of the longe lasting chemicals, such as atra zine or amiben, weeds will some times begin to grow and then di as the chemical is eventually tal en up by the small weeds. Her again it's risky to wait too long hoping that such chemicals wi do the job. They might not. Bu these longer lasting chemica: give you some flexibility. You ca clean up the first crop of weed with the rotary hoe or row cu tivator if weather permits. The you may still get some benef from the chemical on later weeds In recent research at the Un versity of Illinois, agronomist found that rotary hoeing with th •row about two weeks after plan ing had little effect — good o bad — on performance of most o the pre-ernergence chemicals tha were used. Will your investment be a tola loss if you use the shovel cult vator to get the first crop o weeds? Not necessarily. A longe lasting chemical, such as atr zine, may remain to help contro later weeds even if it did not wor on the first crop of weeds. You' throw new weed seeds on top o the chemical band, but as these seeds germinate and the roots o: the weeds reach the chemical, yoi may still get some benefit. If you can't cultivate because it's too wet and the chemical i controlling the weeds well, be thankful that you used it. If the chemical isn't working weeds are growing and it's dry enough, cul tivate — don't wait. Cucumber Pests If you're planning on a bountiful crop of cucumbers and muskmelons from your garden, controlling the striped and the spotted cucumber beetles will pay off. These two insects spread bacterial wilt when they feed on cucumber or muskmelon. plants. In the complete absence of the beetles, the disease does not occur. On the other hand, heavy insect infestations can wipe out a crop. The only control is spraying with an insecticide when the seedlings first come up and continuing the applications at f r e- quent intervals throughout the season. Extension entomologists recommend using 0.75 per cent rotenone dust or light applications of 3 per cent DDT dust. Or you may want to try Sevin, which has no restrictions on application. This newer insecticide can be applied up to and including the day of harvest. You can combine the insecticides with most fungicides —zineb, captan, maneb or fixed coppers — if foliage and fruit diseases are also a problem. When bacterial wilt strikes, the individual leaves wilt and become dull green. The infection soon AUTO LOANS TO SUIT! "Easy does it" when you refinance your car here. You can choose the repayment plan most convenient to you. PHONE HO 2-9214 or See KENNY KLOOS MIDSTATES FINANCE CO. 811 Ridge, Near Broadway spreads up and down the runner, and other leaves show the same symptoms. In a short time t h p | leaves turn brown and die. When! the bacteria spread through tho main stem to other runners, thr entire plant shrivels and dies. Agronomy Day Agronomy Day at the University of Illinois South Farm on June 20 features such diverse research as new oat varieties, all- out corn and wheat yields, alfalfa varieites. new disease-resistant soybeans and corn hybrids, yellow dwarf and other oat diseases, corn viruses, corn relatives, development of the corn plant, lawn care, wheat varieties and diseas-- es, insect outlook, plant-pick tillage, wend competition studies and post-emergence herbicides. Wheat harvest will he earlier than usual this year. Combining of a few early fields will start this week, mostly in the eastern part of the county. The crop will be good, although not a record-breaker. A few fields when the wheat was blooming and pollinating during the brief spell of cold weather in April show scattered damage —incomplete filling of the heads and early ripening. This accounts for some more exposed parts of a field turning yellow while the rest of the field was still green. This will reduce yields slightly in some cases. The wheat variety plot grown by James Winet on the Highland- Grantfork road is now showing some interesting differences. Stop and see it. Varieties in the tost are Knox, Knox 62, Monon, Omaha, Ottawa, Pawnee, Ponca, Red Coad, Tas- cusa, Trumph and Vermillion. The County 4-H Club Federation, the organization that represents all the clubs, Agriculture and Home Economics, recently elected new officers for 1963-64. They are Evelyn Henderson, president; Kathy Brave, vice-president; Judy Ruehrup, secretary; Richard Gusewelle, treasurer and Bill Knecht, reporter. 4-U Softball Teams Besides their project work 4-H clubs and members are planning to participate in many of the activities available to 4-H members. 4-H softball has already started with 13 teams on the schedule this year. Games are played on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the lighted diamond of Planned at Jersey Hardcastle Funeral Rites at Carrollton CARROLLTON — Funeral services for John R. Hardcastle were conducted Sunday at Simpson Funeral Home by the Rev. Charles Fradenburgh. Pallbearers were George Andrews, Thomas Ballard, R. L. Scott, Ronaici Elhoffer and Dr. R. D. Clough of Carrollton and David Pierson of St. Louis. Burial was in Carrollton City Cemetery. • Fraciirps Ankle CARROLLTON — Mrs. W. E. Strang of this city, who was visiting her brother-in-law and sister. Mr. and Mrs. John Olbert of Wood River, fell on the stairs at the Olbert home Friday and fractured her right ankle. The fracture was reduced at the Wood River Hospital, where she is a patient. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gillor went to Wood River Sunday afternoon to visit Mrs. Strang annd were guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Holland. the Alhambra Legion and Fireman's Park, starting at 8:30 p.m. Illinois State 4-H Week is June 18-21. This event is held on the campus of the University of Illinois each year. Several members are planning to attend. Madison county had four members selected to sing in the 200 voice Illinois 4-H chorus as part of the program. They are Kenneth Albrecht. son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Albrecht, Edwardsville; Gail Hamilos, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Hamilos, Granite City; Mina Lou Wehling, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Wehling, Edwardsville and Marian Correll, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Correll, Edwardsville. Camp dates for this year's 4-H campers are June 30 — July 2 for older members, July 15-19 for 4- Her's 10 to 13 years old and July 29-August 2 for members 14 years old and older. Madison county 4- H members camp at Western Illinois 4-H Camp on Lake Jacksonville. A big day for most 4-Her's is 4-H day at the Madison County Fair at Highland. The 4-H show is July 23 this year. JERSEYVILLE - Jerseyville Junior Chamber of Commerce has mailed notices that within a few days it will launch a fundraising campaign for a community park and swimming pool project. The goal is $180,000 in pledges by January, 1964. The Jaycees have an option on a thirty-acre tract a short distance south of the city for it is here the park and pool will be located if the drive for funds is successful. DJAKARTA— Poor progress is reported in Indonesia's economic development program. *******•! *************** * DRY Model CDAD-2 Powerful Coo/erafon as* Model 1051 3 (6300 B.T.U. Capacity) • Mounts flush inside with no unsightly overhang outside • Washable filter • Automatic Thermostat Control • New Tilt-Out MAGNETIC Front for easy filter removal NEMA® TRUE CAPACITY RATING! All Coolerator cooling capocffiM by National Electrical Manufacturer! Attooarton. Don't buy an/ unit without Ihii no// STOP IN...SEE ALL , MODELS ON DISPLAY *T ACROSS FROM GERMANIA BLDG. Open Mon. & Fri. 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