Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 5, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1958
Page 6
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Page Si* '-! IV Prescott News Bh NSIScm Rotary Speaker The Rotary Cl\ib mot a! the Lawson Hold Tuoidfu for the first luncheon nf ,) siv month period With 36 me-mbcis pit-sent Charles Tompkins wtis program dhairmnn and introduced Dr. M. }3. Nelson n« Kiiest spenkei who lalked on color blindness and used picture slides to illustrate He sffid that 8 out of pvrry 100 pruplc are effected with color blindness. The color slides used were made by the U.S. Army to detect color 'blindness of soldiers. Presbyterian Woman Have Covered Dish Supper Monday A joint meeting of the circles of the Women of the Presbyterian Church WHS held on Mondwv evening fit the church for ;i covered dish supper nnri joy Hift prnurnm. The serving table was covered with n while damnsk cloth and held a centerpiece of ycllinv chrysanthemums and gi'rnnium follngr hrfnnjscd in a brass roiitiilncr flanked by burning yellow cnncHes in brass candelcvbrii. A wicker tray filed with fruit and flunked by burning yellow cundlcs in brass cnnriolfibrfi ndorned the 'buffet and nn arrangement of orehid chry- Minlhcmumi) topped the piano The invocation was given by llev. J 11. Kobertson, Following (lie supper. Mrs. C. II. Moore gave the dovollonnl on "A 1 Irving Church " Mrs. J R Franks chnirmnn nf Annuities ahd Mitils- lerial Relief, had Charge of Ihe program Hint was tffiencd with a vocal duct "Away In The Manger" by Mrs Joe U. Hamilton and Mrs. Vernon Korc with Mrs. tJob ttcy* ntilds playing Hie piano accompahi- rncnt. A play entitled "The Best Gift f All" that .portrayed an average American family wns presented by Mrs. Jim Nelson, Mrs. Dudley Rouse. Mrs. O. W. Watklns, Mrs. Al D.-inicI and 'Mrs. fidb Yar* Immgh M'rs. John ffubbnrd led the group singing of Christinas enrols. A .toy Gift offering was taken by Mrs. Harold Ingram while soft piano music was played by Mrs. Hey- nol.ls. Mrs. T. fi. Logan gave the benediction. Mrs, Wallace Pemberton, Mrs. J R. Bcmis and Mrs. John W. Davis, circle chairman and Mrs, C. It. Moore, president were hostesses for Ihe evening. HEY KIDS Santo Claus will be at MONTGOMERY WARD Sat. Dec. 6, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Come by and sec him! POSITIVELY NO HUNTING Of Any Kind — Or Trespassing On The CARL HINTON Property At Patmos WMS Meets With Mrs. Tompklris l.ottlc Moon Week of Prayer for Foreign Missions Is being observed by members of tin- WMS of the I First Baptist Church this week. The first meeting was held on Monday afternoon in the home of M'rs. C. H. Thompkins with 25 I members present, The opening prayer was voiced by Mrs. A. II. Underwood. The overall theme for the week is "Yet Abidcth Hope." Mrs. Harrell Mines i assisted by Mrs. Watson White Jr., | Mrs. Wilburn Willis, Mrs. MettTe Robinson, Mrs. Roy Stninton, Mrs. if. W. Butler and Mrs. J. T. Me- Km:, presented the program on • "Having No Hope Without God in I the World." A recording of "Hope | of the World" was played while the offering was received. The meeting closed with prayer by Mrs. Mines. CORNER STORE 2nd & Main Sts. Open Every Day 'Ccpt Sunday TIL XMAS SEE OUR TOYS Plenty of 99c Handbags 2.99 Sissy Blouses Girls Sizes 7 to 14 Sissy Blouse 2.49 WSCS Circle d Entertained By Mrs. Clarke White Mrs. Clarke White entertained WSCS Circle 3 of the First Methodist Church at her home on Monday afternoon with 17 menibcrs present, M'rs. B. A. DoLumar, circle chair man, voiced tile opening prayer and conducted the business. Miss Carol Scott gave the meditation on "Bridges To Cross the Centuries" reading tile scripture John 10: f-18 and leading in prayer. Mrs. U C. Gatlin presented the- program and discussed two topics '"'Christians In Israel" and "St. John's Church in Philadelphia." During the social hours the hostess served a dessert course and coffee. Mr, and Mrs. Jack Robey Jr «f Little Rock have been the guests of his parents, Mr, and Mrs. Jack fiobcy. •Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ugon of Slirc- veport have returned home after a visit with Ligon, Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smith of El Dorado were weekend guests of r.clii lives. Mr, and Mrs. Earl Bppler and Mrs. Gus Wooriul have had as tlicii guests, M'r, and Mrs. Gus Wp.odu' Jr., Gus 111 and Judy of-Memphis. Give him tho shaver that's Guests in the home of Mr and Bob Reynold!) have been IV imcl Mrs, John Mnssey, John David Bill and Stephen of Morrilton and Mi*. R. W. Reynolds of Conway, Mr, and Mrs. hoy Craig h.ivu ru Legol Notice PROBATE COURT NOTICES H^ Wji/ ^7 /Vofg/CQ '\aMT WCKBSSSW ^^ JNowTh? ~}-\ /Electric Shaver In Ths i pf pinphing i"fam9U§ ttiem t gafieiJ *h?yer t.p giegn ^ flip 19P hefld springs ppgn'- JS'oUcu is hereby given that (hp following Expcutors and Administrators luive filed their Final Settlements with, the Probote Court of Hempstciid County, Arkiuisns, for approval and confirmution, io-wU; First and Final Spttiempnt of Tom WardUnv, Executor of the Kstijle of J. W. Wacdlaw, decciiicd, filed. Npyambpr 5, 1958. First and Fwpl. Settlement of tfinry -E. Reed, fixegytrix of the Estate of J. V. flped, deceased, Jilcd November 5, 1D58. FmuJ ScUlemcnt of Thplma C, Wuihum, p>jecvilriN of tho Ei>ta,te o(,A. \V, pobb, deceased, ftjpcj ffo- vonibor G, JP5S. First and Final »SetJJo«5ent of Vplma Sjpos, AdmiiHstri\t}'i.\ of tho jSstatp of RJinerva J. Ross, do- certsed, filed N«vumbor g^j, J958. First and FituU jSeUlemsnt o( ]\}ys. Auljnp po\yns,, Ac|mJnistra» iris oJt irjP J5sta|e of F<U'V|i« C. Ppwns, flpppascd, filed Koypmbpr 30, 19J58. " all peyspns inte}-estc4 m the nampcj estates arp of4°rs<J to come fonvflvd and xjjp pj{pcpUons if guy they have jvjtbiu §wjj.' iW) days frojn Jh? 4atQ said settlPments were (ile4i or they vviJJ bp fovPVP? bajTocl IVPJU pxpppting, ^^cj ap> any J. Coving, By R- o. YOJ.TSTARTJR5ANP Id Utti* flotfc *?(« * visit wilfi fctr JHtHfitf, MM. BfA Stfew •Mf. ahd Mts. frhofi GeC have had" as their guests Mf arid Mrs. Tom Ayers of Jrtpllfl, Mo. 'Mr. and Mrs. ifoc Ttirhihetlo and Johnny o? Shreveporl. La., were the holiday guests of her parents, Mr. ahd Mrs. J. W. Gist. Mr. and M'rs. tilrhan Worthinglon, the Gists and Ttimihcllos attended the PfescolUAshdmvn football game ih Ashdown on Thursday. Mr. ahd MVs, C. O Wahlquisl, •Mrs. Glenn Orr, ftcv. seldon Black burn and Mrs. S. C. Stivers attended the Fifth Sunday meeting of First Christian Churches in this MOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Execution Stay Granted Negro f Hday, Bettmfcir S, 11 SI afea Ih tttQuefen btisln6s<i session was Conducted by G. 0. Wahlcjulsl. Mf- and Mrs. George Christopher and son, George Hathlltohj of Mot Springs spent the holidays at their home here. Mr. and Mrs. ft. N\ fiafiie) were the holiday guests of Mr ahd Mrs, Milford Daniel and family in Mag' nolia. Mrs Hansel Herring, Miss M'afy* ifowellc Herring ahd Mrs. T\ A t Lavender spent Friday In .Little Jtock, Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sdb Yarbrough and Mrs. J, S. Craiie Sunday were Mr. and Mfs, joe LlTTLfe ftOCK (AP)~Gnv. Orval P. Faubus gl-nntoct a slay of execution yesterday to a 19-year- old Negro scheduled lo die in Ciane and children of Toxarkafia Mi- and Mrs. Odis Hudgens of Stamps and M'r. arid Mrs. ft. W, Yarbrough of Hope. Mts Viviafl GoCf was the holiday giicsl of 'Mr. arid Mrs. ddfaid Doff in fcxarkaha. Fi lends of Theo filgih will fed glad to know he has returned home after undergoing surgery at St. Vincents Infirmary in Little Rock. Tucket- Prison farms' electric chair today. The Convicted man. Lawrence 1 Smith of fcudora, was found guilty of first degree rnurcK>r in Hit July 1 rifle slaying of C. C. Cundiff, 58. Who was found dead In a held Hear fcudora. Faubus said" he wanted to allow Srhith tirne to file an tipped!. A Chicot Circuit Cotitl juiy imposed the death penalty aftei fihd- ihg Srnith glillly S^pt. 3. he had boon 1 arrested shortly after tho slaying and officers said he admitted shooting Ihe fanner twice and taking his wallet containing $29. The name Iros means in drcok. 'tainbow 1 ' Comptroller Soys Agencies Must Trim LITTLE nock <AP< — Some stale agencies will nave to trim their spending to 96 ptr cent of their appropriate* budgets wnile officials detcrmihe whether Arkansas is going to get a* much income as it thought it would. The stale Comptroller s office is working on reduced budgets for the agencies involved, including the state Welfare Department, the University of Arkansas and the btate colleges. ttulian ttogafi, budget JgC ifi 6SSS Hit t , said Ihe reduced UtflJgCtS «« t precautionary rridi'.* ifi 6SSS Hit ftftle'S ihco-^6 dodsd't coffig UB fd "' la^\ £o are of!, afift Uhlfc&S Ih6 SSles tax makes upUbfj IHal spefidirll wilt have to be oat^ Mogafi sftid^ lie safd\{rfe/agericieS affecli* are those wlw^afaW huflVily' oft the gehei-al fiUfiBf fhal dot'SH'l iflclude the slale Hilhway tlcparttfieftl aftd other aaehcies fihahcied Itti-gbly by special "or federal funds; ttogah said the reduced spend"' itig oi-der will remain itt effect tihtil March or A)Jril vvhoh a Hew re* Venue deterrriinatioil Will bd If reVehUe during the rnohths rcfrialhs -High, he Said, restrtctioh will be lifted, ** « 45 JUNE AND FRED MAC MURRAY SAY: Give her an automatic Gas appliance! GIVE HER A COMPLETE GAS KITCHEN The whole family will love it! Automatic Built-in Gas Range, Gas Ice-Maker Refrigerator... Gas Water Heater ... and for the Laundry: Gas Clothes Dryer. WRAP UP THE FAMILY'S GIFT ( with Added Luxury at Low Operating Cost: Gaa Year-Round Air Conditioning. And Outside, add Charm to t Lawn, Porch or Patio with a f *. Soft-Glowing, Practical Gaslite. ' t \, ?*, -S t .vv?/xiv>'S s' s v S V •& CAS IN THE KITCHEN ... AND AJX Til HOUGH THIS HOUSE; Buili/m Gas Range, above, is mulched with modem CHS Icu-Nuker Ucfrigeralur. AJake Christmas Merrier for Ilic lady of the house and the vjiolo family by installing a new Gas Ycar>Hound Air Conditioner, Gas Waler Healer, Gas Clojhes Dryer. ALU Gift Certificates mako tftf we fiyiH a to pmeat as 4 {i(|, *v * \*°ftr"T^r •*?£ Y f ?7^'j' < fffK-T*! ."T^w;wr FTF'SffK $£ •PHF H.J . •" ,/ "' ~ >j *. F 13 „< I S- -, ^ ! \^'"' > -< £ ^"t* r K ^ "' ' , * , ^ Vn "v^t> *« <£, >J A *>?• *: I*,* , '1 .^1 \ , .^x",C' -, ' A "' '^'"\ " -^, -" 'f '\"i -'•^Ijggl:; -gy^ ^M^^W^^^M^^^^^i-^ .. C giyKa'&f^^C^S^s^^nRRe^^^^S^IPPi^^^^^^S^^^^j^HR^^^^SRIERiffRRffiMRRRflRiHHfflH^ffiRRfllHPSSKffffll^^^SH^^^^^RH^^ffiRMI^^iRPMIlPMlllMMHHRVM^ &'. ^ /^* „' ^ t •*• -7~ 1 ifi. W* , f- '*,' "— y'TV rj -Kir"!?- "^S Ktl i i f~ %s»,~syi •Mi^

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