Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 5, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 5, 1958
Page 5
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Horsepower Reduced by Car Makers &y 6AVIB J.-WIUKlE <At»l -'gBVevftl fiUto makers have redMcd iicirsebdWer wtlHR* in im WoM can: titttc; welly all {he h<HV models ate 16W* e r: a fp\V are lofigef- and SeVel'al afe widei' thsd last year's ttiod els, those ace highlights of SH e* naustiVe I'epbrt on 1959 car eiij*!* leering developments ill the b'e* ^eember issue of the Society of, Automotive Engineers Journal, The report says the trefid toWSfi wider cars already has Itv* id si nificnfit changes in suspensiott find brakes. It may also go a Ion \vny toward a solution to the prob lem of imuroved imderhood Venti Jation and engine accessibility the study says, . The report says changes in J rat-no construction had to bi ^ made to accommodate t">dny' flower cars, It details engineering changes in virtually every Arncfi cnti'hindc atllomobile, Of car engines the study say many power .plants have been tai loi-ed to bring peak performance within the normal driving 'ranee It adds: "Reduced compression ratios permit the use of "Iowa? priced standard fuels, Refinements 'for 1959 include improved cai-bure tion. reduced noise level, weight pi-eduction and greater economy. Public Thinks Prices Will Again Rise . By SAM DAWSON 41 AP Business News Analyst NEW YOBK (AP) — Belief that prices will rise again seems firmly entrenched in the public mind to day. Economists can point oi.t manv reasons why prices : needn!t ,;rise They can cite the excess of supplies and of production capacity. They can quoto statistics, thai ,' seem to show that the cost of liv ; ing has leveled off and isn't ex '"^pccted to go up again for ihe next " T'ew months, But many consumers just don't f believe them. Why? . i Partly because the economists »'; haven't 'been to correct ' aboul u price trends in the past — prices '•' didn't fall during the recession as ,' expected by both the public and •* economic theorists. Partly 'because many households know that statistics or no stfitis- _tics, (he bills seem to go on - ','-*$ fj>ij And partly bocnusc the .trend in basic commodity prices is one thing, but the trend in labor costs is another — and this often more than offsets any price drop in raw materials, The evidence Ui;it expectation of higher prices is widespread 'despite the easing of inflation foars among the economics and the financial jearto.-s comes today from two source 1 )-; The Survey YJosenroh Center of the University of Michigan snye that in October twlcy as maij,v consumers helinvc:! in coming prfpu rises as did in thij spring,Finance company execuiivcs are predicting further rises jn .instal- ment credit now thai • the (into dealers are geclwa deliveries of new oars, The oo?e a^a.nct further jnfla, tion just now, hoy/ever, js a strong one. As n wtiojo, basic oonim'odi., lies have shown either 'price stability or weakness. The recovery in im1iiFtria]"acUy. ity didn't lend to any rush to slocR up on ra\y materials as it often had in the past, Rather, until ftist recently mqnu/nolyrcn continued to pare thejr Jnvoptorjos, . The w(We inmnijifM in thp auto industry left thoir „ mfU'Hs on 'car Prices, And the string of strikes Jiavo Kent new models sgnrce nt Ihe ret a j) j sv ' e i t A new rjso m c^/i] mine ivn^o pcales seems likoly \& affept thp operating costs of (he iW)y indus, tries using jt, The Neyr-YqrK c|i x Internationa] rt <s a 4,990 acre fjpjd, ROACH . HUGHIS INSURANCI H6f»l SfAtt HQPl* CARNIVAL Is Pf6*i6u8 Puiils ftitk Ttttnet Hisfery 6aek§ BUT 1 MUST EMMlM tVfff/A<!»tff«*f0* 4 Frahklifi Sftd _. Johsofi 57 8 Battle of 1*t>*Ut 1 ejnifch }iart i*«?k*-ju 2 "Effiei-aid tSie" Stele 3 ?°. uft| 14 Speratie Sola 4 f^f 15 |y Way of 5 Bailie of Lake 16 dolor SAW MES j :. WALKING/ 31 Female yi-ojah Wars monster aHety 33 Speedy 38 Sheep 24 High 25 Hahd shoel 41 Light fogs 4 2 Enervates- 43 Unbleached 18 Infuriates admiral at 2d£figlish Trafalgar 2f) MattiputAle ttoVelist '1 Compass polht dough 21 *^= AligeleS, 8 StHps 2? dollars ...,„. . 9Wflsiic 28 Mimics J2 Whal the ingredieht 23 Fiddling 16 Falsified Rowan sougct 11 Narrow fofid emfaerof 24 Oriental chief PLASH GORDON AW, t 6ET VOU 9AV THAT TO ALL /M6HHgMf UNATTACHED ( I WOUu£>W f t! OUEEN9, WOW rt^l PO MUTHIM DOMTCHA?* .,,15 A VVDNDER SHE DIDM'T COME ALL (MAklN'MG RIGHT/ FEEL THERE IN I A LC3WOOWN PROMT OH 4dSour 4? Staggef 48 Remain 50 Pull . TH' MOST AWFUL THlMfl 1 feVCR ANY- BEReAVfeP, OWLY SAIO WHAT BEUEVfeO ANOIH6R ! H CO\V.' 30 Swiss division 32 Sefatch 34 Hit-e 35 Curiosity 36 Relative (roll,) 37 Ancient military machines 39 Mexican money 40 Grant 41 Demure 42 Aquatic ' mammals 45 Morgan's : in the Civil War 49 Word '.,, ALLEY OOP t.M. *>t. U.S. fit OK. ffi 19t6 b) NE» Sinl.i. M. VOU'P HBMS& HOW THRILLED $HB WA6i YOU COULDN'T H/WB IDIPN'T Yt CAN HARDLY RESIZE "I thought this thing, was supposed to increase effi ciency! Why ish't it out there Working up the employes?" CAMT STfW. Wt5, A ITTURNe OUf 60 DEClpEO IET BLLtM COMB TO HER MOTHER! AFTER, HARMON) OWE5 IT \ <3KAV! YOU'D ' tO ELLEN 'TO SBfe BETTER -TELL HSR APTER THREE- JAR.*, HARMOW SWEETIE PIE By Nadinc Seltzer 91 Seine 52 Smugly nice ' one ' '" 53 Distinct part By Kate Osan CAPTAIN EASY POP I'LLNEEDl'li'l.!' A HUSBANP'S PANtS, 1 )/^; - ''IIIIIK TAKE IT FROM MY GETAROUND;MORE PANTS HANGING . WHEN HE'S OUT OF THEM THAM WHE ,, HE'S, IN THEM ^vV OKAV-BRING MV PANTS- COOKIE HAS THEM DADDY , MAV1 f HAVE i LUNCH MONEY? ir^J^J 4iSF* *^)kay, you can open your eyes,now—we're past the toy store 1 " C 1958 t>i Nt« Sirvlrt, Int, T.«l. R>|. U.S. PM. Off. / SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith "Elaine is the svyeet, shy, demure type.-You know ' " inferiority complex! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BUT, PRISCILLA! ISN'T IT A BIT EARLY FOR THAT? , I WROTE SANTA GLAUS TO TELL. MIM WHAT-I. WANT FOR CHRISTMAS! Hrlr/-NW> ONION LOVP/ b, NEA giriic>. Inc TM Belt U 8. til?OK PRISCILIA'S POP OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willjqms OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major YOUi CAN'T A / YOU'RE V BLAME TH 1 1 ( MEVER A \ -At-U RI^HT.' YOU PULUEP ' (3UV-HE GOT HIM OUT OH IT BEFORE HERO^OA \ GUY YOU / _ - , YOU SPECIMEN) . -THERS'5 A SOS(3Y WAD OF '(SPB&MlAN GLASSWARE WAS LOOK TOO MUCH COULP SEE IT/ OMCS fH& MOST , TMt THIRp £^l IT DATES : |?yi«f o\Mr4 HAND- ''•7;'iU*lRITiMG. '§ g9 hsyr a feyp ef tea J§fer§, wt ' 1*9 the Beit ~ " ' > >IE* S«fYice. Inc. T.X. « M . 0.6. P.L oil

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