Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 5, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, December 5, 1958
Page 4
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Feur §TAR, DelfH ^ HfL f s6 / 56rtal Saratoga in Double Win at Blevins f)-nm Horn. Glen Aiurchinson. Holm in in 20 17 Booker. .lames E Bradley. CJrnrep Cnmvny. Willie Crosby, lonn Hamilton. Thntnfts D Hnys. O C. Prescott, Mrs F,. F. Robinson. Clarence Smilh. Cnssie Wnlkrr, Flnyrt Watson. Rnbori 1 WASHINGTON SPECIAL Arnettc. Chester t.r Belk. Tlinmas Slnrk. Freddie Booker, Clndie Ctiir. Mrs. Addle .f Che.itharn. king Chealham, Rnosrvrlt Coburn. F.unis F.iiBfMi Coleman, ,1nhn Cooper. Aclell Erwin. R. .1. Fellows. Frank Green. J times W. Green, Samm.v Lre Hicks, Muck Johnson. Maude Joties. Homer Lee, Louie Muldrow. Eddie Muldrow. M. C. Munn. Elixabnth Nelson. Sevier Perkins, Cussie Pry or, Jim Ragland, Unle Rogers. John L. Rogers, O. C. Rowe, Mrs. Marsh Stuart. Love Stuart, Dec Stuart, Sanuii'l Stuart, Sainmie Stuart. Lei- Vi-rn Taylor. H. C. Taylor. Ralph Thomas, E. D. White, Talmage White, D. L. Witlierspoon, 12. \V. \von a In the 4 5f5 4Q M SarBloMfl bnskt'lbhll 4 )(1 dnitblphenri>r Tucsdnj- P P0 nii'vihs C.ym. 74 in Winning their sIMH slralfthl vlc» n in l'".v. thf Saratoga senior girls 41 17 l»"|iPtl a S2-4I win \vlth Sur) Porttf Sn D? KPfllng 31 points, Stohc wns high 18 72 W Blcvins with 25 Allen Crnwtafd hit for 58 points In lend the Saratoga senior bnj's i in n b'-nZ win. Hoiifild Hicks piicetl 10-,(l'Hlcvins with 27. This victory gave o.rr' 111 ' 1 Stirnlogn boyt a 3-3 record 2 57 for the season. 4 17 Siif t'nrifr. Myra McLarcy and 3 >| Charloilc Green fire Sports rppdH' 11 7fj CM for the Saratoga School, .1 .VI 4«n :! 'ii 3 54 Cards and Phils Busiest Traders in Baseball §y JA6K HAND AKmlatet) Prm Spans Wrtttt WAsttlNdTON iAP. - the St. LolilS Cardinals and PlillftdeJ fonlfi Phillies, Mnifflihg tatcil after fiSappolhlltlgi Rr>n«ofiS, were the busies! traders in the National League during the winter meetings, With Prnnk lane the Basketball College Basketball By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, Cincinnati 38, NYU 61 Si. Johns (NY) 73. Provldeho V5 Boston College 72, Holy Cross 0 fUicknell 77, Gettysburg 02 3 r v | I Muhlenbera (!!!, Lebanon Valley 5.1 1 4"! 71 23.01 B.fll 4.4ft 40.60 3..VI 5 11 IB.41) 3.R4 3.54 *i 5!) Vilhmovn 7(5, Phlln Textile 48 Gcorflin Teh 05, Bn.ylor 50 Virginia Tech 05. Virginia 73 Miss State 121, Union (Turin) 71 Tillnne 81), Lnitlslnnn College 72 Louisiana Stnlo 70, Birmingham Sdiithern 72 (Ky) .;» 2--i i Murray " i A&M 31 6(3, New Mexico 3 5.] Kastnrn Ky 9', Villa Madonna 05 24 'fia ^" sl T^ 1111 I" 1 - App.ilnehinn 71 Vail Georgetown (DC) 93. Kentucky Q 71)! Weslcyan 7.'1 .,'nni Furinan !I2, Presbyterian GR Phillips Oilers 74, Auburn 03 Oklahoma State 41. Texas West- piittlp, ih e cievpland Indians and Boston Red Sns set the pnco in th6 Atneilcnh League. Solly Memus, starting a nr\V ta (is n bift league manager «Slb Boskeibotl Nt§ht, B*c. 6 Guernsey at Saratoga LfWthxhg at McNeil t-'cntke al F.mmet fitevtns «1 Spring Hill fueSriSy Might, b*e, 9- Spffhft Mill al ftndcflU* diiernsp) al VVinihrop tirnniet al Laneburg Rirby at Saratoga « t Democrat Split Classified Ads AOS MUST 8E IN OFFICE BAY 8EFORI PUILISATIdN PHONE 7>3431 Wfi AD Continued fage Thd schedule of SoitffiSf eommitlce session Saturday. Sul- as lor himself told a reporter he had £f°. m below, has beeh tftkeft AldeH KMlght's SdlUflaf u Iirtirj i luin <i i iri-iui nji ut; nun wi « t A-i ---o ,— »—» *».»«. heatd of any formal tfWvt- Tables PJan your days sd that you will be fishing in goad territory hunting In good cover during not against him. u ™£«™^ of Camille F. M. o/fer. Essbgltin and Giho Cilnoli He fjnve up Wally Moon, a left lifliictod hitting outfielder, to Los Attfceles nnd Ruben Amaru, n light hitting (.224) but fancy fieldinfi shortstop, to Philadelphia. Phil Paine, a right-handed relief pitcher already demoted to HID Omaha fc.rm, wont to t.os Angeles' Spoknhu farm In the deal that sent Moon to the Dodgers for Cinvill. are invoh-n ihe dit Committee because segregationist ; loaders in the parly stild he was ' out of step with Louisiana's ..stand { on civil rights. Gravel haV said , Saturday is morally wrong- but! Sunday 2 ':00 8:15 lhat ns a practical proposition In- i A. M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Major 12:05 6125 12:40 6!50 1:35 VI45 2:30 8:40 n ,240 disnlipolntm'enl after n fine ! logratlon Is not for Louisiana rookie yenr. EsscgUh, former Stanford foot 'bull nlnycr, hit .246 in a partial year with the Phils. He may wind up as a pinch hitter. The Phils, In addition to ncqulr g Amrtrn as insurance bchliv! -hlco Fernandez,, secured Valmy Thomas, n muclvnceded cntober. Thuy. ,nlso got lUibon Gome?., nn experienced pitcher, from Sun Francisco in the, swap lhat brought 8. CO 7.01 I 0.00 1 5.44 8.1)1 0.70 Yellow Creek Hunting Club SARATOGA SPECIAL Calhoun, Jim .... 22.80 HOPE CORP. SUPPLEMENTAL Bailee, Wililic- 0.31 .Blood, Mrs. Charlotte 47.4«j Butler, dine IX 17.88 i Crane. Lillian 3.95 | .Delaney, Beulah 3.f!5 Foster, J. F. ' 10.39 Galloway, Doyle 11.10 ; -Garland, Arthur 7.52 Griffin, John Henry 5,74 Gulloy, W. 11. Si Irene 3.05 Haney, Ed . 7.53 Henry, Burke 40,04 Hurr, John E. . 20.17 Jester, C. R. 7.52 Johnson, Cashio 5,74 Johnson, J. D. 15.B(! Jones, Elmer D. Jr. 22.40 Jones, Wylie & Sylvester 7.52 Kellcbren. Nathan 40.0'; Limlscy, Phil & Laura 8.07 Muldrow, Delia 3.95 Muldrow, Luko S.Sl.l lUcCorklc, Harvey 5,74 McDowell, Robert' lii 3] MeElroy. A. D 3,'05 McFadrien. Arlhtn 7.52 Neal, Garland 7*53 Rowo. Morgan T. 7,52 Rupselll, L. M. . . 3,9i? Stenrns Rev. C. S , ip,(13 Sfewnrt. J, L. 20.74 Todd, Jnek Zfl.'fJO Watterson. H. A. s;fl5 Wostbrook, Don \f\ 7^ Wl'ny, Flncta C, 7.52 AVUliams, Kimono ft Mary 7.52 AV'lliams, Edwards 7.52 W^inberrv. Lois 1989 HOPE SPECIAL SUPPLEMENTAL 'Evans, Charles . 7,49 Morrison Loo g fig Nelson. Waller fi'ftl ern 37 Toledo £11, Soulli Dakota 70 Ohio Univ f!(t, Marietta S3 Wheaton 87. North Central fllli ,-<l Sontlla 60, Snn Francisco 58 Washington State HH, Gonjitiga 07 .Colorado State Ok la A&M S2 57, Panhandle Colorado College 07, St. Josephs 05 ,. i ,- , i " Ch " "* """'" Guards HfeliJ by Prisoners Are Rescued , t . STUTTGART, Ark. fAP) _ Ar- betwe;en-.-na-|kansas Tech's Wonder 'Boys and . ..-; i rugged Louisiana College of Pine- Beth Gravel and Talbot wcre.villc square ofi here tonight before. '" Gravel, who supported the nn- tioml party's civil rights plank in 1050, has refused to step down, He Is challenging the State Commit-' loo's right to oust nim and name | Talbol in his place. Northern lenders support him on this, holding only the National Committed., ran remove n member tional conventions. bore for Major Loop Players Seem Unruffled By JOE REICHLER Associated Press Sports .Writer AVAS1-11NGTON iAP) Tho Rli'scell, F, M. .. L Pnylor, C. 1, Fummons. F-lla Pwann, M>"i F II, Tumor. A If W. Vorso. John Wilbum. Junior .. 3 f!0 •J701 2.31 3,nn 11.30 3 HO JO. 00 FIIUTON CORP. SHPPI.EMENTAU S.05 lfi.74 S 3i 47,48 a 05 major leaijuo plnyors appeared unruffled today by the owners' re- bitfl' t- ol' their clomtinds for n per- centngo uf the olubs' gross income. The players predicted ulUmatp victory in the financial tug^war. Acting on the final day of tiioli- winter muuUngs, the magnates Jlntly rejected the players' proposal for a 20 per cent cut of thi» over-till revenue, The calm reaction of the play- ers•-•cninp as somewhat of a su) Sanford, - the National League riookic>,,ol tho Year In 1957. Snn Francisco unloaded the 31- year-old 'Gomez (10-121 and Thomas (.259) to Ret Sanford (10-13), a strong artncd pitcher who can takj a tfir'n every fourth clay. Trader Lane, Cleveland general mnnngc-r, latched onto a fine center fielder in Jimmy Piorsall who hit only .237 at Boston. To get Piersall, Lane save the •Red-- Sox first baseman Vic Wertz and center fielder Gary Gcigor,- a fleet youngstc'r who was highly regarded in the St. Louis organization -in 1057. Lane also came up with Russ Henian, a right-handocl pitcher from Baltimore's farm at. Vancouver where he had a 9-12 record. In return, Lane gave; tho Orioles second baseman Bobby Avila, league bating champ in 1954 but now 32. He hit only .233 lust sea- fon. The Red Sox also muclij" a deal with Detroit, shifting Lou Berberet, loft-handed hitting catcher, to the Tigers for Herb Moford, a right-handed pitchur who had a 4-9 record at Detroit Jast season. The Tigers were hurting badly for catching. ' Many oilier deals wero reported . the mec.tinq. It w'as"the!nn expected overflow Shaw or j second 1 annual ^ Homer. La., -who attacked Butler I g;; lusinesi Opportunities LIFETIME BUSINESS for the man genuinely interested in working and making money. Company expansion fiiakes cdifiity dJstribulorship available in Arkansas coun'ties on vitally needed chemical product for farmers. Man in adjacent territory financially able to handle small stock of merchandise to fill orders netted SlOdD per month for the past ten years, Territory manager \vill interview in strictest confidence in order received.. Write Bos B, c/o 1-fope Star, Hope, Ark. ' 3-Slc For Salt ALtlMl&UM screens, dodrs, stortft windows, weather * stripping, in* suiatloh, roofing, awnings, gut> terihg. arhametital falling, Ffefi estifrtates. Aiidy Andrews 1950 stttJfifiAKfift pickup. Cattle bed, heater, cleart attd" ift gtiod condition. Pliohe 7-2204 &f 7*4611. Services Offered L&T ui renovsU y&ut- did mat' tres». We ineclalli* la preistirt- ied Innersprlii*. COBB'MAtfftEISS SHOP 712 Wett 4th, Phone 7-362> RALPH MpijtfOmery Market, custom •Ifcughteriog'. We have meat for your deep freeze. See ui before buying, j7_# and issued a brief saying NaUoria!; Little AJl-American Eddie l\lea- Committee members in his state'dor- spearheads tho Tech attack arc selected by the State Central land powerful Joe Ste'wart, 190- Cummittcu and serve al, the pleasure of the State Committee. in tin; making. Sonic may pop when the club owners return home. prise because of their threat of drastic action bprlicr in the event of refusal. The players are fiir from dis- Ihe owners' latent J. Norman Lewis. Honrv & Jewell McGill, Nruify Sumnson, RPbeeen Cecil Leon iS- Betty Stephens, Hr>r h °rt Turner. Annif> T.ne CPRP, SUPPLEMENT J R. 77 'r>nniel, Olvdp Pixnn. Anlhnnv l^fvif-k, Mni'ion Tivlor, Five Henv 981 15 7-i 8.4(5 •5.0!) Wilson. MI-S. ,1, A. FMMET Taylor HI-OI Porn 3.07 3.07 couragod by action," said the players' attorney ^nd spokesman. "The owners have made flat re jeciions o/ other plavor before and eventually reconsidered, "They intend to continue (o present their arguments with uersi$< lent and patient negotiations for o more equitable particiuation, in, the increased revenue which lias W* orued to the owners over (he ppft deeado," , Lewis said he planned to meet vith len?ue wlaver rppresentativos Robin Roberts of Philadelphia nnd Rdciie Yos( o( Washington to discuss the players' nest jnovo. IJe said the players did not intend to bo slvibborn in, their demands and would be amenable to g counter 'Proposal. {>! other winditp action, the own* ers decided on n (hreerwaeks free ij'adins period from Nov. ' £1 through Doc, is. jn this period* plavers mav be snapped from omi league (o tho other without first obtaining waivers. Tho plan will eo into effect ncx( year. Commissioner Ford Prick, frowns on the idea nnd said ho mjiv osk thp owners to reeonsider this decision at their summer meetings, The !iif\iors. a? expepted, adont- od tho watei'pd-dosvn version of UH player di'flft Passed by thp minors at their earlier in the week. ' Un.der ihp plan, a minor league Rice Bowl Game Slated for Tonight By CARU BELL, , and REID MILLER FLORENCE, Ariz. - (AP> — A steel-nerved warden Jed 25 la\\Won storming .jnto barricades at the Arizona State Prison Thursday (light and rospued two 'guards held by rebellious convicts, Pespite warnings from the 4(1 insurgent, prisoners that they would Hill their 'hoglagps jf jit- tacked, ^Vnrden' Prank $yman de« pided to pall thejr. bluff— ond won his desperate gftnible, . i M«ises Adams, 33, a* inmate convicted of statutory nipq, was shot in ihe back during tho furious Hp svas .reported in poor but expected, to live, 3(10 , Guardsmen. deputies, police officers, guards and civiJinn volunteers ringed the Convict Holds 6 Hostage, Then Kills Self PRINEVILLE-, Ore. (AP) — An ox-convict brushed aside pleas in surrender and killed himself today after a 10-hour siege that be«an when he briefly held six persons captivp. Stanley Robinson, 27, shot him- , self in tho head as police crunched , , ansas across the frozen lawn "minutes J^ s after midnight to pump tear gas into his small, white .frame house. Only moments before, a' psychologist who had gono into'(he house unarmed in an a'ttpmpi "to, persuade Robinson to surrender walked out and said: "Well, boys. I think it's all over." It was the only shot fired in the siege that began when stale policeman Vem Boyer went to tho house to nerve n warrant on Robinson, released from thi- prison Oel. M, Robinson, a M.irino Cni'p.s ran of the Korean War, Stopped from the bedroom a 30-30 caliber rifln. "I thought r wns a goner, •' Boyer said. "That rifle looked awfully bis?. It was lo-Kled an:l eockod. ' Boyer was kept prisoner'30 minutes, along \vith Robinson'.; former wife and Uioir foip- chiidran, whoso aces r,iru'o from 3 yoars fo II months, But then Slatp Police ,S;:t Lowell Hertyel porv.iadecl Robinson to let his captives go unharmed. Pojice evacuated every noarby liouse, at)d pp/^nn n lorn; »iqii. Several times Robinson dashed onto iho j)0)'C'h On«n he .'hiutori; "I won't come out until I give up the gun, or elsa use it." Another limo he aobt-pti-d ciu.ireties from Kertzol, who said- "Tin ( O ld HIP (hat lie made up his mind thai jm- wp.sn't going hapk to prjio,, l tny more." ' Police talked to Robinson ovpr (he phone, Once'he sobbed: "I'm Wing to end it all." Then ho said ho would wait until Wiido a psychologist und thpn . pound fullback, leads the ball- carrying for Louisiana College. | The boys from the bayou . country will present .a stiff test ; for Tech's passing game, which | the Wonder .Boys turned to ex| lensivoly in the latter part of the season. Louisiana Collefe yielded only 480 yards through'the air in 10 games this year and only three losses went for touchdowns "again/ them. Besides Mcador, who wns named lo the AssociEted Press Little All - America scjuail Wednesday, Tech has good runners in Henry Brummett and Jim Argo. Tech, co-chamjjion of the Ar(o Conference, for the year against the Wildcn'.s 1 15-2 slate. "Louisiana College is probably as tough -.is anybody in thi5 part j of the country," Tech coach Sam Hindsman said. "I just hope we can stay in there with them- and make it interesting." Meador, who closes out his college career tonight, led Tech to a -19-7 triumph'over Arkansas AfcM in last year's Rk'o Bowl, which was a sellout despito bad weather It will be tho third mcetinc; in four seasons for the Wonder Boys and Louisiana College, with (ho latter taking victories in IS55 and 5INGEH SEWING MACHINE CO. Sales and.Service. 513 East 3rd. L. E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. ._. 5-14-tI POWER Saw available for removal of trees,' stumps and etc. For free estimate call 7-4052. 26-1 mo. c GIVE her a gift certificate for Christmas from Diane's Beauty Salon. Phone 7-3118. 2-tf PIANOS tuned, repaired and rebuilt. Guaranteed. Write H. Woosley, Prescott or Phone Bodcaw TW 9-2385. 4-Gto 3 SMALL tracts of land near town suitable for chicken farms, 80 acres timber lahd two miles out of Foreman. Ark. See fialph Saunders or Phone 7-4001. 19-tf LOVEl/?~ Ceramic g'iirTs! priced reasonable. Proceeds for Kitchen Fund. Altar Society. Old Stewart's Jewelry Store. 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. 2fl-6tp 174 ACRES, good hoii.se two miles south Shover Springs. W. B, Bearden, PR 7-3052. l-6t,p '31 O'LDS four door. A-l Condition. New tires, radio and heater. $493 Will arrange financing. Call 7* 2487. 2-tf GOOD Johnson grass hay delivered to your barn. nOc per bale, anything over 5 bales, Call 7- 22G1 days or 7-2237 nights, 2-12tp ONE 9 room house a'nd-bath. Corner lot. 150 foot front. 200 fefe deep. Plenty of shades. Foil bearing pecans and .3 .or 4 youn trees. Garden space. Good quie zone with excellent neighbors See J. R. Anderson or call PR 7 : 6fi90. 3- WANT AD RATES |' All ' Wonf Ad's are poyab'a M ,' advance feu'F '-ids will be 'j'ccrjpf &l\ bvet the telephone and 3r.:0rnorlo*i' flbft dccbunfs ollowerl with the uh^* •defsfdhdirtrj Ihil account is payablS. when sfofemenf Is rendered. > Nurhbef &t Words up ta is 16 to ^0 Jl to is J4 to 30 31 tb 35 36 <o One .60. .75 .90 1.05 20 4\ ro 45 1 35 44 \6 56 1 '50 Throe Do--": .90 1.20 1 50 1 PO 2.10 2.40 270 300 Six Dovs 1 'iO 2.00 2 50 300 3.50 4 00 one *'kd 609 'M 10 50 1200 500 1^00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ) time 3 times 6 times 80c per infh 65c per Inch - ; 55c per inch i. ftates cludted ob'jve ate for ron seeutive insertions. Irregular or skip t)dl^ dds will take the one-day rate. All dally classified advertising cony Will be accepted until 5 p m. I'jgi publication tho fallowing day. The publisher reserves the right to fevlse or edit all advostisemonts of fered for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted. Initials 6' ohe or more letter*, grbups of fiqurns, such as house or telephone numbers count as one word. The Hope Star will not be respnn slble for errors jn Want Ads unless errors are cnllrd to our attention after FIRST irs^'tion of ai( and men for ONLY the ONE Incorrect insertion, PHONE: PROSPECT 7-34H HOME grown papershell pecans 37c Ib. 10 Ibs. $3.30. Monts Seed Store. We Give Gold. Bond Stamps. ,4-9t I AM taking orders for cakes for \ Christmas. Also have limited amount of 2 Ib. fruit cakes, Mrs. Milton Eason. 7-4622. • 4-U Lost WHITE and black spotted female terrier. Reward. Phone 7-4910. 28-tf EQUITY in 1058 four door Mer cury. Practically new. Excelloiv condition. Good, chance for some one to, own Big M for small down payment. Already financed. Ph _V-^047. 4-fiip j'CHRISTMiAS -trees. Beautiful Ar knnsas Cedar. Nice full, class A trees. Fresh cut, no fir, pine or skelton, Hundreds to choose from. Lot at 3rd and Pine St, 5-Glc BULOVA Miss America wrist watclv on North Hazel, West Ave.. D or North Washington. Callj Gertie Woods, 7-2791. 3-3tc For Rent Game time is 8 p.m., but nn hour of pro-game festivities is planned. )v.fl}Js nutomatic Wood, Perry "Wood,, FijCT^nn I. p, n. I? 0 Jr. Hamilton p H nlpl J<arwi. Alice. , A, Vf. olaycr who escapes jhe draf" after 3J37 his first year becomes '--"-•-•- t)j>2 for selection vntil ho ha,s enmolut* <-d the normal draft period. This Period varies frpnv two, IP fuur dO'H'nding upon his league owners fol. Aniovjoaa the \yenpons to guqrd qlainsj new outr prpoks. The riot was quelled st 1! p.m. Quards Cftlvin Hunt, 33, who panic to Arizona from Winthrop, Maine and SeoJt Wrjghj, 30, formerly of A'^fiore, pHla.. were held hostage |or nearly an )io\n, Jatey expressed fear the thorn the state orison, came hero to ta.Oc with him. Robinson's widow Dorothy, who divoiced. iiim while he was in prison, said after the slwting, "T I thought was did everythius right." HiUves PVisoners would with their DID Wflj-dpn not bpw to over thp prison, ejf told. m,p tp 'tplj iljem guys lawmei\) ^i^ot to gome ' would tq rloscr or we'll ' Kill .YQU/ " said Wright, 4 '{ At this *> graying spy anything," '^'ni'deji .Kymaq. year v]& foj-mer s)ior Jff armpri with u - .<ja - sl\putpd U *'J{ bfirricadwi g« the prison, Ass*. Warden" J^QU Barnes said Robinson had boon nn "excellent pri.soner. lie was thp ntost dgobrqlud. man ever to b3Mn SaystoGry It Out in Event of a Tragedy By ROBERT GOLDENSTEIN Associated Press Science Writer MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — If trag eddy strikes, forget all about keeping a stiff upper lip end lot yuiir grief gush out, a Mayo Clinic psy chjatrist advised today, Dr. Robert Jj, Faucett said the person who is brave r<nd holds up well whon n loved one dies wins praise from society bui is headed for poss-iblu mental trouble in later SMAIjL black and white female Setter. Weight ,40 ; Ibs. Russell Evans, 2520 Hazel St., Texark- aha, Tex. on collar. Notify Herbert Arnold. PR 7-3188. 4-3tp For Sisle or Trade USED furniture of all kinds, Bed room sets, stoves, living room sets, appliances, odd chairs and etc, City Furniture Co, 7-22(51, 2-12tp LOCAL trailers. Byers Gulf Service, Call Day or Night- 7-9955. 8-lrrioe NICELY Furnished 4 room apartment, Adults only. No drinking. 801 East 3rd. 3-t£ For Rent or Sole 3 BEDROOM homo, 4lfi S. Grady, Contact or call Mrs. W, I, Slroud, YUHon 3-2302 Washington, UPSTAIRS apartment, 3 large rooms and private bath, 203 High Street, 15-tf 5 ROOM house. 301 N, Ferguson St. Call 7-3578, 3-Gtc 5 ROOM house on Margaret Street. One on Mockingbird Lane, Vacant now, T. N, Belew. 7-4308, 4-3tc 14-1-mo c Real Esl-of-e for Sole years, Ho told family aitend prison here, Robjnson nnd been in ihe prison a year on a bad check PomjoHtm The warrant polje-c tried to spfyo Ihursdav ni«.i concerned 'bad Souif Hope of Settling Air i • A ' ^M, ^^ - . * 1 Tike ing the annual eliniu coufereneo of the American Moi|icnl. Assn, that the physici.in.is.in a position to administer psychiatric lirsl aid in such situations tfmt could guard against later menial trouble. The important period, Qr. pett said, copies ft few hour 1 ! afte the first stunning impact of (he catastrophe has piswod ,«nd is d , gradual return of ?eiousness, "Thij i s the evqeiai ph,pse ) n the gnef rcaeljon and its propep worl Wg through is nc'cWsary fop f lure emotional health, " ho snid. "Thfrp is a gj-eqt need to talk and ventilate phout thp dead one in tht? .phrase. ^h{s need. to ventilaio— (o cry, to be angry, to talk gbout (he past ruusl be encc-uraged, 11 „ Pr. Paucctt said j,jio person should not be |rom his situation goograpjjipally. sogmUy 04- cmotiqutUly and sedation pr tranc[Uj!i.-;er# s,i;ou{d be spni'Jngfy if yt nil. ' '' ., ing slBie M til? nation. Other top ' ^jointed, fl two- in w)e.r-t ^n but. ,to ex* n\" men, JHI 1400 .prispuprs re Even*- al -'ibis poli)t,,hp 's'iiitj, • ilia Avon ien\itfiries. ? or move per hoyj-. available in Hppe. 1 Ca,r Write Avo ftl , .shoiild oncyurajjy, tho I'eeonstruvt "the pfts.J," itj, the prn«nt «Tl bi-eiij tq (he fu t«H}ed.d,cadi,oek ijot'woen " . offered a to o JiitprfljaJJ, ••ff"^ ^ W i"-.ji_jns',9i The rtemaiKis ig ,?wts;'^ijVi 8M8ij3st a" .\\'§Jk,ftu4 liy the ' , M® ^smujitfat .I " - -> m&mu^3^~m^ ,,., 'New three br-droom homo, car nort, 100 foot frontage, attic fan, floor furnace, Venetian blinds, near school, Owner said: "Sell ft'" For sale or rent, two bedrooms den, double carport, bath and half, aood neighborhood, vacant, 1514 Pecan. •• Five'room home, lot and half, on pavement at 210 North Ferguson, cjean, comfortable, immediate possession, $3,000, 1 Modern sj>f room home in excellent , condition, 'built-in .garage', fjpbr „ fgrnaee, fenced backyard, 'plenty of storage', 412 East 14(}i, , 'Wo "Have other Selections Jrj Good Locations. /'- "LEONARD ELLIS Real Estate, ''Insurance, Loans FURNISHED apartment, Call 73791, Middlebrooks Grocery, 4-3tp UNFURNJSUED 3 room apt, 222 No. Louisiana, 5-3tp Notice Hope'Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E, Palmer, President Alex. H, Washburn, Secy-Trcsafe at The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Alii'.-H. .Washburn,.Editor S Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Dona I „ porker, Advertising Mgr. George W, Hosmcr, Mech. Supt, Entered as second class mottcr at the Post Office al- Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Aiidtt Bureau of Circulations *.. Subscription katas (payable'-in advan:'j) By carrier In Hope and nelghborina towns — Per week S .30 Per year Ii60 By mall In Hempstead, Nevada, LaFayettc, Howard and Miller Counties — One month $ ,85 Three months 1:85 Six months 3.5(1 One year, ••, r * ^^ All other mall — One month , 1,30 Three months 3.96 Six months ..,. 7.80 One year )5,60 Not'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies,. |nc., 1602 Sterlrk Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn ; 505 ""exos Bonk Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N Michigan Aye., Chicago 1, HI.; 60 E. 42nd St., Now York «7 N Y.; 17^1 Penobsror pldq., Dtlraf 2, MitJw * Terminal Bldg., Oklnnomo City 2, Okla. Member of The AriMclated Press: The, Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republicatlon of oil the local nevfc printed In this newspaoer, as well as all AP news dispatches, BUT - "w* HA]] i Wt , n A, P. Deloney, Mnp»irer Howard Collier, S«l»im»a Long Pi?tane* lent 592, free Fjittm»t«i, Bates, , s r , WU1 TRAHif III Col P8K8POTI 1 , go, ll-tf 108 Second Phone 7-?221 •J-tHo Service Burial Association QAKPRFST FXWBRAL BOMB PR Brothers Upuse ers. Insured - {yid f fep Writ? Barham Arkansas, > ?14.|r|9. WE Puy and sell furniture ' and ,brie>a,7bvae, BYER'S ANTJ QUJI! SliOP, PMfnbs , Sl)oypr Springs, Roa4, Phojie 74Q57.'' iuv PUS 'i'H -or other ' small triptor \vitl) gjsp andlurning plow. Write Knapp Shoe .for this area is Al'noW G r8 jn, Rt, 1, BOJ? 251, Camden, lows j§ th<? IPP ppp.psyn, produc- Hope Staj- royfe opg^ for boy? }g years and over, Apply §4 Jfop§ Star. Office, , AVON cosmetics )i«s openings for nialufo wqispn Tovfor & Jordan USED CARS — BODY — FOREIGN CARS 816,8, Ha?e! Phone' 74022 Oryllle Taylor * John Bill Jprdan WANTED TO BUY Pine Pnlpvvoo9 by Truck Load Cut In Wspds or otherwise, HAROLD HINDRIX Phone PR 7-4321 *> GRILL CAFE BREAKFAST H»me Sty!§ Hot MATTRI55IS . Pi}' 8«r¥l'«9 PAYIS Mettrf n Ct.

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