Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1958
Page 5
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, T9SS H9PI ST.AI, MOM,, AtK:AN8AS PRICES GOOD FRIDAY & SATURDAY MORTON SALAD Q*. 39c MIRACLE WHIP SALAD ESSING 49 C LAND - 0'LAKES LARGE EGGS 2 D « T. COCHRANS BEST 5 10 35c 65c PARLOR BROOMS Each 59c SUN VALLEY SOLID . ... Lb. 15c 1/4 LB. STICKS Lb. 18c FOLGERS COFFEE Lb. 75c GODCHAUX 10 - 99c Full Cream or White Goose FLOUR 25 ^ 1.69 50 ^ 3.38 MRS. TUCKERS SHORTENING 3 65c E DELICIOUS Lb. lOc Box 3.60 Cello Pkg. Lbs. TEXAS Bag LEAN — CENTER CUT or RIB Lb, CHUCK er ROUND BONE U, S;0,A, HIAVY BIIF Lb, BIB or 8BISKIT - . . . ' ITEWME&T 31 & I fell Jj/JjiljIJ. <ii. IB GRAPE A SLICED Lb, THREE FACES OF LOVE FAITH BALDWIN »» bj f6i»k tilfriff eefdrill. &i!tritbf«a tf fcfA knM, Itt. fHE fefdftV: H6ps and Adarh- mil in & gat-den, fell in love afid Were warned, §tlt tflef IS >ears, H8pe feels that tush! U a lack between Hefsfilf and her' huSbnna, Chapter IIJ £>sn having returned before Adam and Mope wohl on holiday, Adam went to see Marty. "We were Sorry you couldn't tnakc it last weekend." he said "I'll miss you. Marty." Me hadn't meant to say that and it Wasn't until he had Hint lie perceived it wns true, "I'll miss you." They'd been talking, over an hour, about nothing particular, hoi- personal. No matter what was said, it was restorative In talk with Mary Me told her, "Until lhi!» summer I hadn't known you Very well." "No." He said uneasily, driven tn candor. "You 'give me something, Marty, 1 don't know what, exactly. But I'm .grateful." That, was it. She gave as involuntarily as she breathed, This was something lie hadn't known before. ,Nfl, thaj wasn't it, precisely. ; He- had <knojviu it, but always complicated by other factors; with, for instance,, his fa ther, as part of their relationship; with a few men whom ho liked — the easy -give and easy take. Never with a woman.' He was grateful beyond expression and yet so grieved that it was not Hope. It was not Hope's fault, it was no ones fault; merely, in their communication Ihrs THEATRE Friday & Saturday One of the Greatest Action Dramas Ever-Filmed . . . Brought Back to thrill you again! John Wayne Lionel- Barrymore Lorraine' Day IN The High & The Mighty - IN COLOR - ON OUR GIANT SCREEN , . . SAENGER LAST NITE 6:30-8:46 Starts Friday Twin Action — FEATURES — THf BLAZING EPIC OF THE SHAPING QF THI NORTHWIST TMRITORYI v/i'^RtHH^ v v ^Mr#^|pU : ,iJiU'N , ;^VA':a$CCeMljyS^ ..'-l -':- had been lacking fttid he hnd tint l-pcnsnlzcrf it, toe'hoped slip ncvct- Would. "What's wrong?" nskod Mdi't.v. coining cldsel-. "Noihina:." he snid. nhd smiled. "1 rmisf go now. Marty. We'll ROP you wh«?n we* gel bnck." Me could not,Jock far down mi tier: without thinking, he put out his arms around her with tulle! Invo. IdfSed hor gently, find WHS instantly astonished nt n response he had neither anticipated Hor wished. "Mart}-?" lie asked, as response is response wherever you find it and the quiet filled With the voice of curiosity. She smiled niid stood away. "No, that wnsn'l for you, Adnrn, and you don't want it. You hnVe everything you wnnt." Me said, "Yes," She said, "I know exactly what I've given you—what 1 have, to give. And not to you alone. There is a need in you, Adnm." She looked at him wilh compDB- iion. loving yet impersonal. She said, "It wouldn't be difficult to use you for n need within myself which was never met. Or at least to try . , , But it isn't what you need or Wnnt.' 1 Adam returned to his wife . nnd found her packing, furiously throwing things about. She .was always clean and. fresh as a spring morning; she despised disorder, but wns not orderly. "What exactly are you doing?" he inquired from the doorway, and she went swiftly toward him; he held her and Jupiter shrugged his Titian shoulders and sought consolation in Mrs. Kiggs. "Darling," said Hope, "Idiot. I am packing." "With an egg beater?" "Somehow, it always resolves itself,' she -said complacently, and he slapped her small bottom and asked, "How about dinner? 1 need JO minutes. Make it 15." Mrs. Eiggs, in the, kitchen, was making clatterings. The dishwasher would soon revolve. Adam picked up his 'cup and sct ; it down. He said, "I. kissed - her goodby." "Naturally," said Hope. He had kissed many women in her presence; the bright and garrulous who cafnc and went in this house and to whose houses v they went. She had kiscd men, as he watched, turning her cheek or glancing her mouth over theirs. She did so because, as the stupidity goes, one does. He , said, not lightly, "I'm grateful to Marty, Hope.'Not only because she's sticking' as" a" silent pyrlner. She's easy to talk to —not that J'vc over talked much Tells of Payoff to Union Leader . WA§r!tft<3f Oft (A-Pt — Carl L. I Burrows, a \Viehltn, Kan.. InJiiJ- trialist. swore Iffday his firm mndc phytrffs tolaiinft $27,000 to Arthur Cromih. \i<):t prosfilpnl of the Sheet Mclnl Workers Union to solve some Iwbfir problems Burrows, manager of the Midwest Division of the dolemari Co., told the Senate Hackets tnvesfi- KalliiK Committee ?ii.ooo of tftd money lnlf>(- wns relumed Burrows' testimony opened public hearings in which the sfieclal investigating committee will explore alleged extortion and payoff schemes involving Sheet Mela! workers nhd a doien Midwest employers, mainly In the Chicago area. Cronln under subpoena, is to be called to the witness slnnd Inlpr. Burrows testified that the payments to Cronln started in 1052 In an effort "to eorretl our problem" with the union. Me said he per* sonnily hniided over the first $2,000 to Cronln nt n rendezvous on a Chicago street. The Colemttn Co., manufartur* ing such things PS air*cotuflllonln3 equipment, hod run Into trouble jwlth Cronln's union, ho .faid, because Its employes belonged lo nn Independent, union, the Nntionitl Appliance' Workers. to hot 1 nbout anything important; But she has a quiet about her." Hope nodded. She thought, Which I haven't, for him. She' could not express how or why she knew.. She smiled and he said, "Now you're being provocative." She hadn't meant to be, but knew in her blind wisdom thai provocation was niwnys there. Not with Marly. With Marty, Adam could talk without -provocation, "You cnn Inlk.lo Marly-; Marly., can talk to you. I can talk to. Marty;, 'Marty can talk to me. But I can't talk to you, Susie." •She felt the tears constricting her throat. She spoke above them and they did not rise ns far as her questioning eyes. She had never yscd -tlilsv .weapon' against Adam. She rarely cried, except from happiness or sometimes after love, and that was never in sorrow no matter wha'l the ancient Romans did. When the baby- hadnM been born, she had wept for weakness and bo- cause she feared that Adam would mind, and when her mother died, she had cried,, because she loved her so, because of death itsell. Now and then she- cried, with storm, irom anger, "But you do," she said, "you con, you cnn" "Not without—" It was hard to say, for there weren't any words. He tried again. "Not without being conscious of you," he said finally, "I don't expect you to understand that. And it isn't what it sounds like on the surface/' She said humbly, "I'll try to'un- derstand.'.' ' (To Be Continued) -^ FRUIT OF THE LOOM 36" WIDE Assorted Patterns 3 yds. 1; CHRISTMAS of 25 Reg. 1.29 77 LIMITEB'SUPPUY LADIES * Quijted Nylon • Cotton » Wash & Wear t Si?e 12-40 Prices Good Friday and Saturday qfr Barry's Gra, and .Barry's jQuijgk Sak COUNTRY STYLE FRSH SALE BACK BONES SPARE RIBS WHOLE HOG SAUSAGE Lb ROAST TRAY PACK BACON Good & ^ u 4?c CHUCK ROAST Baby Bee, Lb 49C SIRLOIN STEAK u 69c STEW MEAT 3-'^ 1.00 BISCUITS 3 Cans RATH PURE LARD 8 Bucket I • DEL MONTE IN HEAVY SYRUP 3 No. 21 -Cans , .?£. 6 OXYDOL DEL MONTE COUNTRY GENTLEMEN WHITE CORN CREME STYLE 3 303 Cans FOLGERS or MAXWELLHOUSE COFFEE Lb. SUN VALLEY OLEO Lb. ISc BARRY'S HAS A LARGE SUPPLY OF FRUIT CAKE INGREDIENTS BAKER'S ANGEL FLAKE 2 Cans GIANT SIZE PAPER TOWELS JACK50NS VANILLA WAFERS FRUIT CAKE RECIPE ON PACK QF EACH BAG' ^j^,' All Flqygrs —- Raspberry, Grgpe, Cherry, Apricot, Blueberry, Pineqpple, P,eaeh CRYSTAL PRESERVES 1^,20,^ 5 For l.i FARM FRESH PRODUCE • §hi/i§ 14 , 17 t • Reg. §-?§

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