Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1958
Page 4
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Pettr HOP! STAR, MOPE, , Deesmfcgr 4, 19S8 Porkers Lose Opening Game to Missouri By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS F i v e S«tuthwr*' (""onfcrrnoe boskt-t Hall !<,im-- :u • iiiiurlc'.-itc I. with nil i-.iht h.-'vni! • ' i rip in'o lIlO S 1 ; Mill.I'll! c Ml I Ih'ivp 'S lik«ly l.i fall tniiir'H Bnylnr \\ ic.c-h ii IM.I c .1 How a> .1 Payne Tfi-O'i HI its di i. ii .-!,nt< .1 soulhern linn pl.iMiiK Ci-oi u-.-i Teen Ml Atlnnla ^.i' i.lc\ niyhl (he Bears will nit \ t< MM .1! Auburn. Ala. Texas Teen won it "em d untn, of the vei y ymiicR i . -m. 1. ' nl|!ht. whippinfj Oklnhcviii ":i-(>-l m l Arkansas' uprncM- dirln ( r^inr mil so well. Tlie ll.i/.-.i kn'ks \. . nosed by Missuun 7i-7l in m overtime gnnse Tech. Tex'is A&M n.nlm "I . ns Chrisdnn rrmmfi un'ic 'lc n n Hie cnnfereiiee Seven of .In ii-.m i, i m .H u. n Saturday ni"ht In c- n tin m'. i seeticinnl Ira 11. In addition to ll-e R.ivlnr Aul'iii'i tussle, Sdiilhern Mr-tin.I| ; M - (i i| !,<• ploying Iowa al Dal!,is Texnv Christhn will be busling Oklahoma City University. v\hu-h hi at SMI' Tuesday nighl; Uice will i>l...\ U'i: cousin nt Houston and . Arkansas will got Oklahoma al Fayt-iti-villr Texns A&M ennauL-s Hiiustuii ,,t Station jirirl Texas plays Fvlnily at Austin in other games, i.ifvnlrl Myers lr : d Tf--<a? Tech lo tls vielniy over Oklahoma .is the pt-ppeiy gu.ird rnllt'fl in 14 points ii) a spfnnr'-hnlf °iH'Be He got 20 ! points for the nlfjhl The Red Raid• ers were dearth- fi c m the field, hitliny on 41 per cent (if their , H'fiAvs nf>cl they ,-il«o out-iebinrnd- I i-il Ilie Si>i»ii'f.s ;")•) lo 44. The scoring tmrt rebounding of Charley Hanke cariied Missouri tu Vi<-toiy river A rknn«»!-.. Malike. \vhr) had IK poinls fur the evening, nunmed in six of tlu-m in the over tune to turnish the necessary mnr- gin lie also plucked 2(1 reboumh. 11 alike, a 0-7 lad from Mall a Hend, Mn . shared secirin^ honors willi tenmrnole Al Al.rfim. Clyde Hhoflcn nnd P.it Foster eieli ecilleeled 'in poii.ls for the Rf.,..rb»cks. Missniiri had a 38-.10 halftime Losf Youths Found Safe at El Dor-ado r:l. DORADO, Ark. (API— Three teen nger! boys who 0ot lost on a duck hunt were found unharmed in t'ic Ouachita Hlver bottoms yes- terr'a v Carroll MeOnrily Jr., 16, son 'if Mi and Mrs. Carroll Me- Ccinity Sr.; Charles King. 18, son "f Mi. and Mrs. .Tunics King and lioiiilie Diiiili-ls. 14, son of Mr. and Mis Kuthei Daniels, were reporter! missiiiK yesterday. 'J'hey left on the hunt about noon Sunday. A search party led by Deputy Sheriff Reed l''lke said the boys Owners Firm Against the Players §> JOE BtlCHLfeft PHSSS Sports WHlir Basketball WASHINGTON (AP> — Baseball magnates (t)dtiy formed art angry united front against the major league plnyors' bid fur n cut of thp owners' income and minor leaguers' dcmnnds for n pension plan. The big league players, already bulwarked by u pension plan sup' ported by World Scries radio nhd television money, jolted their employers Tuesday with ."> salary proposal calling for 20 per cent of onch dub's p.ross revenue. At the snme linu', Inietnntionnl League executives were sliockcd by the threat "f a strike by their players after the officinls' refusal to buckle to an ultimatum by the athletes' lawyer "You will accept the pension 1'ilnli or you will not hove Inler- nalional League baseball," Ally. James Duranle \\-tis reported as saying. "The Inlernntioniil League directors are fully sympalliotie to the players' request." said Prank were wet and cold bill otherwise unharmed. They had killed two squirrels and cooked them for food. They told officers they bo- came lost when darkness overlook them Sunday night. C6ll«g« By tH§ ASSOGlAtEB .._ Dmimo'.ilh B2. Vermont 64 Army 77. Sit-nr 57 r Columbia 04. CCNY !)6 Colgate ti.T Rcnsseifier 49 Manhiitt:Mi 80. son Gl i Lafayette 65. Rider 43 l Canisius 95. Buffalo (NY) State i an ; fr-nn 03. Rutgers 55 Cornell 02. Buffalo V2 Brown 07. Tufts 41 Pitt 7.1. Ohio Slate 70 Lehigh 70, Tern pit- 06 Yale fin. Sprineliolrl 54 Connecticut 7fi. American Intl f>3 Princeton B8. Hofstra 53 St. Josephs (Pin 7fl. West Che*. iter 04 Seton Hall 75. Bnll Loyola 40 N. C. State 55. Maryland 53 Georgia 60. Florida G3 North Carolina 83. Clohisoh 07 William-Mary 03, Wash-Lee 60 12 overtimes) South Carolina 71, Wofford 54 Richmond 04, Randolph Macon 58 Miami <Fla> 104, Rollins 87 Alabama f>7. SpringHill 47 Phillips Oilers 70, Tho Citadel 48 Missouri 74, Arkansas 71 (overtime) Texas Tech 73. Oklahoma G4 Bradley 80. New Mexico A&M ^4 St. Louis 75, South Dakota Stale Hope Star Classified Ads ASS MUST II IN OFFICE DAY BEFORE PUBLICATION — PHONE 7=3431 FOR AD TAKER &^JL^&&[ FOLGERS or MAXWELL HOUSE FLOUR WHITE GOOSE FLOUR 5 Lbs 10 Lbs. 25 Lbs. 79c 1.69 A-1 and NORTHERN TISSUE 4 «°»< 29c Blackburn Sorgum Flavor, Waffle SYRUP Reg. 12 Or. Bottle MILK 3 i 44c CLOVER LEAF DRY 1 Lb. Box Mokes 5 Quarts Lh.wr.tiY utMi MILK CHOCOLATE COVERED 29c CHERRIES - 49c DEL MONTE FROZEN FOOD FROSTY ACRES ORANGE JUKE - 25c 57c BREADED FANTAIL Ready to Cook Lb, PRODUCE DEPT, PASCAU CARROTS 3 L9f 9 e ''OSlP' Pkg,, AJ\* FRESH & GREiN>, C Oranges and Grapefruit Bog RIP MEAT Pf,PT, HQM - MAID BISCUITS ANP LEAN FRESH DRES5ED GRAPE A >vm TAUKgWLfSr^ Wl FJB|P TWI M Schedule of SdlUnBf Pfifldds, ! as printed below, h&S beeti tfikfea i frorn John Alden ttnlght'S Sdltlhaf 1 Tables. Plan your days so that you will be fishing ih good teftltorjr , or hunting In good cover during these times, if you W«sh to (Ifid the ' best sport that each day has to i offer. i The Major Periods are shown ifl boldface type. These begin at the limes shown and last for an hbut and a half or two hours there-' after, The Minor Periods, showtl tn regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration. A. M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Thursday 11:45 5:30 -— 0:56 Friday 12:0n 6:25 12:40 6:50 Saturday 1:05 7:20 1:35 '/:4S Sunday 2:00 8:15 2:30 8:40 04 Notre Dame 87. Bellarmino ,Vi Diiylon 54. Cent-al Sttite (Ohio) SO Arizona 71, New Mexico Wesl- ern 01 New Mexico 7(5, Arizona Stale College 6M Houston 95, San Houston Stnte 03 California 00, San Jose Stnte SG Brighnm Young 77, Portland 72 Air Force 79, Westminister (Uf;ih) ^17 Will Support Move to Cut Filibuster By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Everett 'Dirksen (R-I1D nnnouncsd today he will support efforts to modify the Senate's filibuster rule. The rule now requires the votes of 64 senators to shut off debate, and the number rises to 60 when Alaska's two senators are seated. Some senators are demanding a rules change to make it easier to end filibusters. Dirksen, who is in lino to become the Senate's new Republican leader, said in an interview that he has changed his mind since he voted in 1957 against opening the Senate's rules to changes. He now hns come lo the eon- elusion, Dirksen said, that Vice- President Nixon had "logic on his side" in holding informally HUM that now rules can be adopted by majority vole at the beginning of each Congress. His change of position lent added weight to a drive by Senate liberals to alter the filibuster provision. Three of these, Senators Paul H, Douglas (D-lll), Clifford T>. Case (R-NJ) and, Jacob K. Javits (RNY), told a news conference Tuesday they are not goinq io make any deals in their fight to curb debate by a majority vote. They have contended that if Iho present rule is poimilled to stand, ii will be impossible to pass ndili tional civil rights legislation. Sen. A. Willis Robertson (D-Va'i has said that Southern swmtors wou,ld consider a compromise by which l\vu thirds of those voting —-instead of the present two thirds of nil the senators — could close dob,!\to, so long as it was established that the SonalQ cayries over its rules from one Congress to another. Senate 'Democratic Leader Lyn- m B, Johnson of Texas has pro* posed such fi compromise b'jt iiigjas, Gasp and Jovits snid ii would not be acceptable? to thorn- On the other side, 'Sen, Strom Thurmond ID-SC) forecast lf a long, strenuous, vigorous and-sacrificial fight" againsl any change in the present rule-, The Negro Community Esther Hicks Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Thought for the day We think very few people sensible, except those who nre of our opinion — Rochefoucauld Calendar of Events The 80 Voice Congress Chorus, mider the direction of Mrs. Dodie Colbert, will appear at the New Light CME Church in Nashville, Sunday, Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. The public is invited. The Yerger Band M'othcr's Club will sponsor a social after the Christmas Parade Thursday, Dec, 4, in Harris Gym. The public, is invited. The Anna P. Strong Club will hold its' regular meeting in the home of Mrs. David Phillips, Friday, Dec. 5 at 7:30 p.m. All members nre asked to be present. iuiinesi Opportunities LIFETIME BUSINiS! for the mart genuinely interested in Working and making fnohey, Company expansion makes county distributorship available in Arkansas counties on vitally needed chemical product for farmers. Man in adjacent territory financially nble to hnndle small slock of merchrthdise to fill orders netted $1000 per month for the past ten years. Territory manager will interview in strictest confidence in order received. Write Box B. c'o Hope Star, Hope, Ark. 3-3tc Services Offered LET Ui renovnt* your old mat- tren. We ipecUliz* in preuuri- t«d lanersprlng, COBB MATTRESS SHOP 712 Wc*t 4th, Phone 7-302) Ml RALPH Montgomery Market, custom slaughtering. We have meat tor your deep freeze. See \it before buying. 17. tf Par Salt ALUMINUM screens, ddrjfSi stofrn Windows, Weather » stHjSbJttf, in* sulation", roofitig, awniHgg, gUt» tering, ornamental railing, free estifnates. Andy AfidreWfi, Phofte 9-tf 1950 StlTDfefeAKER pickup, dattld bed. heater, clean and Itt good condifion. Photie f-2204 Of ?4fJll, COLDSPOT Refrigerator, like HeW, also good used gas rahge arid small dinette suite. Will sell refi» sonable. Call Dohal Parker, 7» 3431. l74f 3 SMALL tracts of land hear town suitable for chicken farms, 80 acres Umber land two miles out of Foreman, Ark. See Ralph SnuiKlcrs or Phone 7-4001, 19-tf LOVETjY Ceramic gifts, priced reasonable. Proceeds for Kitchen Fund, Altar Society. Old Stewart's Jewelry Store. 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. 29-Gtp 174 ACRES, good house two miles south Shover Springs. W, B. Bearden. PR 7-3052. 1-Gtp SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd. L. -E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695. 5-14-tf POWER Saw available for removal of trees, stumps and etc. For free estimate call 7-4052. * - 26-1 mo. c GIVE her a gift certificate for Christmas from Diane's Beauty Salon. Phone 7-3118. 2-tf PIANOS timed, repaired and rebuilt. Guaranteed. Write H. Woosley, Prescott or Phone Bodcaw TW 9-2385. 4-Gtp I AM taking orders for cakes for Christmas. Also have limited amount of 2 Ib. fruit cakes. Mrs. Milton Eason. 7-4622. 4-tf '51 OLDS four door. A-l Condition. New tires, radio and heater, $495 Will arrange financing. Call 72487. 2-tf GOOD Johnson grass hay deliver ed to. your barn. 50c per bale anything over 5 bales. Call 7 2261 days 01' 7-2257 nights. 2-12tp ONE Beagle dog and three pups. Contact Norman Moore. 2-3tc ONE 9 room house and bath. Corner lot. 150 foot front, 200 feet deep. Plenty of shades. Foui (bearing pecans and 3 or 4 young trees. Garden space. Good quiel zone with excellent neighbors. See J. R. Anderson or call PR 7-6690. 3-Gtp Lost WHITE and black spotted female terrier. Reward. Phone 7-4910. 28-tf The Altar Guild of BeBee. Me- imorial CME Church will hold a special meeting in the home; of. Mrs. Belle Langston Sunday, Bcq. 7, at 4:30 p.m. All members are urged,to be present. Plans for the annual Christmas parly will bej completed. Cheese Off of Surplus List BQCl? (API— Cheose will be tn^^n off the surplus com- mndity food list beginning- ji\n, l State ^Vclfsre BJreeSpr G'arJ Adorns has annpuneed. This and pthov phQiiges in the surplus food program svill be ^x- , president of Hie Rochester club, who reported 'Duj-^nt^'s w«rds. Hovton added • ilie directors j'.'rould find no way,' within-the [to rajse tjie m.oi;e thaji 51 quav'f' of fi million dojlpry to undenyrilp a petxsion ipjun-" (ft^i inform.^ the Jntar> t-eflgj.ip ihe, pley^vs ^art resolvp4 tof>( \o sign 1^8 ppiitr^etg nor IQ j-fppj'i. |p ipj-ifli will H\o 'ppnsipi)' pjgn was ' ', 4s .wljiiud by There will be a Coronation Bnll at Simmons High School,-Qkolona, featuring Club, Ebony. On stage will be the Elmingons, t'.io Lovers and the fabulous Dots. Music for the occasion will be furnished by the Johnny Williams Quartet, Time 8 p.m. Thursday (.tonight) Admission for students, 50c Eidults 75c. Prosperity Lodge No. 301 will meet 'it Powell, Ark. Friday, Dec. 5 at 7:30 p.m. All Master Masons are invited to attend. Ben Alt'ord, Worshipful Master. News Brtefs PANAMA (AP)—A bill to ox- tend Panama's territorial waters to 12 miles offshore has been in- (rodueed in the National Assam blv with wide support. The measure also would extend Pannmaninn sovereignly to the air space over nine-mile strips of Carribean and Pacific water. Extension of Panamanian sov orpignty would create corridors hemming in acenss to the connl. although tho bill guarantes the right of innocent passage to for eign ships using the canal. •LONDON ; (ApT— For 33 yarn's Mrs. Fanny MavUn Vmd H snot- loss bqc-Ksofit driving v ec Pfd. Until M'onday. Then husband Maurice, 55, a grocer, was fined a pound ($2,80) for ignoring a policommi's signal to stop. "It's all Fannys fault," he. to]d the judge. ' "As soon as wo' start to move, she's off, 'Watch pujt, , , Bp careful. . . Mind }hpt cyclist, , S)o\v down ' " It was the Bagging, he snjd, tl\at caused'him to*m.is§ the signal, BULOVA Miss America wrist watch on North Hazel, Wesl Ave. D or North Washington. Call Gertie Woods, 7-2791. 3-3tc SMALL black-and white female Seller. Weight 40 Ibs. Russell Evans, 2520 Hazel St., Texarkana, Tex. on collar. Notify Her- bert'Arnold. PR 7-3188. 4-3tp HOME grown papershell pecans. 37c Ib. 10 Ibs. $3.30. Monts Seed Store. We Give Gold Bond Stamps. 4-9tc EQUITY in 1958 four door Mer- eury. Practically new. Excellent condition. Good chance for some one to own Big M for small down payment. Already financed. Ph. .7-4047. 4-Gtp For Rent For Sole or Trade ONE. 2.4 ft, .Aluminum House Trailer. New tires, electric brakes, directional lights. Electric hot- water tank, Refrigerator, Butane cook stove, Sloops four. Call 72261, uCan be seen at City Furniture Co,, Hope, Ark. 2-3tp USED furniture, of all kinds. Bed room sets, stoves, living room sets, appliances, odd chairs and etc, City Furniture Co, 7-2261. 2-12tp For Rent or Safe 3 BE'DROQM home. 416 S. Grady, Contact or call Mrs. W, I. Stroud, YUkon 3-2362 Washington. 14-1-mo e Real Estate for Sole and Novth Vjet demanded 'today that the , United SJales pull its troqps out of Squlh Japan 5»nS MIO Fovpiosi} nnd "stop interference in South Viet TSnm."- - < , They charged in a, joint ccfnn unifme ti^t Anwican wa? blopH? S peaceful y.njiica,tion qf boll> yiet - SUVA, Fiji Shelter today n§ i|ip flvst pane to hit Fiji sinrj? .^953, d«- glroyed houses a,ncj Alwwl New three bedroom home, car port, 100 foot frontage, attic t'nn, floor furnace, Venetian blinds, near school. Owner said: "Sell ft!" For sale or rent, two bedrooms, den, double earuort, bath and half, pood neighborhood, vacant, 351'J Pocmi, ^/ Five rooni home, lot and half, on pnvement at 2)0 North Ferguson, glean, comfortable, immediate posr session, $3,000. Mpdern six room homo in lont condition, buiJi-in garage, Curnppe, fenced backyard, .of storage, 4)2 East 14th, fo have,pt)ior Seleqtlons , 'In Good Popaljons; Lofins 7'23214 -file Real Estptg, }08 ,Bas| InsujWiee,' on Unitofl Co,- ,planifltjoos/jn eastprn Cwbo down to n ojrto-day ->vj»l n r 'today bepniisp .of reb.ol jp, lpffp»;pnoe w|th the pipejiii?, ' 'A SSOipUny s,p,ok.esman §ajd it ould l^e nepossary' to oyacunte ihe liiniilos 'if v rebels whq 'put th.e pjpejiijp cantiijup to prevent its repair- , LOCAL 'trailers. Byers Gulf Service. Call Day or Night. 7-9955. 8-lmoc NICELY Furnished .4 room apartment. Adults only. No drinking. 801 East 3rd. 3-tf UPSTAIRS apartment. 3 large rooms and private bath, 203 High Street, 15-tf UNFURNISHED four rooms and bath duplex apartment. 1002 S. Elm, 7-2253. ' 2-3lp 5 ROOM house. 301 N. Ferguson St. Call 7-3578, - 3-Gto 3 ROOM unfurnished apartment. Private front and back entrance, Screened in back porch, Adults only. 7-3G13. 2-3tp 5 ROOM house on Margaret Street. One on Mockingbird Lane, Vacant now. T, N. Below, 7-4308, FURNISHED apartment. Call 73791. Midcllebrooks Grocery. 4-3tp Notice Buy -We S«U ' RWAIi ESTATE T) •pRAWKUN A, P. Peloney, Collier, 9a]eiO)tn Wrf Long Distance C|1J 592. Free Rgtimntei, Low*r Rates." Vsn» -T WH1 Travt) 5TPRA.QS CO, B.ARJJAM Brothers Rouse , ers, insured and' free Wrjte R Arkansas, p puy and sell Antique Furniture and byicna-bra?. BYERS ANTJ» QU'H SHOP, - Pathos , Sh,qyer Spring? Roa4, phone 7-2057, • Knapp Shoe Representa.tiye lor t,his' area is AwW Rt, \, Bo^ 25], Qamden, Funeral Directors 1 GENEVA CAP) r- ,s.ovjet bloe ?.i!id. taday of West IjCAL MOVING. All WANT AD RATES Wdhf Ads are poyotVri In crS but *ids will be dccepled the telephone and 3r.:bmodo- dccounfs allowed with ths uri^ dndirto We* acrount is payoMfl stotertieht is rendered. . 5f Wofds Up. t6 15 16 t6 50 ts 53 <o 30 31 to 35 36 to 40 41 to 45 46 td 50 One .60. .75 90 1 05 1.20 1.35 1.50 throe Days 90 1.20 1.50 1.PO 210 2 <10 770 300 Six Days 1.50 5.00 2.50 3.00 3 50 4.00 4 50 5.00 One Month 4.50 6.00 750 s*oo ibfeo 12.00 13 50 1500 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ) tlfne 3 firiieS 6 times 80c per inch 65c per Inrh 55e per inch Rates quoled above are for consecutive Insertions. Irregular or skip date ads will take the one-day fate. All daily clos'-ifiod ortvprtlflhg copy will be accepted until 5 p.m. ,|y publication the Following day. '.' The publishel 1 reserves the right Ip revise of edit all advcstispments of fefed for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising sub- milted. Initials of one of more letters, groups of figures, such as hou50 of telephone numbers count as fine worr). the Hope Star will not be responsible for errors in Want Ads unless errors are called to our attention after FIRST Insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-34$ Hope Star Star of Hope 1899) Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex, H. Washburn, Seey-Trcs. v ot The Stor Building ~tf 712-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor & Publisher P«ul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. Georac W. Hosmer, Mcch. Supt. Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit .Bureau of Circulations Subscription hates (payable In advan:cj) ' By carrier In Hope ond neighboring towns — Per week S .30 Per, year IS SO By' moil in Hempstead, Nevodn, LaFayette, Howard and Miller Counties — Ono .month $ ,85 Three months 1.85 ,Slx,. months 3.50 One year v*'^?i All .other mod — ** One month '. , , 1.30 Three months 3,90 Six months 7.80 One year 15.60 Nat'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1607. Slerirfc Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 ^oxos Bank Bldg,, Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N, Michlnan Ave.,'Chicago 1, III.; 60 F.; 42nd "St., Now York '7. N. Y; 1763' Penobscor Bldn, Detcoit 2, MiclvK Terminal Bicfg., Oklahoma City CR| Okla. Member of The Awscloterf Press; The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republiration of all the local news printed In this newspaper as well as all AP news dispntchos, Tqvlor & USED CARS — BODY SHOP ~ FOREIGN CARS — W ,210 9. Hazel Phone 7-402? ,Orvl|le Tavlor » John Bill Jordan WANTED TO BUY Pine Pulpwoop by Truck Loud "Cut In Wepds op otherwise, HAROUP HINURIX '' Phone PR 7-4321 „ l-pyjsianai Hope GRIUCAFE — 35c PRIAKFAST Op|n 3 Ai 50s, g, Hst Bisswit?, M^s § P, M, WATTRI5SSS Qn» Bsy ^"»l*»» r i,l Mim§ii fit.' Fl.ir?wsl Hgms and Byrlgl ' '

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