Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1958
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Thimtfsft December 4» Mixed Feelings on Proposed Tax Increases UTTI. 1C tiOf'K i.M'i. .. A'- JjnvnuiluMK view wilh mixed fed- itiRs n .Male Tligliwfiy c!ottifttis'Sloti jw/iipM for almost right million dollnrs mnfp in highwny revenues rtnmiiilly. The additional mnhry hinges. on In* inevtnsos — n potential sore kpnl in (lie IDW Orftrfnl Assf-mbV. Tin- commisison rcvcnled its Jiro- 2nd & Main Sts. Open Every Day 'Ctpt Sunday TIL XMAS SEE OUR TOYS Plenty of 99c Handbags 2.99 Sissy Blouses Girls Sizes 7 to 14 Sissy Blouse 2.49 yesterday r\s (hr Arlifimsn Legislative Council hrnrrl a b.ich- Mjt nf bildpct rpfiiirstfi. It apparently cnught •iCgVslattJt-S by surprise. Some snltl the.V Wditld fiot eommcnl tihtil llu-y exnminesd Hie proposnl closer 6iher.< said iitihiPtlinlrly Die}' UTIT onpospd. Hit-mi t'\ Wn'Hifi> of N ishViJlc. ehiili-rhnh of the iiifiluvny pnmmis- sloti, sold $7.700.000 a yonr is neetl- t'd to lake ridvanlnije of federal mulching fimds. To rhlse the rnohey, Wnllnce siiKgoslc-d tin- Legislature: 1. tncrense llu- slnlo gasoline tnx from G.3 cents to 7 cunts. 2. Increase the rejJiMrntlon fees of nil pnxsonge!' vehicles. 3. Charge more for license fees on various classes of (rucks. 4. ttevlse n Natural Resources ro.gislrntion by limiting the cu ( .« rnlp lakes to lighter vehicles. fi. TClilniru'le Hie existing border jtax ra!e expinpllon nn motor fuels. I G. Abolish the existing overweight tolerance of t.OOO pound? nnd set Vip Iiitjli ponnllies nnd strict 1 enforcement. I 7. Increase by 1 con( n gallon Hie lax on diescl fuels. I Chancts .for priBSnse of such pro- i posals was viewed as slim by Rciv Cnfrol' Hollensworth of BrudH'y CoUnly 'aiid Sfift. Jvck Shclton nf Monticellp. _ „ , • ''1 personally couldn't vote for nny la.v: increase- (wo sessions in ! ,'j row," Sheltoh Said, .referring to <thc additional levies passed by the 119,17 Legislature. ' Wallace revealed his proposal in a Idler to Rep. Marcus J. How ell of Phillips County, chairman oT the Legislative C o u n c i 1' .* committee on revenue a'ld tnxn- lion. The letter included other more minor tax changes, The council itself did not 'consider the matter. It did hear the state. Highway Department's budget ro quest, but took no action on it. The hlghsyay agency said it e:<- INV«/ I IV^C. is hereby given that Family Automobile Policies: F17-15478 to F17-15484 inclusive, F17-15487 to F17-15491 inclusive and F17-15493 to F17-15500 inclusive and Fire Policy 61-79752-of Southern Fire & Casualty Company, Knoxville, Tennessee have been marked void on the records-of-the Company and there is no liability by or on the part of'the Company growing out of such policies and that issuance of said policies may be illegal and void. If any cf fhese policies are found, please notify SOUTHERN FIRE & CASUALTY COMPANY P. 0.,Box 1966 Knoxville, Tennessee peels in build at least 500 m<lr><: of highways between'July I. I9a8j nnd June 30. isftl. •*i'hal figure wa* contained in n revifcd budget submitted »t the council's request Council riemb- , ers bcghh hearing the buciKet Del '31 but asked the dcpnrt'iifiii I" include more infnrttintion <>n how Ihe money would be spem. The budget esills for S,l:VW;r..979 in niSD-oii and snn.ost.ooo in ilmn-fii. i Council members ypont ypsi dny cntehitiK up on budget t-n eummendalions thai sui'-ked up during the six weeks of hbdrmtjs The coiiiieil voted to ret'.-imrnend a (itb analy?! br h'irftd to dtlejmii.e whiflhcr there aff Jnb dupticaiion^ and salary inequities in the stale government "Concern has been expressed sev- jeral times during the series jf 'hearings at apparent discrepances in jobs and salaries. ' The Opneral Assembly will be asked to add the rnalysl ;t, tho count'irs staff at a salary ..f ^3,00(1 a year. i Jn other action, thr cotinc.l: | 1. Approved $59-1800 a yenr for | the Weights and Standards Divi, Hon of the State Police. The division asked for $780.265. 2. Approved pay raises for stitte Forestry Commission employes in 0 budget of $1 (595,000 fu UI5U-GO Intid 41.fi-14.090 for 1000-01. 3. Approved $128.600 a year for the Legislative Audit siaff, the same as the current apnropii!iUo,i 4. Approved $55,350 a vonr for the Social Security and Rolircment Division. The division's cunvnt budael is $-1-1,025. 5. Approved $81,200 n year for .ts own operation. G. Approved $191,900 a year for the-Administrative 1 and Budget Divi- slhn of .the state Comptroller's office, incKidlnur annual s.-Unry raises for Gomtroller Kelly Cornctt, from. ..fO.500 to'$9,6.110. nn-.l budget Director, Julian Regan, from $8,200. to $8,500. Those funds were approver! as sub mil tod: County Aid, 810,359,221.05 n year; Municipal Aid, $7,011.000 a ypai-: debt service on highway bonds refunded in 1941, $7,1IM.B55 a year; debt service on highway bonds issued in 1949-51, S-l.aO'i B8-I.T) in IMP-GO •find $l,5.0;5,2H.j.2!i in I'W-Gl; invesstrnuit ol .-it.ilo funds, SA),000, 000.for the bipnnium; Employment Securlly Division building $100,000 i'oor maintenance and debt service, and Industrial Development Commission revolving fund, $175,000 a year, Thanksgiving Deafk Tot) 454 CHICAGO 'AP) — . holiday traffic ciairrtfcd 4S4 lives between f p.m. (local litra-A '{ Wednesday and midnight Sunday, The figure, though irJ-ipfessive. was about par tor any 102-hoiir peiiod when figured against 38,500 traffic fatalities in the ttafioh last year. The Associated Press count showed 626 dead from all types of Rev. M, C, Garrlsbft SPEAKING nightly at »he Church of Nazdrene will be .(lie Rev. M, Claude Gnrfieoh, Hot Springs, who will conduct a t;e vlval from bee. 6 through bee. 7. Grade School Fire Hazard, L. R. Is Told LfTTLE ROCK (AP)—A. Little Rock fire inspector juid > today he had advised city officials that a public elementary school hcv'n-whs extremely dangerous from the standpoint of a fire himml. Inspector V. C. Throckmorto'i said pupils should be moved, to other qualifiers at onco. He would not identify die school. Throckmort.on added that on the whole, conditions at Little 'Rock wore none too good. Only three of 40 school builrlines in the city hove proper safeguards, he said. Meanwhile the state fire marshal said that on a statewide basis, Arkansas schools were "in pretty good shape." ~" State Police Set. Bill Strubbing, the marshal, said only two schools •had been condemned as fire hazards in the past three years. One of these was a RradD school at Newark which later was replaced by n modern structure, he said. Details on- the other schools were not nv-ulablc immediately but SUmbbins said corrective ac- tion was taken. Throckmorlon said he also had warned a p r : v a I c olel'iiehlat'y school here that a fire hiiMl'd eS* isled. Me \vouid not identify this school, either. The Inspector said the three Little Rock schools which had proper safeguards were G-ibbs, Cehtetifttal and C a p i f o 1 Mill Elementary Schools, He said Oibbs has a sprinkler system, which he believes to be the only one In an Arkansas school. Centennial and Caplto) Milt have fire detection alarm systems, No such devices exist lit other city schools, the inspector said, Throckfnorto'.i said he did not blame school officials for the situ» ation, but added that steips should be taken at once to correct it, Presumably any action on public schools would hnve to await elec« tion of s new school hoard Satltr* day. Suggests Hays as Democratic Vice-president (At 3 ) - The edi' tor of a Baptist Church publication suggested today that the Democratic Party seriously corU sidet 1 ftep, Brooks Mays cDiArkl for its i960 vice presidential hoiii- Jriatidfi, fbe §ev. »tamos O. buncari di'ew a parallel betweeh Mays, whose moderate views tin Segregation contributed to hts defeat by a wrlto'»lH candidate last rnonth. and Abrahaiti Lincoln. IpUheah Holed that Lincoln lost a U. S. Seftate tace to Stephen Douglas ih 1&58. just 100 yoat-s ago, "because he dared to stand on pHttclple. i-athet- lhah on what was popular." Two years later Lincoln was elected president. Duncan said, and nddedi "Since It is very unlikely that a Southerner would be considered as a presidential candidate, Would it not be Wise to hova the ne.Mt highest office filled by a man who arid taVes the South—-a rriSfi WtirB flfidefStafidS th*j ^fdb' trial e.<tist there—5'ei one wHfi fco'liiplete devotion uricl to the whole nation?" Asked for oornrh'enl. Hays replied; ; } arii Hot a Candidate Jpr vice president or atty other office." As he has fae'fore i he Said that he has ho political •vrnbihbhl aftci plains to devote his current erief* gies to his work as presSdcnt \oF the Southern Baptist Convention.' Mays said that although he appreciates the churelutiari's sewi- iiients political thoughts Would disrupt his cttfrenl activities. May? a Mouse member foi* 16 years, lost his seat last month to Oi. Dan* Alford, an ardc-nt segrti' g<itiott!3t merhbef of the Little Rock School Board. Duncan wrote in the current is- accidents during the four-day Weekend, with 54 of these fire Victims, The period closed before the disastrous parochial • school fire in Chicago Monday. Ex-Arkansas AHy, General Dies •^OMf:/SWItH, Ark. (AP) '— Cleveland Holland, vi for 10 yfta-rs feti assistant Arkansas att irn^y gefiErai, died'Here last night ntu-r a fefief illtless. Holland was ofi the r.-t»vi?y geHerai's stnft trotti 1H4T to .I$J3. j!e also was city attorney at Green wood and Sebastian County jii'tge. - StiJ-VivOI-S iiicliide his vidov r £i daughter, Mrs. Ann Louise 'TW ttiaS of Jiotislon, tex.:_n sou. .T.t'in ttofland. a brother, Chester tfoi- laHd* arid his slefrrnolhor. Mis- .Toh'9 W. JtoJlfUid, rtll of Fnrt SiriiV:h SUe of the Capitol Baptist, Weekly official organ of the tJistrlM nl Columbia Baptist Convention. He Is pastor of a church in JiDHEfoy MillahditlL', Md. . Crescent Drug Store •EX for FAST TEMPORARY RELIEF TO EASE MINOR ARTHRITIS, RHEUMATIC PAIN Cur HiitoMtrt t«ll (it rtalMrtfl txtelt tafe, d«- p.hdablt AR'PAM-EX Tablet* foe fast relief from l«ll»f nagging paint in. nerves, benti and mUJilei, Vou feel mbre A cemfertable cf your m4(iey back. W, , -4>. , _ Pay Tire Stores NASHVILLE HOPE PRESCTT ares To Give You This Extra Guarantee Of Protection in TV Lifetime Picture Tube Guarantee HERE ARE TWO OF THE MAJOR REASONS WHY S TH|)P Sentry* works sutoojufj- tfl Pfojeut tho Jjfe Qf eypry tube j n your i»t New (joldrn " lest iojigpr, en tlw> pyw put JnkQ b9»e TV, m»in c»U!» pf '|'Y p, Tub? 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