Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1965 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1965
Page 7
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Ajqong KoHiith (ountv * " 7r5i " r ' " '' r '*~'^ r *B'«"'Mfc*'^atMgBgia^iaagttm^— mat /«. THURSDAY, APRIL t, tfu - AL60NA, IOWA - -Advance A report to the school lectures and dinner talks. Both Mr and Mf§ Parsley Me graduates of Iowa State (AmftS), and Harold has been with International Harvester since the end of World War It in the Chicago plant. Jan. i, of this year he was transferred to The Frank 0. Hough Co., a subsidiary, so that he mfght work with the Japanese Co., in a joint venture: The Komatsu Manufacturing Co., of Tokyo. He will be one of three Americans on the board of directors and the only on-thc'Spbt American at the Japanese, plant. He spent three weeks in Japan in February to help Wind up the formation of the new company whose plant at Kawagoe, outside Tokyo, is to be ready for business by July 1. He had little time for extras but did look into housing which is quite a problem there, crowded and very expensive, and decided that since Japanese homes are not heated they will probably live in a western style apartment, of which many are HOW being built. They have been living at Barrington, ill., on an acreage which they were fortunate enough to sell in January to give possession June 18. They have sold their three horses and some of their furniture, but plan to take most of their household goods with them buying new electrical appliances in the States before leaving. They will be furnished a car and chauffeur by the company, so will be able to get about without difficulty and after seeing the roads and the traffic during his visit there Mr Parsley realized what a problem that could be. The daughter Pat, who is now completing her junior year of high school in Illinois, will ^accompany her parents and enroll at the American school of Japan which has 34 nationalities represented in an enrollment of 950 students, grades one through 12. Their older son Bruce, will be graduated this spring at Michigan university and plans to do graduate work in the field of Computers, perhaps at Stanford. Allen is a sophomore at Michigan U., and will spend the summer at Essen, Germany, where he and another boy have factory jobs lined up. With the movers picking up their furniture on June 18th and Pat's school year ending June 10, the family plans to visit the Lcffcrts here, and Harold's parents at Salix, between those dates. They will stop over in Hawaii cnroute to Tokyo and have their 25th wedding anniversary during a brief holiday there. Kossuth County Advance SUBSCRIPTION BLANK I am not now a regular subscriber to the Kossuth County Advance but would like to be. Begin my subscription immediately, Bill me for $5.00 the first of next month, I I I I I I I 102 issues — Delivered Monday and Thursday — NAME ADDRESS After three years in Japan they'll have eight weeks of vacation when they expect to re- turn to the States for visits but right now are looking forward to a new experience. A REPORT TO THE school'is being given by Salvador .de Souza, foreign exchange student from Juizde Fora, Brazil. This is an annual report given about this time of year by each foreign exchange student. Salvador, who has lived with the Rex Taylors this year, is the fifth foreign student to attend Algona high school. Others have come from Turkey, Switzerland, Peru and Columbia. Rod. Ricklefs is shown at extreme right. Walter Halt ex-Wesleyan, dies at 76 Wesley — Friends have received word of the:death of a former resident, Walter Hall^ 76, at his home in Dayton,-O., March 28. He was a son of the late George Halls and grew up in: Wesley and graduated from the local high school. His wife died a year ago. Mr. Hall is survived by a brother George, Chenoa, 111., and a sister De Etta Hall, Wesley. George is seriously ill and De Etta has been staying in their home the past several weeks. His wife Dorothy and De Etta attended the funeral for Walter in Dayton, March 31... . BACK FROM ARIZONA The Jay Carlsons returned March 23 after two -weeks in moved from the Koppen house that was sold to Bill Hanigs. The Armen Adolfs, Adrian, Vlinn., spent Friday at his sister Mrs. Wm. Martinek's. They were enroute home from a visit with relatives in California including his twin brother, Herman Adolf at Richmond, Calif. The Herman Studers were Sunday guests at August Studer's for Mrs. Herman Studer's birthday, March 30. The Wesley township meeting in the'Zwiefel home with Mrs. Edrfa Wubben assisting has been cancelled. •.The annual spelling bee will be held in St. Joseph's parish hall April 11 pupils. by the grade school . Next Sunday and Monday the Fine Arts department of Gar- riga.n high school, Algona, will present the Broadway musical "Camelot". Tickets are $1.25 and 75c. Word was received here of the serious illness of Moran Haverly in a San Jose, Calif, hospital. He is a son of Pete and .Daisy Wagner Haverly. Moran had an attack of menin- Algona girl and husband go to Japan By Onieta Didriksen Mr and Mrs Dave Leffert learned last week that their only daughter lla, with her husband Harold Parsley, and their daugh ter Pat will be going to Tokyo, Japan, in June to live. The Parsleys are now in Washington, D. C., receiving an in-! his cousins, the Joe Pattersons, Tucson, who took them on a tour of !Nagales, Old Mexico. They saw orange, grapefruit, lemon and dates in abundance near Tucson. They also visited the White Sands Missile range at Alamayordo, N. M. And at Tulsa, Okla., they saw the International headquarters of Abundant Life building, newly erected and without windows. The Rev, Oral Roberts, radio and TV speaker, heads the organization. The auditorium seats 1,400 and may be used free by any recognized church group. Another point of interest was the Boot Hill cemetery at Tombstone, Ariz. JACK MUNSEN DIES Jack Munsen, 55, Woden, died Saturday of a stroke. He was a son of the late Charles and Mary Weig Munsen, and is survived by his wife, one son and two daughters. Mr. Munsen was a brick layer and has done considerable work in the Wesley area. Relatives attended the funeral Tuesday in v the St. John Lutheran church; at Woden, SHOWER IS DATED Rose Ann Hildman, daughter of the John Hildmans, will be given a pre-nuptial shower April 4 in St. Joseph's parish hall, Rose Ann and Richard Carbone, Chicago, will be married April 19 in St. Joseph's church here. She is employed as reservation- ist at TWA; office in Chicago, She will arrive here Saturday, DATE CONFERENCE The spring quarterly confer* ence of both the Corwith and Wesley Methodist churches will be held in the local church this Thursday. A 6;30 pot luck supper will precede the business meeting conducted by Dr. Arthur Kindred, Mason City. All reports are to be in for that meeting. WINS Mary Ann Goei?, daughter of the Philip Goetzes, student of cosmetology, received 4th place trophy for her bjue hair style in the 12tb annual student contest at the La James College, Mason Cjty. Honorable mention award went to Shirt? fer, Mrs. Richard Shellenberg had a group of women and their preschool children at a farewell party for Mrs. Paul Parkhwrsi and children Friday. The Part hursts moved the following day to Corwith. He is a science teacher in the local school. They He, is now improving slowly. 'Five circles of St. Joseph's Guild are sponsoring a public dance in the Duncan Dance Pavillion April 19. Tickets at the door will be $1.25, but-.if purchased ahead of time will be $1. „. Members ' of the Evangelical Free church attended an all day W.M.S. rally at the church in Britt March 31. A noon luncheon was served. David Hesselgrave, a missionary was speaker. The White Cross of the local church met Thursday with Mrs. George Sea berg and Mrs. Edna Wubben hostesses. A triple card party was held at Cletus Studer's Saturday for the 5th birthday of Jeffrey Reising and first birthday of Nancy Reising, children of Jim and Charlene Reising, Garner, and the 3rd birthday of Dennis Studer, son of the Cletus Studers. Guests included the youngsters' grandmother, Mrs. Andrew Reising, Linda and Andy, Wesley, Mrs. Jim Reising and Sylvia Downs and Danny Downs, and Mrs, Philip Studer and Kent. Linda Detmering, Mavis Nygaard, Barbara Leek, Glenda Gabrielson, Marilyn Skow and Joyce Paulson, students at Cedar Falls spent the spring vacation this week at home. The time schedule for Methodist church services will change April 4. Worship service will be at 9 a.m. and Sunday school at 10 a.m. The R. C, Bauers were March 24 guests of the Wm., Hrubes for their grandson Brian Hrubes's 14th birthday. Another grandson Bruce Pfeffer was also a guest. The Loren Leases, Susan, Sharon and 3-week old Sandra Jean, Iowa Fails, were Sunday guests at the parental L. L. Lease's. •The H. E. Hemmingsens returned recently after two weeks to Hot Springs, Ark, They also visited Mrs. Hazel Gerdes at Albuquerque, N. M-, and the Norman Wagners, Tucumcari, N. M. They saw the Philmont Boys' Camp gt Cunmaron, N. M., Taps, Santa Fe, Pueblo and Madrid, N. M-, and Colorado Springs, Colo. Many Wesieyans are planning to attend the annual athletic banquet at Garrigan April 1. IJpb Feller will be speaker. Any one may go to hear him even though tbey do not attend the tensive four weeks of schooling at the American University. I Such a course under the Busi-| ness Council for International Understanding is offered five j times each year and gives instruction in history, government,, politics, foreign policy, foreign culture, etc. I Since Parsleys are going to live in Japan, the fourth week will be devoted to Japanese history, economics, labor,, religions,' and some instruction in the language. Besides a long day of school there are also evening banquet. The Legion meet April 6. Auxiliary will Printing-} C«ll the APVANCEI HOW TO KEEP YOUR HORSEPOWER HAPPY Tired truck and tractor engines come happily alive with . power when you change to Sinclair Extra Duty Motor Oil. Because it cleans while it lubricates, it keeps your engines running smoother, longer. Protects against harmful effects of heavy loads, high moisture conditions and long idling periods. 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