Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, December 4, 1958
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r -t f f To City Subicribftrt! If ydu fail !8 get ysur Star pleasi fgfgpfldfi8 7*3431 by 6:30 p. PCI. and a §pgts!al earner will deliver yaur paper. Kftif* Par Wutfctr Rtporti See Sefumn a! Bottom ef This Page 60TH YEAR VOL. 60 - NO, HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, DECEMIER 4, 1951 Mtffiktfi thi AtiSttitti Mil i Arilf lutm If eiunU»l»M A», Nit Nil eittl. t Mil. MltM it»», J», Mil •» 1,IM PRICE Se£OP¥ West Germans Told Allies to Find Solution BERLIN (AP)—Chancellor Kon« rad Adenauer lold-Wost florllriei's today to keep their nervb, and pledged that the Western Allies will overcome the Soviet threal lo Ihc isolated city. Hu rallied' Ihe West Berllners igimectiately after flying into this communist encircled city In a U.S.'AIr Force transport. Standing bareheaded on misty Tempelhof Airport, tho f!3-year» old Adenauer declared thai "So* vict Russia ihrealens the freedom and security of Berlin," "If we do not become fright* oncd, then wo and our Western Allies will master the situation," he said, ^Adenauer arrived In West Berlin P-.st three, days before crucial municipal elections. The West and the Communists arc pointing to Sunday's elections as a plebiscite on the Sovit bid to turn West Berlin into a demilitarized free city. The Communists have- launched a big propaganda offensive. They arc urging West Berlincrs to vote the Communist ticket as a way of approving the Soviet proposal. MeCoskill Club to Decorate 2 Houses The Hoe'N-Mope Gat-den Club of McCaskill, Ark., is presenting the horncs of Mr. and Mrs. 3. G, Proscolt and Mr. and Mrs. Leon Prescott as "Holiday Houses" oft Sunday, December 7lh, between the hours of 2 to 4 p. m. the homes are being decorated by members of the club with & single themd to be carried throughout the public is cordially invited, One Injured in Accident Here Today An accident on Highway 4 near Mope City limits early this morn- Ing resulted in injury to one person and heavy properly damage. About 7;SO-a.m. a loaded Highway Dopt. oil tanker driven by C, R. Carlton of Emmet, crashed inlo an auto driven by Willis I-lonea of Hope. The tanker overturned but the driver escaped injury. Willis 1 sustained a severe head laceration, and was taken to a local hospital by. a Herndon - Cornelius ambulance for treatment. Investigating city officers Clark and Wylie said the incident occurred when Honoa pulled onto the highway in the path of the truck. The] front end of the auto .was demolished and the truck was heavily damaged, NewCofC Directors Are Elected Five new members have boon fleeted to the board of directors Tf Hope Chamlber of Commerce, each for three-ycar-tcrms, it was announced loday by >B. N. Holt, secretary - manager. The election was tho result of a recent ballot by tho entire membership, and the now directors - wJIJ. replace five members who They had hopes of completely sub- are retiring after throe-year terms, duing the blaze * some ; time today Brush Fire Appears to Be About Out MAI^IBU BEACH, Calif, (AP) — —A huge brush fire that swept the hills behind this lamed bench colony appeared to bo burning itself out today after three days. Firemen svero in control of more than half ol its 37-milo perimeter, The new directors;!. C. W, Brid- gcrs, Ed Thrash, ,A1 Page,, Joe and'CQeil,O'.St*en, R^ttr or Friday, Pockets of the flame in*the deep canyons- still ""'offered „, fierce ,-re- 4 .HFjjkJns and-Cecil,O'Steen, R^tir- .canyons- sun " offered „, fierce ,-re-' 'wig from tho Iboard are:"'Vance sistance, however, Officials said Smiley, Terrell Cornelius, ^Hervey 1 that rising', winds could sot tho Holt, Bill-Routon and Dr, Sam whole front abla/o again, ' ' Strong 1 , Other mcmibers of the board .who have -from one , to 'two years'-u-e'; maining to serve, arc: Jack Lowe, president and director, George Frazier, John L. Wilson, Jewell Moore, W, H, Guntcr Jr., J, W. Franks, Fred Ellis, Hondrix Spraggins, Roycc Smith and LaGronc " Plans for the now year will bo discussed at a meeting of the board next Monday night at the chamber olfico at which time a speaker may bo announced for -the annual mooting and banquet, which is to be hold some time in January, .Weather Experiment Station report for 24-liours ending at 7 a, m,'Thurs- day, High 66, Low 39; No preeipi' luUon; Total 1958 precipitation through November, '52,03 inches; during the same period a year ago, 67,90 inches, RJSD RJVER at FwJton d .slightly to 6,5 foot and < at Index to 6.6 foot; MTTk3 RIVER rose '•lightly at Whitepliflg w})orp Hio stage was 5,J feet. Regipnal Forecast Py THi A§§QQlAT AH sections, 1 parjjy this afternoon, tonight nno; Friday, colder ia(.e Friday, scattered, sjiovv» PVS Fi-Jciay, High this afternoon low to mid OOs pentrpj and north' oast, mid. to high 60s sou.th.gasi and spulhwesl, upper 5Qs t9 Jow ^Os »vtlwestj )pw -tonight upper 30s 4Qs mid iQ ht§h 4Qs southca?*, ^Os southvve.st, , |o\y to high §Q§ to through Friday, Friday, no impptlanj tuayi ujrnlns Friday Jp In'its eight-mile rush across the hills (, to tho , seashore, tho ' fire charred 18,000 acres, destroyed 20 homos and left scenes hkc these; Accident Could Touch Of fa World War LONDON (AP)—Tho Sovicn Un ion claimed today that an dent to a nuclenr-vveaponod U,S plane — such as took place last wcok at Lake Charles, La,—could one day accidentally touch off '\yprld War III, An Air Force B47 medium Jot bombor- caughl fjrp on the flight line at ChennauH Air Force Base- Nov, 26 while carrying a nucleai weapon, The fire did nut rearli the weapon, The U,S. government has said repeatedly there is w» possibility of an atomic or hydrogen bomb being exploded fieci- dcntally, : Pravdq, tho Soviet Communist party newspaper, sold Soviet Premier Nikita Kh'ushchov has emphasized that ''f-s a result of such flights millions of people coulci perish and o war could juilc ficci- dentally start." Gold Coins Found to Be Counterfeit — A golden opportunity wont gljmmonng £ o r Ella Tyler, a Negro .woman who l,ound jfh'o shining coins while fish' ing on the Arkansas River near here, The corns wore counterfeit gold pieces. Sepret Service agents said th( j $j coins were smaller than a dime. They were dcjted J8G4. Jiad. they bepn genuine, agenis said, they might have been worth up tp $)?5 each, did officers Jjnow the Honor Roll Students at Spring Mill The following Spring Hill elementary and high school students made the second six -weeks honor Firsl-A, Janet Carolyn Butler; B-Carna Cato, ' Troy Williams, Kathy Esters, Glenn Ward. Second -A, Deborah Nations, Janet Foley; B-Terry Turner, Ronnie Barham, Karan Bolts. Third-A, Linda Greenhaw, Janice Martin; B-Sandra McBeth, Bryant Laffcrty. Fourth-B, Jimmy Cowart, Michael Hucka'bec, Scotty Key, Ronnie Kidd, Dennis Turner," Cecilia Archer, Sarah Brown, Sandra.Cur- tis, Elaine Fuller, Bonnie Kidd, Betty McNicl, " Mickey' Powell, Linda Reese. Fit'th-A,iDianne.Mar- cum, Julie MoNiel; B-Marsha Garner. Sixth-A, Michael Archer,' Jackie Martin, Jerry Recso, Pam Butler; B-Errol Arledge, Steve'Clark, Terry Powell, 'Brenda' 4 Cox, ^Jackie Kidd, Jennie Lou Qulllin, Adolia Taylor, Seventh-A, Curtis Cowart; B-Judy Smith;, Eighth-' B- Nancy Allison, Ppt* Butler,' .Linda l^lcCoy, ; ' l 4- Ninth-B, Ba'rbara' M'axwcll, Jimmy Nations;" Tenth- A, * Richard ,, Greerihaw, Carolyn Sanders; B-Jimmy Anderson, Thomas Burns, Clay, Collins, Linda Galloway, J, D, Raschlce, Betty Smith, Johnny 'Stark; 'Eleventh-B- Sharon Bachman, 'Linda"Barham, Virgil DcVenny,,^Sue.' Martin; llwelfth-B, Janie Roi;terfield, Kenneth Rogers, Barbara'Stcpard. Paris Newspaper Seized by Police PARIS (APJ— The free-swinging weekly newspaper L'Express was seized by police and failed to appear on newsstands today because of en Pttapk on the Algerian record of t Information Minister Jacques Sonstelle, The Defense Ministry rescinded Us seizure order when'the papvr agreed to publish Friday with an of tending paragraph removed, The paper is ,one h of -thr-' few snU-Communist, journals - in, opeji opposition to many of tho policies of premier Charles do Gaulls, This was the first seizure of an independent new&paper- jn mctm politan France since do Gaulle came to power last May, The offending paragraph s oW that during and just atler ?PMS- telle's tenure ps g'ovc'rnor'gonaraj of Algeria some g^.OOtl , Moslems! had been qrrestecj 'and 3,000 of thefe AT STANDSTILL — 'Abandoned cars % ahd blowing snow made- It -Impossible for ro^d crews lo clear this* road 'south of .Buffalo, N, V. First, snow of the winter'blanketed some sections with up to three feet of snow'and high drifts brought traffic to a standUill. — NEA Telephoto Hit by Car, Negro , " Boy Escapes Injury' Yesterday on North,Hazel Street a Negro boy, Chariest Ray Cham; bors, 5, ran into the path of an auto driven by Ervln Y McFodden. Tho youth was knocked to the pave- The Citizens National Bank has Local Bank Aids4-HGIub Foundations menl but was not hurt;'invosligat joined with other Arkansas banks ing Officers Moses and Podron '" contributing to the work of Ihc vnnm-trri Arkansas and National 4-H Club reported, Up to Miller How Little Rock Must Integrate LITTLE ROdK (AP)— Tho man- dale handed down by Ihe tjlghlh U.S. dlrctilt Court of Appeals nl St. Luiiis luavus II up lo T-'odctat Judge John &, Miller of For! Smith to decide how Little Rock schools shall 'be Integrated. This was eonliimed today by the Arkansas 'Democrat, which obtained a transcription of the mtti\» tlntc by telephone from the appeals court clerk at St. Louis. Thu Democrat salil tho niinid.tlc could bo Intorprolod to mean that any now school board and practically all individuals arc enjoined from blocking the court-approved Integration plan. Specifically, the mandate directs U.S. District Court hero to make permanent an Injunction preventing transfer of any high school properly, "wllhout the approval of the said district court," cither for possession, operation or control, to any organization or person "for carrying on any segregated school operation of any nature." Following and broadening thci Poultry'Agent Soughtby Association * Efforts of the Southwest Ark-J ansas P,oultry Producers Asso^i to have an Extcnsidtv Service" Poultryman assigned Ip'uhis area' were endorsed by Senator-electJ Olen Hondrix in a/lalk''b'eforc the association at Bodcaw this week.J^ Senator Hcndrix said J£ he was a\\rare of tho importance"ot^thejjoul- try industry to thcl, coi'5>my' of Southwestern; -^Arkansas, rf 'tl^'.k 1 In a letter from C, A 1 . .Vines, 'the ( associate director of the Extension Service syrote that his department "looks with favor on arrangements of this kind (employment of a Foundations, according lo R. M. LaGronc Jr., president, ' • Arkansas Bankers, under ,?J,, T loa'dorship of Thomas G. Wilson, president of the First State Bank Jof Cpnway, are taking part in a nallo'n-widc fund raising campaign in bqlialf of 4-H Cluib work, ' M'i\ LaGrpne said that the Citizens' National Bank has long been interested iri?4-H Club .work locally and is glad to extend its support to the 4-H program nationally through tho National, 4-II Club Foundation, *>, rj, v : Approclati6n( for' the bank's sup- 'port was oxipresed in a note to Mr,,LaGrone>from Jesso W, Tapp, Bank pf^America'^Board Chairman who h'ca'ds.up lhc"bank campaign nationally in behalf of ' the 4-iH Foundation,. and^Orant- A, Shrum, Natio'nal 1 "-^-!* FoUndafton' " KxGcfl- 3 Bulletin; C, it. tlHtfwoll, Spring Hill, wns crUtcnlly Injured shortly after noon loday in it Uvo'lrUck Accident rtl IMoviHs. Details could not be Idnrtv ed immediatfcly. Urtgwcll wits brought lo n Hope hospital by on Oakcresl ambulance, lie wus employed by Hope Basket Co. and the second Irtiek rcporledly was an oil lankcf. tive^^Dlrector! , They pointed 'out language of its Nov. 10 opinion,' Iho mandate orders the district court to enjoin tho former school board, their successors, officers, agents, employes, attorneys and successors' altoinoys, and "all in aclivc conccrl or par- ti with the appellees (Ihc , school board)" or their successors from "engaging In any other acts, whether Independently," or in participation with anyone else, which arc capable of .serving to Impede, thwart oivfiustrato lha execution of tho Integration plan mandated against them." Parties named, in tho 'mandate arc required to "take such affirmative stops as the • said district court may hereafter direct to facilitate; and accomplish the integration of tho Little Rock Independent School District in accordancc v -with Iho court's orders." , < Miller,,has 30 calendar days from-'the Vimo tho mandate is received in fice 'Jvcrcitb'-lmplL'ment tlv^i-r * '* 1 *- 1 v -f-*tjVi* <w "'' '^" ' district clerk's of- tho diroc- 'The niandatc'^was" 'expected lo thai the Citizens Bonk is one of, reach the dork's office sometime 'more than' 2,000 public" spirited I today. Dulles Declares Allies Must Keep Forces Ready SAN FRANCISCO (AP)— Secretary of Stale John .Foster Dulles said today" Ihe United Stales and ila allies 'mtiFl maintain forces capable of fighting limited war. This nation's vast retaliatory power will never be lightly used, he said. "There must bo tin ability, to oppose what may be limited prob- JIIRS in ways less drastic than general nuclear war," Dulles said in ii speech prepared for the California State Chamber of Commerce, ' Ho cited, tho presence of U.S. forces In West 'Berlin -and In West Germany as an essential moas- Uru for this country's peace an«l security, He salti most of the limited war- forces are provided by allied countries which contribute 80 per cent bt the ground troop?. Dullos spoke only briefly of the latest- 1 Berlin crisis triggered by Sovioty Premier Khrushchev's cf- .orls lo-ouht Ihc Western Powers from West Berlin, The Soviets arc threatening this' Woslorn democratic island Inside East Gcrmsj^y, Dulles said, because '"they' 'Have boon put on the dol'onsivc by the inspiring^ demonstration thorp. t ot what Jree men can do." Most, of the address, oriented to n West Coast Audience, dealt with policy toward Communist China and the For East. Dulles rejected totally all argu- menU, for ( ,U.S. recognition of fled ChinaUjHCj ^aici ^such 'action 'would ^ncl^mgeir political,*, ;,oconi)nr)ic./and security^ Interests v of • the 'lTn,ttod States a'nd! -convert llie^rPaclfic representatives of private enterprises that arc helping to extend poultryman) because we have had land improve the 4-H program by experiences with situations of this) contributing to our work." \yho them, possibly during tho C}yiJ to the word ,"<JH Bolder , fsrgQt to pwt the word ,"<Jq Jar" pjj thPTO- opiission w_a§ a .dead give- examined, k tht< prpyo_4 test to J>e fft!>SP wps an Most of Pupils to 14 Patmos Woman Succumbs in Local Hospital ggec} 57, dipcj in a IOCKJ |\Qspital today after £ lengthy illijpss, PhP \vas a. mem' bcr of " Mt. ' $eb,o Baptist Church and s life She is survived W, T' RPSfKs," tw er 'j^cCjuije p| t husband man MpG}u,re 'and Car- FW1« kind in other areas that have proved successvillo," , It would require approximately $8,500 a year to secure the services of a, top poultryman and furnish hi nip', with an office and traveling expenses, wrote Mr, Vines, His department will pay all the costs with the exception of $2,000 which Mr, Vines suggests should be raised over an area of four 'counties to be served, Officers and directors of the S\V Arkansas poultry Producers Asso. will moot at Lewisvilie Thursday night t to consider plans for raising the required annual contribulion of $2,000 for the services of such a poultryman. Stressing the importance of or- gani'/ed effort, Tom Siivey, president of the group, cited a recent survey by the U, of A. which showed the average land and labor return in connection with a unit of ,10,000 broilers amounted to $1,225 j in Northwest Arkansas as cpm,- pared with only $282,50 in Southwest Arkansas. The principal difference, is the fact that broilergrow* ers- jn 'NW ArKansa's have much mp}'c favorable contracts than-the growers in this area. .The^ local association' expects lo support'a new egg marketing act, which W'll be submitted to the legisipture in January, Also the associaton would like to see the legislature pa?s laws requiring a regular testing'pf "all ' A preliminary injunction issued by Ihe appeals court will remain in effect until the district,coint's injunction is entered and become''* effective. The money raised by Arkansas bankers, which is being shared by Arkansas and National 4-H Foundations, will enable the Arkansas 4-H Foundation to assist in tho developing of the 4-H program for boys' and girls, The portion going to tho Notional 4-H Foundation, which is celebrating a decade of' The mysterious death Nov, 17 of Death Is Blamed on Overeating EAST MEADOW, N. Y, sorvico to 4-H, will carry out such programs as ()) the International Farm Youth Exchange (2) the op- oration of a National 4-H Club Center and (3) a broad program in human development — hurnun relations for training youth loader in how to work more effectively with young people. 7. S, Gibson Jr, f 60, Dies Today In Hope Hospital Jphn Scova Gibson Jr.,,aged 60, died'today Jn a loopl hospital, He was the son /of the late 'Mr. and Mrs, John S, Giibson, pioneer Hope trpss 1 death, Sherry Rubin, prominent 19-year ojd flctross and model, was attributed today to what doctors termed a medical rarity — a stom poh explosion from overeating, Dr. Leslie Lukash, Nassau County medical examiner, said the Mightly built 100-pound girl hud consumed the equivalent of throe or four meals vvllbjn a fow hours; lie said her stomach was run- lured in a vain attempt to vomit, There v/as fl massive contraction pf her stonuK'h walls, ho said, but instead of the food being forced 'back up through the gullet "it exploded tho upper waj) of Jho s>tOfii acli cjoso to the esophagus," "Death from overheating is very said Dr. Lukash as ho uis closod tho findings of a medical sludy begun shorlly after Ihc a druggists. He .was a lifelong resident of IJope and a member of tho First Baptist Church, Survivors include his wife, Mrs, Edna Gibson, a son, John S, Gibson 111, of St. paul, JVjmn, and a brother, Carter Gibson of Johnson CJty.'Tg'nri. services will be hejd at JQ a,m- Friday at First caes>and-tQ require each lP»d, Ch W eh by, PC. Jphn McClanahan, of, bulk, feed Jo fl?e delivered mth. Burial py Iien'idon Cornelius will an analysis similar to that - fur« b c } n Rose Hill Cemetery. nished,W)tn a.1) sacked feed.' Wimmell, ported, on % recent meeting jn. Little Rocky pallbearers: Harry Shiver Franklin Horton, 4. A, Alb.rftton, M. P, Shell, Henry Haynps, wd, OJon 'Ovortwf' - F-unera/Hom,e o| 'Stamp? He said tho girl had been und psychiatric euro, Miss Rubin began a> a mocjo) for leading fashion magazines, appeared on radio and in summer Ihcatci's, then went on to tcUvi- S-'lon. In TV she was soon oij such top dramatic pho'ws'as Studio One, the Alpoa Hour and Plyyhpusp 90. Archbishop of Santiago Die? Jose The Ch,rlslrn.as-Para49 Starts gt See'opJ, tjie parade |prps west streets . , . the Christmas jroulhs whP enAlst in tho f rffiVte army during the pengd of JJeg, }g AP ,Jafl. J, says M'Ssk GV b wt Q. SANTIAGO, Chile Maria Cardinal Caro, pg, bishop of SantiMgo gn4 member of yie Roman - Cath,olip Chprch'5 C p U e g e of Cardinals, filed today, fle had ijepn, in bod sin,s 4ay, whan ho suffered j)n Ql i o ^ i e gjjslrooalu'itis^ joros. oC uremia and thpn developed.' tie lapsed is owning am! djci jj a/ternoon. 4iii> dpath jeiivps the .Cpljoge pf Qardinajs with 5J Helicopter, Navy Plane Crash Into Potomac River WASHINGTON (AtM— A Navy training plane crashed' Into tha J'olomtic ftlvor today, watched by scores of motorlsls crossing Iho Mlh Si, Brlclflc bclwccn W»shltttf* I on and Vlrfilnla.. The bodies bt Ihe Iwo men aboard—both, Nftyy, en plains—were recovered. The scone, about 1,000" feet' southeast of the twin-span brldfjfi, Is some four miles Upstream from , Ihe point where a big Navy'helU copter crashed into the' ', foR • • shrowdod river Wednesday night,, killing one man. Nine others, all injured, were rescued afler foul',' hours of 'misery dinging lo.lhc, wreckage In Ihc icy wnleiv • i Tho dead In today's crash were ' Identified by the Navy as Capt. William A, Thorne, 51, -and .Copl. ' J0.fr. Slier, both attached 'to the Antisubmarine Warfare Itcndln'ctt/i, section In the office of the chief of taval opsraticns, Bolh wore qUal- fled pilots, making, n training flight aimed ,to lake them lo Cherry Point, N.C. Their lukeoff. time from Ana- costln Nova' Air,Station here was given by Ihc Navy as D;09, a.tru Five minutes later tho twin-engine Bocchcraft was scon to hit the water, cartwheel and then slnk v There was' no rn'dtocd word Tot trouble from tho plane, Tho Navy said Thorne was born In Philadelphia, find, listed s his' mother, as Mrs. Margaret, Louise Thorne, as living- at ^"Lorcloyv Fullqrton Post Office'. 'Md. lie Jived in Arlington, Va. ' f ' ' ' ;! * Capt. Slier'lived* In Alexandria; Va. ','" ..-."" " ',Rescue craft, were "on the'scene; in mlnutosIuOno body was TCCOV-J crod In loss than half'an hour! The , second .body was raised, shortly lifter a ,Navy launch working with, mine «detection gear found the,, wreckage in 25 foci 1 of'Ihe water." .Wont! ''of, the men Injured, in/, .the hplicoplcr crash was reported' seriously, hurt. • ' 'i*', •',' ;K Ocean from, a friendly 'body of water into one largely dominated by hostile 'forces, The argument that large tradj) would follow recognition "is an illusion," Dulles contender), that if the. Communists look over free nations in th<j Far ICast the present a'/i-blllion-tlollar U.S. trodo with them would shrink drastically. Me contended diplomatic recognalion of tho Hods would jeopardize this trade, East, West Apart on Nuclear Detail .-GEWiSVA (API—East and Wont differed today on whether a nation preparing, to , launch a sue prise attack with nuclear missiles would first, mobilize its conventional armed forces, 1 Tho five Western I'owors in the conference on prevention of surprise attacks said H would nol necessarily. J3elay, in,., the .easily detected mobilization ol manpower might make it easier for the a to aphicvc totMi surprise, Soviet bloc dclcgatos such surprise was probable, They maintained th'ere would bo no point in a country launching a ini- plear attack unless it was ready to Jollow up the blow with a conventional .occupation u( the stnck. en nation. t This argument in the 10-natiorj ponforcnqo marked, the first iruly tcch'nicai exchange between Uie Eastern and Western sides sjnpe v Sj. -% tho talks opened, a nionlh Japs/ Russia Sign Agreement MOSCOW (APJt-Japan and §QYjet; Union ^ today signed ilgrpemcnt providing for 33 miliipn dollars in trjjde pa,eh yvay in """ —a '^5 per coijt incj'pasc. Ihe agreerneBt Japan will wheat, pr^4p oi), -manganuse 'chrome' ores, cpnl, precjouF ys, ferttljzor^, asl?c5,tos ( |?pr ^nd chemi9aj goods, Jp cjcchan^'o, jJ^jgn wiii Jisixin? bQu5,s, magin'nes, Offered in Georgia Case > . **'' -. t , , * By PERRY W. MULLEN) ATLANTA, Pa. fAP)—Thc state offered an FBI report on,-a lie detector lost given George Bright in his trial today on a charge"oC dynamiting tho Jewish temple. Tho jury was excused while op.' posing counsel ^argued on admjSt sibilHy of' tho evidence, Judge' Durwod Pye wilhhcld an < immediate ruling on udmlssibllity of tho tost, which an - FBI agunt from should ibo admitted since Bright lied, , , 'Pcfenso allorney James R, Ve'n- able objected, The slate prosecutor,, Tom','Luck,' told the cpurt i't should bo admitted since BRIGHT hud demanded tho losl, ' "" Bright, 31, Is the Hrst of 'f{ve^ men slated lo bo tried tor the ternf' plo bombing—an offense for whiuU tho -death ponalty muy t ' b'e Jn- ; "voHcd, Others cha'rgod -are" Wai* Jagc H. Allen, Robert Bulling, fUdbarj} Boiling and Chester. Griffin, >1 •*•* " ff if ,-5-1 e Un.dcrwpy, to Oust Rozzell Ji> ( 4ustniai equipment, stbe{ products a UPts. iron and Scal prut}i „„ IIOQK (APJ—-/V move to oust Forrest Rowel!, esecgtive secretary of tho Arkansas 420)1403% tipn Assn., was predicted yesteiv day by the-president pf the Union, County Teachers Assn. A, M.'Waller of Junctjoi) ,Qj(,y said ho believed RozijeUV ousfcr WPuld pome partially 3s 9 refijl$. of a resolution passed by the AfiA'f • CpunciJ on JSdgcntion last mpn|h, >, ,The resolution urgqcj thuf pytjlJe schools, be kepi open dpspilo the segregation . integration, ppptro* versy. . ', , t Waller's prediction came during' a meeting with Gpv, Qrval &, ~" Luis,, 1'he ' education, pffigmls ..., the governor $8J5 in ' for the Mile Rpck Pj-iya,te Corp,, which is operating s. high school here lo replace ..„.„,. plospd py F^ufegs tp preveAt lut^s" gratipn, , -' '- -. Waller, useputivc secretary ,e{, the White Citizens Councils'"of ^': kansas, w«ts a.9eom,ptinie4 ' ^y" H. C, Willis< pyefidcnt p| tljo jTmiCs- lion. City Whit? Ciy«eni>' Qou^lJit' C. .S. pijrhain, Council trca.sutpA and Carjton " '~ r " ' ty asscsspr.

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