Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 3, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 3, 1958
Page 3
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, 628imtef S, If SI , Htihtihg dW with long bow'and arrows is ri6w iepi in West Vif« - ANNOUNCING Mik^ (J§6R) Se has jdmgd our §tdff and Would likg fd iflviM h^f ffifehds to Visit h<§P Qt DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON 264 §. MAIN- -t3ft- HCM StAR, H6M, Calendar fhupsefay, Bee«wbep 4 ' Pat. dlelftiHig chdptei- Ut5fi ttleet,<Thtif-sday, bed. 4 at 2;SO p.m. in the home of Mrs*. Bdft 'W4'c ( 4:^#4t$>«>€l€i«igi£!£'^^ Attend ft i 4 at 0:30 a. m. Smith with Mrs, Mac btiffie ahd Mrs. Jiriihnyj O'K'eal as co-lios,less- es. fhere Will be ah "exchange of Christinas gifts, Mrs. Sam Strdhg will tail a Christmas story. Astalea Giardett Club Will have a call meeting at the home of Mrs. E. L, Archer, Jr. Thut-sday, Bee. Deeewbe^ s The Rose datden Club will meet Friday. Cec.- 5 at 2 p.m. in thd home of Mrs. E, P. O*Neal with Mrs. 'L. D. Bat-hum and Mi-s. F. C. Crow as co-hostcssesS, iMertTbers are reminded to bring toy gifts for children at Sooneville Sanitarium and yuletide corsages for hospital shuWns. to the union meeliftg at ihe WSCs'tihdsey nhd daughter*, Vickie of For the program. - - nhd B*ehda Gtoza nhd , Byvon Sldrfle of UnedK web. who , are students nl Uhiott B •• > , Bseimbep 11 Hope CouRcil of Garden Clubs _ will present First Holiday Wofflbs ' TWf S . Herman Sachs atid children, PilgHftin^. Iheme, "ThJ-ough the, Stephen, Ahnn Ksthryh nnd Sam* Ages," free. 12 from 2 fo 8 p.m. my of BeJeff, iV. M. flM-iVt«d Satuf- day for a visit «*tfh her mother, H6ste§s Mrs. Silas Eastorllsig find sister, - C l lltt *, , " rs - Vernon Hsyhes, Shti vMtl be One of the local Tuesday BHdgP > joined later by Mr, Sflchs tot the Clubs me.t ,on. bo,c. 2. with Mts, j holidays. MPS. fern f6 -"Tuesday . ,. ,. . Tom Wardlaw hostess. 4 frftl ^ e menls of mtittis artd li^raeaftthfa i Mrs. Julia Wslkihs, Mrs. Mar- berries dceorfited »tfie Mbtftd ! ?nret SeyeHdy, i\frs, LdH« .Mary* Mrs. Hdb Jones and Mrs, Johh ' mnh and 'Miss Velmo Qo&$ left on feritt won the high score pftAes- fuesday tot Little flack 16 at the end of the afternoon, the &3rd annual meeting of the The hostess served a salad plate ! Grand Chapter of Arkansas, tirdcf and coffee to two tables of players of the tSastern Star, they Were and to two tea gtiests, Mrs. Lloyd i joined on Wednesday by Mr. and Coop and Mf s, Catherine Webb of , Mrs. Victor Cctots, Miss J tick Port' Midland, M'ieh. Miss Patsy huth Harisfield to W6d faffest Hutson pr ond Mrs, LoveHa Bot-ber. Mr, and Mrs, L, P. ftlley have recently returned from n two week Mr. and Mrs, JBCK -Hartsfieid' ^cation to points of interest In Monday, December 8 Weslcyan Service Guild No. 2 will meet Monday, Dec. 8 at f.i30 p.m. in the home of Miss'Mary Louise Copeland. Circle No. G of the WSCS of First Methodist Church will meet Monday, Dec, 8 at 12:30 in the | home of Mrs. Byron Hefner for a Christmas luncheon. Members are asked to bring a gift for exchange, The annual Christmas offering will be taken, Following the luncheon the circle will go in a group to the chinch of this city, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Palsy Ruth lo the West. During their trip, they visited San Francisco, LoS Angc Weather wens fag* ewe Ahdhoragt>, Alinhlft, elmifly fin if 1 clmitly ISufralo, elotitiy go, clotidy Cleveland, eioiidy ' tit's Mottles, cloiicty fielrolt, clotldy *'oM Worlh, c'lfrtr , Heldhn, show • eloiuty Krtnsns 'City, Los Anflcles, clear Louisville, etear Mcsmfjhti. cloudy Miami, cloudy" ' 37 It .03 •l:< 2fl .JO 38 3(5 3P 24 a? J>fl T 15 21 41 Z1 .13 Sa rtn 'if> 32 37 T 3D M $2 SKcrf, Union Man's Body Found . The bed> erf ode tt Tthc fitlotncys rburesemmg n credit, tirtkm fnny be' Itto dttttfli-s Shtirt tmind handing itf n garage iwre credit xrftttffl fot sgVefftt Tniii'£ n6S o$f|f! $$ u3t] rrf what hnpfttfied lo ttt&i mfSSfi ^* • ' ** *•!! , and' other Forrest Hutson of Atlanta, da,,, PhociiiJc. „ M u les, San Leahdro, Las Venas nnd,! Omaha, cloudy son of Mr. and M'rs. F. F. Hutson j of Blevins. Mr. nnd JVirs, llal-Vey betrlck The wedding will be solemnized nnd Steve of Marlon, Hid, Were Dec 28 at 4 o'clock at the First; guesls of Mr. alid Mrs, C. C. Lesvis durlnti ihe Thanksgiving hoi' idn.vs Methodist Church of Blevins. Coming and Going Mrs. BUell Knight and children of Houston, Texas arc spending two weeks with her sister, Mrs. Matt Bristow and family of Fulton. 'Mr. and Mrs. George- S, Brown had as their Friday 'guests, Mr. and Mrs. Louts Franklin COM of Norman, Okla., M'rs.. Harry seam/ess stockings her .favorite nylons in a beauf/fuf gift box regular-or stretch sheers J?.35-ri;.95 STAR of SOUTH PACIFIC Hospital Notes • Branch 'Discharged: Robert Rowc, Em- tjielj Corneiloi'ts Jones, HotJC, Bur- toli Mohon, Em'met;''Mrs. Heater Scott, Hope; Mrs. Rlley Marquis, Fulton. Memorial ^Admitted: C. B, Dlcjccry, -Rt. 1 Emmet; Lottie 'Landes, 'lit. 1 Pat- mns; Mrs. Bonnie Orr, Hope; Joe M'att Hcrndoii, Hope; Mrs. Lillie IDorolhy Mae 42 87 M -10 78 75 ,17 HT 08 bit 41 3U nn -10 '•It 20 77 41) jJ!) 17 31 13 fortland. Ore,, clJutfy 02 -III Hnpld City, cloudy 37 31 Upls.si. Paul, oknicly Ol leans, clear Vorle. cloudy Oklahoma City, clfar- , Philadelphia, cloudy Phoenix, elohr Plltsbui'Mh, cloudy Pnrtlnnd, Mo,, cloudy TJ, tJriwcII, 3S, n fpftncr . VH « l suicide hnle blnniihff 1ilitiself for -'the dngttish, lillloHiess, mlsM-y nhtl clcspnH 1 of hundreds of fny tMehds" Unused by a sljigrtagb fn IHe Moijtb Cnurtly Crctfil Union. nlhd business firms —— - assets of Arnold (i, Hobbfi, 'former mtfnttgtir or the credit tinlort, were placed l/t tem« |jora* f v recelvcrshlfj, IH nn^fl; VHjid some ' "of Uu? i , ,,, l9.P.Unt£(Kt ,wjlh, ro,W v qll i\bDoaVe.d for. ,thij ,crcv.llt , union, Cro\Vell had been 'acttV'!; In the In thai class, 'And ho put major blatvip on Ihelr'pttt'etits, Dh Harold 'D. Lyiielr of' Evnns- to money — "~A*a MAY WE SUGGES - *JR .Van aff niere Per Her CKriitmai? The Foihion Shoppe ^.^^L^—^ _ j& r^ a I W;iAii Richmond, rain St. Louts, clear «IU fl7 ',80 •IS 33 Salt Lnko City, clear 47 Snn Diego, clear /D firs Snn Francisco. clonr 71 nfi Seattle, "clolldy 57 G1 .02 Thmpn, ,rain , '• no (W. .47 Washington, rnii) 41 33 ,02 CM — ftltsBine: T,-- Trace) Glutton Nation's Mqjpr Problem ville'snld llAise chlldi'f-n al-e fjl'ovv- in« rut and flabby: on foods they •ddn',1 HeecU while -starving, thblr bodies 6f the ptnltinM'Ieh foods they need for health and proper growth, i ' ••«.-• He spoke tit the minimi .clinical Why"Good.rinw Chariie" Suffers Uneasy BWder tfnwiiip ciitlhjt of drlbklhi.tnily be 1 '*' Soiitro Bf milili liut nhfioylbB W»dif«Plltlv. ntyl tmcoinfoHnl/e, And 1^ tfdtleu hlgh*^ ' wIUi imfticitur lirtoknclio, henmnia or Milts, milnf iiulicn nftil lirtlnn due lo dVef-eif Hldb, • " ' or emollorml \Hinet, Mt ttlillhtf la Y ' jDpitt'* Rill, , tttl.oal yo(ii' niliii 1 ^ 0) llof, bin im ttn'« I'l .l-Th« i not 8 of, 1—T)i»y linvc a io<jl}il Imlili'i-Irt-iintlohi. 2-.A fttl \tt iiotJon (iir'imifirhiS b««l tt.HKioK l*ACkiliib€, iicnu* i, .. Hclio nlid'titIn»,,8»«'A, liy htllJ illun-llc kctlon thru tlie.> «. So, io li ml« bf klJticy (limn luiDiiy i-elldf milli ' I, itrt thft',, ','Jp conference of life, Amerlemi 'Mwi^ K^bvff"ii5 yi«S.'N?KT»BK,''i!cSi)pmj{:'-. r*jS iortl V N ' ' "" i'/:V l '"<'v " iliflluvoguionpy.OrtDoftn'lrllUtoday.)<' '^* *"# I. * V* <*4 I ^ » * f^,, ^ S ' t f**V i r "*' , Minn. (APJ — The chubby, hnH'*slurvcd glutton has become OUR o[ the ' nation's ' , ->JQMEi:OANS. : ; '^Bfti .:$ TITLE 1 (Home improvement ,, -WiKAVW' ' 'f • Conventional • FMA * ^^^gjjfr ^ Build — Buy _ Rcpoir — Rcmodol — Refinance ^ .Ours' la n'Moonl Institution, owned ,ind operated'by local--','; people, and we're here to-help YOlKwIth your loan problems.t& Wo, have many facilities atid we Invite'you;to use-them. ' ' ^ • •. • • • FRED O. JEUIS t Secretory ^ ,' * .< * "t *-, , M '- -^ »- 5 S ',?vi r1 -fe ,'^S Rogers, Palnios; major health problems. ' Hamilton, Rt. 1, Fulton. with Sexy "Christine Care re the Gal with the Mostest! An Indiana pediatrician today ; Discharged: Dale Wilson, Hope; put millions of American children Mrs. Lomii 'Porritli,' Hope; Mrs. W. II. Campbell and ,b:itoy girl, HOpc. at Abilene, Tex., will deliver the baccalaureate sermon at mkl-\vln- ter commencement exercises tit the University o£ Arkansas. University President .Colin T, Caldwcll said today the sermon ODAY & Thurs. Speaker Named for U of A Graduation Adults nly 209 S. Main St. iPAYETTEVlLLE, Ark. (AP) — will be given on the morning of The Rev. George W. Bailey, pas- Jan. 24. Commencement exercises tor- of the Cpllegc Church of Christ arc scheduled, later that day. HRISTINE the new Pendleton 49'er has the 1959 look! A Young . Girls Love Affair With a Boy and With a Married Man! ^ROSSANO " BRAZZI- FONTAINE A Boys Love and a Man's Desire , . . She was too Excited to Be Ashamed! •JOHNNY THAT SIMGWQ SENSATIOtt «>ROOUC£0 BY W HENRY EPH.ROM OIBECtEOBY JEANNEGULE3CO- ,^^stSiaS!a»i&aaa MOSTBEAUTIFUL WE Y ./resJjnagff that's neural ^Qjilclw lias , yjkrant and flannel? ; , 17,95, & ,, }m\ Mimed in Style to ihs? "I > aderbirdl .

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