Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 3, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 3, 1958
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7§^ Ta City Subscriber*: -• if you feil td §ef yduf pleasg telephone 7*3431 fey 6:30 p. m. a«cf a ipgeial sailer will deliver yaur paper,'; •> Knife For WeoHier Reporti See Column af Bdftem of this 60tH VSAR; VOL, 60 —• NO, 43 6» H«M, HCPI, ARKANSAS! WEDNESDAY, DECIMIIR 3, 1959 M«(Hfc«fi the AitseUftif tun t, Audit Bateau sf CtFtblatftltl A», N«» Paid tint, t mat, Mdm« I..pl. JS, 1«S» — j,4Sd PR 166 Be COPY' Pictures of Last Night's Annual Football Banquet Applications for Posimastershipi WASHINGTON <APi—The Civil Service Commission yesterday an nouhded the ilftnics of nppticattls tor the following postmaster positions: )iV aching ton PlansPdncake Sapper Friday Israeli, Syria Artillery Duel Across Border JERUSALEM, Israeli Sector (API—Syrlnii mid Israeli artillery units dueled across the border for f\ Judge Soon to Get Mandate on Integration ; B,i JOHN? R, STARR ; 'LITTLE ROCK IAP> — A mandate Instructing a federal judge ,to iiiiplcment integration in LlttK . At-k. (annual snlary $5,815) — ,foc £.' Red. Lawrence 0. Day, Mowcll V: Little, BUlle B Maestri,' J. Joe Heed, Lynn II, Kilter, Harry J. Hayes, Olen K. HetTimari, Richard 6. UmbauMh Paul D. Pcevy, Keith M Went*, , ..,„.,, Jesse B. Fredrick, James A. Lcc, i"« ""«»' '"day. The Shooting ended Joseph M Wltcr, Robert 13. Jincs.', nt 7 ' 10 I'-'n-. nf'er U.N. truce ob- Uwitln 11, Skcltoh, Cloyd IS. Pnu servers naked for a cease fire. Urn, tverit K, Hnlnbnch, Ous L First rcporls Indlcaltd thai oin; Sanders,. Bernard J. Halnbnch. man—nn Israeli shepherd — wu> killed by shellflre, a U, N. spokesman said. An Israeli Army source charged Dial Hie shelling began from .1 Syrian position with fire directed against two shepherds tcndli)}! their flocks inylde J.vracl lerri* lory south of Gonnen settlement, near the Jordan Hlver. The spokesman added the Syrians also fired al Israel border police trying to extricate the men The border police returned Uv Iin. The border area follows the VIV- cr Jordan's course from the Lebanese frontier to the Sea of Galileo. It has been marked by sporadic n,.i jiii i i s ' v > lln/j over the years since , Rock's, closed high schools was ex-, nrm , 8l £ M cndcd (ht f Pa , oslim) pccted to reach the U. S, District Court Clerk's office here today. Mi'sr Lollye Blanx, chief deputy 'cleric; said the mandate would be forwarded Immediately tg District Judge John E. Miller, lr> whose court the order will be put into effect At Fort Smith, Miller said ho will rlecide on a hearing date shortly after he receives the mandate, probably tomorrow. /The 70-yenr-olcl jurist faces tho 'precedent-setting task of forcing the reopening of. Little Pock's four high schools before integration can be resumed. The mandate, issued by a 3-judgc panel of the Eighth U. S, Circuit Court of Appeals at St. -Louis, is not expected to spell - ,.. ,. i • - . ol| t ' 10 ^V Miller should accomplish The' Washington Community. Ac-,, {his, complishmenV Club will sponsor a ,pnhcakc supjler Friday night, Do- cr 5th', 1958 at the Washington , School gymnasium. y,' The return to Miller's court will complete a full cycle for HIP controversial Little Hock initiation case. It was Miller who, in 11)50,. tJ,uThi^;Sij>£,thweslern/Gas & Electric ^gnqlioned . the ' school board's •"*•• \v2u'jrfp arty 'will' furnish' Ihe'e'quip- voluntary 1 -plan, of gra'diilil 'InloRvn- mcnl, t and personncrto'do the.cook- lion after the National Assn. for ing, and all proceeds swill^go to I ho Advancement of Colored somo phase of the restoration x pro- People challenged the program as gram, Mrs. Charles A. -Hayncs, j l °0' slosv, j club chairman said today, .War of 1048. (In 'Damascus, a United Arab R c p u b P. i c Army spokesman charged thai a group of armed Israelis crossed Ihe Syrian region border with n herd of cows and penetrated 800 yards into Arab lands west of Rawiyah village, ("When Arab villagers allompi- ecl lo drive Ihe herd out, Ihe Is- raeii armed group opened fire on them." the Damascus spokesman added.) Shooting for Moon, Dueki Frustrating JONESftOttO, Ark. hifj for the moon and shooting for ducks are both npl to be trustrat- inw. itust osk racket exiierl Worn- her Von ttratin. Dr. Von tlrnun, Army Col. Tom SoiKlei- of lieristoiio Arsenal nn'l two 1I\inlsvllli!. Alti.. businessmen. Russ Kyle nnd Hcibcrl Martin. flew (o ilonosborri for their weekend Intnl. Hui tho ducks didn't sor; fit l.c cooperate with ono of tho world's lop spitce ngc rock"t (>cientlsts. Von 13(uin bagged just one mallard, "Just one of Ihosc rhiyn, 1 ' lie said. The parly was the gliost of, llr. IS, n. Calamp nf Jiint'sboro. They hunted on Marlln's land r.orlhwesl of VVoincr. U. S. Planning New Satellite Series in Week Army Unveils Its New Moon Rocket, Juno CAPE^CANAVEKAL, Fin. (AP/ — "TlTe %Army unveiled its hu«R moon rocket — Juno II — Tuesday, ''' 1 '' Weather Experimeri ( l Slalion*. report for 84-hours ending al 7 a. -TO. Wednos clay, High'53, Low,46; No precipila- )lion; TMaL 1058- precipitation 'through ' November, 52,03 inches; during the same period a year ago, 67,90 inches, ' Extended Forecast for the period OC, 3 to "Dec, 8. f , '^ . i t*, ' Ki-,, v " , , • „ y^M.V-^fff^~^' *' • 7— Hoije t Slar'pholos &, engravings „ - TOP — Wide-angle photo of crowd a.t Tuesday night's annual football 1 banquet in the'cafeteria'of Hope High'School, 1 '\ , MIDDLE — Left to right, Jack King, presidentiorthefHope f Boosters Club; Frank,Broyles head coach of the'University'of Arkansas Razorbaoksj i John Pierce, head coach 9f the Hope, Bobcats, heing congratulated .by Coach Broyles on an" undefeated, untied footbnll season; Don Seyi'?r, assistant Hope football coach, and head basketball coach! and Gordon Beasley, assistant, coach and head coach of the 'girls'"and junior basketball tearps,- -, j,v • .BOTTOM — Four of-the Hope High School girls who served as'waitresses.at last night's banqyet, (eft to. right;: Judy;Rateliff, Sandra Hobbs, Linda'Purtle, Catherine De| Vegphio,'', • , about 5 i degrees bc)u<,v Normal 'minima ^0 tp -ij, i Nornjii) •Maxima, 50" to 66, Colder weekend. Precipitation. • light ' lo t moderate, s 1 - aboul Fridny, ° ' ." , Partly cloudy warmer _this' afternoon, 'tonight, , turning cooler colder northwest Thursday, lowest In Jipqigiu, highest around. 7Q Way- . FQRECA8T Around Town By The Star, Staff Miller declined to cllscuss whai steps he planned in the lulusrt niece of Mrs. 1. Slroud of Washington, will be a featured singer of the evening. The public is invited lo atlend. / Admission will be 50c for adu! „ and 25e for children, Games' and phase of the case, which has been other entertainment will be Jpro- flJ'Pued before two other district viclcd after "supper Miss Agnes Judges, several appell;iti) panels Bcarden of .El Dorado, who is a) an d Ihe U, S. Supreme Court. -He', said ho would follow established legal procedure in every application, "There will be no undue delay, there will bc no precipitation," 1m said, "This is a matter of too much importance for peremptory action," Miller said all parlies with n valid Interest in the case 1 would be permitted their day in court. The only present litigants are the Little Rock School Boatd and HIP NAACP. LoggJ authorities iiavo said tho New officers and board mem-1 issue of constitutionality of state bers, for the Heinpstead Cpunly laws under which Gov. Orva! IS, Wildlife Group Meets Here on Thursday Wildlife Assn. \yill be elected at the _, rogulap ', meeting tomorrow Faubus closed the high schools must b'e joined in Ihg case and • Our sympathy i'oajly goes oyt to Jop Matt Herndoiv rjppc IJigh athlolc \vho" broke both of his arms in o Voighl litljng accident in lh.o -school gymnasium yesterday Ki wen fans See Farm _, . , . r _ '.piotvu'e'.'fUm on farm ', , l about 30 years ago this writer implements anc|'the importance of roke both of his - arms at the ' stressing , repairs' . with genuine night at the Hempslead County (decision rendered before the court Courtroom according to President, can proceed svilh implementation Pub Flowers, i of integration. urges v aU mem'bers of the as-. Miller said neither of the pre-' rop n v socialion lo be on iiand_for Ihesenl election and litigants has ruined a same lime and helpless situation ' ' me its a ; * Central, northeast and southwest [ The L.ions C)iib auction ' soems Arkansas; Partly cloudy this al'- to ' bo ' aoin e unusually eood this lernooj), ton.ig)il )v,n.vmer ihU and Thursday, . noon, ,gou|hpa,sj, Arkansas; Partly cloudy this afr jernoon, tonight and 'T.rjy.rsclajy cooler tonight, , ffdrlhwest Arkansas ;,' \\ this ajtornoor), loniglit and ay,* turning cqpler- Thursday Hflcrnooi}, £Ugh. ,thi§ " afternoon lew'to,mid'60s centra,}, upper'80s lo : iosv 60s northeast, ' near U0» and- t>Pl'U>\vest, raid 60s ; ,low- lonight near ,4U centra}, j^orth,oast, ,southeast mjd. 4Qs ?o,wHiwpst • through Thursday-, warmer ' thjs to 'be going unusually good this year with Ihe firsl tvyo nights netting over $},OQO . , , this money will be used- to purcha'se Chdst- •'b.askets which are passed'out leedy families . , , tonigTit js |inal one, so help if ypu can. g, j-egaii's > with genuine parts, was brought' to the Hop*; Kiwanjs , Club -'yesterday 'by Ed Thfash who hsd.pjiapge of the pro- ram.' Cpuniy,-Judge U, L *C, Garret! a guest,"',*/ s ' * to' 'The Game a,nd Fjsh Commission figure that whjBi) th,e final tabula tion, .has been- bey deef kill reach, ^,000. CJIubomen 41)e' govern-' _ M'' s >' Hazel -, in Arkansas' >vjU j program, Program challenge of the school-ulii.sin« law, Chairman Jerome Duffic wiii show; which has boon upheld in a slate a wildlife film. Meeting time is chancery court, and no other, 7:39 p,m President Flowers back' as part of the preparations for a launching expected within- a week. The powerful rocket, very sinii Jar in appearance to the Jupiter f' that fired throe Explorer satellites into orbit, svill bo usrd for the Army's first fillompl lp prolie far.'Into outer space. When the lower was rolled awa.v Iho basu of tho Army's highly touted Jupiter intcrmodialu range ballistic missile was scon. The top of thij rocket was covered, lu-vv ever For the moon shoot, (be ,/uuIti'r will bo used as a first stage boosl or rocket in place of Ihe sinnllpf .Redstone missilr; which eave th*' big lifl lo Ihu Jupiter C salojlilo vcliiclu, The Army moon missile is ex- peeled to be a four stage" rueket using clusters of -jmall, solid fuf,! Sergeant rockets in the stages. Its job will be to push 30 pound satellite payload perhaps farther jnlo space than any jji«' vlous manmado object. Jls. name will b« Jyno'II, 1'lw first Juno was a Jupiter luj.1 vo hide fired more inun ? year ago in one o£ tljo early nose conn experiments with tho J.500 mile ballistic missile; The rocket will be uimcd towaf! the vicinity of tho moon, but Or, Wornher von 13raun, Army mis 'parties hav«* yet tried lo jnUnvcny si) " rcsoarch chief, said the asso-.in Iho case. | the fhances of hittin;; Ihi .ricaiutrm i-»uwwiB i»tuu MIU rtssu-, ill mo Case. elation through its large member') ^ ny order Miller it issues pr0 bubiy agains; a new or orbiting around it arc slim. Unlike the three Air Forces lunar Jijno JI will not liavo ship and a large nuntber of hard' wU1 be _., r o _ i>i .,, M ._„ working members had achieved school board lo bo elected Satur- . , - ,, more -than most- people realize. day Fivcf ^embers of the old J Y' cebSar >' 8«i d « ! J«u 'n Ul ^' "PP"r He said that, only through an or- board resigned en masse, three sU )f M° plck gut ,; l() [ in " a liu 'HV t ganization of this type, can we! weeks ago say i, 1g Un« conflict be, . Jf a " gac ' $ '*"' '; "°. w f vt ' l 'i 11$! hope lo improve our hunting and, tween federal court integration Army tnowi wket imjjht «o I.* fishing in Wempslwd County, \ wAon np(J ; t '^ 0 \ aw , placed them yor>e ih *' nw »] f»<» >^ f 1 "»J? JJe said that the club would press in n ..h opc j c ss, NiploU, fiuslfut- ppac ,°- ?, IK 'u of iU> c) V p; |J ,T' for completion of the Bois D'Arc ,ng posUlwn'' ^' nis w '". bo lo ,. m ,7 s ,V»? 19 •' P project, elimination of water po)-| J,^, , hut thf! 8C , )01> , doorB jnUnsc raduUon f.Hd .thai nngs .•projects 'n.-sept, J? after the SuiJiemu Court -hat a large i ...,!„. * uun 19o9 FJpwcrs said lhat mtmboF9hip is necessary jf we I'^e Pvpry time B game during 'the latter' stages,of- the segspn thjg so-cjllea poll by the Associated Press ' Demonstration- Agent wi}l tell the 'Cinustma? story at thg annual HD Council Christmas. Party to be held at' th.p Hope ppspel expect to y ,oid a hoavy Jvf , 8cd to Jt a j, dfl , integration plan. About 3.00Q » „ . . lho| gtudo|llg w » re ^ w h(JUl fccj)po , g annual membership drive will start ^ Ulc s , JVe) . J10 ,.^ ac i ion | ?qt SQinp within a fesv Final Kites for 12,QOO of them sjiu'f! hnvs bcaun j attending classes—either in public schools in other dUt;icts or. u? tv/q emergency private schouU esr tabljshed here. one school, Ontipl Alford tg Deliver Address to Club A'OJVi'H LITTLE ROCK Pr. Pale. AJford, eject for the state's Fifth Congros 1 district, will deliver an Only one school, Cfniipl Jfjtfh. Slo " aj oisinct, wuj aenver nn «,«• ..'was directly affppted this year by'dress i>i the Levy Surtoma CJub's ^ Ibp gradual integration plan, jioven < m "uai' ChrisUnf.s 'benefit here .1 Npi?rnf»s worn nl)f»ihli> l/i nttftnd th/» 1-PCtf. *l- n. Club officials saul they stood AJiwd would Discuss hi: as a representative of tho Fifth District. He is scheduled to la.ku office Jao, I to su^ecl One Way to Keep Out a Meter Reader SALT LA KB CITY, Uttih (At 1 ) —The meter reader slarled down Ihe basemcnl stairs but quickly reversed himself, "There's a lion clown there," he grumbled, nnd called police. Police found a lion, too -- (!• month-old Susl?, « kitlcnl.sh IK) pounds. City law doesn't, permit people lo keep lions in llieir basements Police called Ihe An'umil Koncue League, which sent Don Cooper. J~lo took her away, siiyin'g he ho|icd,'some x.oo would like to have her. .1 Robert Mmnlck, 'vhoso baSu- monl it was, explained tt man brought Susie lo hnv wnvu flic was 12 weeks old. The man said she came htraighl Irom Afiico and kept healthy on five rabbits a day, He left Susie, burrowed u HUH ,nnd departed, ostensibly lo hunt rabbils. That vas Ihe last seen of man and rifle. Minnick kept Susie chained in the basement, and (ha decile beat never gave him any Iroubh, Out she kept on eating rabbit«, h, ; > said, and he's 'been trying to find u more^ suitable honjc tai;, l)ei>'^ said they worertU ,nw.ir<) lie had a lion in his baSoinent, Rocky Mound Meet Starts Friday A weekend revival will start al Koeky Mound Baptist Church Friday night with Wayne Turner doing the preaching, !l was announced by tho'Paslor, fiev. F. W. White, WASHINGTON <AP^ — thd; Unlted States plans to send mtc»T niul po'hnpR n monkey inttj orbit," nbonrd bl« sntfllllfs In n sdrluS tit . tests starling lit n few weeks. " , The sntetlites will be launched Irom this new Vnndonbertf AU'- I'Vjrrc RnS(* in California, ^ " r ; The Defense Department's AdA vmieed Jlosonrch Projects Agency announced lodny Hint the "Project Discoverer" program will try, *.'J v put up a I.,100-pound device In Us first Ir.unehhiR nllompl "late this,' year nr early next yc-itr." ,- -* At least a do/on satellllc launch-' iiiRs will bo attempted, ns insist" cine n mcmtlt, Hoy Johnson, ARPA,' director, told newsmen. :/ ," Johnson also snld that an at-,' tempt will he made ncxi year- to,recover n capsule from a snlctltUjrT bringing ll back through lhe';ntf';' mosphere. , «'••** Johnson said mice will be 1 lift ode nnd, "We may, in one, uso-Jh! prlmnlo." " ,s " , • lie said Hint the program,' for/" llto present, does not Include send-" Ing lip a man. , ' " ^ Goodfellow Auction in Final Night Radio listeners can win , clmlcc of three silver dollars lurkey tonight simply by having Ilielr radio on and listening " Lions Christmas AticUoYi. i . • Throughout tho-broadcasl KXAR's Crulaccas'ftft TWllI ' cruIse'ef n rout id the Uo|>o arc.uj- , stopphiB m homes"and ! turkeys or sliver "dollars to J listening to tho auction, " A friendly feud was slnrtud niaht for a gpod cause wlion Kv Hufus Barrels o£ the First Mctli-\ odlst Church nnd Dr. JohnVMc/X Clannhnn,o£ the, First,, Baplfs Church agreed lqj,a(3peal Jorjciish^l donaiisyji8,.ior Ihu-chnrity affalr.^AJ' The 1 minister raising 'tho ',mbsfr,'., \vi|l rido In a wlieel barrow the depot to his church ond h be pushed by the losing min, The event will b(> a public affairv •with the date and time to be"iidf\ vertisud later, The contest between/J the two pastors will qome td'-'-'aJ close tonight at the end of the au(j5*'" H°n. - f^ Tonight is the fjnul night and lho ; : aucUon will start 80 minutes earlyh'e Starting time, will be G;30 p, m',- cC=2 Getting Ready for Parade -* ^€m Q & i^ «v./u s* ,,. ^^SWaWJ^stf-Ap.Mi*^ «HM|td?a^J tw ,, ••: iwLjtopmwti- ^^, JMrgto /Al«bt\ k M«-^i3S - swsih^;^ ' ,«.i4isi mxfa .im .M^^fm-mm ^m^-Mmym

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