Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1958
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

O Past Sfx HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS 19SI THREE FACES OF LOVE FAITH "BALDWIN $ l$i? fcf faith t«t<f«lft Cufkrlll. BiKfibulld ^ N& liWM, TH£ SfORY: Hopfe and Adam Biel in a gardfcrt, they fill In love and wtce mai-HSd. teti years havt passed. Chapter II than hall his business, snltl, She t n ! k c ri. <.;)!<• had ; HOI had a woman, her but kept she Among women Hope hud many acquaintances. a lew close friends. She didn't much like women, shr hadn't even in college, from which she had not. of course Rradualcd. They talked to much, they flung themselves al you IP speech. Perhaps her pattern had been set by m'othcr. who had never too much, herself to herself pried. Only last week own age, Owen. They had met in the city lunched together, casually. "Why here?" Owen asked tastefully. "Why not uptown?" "The food's good.' snici Hope, . whose appetite was delienle nnd I lucked selective, 'and, besides. Adam ! Die — comes here often.' I saints "As if yon didn't see enough of him. Aren't you alrnid you'll be siUiiiK here with me or some one and he'll come in with someone else?" "He takes a lot of women to lunch," said Hope, "as they're nnd di-i- more really " Gwcn shrugged "You and Adam—" j "Sometimes 1 watch you ID- i gelher," she went, on, "just look- nt each other — H infuriates me. ' So — so physical. 1 mean . . ' She told Adam nnd concluded, "I'm Sorry for her " "I'm sorry for Tom. ' said Adam, ''For them both. (hen. Whats wrong with n marriage that's right?" Hope n.sked rejudnnbly. "Nulhliiy, which is a masterpiece of you know wh.it. God made us, we're told. He must have intended us to be. In our llesh, fulfilled, to be hiippy." He put his hand on her linn, it was soft nnd heavy and the shape of the Mkull beneath it wns as known to him HS Hint of her mouth or hands. "There arc people who despise." he snid, "because they arc nfrnld, rr envious, or so in that it doesn't permit Die outgoing. I don't mean or mjsties; and, anyway, here a run'I too many of those." "1 love you," his wife said sleepily "1 love you. Susie ' For snm?tjrnes. he called hci Susie, iiiid *'it was sprcial. Sometimes he called her Susan, PRICi ONE RACK LOVELY PARTY DRESSES VELVET - SATIN- LACE FAILLE - CHIFFON All Sizes - Jrs. and Reg. " ° ' Values to .... 24.98 FRIGE ONE LARGE RACK NEW FALL DRESSES Jrs. - Reg. - Half Sizes Values to , , . 22,50 NOW SHOP EARLY FOR BEST SELECTIONS AU SALES FINAU The Fashion Shoppe 1125, MAIN PHONi 7-5850 and that was when he was leasing her or when he was angry. She knew the differrhee. Most often it was. "Hey. yoxi," and sometimes just "Come here, woman,' 1 ttl which Hope once- remarked that she wnsn't Jupiter lie said, "Hey. yoti. 1 forgot. 1 had lunch with Marly." Marly was the widow of the senior partner. Adam had liked his partner very much, but they Hadn't had time to become closet perhaps they would not havd ueen. Marty s husband had been a brilliant man. and reserved. Now mid then Hope and Adam had dined with turn and his wile, or they came out to the iit(io i house; or there had been a party; or perhaps theater and supper in town. Marly wns well uvcr 40, somewhat her husband's junior "How Is she'/" Hope asked. "fine. She cfintc lino the office', I cli'njjgeci her out to lunch. I never lalked much to her before " "You couldn't, she was always loo busy trying to draw Jim out 1 like her. I always have. In a way. she reminds me of rny niouier." "How come? Your mother was very handsome. Marty isn't. But there's something." He paused and shook his head. '"I dunnu what it is but I cuiiu' away lol- Jng exceptionally clever. It w,is Jiall' an houi before 1 realized that I'm not." Hope smiled. She said, "tilio drew you out. Maybe Unit's her naUue, conditioned by years ol Jim. ' "Could be. You know sometimes you're smart." "No.' said Hope, considering this, "I dont think my way through things, 1 feel my way into them." Marty came oul to them several weekends. She hod a big, cool apartment, but Adam said, "She's alone so much. llo\v about asking her?" and Hope said, "Of course." Marly was u tali, spare woman; her bones were big and shn moved her hands awkwardly. Sht> had an unusual face, alive and ergcr, yet her eyes, against intruders, were us closed as bright blue doors. Her speaking voicw was somewhat high in pilch, and .she listened more than she talked. 'It was during the third weekend that Hope reali/.ecl thai when Adam was with Marty he was somehow different. She experifiiced no physical jealousy as. in the security, -arrogance and complicated simplicity of her relationship with Adam and his with her, that would have been impossible. Occasionally she felt curiosity about a chance - met man, 01; Adam about a woman. Usually they spoke of it to each other, unless, because of its unimportance, they recognized and then for^l it. This was not a curiosity that either wished or needed to satisfy. "Chemical," explained Adnm once, "biological." And laughed because his was scarcely a pro- Jound comment. She said vaguely, "You can't analy/.c the attractions, \ suppose everyone puts out feelers, unconsciously. Don't grin, 1 know it isn't always unconsciously, With us, it's sort of. surface , . . like a spring which neve* goes dry, always filling a *veil svhich has to overflow and run in tiny Tild direction It doqsn't take from the spring. ' "I suppose Jns( jear when John What's-his-namo taught you tlio .Echiirc or whatever it was, that was a runoff?" "He was good looking," his wife remembered judicially, ''if not very bright. But fun.' 1 She smiled. "The overflow didn't go far, '.t run right off in another direction. Tliat was the night J also mot Mr Wh;iU ver flammond," "He's at least 75" "What has that to do with jt? 1 "1 give up.' "Well, ipst night. The girl D'ui hnverod- over w h ) I o Barbara plnred and called her 'darhn;',' i Actually, you don't like blondes J much " He said, "Blonde? I didn't no- lice hor coloring " Then they had Mu.gh.ed because tins \\'!<s a natural thing, they could talk r.bout it, and were safe. So Hope could not feel physical jealousy I'nd wns, therefore, moru foituntUe than she would ever know. But she Uptsw fear, which she didn't like, for, fueling fear .si)e \\ixs not in herself so secure And this was bad Jl wasn't merely that when Adam talked Marly listened, nor that sometimes she talked fend ha listened. It wasn't what they said. Mope heard what they said. II was an awareness within her of uhcasines. So she asked the night Marty', left. "What is s p e c i a 1 about! i Marty?" He came over add r u f I 1 ed Hope's hair. Patiently she re- brushed it. Ht said. "Well, gosh, I just like her; she's comfortable to be with. ' Court Daeket He thought, after they were in bed, 1 never thought there was anything. Yet there was and ha wondered wiint? I'trtuips a sort of relaxation, a kind of peace, Hot remotely like thai which for nearly a decade he hud experienced with his wife. This was nut the wonderful steady slow uliur u flame had flickered nut. There was no fkuiie whatsoever, ho warmth with power to disturb. Talking with Murly about books was not like talking With Hope, with whom Adam hail an understanding, lie didn't require her to liicc his cops, rubbers, Indians, nnd cowboys <uiy more than she insisted ho fall in love with some pioneer woman whose Indians were real. Murly read a great deal, although when she Had time Adam didn't know. "Whenever do you lincl the time?" he asked, alter she had spoken to him 01 a recent boon. "1 read at n i g h I, uiuil quite late," she answered, "I always have." Adam t h o u g ih ft about that. Nights were not lor reading, not when you were truly married. So. she aiwuvs had. She'd been mar- C.TY McFaddin, Speeding. For« - cash bohd. Kllen Dehman. Vergie SlU- ' Bossing iihtaxed iiitoxicat- iuoi Forfeited $100 cash os Lampe, Running ted light i!cH S3 Cash bond. s Boatncr, Disturbing the Forfeited $25 fcash 'bond. .nr Whilley, RtJCkless dHVJng 1 ted $25 cash .bond. Maxwell Jr., Lloyd JSast, ikenncss. Plea guilty; fined ,1 in J. Garland, Dismissed. 1 Disturbing the Basketball la&k*{faaii 43 §y DucjueSfie 63, Carnegie Tech Seloh Mall 80, Rider 59 Temple 60. Gettysburg 53 Cahisius 56, Siena 54 New Harnpshire 67. Bowdoin .16 Viliahnva 83, Leftwyne (NY) 67 Kentucky 91, Florida State 68 West Virginia 76, Furman 67 North Carolina State 70. Penh Slate 54 Georgia Tchrs 72, Georgia Tech 64 Georgia 76, Clemson 59 >•?•*.'. Why feed the,,big thirst of bigger J 59's? S.ee the Compact New Even More Economical STATE 1'.his C Clark, No fSd author* its Forfeited $100 cash bond; $50 • -pended. vv V. Flcrgilsoh, Driving on • >n a side of road. Plea guilty j fi.ied $5. Cornelius Johnson, No PSC! att' ilinnty. Forfeited $100 cash bond. Hub) Jewel Conway, Possessmi: untax'cd. ink»);ca\ting liqu|or '.ii side. Plea guilty; fined $100 Travis Ldyton, Klmball Corn• liny. Overload. Forfeited $25 cash !>,md. . . Joseph Stuart, Failure to yield right of way. Forfeited $10 cash bohd. Floyd Wright, Assault and Bat tery, Dismissed. CIVIL BO CKET Barry's Oro. & Market vs James Vork, Wire Products Co., Garni- shoe, Action oh account for $79,21. Judgment for Plaintiff by default for $?9.21 Garnishment dismissed. L. M. Soswell vs Jack McFadden, Hope Public Schools. Garnishee, Action on account for $32,95. Dismissed Without prejudice. Alabama 80, Jacksonville (Ala) i State 40 Mississippi 62, Troy (Ala) 50 Florida 107. ferskine 61 Mississippi Slate 94, SE Louisia^ na 72 Cincinnati 93. Indiana State 64 Kansas 65, Ifcice 49 Kahsas State 96, Puf'due 83 ibsva 67, Colorado 46 Michigan 75, Pittsburgh 55 j Northsvcsterii 102, Western Mien- tgan 60 Loyola (Chicago) 79, Carleton 65 Nebraska 85, NW Missouri SUle 44 Texas A&M 61. Trinity (Tex) 51 Baylor 75, Howard Payhc 65 Oregon Slate 68, Oregon 60 Stanford 57, San Jose State 40 Idaho 71, Montaha 51 San Francisco 61, Chicago Stale 34 HEY KIDS Santa Clous will be at. MONTGOMERY WARD Sat. Dec. 6, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Come by and see him! in-il to Jini for "years. No; night:! \ ere for sleep, knowing thai.even n slevp • ^au sverc not alone; n.Khts were for love, for lender- ncs,-. and h.ughtor; sometimes tor little quarrels and lovely reconcili- ations. (To Be Continued) is hereby given that Family Automobile Policies: F17-15478 to F17-15484 inclusive, F17-15487 to F17-15491 inclusive and F17-15493 to F17-15500 inclusive and Fire Policy 61-79752 of Southern Fire & Casualty Company, Knoxville, Tennessee 'have been , marked void on the records of the Company and there is no liability by or on'the part of the Company growing out of such policies and that issuance of said policies may be illegal and void.*If any cf these policies are found, please notify SOUTHERN FIRE & CASUALTY COMPANY P. O. Box 1966 Knoxville, Tennessee Bccbe Man Killed in Accident SfcEfiE, Ark. (At 1 )—A 8!<i-ea?« old Beefae mah was killed lhslahtlj> yesterday when his pickup trucK was struck by a Missouri I 5 acifid tr&in at a state Highway 3i crossing here. £k State Police said Arthtii 1 Moss riembree di-ove around a lowered Warhing gate ahd ohto the Itaek itt the path of the traih. Me also drove past another Veh« icie which was Slopped lot the li-aiti. 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T])is Advanced Spperchargjjig addi*, tjv§ makes I4on gaso)jn^ ilie first' cQib$Itfo$, ' gasolijies^rdomg ilv&'sompkte job' of ing power, esfra efficiency, and prgtyiiv tpday'? modevn auto enpwsi . U<m gasoline^ are fcoih jaborat j-oad4egted f These ^ypeiiof 'gasoUne^^yhV- Ney Ropket^Age Liom'te give ywnMfoeme f fj Rene/it's Not Found "j'Gqsojwes i" '5i "PwGQUvTi MorJ!'*^ '"""'''" " o rlfn'risy*!*^, W. !B*= s f Sli*,' ~ -v •* ~ r.fgpj-4^ mi$.£M igip f <i .iKTf . iv-i"-' ^*: fe^.c

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