Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1958
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Tuesday, Dieembet I, HOPE STAR, HOPE,ARKANSAS §y pick Turner Screen P§>fa>m§r $2 Aged S3 Set aff-esll , s*Tayl6f 4 He aets f>!ctufS 1 Used in his prqfessiort of g Mountain the *?-*=-ef nymph actofs § Bounded" 12 A"ge- 4 Mot 13 Al-abiati ' § Likeness 3f> Feel regret skeleton 1 SlEslrahge- 37 Habituate u* *", 6=7-* majesty 23 Pleasant looks A . "Assam f Measuring 26 Musical ' 38 silkworm dex , lce dramas 39 Stream **« ' (p, oet -) 8 Holy Roman 29 "Empire 40 Pacifist i| Emaciate Church (ab.) State" (ab.) 42" GehUs ot 1? Was seated 9 Cuddle 30 Exist duoks ' 20 Driving coinmaild N» ( „ THAt COULD BE WHAT WAT >... 'BOt TSTART 10 Muse of ' poetry 11 Mental capacities 33 He has been 44 fof.a 46 Rocky number of 4? Whale (comb, roles • fdfm) ot Thailand 22-Comphcl SfMasettllhe at 28 Fastening device SO Hotie'y-maker slCfafty 32 'Sea eagle ' 3'3 Pronoun , AULEY OOP 38 Fall' flower 4'0. Water, vehicle 41 feminine • nickname 4'3Heroic". ' 45 Table scrap 46 Belief! v coat 48 Uncle' Tom'i ' friend ISWT THERE AMV W HELP t.w. »ij. U,B. P«I, on. C.! Oil by NCA Sn.lci. Inc. IB^P* i i n(?rsti ov» • t \ p^w » i-rxii^ vr , WAY TO MAKB HIM ) INiTERVllEV/i KIP! 5U "I thought I'c 1 better be','prepared~there's a'Jot 'pf laryngitis goinp around!" " " ', WHILE *HE WAS, ' BA.BV? SWEETIE PIE 'By Nodine Scltxcr port 50 Papal cape 51 Pen~poiht~ By Kate Osan CAPTAIN EASY \ . (' HAD AN ANSWER > V ir/"V> V//-H I Ql T.,Tiit- w—!. I . _J ' I —^jl .' ' J-T ilJ^TfcU "It's made of.rubber! I just lifceto'watch people's expn SIDE GLANCES , By Golbroith - 'C.ddie saysihe.'s a foreign correspondent, But 1 foiincT ; • out,ajl he .does is.write letters to his cousin in England!" , FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES JL-'GUESS LlL HAVE To ENLAR66 THAT OOTH,IN SELF ';'.-." ' ^""l WMY DIDN'T VOU STOP' PRISCILLAI) GET OUT OF, THAT WATER! HER?,? YOU'RE HER V Lr 1 OLtD'ER, BROTWERl 1?58 I.J.NEA 5«rvic t , Inc. T.M. R, f CONFpyMp.il/ AM OF' PRISCILIA'S POJP ,OUT PVR WAY , By J, R, Willi.ams QIM BOARDING HOUSE Wifh Mqjor WHV, ' THINK.' J'P HAVE STAVE P HAS aUST E&CAPgD FROM TH6 9LACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA,' VOU'P OR HAP .7'UKlLACB VORE r-'.-n AS FREE V> i*- w RANK W TH AIDfr /( WILLIAM TELU APTfiF? I AIR M M TH ,5 p REC]D pS TRgA5Uf?5 X ,^ STAND! KS V<?L) ' •• '.'isn't Jt'suie? I bsught it tp'giye te'i friend fsr *- -', §Q | have to be f aref uhwjth'ltl" ; . PERHAPS-**-*-, *WUTKVIWVTM6 f uykjy, m mm'^ss* Rebukes Aid $in Fund Drive LittLrfi SOCK — (A?) — doV. Orval to. Faubus, escc-pt fot a rnilH rebuke of fund raising methods employed by a close friend, side stepped controversy yesterday es he relurrtod to his office alter n mid-wfnter Vacation, The governor disttiissed a qUes» tion about the Controversial Fifth District Congressional election the jrtm'se cqimrnehl, ''As lar as I'm •Iconcerhecl.'lhat elecHotl' is settled." Then he said that Calude fc. Carpenter Jr,, cHairman'of a Dollars ] for Detnoci'ats fund drive' made ii ( tactical error when he "wrote school officials tiskiiig.'that teach* crs contribute $5 e?ch to party coffers in appreciation for pay raises they received from the 103? Legislature. "T. don't think he should have singled out the tcticherS," Patibus Asaid, "But I believe'they 'should toe free to contribute?, as well as everyone else." a •The Carpenter letter evoked a storm of protest from, persons who fell v the teachers Were'being pros' sured Into contributing. Carpenter hotly denied this allegation, Turning again to the congressional' race, in which 'Rep, Brooks Hays (fi-Arlc) was defeated by Dr, Dale Alford, a write,-iri candidate, — Faiibus said he had not Cecil ask- W eel by I^ys tp rplraln from per sonal intervention in ihc race. "This should not <b,o 1 taken to mean, however, that I did take a hand in it," the govcrnorisaid, Hays said In Washington yesterday that Faubus broke a promise to stay out of the congressional race. Although Faubus never openly endorsed Alfpid. carpenter was the doctor's campaign manager and it was believed^'A.li'qrd had ^•Faubus silent support. ] " i The governor said he woyld oppose any effort by the ! 1959 General Assembly to abolish the state's property reassesment program, established in 1955, ''We've made too much)progress on this program to throw it out now," Faubus said, adding that school districts had hurt the plan by failing to lower tax millage rates in the face of increased ^assessments. The 1955 law sets cut that properly asessments must' bo raised to 18 per cent of valuation by Dec. 15 of this year or the counties face loss of stale turnback* funds^ Less than half of Arkansas' 75 counties . have completed their reappraisal programs and there have .been rumors that some legislators plan a massive effort to abolish the program in 1959. The governor's first- action yes- Ji'lorday wys to confirm, the-.appolnt - ment of Arnold Sike's','" his * executive secretary since 1955, to',lhq Commerce Commission, , _ ''."•' Faubus declined to' 'discuss whp he might apooint as Sikes'' SUCCPS for, but capitol sources sai'd--Rolla Fitch, director nf thn Alcohol crage Control Board,, had the'in- 'side track to the iob. Filch' wa'fj sern n< Dikes' desk 'for' a • period yesterday and he frequently has ^ been seen wilh the governor ' ^^ reo'*nl woi^ks. i ''* , ' Sikcs vvill handle tKo duties until Ihr; new man is nf.jjjpd.' " '» •Fatibup said IIP would hayq other kov aopnintrnpnt." in ,tlio n.ext 'feiy .weeks, includnd a HJRhwqy'CQPI- mission moni'ior to TPolaoe Bay- monrl Orr of Fort Sitiifh,. who lea- vo* the commission '.T'pri. Faubus roid the HUh>^y-Com mission annnnilninnt would ho linn- controversial but he turned aside j^ oucsikms as to y-bn the new conv ~mi"ioner mi°ht bo, - This apnointmonl will bo Fnu« bus 1 fourth 1 tn tho commission, bul it is tha 'oh'e'Jiis ; pritiog sav will uivo, him eonlvn of the body which wns set no on non-nolitir>nl lines under Jhn ""' ' "1"amendment of'j§52,, the amendment, only n governor would maHo •• enough appointments to put his men in control, but' Fawbus made fihjs thjcd pppointmeiit last sumnv PV, foIjQwing the death,,s| Com, ^jissjoner Ceci! t.vpph. \Q*>'ti ' ' ' way accident, That was diirjni reeleption campaign, hnwqvev, -„.Jle named ^ewveupp B}ftpK\Y,ejl, po author nl the ivrqpH.pi^eHwe}: BJT)C)idment, to Lynph's post (o avoid any )iint "f 5 ' " ROACH , HUGHES " IT mm :Z*fftffm' r ?t-^ . , r. m mmmmm^ -, Lond'O.Ukfs Farm •/xsmSmssx-

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