Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 10, 1963 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, June 10, 1963
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH -MONDAY, JUNE 10,1963 torn 0,1, W»4 WW Mayor Says City in Good Financial Shape in Spite of 'Surplus' Furor FORECAST Show l«w Y«mp*t*tvrM PARTLY CLOUDY, COOLER It will be cooler Monday night in the northern half of the nation except for the Pacific northwest. Meanwhile warm, humid weather will continue in the southern half. Showers can be ex- pected from Wisconsin and Illinois eastward to Virginia, in the eastern Dakotas and in parts of the western mountains. (AP WSrephoto Map) Macmillan Orders Probe of Scandal By ANTHONY WHITE LONDON (API—Prime Ministe Macmillan returned from a golf ing vacation today and ordered a inquiry into security aspects o the Profumo scandal which threat ens Macmillan's own career. The inquiry is being made b\ Lord Dilhorne, who as lord chan cellor is Britain's highest lega authority. He will determine if British Security was breached or was negligent as a result of former War Minister John Profumo's illicit affair with Christine Keeler, a 21- year-old red-haired party girl who at the same time in 1961, was sharing her bed' with Soviet naval attache Capt. Yevgeny (Eugene) Ivanov. Ivanov is generally regarded as a Russian intelligence agent. Political sources said Dilhorne's report is in the works and probably will be completed this week. The report will be handed to Macmillan and Labor party leader Harold Wilson but may not necessarily be made public. Ward Arrested Meanwhile, Dr. Stephen Ward, the 50-year-old society osteopath who introduced Christine to Pro- fumo, was brought into the Marlborough St. Magistrate's court today on a charge of living on the proceeds of prostitution. He was ordered held without bail for a preliminary hearing next Monday. As Ward stood relaxed in the dock in a green sports jacket, pale blue slacks and open-necked shirt, his attorney said Ward "wishes to deny this charge most emphatically." Chief Inspector Samuel Herbert of Scotland Yard told the court Ward likely will face a number of more serious charges. Herbert said he opposed granting of bail because he feared Ward would interfere with prosecution witnesses. 'Macmillan refused to comment on the Profumo affair and gave no public indication of concern But the scandal rocking Britain could spell his downfall as Conservative party leader. His chance of survival depends largely on the showing he makes before Parliament next Monday when asked to explain his role in the background to the intrigue. If Macmillan fails to give satis- factory answers, one parlaia menlary informant predicted there is little doubt he will be pressured even more to resign The gravest threat came from some of Macmillan's own Conservatives who accused him of negligence and naivete in not unearthing the true story of the Pro- Fumo affair earlier. With an edge of about 100 seats n the House of Commons, the Conservatives under normal cii- •mmslances could easily turn back any opposition move to bring down the Macmillan government. But some Tory legislators have •xpressed doubts whether they :an continue to support Macmil- an as party leader. Macmillan must call new elec- lons before October 1964. Even iefore the Profumo case broke, xjllsters were giving the edge to lie Labor party. Christine has said she and Pro- umo were lovers. For mouths rumors had whispered this. Before 'arliament in March Profumo enied the rumors. Then last 'ednesday he changed his story, isigned his sub-Cabinet post and uit Parliament in disgrace. Profumo, while confessng that e and Miss Keeler were more lan platonic friends, insisted that British security had not been ompromised. There has been no suggestion hat Profumo let classified infor- nation leak out. But his position 1 the double affair obviously •nade him a candidate for Soviet ilackmail. Quiet Week in Prospect For Congress Iraq Reneivs War Against Kurdish Rebels By FAKOIJK NASSAR DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — The Iraqi government announced to day it is renewing the war against the Kurdish rebels of Mul lah Mustafa Barzani in four north ern provinces. The National Revolutionary Council declared the northern provinces of Kirkuk, Sulemaniya Mosul and Erbil military comba areas. It gave the Kurdish rebels 24 hours to lay down their arms and pledge allegiance to the Baghdad government. If they fail to meet the ultimatum, the statement said, the rebels will be "subjected to army fire." The government also combined all four districts into one martia' zone and appointed Brig. Said Fathi El Saqali as martial governor of the zone. He formerly was military attache in Damascus. Saqali designated the oil installation areas in Ein Zala restrict ed /.ones and said unauthorized civilians approaching the area would he shot without warning. The government also announcec a dusk-to-dawn curfew in two areas near the air force base ol Habbaniya, west of Baghdad and not in the Kurdish populated areas. The broadcast said the government had "proved its good inten tions toward the Kurds" by or dering a cease-fire after it overthrew Premier Abdel Karim Kas item's government Feb. 8. But Baghdad said the Kurds re acted "like gangsters" and made demands "which served the interests of foreign imperialist powers aiming at damaging Iraq's independence and sovereignty." WASHINGTON It looks Weather Forecast Alton and vicinity: Gear partly cloudy tonight with to tlnindershowers tonight. Cooler to night. The low tonight 58-63. Part- partly cloudy tonight with he thigh around SO. Extended Forecast Southern Illinois — Tempera- ures will average near season al normals except 2 to 5 degrees above the normals in ex- reme Southern Illinois. Read- ngs will drop some by AVed- nesday. Normal highs, 82 to 87. Vormal lows. 60 to 69. Precipi- ation will total three-fourths of an inch to an inch or more n scattered thunderstorms hroughout the period. Smoke Will Again Signal New Pope VATICAN CITY UP) — The Vat- can has decided against a light ignal to flash word from the Sis- ine Chapel on the election of a ew Pope, a Vatican radio official aid today. Vatican radio sources said last veek that the official radio sta- ion was studying the possibility if installing an electrical system letween the chapel and the Vati:an radio studio. Someone inside he chapel would throw a switch and a system of lights would in- 'Puzzle 9 Is to Be Explained Mayor P. W. Day declared today that the city's present finan- ji-ial condition is bolter than at the corresponding time a year ago despite the furor over the "missing" surplus. The "surplus" puzzle will come up for explanation at the city finance session tonight. The mayor pointed out that since the close of the tax collection here the city has paid off all general fund anticipation warrants of last year, in amount of $430,000, and has anticipated against the current 1963 tax levy in | amount of only 515,000. j As of June 15, last year, Day i said, the city was $140,000 in debt and was able to avoid financial embarrassment at that time by the transfer of some revenue bone issue funds to the general fund. Transferred Money "The money was transferred from the revenue bond fund," said Day "on assumption that the general fund has paid the sewer engineers $69,500 for advance planning. But review of the records later on indicated that the $69,500 was paid oad obtained jovernment. "When it was later found that he federal loan was still to be paid it was necessary to transfer the $69,500 back from the general fund to the revenue bond !und which actually owed the money. Repayment to the government was made last Feb- •uary." Payment of the $69,500 through transfer from the general fund added to the city's year-end fi nanving difficulties. Mayor Day indicated, one reason being that "the amount was not covered by last year's budget." The mayor reiterated today aha* there "were no differences" be- iween him and former City Manager Frank Zeitlin as regards last year's city financing and that whatever figures he has quoted and relied on were taken from Zeitlin's own budget report to the from a planning from the federal dicate whether a Pope had been I council. elected or whether there was no| Such difference of opinion had ike another week of slim pickings for Congress, which apparently is determined again until frost of fall. Only one major measure is on! dgreemnt. But the system apparently falls under a conclave rule which bans 'telegraphic, telephonic, micro- ihonic, radiophonic, photographic, :inematographic and other simi- ar instruments." Thus the traditional smoke sys- em will still be used. Vatican radio also will rely on the smoke. At the conclave, opening June 19, ballots will be burned after every voting session. A substance nixed with the ballots is supposed o produce black smoke to show to slay in session well after the first I "° Popc nas been elected or white j /; : I smoke to show one has been chosen. But it is not always easy to tell been averred in a resolution recently adopted by Alton Citizens for Better Government. The ACBG in the resolution asked the council to expedite the city's annual audit with careful consideration to "any surplus funds remaining at the end of fiscal year 1962 (March 31)." Resolution Filed The council filed the ACBG resolution without any implementing action after it was reported the annual city audit was in progress. Mayor Day told the alder- FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPOSITION Members of Ray Boley's Art II and Advanced Art 11 or more subjects available for all four years of high class at Gilson Brown school where summer sessions school ««•«««* iioo-;.,^™^^- .„„„ „„—j _x /.no ills- opened today, watch color slides shown on screen to demonstrate composition. All classes are full in the credit, morning. Registration was pegged at 609 this Man and Youth Drown in 2 Separate Swim Mishaps A Kentucky man and an Edwardsville High School student drowned in separate accidents in the area Sunday. Thad Dawson Lewis Jr., 36, of .ouisville, Ky., a construction told deputies that Lewis had swum across the 70-foot-wide canal once but had gone under while swimming back. The two had gone to the area to fish, Rigsby said. The Wood River Township and Alton emergency corps were call- electrician, drowned at 6 a.m.Jed to the scene after the acci- while swimming across the Hart-1dent and recovered the body brd Canal in Lewis Park near Hartford. Richard -White, 16, of 335 South Vlain St., Edwardsville, drowned at 2 p.m. in Dunlap Lake while wimming with three other boys. Lewis' companion, Comer B. Rigsby of New Salisbury, Ind., and Clark I about 9:15 a.m. Madison County men that he had asked the audi- :ors to make a special check as :o any carry-over in funds. "I can't find the $100,000 that's been talked about," he commented. The city finance committee is to take over from this point tonight. Deputy Coroner George Paynic said an inquest will be held. White, who made his home with his grandmother, Mrs. Hila E. White, was swimming off a dock at the rear of the William Page home on West Lake Drive when the accident occurred. Witnesses said that the boy dived about eight feet out fron the Page dock into about 15 feet o water. Delbert Madison, 20, who was in a boat across the lake from the Page property, told investigating sheriff's officers that he heard a "commotion", came over and dived for the White youth. Young Madison found the boy about 14 feet down and brought the body to shore. Myrn Madison, 15, a brother of the older Madison boy, Jim Koen, 16 and Tom Schwager, 16, who were swimming with the White youth, all attempted artificial respiration until arrival of the Edwardsville Fire Department inhalator, which was used for half an hour in an attempt to save the boy. Witnesses estimated that the youth was underwater about eight minutes. Ah inquest is pending, Deputy Coroner Lesley Marks said. Lenz May Meet Sewer AdviceBody Paul A. Lenz, Alton's public j works director, may have an opportunity to meet members of Citizens Committee on Engineering Features of the Sewer Program next Wednesday at a luncheon promoted by Mayor P. W. Day. Day said the conference was arranged between himself and Chairman Ralph WandHng of the citizen group, but with the request that as many others of the committee as possible should also attend. The citizen advisory group has gone for nn extended period without any meeting while new phases of (be sewer program were in the planning stage and without opportunity to meet Director Lenz. Now the opening of bids on the southside interceptor is only two weeks away and the committee is tuning up for renewed activi- jly. Mayor Day said that a copy o£ I ho specifications for the south- jside interceptor, a near $1 million project had been sent the committee chairman, and that the plans may have some discussion Wednesday. Young Deer Seen North of Bethaho RKTHALTO — Two young female doer wore seen in a field Sunday on Iho Walter Janssen Kami ahout four miles north ot Bothalto. .lanssrn said he and his family saw Iho doer ahout 8 p.m. in a 50-acre field near his house. He said the two young does ale grass in his field and then journeyed across the road into another field, ate a little ther, and disappeared into a wooded area beyond. BANK ft TRUST COMPAIW Capital and Surplus $2,250,000.00 Til I III) A.M> IIKLLE STIIEETS • ALTON, ILLINOIS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM the dockets of the Senate and the House, both of which spent a quiet week last week. It is the controversial area redevelopment bill, which some Republicans claim isn't necessary and has been used to promote the cause of the Democratic Party. The bill, scheduled for House debate Wednesday, would add $450 million to the $379.5 million authorized program to help business and industry in unemployment. areas of high what color the smoke is. To Instruct Bible School Teachers The Main Street Baptist's vacation Bible school teachers will receive instructions in a meeting at 7:30 tonight at the church. The Bible school will start June 17 and conclude June 21. A closing service will be held in the evening of June 23. 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