Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 2, 1958
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To City Subieribtri! If yau fail la get yaur star please tetgphofig 74431 by 6:30 p. m, and a ipesial earner will delivef youf paper, S/lAi 6«*i« Knife For Weather Report! See at Saffem af This 60TH YEAR, VOL 60 - NO, 42 HOPF, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 19S8 Av. the Auatisletf Pf*» i Audit BofMit nl Nld Clrtl. & m«. mdlnd i;0t. 1(S, HSI 3,468 PRICE Se COPV Suggests Boost In Gasoline Tax for Highways LITTLE ROCK (API" <i« Arkatv sns Highway Commission Chah-< man Glen Wallace of'Nashville today suggested a halfi.dettt boost Jn the state's gasoline J't&jj plus « hcr measures to dblaln, an ex a $TtlQQ,OW In highway .revenucn, Wallace said the-additional money was needed to preventMoss of federal matching -funds'.—*<•' The .proposal was made Irt a lct» ier to Rep. Marcus J.-"MoWcll of Phillips County.) chairman of the 'A,! 4 k a Us a s Legislative Council's """ committee on revenue and tnxa' .* lion, An estimated $2,760,000 Would be raised by the half cent increase. Other propose dmeasures includ- *J: A $3 increase in registration lees of. all passenger vehicles to pro. ducc $1,300,000; increased license lees on certain types of trucks for another $000,000; additional taxes on dlcscl fuel to bring in $170,000; revision of natural resource, resin tratlon to secure $940,000; elimination of a current $900,000 border rate tax. exemption on • -motor fuels; abolition of an overweight vehicle tolerance of ,1,000 pounds Ask* Parcel Post Rate Increase WASHINGTON (AP)-The Posit Office Department today formally asked the Interstate Commerce Commission to approve a 17. l pur cent Increase in parcel post rates, designed to put fourth class mail sot-Vice OH a golf-sustaining basis. Postmaster General Arthur S, summcrfioid announced the proposed advance in early October, ttd estimated the department was handling parcel post at a loss of 88 million dollars a year, 'Postal laws' require that parcel als submitted today would brine in about $88.8 million more annual* iy. Postal laws require that parrel post service pay for Itself, since it competes with privately operated express services, obtain $300,000, The proposals also call for com polling National 'Guard members Continued on Page Three ions Club Auction Underway •»• *?HP*«^ ?- ' . ' * Colder Than Normal Seen Next 30 Days WASHINGTON (AP) — The Weather Bureau foresees Weather colder than normal for the season in the northern half On the nation east o fthe continental divide in the next 30 days. The 30 day forecast issued Monday, says: "The 30-day outlook for Decem bcr calls for temperatures to av crage below seasonal normals over the northern half of the nation from the Continental Divide Weather Experiment Station report for 24-hours ending at 7 a. m. Tuesday, ^Tigh 48, Low 44; Trace of precipitation; Total ' 1958 '-precipitation through November, 52.03 inches; during the same period a.year ago, 67.90 inches. , •' eastward to the Atlantic Seaboard. r "Above normal temperatures are indicated for Ihc California coast and Florida. In other areas about normal temperatures for ,, tho season are in prospect. "Precipitation is expected to ex- ARK REGIONAL FORECAST .. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, Central, northeast and southeast Arkansas: Considerable cloudiness and occasional; rain and a possibility of a few thundershowers this' afternoon and tonight, Wednesday partly cloudy/and rnild, ™ Northwest and-,southwest ArkS'nsas: 'Cloudy'' to partly cloudy this iifternoon, tonight and Wednesday, cooler tonight. / , ' Hitjh this afternoon mid to high 50s central, mid-50s northeast and northwest, mid 50s- to 'near . 60 southeasl and southwest; low tonight mid ,40s contrtU and south. ea~st, near 40 northeast, 'mid "3()s to 40 northwest and low to mid 40s southsvest. to part cloudy, occasional rain and-a few thundershowers east and south this afternoon and in southeast to night, cooler west portion tonight, Wednesday partly cloudy, lowest 30-40 northwest and 40s''elsewhere tonight, highest 55-6g • Wednesday. LOUISIANA;' C 1 o u d y with oc. casional rain this afternoon and mainly in epst portion, tonight, ^•Vednosday partly cloudy and ivarmer in afternoon, ceed norm ai along the Gulf and Atlantic coast, over the northern Plains, and along the West Coast "Subnormal amounts are, expected in the southern Plateau, lhe southern "Rocky • Mountain slates and'the central' 1 Plains, Otherwise near normal precipitation is indicated." ' .', • ' Carpenter^ to Conference LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Claude Carpenter Jr., chairman of the state's Dollars for Democrats campaign, will leave for Washington tomorrow to take part in u n a lion,a 1 Democratic commil- tee meeting, Caiipcnter will serve in .place of Mrs, Jack Carncs of Camdcn, national Democratic committewom- nn' for Arkansas, !- •;• '- ''.'-• —Star Photo •'& Engraving \, ,' ,- HOPE-LIONS'CLUB opened 1 Its; annual Goodfellows auction last night over.KXAR' andiit.was'the best,single night in history of the affairi'nettlng^lS, not-countin*g cash donations. .The top photo shows'the'Lions,in.action aUCity Hall; Bottom photo shows part of the Glee Club, directed,by^Mrs., B. ! C. Hyatt,'who sang as a part of the" program,y'lieft*tot-right ,are;.)Florence Davis, Nancy Tooley, Cherry Myers, s-Tena Pilkinton,' Sharon Evans,' Judy 1 Boswell, Sondra' Russell, Becky O'Dell. , Favors Putting Up Free Berlin Idea to People By AttfHUR OAVSHON LONDON (API — some Allied diplomats today wue reported in 1 a v o i' or challenging Nlkiln Khrushchev to n plebiscite In which West Borllncrs cotild ne- ,eoiil or reject liis proposal to mn!ci> ,'lhelr city n dc<mllitiirl/cci free icily. Qualified inforniiints said under j the proposal being suggested, If ,the 2,200,000 West Berlin'"'*! re- 1 jected free • city stnlus, Klit'inli- r chcv Would be obliged lo dump Mils scheme mid continue t« abide :by the existing fourpower occu- ! unlioh" agreements. 1C the West Berlincrs accepted i e Soviet Premier's proposal'), jtlioti the Amcricnns, British and French would be bound to with- irnW their 10,000 troops from their odors ot the city. The informants stressed that Ihis was only one of several ideas polng pondered. The Allied diplomats who favor some such proposal lo Moscow said they are Convinced: C 1. That the Russians would not $sl< putting their proposals lo the tost of public opinion. 2. That in any vote the West B.erlihers would rcsoundly reject the Soviel proposals. I, There was no indication whether the ic|cn of challenging Ihu Russians thus has yel been considered by Allied governments at top level. J Jt is known, however, that the Soviet move has started some fundamental rethinking among the Allies about-th'oir position net only in Berlin but in all Germany. School Death Toll 90, May Have Caused fire To Head Retail Merchants S* '• II*' "'C-'^l^'' 1 '^/!'Galls School (WASHINGTON (AP)'— Secretary of Education Flemming yesterday termed anti-integration school, closings "a., tragic '.new, circumstance in a nation which . has, proudly pioneered in providing free public education for all," Flemming said -.whn't, was being done to children by closure of public schools in Arkansas and' Virginia was "indefensible," 'The secretary, said -he was confident that, "as", losses flowing from the closing.' of public schools 'THE WEATHER • 'By THE ASSOCIATEO PRESS '" - .. High Loyy Pr- snosv clear Albuquerque, -clear Atlanta, cjouciy Bismarck, elogdy Boston, clear , Ouffalo, snow ' 'J>'hjeago, clear , Cleveland, ojoudy Denver, cloudy PCS Moines, ; •petroit, cloudy fort Worth, cloudy 1-fclpna, cloudy JndlanppoUs, 1 cloudy Kajisfl? Cjty, gjppr .j..Quisville, ?)car .- MpniPhis;' rail) Miami, 27 25 21- 5 ' P? 38 30 23' 29 24 .07 80 2J ,30 ?q SO 3g 36 21' 3Q 25 52 -.4? 53 ,4437 19 ~ , 47- 89 ,5Q. .47, ,0& 79 §8' >.QJ 3V15 ' fJe\y New .OHlahpniS City, pjoydy" jjV Pmaha, e)qwdy • -" ••({'• "'-'" ' ' Ijia, sJpwdy." 1 36' si ear. «}ou<3y MP., 7J V 48 33 .-'25 m -M,, , sjeav clear. ', PUy, Ftenr 6j 35 48 ?5 i§ .« Mrs Games said today she had lb( i come mol . e and, more, evident,, asked Carpenter to take her proxy to the meeting because her husband is ill and she has to remain with, him, Carpenter'? first duly will be to attend a Southern Democralie meeting Friday night. The main committee meeting is scheduled for Saturday, Mrs, Cprnes spid she asked Carpenter to go in her place because she though him "a very capable man" who would represent • the state "like I think he should," "He and I see things pretty much the same way," she said. She declined to discuss party matt er s and would not say whether Carpenter was taking any special instructions to the meeting, Paul Chambers oC rlejcna, tho the citizens of .-these communities are going, to insist on" decisions that svill result in' the schools being opened under policies that will be in harmony with, decisions ,of _thc courts," ,, ',., / .', /. Flemming made the 1 , remarks at a press conference "as_he released his department's evaluation of sit' nations created by school closings in Little, Rod?, Ark,, and Norfolk, CharJottesvlllo'aijd Warren County, Va: ' Flomming's report said that In Little Rock about 3,700', young people have" missed 60 clays in their regular schools. "About 1,300 students' are enrolled in full time private schools; T.gQfl ore enroJJt".! in public schools in other cornniunJ' ties; 527 arc, getting part time Highway Asks .FinanceCo. iedd,Wife Additional 'LITTLE ROCK, (AP) — An kansas Highway Commission. to seek additional revenue from the 1959 -Legislature was reported U> day, , The Arkansas Gax.elle said lhe commission "probaWy" would ask lhe Legislaluro to ' find an additional $7,700,000 anuhnlly, This would permit iho commission to use fedora) matching money it can't tap at present. There was no immediate comment from pny comtoission source:. But there have been indications in the -past that more highway funds would be sought, and a study of highway revenues was made by out of state consultants under direction of the 1957 Legislature. Reportedly abput half of the new revenue would bo pegged to a proposed increase in the gasoline lax frorn Q'/a cents to 7 cent? a gallon and,by a' proposed $3 n year boost in the auto registration fee. s ( a t e's national committcman, 'education 'by- rnai} or 'in specinj plans to leave lor Washington 'Fri- Private 'classes; 'about 004 young day', ' Several Key prQjfqtslty Wildlife <3roMp Sp.yerjji prpjpgts beside ,JJie Bols fi'VC-pyojept-YS'as stgi'tQd or corn,* pjptpd by the Honjps{ead County Wildlife Assn., this jear. One nf the, first projepts w.a,s a fish f;y foe' |h? membership this summer with, the Chsii'roai} ol thg Ai'Hsn,' •and., niahy' othev cUgnitarle? gn hafl<J to see'the jaj'ge nwWber "of Hgrnpstegd, poyniy" pjtfcens. behind ilxe wildlife program in this ay,e#." Wfl§ R, 'spepja] booth people apparently' are geting 'no cduc'ation;" 1 the ;eport' said, > Flemming sajd-llipt .nope of lhe ' . emergency eja'sses set' up' in Litilo (•})§ I^ook or qlsewherp prds for fedora] loans. ( Flemmings rgniarljs were 1 greeted casually byl officials Qf'WtUe Dock's two private schools which were st«rt<?d to 'necomo^ate , students shut pu^f gjospfl public high schoojs here/ - / , t ' esmeji /oj- both the BsnUst Schoo}'"-an4'the fcittle Pock Private £cjippj ppvp.l ; \vh}ph oper- ales the Senior "*'-' «-.---..---•to ask Serum Rushed to ister YORK -CAP) — A ' MAUSTON, Wis. (AP) — A finance company president and his wife were shot to death in their home Monday night. IDist, Atty. William Brady said today thai their 17-year-old daughter, apprehended in the family car a few hours later, admitted killing her parents, Thomas Dakin, 4G, and his 43 year-old wife, Betty, were cut down by pistol fire. They were the parents of two girls, the other 11, Brady said that June Uakin would .be taken before Juneau County Juvenile Judge William H, Curran on a delinquency petition. IJe~"declincd to give any details of her statement. Under Wisconsin law, the names of "juvenile offenders may not be published. But Brady said lie mig^hl ask that the court wuive jurisdiction and permit her to face prosecution on a murder charge, The girl was taken into custody while driving toward Wisconsin Dells, about 20 miles from Mansion phc, was reiurjied to Mansion. Coroner Clarence Sorenson said was shoL, twice near the heart?' after 'tie returned home frorn ,n KJwanis Club meeting. Jiis body was near that of his wife who Joy at'thc bottom of a stairway in the living room. She had been rfiol four tifnes in Die head and chest, Sorenson said she had been the first id djc, fioth, were killed fey bullets f * '^ KjS y*: rt *-i ->iS"i "" ' "'''' r *" i 1 J t '' -^ -Si' t , " -^-Hop'Slni''photo and Ingraving ' NEWLV ELECTED'officers of the.Hope Retail Merchants Committee of the Hope Chamber of/Commerce are left to right: Vice Chairman Jnmes Mowell, .Chairman, W., R., ','BIH", Caldwell and Treasurer Henry Haynes , < - .,'»..,. These officers will assume, their duties the first Tuesday In January at the regular monthly meeting.' B; N. Holt, secretary- manager of the local C. of C.' is permanent scretary of the committee. , ' , , >„';','' Ne>y London Tragedy Still u:s: Christmas Parade Route Announced The Junior Chamber 'of Commerce has received , word that Simla Clous will definitely bo In^onday was lhe thin Hope for the Christmas Parade ,;,. - t! .<,,,-,, .,*• . Thursday nighl,al 7-.3Q,, ,<;• ' : lire 1 'm. lhe(nalion i. This parade-'.will, tenure bands and'elevcin 1 Christina's' CHICAGO (AP) — The fire that Llruck Our'' Lady of Angels School third worsl school 4> ^ Kt r 4. W<LV).> l-PUr V ~*" S> f W* V T-JW.-T ,*-,,- , - r .,^-, „ ^ — , — -_,„ serum for a critically 1)1 2-year-old jirpm a-. 22 caliber aulomutjc- pis- boy was rushed to Chicago early today after ^ series pf lelephone pplls— jnejuding one thqt got the secretary v of the AU' , force out of, bed, „ serum was located in a New Jersey laboratory, A(r Force Secretary James, ||,, Pouglas orcjered use- of jj- jet plane at^Mifohej Aiv ^rce iBsse on fyong (sl^nd ?omo 70 "miles from the, laboratory. " New Jersey t»nd New York po- jicp, " sjrens- sere^rnin^, rojayc-'l four vjajs of thp serum Jo the air field. . Qhjc^igo's ' jet took off before o>vn for international wh'ero a waiting . flew irje last leg pf tne ' mercy ' to <p. golf course ''(adjoining The serum is fsf Mark §roge. ' lol, The U-year-oJd daughter, Mary, was with friends at n movie when the -bodies ot her parents were' The,parade will form in front o£ Childs Food Store, then proceed to Main street, turning on Main to Division, turning on Division proceed to* Elm, turning on Kim to Second, turning on Second lo Main and on Main ending in front of the First Baptist Church. ' • ,, Sections of downtown Hope will be roped off, aflar 6 p, m. Thursday, No cars will be allowed on Second slreel between Elm and Walnut slret, and on Division between Main and 121m streets. 3rd Worst Fire in Nation in Last 100 Years CHICAGO (AP>—A lop Knlor loclay favored tt theory ,lhht,. a carelessly, discarded cigarette ,;, caiiscd Chicago's worst school , fire, which killed 80, Sgt. Drew Brown, head of,'lhe ' police arson squad, sakl lhe befil , theory about Iho origin of the ,"blaze Is Ihls; ' < ,.' . 1 "A carclesly discarded clga- V rclle, lossccl Inlo a waste basket • by n sneak smoker," lie emphasized, however, thai • 11 is "strictly a theory," • , • • The FBI turned its atlenUon to-." lhe disaster while city officials > pressed a search for clues lo lhe cause, . , v The flames that flashed through Our Lady of thy Angels School IVtondny taking the lives qf 117 chll- • dren iincl three nuns. Wore thaniBS -'youngsters 'remained in hospitals, ' Sgt...Brown said his.Vlhnoy! was- based on these •clrcumstancefC'-"^,-;., 'JSvcry day, about 2:30 p," 1 rn^',''- intplls from each cjtlss,' l g6 lo lhe 4 . basement, of. the .building and,' 1 ., empty v/aste baskets i -into- large cardboard containers. The waste,'•> Inter is burned in boilers' by lhe •. janitor, • , < ,. ' - ,/. •', Nearby Is u boy's washroom— •/ where, in Brown's-.theory,, a, boy/', 4 might sneak a smoke, " , |^*. VI The;f!re started in the 'northeast*'^ •corner of; lhe,',building'- f'ire'Mn.lhp.'nalion in the' last -100' Jilaco, where nhe''.Wa'8lc^p]f|oi.^iB .[|p yc ^4$^*"'fe 85 jviws? ' ' i&r £•' •'< performing the waste',, disposal.'" '„', The greatest school disaster occurred March, 18, liW7, when aiM died in a school explosion and fire in New London, Tex. The other -major school fire claimed I7<i lives in the Coilinwood School in Cleveland, March -I, 1008. The worst fire in Chicago took 002 'lives Dec, 30,' lOO'.i, when tho Iroquois Theater -''burned, June 5, 194(j,'0l persons per- already have been, ques.- tiuncd by police, • ;•.-/* The FBI said it is "maintaining', linison wilh Chicago officials,; to sue if theid is any way we'""" : assist," A newsman asked if the. J iutor" Cotton Acreage 1.3 Million LITTLE; ROCK CAPJ — Arkansas/ 1950 cotton acreage allotment totals 1,3215,295 acres based on the five-year period that ended in 1957, an agricultural official announced today. in Atlanta, Ga., and Pcoriii, and bomb scares In parouhiul and public schools in various parts ot- the country. ,, .. , >'. •,' A spokesman in the FBI's office ', - , ' , . „. It . .. , r. u ^ v fcJJUJWplJIM'l IH V"^ » W*~0 WMIV.V. ished in a fire . in the U&alle ro|jl , od: >. Wa ',. 0 'iust interested tq r r _ J _ i r-ti_ ) ^ ,, ',-,. i it* * . .. . A Jay Noal Jr. of Alma, chairman i y/llic|) m d! , od ' Hotel, Chicago. ., 'There, have been 20 fires in fhis country in which ns many as SO persons'-died, Two were school fires. Only- eight' fires with s=uch a lof-p of life have occurred in the last 20 yuars,' none o£ them in scliools. • ; Worst x >of these recent fires was the Cocoanul Grove Night Club in Boston'Nov. 2a, W2, in of- the Agricultural Stabilization and -Conservation Committee said tho stale's 75 counties have, 11,220 acres available from the national reserve of 310,000 acres, Qthor firq^_w[th major .losses,Of life in the. lust two decades are: Dec. 7, 1940'' 1J0 dead in Wine- eoff Hotel fjre, Atlanta. On, , .'Oct, - 20, If/44 - 135 -killed in ^Counties also have 891 acres | Cleveland liquid gas explosion and found. iivpilable from lhe state reserve of 2,050 acres, Meal .said. Computations lor county rrjcnis include the following acreages: - . ' ' Mississippi 373,2)0, C'rittenden 91,167, Poins'oU 79,727,,'",Cra)gbcud 77^082, Jefferson 04.C23, St., fryn, cis GJ.57C. Lgo 57,001,-Phillips 70305, Lincoln 32,297, Jackson'41,85U, Monroe 36,812, Chk-ol 29,3-30 »nd 1 Cross 35,894, Coach Pon Sevier had 4} b'oys has always had «;sl»ort-gale was turn oul ycsterdiiy (or the first dqngcrous enough in fact, it day of baskelbsll practice new trophy case has been instated, jn front of Jppes field House displaying tip new''district fooi^sU trophy which tfce SQtauats won , , , sn^ the Camden, ^Slews whlcb al- wa/§ picks Jtg "own district U>ajrn, d Roy Rp\vP, Jovry Pavjd '^stHins and a! \va? so dangerous thai aljnosl • ways the, switching crew left- a n ai the crossing jlq halt traf> simply to prptect niotorlstif , ," , now it w«Mtd Ijo hnpossjb.le for the crew to, watch every g^te,an<3 sliH get their work done ,', . yet thorp are many who will drive • around, the' short ,'^ates when they are , win- down, ey.eh though nww tiroes the fire, July 0, 1944 JOB dead in Ringling Brothers flanium a"d Ouituy Circus fire at Hartford, Conn, April 23, 1040 - 1948 killed in* Negro dance hall fin.- ot Natchon, MlFS, Garden Clubs Plan Home Pilgrimage /f'he Hope Council of Garden C'Jub.s.wJl] present its first "Holiday figmcs Pilgrimage," on Dec. 11 from 2 o'clock until 8 p.m. The theme of the pilgrimage will bo "Through the Ages." Six honips wi)l be shown, each representing a 'stage of life b,e«j A 30-gollon can wss found," ' >'wilh H 5maU Folks, Small stairwell in -that section of, structure. It was token to the see if there is anything for ,us_ at" ' all." ,'. u ., A grim, widespread invesliga- lion wus under way to find "Jof-^, initely the cause of the " which broke oul shorlly school was' dismissed, . ft was Chicago's mosl blaxe since the Iroquois holocaust in 1903 and the - third. worst school fire In the,nation la (<H 100 years, • '''-'', ' The flames pl)ot up Jn the twfl», ' brick buSlcilng- like fire frpm a' blowtorch, Heat and pjnojfo'*-^ trapped tho victims on the upper >,!>•« lloor of the north ,wjng- of ;"--"-'•" U'Shoped structure, -Twenty-four bodies-were-found -"4'lfj in one room, Most of ,thero ,yvprQ s'4t ' jammed near windows.," 'Firemen,.-fftf sickened by the spectacle, said »i^' few of thu children wore still «W£<s« their desks, apparently parajyfsifd/'-'^j by fear and panic." . Others leaped from windows. The little survivors suT from burns, bones broken In and lhe shock of the horror beheld,. Fire 'Commissioner ..., t , CJuinn considered the possibility .pJU^ arson, That possibility was yai§ec| iV? 1 by the swift spread of the-bla^S "' ' "It WPS iho worst thing'1 ever seen or ever will see,' .sujd, ' Quinri also said the >blapk,' indicated an off-type f|r?. , The fire originated in the nQV'h. east corner o fthe sehoo} at W. Iowa St. on the |S[orJ,h5 Side,. Investigators pinpointed... place of urgin l?elow the Robert, jVS^ folks Grown Taller, Young gjans, , Young parried Couples, l-'jrst, Christmas" with Childrgn jn ihe'"'Hpme, and Christinas Al Grandparenu." Tickets be purchased from mem'ber op at crime laboratory . j* V f*a :(Ap?~Fire struck school wil!rtp t r|4.£^ "" 9fl day/ trapRU^

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