Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 1, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 1, 1958
Page 6
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l*8§e Six H0PI STAR, H5Pt f ARKANSAS Wins Music Recognition Wells Nutt WINNING recognition with the University of Mississippi haiid is Wells Null, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Nutt of Crossett, formerly of Hope. Last summer the Old Miss band was picked by the^Statc Deoartment to Dei-form at the Brussels Fair and played •twice daily to 100,000 persons and received a medal from the Belgian government. The band also represented the United States the last weak in August, competing with hands from all over the world In marching and concert. The Ole Miss band took first place In both senior •Gectipii inarching and concert. Young Nutt, a former Hope student, plays second choir clarinet in the band. __ AlUatuinlnufti ear tot the outddorsman is the US, small car cotiJd be MeMehuite with 112'trtch L, R. School Board Battle in Last Week By JOHN R. StARR LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Dec. 1 (Al'i-The ballot battle of 13 ".segregationists" for six Little Hock otil of love since she was 12. N", not uxaclly. Vvuli liupi' u was h!<e opening a door into a new room, wnlKing through it with curiosi'.y. exci lament and anticipation, an-.i then snulting aiu-tiier d-.»nr upuii It. Rather like her father, tn.it wns, Hope's mother ofj-ii ihought, though not, Heaven lur- Old, witli Ins temperament for satisfying eunosiiy, pursuing excitement, however bnelly. a compulsion which he had, as briefly, regretted. Hope's mother had always been happy to recall her tolerance and understanding; very consoling after she 'became free—not that she ever consciously thought of herself as free. At tnis point Hope had asked, "Where on earth did you find him?" Her mother told her. Tl.ia young m.'in came highly recommended by the bank in which he was employed; he knew his way about mutters in which Hope's mother took an admirable interest but of which Hope knew nothing, happy In her ignorance, nun- tors dealing with securities and investments. Mr. Peters in the upper echelons of the bank was now olcl and inclined to be Highly, sometimes overreaching, at other times too cautious. In Adam, those who recominondiv.l him said you had your middle ground and, at the same time, vigorous youth. She and Adam had been married in ihe garden, in the early iuiUimn, a risky season but. asi the guests remarked, the weather simply would not dare to regress to midsummer. The September day was warm, the trees just lightly rouged dark and palo asters crowded together, azalea mums glowed everywhere, late roses and sunlight. .Everyone had congratulated the bride's mother upon nor unerring instinct for time and place, when less courageous women would have quailed. But she merely shrugged and remarked that .it wasn't her idea: -/ ( adore our little church. But Hope insisted. She said if she couldn't be married hero, she and Adam won lei run oft and find a garden somewhere; so, there was nothing I could do about it. I believe if it was winter she'd still demand a garden." Someone suggested that, even in winter, there are places whore i you can find gardens, "But not this one," Hope's mother had said. Now, all the years later, Hope never worked in her garden with-j union official; Mrs., Margaret out thinking of her mother's ! rison, a iiouspw.Ue; 'Robert Lostei 1 , which, so far as Hope was con-j a traffic Judge; Ben D. Rowland corned, had vanished four years | g,.,, an attorney, and Mrs. Pauline ago; her mother also. All this | Woodson, a real estate...executive, around her was part of Hope's Pftiitolfc Hftleakal&'s BbVei design includes fult-wtdth steaiped head, 'V * _ Watmea station wagon shows utility of aluminum coitsifUcilofi. Three Killed in a 3-Way Collision * , Okia. (AP) — Two fort eiiaffee soldiers add a child Were killed ill a three-way collision oh tJ.S. Highway (34 heat MoffeU last flight, thro other ijefsoiis were injured". Highway Patrolman Sill Cooper identified the dead as Sgt, i£fflait« ticl Bald wirt, 23, of Whlleviile, N, C., Sgt, Willie S, Napier, 31,' of San Antonio, Tex., both Negroes,Slid Vicky Diane Roberts, 1,** daughter of Mr. and Mrs Melvlri Rqbotts of Mttldi-oW, Okla. Mr, and Mi's. Roberts Woi-ti hos' Vitalized at Port Smith. Ark., and were reported in critical Condltiuri today. Their one-yoai-'old son Ray* mend also wss hospitalised but the 1 extent o fhis injuries had not been determined, Ttui Roberts family was In one car and the Port Chaffee service" men in another. .% dooper said the soldiers' car** was passing a third vehicle driven by Jirn Chapman of Fort Smith and struck Chapman's auto, The soldiers' car skidded into the oncoming Roberts car. the officer said, Chapman was unhurt, The accident occurred about one and one-half miles west of Moffelt. ALL ALUMINUM AUTO FOR 1960?—Sleek new design utilized for lightness and strength. Shown above is a three- for an all-aluminum car of say, I960, is embodied in the Pele eighths-scale model of the car which would have a 126-inch (Pay-Lay) named for the goddess of volcanoes. Body panels whcelbase, an overall Innpth of 225 inches and a height of arc of stamped aluminum sheet with enameled finish. Side 52'/i inches. Frame, wheels and engine would also be alumi- trim is brushed and gold-color anodizcd aluminum while the num. Production line change? would bs minimal, according to bumpers, roof rails and roof are made of the'same metal, the desJgnsr, Kaiser Aluminum artel Chemical Sales, Inc. these occurring during the long Thanksgiving week end. I Until Sgt. Wendell Shaver, 28, I Mrs. Shaver, 26; Wendell Alton I Shaver. G; 'Barry Shaver, 3, and Cynthia Ann Shaver, 3, were crushed when a truck trailer overturned i.n their station svagon, Arkansas had written an enviable traffic record over a holiday period made doubly clangerious by bad weather. Five Members of Family Die in Wreck By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS I Five members of an Arkansas; . service family died in a freak car- ] W. F. Sales, 62 a Camdon sales- truck collision near Van Buren yes-' man. was killed in a truck collision lorday to swell the state's violent i near Thornton Friday.His had death total to 19 for the week end- ! been the only death during a period ing at midnight, a week which < in which 27 persons died on Ar- also saw six persons die in -,,a k '"«" s highways last year. State dwelling fire at North Little Rock. .Police had predicted eight would The five traffic deaths yesterday d * "? s year °" Thanksgiving'.Day. ft the eck's total of highway ' "., left fatalities at eight, but only six o! i The Shavers were returning to :-o!l Air Force Base, 111., where Shaver was stationed,, after visit- school board positions turned into ing his family at Fort Smith, its final week today as a slate of j State Police said a tractor-trail- candidates picked up Capital : GUI- cr truck, driven by W, E, Hall, 32, Hall suffered minor injuries. An 80-year-old woman and !v:r 10-year-old grandson burned to death when fire destroyed the grandmother'e home at Stamps early yesterday. The deaths which brought the week's fire- total to eight. iMr. and (Mrs. George Sanders and four of their five children perished in the North Little Rock fire on Thanksgiving. Victims of the Stamps blaze were Mrs. Isabel Lincoln and James Henry Mitchell. Authorities said both were Negroes. Fire Ghief Earl Briehn said the boy had been regularly spending the night with his invalid grandmother. A logging accident, a train accident and a beating accounted for the other violent deaths. zens Council backing. i of Fort Smith, veered out of control The staunch segregationist .group and the trailer overturned on the passed ove rone of its former i Shaver vehicle, mashing it, almost directors and ignored live candi- i Hnt. The Shavers al Idled instantly, dates who announced as a slate. ! Its blessing went to EdA McKinley, an attorney; C. C, Raiiey. a A major problem of Algeria in North Africa is still water supply. More than 22 dams have been built by the French government to provide irrigation. with a Negro over integration, svas described as in good condition today at St. Vincent's Hospital. | Police said Furr gave this account: / He came here Saturday with another seaman from Philadelphia where their ship, the S.S. Idealex, was 'berthed. He said UIP other seaman, not identified had -been fired. Furr said he could not ,re- The District of Columbia (Washington, D. C.) has 34 miles of railroads. member the other seaman's name. The pair made a tour of thc§' bars before winding up at Perm Station and there met an unidentified Negro. A quarrel developed with the (Negro about the school segregation problem. Furr was stabbed in the side, and the Negro and the other seaman fled. Scfence Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery s Stops Itch—Relieves Pain L. R. Seaman Stabbed by Negro in New York NEW YORK AP)—John' Furr, 31,. at,seaman of Little Rock, Ark., stabbed yesterday in Pennsylvania Station' during an argument New York, N. Y. (Special) _ For the first time science Kas found a new henling substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching, and relieve pain — without surgery. In case after casa, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing of all—results were so thorough', that sufferers \nmde astonishing statements like "Piles have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a now healing substance (Bio-Dyne*)—discovery of a world-famous research-institute. • This substance is now available in suppository or ointment form under the-name Preparation-H,' At> your-druggist. Money back guarantee. •Keg. U. a CACTUS JACK — John Nance Garner, vice president for „'- Franklin D, Roosevelt's first-two-terms; takes life easy on his r 90th birthday at his four-rooni house'in Uvajde, Tex., which , }ie left in 1003 for his firs! term as U.S.'representative, H(s last " ambition is to live to be B3. Then, he figures he'll have spent > as much time in private We as in public, * J.l',-pe v. as cnam'rixd of her gtu ' den. not only because it bloomed jn a ibad light tiiul to iidmit that openly is, >t think, good for one's legacy; the gardt-n, ihe house, the shade and bloom, the brook at the edge of the property, Adnm had suid, "Let's not go into stately mansions but something which will put its arms around us, yo( not squeeze, a place we can lock up, leave and return .to, neither a burden nor a threat." Hope had kissed him, and after u while they went .back to look- nig al Ihc advertisements and Adam telephoned a real estate broker. The money was Hope's. There was not a spectacular amount even alter the big hmt*"« had been sold ibul there was ample. They could buy ihe little place and Adam would see to the rest. Hope's movhor, who bad been very .satisfied with the young man who had become her son-in- law, had scon to that. Now Flope elevated herself trom the ground and went into her house and her good lit lie Mi-hen, This wf.s the ami over which Mrs, Riggs presided, She was a fair cook and kind woman, Jler predecessor had Six school board positions which were open for the election Saturday when five board members recently resigned en masse, saying the school integration situation left them in a "hopless, helpless, fruo- trating" position. McKinloy aiso has the (backing of the lone remaining board member, Dr. Dale Alforcl, who parleyed opposition to board integration pohjcics into o sueccssfnly write in campaign against Rep, Brook's Hays (U-Ai'k) jn the Nov 4 F.en- oral election. Alford's term is expiring and he is not seeking re-election. The Citizens Council endor»r- .ment apparently aligned its candidates against five persons who originally announced us a slate. These are: Ted I,. Lamb, a public relations executh'f, who along with Dr, Goo rge P. Branscum, former . us Council board member, opposes Mrs. Woodson, Russell II. Watson Jr., a coutuip- tor, who opposes Raiiey, Mrs. Charles \V. Stephens, * and her visible achievement soul. Actually she WHS christened t,ter. been a superb cook and a moiv I housewife, who opposes Lastor. » . i W 1^ Tlnnlnv iiTSiirnnnA n"\nn riY n\ making things grow but bo- e it was. to her, symbolic and Adam had met w one; nev mothers, winch had been acjous, manicured, and ubuut j<* JvliU'h had scuttled a succession efficient, usually dour, gar- e encounter had taken plays JO ycais ago, when from an institution 1 feaj-m'pg' from which she expect "'~' J Tin 'due time to graduate cred- of Susan Hope Susan, for Iwi | "Look at my hands," said ramtnicnhe4, ;uu} Hope, for h\;r|Hope, extending jsrandmather's cousin, H was )us j (lunnb is right. Both." swnnmo. lie Inid a grunU deal of j "The Johnson boy, he's ro- money »nd J (rusted he would liable, if you want an hour's help leave hov a povUui. Ifc didn't, oC course; hp loft her an old, hideous," Ihough -,quite valuable portrait, a harpsichord, and some books she's never read. And to hove and there Saturdays. 1 ' "I'll ask Adam." Hope never spoke ot Mr. This or That to anyone. She W.F. Hector, insurance man and outspoken critic of Gov.Orval the day of !>}s .death Hope's fa- didnl think of him as M}'.; ."hfi ther entertained himself by re- didn't think of herself, qs. Mrs. ' minding 'rn,e. of cemiry nyst mor-i So many people were Mi'- '"- •'•.'jJMrs. She didn't even speak of e j j?cj rm'due um£ to graduate erect- cemiry awe-in , . . 'WmpU'te, i&irs. fahe didn I even spe-pk of ;;"jj.ably, if not with honors, w«is'he alwjys added, 'with a bishop'him as "my husband,." §he had ^.walking' on sedate paths looking m attendance at the baptism.' " mi aversion to that also,' oulbs, liko tangiOl? Pi niQenlight. rosy clouds or folded hai'ds. She fldmiung these but plso wish- ,Jhat in tins garden &PVi|d fee a wilder, Jess Jiafl , m a_ 3 e s t y. She might been shoU, she eauW ' fey 1 Always she She'd tuvnpd and swopt acrosa the iowed. living j-opm stood He'd uiHed soared thp ore you?'* and -£•!• Her reply, without astonish went, was that she w$§ and she'd gratuitously ad,dvd that iv»v anally sh,e , t ha,v,e toc-eu at that also, Shu hpard a sound at the door and she sa.id ; 'Wp'Ji be' home soon, Jvtpltpr, and you know it-" That was a cvgzy nanxe for a door? to the dog. even fpr s : wild'!•..» But Adam had exclaimed as they ' .... "Jlow pld . she gdve him the puppy OQ his birjhday, a eouple of .roars' ngo, ot the red-gpW s|H? o£ holplpssj jpye, J 'Bv who opposed Itowland,, And Everett TuckevJr., an industrial development consultant who with John "\V, Clayton, an ui' , auunec nian, opposes Mrs. Mor/i' ison. - /', All candidates have spoken cm! lor segregation, but th? .''slijte can- didcile" have said merely that (hey "would never initiate gny aclipn to implement or" expedite integi'3* tion." - ' • Segregationist feeling >mong thp, other candidates ranges between this approach and. Jjastor'S fluj statemeni that he would > tfy ' leopen the city's four high on u segregated basis meant punishment ,by 9 f<?J court, The new school ^paj-^ will a same paradoxical problei the coat, Jupitpr" A 'Snialler . ,. . been becoming Jo Hope 'but sho pyer y»e weekend had j didn't want cvie, She didn't want i» cold, and slfiytd W ; !a doy at aAlj "she" wantec] A,dam muc_h (J,nie |o inake up^ I to h.avg ope, Adam would Have cvuoypd but waj wol yndyly 4is- turbed b^avise th,o 'b?by "wWch might hayp .ibeeij ^Qrii" (p .them was not. Jijs 4i>turb«np6 J)a<J nJJ been i),epauso pf l\er. > beoa_u^ of her lUne, , fe ha4 Sld. \yhen - her the if it the federal court orders AQ . prpplem i schools lyvve, been.' plps^^ fey biis — Jh^l iocl to v l|yj of the other, The slatp . , paper ads yesterday,- saj$ have promised io wHh,dr,f\y "U dldates they foil weve ' varcfui vi.uced us ptizcnss ' , ist reft The A.B.C. Symbol... The right to purchase or refrain from purchasing this publication gives you, the reader, and no one;else the power to pass judgment on whether it shall continue -T i to survive. This symbol represents the standards by which your voluntary response is; measured, , * , Jt testifies tp thei advertising value Q? this, publication^ s t It alspse»v@§ias a constant guide te our i'§ad©i'3 ? opinion, •""".' . -, * * ' '

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