Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 1, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1958
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Menday, 1, HOP! S T A ft, MOM, ARKANSAS Page Plti 7S! •t? V«&PV>K*J j *.• t PEP KID—Port Peppi Haus- ! man appears to be living up to her name as she does a fancy i leap on -the sands at Miami' Here and There , ta Pfgvfsut; I .?*,-< •-vVV'f «r>^ > ,* J , > *j •**•' + ** • -v+• ^^•* F.-r',v",,' ;T, !>*>'v '-l^'->"'i ,; <-' A >J^ >#*> ^f,-~f:ikj % 'sj, OLD FRIENDS —When/Jerry, j Burcl, ol' Cloburne, ^Tcx., 1 was 1 just a toddler, a" friend "gave her j 'a bantam hon. When Miss'Burd ! ! celebrated her 20th birthdayre- • fcently, the other bird was'still i around, dresser in its best feath- : ers. The hen even lays t an egg I occasionally, which-must be an! other record ot some kind. ' ," 1 IT % Johnson SIT ACROSS 2 ModefH ' Deed 11 beach * " ""bcfhg macHlhe iitCn«'" n f itiPerides'fete 51 ftod afid *»«« inventor uShThonHha &° Vrelnh rivet S3 Cloth Irom 48 dtscotd laUnfrSpJbaM 25 Tardier flax goddess of British' 24 Ice cfeah1==3!j Hapf>ehihgS 60 Fiddling tfi-rihite "*§ PoHehl 40 Micro* HoinAll 91 <inhlire bit 28 Lowerlngs 1ft organism 51 Slory oitt B«IP >' ahk 43 ^—'* 52 Animal fat ii vfift 28 Excess of glycerine 55 American B? MfllLw road solar ovef 45 Fable,tellef battleship l»f»MWge«i.?he ItlhafJ-eaf 4dMalt (ab.)_. . brain 32 figg disli 34 Read 3fi Death S7 Opposed 36 SooH 3d Speed contest 41 Lamprey 42Number 44 Volcano In Sicily 46 Glossier 49 Canvas shelters 53 Also 54 Bi'ide's wardrobe 56 Possess 57 Chest bones SB Heraldic band 5B Footllke part' .'60 Chemical ' suffixes 61 Rhymester < DOWN 1 Houston and CARNIVAL ly Dick fume* r*- f \/ .'.«, ».('. 0.8 ^it. Oil. (1,>'19!I bjNU8.r.lc'l,lrtt. tee 1ft 9 8*1 FLASH GORDON ***-*! *•***»* I'M EXPECTING VOU \ t PUMMO, YOUft ; "lP (3U11$ ANY^X &OS^ t'BRlMS IM BACK / HtfiWMESS, IFJVK WHfeftE AROUND, ) WHfeRE Hfc BELONGS ,j£te\, BLtT YMlfiHT WEXL^P^M ..^^ HE.RP ^^TAftri^JOrt ^(A MM4 f A .i*-' ^tCcV OOP YEM, t,, 1 e .-> fW fefi "Abolit that trout I ofdered^-Wire the chef to just bring me the first thing he catches!' SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Seller IT* TOUGHEST OW ELLEN! BUT. !M.si»ire OF youf? KieaBcr. ""' tOOk AT M r\ALV}AY6 FELT ,VdU TO; , ! I CANT QUIT- THE GOIWO TOU6H W0\ 1 TIZZ By Kate Osan ^»Zi* f . 7;>? -," V 1 "*"'! ^•-/vVA^vi" "• ' - >J£ © n» b( NCA Senici, 1Kb IM. R^. U.S. P.I. Oil /7V n D m ^ on. P W9 b> »E« Strrlce, tie. _ | mmimm\ CAPTAIN EASY t dUBdd BBCMJSfe /I'M NOT INPIPFBRENri: \T'& TH' ONLY THINfl/ 'I'JUST DON'T BUY-VOUR SHE EVER' HAP TO. 160B 6TOP.V OP A CRU6L LOOK FORWARD TOl \UN,CLB ABUSIMd,'"-"' NOW SHE'LL REMI2B " HOW IUDIFFEREMT VOU RBMLYAR6! • WE,,,THB I WELL. ITSTRUW vBORM COWMWOP 1 BeFORE WHILE UEIM' ^iiNi •HtfWi 1 WMPV»^^B*B^P«^WJ • IV^. 1 **»•<,»-• ^B— II I»t0 bt Ht» 8«r<»« Inc T M K.g, II 8, P»II5° SHAMEON ( you--DOyor REALIZE . YOU'RE OVER AN HOUR LATE ?.^Ji BLONDIE YOUR SUPPER IS RUINED-; 'ALLIASKOFVOU ISA • LITTLE CONSIDERATION" [YOU COULD'VE PHONED * & - !$- ^r 1 SLAVE AND WORK MY , FINGERS TO THE BONE ANP THEN YOU PULL A ' "STUNT .LI K6 THAT' SHAME -AN'TT'JUST HAVE J 1 ' 7 ' A SPANKING \~^ ' , ,^_ AND HAVE IT f'- * ffiM OVER WITHjy • ' \Wjm ( ,m "Come on in! But don't be surprised at.anything you see!" / , "Marge-doesn't think about boys ALL the time, •Sometimes she doesn't thmkT' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS SIDE GLANCES v By Galbroith l~,'Tv;. £Fi H^st^ ilUECTRONJC .„.„,„_ t | Resembling some, strqnge p)90t, lor q modernistjo'cjesjv Jarop, 70 i oj: these speglally designed light ipojes have been'put into'op, eration ajopg . Chicago's famed. State street. KseU - §tppd8f4' supports fouv e.foQt jurnioaires, each containing §is fl«pr§geer(t, lubes, puUt JntQ thg»t>8§e «| every pole'js p radio r^peivep for electronic Jjgljt cootr9,J«'Ttoe,'; poi.e§ are made by UniPB 'Msfei ROACH - HUGHIS JHSW '" 5 f FJrs t '- *••>--•'•'—-•( •• THe~WoRLP OF MA' 7 EMATICS IS SO Be - WILDERIMG TG LITTLE Otl ' ME, M e««^ , <'" 't'f^ • kf EASY ONCE vou |<Wow WHAT YOU'RE POI/4G / ALLOW ME- To ASSIST YOU cw THAT ,f>f?OW.pN\, . VALERIE / HEY/i SHUT UP, u IL ajTa. Inc.'TTM^.V. U.S. P.I. OH. T.M C3F to BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES # :v ;^ ^'Hy^^.^'Vi: HI, PRISCIMA'S POP ^_ OUT OUR WAY I I » I— i^s (— W NOTHJNC3->J LIKE A ^ PEVOTED'i /FAMILY/^ va rri !^' \\ i(,vs-.j-+*™,-^rrt n 5TW«' iOtB bi lie* SirtlM. Inc. T.M, Big. U,3. f »t. Oil.'' .IT'CAN BE.'l^ .OVERPONE y By J, R, Willipms OUR BOARDING HOUSE Wjth Major ,rerb?.Yew and the reit «f the Foggy Five come get .yeur inrtrumtnts, Mem and Pad are driving me nwtsl" AV\N WH3"U§UAL4y t , ' . ' ' -^ il'lV NOW/ WHAT " Bg I 50 FAR.' IWEVER 4 ;OULP FINP OUT 4 __, HOVV THE 1 / RIPE ••d TH'RODS "THEY'RE "ALLus OH AN' ^ PFF 'FORE YOU R ,gAMSE!='eM/ A WITH THIS TOWN, TOO) PUT I AIN'T LIKE THAT, lkL UOVE IT/ ll'ii ; -vt? ^ '^sy »»; UM. FLIMK.A VIHO PMLYTRIEO Y 1-iO ft- ~" ASOUT' Uj^DSR &Lt\t, U6EP TO (TA FIHSEK/-^-€ IT FIGURES I THBAUBIOI MV PROBLEM IS ... /TOPMUCH ^ , FOR VOUR LIGHT- ! ^ hv \TH& $1 feoAP .„ pgopuce^ VpETgOT' cw. •I , v 15 LO<?K IKS AHBAP* IIAUST iflm« a^g?ep«i«5fe i T S-r? ^T, n ii?&irc^ 7^-^'^^Qjjgje^ It" 'V rt- J •* ." r WfU«< i«ji

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