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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 1, 1958
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f'- :<"• To City Subscriber!! If yau fail ta §gf yauf Efep plga§g telgphsfig 7*3431 by ..§ 6:30 p. m, and a spggial will deliver yeuf Knife Star For Weather Report! $<§a a* Bottom af this Pdgo - 60TH YEAR; VOL dO — NO. 41 of Ho66, 1899, PreU HOPt, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, DECEMBER 1 t 195* th« Awnelaled Pun l> Auctil hufedu 61 A*. Net Paid Cltcl. S mo*. tfnilftij S-fil. 36, 1»JI 3,466 PRICE Se COPY •','"+ •* '-.r* AdenauerTalks With Opposition on Berlin Crisis % -^By SEYMOUR TOPPING *• '"BSMLIN (AP) — West German ^Chancellor Konrad Adenauer •io-' 'X d iy held one of his rare meetings gr "\v9h political enemy, Socialist f ~ -Erich OllcnhaUor, lo discuss the ^Berlin situation. J^ ;Thcy met in Bonn while a U.S, ? military train running to West ^ Berlin was delayed for an hour by !<•' what Communist East German of- -f'fldnls called a broken rail, &5.' The U.S. Army accepted tho § ''Communist explanation — mindful X;thttt, the incident was similar to i*."those Used by the Soviet Union be- P"''$1l- imposing the 1948-49 blockade fy on,West Berlin. At that time all Inland routes to the isolated cily s^'.wcrc closed for "technical rea- Ipsons." jjV< *Thc Western Powers may Use JL'thc six months Soviet Premier J.;*Nikila Khrushchev has given them f rt ',to leave Wesl Berlin to review de- '\mands for the unification of t Germany by free elections' 1 , Informants in the Communist^surrounded city said diplomats hii yMijk''" Western capilals were dis- Jf cassingi a proposal lo call for » |p big /East-West conference, either ST on i the summit or the foreign mm- ghL •"" Continued on Page Three Weather Nfi ' sExperiment Station report for |, 24-hpurs ending al 7 a, m. Monday, ^gfi 56, Low 26; trace of procip- iT'nation; Total 1958 precipitation £;through November, 52.03 inches; ff^during the same period a year ago, -K67.90 inches. k'.' ARK- REGIONAL FORKCAST By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS J\ w Central, northwest, northeast ,,,<and< southeast Arkansas: Consider. le '• cloudiness, with occasional If rains- and few thundsrshowers this ^afternoon, tonight • and Tuesday, irmer • this afternoon and lo., • - ,,-,. • |?^ Southwest Arkansas: Consider- le , cloudiness with occasional iii and a few thundershowers fcjthis afternoon, tonight and Tu'es- 5?day, litllc change in temperatures. pf High this afternoon mid to high ^ 50s central, low to |n>d 50s north- y» cast and northwest, near 60 south. |Ve"asl, high 50s 'to'V.low 60s south- est; low tonight 1 low to mid 40s t ntral, high 30s lo mid 40s north st and northwest, mid to high g-40s .southeast and southwesl, f. 1 ' '"A R K A N S A S : Considerable through Tuesday with occasional rain and a few thun- pdcrshowers, warmer northeast tot,' lowest 38-48 tonight, highest ft, 50-60 Tuesday, APPOINTED ROUNDS — Postman John Dugan lives the cre°d of th2 Post Office Department as he makes his appointe'd rounds through ,ten inches of snow at Sheridan, Pa. — NEA Telephoto • * i Steal Bulldozer, Run Through House NASHVILLE. Tenn. (APt — Three boys who learned from nil old Navy Seabeo mainlnl how to slari a bulldozer, but didn't \KM far enough to find out how 16 stop it. were held on charges of grand larceny and malicious destruction of property today. ' Police said the joy-riding youths leaped from the big machine when it started down hill. TI'd bulldozer smashed through one house In which six persons were sleeping ntid damaged a second house with foUr persons In it. Officers said the boys used a hacksaw to cut through a steel band padlocked around the start' er of the bulldozer. No one In the two houses was hurt. Names of the youths were withheld ponding a hearing. • Communists in France Suffer Stiff Setback MCARTHUR Cold Blankets North, Spreads Into South By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The season's coldest weather blanketed the Northeast and sent an icy chill deep into the Soulh loday. The Midwest got a brief respite from the near-zero cold Publisher in Protest to Write-in Votes LITTLE ROCK (AP)—The publisher of a political weekly newspaper hero plans'-to protest, the write-in victory of Dr.Dalc Alford over Rep. Brooks Hays (D-Ark) in the Nov. 4 general election to a House 'Elections^Committee. John F. Wells, owner and editor of the Arkansas "Recorder, said ycserday a-formal protest wili r be filed with llie commillep-before. Us ncxl, meeting Dec. Pension Case Reversed by State Court LITTLE ROCK (API — The Arkansas Supreme .Court loday uphold Ihc Pine'Bluff, Fireman's Belief p.nd Pension Board's refusal to award a disabilily claim to a discharged fireman. The high court's ruling, overturn- western Florida, ed Q decision by Jefferson Circuit Court, .which had'a-uledj in* favor of David; C,'Hughes'."^ 1L .'-,y ,',- '' ' Like the pension board,'the Supreme - Com*t*held*-'liiai' ( '* HU5{hds and snow. The Northeast was hit by the frigid blasts in the wake of the heavy snowslorm which swepl Ihe region over Ihe weekend after leaving near record early season falls in the Rockies and Midwest. Temperatures dropped beifnv zero in northern New 'Ktnglaad and near zero in parts of New •York slale. One of Ihe lowesl reading was -14 al Ml. Washington N.H. The mercury edged toward tho zero mark in areas southward across western Pennsylvania in'o Wesl Virginia. The freezing line extended southward toward the mid-Gulf Coast, including north By PARIS <AP) — waving the banner of Premier Charles do Gaulle flattened tnts Communists, badly trimmed mrotS moderate parties nnd swoul' to firm Control of iho now French National Assembly today. The Communists he-Id 22.0 per | cent of the popular vole bul cap Hired only 10 of the 14!) seals the.Y had held in the lavl National Assembly in the mnn-to-inan runoff 'elections In France Sunday. Among the losers was the fiery Communist mouthpiece and or ganizer Jacques Duclos, ')'l'oppled like shooting, gallery ducks Were many of the ex-pro- rrtiers, ministers and whcelhorses nf the center parties— among them fcinner Radical Premier Kdg.tr Faure, Socialist disarmament negotiator Jules..,, Moch, former Socialist Foreign Minister, Christian Pineau, former Socialist Algerian administrator Robert Lacoste am) former Justice Minister Francois Mlttcrarid. Ipark-brnwcd Jacques Souslcllc became Ihc man to walch in the new Fifth Republic. 11 was Sou- slelle who eluded police, escaped to; Algeria and gave political direction to the rightist movement 174 deputies, has a party hold such lie last May. His Union for a New Republic IUNR) captured 32.1 per cent of the vote and IBS of the '16!) scats from European Franco, Not since 1040, when Communists elected 374 cleputie , has a party held such a large block of scats. The conservative voles of 120 independent and peasant deputies, Wells Said the complaint ' would iailcd (o met legal requirements be based on "election irregularities," but he declined to elaborate. Wells recently protested Alford's use of" "slickers, which eliminated the necessily of writing his namu on a ballot, to state election officials but the complaint was rejected, when he neglected to file a certificate of disability with t h c board, The lower court was directed to dismiss Hughes' suit on the mat- ler without prejudice to the plaintiff, This moans he can lake further action 'in compliance with th<» Subzero marks were in prospect from the eastern Great Lakes to the mountain regions of eastern We,st Virginia and through the Jntpridr,,sections of New England. Snow was in prospect during the 'day in the north AUanlic states After several days of cold, snosv and strong winds, a warming trend developed throughout most of the "Mississippi Valley, the eastern Plains and the West Great Lakes, Apparently the complaint will [law regarding pensions. cover use of slickers and the allegation thai Ihcy were passed In Ihe suit filed in August, 1957, Hughes alleged he was. injured in oul inside polling places in viola- line of duly, He asked for a court lion of law, i order to make the board grant his Alford, marshalling vigorous se.y.« claim, The board refused to do t;/f; LO U I S J A N A: Considerable fe?'c)oudincss and mild with "occasion- |?iji' )' n ''1 tonight and Tuesday and yP 7 wesi and north portions this at* , ..,_ WEATHER ELSEWHERE !fe>By;TH ASSOCIATP PRSS fe-Cwy. " . High Viow Pp |,"/Jbany, snow fH'.An.cho.i'age, cloudy Ij^llniqiioi-quc, clear ' '\ ' cloudy I'Bisfvwcl?, cloudy I'Bpston, cloudy jiff a IP, cloudy clear i, cJcnr Mpines, cloyidy cloudy rain pjcar Cily, clem- , f'lJfpphJs, pjqydy PflHl, ," PrtPBns, cjoydy Yfil*, Ploudy elo«4y Qw,, ram Pii/4/rtwii/ 20 i& ,01 U -I T 55 32 58 §S 4} 15 33 18 20 l<5 .00 n 17 17 14 03 ?7 23 23 37 17 5§ 43 ,30 50 3?, 17, 9 49 34 78 5? m u 48 40 78 P7 -JS 24 'l7 Ol 48 P' Si 57 43 <W ft m 2Q 71 47 go,>it §i 46 .ce K §4 ' QO 1 fi o« lo « £MS <3F m -24 '« 21 ' « 5fi 'SI' ,48 '-49 rcgationist support, announced as a write-in candidate against Hays only seven days before Ihc dec- lion, He picked up the tacit backing of Gov, Orval E, Faubus and beat Hays by about 1,200 votes afte ra spirited campaign, " Alford attacked Hays as "t'jo moderate" on the school integration issue pncl he got solid backing in Pulaski County where Little Rock's four high schools have been closed by Faiibus as an anti-integration measure. Hays has said, he would not per-. '.Associate Justice Ed F. election but this on ground that the applicant was injured as a result of alleged misconduct snd lhal he had never, filed the required eerlificales, The Supreme Court upheld the board on the latter point only, It did nol rule on,Ihe farmer. In the opinion, the high couil said Ihe board slill was entitled to prove the charge if the case should be reopened, Tho boaid* contended Hughes was correctly discharged July 1, the dale Hughes wanted the made effective, contest the added that tip would not disavow any protest made by another. Wojls yesterday released text of n Jotter he received from Flap, Kenneth Keating (R-NY) a member of Ihe House Elections Comnjt Hie Keating wrote that th" com- millee would investigate if jl received a valid complaint from any pe'rson or persons who voted for Hays {S T ov. 4, < ( He will 'get that complaint," Wells said. £ut he dcelinec} (o say whether hp w»s worHhjg ajgne w will; a gyoup." cpnlest; before the House com- js pot" the only obstacle Al- fjord, must face before' he 'takes his SRfU (n Jhc JJou.se. A group of H,ous§ £>prn,oo}-ats is working to prevenl his being seated, as Dcmoswt b.p» pause he opposed Hays, the De> " a? a Slid , nominee", Alfofd CVStiP said h> Auction for 0t7 din wrote the opinion, In other action, the Supreme Court affirmed Ashley County Court "by ruling that tsvo improvement districts adjacent to Crossetl were fgrpiecl properly. The districts were formed for fire protection and installation of natural gas lines, ]3oth projects Eleven Floats Entered in Yule Parade < The Annual Christmas Parade will be held Thursday, December 4, at 7;30. The parade will follow the regular parade route, forming in front of Childs Food Store on East Second street. Eleven floats have been entered depicting a theme of "Christmas in Story and Song," Among these gave the rightists a clear majority. In addition, the 71 deputies nc- ing elected from Algeria and the Sahara were expected lo support Soustelle. The Socialisls dropped from 95 nc'ilts In the old Assembly to 10. the Catholic Popular Republicans (MRP) from 74 to 44, NUCLEAR-DRIVEN BOMBER — An atomic-powered bomber Is lifting tested In the Soviet Union, according to Aviation Week mngar.ine. Tills artist's conception shows the large nuclear engines nuspendc.d in pods beneath the delta wing. A 195-foot fusllage affords protection to the crew against radiation. — NEA Telephoto Holiday Death Toll Continues to Mount Traffic Fires Miscellaneous 7'otfi! •134 48 .113 !5f)4 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The notion's observance of tho long Thanksgiving weekend was marred by a heavy death loll in combined with the UNH's IDS, violent accidents. As usual, traffic The oncc.slrong Radical Social- Uocal WHS the No, 1 killer. The season's first major snowstorm was regarded as a big factor in a number of deaths on tho highways. The cold weather also added to the number of violent deaths as a series of destructive fires took ,the lives of. several,j3oiv sons, Including many children. Although the traffic death toll for the 102-hour period from 6 p.m. isls, a slightly right of center group, declined from 71 to 2G and even this remnant was split into fouding factions. One of the party,'s leaders, ex-Premier Pierre Mendes-Francc, was 'eliminated in the first round of voting last Sunday, Diverse groups accounted lor the remainder of the Assembly's strength from Franco. Ton deputies were elected from overseas territories. With tnc 71 from Algeria and the Sahara, the Assembly will total f>46, A new premier will bq named after the electoral cpllogc picks a new president of F'rancc Dec, 2I V . De Gaulle is certain to get the presidency, but Ihere has been some speculation thai he might use his influence to keep Souslelle from the premiership. Socialist leader Guy Mollcl and •MRf leader Pierre Pflimlin, both float's wilTbe'"severa} Chora} groups I ministers of Male in Do Gaulle's singing Christmas''Carols, This' Present Cabinet, likely will head promises lo be one of Ihe most tile opposition in the Assembly, The new Assembly will meet Urst in January, for a short 3es» sion, The .right wing sweep went far beyond thu desires of De Gaullo, who refused to lend his name officially to any party or candidate Judges will be ministers from in an effort to remain above pol beauliful and interesting parades ever held in Hope, Prizes will be asvard.qd as follows to the five winning fjonts; first prize ¥75, second prize ¥50, third prize $25, fourth prize $12,59 and fifth prize ¥12,50. were iBltacked by Emory Bellotte su !T 0 uflding cities, This js a joint itics. Ke had hoped for a more and other Property owners pl '°' icet ot ! he c )WP be »- °' Com- balanced representation of n.oclcr- aUjcv property owners, In a -unanimous opinion written by Associate Justice'Paul Ward, thp h}gh' court said lhe protestants failed to prove the county court erred in approving.the districts, Mrs, Williams, 84 Dies Tot/ay in a Local' rnerce, Junior Chamber of Com-lptes tp effect i* liberal settle- merce, and ihe Retail JVIerchants of i mepl of the four-year, nationali&t "t-Ir\.^rt I 1 II'._ •_ il_. * . fl "" Hope, rebellion in Algeria. All Around Town Iy The Star Staff are reminded the Bobcat j Hawn of Oakhayen, Ed>vina Whit' fee held Tues4ay night I man, Southland 'Heights, Sherrie A. ' , .. at th§ sph,ool cafeteria with UA'HanUins, Pino Crest, Carolyn v Mrs. I,. §. iyjjjjams, a^pd g4, u Coach Fra.nH firoyjes as principal Greene of Patmps , . , each mem- Jong time rpsid.en.1 pf Jiope, died spegker .... tjcHets can ibe pur-, ber must have taken a minimum n/i™j^,, ;., „ !„_.., u..^:,., chased at Mpore jJros, grppery and ; of fpur semesters of solid coijege preparatory mathematics and be JocaJ hospital. Survivor? jnolwdp {9Ur SQ IQrone aiid Jterr^U WUP?ms of {jppe, Ross pf t-pngyiew, T^^as and gnow ViUJfKps gt '£e>;a:rk,§na- ~ Funeral servjfPS >jJJ be h.ejd 3$ M?th- 10 a, m. Tup§4ay o<3-ist ei)«|'gh for ,ilie Roy, SorreiraasJ JJA'- T ' " "' Burial Hltt' market. Irvjn p r uj-k.e family of Hope JSit. 3 won thrid, pj^ge in the Southwest djstrjct in the Arkansas Wed ,, csdny lo night Sunday was high, it appeared the tolal was below tho average for a comparable period. No prc'holiday estimate of I ho traffic death toll was made by tho National S'Hfely Council but.il said thai 470 dealhs on lht> highways could ibe expected in a 102-hour nonholiday weekend ul this lime ol year The notion's traffic- toll luat year was 38,000, an n vertigo of about 105 a day. The Associated Press, for comparison purposes, made D survey in a 102-hour non- holiday weekend earlier last month and counted 304 traffic- deaths, Other violent deaths for Ihu period showed 32 In fires and 121 in miscellaneous accidents, a total of 547. The record over-nil accident deaths during a four-day holiday period war 884 set ;it Chrislmnj 1950. Of the total, 707 were killed in traffic accidents. At least four states, Now York, Alabama, California find lllim/is, each reported 20 or more deaths on the highways. New York iud ail stales in lolul violent deaths with 30 Khndc It-land was the only stale not reporting any violent dealhs. Issac Anderson, 64, £>/es Sunday in Hope Hospital Issue Anderson, 5)ged 64, a resident of the Spring'Hill area, died Sunday in a heal hospital. He had jivc'd in Hemipstead many years, Suvivor.s include his wife, Mrs. Julia Anderson, two brothers, Arthur and -Sid Anderson of Hope; four sisturs, Mrs. C, W. Tale of Majvfr'rn, Mrs, Waller Abbot, JVIrs, Smcnid Damelfc and Mrs?, Glcnnie Tunstyll, all of Hope. Services wore to be held at 2 _ ^_ p.m. Monday al H.erndQn*Cc«'nclius enrolled in" tho fifth semester . ."" Chapel by the -Rev. 3. R. Tipton, members must have achieved with' Puriai by flerndon-Cornplius was Distinction in ijuth mathcmathig to be at Central Church, south oq and overall grade average ... the Highway 20, farming contests . , , this; charter of IVJij Alpha fheiq was gnn«iU Ljons pjub pom- TI starts | V ,g t vv|U BiJl Jfoji, N. a&A oyej io Usvcngrs ca,a .bid Jpy • was \n ihe landowner diyjsjon . • , i regwily prescntpd" lo liope-'Hl^h in the tenant division Mr. jmd Mrs- School in recognition of their Ji,m' HiJJery jyf f resc'otl won (ii'st p!ae.f |t\ the Southwest r 'I ' '?• ' "' '-"S^S Hope students j ih M« high- school jjisiligmatics i i embB r s with' at. ?re' plete and, superior offerings in high school mathematics and their high standard of instruction and cjuali- of fgewjtji' ( . . thQ club, fpuhdcd in 1957, §1 the University of, Oklahoma, j.s Inmates Connected With FotaJ to* WathemRtisal ftf America and there (temujiV, Js" "' ui and unysuaj gift,s are JIQ^V oj> jn, the ^•-Hsfebgf""'S'Oi9ilHi4'«^\4ti l e r - Jr -.- r -^^ T ™ v ^-, , - " n - n A-ie^rt^i^ctep&etli Is' sjp,onswe,4 fej (ty, •" ' v- -iK-F^-j&f j« , ™->;>«yt5*- T« V-, -"w^ i*v i '< • «-v i , ^ffx *r^ r -- -V- --•• '$=• y'*-} M-- "'^ ;!BW8toAi^*ff^ > "toW'* w » e ' "&^ *¥Wy- v ? ~ '^Wlri-JJ^A'lC'v^^y ,^,%'lMWr : r;.i>'.** .^n^^rr . ' • ^Atotom!Ashs !> silteiJi ) ?^j»wtt yte.;4^epi ,'&mW<^ has annpur the here that in IP tho fatal stabbing Sajureay of William JBu|ene Parker, 2g, of . Fgl -agent syjd a for<na.J would 'be f^ed pair boforv a todw. Thyir names 8th Grader Admits Slaying His Aunt VALLEY STREAM , N. Y, (AP) —A stocky eighth-grader, has admitted the frenzied staying of his 23-year-old aunt, mother of two children. Police said Richard C. U, 14, lold them lie killed Mrs. Mary Lou Wright, a slender brunette, "because' of a sudden urtio J can't explain," The boy's father Novic Mav//Jot- U, brother of the slain woman, found Mrs, Wright's body late Saturday nighl in her basement nparlmenl, which showed xigns ot n terrific / battle. Her children Jlf>«OPt ',)r,V- Hi '"fl**fd Michael, ' li, were ask-up and unharmed, Authorities said, Richard had battered Mrs. Wright with a large soda bottle, a lamp, a power paint sprayer and a large jar with an electric cord, Then, they said, ho stabbed her repeatedly with a carving knife and twisted the cord around her neck. Mrs. Wright's husband Robert, 2(5, was on a weekend hunting trip, lie Is employed by tho sanitation dupartmcnl of this Long Island community, Nassau County authorities pieced together this account of J.ho Richard visited his grnnrlmothor Mrs. Jennie 'Mazziotli, CO, Saturday evening and then called on his aunt. i.le watched television while Mrs, Wright, dressed in a housecoat, rested in a bedroom. She usked Richard to leave- and ho re-fused, flying into a frenzy, After the attack ho slipped from tho apartment, eluding his grandmother, She. had bet'cmu- worried whoji no ono answered her call at the Wrights' apartment, which is beneath hers, Richard was charged with juvo- n/lc delinquency because of hi.s age, and was held for an arraignment today. Ike Calls Meets on Space Age, Defense Money By MAHVIN L, ARROWSMITH AUGUSTA, 'On. (At 1 )—President Eisenhower, nriarlng the end of his vacatlotii today called Washington meetings for Wednesday ott vital defense and space atfc problems, Tlie President, who hns boon at the Augusln National CoU Club since Nov. 20, will fly buck lo the capital late Tuesday. The next day he will meet separately with tho National Aeronautics and Space Council and the National Security Council, He will preside at n second meeting of the Security Council Thursday. These conference plans were announced In the wake of a now pledge by the President to Com* munist-thrcatcned Weil Berlin — a pledge that its freedom will be safeguarded by the United States. Tho rciifflrmatlon Hint "the U.S. ' will meet that responsibility — shared by Britain and France — came from ISisenhower after he and Secretary of State Dulles had , discussed the Berlin situation at an hour - long meeting here Sunday, James C. Hagcrly, White House press secretary, announced that the Wednesday space council mooting nl the White House will deal with the issue raised by .a proposal by the new National Aeronautics and Space Administration, a civilian unit that it take over the Army's ballistic missile agency. Thai would mean transfer of about 2,000 scienlisls to tho civilian agency. The proposal touched off a 'stbrrn of Army protest when it was first made a fpw weeks ago, But-there now arc reports at' Eisenhower's vacation headquarters that, the controversy has been resolved • —• and lhat a decision satisfactory to both the space agency and the' Army may be announced soon." The space administration pbin was for it to,take'over the 1 "Armyl', Redstone*-Arsenal team 'ot, scion- is ik'fidod foy*GeTman-born.' Wernher von Broun. • , On Die agenda al Ihc Nallonat Security Council meetings Wcdnes-j day and Thursday will be tho bill question of how much to earmark, for defense spending in the fiscal year starling July 1. The council also will sludy over-all foreign air plans, particularly whether military assistance should be curtailed jn favor of greater economic old ' to other nations, After a conference with Eisenhower here lusl Friday, Secretary ' of Defense 'McE)roy left open the possibility that defense spending next year will run about one bil-. lion dollars more than the $40,-" 800,000,000 cstimaled for the year * which started July 1. Menus This Week in Hope Public Schools Menus to be served in Hppc public schools this week: Monday —• Vicnnas in brown fc'ravy/ mushed potatoes, buttered peps, biscuits, butler, sliced Beaches, milk. Tuesday •— Hot dog, slaw, potato salad, chocolate cake, milk Wednesday — Pet'f and brown grayy, green beans, buttered rice, hot roils, butter, apple sauce, mjlk. Thursday — purbeeucd luncheon ioaf, pork and beans, buttered cab- bagu, corn broad, fmit cup, cookip null? Friday — Vegetable soup, crackers, cheese sandwich, peanut but- cookie, and honey sandwich, fruit jclio, Ira P, Harris, S/ DIGS gt CamdQn, Surfed Sunday Jko p, Uarns, aged 51, die,d Friday at, Camden. Survivors his -wife, Mrs. Inez Harris; Wildlife Asso. Builds Large Membership Very fevy organizations still -in, their infancy can'claiih tho achieve* ments o£ the HempsleaJ County Wildlife Assn. Under the leader? ship of President Dub Flowers, die onembership reached over 1000 In the first year, ' < The purpose of the organization is to help conserve and improve this game and fishing in Ilempsteacf 'County. Next Thursday mght'qf' fivers for 1050 will be elected a}ong!' willi board positions where - firsj; year members drew one ycap lerms. . President Flowers saicl most Q? the year was devoted to buijdln'f jTiemborship and forming the ori ganUslion bul lhal ho \vas prou4 9! Ihe work carried out by the asspgia, lion, . " Flowers said that, through tho ef> - iorls of the group, H npjjears fhaf; ( work on the Bojs p'Ary projeQJ; ' will be speeded up by the ^rHan* sas Gamo and Fish Commission, Col. John jBuxton, pngincpr' jrj,' charge of, the pryjout, was n specj^J guest at » dinner meeting ql ths board a few months ago and ]a^f was presented lo the club meeting. He assured that the n-jajor psjrt p| ^ the project would bo fiiiished. in ' AJso president Flowers gjid $ /Ji group from this assogia.Upn. ' ,atW ' $ tended a meeting of the Ar^an§9,S 'fS Garrje atvi Fish ppmmthsjon parUPi* A* in the yp^r an4 presented, u rcaol^'f.^ tion urging eat'Jy compieUorj o| $hf •' fra ' , ,. uUpijt tho HeniAS.t?ac[ •'• County \Vildlite '

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