Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 29, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, November 29, 1958
Page 6
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H 8 P 6 5 f A R , H 0* M f ARKANSAS Nfrimter 59,19SI They Ail Get into the Act g,i Hope Star Classified Ads ADS MUST II IN OMICI DAY 11*6*1 PUSLICATION — PHON* M451 FOR AD TAKIR i^rf^^^^9 ^^F J^e^Pil^J ^^^f i^^i^^'^^B^t^F ' The schedule of SohJhaF PefiodJi as printed below?, has beefi taken from John Aldeh Knight's Tables Plan youf days so that you will be fishing in good territory" tir hunting in good coViif dlifing these tunes, if you w ! sh to find the best sport that each day has • Id D/frr. The Major Periods are shown ifl boldface type. These begin St the tirnos shown afid last for an hOUt and a half of two hours thereafter. The Minor Periods, shown in i ocular type, are of somewhat slimier duration. A. M. P.M. Mihor Major Minor Major Saturday 7:45 1:30 8:10 1!B6 , Sunday 8:30 8:15 8:55 2140 I Monday 9:13 3:00 0:40 3!25 I Tuesday 10:05 3:50 10:30 4:15 \Vt-clnes 10:55 4:40 11:20 5105 Thursday 11:45 5:30 < 5:55 Friday -12:05 6:25 12:40 6:50 'Saturday 1:05 7:20 1:35 V:45 Surday 2:00 8:15 2:30 8:40 Funeral Director* Service Btiriai Association OAkcJMfcSf FUNER'AL HOME! blal PR 7-2123 20-im-c For Rent or Sate Chest Pain Is No Sign of earfr Disease — Slnr Pholo & Engraving WHOOPS, there is cjoos as Nashville's No. 22 fumbles and Hope recovered, eventually turning the iniscue into a touchdown in the cpeniig quarter, Don Soothe, 50, Hope Fullb.ick, plunges into the ball carrier from the right and John Graves 23, halfback, hits him from the left. Other Hope players In the picture ire Roy Rowe, <13, Joe Jones 52, an unidentified Hope player back of them Hi-id Jos Matt Herndon, 49, at the far right. At the left Is Bill Dailey, 73, Scrapper tackle: James Tubeville, 35, In the background with Pat Utley, 6-4; Bobby Fei-ir.ster, 72; and Back Bobby Martin, 52, Bin 1 the unidentified official. The editor had no lun!< shooting pictures in the rain at Nashville Thanksqiviny Day, this lieing the onl> one of 13 that proved printable. Special treatment of the negative delayed publication until todpy. > (£1 1951 by Rlnihort t Company, lit Chapter 35 The quality ul noises around them changed as ihc-y went up the stairs, and its place wns Uik- en by the noisoh oi the house it- i'elf 1*0111- mud. KaUiermo opened her eyes to the pandemonium. The kitchen Jlexed its muscles r\nd rca'-ungl-d itself. Then her shoulder grazed the jamb ol tho door into the living room as she was dragged mercilessly on. She thought: \Viu-ie is s.lu taking iiit' v S)H> IviKv.- Ihe iiiswer, and slv- ac-copled it wi'.h some of the old inditfoi'er.eo. Tlie time had come for her to cho. KatheriiiL-V eyi-s. embraced tlio whole- violent, earthquake scene— (ho bar swinging in and out, the 'windows, tho flying tire screen; She, taught a )>ari' glimpse of hot- broken glasses, still lying on the hearth, uf the impressions in the couch whcrc> they had ;ill sat so recently; and above thy uproar Phu heard the radio still playing, t)ie announcer's voice s a y i n g. • ", , . \\ill conclude with a per- Joimance of , . ." . And then they weio through the windows, tripping on the sills. The open sky swung out over their heads. Kalheriiu- thought; She's taking me to the beach, i drown me, suddenly side-ways, pace, doubling tho in her scalp, as if it had Suddenjy burst into ilame. She had caught hold of one leg of the big iron table, Sho thought: 1 -mustn't Jet go. I must hold on whatever happens, ' The Uible moved rn inch or two under ht-r w c i g h t, tho metal scraping on the flagstones. Aunt Millie-en! ilung lit r,so)f around, the Jaw' mumble rising (o a howl pgam, "Let go of it Lei go" jah-,1 moaned, fcelipg hoc snoul- ders -tearing apart, trying In Stretch between the weight of the jable and the agony of her hair. • "flip blows began again, and ihcu , .stopped, and sho was pulled vn .another three or four feet'across |he Atones, while the awful poj-jyu 'pf the house crashed .and thumped, ,jp her ears,' and the mutter o/ 'fcer .aunt's voice dripped over her ""She kupt her eyes clamped 'ijghtly shut The pulling -on her Jiajr relaxed for a mornejit, ^-'fhp -sires in of meaningless pouring-'QUI of &W\l JVfil- mouth had begun to jell i 'words, She stood-for y i^o- with her hcuicjs on her hips 4own at the twisted " ^rpiuid the., iaWe, leg PiitrlbutW k|> NU Scnltt, IM. scream. | clothes that had been strewn all She hardly knew she was do- around the iron table . . , ing it. She didn't think that she could She know that the pitiful sound stand up bv hcrselC but he came of her screams would not carry | ; ., c j< to ;,-,,,;. carrying the clothes, far. They would be drowned out, ;mc i put hj s hrm ' around her by the noises of ihe waves bc-j apajn jj r . Tre.slov6 was still hold- hind her, and the roar of the j iag onto y\ unl Millicont, marching house. But she went on screum-j | 101 . up t; 1c S i 0 p t . 0 ( (i le lawn,. Up ing anyway, burning her- throat onto the terrace, through the fly With tlie effort, keeping her eyes i fog wmt lows and ir.tn tho house. Blued on the bank of trees. 3ut I she was not resisting him: »U the nothing appeared at the mouth of the path. No one was coming lo help her. She didn't realize that Aunt Milliccnl was on her way back until she heard the rustle of the black shoes in the sand; and twisting back around the iron leg she stared up at the height of horror seemed suddenly to have Seme out of that frightening black figure. !\Tr. Weiherbp held out tho bundle of clothes to Kalherine. • nnd when she s cmcd unable tu make a move of her own, to reach oil' and lake- the clothes, even to say anything to him. he led htif on' By DELOS SMITH UPI S'cince Editor NEW YORK (UPD—Three medical scientists wcrun'l especially .surprised when 27 out of 55 persons with persistent pain in tho chest turned out to have not a traco of heart disease nor any oth-.'i' rnerked physical reason for pa. : n in the chc?t. What surprised the scientists was the dogged determination with which these 27 made careers out of their supposedly "diseased" hearts which in physical fact were healthy. It was impossible to convince them that they wevo free of disease. Indeed, one killed himself rather than believe ha | had no business being an invalid. , All this goes to show that doc- must raise their sights when 3 feEfoROOM home. 416 S. drady. Contact of call Nfrs. W. I. Stroud. Ytfkoh 3-2382 Washiiigton. 14-1-fno c Business Opportunities CATALOG: Contains hundreds of businesses, farms and income properties throughout U. S., Canada. Specify type and location desired. Deal direct with owners, U. 1. Buyers Digest, Copt, 41, 1608 Hlllhtirst, Los Ah' gelcs 2t, Calif. 29-ltp The Negro Community £«ther Hlekt Phone 7-4878 or 7-4474 Thought for the day The men of the .past had convic lions, while we moderns have only opinions — H. Heine , that awful figure, al the face that I ,, oross the sand and up the grass, trying to understand all the rea ' ' ' §b,e's goinq ' She lunged jjreakins UIP i And Kdthcrine, gazing emptily up j nt her, only half seeing her, caught a rush of words: ". , drown her with her clothes on . . . got her undressed." Aunt Mllliccnt was untying ttic soft sash belt nt her waist. Shu sliook it out to its full length, then bogcin to wind it around Katli- erine's wiists, tying her to thv liig of tho iron table, She hud no idea of how to fiffnt back. Her only thought was to ilo- lay the process its long us S!K- could, to gain as much time us she was able; and without think ing of whnl she was doing she let her legs go Irom under har, iclt the cold, straight leg 1 of the table sliding up her baek, <ind collapsed in a heap on the snntl, letting her head fall forward until it was almost in her lap, She thought; But 1 can't held her up for very long, 1C I'd only put on sonic-tiling else this IVKM'II- ing when I changed my clothes . ,. , But sfte had ,put on tho first cumfortablc thini 1 she? saw in her eloset, And already (he black figure was bending over her, fumbling with tho buttons. The .f'ugers wove pulling off her shoos, and then her stockings, flying up to jerk nt hor imdorwenr. She hoard a seam bogin to rip. Arid ih.cn she wiis jorkpd up, ond !he underwear — the'.lfisl of her clothing -~-was roljecl down off hur, nnd she fell back naked on tho snncl The stream, of sounds took tho shapes pf words ng'iiin nb Die black '(error hulking abovn 1/r IhougJit out louci; ", . , cnif'i swim like that , . . bathing Mill . . ," She thought: My bulbing -suit's up in the house, in my bnthroom. -If she goes u D to get it, f miyb^ be ablu to get away, i might be ybK. to drag (lie. tabJo with mo, The bliic-k figure stood just over her, glaring down flt her; and then sq^denly, without a word, it ,luv)ied ancfstalHfcl ncross ihe beach and began climbing tl)^ long grassy' slope. There was 'no. time to .Jose^ Katherine' began lo lift 'Jjoi-scjt. 'She strained, 1 'feeling the Wood, pump heavily up her neck and aero'ss her 1 |a,ce, But vyhen the tab)(j d|d rioi ' budge, yjw elan«e4 at l)cr Side, Tho rueial Ipt live saud,:.§!\e l ^neypV,, b P-«WP move j( ' yia'i- vyay, r S.h c jerljed the cornoy -she 'vas tlc^i'io^ )ug>cftmQ'\ip ;ui ingh or 'two of ' the sft»d, 'but tl\9 ' other only plunged |n juoj-e d was no longer down at her. a face glnring Chapter 36 Kfitherino foil the knot at he>wrists being dragged away behind her, the fingers pulling it apart; then she was jerked to her foot. She Jell tho bathing suit hanging in her nerveless finger.', dangling loosely as she stared at it. and the stream of sounds solidified into a black voice that m a t c h e d the figure: "Put it on . . ." The pain' in her scalp was so great that she could scarcely see what sho was doing. She Jo\\urc-rt j : " a " l { l " cn the bathing suit, holding it by the ~ " straps, stepped into it, and began dragging it up over her slruiuht legs and skiny hips. The srip on her hair did not loosen itself. When she had it all the \\- f \y Up, the second great hand came toward her shoulder and began tagging the strap into place. The straps were in place; and boforp she could make suru, she was bein gdragged on,by the hair. She felt the sand growing clamp- er under her bare feel, and then the first shallow blade of water <is she stepped on it. The black figure didn't stop; it plunged on. and Kulhwine could sec in HIP narrow space before her eyes the block shoes sinking down \nia tho water, felt the water up to her ow-n ankles, then lo her, knros then almost to her thighs, And still the black figure stalked on. The sudden tingle as a wave splashed against her Foemed t.i make the pom more endurable for an instant. She saw thst '.hf 1 black skirt was under water nl- most up to where the belt had been, A wa.vo lapped sotUy up over hpr own shoulders, And then they were no longer walking. They stod still Tor n second. Sht' could not look up at that face Shs gasp«l when the drag on her hajr was suddenly released One hand was clamped on eilhc" 1 of her shoulders, pushing, pusn- ing. She was- sinking down into the wjilur, Nothing mattered, It was all over. Aunt MiJ{icenl- had won at the pud. She Closed her eye^ against thai flowing, greenness She foil as if * she were gojiig farther away. The water, was ear rying her, Naihii)^ mattered, ?$• cypl the water. , ., |3y(, ai tlnU Aiistaut she £ c ^ •SPO^ething against her Jog,". Sonv jhing had kicjsect ggftinsj hpv, Sh? opened her e,yes very slowly and lopked dawn into the blue 1 cfejpihs. T/hprp were the billowing leg^s oj two ' . ' ' ' "'" ' • oi He said, "An now, my dear?" She nodded, and then leaned her head against his arm, He did not ask her if sho wanted to dress now. Ho didn't bothi:-.- her with questions. He seemed i" undc-i-stniid. Later she'd have w loll him everything. The w i n d o w s opened slowly t n o u 2 h that thoy nould ;;ot thro u r, h them without danger. you all right : f ' ons fo1 ' pains in the chest, -Dr.i Calendar of Events The Yerger-Shover Street PTA ar.e compiling all anniversaries, in memoriam, in service, meeting dale, birthdates for a birthday calendar starting Jan. -1, 1959. All names printed on the Calendar are 50c each, For information contact: Mrs. B. L. Brittian, Mrs. Ophelia Williams, M'rs. Lula Gamble, Will V. Rutherford, or Roscoe Smith. Far S«ie ALUMINUM screens, doors, Storm- windows, weather • strippihgi ifi* sulalion, roofing, awnings, j?Ul* : terihg", orhafnehtal f-ailitig. Free estimates. Andy Andrews, Pliche" 7-586t fl'M WANT AD RATES All Wont Ad- arc poyob'S In A Sdvance but ods will be accepted ovef the telephone ond 3r.-ofnodo- flon accounts allowed *ith the understanding (he account is payable Whin statement Is tendered. 1950 STUDEBAK.ER picktif*. Cattle* bed, heater, clean and in good condition. Phohe 7-2204 of ?-4o!i. 29-tf 1951 OLDS Fordor. hardtop. Good second car. Call PR 7-2487, COLfiSPOT Refrigerator, like new, also good used gas range and small dinette suite. Will sell roa* sonablc. Call t)onal Parker, 7* 3431. IMt 3~SMALL tracts of land near town suitable for chicken farms. 80 acres limber land two miles out of Foreman, Ark. See Ralph Saundcrs or Phone 7-4001. 19-tf Ceramic gifts, priced reasonable. Proceeds for Kitchen Fund, Altar Society. Old Stewart's Jewelry Store. 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. 29-Gtp Lost Nlumbef 5f Words Up to 15 16 to 20 |1 to 25 S6 to 30 31 td 35 36 to -10 41 to 45 46 to 50 One Day 45 .60 '90 1 05 1 20 1 35 I 50 Three Days .90 1 20 I 50 1.PO 7 10 240 ?70 300 Six Days 1 50 200 250 300 3 50 400 4 50 5.00 6n<§ Monfh 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.0fl 16.50 12.03 13.50 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 tlfflS 3 times 6 tlfnos BOc pn? Inch 65c per Inch 55c pef Inch ftflfes quoted above ate fof cbrl* Secutivs Insertions. Irrequlaf of skip date ads will rdkc I he one-day Wt& All daily classi'iod advertising copy Will be accepted until 5 p.m, for publication the following ddy. the publisher reserves the right to fevlse or edit oil advestlsements of fored for publication and to reject ;k ony objectionable advertising Sub-\f mitted. Initials of one or more letters; groups of fiauros, such as house or telephone numbers count oi one word. The Hope Star will not be respon* slblo for errors in Want Ads unless errors arc called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 The Melody Five Spiritual Singers of Magnolia, will appear at Mt.' Pleasant CME Church, Tsvo Mile Branch .Community Sunday, Nov. 30 : iit 7:30 p.m. sponsored by Mrs. Ruth Turner. The public is invited. BLUE cat-eye glasses in blue case in or around Sacnger Theater Sunday. Contact Verda Lee Dongan o rJames Dougan. 29-llp Wanted to Buy Hope Star ( ' Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929: ONE small upright piano. Call Don Griner at 7-C620. 22-Ctc For Rent LOCAL trailers. Byers Gulf Service. Call Day or Night. 7-9955. 8-lmoc NICELY Furnished 4 room apartment. Adults only. No drinking. 801 East 3rd, 3-U Eleventh Negro Farm Bureau Convention Held The Eleventh Negro Farm Bureau Convention was held at the Dunbar Community Center in Little Rock Nov. 24-25th. Some 250 Farm Bureau members, men and women, attended the convention, represcting the various Negro di- UPSTAIRS apartment. 3 large rooms and private bath, 203 High Street. 15-tf UNFURNISHED three large rooms Private bath. Front and back entrance. Adults only, Call PR 7-3104. 28-3tc 5 ROOM brick house. Close in. Call 7-3207. 29-'3tc William N. Chambers, Joseph L. Eut once inside the hpuso, noise was doubled trebled in ilia \ ol- She was grateful (h.it Mr. Wetherby led her straight to tho couch, helped her to nodded up at him "ill sit down, that she mmht be chilled—spread the 'lis- earcled sun-suit acros her lap. She smiled up at him as lie itood looking at nor thoughtfully, "1 was so frightened . , ." "1 know you were. But it's all r.ght now. Everything's all right Kathorine, Just try to rememocr that." Sho smilin He said, "Whore's Paul? And Amy?" Katherino did not answer JJo turned away from the couch nnd started across toward tho klephone on the other side of the loom. She watched him go \vhile the house roared mound them, and the waves beyond the windows rolled at tho foot of the iron table. She thought comfortably: Maybe hf'll take me home with him-, Maybe we'll have dinner together 1 tonight, and 1 can talk to Jill, uncl I might evpn sleep at his house instead of here. Ho had goltpii over to the telephone, Ho picked up the receiver) and she heard him say. "Operator, gi, t me the police." She leanud her wet head back on the couch and closed her eyes. Kverythnig was all right, THE END ThorMissil© Ready for Space Venture WASHINGTON CAP) —" 'The Thor missile, ajroady a useful booster- for spape proves, jis ^bout ready to assume jts>primRry juris tion as «n intornjc^iat? Some of iho jnJssUos have ibepn" sent to, Brita thoy ure to ,b,e t goni^, operation^} nej^t mopth. A fioyg) AU'- forgp Thpr missile _s_gu,0d.t'o<\ is undpv' going tj'^uMrig' in t}ij$ " Under a .signed , Isjst ^pbru^fy, - % 4u|' Squadrons' rr V»'Uh , J5 j,ssj.ls • to: a iri "Biltiii; as ^ ^{^sp" jignin,f t " visions throughout the state, as ...J'.Ltit, Al , ^..(IIIILJ^I «', UVJa*-lJll I-,. ViJ.wllw 0 Grant, and Korr L. White report- reported by A, L. Duffic, Hemp- od Doctors must seek the rca- ! •=*•>** r-™,ntv Farm Bureau Presi- sons in the- "whole person" ~bp cause the reasons may be entire' ly emotional. Given Thorough Test He!p Wanted These scientists look thoir 55 Piiins-in-thc-chest persons til raii- dom from longterm heart pa a thorough utilizing all instrumental ticnts, gave them physical going over the laboratory and techniques, and followed their progress for six years. Ot tho 55, 28 (one more than half) had genuine heart disease of varying severity, But the tendency of these 28 was to deny they liaci any disease at all or to ad» just realistically to living with it, The 27 without physical disease(but with pains in the chest of emotional, neurotic origin!) had gone from doctor to doctor seplc- inR medical confirmation of their sclf-diagnosod heart "DISEASE," Eight had consulted si:; or more doctors; as fin average, each of tho 27 had seen 47 doctors, (The genuine heart disease cases had averaged 1,5 physicians.) Conviction Possibly Essential The very fjist time they went, to a doctor, 19 of the 27 had told (ho medical man they had hoar! disease. All of the other eight complained of their chest pains mid they, to "had had lonp,- and excessive fear of heart "disease. " Jl lt seems highly probable that thp conyictj'oi} that tlioy havy hef,rl disease may be essential for the functioning of some patients in lifo at certain times," the scientists reported to tjio technical journal of the American Medical Association, "It may represent a necessary d e f o n s P against potentially overwhelming stead County Farm Bureau Presl dent. : Delegates from Hempstead County were: A. L. Duffle, John Adams Otis Raglon of Oak Grove, A. Tate of Sheppard, E. C, Jones of McCaskill and Miss E, L, Ford and C. B. Smith, assistant agents. Farm Bureau membership dues were voted to ,be raised from $5 to ?10 a year, However, additional services will *be rendered to all members. Hempstead County has a quota of '100 members and at present has only IS, Tl;e ne.xt membership drive checkup meeting will be held Dec, 3, at the new Blovins Training School at 7;30 p,m, All membership captains and Interested persons are invited to attend this meeting, Under these eircuij stances it is often advisable to allow the patient ^to rpainttiin his cardiac neurosis even to the point of continuing some form of eayclb ae regimen (treatment,)" yjie -study was made in New Hampshire, Prs. Chambers and, Grajit are members of ^he faculty pf tlie Uqrtjnouth J^ed.ipa.1 School at Hanover, Pr. White now is as sociate professor of nt the , University Pf North Ca.rpHfliu Rejects fpr Broken Jaw 'A' ju4Sg y? "J|9d.ers]pv tpdjy rejpjteii . $ wpman/s '.dejnjmd, fpr- 60 Jjrpn.e'iv* i§'-go— }«. damages from ^ \vonJ9B Whp broke Jier jasy - • -'- * 'fixe jnjurpd >vorowv |or your Jo^d. John towel Quits Trying to Revive the Matinee By BOB THOMAS AP MQVie.TV Writer HOLLYWOOD CAP)— Mrs, Cojito finally threw in the this week on her effort to revive TV's Matinee Theater, Jt was considered, foolhardy of her to challenge the whole system of television piogrnmmjns, But- there are some whQ think it was pretty "brave, top, Mrs, Conte swung into action when is'BC canceled Matinee Theater, a valiant effort to ferine bow long quality dramas in color to daytime TV, Tho network, cjajmccl it had lost millions , on the series, ^vWoh was sustained, ;,s a tion for sales of cojor sets, Cotite's husband had emceed. show tb«nigl\ its twg.year history- Much lo the network's dismay, Mys, , Ponte announced pf a -foundation for the preservation pf Matinee Theater, JJpr"g°»J: of 5 ntUlion dollars the show to til? 3UV Her drive drew ponsid?rable gommejit from the pj-es? $19 IVflfll citizens who W£¥C to, fee cjass programs vejwvn t9 the, arid daytime TY peeijo, She fa.ve up, this wpjs. W'V ''fiecsyso I Jound lW??Jf ing siiy and ni|hi fpr ana AVON Cosmetics has immediate opening for mature women not oth erwise employed to service excellent Avon territories. Can earn $2.00 or more per hour. Pleasant, dignified work. Openings in Fulton, MeNaib, MeCaskill and .Columbus, Car necessary. Write Avon, Box 377, Hot Springs, Ark. Give 'directions to home, 24-5lc Services Offered LET ui renovat* yeur old mattress, We specialize In prewurl- zed ionerspring, ' COBB MATTEESS SHOP 713 West 4th, Phone 7-M2> RALPH Montgomery Market, cut torn slaughtering, We have meat for your deep freeze," See us before buying, 17-tf SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO, Sales and Service, 513 East 3rd. L, E. Booth, Phone PR 7-6695, 'Saw available for removal of-"trees, stumps and etc, For free estimate call 7-4052. 2C-1 mo, c baby sit anytime day or night cxcopt Wednesdays and Sundays, Phone 7*3644, 2C-3tc WANTED TO BUY Pine Pylpvvooo by Truck Gut in Woods or ptherwise, HAROID Phon? PR M321 . 16th & Louisiana, Hepe, Ark, COMPANY , Msaager , P, A, P, B0ww4 GRIU CAFE BREAKFAST Pi»t«ns? Call leet m, Fm B«ttm8t«i, Home Style Hot Bissuiti Open 3 A, Mi to 8 P, M, , Raye Visi »> Wttl Travel I ft jQ , ARKAN3A* Furniture i Mottrtu Ct W-E fiuy and seJl o.a.brfl SHQP, P§tm°§ •_ ••- *- ' .-' Herndon-Cprncltui for thAs ai'ea »? AmQla ' ju. i, BOS pi, succeed/',- |i\e we eould.u'4 had |o byy w , was . unaj? cept Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Woshburn, Secy-Trcs, at The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor & Publlsherf ^ Paul H. Janes/ Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr, George W. Hosmer, Mech. Sunt. Entered as second class matter at the Post OH ice at Hope, Arkansaf, under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Aud|t Bureau of Circulations Subscription ftotss (payable in advan;'j) By carrier in Hope and nelghbirina/k ,towns -. — Per week .. . ........ S - so Per year . ... ........ 1 i «0 By mall in Homestead, Nevada, , " LaFayetrc, Howard and Millar Coun- , ' ties — One month .......... , ....... .... ? >M • Three months ...................... 1.8S Six months ................. ,3,50 . One year .... ................. •«5 All other mail — One month ..................... 1<" Three months .......................... 3,90 Six months ............................ 7,80 One year ................................... 15,60 Hat'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., 1602 Slerirk B|dg. Mornplns 2, Tenn.; 505 Toxos Bonk Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; ?60 N. Michigan AVP,, Chicago 1, III,; 60 E. 42nd St,, Now York 17, N, Y,,' 1763 Penobscor Bldg., Dv-Uolt 2, Mich.;~ Terminal Bldg., Oklohomo City 2, Okla. Member of The A«4»c|atcd Pre«: The Associated Press is entitled clusively to tho use for republication of ai| tho local news printed 'n this newspaper, as well as all AP dispatches, i i-f »*i 'f J Tovlor & Jordan USED CARS — BODY SHOP — FOREIGN CARS -^r 216 S, Hazel Phone 7-4022 Orville Taylor • John PHI Jordani^

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