Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 29, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, November 29, 1958
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HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS SafuMay, ?-3431 Between 8 A.M. and 4 P.M. Nixon Laid an Calendar Monday, December 1 Circle No. i of the Woman's Socictv of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church \vill tin (Jo I MoiUiny, Dec. 1 nt 1 p m nt the church. All mctnbti-'? arc urged to be present and bring their Christ- runs offering ]a nn-f linn >if the Cusmopnlilnn Club , in the Ncwli( rn home on November I i!fi At'r.x-livp n r i ;tnt!t'inci'K nf Inv mrtrr WhiU- rhi •. «;-imlirrn'unis arid tif i.iiiclimK w( i c sei n In the Dm in:,' Die biisiivss rhi'i-'ms. pre- irli'd nvi i bv Mis Hi IMS Maynt'R, I Illc prO'i|> rlrrlili'd lo liiivf , C'hn.'-'lniiis rnecliri!; nn Di'ft Circle Nn. 2, WSCS Mnthndfst 1° »'^"'> rl (jl u - "'H' 1 " ' Church will meet for put hu-lc JuiH'ht'on Uc"c. I nt iy.:W in the Its Fr a* t»ase One i he Voters HiT tnMnt-, a gravt il HI at thMt tfixt-s will hi- ihke hlh'pi Will Skjl'octcct nnd i.n«*-j (Moyment will Incrr-tiie bccsu-t of] the stifling effect of Ihe anil- | f.riva'.e enterprise policies of 'ho rndlMil wing of the Democratic pnrty. ' \Vhrh NiVnn sent his teUv'i.mi, ho had campaigned nrnund the country and knew that various pulls Were predicting a Dphvicriil- lr s-veep Out he said fn his nv 1 - "1 nfii convinced Ihril If ^v/e hnmmcr on this lltto from rtAcv to elcrlum tiny We Oiin blitii'Iho opposition nnd shift thoiisnnds of votes rnct's throughout the Tiipsdfiy ill Ihe nnnilb. Mrs. P lj. Perkins Kfivr .-> clever •home of Mrs. R. T. White with I rovu-w c.f ih.> book, "Lord, What ; 1" close Mir C \V BrldRpts a 1 - eo-hnste" » l-.imil> in I?nhiti hcc 1 ^" 1 Mr-! country.' ... ,__J... R. 1, I'.i-oncii < lumped Ihf cnliro j Pfl'littps what Nlxwi snkl in his Y'in'Ie No 3 WSC'S of the First flub • illi IK i I-rctc'l It uni Hint , telegin.'n and whnt h-> (bought'p"M . MI thodi<n Chuicil will nicrl for pot 'he iiiilintiv cm In i (lies', f ,ifl been viilely \vei e not iiecessdiily Mi- luck luncheon. Dec. 1 at I p. m in "n ti rti.«<; until lu M, , K rnnn Mime thins HI" office '"id Ut^ the home of Mrs. Garretl Story. All niothoi in l«»H. week thai not long before the elec- members rue urged to be present and briiiH their Christmas offering Pumpkin pic- and cofffe were (he inn'• -rived by lions tlie Vice nreSidi-nl took a more reiillstic view ol wh.-il hi.y Le;,der Mrs. Webb Lnseter, Jr Circle No. -I \VSCS'Mil meet Dee. 1 at 3 p. m. in the home -of Mrs. Gruydon Anthony. Mrs. Cecil Weaver and Mrs. H. E. Thornton \vill t;eive as hostesses. Fulton Rose Garc/cn Cltib Met Nov. 20 the lu'pKti'sxi-s in l"i club nn'mbr-r* iihond. — Nevertheless, In his telegram he snld: "As to our prospects. I believe that ns we enter iho Inst j | luo weeks of the campaign ther" Mrs Charles ])im):iivl nnd Mrs. j | s no c( uestkm bill that the lido thril JiMni's Rowl.-md un-e hosh-ises to: WIIK running so strongly ngninst the Kultnn Rose i.ianlen Club tit jus has taken (i sharp turn in our V v ,, , » ... .,, , their home Thur.sdny (.'veiiiniJ Nov. : fjivor " . Hope Band Auxiliary will meel 2f) T ) 1J))))tS{ , iving llin)) , g(jrm nts us erl tn Tin , 1953 hew features and to handle mcftt. • W«» are a pi»h-bf:»6fi k ahd buffet StrVing cart fr*»hi passengers eah help them- Monday Dec 1 nt 7 30 p m nt Cimnun Hall The executive committee Will meet nt 7 p in. The National Honor Society Enjoys thanksgiving Dinner In Graves Home The National Honor Society of 'Hope lUfili School enjoyed a 'ThrniksglvhYg dinner nt the home ol Johnny Graves on Tuesday even- -•ing. Nov. 25. The Thanksgiving iniotif wus carried oul in nil decorations. David Watkins voiced the blessing. Games were led by Johnny Graves. Sandra Hobbs nnd Ann Cole directed the presenlnlion of stunts and skits. Others 'present were Mrs. B, N. llolt, the sponsor and fifteen new preside-ill. Mr.-- A»i*o Gilbert conducted Die business ineol- hifj and appointee) Mrs. Kenneth CON. diiiirmnn ol Die committee to dccorntc the Christmas tree lo bo pliiec-d _on Die trliingln npar Ihe Union Church on highway 5. r ). Mrs. I K. Oclom nave nn inleresl- in>; tnllc on "What to do I'nr out- donr pliinls," nnd Mrs. Olin Hush- son, "Whit to flo for indoor plants in November " In the contests Mrs. Snm McGill won first olaeo in one and Mrs. Bui the tide which rolled in on election day almost drowned Ihe Republican party Nixon urged the Republicans, while conducting the score campaign he suggested, lo wear a kind of Sunny Jim look. "From now on in press confer-' onces and speeches, all Republican candidates find spokesmen should radiate Optimism a n d Miould be on the offensive. There must not be any more defensive,' •/ipolOjjfetic. defeatist talk," hc said. Nixon 7 ed rock-'em-sock-'fin tactics when he won election lo jr.inibeis \e new initiates nn Mary Margaret Daniels, lilaiue Thomason, iJudy RatelJH, Brcndn A«ee Gilberl. Mrs Chiude Wilson : the Senate in 1950 and again when and Mrs. T. 11. Seymour lietl for i h c aid President Eisenhower won first place In the second. in 1952 together with their fellow Mrs. Herbert Cox and Mrs.. Jim , Republicans who that year got Teen-agers, as well as their mothers, can develop lumps, btimbs and flabtilticss even (hough they haven't a tremendous weight problem. The'way to get rid of the bumps (s by spot eXerciSc. This fftrl trims down her waistline (left) by touching her toes twenty times a day.' She keeps knees straight and'feet to- •ffether. lor the hips, the best solution (center) Is to rock back and forth so that you literally bump the bumps from your hips. 'Sit with feet crossed and hands on knees. Shift your' whole weight from-one side to the other. For tithe lines arid a taller look, stretch! This girl trims body lines (rlgHt) by. stretching first to the left and then to, right with one hand held high over-her head and other hand on knee. None of the^se exercises are'difficult to do and none of them are time* consuming. But all 'of them pay off in a trimmer figure. ' Prescott News Morre Hisplnypd nn arrantjemenl of chrysanthomiims. Tbo hoste.ss'j.s assisted b.v Mrs. control of Congress. But in the three elections sitice then.— 1 in 1954, 1030 and again D. K. Dickinson served a dcli«ht- in-ID58 1 — all Nixon's-tough cam-' ITnmni, Jimmy Title, Snra Kills, ful salnd and dessert pin IP to the paigniny wasn't convincing enough 1 hula Purtle, Albert Hai-Ris, Jean member!, and Mrs. UirrnaT Wll ' " ' Mary Saniord, Mary Ruih | lu,ms. Mrs Kinesl Morrison, Mrs. Clnuclc Wilson ,-md Mrs. Oils 'Bloric- u r oorl, guest!) C'alhoun, Polly McCorkle, ^Bniley, Winston Duke and Biili'e Sue 'Brown. H wns announced that Judy Hate- lift was chosen as model pledge and for this honor will be pri'scnled with n National Honor Society pin Sandra Hobbs nnd Ann Cole assisted Mrs Graves in dispensing hospitality. lo persuade flic voters Rcpubli-' cnns should run Congress. Jn nil the elections since )0o4 when Eis J. A. Sage Rotary Speaker The Prescott Rotary Club completed a six months period ofyrrieet- ing at the Lawson Hotel, The club will meet at the "Broadway Hotel Tuesday. Dec., ,2 and will meet there for the next six months. Fire Takes Heavy Toll of Children By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Ten children and a mother and father perished in three Thanks- J. A Sage was program chair-1 giving Day fires. Flames roared man and delivered an address on through two private,dwellings and, accounting. He is auditor and accountant for the Ozan Lumber; Co. i this lino Cosmopolitan Club .Met In Newbern 'Mrs. George Newboin ,ind Mrs. Kolly Bryant w'eie cb-hoslcsses tor AENGER LAST DAY PLUS 1 f\ COLOR IU CARTObNS I Mid Nixon won a second term — I the 'voters turned their backs on I the Republicans as a parly and gave control of Congress to the Democrats. •.-Perhaps now "Nixon, after some iieJf'exiirriimition and ..examination of the results of three elections of work. r ' Past District governor, Tori-ell Cornelius and Fred Ellis were?ivis- iting Rotarians from Hope,-; Roy Loom is ywas a guest of Ed Smith. LATE SHOW C,., TONITE 1'1;00>, M, CRAZY-'MAN - CRAZY All r »he Cots Are - 1 Jumpin . STARTS TOMRROW Yewr Sept Bi?lts orP 09in^ into Ovtsr Spnc§! THS FI8£T QREA1 Miss Leona Rldgdill : Brldi!-E-lect Honored Miss Leona Ridgdill bride-elect of Don 'Kauffrhfin was honored with n miscellaneous shower Tuesday ("•('iiint; November 2'3, in (he home ol Mrs. Rin'el Bright who was -assisted b.v Mi's. Joe McCulley, -Mi.ss Betty MeCullPy, "and Miss Velorii Bright, The honorce >vas given a corsaye of pink rose -buds which she •uinned j to her melon rose shoalh dress, Yellow mums were ulso presented , lovely gilts wore opened by the j'J 1110 Charlotte Arnold to the honoree's molhei, Mrs. Er- j boiioree and displayed. ' """ '" "' nest Ridt'dill and Mrs. John Kauff-j iDninty sandwiches, cocikies, nuts Ihe bridegroom-j.n'iints, and iced drinks wore served Brownie Troop 2 Meets in a row, may decide to change Brownie Troop No. -2 metf on his tactics when he seeks the Re- Monday afternoon at the Teenage publican presidential nomination Club - Tho in 19GO, ns ho almost ccitamly will. I lowols a « aln tnls wcek - embroidered .dish man, mother of elect. The party rooms: were decorated I to the guest. Sandra Kay Anderson repeated - | the Lord's Prayer at refreshment oi the week, served cold drinks 'and ns&oilud cookitfe'rto Brownies,ftay Vnnchver. Susan''Ward, Janet Jordan, G-inny Gray, Charlotte Easterling, Dorothy Covington, 'Helen Friend, Gsil Graham, Gilda Pay tiibla.was laid with a white lace cloth centered, wilh'a mass arrangement of c'hryf{inthemuin c flanked by glo\\'ing glitter candles Several iiilerestnifi gamos wurc plnyfd throughout Ihe oVenlrtf, with jinxes being won by Mrs. Henry Grant. Miss Marfiie Vitikers, and' Mrs. .Dwight Ridp-dill. The man » ONE DAY ONLY T0E. DEC, f+ . i f-* . i* rienci, uan uranam, u-uaa ray L-Oming and UOing Hines, Janette-.McAnna'lly, Verma Mrs. Frnnccs Gilliam and -son. Phill met Kenneth Gilliam in Stuttgart on Wednesday nnd returned, to Hope tor Thanksgiving | Oglpsby find Glenda Smith, Mrs Dauson Oglcsby and daughter Betty Jean and the leader; MVs. Aubrey An'dersbn?'' i *V< , ' ' '» ' Mr, and'Mrs, T. L, Conner of Arlington, Texas, spent Thankseiving' with her mother, Mrs, John lla^-ts- lield, ,and other • iclatives, They were accompanied to IJope bv Mrs Jerry Williamson a'nrt son 'fJandv, who n-e spending a few days with •Mr. and Mrs, 1-ifo Hnrtsfield Edw.ird. and Tho James Lnulerbaeh family of •Ft. Sfookton, Texas, ni'p visitinu Mr. and Mrs,"Gvnyrton -Anthony iinri sons, lil. Colonel 'and Mr?. Olin P Holt of Texnrkann. Texas spent, Thankst'iving with his brother, Mr * Circle 1 WMU Meets With Mrs, J. ,D, Hines . •t WMU Circle 1 of the First Baptist Church met on Monday afternoon in the home <of Mrs. J. 'D. limes with 12 members present, Mrs. H, W. Butler, chairman, opened the meeting and. gave a fi_w thoughts from the 28th chapter ot Matthew and led in prayer, Mrs. HarrclJ Hines .presented a Royal Service .Program on H Baptist Missionary Beginnings in North America." Discussions wore given»by tho members, A dessert course wns served after which Mrs. W, K. Burkett closed the meeting with prayer, . N. Holt nnci Mrs, Holt of HPJIO;* Mrs, UIUIM Jmpson-tuid 'dausfi- On Munc!ay evening, Mrs. J. 1 ' irr, Miup- Kiln nnd Mrs- -Leo Smith ( Colo ^ hor gUQS(s , MJSS Sa ,, a ^, '" ..... Gill ot WfishmatPlV 43, G,- and M'rs. C. G. Js'elsgn 'of Fayette-vijle wore tho guests of Dr, and Mrs, S, J. McGUl and family in Camden. relumed. Jrom Nashville Tenn., wl)C-ro they nttonded WfcSM 7th Annual National Country Music •Disp Jocl>t'v Foslivall and Grand Olo Opry ,'?3rd Anniversary in Js'nshvUle they were the guests rf Mr. and Mrs. T. Tommy Curtrer. Cnrol.vn Strons, suident at New- pomb Collogo in Now O/lpfiiis is holiday guest of Etta Hnrrpll ami Pr, and M.rs, IJarrell in Jn 1047 Oupi. Charles E. "Chuck" er, of West Virginia, broke the bnrnov'ot n speed of G71 miles -per hour to succeed in the first flight. THEATRE Roil Music in his Jack Peachcy -left Monday ! for Chaileston, S. C, (Uter a months leave here with his parents, Mr. tinci Mrs, Albert Peaehey, ^ Frpm (hero he will . Icove for French Moracco where he will spent the next- 18 months with the Koroe. AH' Mrs. Brad 'Bright, Mrs, Bright and son, Scoft, visited M}'< and Mrs. Qajen May in 'Hope "on, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs, \Y. P, purharn had as their Monday night supper ' guests Mrs, Jewtll ' Geprge Padds- and Dickinson o"{ JHope. , * Mrs,' Mrs.'C. B. Qvay rottH'ned to h, e P home in Newport a visit with Jvfr, - ai\4 'Mi's, ff- Gray Jr, 'who accompanied, Little ' Sgt. and Mrs. George E Steve, who' h8Yp.J?§Bfl- v of her f'iwdfjither, I^p.e left ivlpnday, for §st.*P-plyp§' asiigiwent' 'aj, pasjie AJJ- ' Base ip ^}i|qrn4a."yh?/ \v._.., pompanied by'|}rs, grag^ geg Will spend the winter wjth " n\ jod n private home for children. At Oklahoma City, five youngsters in a nine-room private home for handicapped children were) killed. Seventeen other children were carried to safety. The cause of the blaze was not immediately determined, but firemen guessed that a defective gas heater could 1 have started it. At Little Rock, Ark., a mother and father and lour children 'lost their --lives when flames raced through their bmall frame house. Another child, the only survivor,[ was hospitalized with burns. Cause of the fire was mot determined. At Milforcl, Conn , a 3-year-old girl died when fire, -started p by a faulty spaqe heater, swept the irame home pi Mi", and -, Mrs, Ernest DuMont. Eight years ago, tho DuMorits 1 then living in Claremont, N. If., watche'd their first four children perish in a fire, also caused by a space heater. They started another family, consisting of two sons and the vicim of Thursday's fu-o, in Little Tamora. Hits Show That Trades on HumanMisery TELEVISION IN REVIEW By WIULIAM EWALD ', United 'Press Internatlo nl a NEW YORK fUPD—It seems entirely fitting' on a -day devotgcl to the turkey that TS T BC-TV should have resuscitated the night-time version of "It Coulcl Be You." jvit.js, a rubbish heap of a sho\v,' -a' part of. the sweepings from (,'Th's'Is Your Life" and the defunct "Strike It High/' It is, -like each of , these, 91. peep i t show, a pious tradqr jn luimun' misery, bleeding its victims "on stage and then salving its conscience — and the conscience of its audience—by throwing its victims the sop of a few hundred dollars or a piece of merchandise, Thursday night emooo Bill Leyden helped launeh the show by offering for the delectation of Viewers: A couple, deeply jn debt, whose blind baby needed an operation' a woman w'io hadn't Seen her airman hu'shand jn ono year; an old m^n needed a horse; a little .giyl whose dog, "Pej'Ky," had died, ThV- fouplo got $1300, tho wpm.1 nn got to husbnpd, old man got a new hoys? and the young gij'l got a " eyev, 'it "was typiea.1 o| ,this 'Pi meJariohc.')' thgt dog. H.OW' ypujig girl > got 'her ,d.ogj sh.o to 'Usten tp- jpmpop few 91 -flnjr i-ly indl>; TY Reports Reds Continued Fiom Page One them jump? ' Call him prejudiced If you ( N^1), said the doctor, but he believes the 'best way to win the Africans is to give him health. "The mental level of the African, as with anyone else, depends largely on ihp physical condition." f Di-./.Wood, a British surgeon, went to Kenya for his health in 1947. Where he intended to continue his medical practice. But hc discovered that the people who noded reconstructive " surg'ei'y most were the ponntles' (rathar. shilhngless) ones, "There is the same incidence of all civilized diseases in Africa as jn the United States, and a great many more specialized tropical di seases — yaws, leprosy, elephan- titis — -which eat the body, away "Burned . faces 'and figures arc more 'common than in civilized communities. The people sleep and 'wake, -around 'central tires in huts. Children are constantly rolling into the- lire, -Huts are constantly 'burning down. And the need fori surgery becomes even greater because these people arc too 'iar away from help to report "their accidents, and too ignorant to disease to'' rcali'/c they havo it until v el 'y late. •'The central slab of Africa is 'ns n .ai'ea '9 as the United Hostesses Play Cinderella Jet^age Style -Woman's View ! By GAY PAJL'EY UPI Worren's Editor NEW YO'RK (UPD—Two'airline stewardesses know what it's likf to play Cinderella — jet-age 'Stylo Janet Mick and Sidney Sper beck went aioundlhe syorld in t a nc\v airplane which they probab*l.v" won't fly again. The girls spent twp ' month* helping demonstrate -the piano i Lockheed's Electru turbo - jet, 'to officials of about 15 C9untrles and to firms interested ii| buying the 'aircraft. It will be introduced -in flight lime is much shorter tin present piston - powered aircraft, So stewardesses m'ut i Work faster. The re • 6< «it*akd ' kitchen's make the Hsk e?s!en.^i!. fiffte ' toHSUmihg s'eps. elitmnMe sldrfblhg fenfl tiSuftl cookifi^ tfttliv ods. Bvoh doffee is brewed P't='i- buttOh fashloh in three minute*. After training, tho girls pafk'd their bags — about fottr earll, which increased to elsrht apierc on the joitrfiey—ahd set off irom Sttt-bdhk, Calif, for Motilteifi. ft-otts there they flew to -8coltn ahd Iceland—"where gfi ware dressed elegantly in Vbl'k ahd Pafis gowhs." Near Rltst Ih tupkey -OH to AmsteJ'dam for the Weekend, then to Brussels, Copehhag* eh, Stodkholrrt. Oslo ahd tstahbul IH Turkey, th?y shopped ih b> zaafs htld headed off a neat- riot WhdH cab dt-H'el'S and passet's-by slioVe'd aside VJP'S fot a look iit 'the plane, Next stop, Mew Delhi, wh«'J the hostesses welcomed abosffJ filtch celebrities ns Prime Minister Nehru, Indira Ghahdl and'hur two children, and the ti. s. .am- bassbdor to India. The girls also snahaged' tn squeeze in a moonlight flight- io see the Taj Mahnl. . *. t Tlien they flew to the Middle .East, visiting Cairo and Beirut Then to Athens, Rome. Paris, London, (Gcffriany. " Scotland tuad Ireland. - J . ' ' W The crew logged 27,000 miles from point to point and 2fi,0')0 miles on demonstration flights—fl2 in all. Some 3,000 persons mad li the flights, which were scheduled about three times a day. "We ..'know so much about tho E'lectra, but we're based in Los Angeles, and'the airline won't ba flying it from there. It's really rather sad," said the girls. Contends Stomach Delays Drunkenness HANDERS, Denmark (AP)' — A local businessman contends 'that he's a delayed action drunk bo- cause of. a stomach operation. .'When I drink I'm like a/time •bomb," he told a Randeis court today, "Since doctors rcmowl the greater part of my stomacri, American Airlines' service 'Jun J don't g°t drunk like other peq- 23. .Jo. I am sober when others "fli "We couldn't imagine why 'wo L ihe » art >' are loading up, and I iwere called 'to New York, Wo \vcre told only that it was »a special assignment, i We both had done modeling, so we figured it States, and« has just as great nn incidence of cancer. Yet, there is not one hospital in the entire area to treat it." Dr. Wood paused, lit a cigarette, smiled. <H6 had come, quite obviously, to the point, "Dr. "Schweitzer," 'he said, 'Ms the most' humble person, People come to soe him and 1 donate to him. I — " he shrugged "—go to people," HP is''in the U.S,,, he. went on to explain, as.nonrprafU "African Ho- stion"' 'and f^ankly, 'is trying to lion", and',. .franklyi- is trying IP raiso' interest' (find money) for ara.dio.ther;!py u .,rese0rch and sun?« cry hospital to be' built il Nairobi, n t " :'*' •The foundation is also beginning n Icmg-tcvrr. "proiecj -of ^research cxcivmgR fellowships, - which, ,/wjH' American doctors to study ' -pecxilifvr health problems for the doctors to study -jn the U.S, '"Once again 'the 'United States — suph a heathy country — "is •being nsKed to help >a 'poor and not so 'healthy one, You Tnny say this 'js an old story," he said, '"''But this 'time it "may be differ- ml. The basic nrobjom of tnis Ijajf of the "century r h,as been a problem oj race relations, 'Arid. B s I said, tbo battle of 'ideologies js at Its height in '' worked, we}]. Ths erjanncj.^wimi Two of fli> ABP'Ty 1 ? 'new da'ytimp shosvs gQl ihe -Tl)ptxlssiivirig -hpicUci— "Math' er's pav" >vjlj be off US pj. P§S S pp4 "Phan.se for-Romnpce" w PCQ, •;?,« wigljt J »jiwibw{! ? t , passage' Wi!' into the MQiiday night by get drunk while the others Have 'hangovers." A sobriety test taken hours'a'fi- er the man was 1 involved in a traf- had something to do with that," 'fie'accident showed a high percent- said Miss Mick, a pretty ^brunette ,-nge of alcohol' in , his blood, He said, he felt intoxicated at the i'time of the ^tost but that hc was •sober when 'he drpve'^iis /oar Bt- 'because of the reduced stom^cw .Doctors said 1 he may have a •point. The judge postponed court from Woslmont,' N,J. Spent Week Training She 'and Miss '>Sperb"eck, n vivacious blonde -from Eos'- Angeles, spem a week in training. They learned to explain the plane's action until next wcek, Children Dicker Parents 'Sicker; ' Dear Dorothy Dix: • My parents occupy 'the ' apartment next to ours, 'my brother owns a home a few miles away. As long as I can remember,' my,' ( parents haven't'eotten along, Why they did not • separate years ago, I don't know, I guess they hated to- break UP because of us children, When myi-'brothej . and'- I revere • youn*, mother would always ;go out with mo and Dad would-take his sort £V' 'company. - Now moth 0 !' comes to I'm going with a rnarriod man who is separated from his, svifo, We plan to^'gel married as soon as 'his divorce is granted,' We're 'vervfhaopy together but I nag>iiim 'a lot, I'm intensely jealous|/an4 if he can't acco.unt for all his^time I ;get suspicious. If I can't cure mvseW ii'ijl drive'him away—'B, 'S. •Dear B, S.,j Your iealousy^ and 'suspicion are not without causo, •After all, -if you could- tnke'-i awav from his wife, anvone", this, too, Its the bjg iblack 'that 'follows every girl who' has taken B from . . _, .. ,, _ [ £t\Yfl<f mult lt**> VYJAU, fif.TwifVJ wnt* me to oompiam and-my father goes) t ft f y $ to my brother to "do , the satne -.. . '. J. •.. ..-.,, , _, , . . thing, I think Da'd 'should -visit -his 'son without coiwlainibg a'hput mother; Ive to)d mother the same thing. My 'brother and T under, stand our 'parents and things'would have gone along like this forever, j guess, if my sisteivinriaw hadn't stepped into the '.picture, She's of* fered'vtd'.Tgive Pa'd a home, f °P paymenf''of course, ponsidor» \ne Jt Do you thinH the 1 older 'folks will bo happier, jf they ^epsirntej like th-is 1 ' — Grace -J. poa.r Qrace| Your perpnts g_ive the jm>pressipn )hat they'j'o against eoch other but I'll hazard a guess that they Jove each other fln4 are happy even in their disagreements, Jt's very, yevy hard 'for two -people Who ha.v? Jivpd'togp'ther for 45 yeaj-s, even jn ^Uhann be epetrt. Pa^ i§*flatteve(3 offer but jf he won't be, hwpy. HP'S omeri i« your Bothe we]} &$ hey gpoHin,fi •hold s-putjne, her ieowjers ypur H.e bloyfs 08 TSfJlpn "lie to and, i? §?gw? m Jhe Jsngw,. his patient wife wlJJ will "his 'Stoihiej'4n. f 'Pear Porothy Pix.' ' ^ Parry is 'a very nice boy and -J -like him fl'lot, but lie never advmioe''"plnns for a -date. -HP always calls in the mornipg •(about twjco a mont-W nnd malfc 5 'ft 'date 'for that 'evening- The >v l3?t 'time I talked jo him on the pljone, m,y sister 'shouted from the 'nejf^ , » ! TeJl him you've got a'dato, e a little competition >vi)i He him up." 'He heard her^and he asked what she 'mean, I dWn't 'Know/ 1 don't have ' many dates >sp'h9te to give up few J^have — GivbrieJie. •'pear Qa'by; We.wel ate things 'thnt e'an be tsHej}, to' ' granted, The bo.y knows yow'rf J|r wfiys ayailfttoje and dgtes you when he's' eKhBWtpd evei' other p^ssj. , U you don't have dates >'i}h get out wofe wJth-youj'\girl r|jr{pn.dj. Keep busy pnd yoti'Jl law bg-eau|iJly % t9JfJ'|int? 'J it, It woul4 ib? b|t |Q Jet

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