Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 8, 1963 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1963
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JUNE 8, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THREE Parochial Students Win Legion School Awards List 7 More Recipients of Scholarships at Alton High Winners of American Legion Seven More recipients of col- awards and the recipient of B!] ege scholarships at Alton High Catholic Action award in four Al- lSchoo , werp annolinced todav ton parochial schools were an-i .,,,.,.,,.,,,. ,-,„,,„, , ' , : RbBLCXA FILLARD. dau«h- ' ter of Mr ' and Mrs - p " rnnt ' is Gil- award win-' nouneed today. American Legion tiers were: \iird, 3111 College Ave., has re- St. Mary's School — Laura Hell-;reived a slate special education rung, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. j scholarship. She will major in Herbert Hellrung, 440 E. 4lh St.; i speech con-ection. Her favorite and Albert Schulz. son of Mr. and i school subjects are English, psy- Mrs. Robert Schulz, 785 Park j etiology and speech. Drive. Rebecca's school activities in- Cnrla Jean Kroty, William Yniniglwrg III Lawrence Wright St. Matthew's School — Rosemary Sterner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Siemer, 3410 Oakwood Ave.; and Edward Blair Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Blair, 201 Longfellow Ave. SI. Patrick's School — Phyllis Haar, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Haar, 721 Central Ave.; and Nicholas Rangle, son of Mrs. Louise Rangle, GM Lamperl St. eluded Dramatics Club, National Thespian Society, chorus and she was a library assistant and office assistant. Slip is an officer in the Rainlww Girls, a past president of United Presbyterian Youth at College Avenue Presbyterian Church and sings in the church choir. ALFRED JOHN SMITH, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred \V. Smith, 2905 Godfrey Rd., has been sc- SS. Peter and Paul's School — !| e , !lPC | f or i| lf , MdDmiiiell Couper- Carla Jean Krotn. daughter of Mr. ] atjve Training Program and will and Mrs. Raymond Krotz. 413 Augusta Ave.; and William Youngberg, III son of Mr. and Mrs. major in civil engineering at the University of Illinois. His favorite school subjects arc math and Albert Schtilz Rosemary Siemer Edward Blair Jr. On June 29-30 Old-FasJiioned Train Ride Stop Slated at East Alton William F. Youngberg Jr., !K)li sf .j cm . p Logan St. j j^is special interests are sports Lawrence Wright, son of Mr.l and hjs S( . hoo | acljv j, ies jn( , lllded and Mrs. Clyde Wright, 1.101 Lo-i Na|iolla , Honor Sodc , V| Pep ch|h gan St., was the winner of thc: and |,; lsc i, ;l ||. Calholic Action award at SS. Pe-j DANNY (iANTZ, son of Miter and Paul's School. | and Mr5 . G , c n n ,., Gan(z _ 291f) j Utah Place, has ret;cived an alh-] letic scholarship to Missouri University for tuition and fees and! parl maintenance? He will major j in physical therapy. His favorite j school subjects are sciences. i Danny's special interests include j athletics and band and his school i jactivilies include hand, football, i i basket ball and track. \ SHARON ADAIR, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Adair, 320o Earnings on State of Illinois i Mol ' kel Drivc ' Godfrey, has re-1 funds for May, 1963 hit an all-i ceived a tour-year scholarship toj SUNDAY SPECIALS JUNE 9-1-5 P.M. ONLY! REBECCA OILLAKD ALFRED JOHN SMITH State Funds Set Record In Earnings C7 DANNY GANTZ SHARON ADAIR time record high of $l.,fifi6,077, State Treasurer William Scott announced today. This was an increase of $S.%',n73 over Ihe same month a year ago — more than the University of Illinois which i includes full tuition and any other i incidental fees. She will major in! home economics. j Sharon's favorite school subjects | double the May, 1962 earnings of| arc English, foods, and clothing j $809,104. \'' m ^ tailoring. Her special inter-j Tlie Treasurer pointed out lhat; ests are president of the Southern | the State currently has $379.381.200! Jllinois Conference of Methodist! on deposit in interest bearing accounts in Illinois banks, as corn- Youth Fellowship, sewing andj swimming. Her school activities pared to $167,092,600 at this timel included National Honor Society, last year. i Future Homemakers of Anieri- Scott has increased the rates j™. Marching 100, First Band and charged these banks for State! tlw Taller staff, funds to :!',« per cent and 2^ per MARYANN ROBLEY. daughter cent, as compared to 1 per cent and 2 J /2 per cent a year ago. of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Robley, Godfrey, will attend St. Mary's Col- Scott, a Republican who took! le g e ' Notrc Danie ' ] " d -. "»der a office in January of this year, ^' ll ° larslhi £ ialld has , received a reported previous monthly earnings increases of $312,000 in January, $336,000 in February, $414,- National Defense Education Act loan and campus employment. 605 in March, and $828,833 in April. During the same period, i h e payroll of the Treasurer's office has dropped over 30 per cent from MARYANN ROBLEY JESSIE INGRAM LYON mittee and major and minor roles, " ' ,-«•. in school plays. i CHILDREN'S CASUAL THONGS 17 CHILDREN'S S-M-L LIMIT 3 C Mildew and Fume Resistant HOUSE $j|23 PAINT SELF-CLEANING GAL. BLOUSE AND CROP-TOP SHORTS $ SETS Asst, Styles & Materials. Sizes 7-14 250 COUNT Napkins23 RAINBOW AND WHITE C She will major in political science, j CAROL ANN MILLER, daugh-1 Her favorite school subjects areiter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G., languages, math and science, and her special interests are reading and painting. Maryann's school activities included Latin Club, Pep J194 at (his time last year to thej ciul:i and slle wa s a counselor's I current total of 134 employes. i assistant. Miller, Rte. 1, Box 384, Alton, has! received Ihe Nancy Lowry Me-j morial Grant for one year through ( Delta Kappa Gamma, Alpha Eta | Chapter. She will major in special i Passenger trains will the Burlington railroad St. Louis and Beardsown June 29i and 30 for the benefit of lovers. East Alton. run on ler lank and coal heap have long;.scheduled for East Alton, where a between SUK ' (> disappeared. A crane will be.depot still stands. However, Har- used to refill Ihe coal car at j old Heideman of Brighton has !fjoars1own and Beards! own Fire'been making a canvass of that 'JDeparlmenl will supply water for!community in an effort lo doler- of Americana and children whoi| M( , inndcr. Fire departments alongjmine Ihe possible number of pas- have never "had a train ride."! Hie roulc will be called on for senders I here and hopes to gar- Passengers will be taken on at j !lifl if WMlel ' happens Io i'un low. nor enough to cause Ihe train to Since most of the holidaying j slop for I hem and unload them on I passengers arc expected lo be j the run back. ISES Needs JESSIE INGRAM LYON, | edut ' uti ° n at Illillois SUlle Nol> I daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James'" 1 " , , IR. Lyon. 4U Chateau Dr., God-! Her favorite school subjects are jfrey. will attend the University of!" 1 ?" 1 ;'" d . En , gl ' sh tllld u>r .; s " ' SELF-BELTED SHORTS '1" 100% COTTON SIZES 10-18 Illinois under a full tuition four:year scholarship, where she will! i major in elementary education. For Students I Her favorite school subjects arej ;interests include Candy Striper, program committee of Baptist ™ 11 ™ low fP and I,-P«SU.-PI° hc ' hlgh 1 ™ 1 Sllnri; ' y ^ } ™ 1 j jmath. sociology and psychology'. :class. Her school activities includ- jecl Youth for Christ Club. Latin i Her .special interests a,,.- lrn . . „ , piano and swimming and her |Club, chorus. Future Teachers of The Alton office of the Illinoisj sch ool activities included Nation-i Amei>lca - and 1<llture Homemak- One round trip will bo made nos( ., |f , j( . , )lt|stol . s ilnci yoilll| , slel . s ! On both days Ihe State Employment Service needs train willjlols of jobs—permanent, tempo- rides! leave SI. Louis, Second and Frank- rary, part-time, or emergency— • two tin, al 9:30 a.m. COST), arrive |for area youngsters who are now al Beardslown at 1:-15 p.m., leave j out of school. each day and air-condiiioncd j \vlio learned aboul (rain coaches, a refreshment car and! from story books, one 01 an open gondola car, the lallericommunities along tin for the benefit of phol ogru pliers, j be used to demons! rale the tech- Beardslown at 3:.'!0 p.m. and ar-j Samuel E. Albrecht of the 11- will be pulled by an old-fashioned |nii|iie of pulling inlo a station. ! rive back in St. Louis at 7 p.m. i|j no j s state Employment Serv- Ktoam locomotive. |Th<' passengers will be let off the'On the Irips up the train will j j,, 0 nienlioned such 'jobs as baby sitters, domestic helpers, yard The two trips will be sponsored |train, which will back up a milejan'ivf at Easl Alton at 10::!0 by Illinois Railroad Association lor two, then chug back inlo town. (DSTi and will arrive there mell handymen lifeguard rec- and special arrangements will > whistle-blowing and bell-ringing, at (>:30 p.m. on Ihe Irips back. !,. O fj|j' on leaders ' office workers have lo be made lo replenish HIP! This will be for Ihe benefit of; Tickets for the trip can be had | ma j|,. oom C(le | pe ',. s f vp j sts office engine's coal and waler supply, pholograplu-rs loo. ! from Ihe Biirlinglon passengerj r . lprks sa i es ( .j e ,.| (s .errand boys. i rlelivorymen, stockmen and anything else around the plant, of- since Ihe days of the railroad wa- At present the only local slop is'agent at SI, Louis. i u u • * KT .• i r™ iers °f America, al Honor Society, National Thes-1 pian Society, Dramatics Club, Student Council, counselor's assist ant, junior and senior prom com- CAROL ANN MILLER Central Junior High's Honor Students Listed Students of Central Junior|Brian Opel. High School who have achieved i 1CIGI1T1I GRADE the honor roll were announced; Honor today. SEVENTH GRADE Honor Erick Anderson, Sheldon Butt, Paul Carter, Sharon Crane, Robert Carter, Alan Crawford, Hubert Crews, Wayne Dugge, Joyce Edwards, Connie Frakes, Betty Generally, Ida Gvillo, Sandy Hardin, Gary Hamby, Christine Jacobson, Daniel Klopfer, Judy Long, David Manor, Betsy Miller, Rue Ann Mills, Sandra Mundy, Larry McCor- rnick, Nancy Noble, John O'Hare, Rebecca Roennigke, Carl Sanders, Charles Stevens, Barry Waller, Jane Wedding, Rena Weeks, Joann Williams, Susan Wright, Earnesline Woods. High Honor Lynn Boyer, Susan Hansberry, Doris Coleman, James Davis, Steve Drescher, Fred Gvillo, Ann Harris, William Helens, Nancy Huobner, David Jackson, Ada Johnson, Joyce Jordan, Richard Katz, Dale Petersen, Frances Ridenour, Michael Scheurer, David Schroecier, Larry Shive, Linda Townsley, Steve Yeager, Billie Wright, Regina Burton. Mary llfgli Honor Heuer, John Gaston. Illinois Mental M'ce and home. Health Chief lo Visit Alton State Thomas J. Clark, recently appointed chief of the Illinois Dc- Albrechl said the area needs lo supply jobs for the large number of out-of-school youths lo find gainful employment to earn pocket money to sustain themselves. Employers are urged to contact the Alton office of the Illi- partment of Mental Health's ac- nois . state Employment Service tivity therapy service, will visit Alton State Hospital Monday. His purpose will be to introduce himself to hospital officials and employes of the activities therapy department. He will make similar appearances at the 12 remaining institutions in the state, a hospital spokesman said. BERLIN—A man has turned up in Germany claiming to be the Czar of Russia but authorities Linda Porter, Marina Rook, jdoubt that is his identity. Connie Volnnr. to fill jobs from the plentiful pool of young job seekers. Says Girl's Bicyde Left in His Driveway George McGraw, of 4021 Aberdeen Ave., told Alton police this morning that a girl's bicycle had been abandoned in his driveway, and he was unable to locate Ihe owner. The white with green trim bicycle was brought to police headquarters. Hole Shot in Front Door of Witter* Store Alton police reported late Fri day morning that someone had shot a hole in the front door glas? of Witters Sporting Goods Store. 204 State SI. sometime during the previous night. The shot apparently came from a pellet gun. The owner of Goldman's Market, 1325 Highland Ave., told police Friday morning that someone had thrown a soft ball through one of the large panes in the front window of the store. Big Smoke I'luii SINGAPORE — Special advertising is planned by cigarette makers in Singapore to woo smokers away from the American makes. SUPERIOR CARPET CO.'S ANNUAL MID-YEAR CLEARANCE! STARTS MONDAY, JUNE 10TH SEE MONDAY KITE'S PAPER FOR TERRIFIC SAVINGS! WE DO OUR OWN FINANCING AT SLACK FURNITURE and APPLIANCE CO^ 203 W. Third St.—Downtown Alton Long Terms—Many, Many Months to Pay! SAVE WITH THRIFTY S. D. P. UTO INSURANCE Through the Safe Driver Plan, your rate is based on your own driving record. Why pay for the careless and reckless driver? For a better deal with thrifty S.D.P. auto insurance, call your Millers' Mutual man today! No Membership Ken Jerry Gould Office HO 3-5551 After 5 p.m. MILLERS' MUTUAL OP ILU4NOIS INSURANCE « HOMf •USINfSS Bernz-o-matic-Compf. With Tank PROPANE TORCH I LIMIT ONE MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY JUNE 10-11-12! ANY 3 GARMENTS Suits and 2-Piece Dresses Count As 1 Garment. Suedes and Formals Not Included. TRY OUR QUALITY SHIRT SERVICE BOX STORAGE 2.99 PLUS REGULAR CLEANING CHARGE TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS: MONTICELLO PLAZA GODFREY. ILLINOIS EASTGATE PLAZA EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS COMPLETE EXPERT ALTERATIONS KRAYCO NYLON SEAT BELTS INSTALLATION KIT INCLUDED Approved AA & SAE LIMIT TWO CABANA SWIM SETS 100% COTTON - SIZES 3-7 CHILDREN'S ALUMINUM JUST LIKE MOM AND DAD'S IDEAL SUMMER CANDY CIRCUS PEANUTS TASTY AND TEMPTING C LB.

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