Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 28, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 28, 1958
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To City Subicriberf, [f you faif fe §ef yeur Star £l§a§g fglephdfig 7«342t by 6:3§ p. m. afid a §pggial will deliver y§uf- Bosie Khifc For Weather Reports See af Bottom af this BtH YEAR; VOL. 65 — NO. ta? 61 H&te, , CMUilfetM JM/1I, 1M» HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, NOVIMB1R 28, 19S8 Mtrntoh fftt At»6ttaf«4 PMII i, Add if Huitfta tf ClftafafMM A». Nit NM e»tl. S ffiai. iftdW* J.-jSf. 30, 11)1 «• 1,489 PRICE Be COPV cElroy Sees No ance to Cut iefense Expense Ifiy MARVIN ARSOWSMITH 1UOUSTA, Ga, (At>) — Sadi-n ' of Defense McElroy said af- S Conference with President ^Eftenliowoi today "we are going 'iave a pretty rough time" try to avoid a military spending grease starting July 1. ^cElroy ruled out Shy increase (aling as much as two billion rlol- gs in excess of the estimated aensc outlay of $40,800,000,000 v t the current fiscal year, put he replied, "1 don't know" Ben asked whether any hlko Jgbt be as much as one billion |dollars over Ihe figure for this "lar, which started last July 1, "McElroy said that, in line, with Continued on Page Three eather ^Experiment Station report for _J-hours ending at 7 a, m. Friday, ftilgh 40, Low 31,. precipitation 1.39 jiKches, rain, sleet and ice; Total [1958 precipitation through October, #7.05; during the same period a jjibar ago, 01.04 inches. f Arkansas Regional Forecast ly THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Central, southeast and southwest AVkansas: Cloudy with occasional fain or sleet this afternoon, ending y tonight. Colder tonight. Fair colder Saturday. High this afternoon mid'-'SO's central, mid to [fiigh- 30s southeast and southwest; [low tonight mid 20s. Northeast and northwest Arkan'sas: Freezing rain or snow this $ "*'"lernoon and tonight with snow cumulation up to five inches by pearly tonight. Colder tonight. Fan- land cold Saturday. High this after- pnoon low to mid 30s northeast, jfeigh. 20s to low 30s northwest; low Sonight 10 to low 20s, [EXTENL»ED FORECAST; ARKANSAS—Temperatures 5 to 0 degrees below normal. Normal jjpiinima 30 to 45, Normal maxima § to.67. Continued cold, Precipi- lipn , moderate lo locally ncavy curring mainly Saturday and "'again Tuesday, ARKANSAS—Freezing rain and Wsnow warning mainly north portion afttiis afternoon and mainly north- «?easl tonight, snow accumulations iljfivo inches or more northeast nnd rfextrcmo north by early tonight, rain o. rsleet south por- tb'S afternoon and early to, colder with lowpst 10-20 rthwest and extreme north 18-20, sewhoro tonight, Saturday gen- fair and cold with highest |30 extreme north to 45 extreme "bulli. LOUISIANA — Occasional rain his alternoon and early tonight, hundershowers southeast this afternoon, much colder southeast and older elsewhere tonight, lowest 5-35 svcst and porth portions and 2,42 southeast tonight, Saturday earing and cold, ITHE WEATHER ELSEWHERE f*By- THE [ASSOCIATED PRESS ' ....High Uw Pr, Jbany, cloudy .h'chorago, snow Ibuquerque, clcay tlanta, cloudy ismarck, cloudy jgoston, cloudy uffajo, snow enow » cyelarid," snow Jnyer, clear pes Moipes, cloudy Petroit, sno\y Fort Worth, cloudy Jelena, ploudy ndlanapojis, snow 'ty, snow Lus-Angeles, clear snow 3e, snow • p^ ill. snow sans,, slpudy fjs, cloudy 34 80 35 31 ,49 50 26 ,03 59 4Q 44. 26 32 36 ,02 ?7 81 i)? ?'J 'H IS '8 ,?.J 23 ip ,06 30 M M 39 34 ,86 15 Q 30 2? ,13 27 ?} ,42 70 53 38 28 ,53 39 n ,J?'J 8g 7§ ,91 85 38 T 38 11 y §9 5Q ,07 41- 38 Gli to Get $256 Million Dividends WASHINGTON (AP) - bivi- dehds totaling £5(5 million dollars Will be paid during 1939 to more thah five million Veterans holding participating government 01 life- insurance policies. , Stimiier G\ WhiUier, veterans administrator, today said the dK-i-, dends are primarily a refund of jinrt of Ihe premium payments. Me added this was made possible because the death rate among poiicyholdc-rs continues to be lower than the tables upon Which the premiums were based. The 1933 dividends will be paid as soon as possible! after the anniversary dale of each policy. Court Forbids Segregation in Louisiana Sports NEW ORLEANS (AP)—A special three-ujdge federal court today declared Unconstitutional a portion of Louisiana's segregation laws which forbid interracial -athletic contests. The order was signed by Judge John Minor Wisdom of the U. S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and District Judges Herbert Christenberry and J. S. Kelly Wright. The ruling today'knocks out that portion of the 1956 law dealing. Allied Strategy Set for a Long Diplomatic Fight By JdHN M, HieHfOWER WASHINGTON (AP) — The United Slates and its allies began mapping strategy today fo* « long diplomatic battle against t h p. Soviet Union's "free city" canv paign to oUst them from West Berlin. y The Slate Department • gaVo stern notice Thursday night that . the U.S. government does not in- i tend to "enter into any agreement I with the Soviet Union which, whatever thp form, would have the end result of abandoning the people of West Berlin to hostile domination." The statement promised careful study of Ihe Soviet proposal to convert West Berlin into a free city protected by some kind of United Nations watchdog operation. It also piomised consultations with Britain, France and West Germany as well as the rc.st of the NATO Allies, But officials said privately today thai while the statement did not with mixed ever, does not alter separate seating facilities for the races. That issue was not before the court. Tho court also issued an,injunction nullifying enforcement of tho law pending an appeal. Louisiana Ally, Gen. Jack Gro- million said earlien if thc K law were minified, he would havV, no 1 recourse but to appeal, " .^-'.".-••^ the Soviet proposition, there was no doubt that in the long run, probably late next month, it would be turned down. • Some Western counterproposal calling for a solution of the Berlin «„«, ic.tr -" problem as » art of an ""-German Midwest Is S)vept byj Goldass settlement same time. Indications were that the consultations will reach a climax ;it •a meeting of 1 foreign ministers of tnc ' 15''North- Atlantic Allies in Paris 'Dec. 15. OfCicials predicted the Western powers, would delay, until then their reply,' to notes sent .them Thursday by the... Soviet government. ;..' V ',.-,'• "• : Reaction fronv/European cap)-' tals,concerned paralleled that in Washing-ton: The "free city" form ula offered by Khrushchev is but a device to get the Western powers, to withdraw from Berlin, and is therefore unacceptable. Thp United States statement said, "The Soviets sem to bi; „• „,_, , - -. ,. . proposing that . l( ,whilc vthey keep _By, ; .j.hH E AoSOCIA-'TEDi'pRESS >t f"tnoirr v jgj'lp'- w wi East Benin, the Snow, sleet ''and rain, swept 1 . IhreV Western'Allies abandon'their across the Southwest and M'idwest rights' in West Berlin and retire today as a huge mass of cold air in favor of what is called a "free bold its grip across most seclions city.' of the nation. .Snofalls up to 8 to 10 inches were in prospect in some areas in the south central region. Temperatures 8n northern Midwest areas dropped to 15 below zero. Much colder weather moved into the Northeast. Below freezing temperatures extended southward into Virginia and free/ing weather nipped parts of the Gulf slates. ' The major snow belt extended from northeastern New Mexico and southeastern Colorado eastward as far as southern Indiana and northward into northern sections of losva, Illinois and Indiana, Heaviest falls were in most of the area from the OlUahorrja and Texas Panhandles across Kansas and Missouri into western-Illinois and southern Iowa, now cleplhs ranged up to more than 3 inches ifh OJathc in eastern Kansas nncl more than 4 inches fell in Kansas City, No immediate letup of the snow was indicated as the wel weather headed from the central and the southern Plains and Mississippi' Volley eastward inlo the mid nnd south Atlantic states. lit was mostly <c,iear in the Northeast but the temperatures dropped into the tens in northern New EInaJand and mountain, sections of Pennsylvania, McNeill Burglary Nati'$l,500 MAQNOWA, reported yesterday (APJ-Police thpt thjevus 'bvokp into a store at nearby MP Weil, bjew own a safe and escaped wUh.'U.SQO, Officers sajd Pevi'y Polk, owner of the general store, also 1 reported, (j?e Joss of 30 cartPH? of, cigarettes lid boio- t.'r n ;n. th_e f ililadoiph.ia, pjoudy 3,8; g§ "' 'S, Cjcar 7g 4§ e. r ploud/ 39 gg Hand 'pj-e., cloudy ft ?8 id S%ty, clear gf '3 Lpnis 4 . snow £8 g2 g3 ialt '31. KEAO OUR ADS The statement noted that thn "free 'city" would bo limited to West Berlin. It also emphasized that unless the Western nations accept the Soviet proposal within six months, the Soviet Union proposes sinclchandcdly to abandon its position as an occupation power including its obligations to help the Western' Big Three preserve their status in West Berlin. "The United States will not <ic- quiosce in a unilateral repudiation" of that kind, the U.S. statement said. Indicating the nature of a possible countcrmove by the West, the State 'Department said that tho United States, Britain- and France have tried for years "to negotiate v/ith the Soviets for the freedom of all of Germany, of which Berlin is part, on the basis of free ejections" by the German people themselves," Ice Covers Area Thanksgiving — Star Piiolo & Engraving OLD MAN WINTER took a toll last night, especially on shrubs and trees, as evidenced In the top photo where Ice bends this gr«ss ever. Bottom Photo; During the night-this large tree was snapped by its coat of ice at the home of Mrs. S. G. Norton on North Hervey This was only one of dozens of similar scenes throughout the-city Friday morning, -, Apartment House Burns Here • V , p ' : „ « - 1 ' . Vs r j '••>'' s ^ {;•=•• -J - L ' ' — Star Photo & Engraving" FIREMEN didn't have far to go late yesterday when an apartment house across the street caught fire and burned, Cause of the fire was not determined. Firemen battled the blaze about five hours, The building, owned by Mrs, W, R. Ramsey, was-almost a complete loss as was all the possessions of the occupants^of three apartments, ESP Places 7,475 in Jobs in October LITTLE ROCK (AP)—The state Employment t Security Division placed 7,475 persons in new jobs during October, Administrator J. L, Bland said, today, But Bland sajd npat'ly 8,700 persons were claiming unemployment benefits at the end of October, an inciease'of 450 over the'previous month, The number of placements in creased by ?35 over September and compared with -6,926 placements in October pfj last year, Pland -said in addition to iho 8,700 persons claiming benefits against Arkansas accounts, 3,218 unemployed ,,wgykers wcrp claim. J06 benefits ?.gajnst credits earned it! othei; states, PlonsSetfor Annual Lions Club Auction The Seventh Annual Lions Chrisl- j mas Auction will start Monday I night, Dec, 1 and will continue through Wednesday night, Due. 3, according to Lions Club President W. H.. Gunter Jv, AH proceeds from the auction is Applied to the purchase and distribution of Christmas baskets lo needy families in the Hope area, According to Gunter, around 250 families -received baskets delivciv ed on Christmas morning last year by Lions Club members. pel) Sound Laboratories Call in J-PCQ| AeousHcs^j$gn(y to Present His Lotest Keseorch Recent expeiiments liv steveo? f>ilPJli,g sound rppro4uplign, demgrj, sU'yt?d, nt ih* Pell Sam\d t&bora* torjeg in fjQveiiiber promises to ferfng a jar greatey realism to, the ' \VhJle lig. U^e word stei\e'p_ In ti>e wvte't t»pe? and ^i§ ell- tal?ei} iuvj- nqw , to * ihg * jnvijed Paul W and acoustics ^vjihoi-Hy, to present to tjbfm- engirxeej-s |l)e j-jpsujts of his latest fespaj-eh. , , A pioneer in steye-p as wplj us in •loudspeaker design,, j^lips,9h is best known fpi' lii ' Super Rocket Is Fired at Florida Site CAPE CANAVERAL, F'ia, (API —The super secret Goose—unidentified officially -*- streaked across the Atlantic today after launching from the missile lest center hero. The Air Force confiimcd u missile had been fired from the Cape, but as is usual in the case of the Gonso declined to comment on details. The Goofe flies at supersonic speeds, upwards of 2,000 m.p,h. Jt hat the primnry function of acting as a decoy to confuse en- radar This permits an at- The annual affair is a community, ^'W. r « clrir T " JS Permits an a> wide effort under the sponsorship tacking force lo sweep m un en- ,,r *.u« r: ,-ti..i_ i\,r , j _., pmv larpfnts with n minimum r.r of the Lions Club. Merchants and professional people contribute merchandise and cash. 'Many families have clpnaled home made pies, candy, cakes, jackets, etc. for auction. In turn the Henis are auctioned in erny targets with u minimum of opposition. Launching of Ihe -povpolscilike missile was visible from the beaches, As in the case of previous Qooso Ifaunchings, two a broadcast over KAR phase planes slj'uaked after t)w stariipg fit 7 each night, Bidders I surface-to-surface missile ,,foll9\y. can call'in by telephone or from j ing takeoff \u observe ils progress, the audjence at Ihe scene of Uiu! The Gooso is powered by u soljcl auction, the Hope City Hal) Court- j fuel -booster rockt-t for'takeoff and room- -Lion Club members will d«-}Ji.UQQ-nound thrust turbojet pngino liyor merchandise to bidders. J for sustained flight. i>"c"ioped, KJ£AjR donates Ihe radio tjme for land' producer! by Fairchiid Air» the-tiiree night evepi. j craft, the Goose reportedly hab a KJnard Young, Chairman of. Ihejfiboi' mid glass body that makes Merchandise Committee, said a' 1 **- immune to radar and qthc-f greai aeal of fine^mefchandist. hact] types of early waroing systems. ajready been received but urged | r '_ ' ^ __ those who still had contacts to i l . . ~^ ' r ~^~ make to please do. so today or to-;, c^^^ T\~*. TL^., morrow, '4nyon& not gontaqted who; wishes to clonnte merphandise, service, or jp'a'sh can eaJJ Mr. Yo.ung at Young Chevrolet.' Winter Leaves Coat of >•' * > -• Ice Over State, More Forecast for Tonight North Arkansas Covered by 8 Inches of Snow By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Winter held Arkansas under n frigid thumb today as the first bonafidc cold wave of the season moved across the state but the blanket of snow and sleet which Covered the northwest holt of the state today was not expected to reach into the extreme southeast The U.S. Weather Bureau at Lit- tic Hock forecast continuing snowfall in the north and central portions qf the state and some sloel in the southeast through today. Bu-t precipitation is expected to end early tonight with desiring skies and cold tc'mp'eraturcs on lap for tomorrow. Elgh inches of snow was reported at Mammoth Sprlnjr on the Missouri stale line and U.S. Highway 07 was closed between Hardy and Walnut nidge. Other highways remained open, but State Police warned, "It's a good day for motorists to stay home." Highway Department officials reported traffic was moving slowly as crows worked through tlu: night sanding bridges, approaches and hills. Other snowfoll reports received by the U.S. Weather Bureau nl Little Hock included: Devil's Knob 0 inches, Yellvillc 5.5 Inches, Calico Rock 4.5 inches, Corning 3,5 inches, Black Rock 2 inches, and Danville, Ox.ark, Sutaiaco and *febeiv Spriuas, 1.5,inches.., .,,«..,. , .*PIte Woafnfr' Bin4nf sa'id *n general snow up" to five Inches was expected in northwest Arkansas today, Freezing ruin and sleet which pelted central Arkansas through the night turned to snosv today. Trees and power linos svere covered with ice and utilities reported minor disruptions in service, Jce was not iieavy enough to cause serious damage to trees, Jligli temperatures betwun 3. 1 ) nnd -10 degree." wen; forecast for today, Yesterday 1 .') high was 42 degrees at El Dorado. 'Despite extremely adverse wen- tiler conditions nnd a Stnte Police prediction that eight persons .would die on the highways during 1 the Thanksgiving holiday period from 0 p.m. Wednesday to 0 a,m, .Friday, Arkansas did not have a single reported traffic death during the 38-hour period, A Camden rnnn, \y, jr. Sales, wt's killed nnd two other men in' jured seriously when a pickup truck hit a tree nna.r Thornton at 0:15 a.m., but the accident was attributed to tjro failure. Up to JO a,m, today, Stqte Po- Jice said ihe'y did not have a report of a single serious accident directly attributed to weather. Winter marcher! into Arkansas last night on feet of rain, sleet nnd sub-freezing temperatures, The edge of a stormy blast that pounded western states with wind and snow forced temperatures down throughout Arkansas, Snow was reported In northern sections of the state and sject pelted many areas, flaw was widespread, JVIoru of the same is yrcdiej,«l through tomorrow. With heavy holiday traffic expected, the U.S, Weather Bureau at Little Rock warned th,at dangerous driving conditions would ox? is(, dim to icing, especially at high elevations and gn overpasses and bridgtes. « .Freezing t -ain began to ice ," Continued on page TJtfee Alaska Counting Democratic Votes JU-NteA-U, Aluskn GAP) — The counting of votes from Tuesday's Alaska general election resumed loday after a Thanksgiving recess. The now ballots were expected to ndd more weight to the Democratic landslide. The new state's two Senate seats, one House) sent and the Alaska governorship Went to Democrats nnd Democrats look absolute control of the tl-mcmbcr, bicameral Legislature^ E. L. (Bob) Bartlett, Alaska's non-voting delegate to Congress for the lust H yetii's, easily outdistanced two rivals for ;one Semite seat, When (he counting wus closed off Wednesday night with 213 of 207 precincts in, Bnrtlett hnd 29,B»» votes to 5,405 for Republican R. E', Robertson and 4)4 for independent Keith Cupper, The -other Senate seat went to Ernest Gnicning, n former territorial governor who bent 'buck another former governor • ot Alaska, Mike Stcpovich, by a vote of 10,017 to I7.0H4 with 213 precincts counted. Wlllliim Eg»n, n Viildex merchant, won the governorship over the GOP's John Butrovich Jr., 21.•585. votes to 12,553, Holiday Death Toll Continues toMount OLIDAY DEATHS Traffic ' ' 123 Fires :o Miscellaneous 23 Total i(w ".V'ByrrHE-'A'SSOClATED" PRESS Violent occidental deaths marred (he observance of Thanksgiving holiday in many homes across the nation, Tnilfic, as usual, was tho No, I killer, The traffic death loir since the start of the count for Ihe four-day weekend far exceeded Ihe number killed in fires and miscellaneous ••teeidenls. However, il appeared to be running near or slightly below Ihe average for n comparable nonholiday period. Tho count, which started at 0 p,m, (local time) Wednesday, is lo continue to midnight Sunday, cov- erin'g a period of 102 hours. Fires claimed Die lives of nine children Thursday, Five died in a lire which destroyed a home for retarded and crippled children in Oklahoma City. Four children (fid their parents perished in a fire'in the suburban area uf Liltlo Rock, Ark, Two 12-year-old Chicago boys drowned when they fell through tiie thin ice in a park lagoon, Solely experts attribute tho near normal traffic loll lo Ihe fact thai highway travel over the Thanks-' givina holiday is not as heavy ns on other holidays such as Christmas, New Gear's, Memorial Day, Fourth of-July and Labor Day. ' The National Safety Council does- not make n prcholiday csti-' mate of the traffic toll for Thanksgiving, However, it estimated <)70 traffic deaths could be expected for a comparable four-day non- holiday weekend at this Um'e of year, Jn a survey 'by The Associated Press, covering a 102-hour weekend period from 0 p.m. Wednesday; Nov. 12 to midnight Sunday, Nov. 36, Ihe count was 884 deaths, M in fires and l?t from miscellaneous accidents a total of 547, The nil-time recoid high in traffic deaths fur a four-day holiday was 707 in the Christmas weekend pf 195G. The ovcr-ull record fur lha same period also was sol wilh deaths in fires and miscellaneous accidents boosting the 1956 Christ~as. total to 881 system- qiiajjty but pf fee SlSrS;,:"; 'Moy Lough AbQwMt LOD1SVJLLE, Ky. '<AP; -S^ day they may laugh about it. To^ay WiiUum'.McQormick, )a-ide and two ,ol then 1 friends ii iiUle put out, ' - " & lew minutes* J»fter 'they w Wficd, ' ^gQormJcK,felt siu5|. -avr *"* ""'"•' flo' moving i a ^whijie, , •; ?y» 4m ' ^k All Around Town Thg Slot Trees Damaged Here: Apartment House Burns ; Wlnler came lo Hope on Thanks-, • giving Dny, leaving an Ice coat and "considerable damage, mostly lO'," 1 electrical, telephone lines and to', trees. Fulling trees and limbs) un«',\ able lo stand up under tho Ice 'cbat-^ ing, left ,-i large part of the city4 without electricity during the night 1 ;: and Friday morning, , .,,••" ,: Several streets were blocked byjy limbs and city crews were busy * collecting the debris throughout IhCj j city Ihls morning. Also hard at/' work nro Walcr and Light Plant x ''. crews trying to restore service, '."-t, Wtirdss three and four were com-.- plcloly without current Friday morning as well as rural llnes'east; on Highway 07 east, on Highway,' No. 4 toward Rosston and in parts " ot the Proving Ground area. Work-,' ers will have the lines cleared,as,L soon us possible. k ;^:, Rain started falling; yesterday: afternoon and • quickly started,v freezing. By nightfall Irees were"'' coated although the temperature a't : 31 was barely below freezing." Pro- ., ,, cipltatlon during the 24-hour per- ~-^ff^_ iod measured 1.30 inches and ,tlic ,.',,£& high Cor the period ending at 7 a.' "*t^ m. Friday mor'niny was 40 degrees.!:-' Apartment House Bur n s '.''/"^J'i About 8;30 p. in. yesterday a foui^; apartment house'«cross the sti^eol;^ from tho Fire Department- 5 .was';, gulled by fire, Firemen* 1 finally.$^ left the blaze, about 10:30 p;'m," ' "'"" The house, owned by Mrs, "W; "I'^ieyfj Bamgcy, was only partially covorA^jmB ud by'insyirfince and^was almost "a"j,:^f3 total Joss,' Three of tho'apartmeri(.S" s ;fr were occupied but nobody was at_; ,' 7 /« home nL M U)o"liinc of the bla^e/f'S'* Families in two downstairs apart- /Jji menls managed lo salvage only st s ?| few items. '^v '; Unofficial estimates ipla'ccd. th'e loss al between $15,000 and $20,000 to the building alone. '; , City Police reported only one "ac--,i,. ,'.»| cidon-t, this occurring about 2 p/v'.W m, on North Jfurvcy. Autos driven '$$ by Dr. P. D, Henry and Thomas S.; ^ Copcland of Nashville collided with heavy damage resulting: to lha Nashville car, City Officers said.", Two Wrecks, 6 Cars - ( "i ' Near Washington yesterday,tl)pre '.y^l was a four-car accident.involving ,5;.^ Hope drivers. A sudden stop" inA'Sj traffic returning from the game at/^ Nashville caused Jerry Owen (J" " the rear of Kelly Walton's,, |v „., which crashed into another vehicle,"'2s| driven by MVs, Gloria Nations?$!)iei$'£f Nations car was rymmed. irfn^a^-tl fourth vehicle driven by Catherine Jonus. All of th( hides suffered some, damage the Walton * car • Ijadly; d State, Officers VVard and field said. Otherwise il was u very,. Thiinksgiving Day in Hope, A Fire Has Claimed Fire in a Family MJLFORP, Conn, (AP) —' years ago Ihe Ernest lost four children in a lire at Claremont, N.H., horne, Thursday, u similar fire Y their 3 - year - old daughter, mora, in UIQ home whore had moved to bviilcl a new-'life-r?- 1 ' and a new famjjy. v , ',%> ; The I)res were- stjikingiy/ssni'S ilar. iSach started in a. ;' ' heater. '• ' miMont, 31, and his wife' childless when they rnoved,- six. years ago. They hud lost.' dore, 5; Henry, 4; Richard,"3! ?-rnonih-old Patricia, - But four ol^er bubies i ih'oy. Tho Hwnpstead County'^quoJ^ Mtion Board h«s extended its hearing frum. Dec. 1 llirpugh .QQC. % tp rural properly owners Wly . , , tb,tj Pourd meets at 8 aan.. 051^11 incidcntaiy thp "delinquent per- Social tax collector ha§ {o spli a sufficient amount of goods feeiQng- i_ng to a person to pay the .amount gf the taxes, 'plus penalty pf 'gj t t cent of Ihe taxef,, plus posts |t m«ty acenje < , , if it Js.Vnpcc.s.' sg,ry for the jsolieptpy .to c,aji pn jffiVJ to cojlect .these ta^es %$ a4d^ fi4 penalty o( ^,^1 .wjl.i ljg t assess.? gd io the a,bove gosti V, , mu. vviU >»Y S iLmc ,a,4d jniQp,uy by. ;a 9 iJUW l&'Jg c^lSfi^ OJJ^,ilellJMj\^efl.t'i s aj; ^ftcjw A^'ag'.'figuf'l ttgyie.,." '' iected"'by district coaches a?'this area's Coqcji of the Year foe flist. thus }je is ii ewndidgtc for Cpa(.'h of the Al)-Stars next Augnsl arms. . , , -pxycjly seven Bobeals made the' All-PisU-igl learn gnd two jvprt; given h,bnora'ble rncndtion . . , J3|ll fiutier und Pohby ISmbry. younlcw <jriU'platoon has been ^it Henderson, Slate Tjjaciiers College 'and Ctjdet 'Papi, pffhe group, 'is £iil '|'hpm,y?9Ji of WMp§ . , (Jupjny ^ilen ^ncj Wayuo fi?i|tey' of Uopo are mt'mb.e^s o| ihp 4r||| pia^oen. " ' - " Thursday, the children „ ,, rwi . asleep—Tamora, Ralph, fl; J^meSi'V/S 5; and Marjorie, 2, Tfcp ' " were talking with DyMi 'yeaj'-Qld brother Richard. I Suddenly tho hcattr exolodej: DuMont and h.is brother yaj ll-ied to fight the fire. Mrs.-'. Mont fled with MArfarie, ,The I men juniped from q ?econd-sii v/iiidov,' wilh tho \\vo boys, in iHeil'-fll arms ' ' . .." • at* its . , M *K^ f.'.'-I-"*

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