Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1958
Page 6
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Pagt Six HOPt STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS WeJn«Jay, 2S, 19114 Til. > j-Jo'/So f.L.WITHERS I I»T If KlMMfl Beach Chapter Paul, h o \v 1 1 n E with raS'" 1 , plunged for the ring. but Hex nnd \Vh I s k o d it round Knllierinc s shoulder, nnd slinking the paper. He understood Ihis game. It WHS oho he liked. Aunt Millicent hud li'ivprod .m the tdffe of the brw\vl. Her ui.-o look on n gentle plcndiny expression. Hur vmce wns plaintive, "Hero doggie. Nice doggie. i_<>rni' on. Fine ciofjfiliv Come on tiitd I'll scratcM ,>utir PHIS for \ou. llci'c, rloijgip. " For a moment i! hud looked as Jf Hex nilf{nl obey hi-r; Init then Ijnsl Ik- rot'Kcd not corne the his I no he slopped short. hetid, but lie did closer. Rex diishcd fiwny toward kitchen door, dropped ihr- pji barked twice, riuscci me iv happily, picked it up betweea teeth again, and run on inlu kitchen, where they urn 1 ' 1 hi HI him scrambling! wildly on luu linoleum floor. "Shut him in there Don't let him get out" She noticed Dial Paul limped When he tried In walk. She lioJd herself very still as he .started lowflrd the kitchen, praying I' 1 " 1 he Would h.-.vc forgotten for the moment that she was there.. Anil even if he saw her, could she run away fast enough that he couldn't catch her if he'd hurt himself how? l before her thoughts had crystnlllUrd cnntigh for her In reach a decision, he tilrnud back ahd said in that let-Holt; Vole';, "Cohie Iv-rc." He cnuyhl hold of her hair ahd pulled il slim-ply, nnd through the agony she heard him sny, "Novtf jCnme on' I Aunt Millicent had closed the i kitchen dnor. Paul banged it open I now, pulled Kiithcrthp through ahd slummed II behind them. Ilex had hidden himself umlVr the kitchen tnble as well as he could, the sogj>-y ))ince of papor still draped from his jaw; nnd Aunt Millicent, holding a bro.ntt upside down, was jabbing ,i( him with Hie handle He cowered, looking at. her. c.nrl then turned and looker! nl Kathei-ine. Paul find. "Here. I'll get him " He let no of Kr'therlnn's hiiir iincl started toward the table The moment she wsis free she whirled toward the dnor, propelled as if a spring inside her had been suddenly released. "Gel her Catch her" She had not looked back. Her hands were on Ihr door knob when the handle of the broom hit her shoulder with a sickening crash; flic staggered, the door wavered in front of her; and her opportunity was gone. Aunt Millicent leapt at her like? a Garland wade School Team Wins the City Title EYEGLASS HEARING .. , STYLED FOR YOU! By The World Famous FIRST IN PRECISION HEARING SINCE 1902 Complete demonstration of the "STYLEAR" — the world's best looking eyeglass hearing aid — as well as other ACOUSTICON models. No cost or obligation. They.may be purchased on convenient terms. AGOUSTIGON *•*• - >a/% £* v» ' " * - '•>" M wnpvsw - ; -vis - Hope Star photo and engraving FRONT ROW, left to right: Gordon Bolar, Jim Pllklnton, Chuck Lively, Kenny McMun-ough, Johnny Lowe, Mike Westbrook, Ainu Phillips, Clarence Kennedy, Bill Coffee and Spike Smolley. SECOND ROW, L. to R.: Dick Willis, Raymond Hughes, Conrad Browning, Djnnis Ramsey» Tommy Cox, Bill Kennedy, Larry May, Ronnie Phillips and Rodney Billings. BACK ROW, L. to R.: Coach Bob Westbrook, Eddie Aslln, George Harris, Steve Mhoon, Harry Ray MoMahen, Jimmy Johnson, Cirlton King Jr., Paul Guerin and John Scott Andrews. Garland played six games and won all of them, cinching the championship of Hope elementary school football teams. Members of the team were honored with a father-son banquet in the school cafeteria, sponsored by the PTA. Jack Lowe was master of ceremonies and Judge James L. Pilklnton gave the invocation. Dr. Lloyd Guerin showed a film of a Bobcat game, and Charles Gough was a special guest. The team presented Coach Bob Westbrook with a aift. the v. i.'odi n treads. "We can cor ner linn fli.wn here," Hex retreated slowly, his tail down, feeling his; way with his hii.d legs. Aunt Millicent did not even glance at Katherinc; she slurtc;; clown the stairs, dragging' her victim behind her. FREE Demonstration by: RAY PHILLIPS FRIDAY, NOV. 28th 1 to 4 P. M. AT SHIPLEY'S STUDIO AGOUSTIGON OF TEXARKANA panther, fastened those; Iron fin gors in her hair, and pulled with all her strength. Katharine reached out blindly lor support, and was aware of n different doorknob under her hand '.his time. It was the door leading to the basement. But Hie dour did not support her: she had been so careful to make no noise when she crept tip Die steps and through il that she had not fas Ifnod it behind her. II swung open now under her touch, the si airs yawned below her, and she sagged buck against the wall and sank to her knees while Aunt Millicent, yanking fre.nxie.dly at her hair, shouted, "Get up Get up" She heard Rex snarl. His head flow forward; she heard the snap of his teeth just us Paul snatched back his hand. And in that same second Ilex retrieved the paper, clashed out from under the table, scrambled across the room, his nails scratching at (he floor; and before anyone could move he w;tf> through the wide open doorway thumping down the base m e nt stairs. Puul was on his feel again, but it was loo late. Katherinc was 'Jjei'kod upright, >lo, and -they stood together, the three of them, at the head of. the stairs looking down, while Rex stood at the 'bottom, 'brown against the drab concrete, looking up. Paul had already started clown the stairs, thumping heavily on Kathcrinc saw that Paul was slill limping;. He was no match fur a dog running away from him at full speed. But there was no place foi Rex to run to; sooner or later he would be cornered; his pursuers could afford to let him back himself against a wall. And that was .almost Immedi ately. what he did do. He ran un 'til the wall rose straight up in front of him. Then he stopped, looked back and 'began sibling alon<! it. They began to close in on him. Paul from one side "'Aunt Millicent dragging Kalherine from another. Rex shrank down. He whined. He bent his legs and began to crawl. But he did not stand still. Paul rushed in toward the wall bent over to catch a tail,' or "an ear. or whatever his .hand touched on; but once more Rax was too fast for him. He scam pered out ol reach along the wall, dashed out a little wrsy ipio Ihn room, and came to the edge of the pit with the machinery. He looked into it. Katherine screamed "No No" and then h<? cocked his head at her attentive ly. Rex. turned away, trotted along for a few feet beside the iron ratling until he came to the opening for the steps leading down into the pit, ducked under the guard chain, and flipped down the steps and out of sight. Paul made u sound of triumph, half yelling, half laughter. "He can't get out now" (To Be Continued) Jury Finds Negro Guilty of Murder HELENA, Ark, (Afi—A jury of white men yesterday convicted a 24-year-old Negro fif first degree murder tn the slaying of n young Negro womaili Circuit Judge Elmo Taylor ihcrt sentenced 3. T. Mouse of Lakevigw to death in the electric chair and set the execution date for Jan. 23, 1059. House testified that he had hit Ernestine Coley, 18, of Oheida ill the head with a tire tool last July 26. but contended that he did S? in self defense. He said the girl had struck him with a bottle dui* ing 1 ah argument. The defendant said he had rtot meant to kill the girl, but that after he realized she- was dead he tossed the body into Long Lake, from which it was recovered of Bar Ass0, Suceumbs PINE BLUFF. Ark. (API *Arthur Fairfax Triplet!, G7, whd was president of the Arkansas feAr" Asstl, in 1852. died nt his home* here yesterday. Survivors 'nclude his wiclbW StltJ p. daughter. Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner Wifrh Us Turkey & All the Trimmings WHITES at t », Fulton COOKBOOK HISTORY CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio (&> — L. E. Goeller Sr., whose hobby is cook- ,ery, says he can trace a lot of his-1 tory through the 60 or more cookbooks, he owns. . "It's interesting to sec that historical events not only changed governments by conquest, but even affected what people put in their stomachs," he explains. A SPECIAL ANNOUNCED For the Benefit of Customers and Friends I will be Open Thanksgiving Day Until Noon. Plenty of Barbecued Fryers. GROCERY & MARKET BUCK WILLIAMS, Owner 106 S. WALNUT We Deliver DIAL 7-3871 IT'S WINNING ARKANSAS att-V 10M ^l li&u never had it so beautiful and so all out new... AWARDED ' THE GOLD MEDAU For btaulitul proporhoni— bjr lh« Com/I, fronted d, I' of tkt Srvi«f| JVorW'i f a if TJIJ5 WOflLP'S iMOST BEAUTIFULLY ' Expect (Q be dazzled whan you see these totally new Folds! Faeh one of Ford's J9 new models is completely ami rcfreshimily changed in evciy square inch. JJach, in its iwn way, is the world's most boauiifully proportioned car. Each has I'lnindcrbird elegdnce, ' «• lo?k for joniething new and jysl tight in size , , , and you'll find it! The lowest- priced Fords are 6 stunning inches longer ; ; ; have 2 extra inches of sinoo(h«ridtng CA«S E)ipe?t something wonderful in sayings, For instance, Ford prices for '59 are traditionally down-to-em'th pt ices, And Fords are traditionally worth more when you sell them, too, Ford's alumimml nninii-rs— standard crjuipmcjit— • last twice ;ts Jong as conventional mu/llers, Ford's standard V-8;md Six .save up to 5(5 a gallon became they leqnire only rrgul.ir ^as, Ford c;irs nerd oil changes only each 4000 milfs, And Ford's jic\y super enamels never peed \va.xing, Lppk for >Qme|hlng spe?iql In performance, New Thunderbird V-8's, concentrate their new punch at speeds from 30 to 70 mph, where you need it most. 1,99k fpf n9wn»» everywhere ; ; ; right dawn to the iK'iv r iV rcs ''i' c ' s - tw your J r orfl Peeler sljo\v jott. You've never lwd it sq new! t. ' |Jll5^%^ ; ^^^'J2^ffi^^^, '-;;./>,V;,-;> i -; „ •;;^>v>-^"'If^*ftf; I 1>«« % ^ W^%,:% f f 5 Sl^'^ it?}-? PAY 9 PC. Living Room Group • Large Studio Sofa • Matching Club Chair Matching Ottoman Two End Step Tables Co.ffee Table Two. Beautiful Lamps Large Picture Save at least $50 on this sturdy.built living room group. Select from brown, charcoal or green to blend with your home. Get a lot of comfortable living at a low price, $15 Down $2 Week $149.95 NETTE SUITES Save $81.95 on this big 9 piece dinette suite. Table has two extension leaves and 8 matching chairs. The upholstery is in "easy to keep clean" plastic with foam rubber cushions and back rest, 'Mar pruf table fop, $8 Down $1.25 Week ~D1XIE RANGE Save $30 on a new Dixie Gas Range during this sale. Sea the full sized porcelain range with the lifetime oven. The fast pilpt instantly lights the burners with a flick of the control knob. The pven thermostat assures you of controlled oven heat. .Regularly $"149,95 $12 Down $2 Week ADMIRAL TV In the big ?1" Admiral TY ?Vt you GQn't b'eqf this popular seller. Usually $??9,9§ withoyt th§ LIFETIME PJCTURE- TUBE WARRANTY gt other pjgces, but gt EASY!PAY TJRE STQR.E ypu get this t§rjrifj?-m9aey saving price of $199 witl? the LIFETIME RISTURE T,UB,E WARRANTY, $20 ^"ff^ 1 K 67CW p ."P* - Tires You 59" 'buy si h?w with a slight bjemish that i,s-' 'reduced, J° °n wikfli§yabjg ,£7Q*]5 wjlJ ppst ycu lasts; y<?V.S9p First -Uag T,ir§ J'9, find,. TJni ? tire is prise. Nprmgily this shipment ' 10 PC. BEDROOM GROUP Bookcase Bed Dquble Dresser Large Clear Mirror Large Chest Interspring Mattress Matching Box Springs Two Fluffy Pillows Two Matching Lamps Heavenly Blanket Just look at what all you get with this complete bedroom outfit. Usually all these items would cost at least $80 more, but Easy Pay Tire Stores bought them right and we are selling them right, $15 Down $2 Week Admiral Clock Radio Regular $29.95 Admiral Clock Radio that so many have enjoyed here in Hope. You must see this to believe that you can get so much for so little. Take it home and if you are not fully satisfied, return it for a full refund. Makes a wonderful Christmas present, Put jn'layaway at special sale price. $2 Down $1,25 Week ADMIRALTY This is the quality television so many people in Hope have purchased in recent weeks, In addition to the low price you get A LIFETIME PICTURE TUBE WARRANTY at no extrg cost, (Easily worth $60 extra), SAVE $40 pn a Admiral 17" Television. $14 Down $2 Week ?37,50 Admiral Transistor Radio Small, enough to fij in yoyr pogket or purse, Uw priced penlite batferiep operate up ,to 1QO hours, Clear tone 9nd good reception. -Put in jgygwgy for Chritmas. $3Pewn i* ——" —- §pegigl gloiepyt pn'cfs on the following, washers,, Brand, PfW figgr models tha.} we ar§.,cjea.rina. out igr new. 'f y'll guorgntg^s gpply , . $2?9.S§ HQTPPINT ,..

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