Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1958
Page 5
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e JnttJay, U, 1951 MOM *T AH, H 6 F\t» A I KANSAS East Gorman Boss Offers to Negotiate Sy REMH6LB INS BJSMLlN {Ai*) *- fedst SerWSft Communist boss Waltef tfibrigh! today said his fegiffle il pFfpafed lo fiegoliale with the Allies about their Sdccss to isolated West UdP- ilft, Ulbright's declaration bdfg dlU the belief of matty observers that the ifnhlediate Soffimuflist afM I* Hot to drive the WestefH Allies from Serlili but to force thdhl irltd negotiations the Keds Could {jfot)« (.agandize as recognition 6f the "ilast German regime. tftbright repealed the Commit' hist thesis that the Allies have fto iegr.l right to be in Berlin, "Thef<3 is no legal basis for the presetted of foreign occupation powers in. Berlin," he said. fiut he said there is no reason to fear that the Communists will Ibockade the city because, as he put it, there exists the possibility of negotiations, |f; When the Russians carry out ""their threat to withdraw from the four»powei' occupation ' Control of Berlin, one of thelf first nets l» expec.ted to be a transfer to th«» East Germans of control over the? surface and nir loutes used by the Allies to supply their garrison in West Berlin, Chancellor Konrad Ad»f oiler's \Ves1 Gorman government wants the Allies then to defy East German control .with tank-guarded.- j.siipoly convoys. The Allies more 1 likely will negotiate with the East Germans taut only on the basis that they are agents, of the RtN', sians, In the Allied -view, -this 1 would preserve their leeal position of not recognizing th'e .East German .regime as -a • legitimate government. Ulbright, first deputy m'emier of the East German government as well ns first party secretary, made his statements in an inter- ffl>'/view with thf London Daily Mail It was mihlisHed today by ADN. -the official East German news agency. All pressid Up Afliwir <a Pfivlaui "ACROSS £ Musical 5 tfe&tf? dfessed ifftiftenl H....,. bStficfi 15 Unites 11 Twf 18 Ahoihl 19 Distributes SlChoM 23 Assehl 24 ProtlbuH 29 Enervate! 32 Weftt by 34 Egg dish 36 tll-esS 3? Pacific Oae4H > (JisCdVc 38 Check 39 Coastlnd device 41 Some 42 Mire 44 Persia 46 Removal 49 Horned ruminant 63 Still 54 Goes back summer 6? Short sword SB Dash 59 Moines, Iowa 60 Throw 61 Shoe part DOWN j 1 Couch 2 Prayer ending 1 J Grant . ' • '4 Genuflected dressed I dypsliffi . (2 Words) 10 Leave out 11 Voimg dogs 16MdokUseditt school 20 Estonian Si Remain island 33 Bedy ca 22 Lateral patts 35 freneh* 24 Bo5t wottiafi' 25 Detest ' 40 Lofds Manpower Cut Could Affect * Ft, Chaffee WASHINGTON (AP) — An ar,: nounced 30,000-man cut in the-Ar my could result in the closing of Ft. Chaffee. Ark,, and Ft." Polk; La., but Army officials said 'today no decision have 'been reached,' Secretary of Defense Neil M<?Elroy has announced manpower cuts for the various services;-, in.. cludii;g a reduction in'the-'Army 0/from 900,000 to 870,000 by next June 1, , ,. :, . ^ Earlier in the year Arkansas' and Louisiana members of Congress had been told,. ihat,",'if;.^he Army were cut below 900.000 some, installations, including Polk 'and Chaffee might be shut down, An Armv spokesman said to'day, however, that, no decision has been reached on what posts might be eliminated, what unit's might* b« reduced or just how the cut will ;4;lbe made, All Army, facilities are constatiti Jy under rnvjew to determine their proper utiUzatiQn," He, spid, "and we just don't-know qt-this-tinin whnt \yjll be done," „ Earlier this'xeav Cnngross voter) funds to maintain the Army f»t 900 000 men through -next June 30 and aporpved a House-and-Senate Committee) renp'rt ;wliiph.' snjd' ihq commitee felt ' an "prmy of that. size was required. '' ' ' '! P^ Congressmen^ from Arkansnsi - and Louisiana sup.pQried, the > moves and ninny °f th n m uv)?od [ the nd.rr.inistrntjon IP utili^o ,\\\e fuilds •— recognising, howeyer? • that the administration could not be forced to soeprt the anhropri- aterl monev if it rhpsp not to, .. . 'Polk-and Chnffop are regarded ss ^nrnon/j Ihe first in pnv list "of facilities to be closed because WIPY arn n p w*^r Arniv- nn. Q *s pnr} prob* Af*Q}y JlSlVti ^onsidf»]'f|J5jv, 1 ]osg i-»pp? »Pian<?nt Construction tbon r.lfjpr One nf ilif Uiroosl rire. stidiiions in the U, s.'js j pf Abbeville, J^q, • Jfte Jn» |*«t9 t.,fJf| ]?i g, 5r*, MU6HIS r c.wtlty ' 4(S Looked &i 4? MelWot-k 48 Nevada city Utla 60 City in Norway 61-*-*• skin coil S3 Hireling SS Legal wattefi . ALU ) BUT VJUST CAN'T GQ , 60 I'LL SAY THIS... V(?U HAVE V^2»' LITTUB.RBfjARD FOR f- ]ii - 3THER'S PEeUWfiSl I dtRL HAVB 50MB PRIOB LEFT! KNOW THAT A T0U6H OP LUCK HAS REPUCEP TO DANCIW6 IN DUMP LIKE THIS I t WWJT HER TO 6B OP we i HER 1 MV WEXT WUM6E*. IF TALK. 5BE M6 rowRMvJ Judy buys all'h'er own clothes, lonly give.her a lift when her father gets hard-to handle!" By Nodin* Sc.tser •y KoteOionn CAPTAIN EASY THATS A MATINEE-MARE, VOU CAN'T HAVE'A NIGHTMARE IN'THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON) OADDV'S-HAVING ATERRlBLb NIGHTMARE I'll 1 bet the" little- Pilgrim kids didn't have to finish • < •" • their squash!" SIDF GIAMCF* By felbrafth The music isn't half trying to keep time with you, Ed!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HER BUDDIES :<SOO'C> -" SLURP/, PRUMSTKK, FOP, ME, SAM 1 ? I'm thankful for . J^/nany things, My rather and my motneK,, I would be 'more thankful If I had eaten 5 - ^ J1 thankful my little I'm thankful that out- home is filled ^ With love and ^happiness... • V/ith Major Hobpl. , ' , $1-~$?Al\~~' I 1 -4 OUT OU1 WAY TIME T' 7H' OVEN AM' I3ASTI ITAC3IK4? OOZIM' POWM ITS SIPESWHEM SHE IT? M-M-M.' WITH A 50DA -STRAW A-S \CUFF £Jt)DG&tHAT FAT F/MGgR OF YOUR?*-6UT FOR N INS AT AMD (SRIP.PFTHIS COSTLY VA^E- JIVI»yb« we'd better bask in fw a while,"' The war'wd - ' It looking »9ft gf w»§thBr»i«'.' AFTER THAT CAT •WWWsi-p*^-'v - •''•••%,'M.'';^ t •>,"

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