Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1958
Page 3
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fttiday, H t 1951 MOM ITAI, MOM, AIIANSA1 Ttoit Betostn g A»M, ana 4 P,M, .Calendar Sseewbgc 1 Circle No. 1 of the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the irst Methodist Ghut-dh will meet onday, tied, i at the church, SAll members are urged to be pre* Pbht and bring iheii' Christmas of- Ifcrihg. Circle No. 2, WSGS Methodist -hurch will meet for pot luck luncheon Dec. i at 12!30 in the iome of Mrs. R. T. White with s. C, W. Bridget's as co-hostess, Al df MS Mil In 6f Miss Mabie £tHria§e Chapter AE of PEO met with 'Miss M'able Elliridge oil Nov. 23. Mrs. W. V. Foster and Mrs. W. W. Comptoh were co-hostesses. Lavender chrysanthemums graced the home as did arrangements of fall leaves and red berries, Mrs. L. .&. Tooley. presided over the business .rheeliftfe dUringiwfutm Mrs. Franklin Morton gave a re* port on recent visits she has ; rnade to 2d PEO chapters in her .position as state organizer, ° ; ," Ail entertaining .program was presented by Mrs. Jim McKenzic, TO TOP OFF THAT THANKSGIVING DINNER . . . HERE'S A DOUBLE-DIP DESSERT YOU'LL LOVE • • • • • -AUIED ARTISTS' 'SNOWFIRE' HAS ALL THE THRILL OF A WALT DISNEY HIT!" LOUELLA PARSONS Same Cone . . . Different Flavor TWO MOST AMAZING CHARACTERS YOU EVER MET! L TODAY and Thursday MATINEE THURSDAY 2:00 P. M. \v1id fcad eXeefpfS frofti IfeUgrs writteh by hef daughter; JahSt, at 6 school in Sheffield, Eh|latid. Assorted iasly i-efffeshiiienls were Served to 11 meintetrs. Mrs. M. L. Broach Bridge 5lub fltnvers dedorated tin home of Mrs. S. L. Broach on Tuesday, frov. 2a %vh'Crt she ehter lained her bridge cilrt). Rnses. purple? chrysanthemums white camellias arid lovely while mums in liiatchiiigi crystal coii taiiiefs decorated the robrrts. Oi the mantle was a seasohdl ar fangcfnent of Thanksgiving: fruit Al the end o line afteriiodii o. play, the high seoue .prize was Wori foy Mrs. Syd MdMath aiK MM* Emmett-Thoitipsoh was See oiid* higH, DOROTHY D1X fiend Falls Cheekbeak Test Mrs, Alvin Willis Hostess i& . fcarrisey * CafgHe Post, Mi'S. Alviii Willis was hostess to the Ramsey-Cargile Post of the VFW Auxiliary when H met on Nov. 25. Irt the absence ot the president, M'rs. Owen Mollis, the 3Usiness-«meeting Was conducted ay the senior Vice president, Mrs, Bob Masstngili, A report Was heard 1'egarding the Bake Sale held the previous alurday. Plans were made for the Christmas party to fee held In conjunction with the VF\V on Dec. 22 in the VFW Hut. The men will furnish the cold drinks and coffee, THANKSGIVING DAY to our m»nr frl*n4»' DR|VEIN THEATRE THUR. & FRI. A Treat; for the Whole Family . . — PLUS .PASAMOUNI PJESM1S ill NORTH WEST MOUNTED POLICE* COMING SATURDAY - SUNDAY . ; ELVIS PRESLEY j '/'KING CREOLE" AFTER THANKSGIVING LADIES DRESS SHOES SIZES • 5fc to 9 Values to $11,95 Natural Poise Petite Debs Glamour Debs LADIES FLATS SIZES ' 5J to 10 Values to $7,99 Petjte Debs Glamour Debs GIRLS PRESS SHOES 1 NYLON VIkYtf SIZES i to 8 i 8^ to 12 12it93_ Volues-tP $6.99 Buster Brown Robin Hood Petite Debs GIRLS CASUALS $*3r ' $J __ $C • Saddles . Ysly§? te $7,99 B0YS DRESS & SCHOOL t Jar/pon i.rV Bear 'tierblhy t3is: I've speftl sleepless filghls rylhg bVdr ttly prdbleftt flttd ly dedided Hiaybe J'Oii could he\Ji; 1'rn 2§ ahd hrtVe tWO b<jy If tends, Bolh nj them Wa'ril Id ffiflrry We. the qiiestloH is, which should 1 take? One Is on ffly liilelleellial plane, but he eafi'l Wake fijiVlfiS for himself, Mow would lit! provide for a fan-lily? the .othdf Is s W' gettci-, a'ble to mske a ddllar out of anything, However, he has no appreciation of the fifief ihitigs in life. Me has rio iiatlelidd ^vlth, tile ballet, opera ot- art. Mis Idda of entertainment is a syeslei-ti on TV, Which would make the belter htis band? — Eunice H. Dear Eunice: What it boils do\vn to is this: t)o you want to feed while the Indies will prepare''the moat. Everything else will bd pot luck. •Mrs. Woodrow Saker was ,wc.l* corned as a new member of the atixiHai'y. Delicious cake and oof' fee were served by the hostess, Bodcaw PTA Meets In School Lunch Room The fiodcaw PTA met Nov. 20 at 7:30 p.m. In the school lunch room. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Thomas of Prescott showed slides and gave an entertaining and educational account of their recent tour of Europe. , v Arthur Miller was elected president, and Mrs. James Faye Pew elected secretary - treasurer. During the past month a PTA Membership Drive was conducted. The seventh grade won the $5 for gelling the most merribcrs, Martha Lewis, seventh grader, won .the 1 for getting the largest number ol members In the high school, while Donna Turner won. the"."$1 Jor the grade school prize. Pie and coffee was served to those present. Coming and Going dipt, and Mrs, James H, Moore and children of Bcnton will b*c the holiday guests of his mother, Mrs. Thclma Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Feilding Huddleston and sons, Leslie, Gary and Kent of Naples, Texas are spending the Thanksgiving holidays with their .parents, Mrs. S, R. Moore, and Mr, and Mrs. W. B. Huddles 1 ton, 'Rev, W. E, Harris returned on Tuesday from a planning conference o£ the Arkansas!) Christian Missionary Society held. 1 at Aldersgate near Little 'RockT Mrs. C,'Cook is visiting her daughter, Mrs, George Helm and Mr. Helm in Dallas, Mrs. Dan Welchel of West Helena visited Mr, and Mrs. H. O, Kyler Sr.' on- Monday and was accompanied home Tuesday by Mrs. Alma Alexander who has spent the last few weeks with the Kylers. •Miss Diane Helms is spendinfi the Thanksgiving holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Lex Helms Jr., and other .relatives and friends. Mrs, Ben Owen and Bill Blake spending the Thanksgiving noli* days with Mr, and Mrs, Bill Trautman in .Birmingham, Ala,, and With Lt. and M'rs, BcoJie Owen and baby daughter in Columbus, a. (Mr, and Mrs, H, E. Button left Wednesday for Shrcvoport where they will be joined toy Mrs, Howard E, Button and Hal, who will accompany them to C^lumfous, ~8,, 'where they will spend the Thanksgiving holidays with Lt. and Mrs. Huey Smith, Lt, Smith is attached tP the Headquarters Co, of the 27th Jnf, Division at Fort Bennjng and Mrs, Smith is a mem- :>er of the faculty of Rose Hill Elementary Schools in Columbus 'Mr- and Mrs. E, W, Basketle and daughters of Dallas wore the weekend guests of her mother. Mrs. J, E, SchooJey, Births T-,t. and Mrs. Benjamin P. Owens of Colwmbus, Qa, Announce ^hc arrival of a daughter, born NOV. 25, 1P58, Paternal grandparents e Mr. and Mrs, gen Owens ot -{ope and maternal grandparents are Mr, and Mrs, J, §. Browne of WWWqr, Cajif, Hospital AdniiHSdj JjaWelJ? BooJ^pv, Wash,' : Jngtpn; Ogtora W^tspn, H°P e ! W*n' dell Butjar, p^, J Hope; f4'v s - Br n > esV jQibsgn,, Hop§! 'Mi" 5 ' 'J9We§ P, Rogers, pt. I. Paimog; ^ ^. Qtb- son. Jfoppj Ml'§. WUian Crape iH9p9j Mr s ^ E4nipr»S Wrpn. H°P G ; Jp?9pii WUspji, Rtr i Kipjpet, IVlr's, groest v Qjbs9.p, fjppe; M 1 '?' Jyijl t i§n ^r^JH 1 , ^ppp;' Mf?< T C 4 C?mp, PprJ»jpo}}s, Ps-j 'JiJfs- Pansy Plumlpy, Hopp;']^rS' !?i A' l*!sy' Jif?Uj" ,WiJiP«. fi$- 3, H Al^Aw j', WPP?; Mrs- ii #•, A. flaw* your body or ymtr fnihd? Cfttl you listen to ficelhoVen's Ninth while bill eolicct-ofS khock nl the door, or wotiltf it be easier lo wnlch Jackie GlDOSon aflel- a slcflk dliv he^ aHd with the secure kiiowledgtJ Ihnl the rtfrigci-fllor Is weii stocked? this ! call nsstii-e you—whichever one you rhnfi-y, you'll wish it had beed the oilier. Proust Is fascinating reading bul a checkbook Is more sflllsfyihg, !f you tldffy tlte weii'heeled pros|jccl, J-oti will hnve little and rrtoney to ptifstto (h«s actsi while'lie's pui'su* Ing the dollar; trmrvy the intellect' ual and no one will pay your grocery bill. Mtt>ibe you'd jusl belter wait for a highbrow who can make a living. Court Docket Dear Dorothy Dix; Last week 1 ,got a job In a diner, 1 Avork until midnight. It's not easy for me to get transportation home at-Unit hour, so 1 let it be known that 1 was looking for a ride, One of the men fi'om n nearby plant, who gets off tit the same time, offered lo take me home. Me's very handsome and I'm flipping over him. However, we've been rldliig home for n week now and he hasn't asked for n date. Am 1 being hasty or is there some thing I can do to encourage htm? — Susanna. Dear Susanna; Have you Inquired about his domestic status? His •wife may 'be up keeping a pot of coffee warm for him. Even if he's not already taken, you arc being a bit hasty. Hope you show the same speed in serving up n hamburger and Java. Dear Dorothy Dix: 'My Summer Romance lives cjuile •far away but we have been writing on a friendly biisis. His birthday is next nionth. Should 1 send him a gift or not? We're each 17, —Starr. Dear Starr: Presents, no. Birthday card, -by all means. Dear Dorothy Dix: I'm in love with a boy in Texas and 1 think$ he's in love with me, ! but 1 don't know for sure. How should I try to find out, 'by letter or phone? —• Minna. Dear Minna: Try a Ouija Board. Let him use a letter or phone. Send your problem lo Dorothy Dix. Be sure to enclose a stamped, relf-addressed envelope and address her in care of Hope Star. Ex-College Faculty Member. Dies CONWAY, Ark, '(AP) — Guy A. Simmons,, 82, who'^clircd fvonv the faculty o£ Honclrix College in 1041, died at his home here yesterday, Simmons joined the Hendrix staft CITV C. A. OlWft tif'lvirtg while Intoxicated. Plea guttly; !ihtid $250 nnd 10 dn.vs in jail; drtvfcfs license revoked tot one year, Mfclch rill!. tMsUlrblnjt the Pence. Plea SulUyi fined $25. Jolirt Jones, Speeding, Forfeited $3 Cash bond. domrnddore Ifflrris, Possessing tmlased IhloJclenllrtg liquor fnr purpose of sale. Pica guilty; fined $100, Eugehe y. Wfll'deh, Imprppcr Ulrnlttg, Forfeited $3 cash bond. tioyic itnrvcli, thinning slop sign, Forfeited $3 cash bond. DuFWood Varttielef Jr., No drivers license. Forfeited $.1 cash bond. MeElvenc Cooper, drunkenness. Plea guilty; fined $10. Earl Thornton, Lonnle Williams, Jack Davis, Drunkenness, forfeited $10 cash bond. Willie liardeman, Carrying a concealed weapon. Tried! dismissed, C. A. Oiler, No drivers license. Dismissed. STATE DOCKET William Grant, Reckless driving, In 190B as n professor of Latin and Greek mid later served as college librarian nnd rugistrar. J-Iis survivors include his widow, two sons and n daughter. Funeral arrangements will be announced, Biifsf device J'oHWled $100 bofid. Lfrelrfe Mlftj, ¥fesp«sslh|» Dismissed. JVtckinlej* Huibon, Na drivers license, Forfeited $3 ensh bofid", A. W. Klfihnrdst Paul Asp-lfi Van Lines and Fted Brown, tJHver, no PSC nuthoritj. Forfeited $160 cash bond, Mudghg Cortrtgd Co. rtntf K. It Lee, Driver, Hauling for hire with out PSC* authority. Forfeited $100 cash bond Nov. It, I!f58f dftsc reopened nnd $100 suspended. itolmus tJehvorth, No PStJ authority, Pton guilty; fined $100. Emory Muldrow, OrlvltiR while intoxicated. Plen guilty | fined $50 and 1 tiny In Jail. It, W. Phllllpss Duncah Coffee Company; Southwestern Transpor- tnlion Company, Overload. Forfeited $% cnsli bond, Milloh Powell, AssiUill unit bnl- lery, ttismlssi-d, John Conwny, Dlsliliblhfi the pence. Dismissed, \Vllllntti Gntnl, No di-ivers llden- so. Dismissed, William Ornnt, Driving while In- Jiismlsscd. 8cz1e> Inc., Qsrnlnhee, Afctlort e« v «rctfttM , fffr J&S.W. -IwdTf Atfit W Mfltlft ' •t, b. Mall vs. ttiitary ftcspe Hflsket Co., Garnrshee, tttiff -ort ncewtml M $136.13. .ftia«^ mehl by defacilt fttf Malntift ftn* $(KT.tS — Gni-nlshm^nt tlishilsstsai - WllHnmR Gro. Co. vs Cashus Me* Mullen, Action ori nccoimt for $44.» 88. Dismissed without prejudice.- Oklflhimta Tie & Supply Co.^VSS. O, B. Chance, Southern PInsWOOd, Co., Gnrnishee, Action im ocbount for $1(Ji.l8. Jud«mcnt for PlaittUlE by default, Garnishment dismissed! CIVIL DOCKET Sam Stroud vs, Itlchurd Neal. Action for possession of ear. Compromised nnd settled. American Loan Co. vs. ISvolyn Burton, Action on contract for $23,1.75 . Judgment iby detnult for Plninllff for $233,75, BID ry's Grocery & Mtirkel, vs. PRE-CHRISTMAS PERMANEMTS DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON JEAN . EDITH - DIANE Pho, 7-3118 204 S. Main MAY WE SUGGEST Van Raalto Lingefid For Her Christmas? • The Fashion Shoppe 112 So. Mnln PR 7-5850 THURSDAY-Sp.ni. to 8p-m. .How does this sound?' Turkey and dressing, giblet gravy,. English, peas, cream style''corn, combination salad, hoi dinner rolls and home made pumpkin pie. You can enjoy Ihis delicious meal Thanksgiving Day for only $1.00 (Child's plate 50c) and then- save on these specials beginning at 5 p. m. Regular Price ' Family Night' 14 Fried Chicken (Southern Style) 85 • ..69 Veal Cutlets (Chicken Fried) , 90 ' .69 Shrimp Dinner (]/2 Doz. Jumbo) Turkey Dinner (The Works) Club Steak (Especially Good)T-Bone Steak (Juicy/ Delicious) , Sirloin Steak-(Choice, Tender) Fresh combination Salad, Hot French Fries, and Hot Dinner Rolls served with all Steaks,'Fish'and Chicken, dinners. Oaks Cafe & Gift TfUMfc. HIWAY 67 WEST (ALWAYS OPEN) HOPE, ARK. ^ :5ai LL^L^f""',>^ &•& \\jfr: One eaf/n fh® /@w*fti*/G8 ffelst Qffers'you tfose features*. S§9 Plymouth! I !? IB 5! * *•« SS SP» » f T *" T T " 1* Qjij}' $9 JfytfMWih^dfer* riw ouavwlwce of Sivlvej goals** W Mi W* WjHWiM I«t W 6?Hi g, Op4y 'S9 Wx*n«i^flp«PM^J-I^HPW JMye*,heal, ywUjl«H«u ,J &jQ«Jy '55 W^n«uS'MI^ f igmpu-4»j'o liiclcT-/to'ostr» P^U ; ."'| •of, 8t yeyr Pljfin?^,! fl?a!er'-$! r »w 3f «• w HIP ir <f»7 T -"" ™| trvde i :>l5*?sl

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