Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1958
Page 6
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0 HO PI STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS Tuesday, Nayembet 2S/1111 \) make it America's mosl, prnclical car, the 3959 Eclscl has been I'eposifcioned in ami in size. Offered in a selection of 10 models in three series - Ranger, Corsair r iilager station wagon - the 1950 tidsel features increased passenger space with To price and no added overaii'icnKl'ii,'"rediict'd tolal weight and a wide selection of economy engines and transmissions. Shown here, left, is the Corsair i'our-door hardtop and at the right, the rear of the Hanger four-door sedan. Woman Hires Man to Kill Friend's Wife (EDITOR'S NOTE: The following story from Monday's issue of the Star is being reprinted today because the type was not completely legible,) GREENSBORO. N.C. tAP) -«- A 22-year-old social worker is charged with hiring a man to kill the wif" of a slate highway patrolman she loved. The man she allegedly hired for $500 turned out to be n police detective. The intended murder wns flot commit''d The highway palrol- rtian was not implicated. tearbira Ann Masey, was fe> leased under $1,000 bond aflur (lei! arrc?t and and arraignmeiil yes* lord ay The warrant for her arrest charged that she hired a Char* loite Di'l"Ctive Richard Kutli ''to murder one Frances Smithy mother nf two children, for $500. Police gave this account: Miss Massny asked a fnatt in the paper, and wait in a row in front of 3pen.ee novel toy E. L.WITHERS 1 (£) 195Z PI HipMort » Componj, wt Chapter 32 Amy was gone befuic (liorc 1 \vas time to catch lici breath 01 call lo her, hurrying away down the drive toward the bus flop. So that wns what hod been going on all this time Her resignation, her >vtll.iigne.<.f. to let ninttcis lake tlirir own cours'O, had amounted to nnthinf. She hod been safe without know ing it for so long as Amy was in (he house, il<-r tot mentors hod boon to elose i<> arousing Amy'.% suspicions last niglil They could do nothing which .she might notice as peculiar Something interrupted the Jar away course of her thoiifihts — a CulritulW tr NiA ferriM, tat tiny, innocuous sound coming through the music to her — the light pncldlng sound of Rex shut fling across the c a r p o t. She thought: Who'll take card of him afterward? She opened her eyes and looked sideways, Rex was standing in the archway of the hall. In his mouth he was tenderly holding ilie tennis shoe which he had gol- ton out earlcir. She remembered that she hadn't put it away again alter she'd made him give it up, She I h o u g h t: Well, it doesn't make any difference. H he wants it, he can have it ... But Aunt Milliccnt had noticed, too. She said, "Kalherine, darling. HOME LOANS TITLE 1 (Home Improvement) • Conventional • FHA Build — Buy — Repair — Remodel Refinance Ours \a s loc.il institution, owned and operated by local people; and we're here to help YOU with your loan problems, We have many facilities and we invite you to use them, FRED 0. ELLIS Secretary • • • • 209 S, Main St. Phone 7-4661 just look at thai dog. He's going to ruin your nice tennis shoe " Kalherine said nothing. "Put that shoe down. UD you hcrr me, Firlo . . . Fido? Rover? What's his name? Put it clown now. Right now." j Jvjilherinc said drearily, "Drop ' it, Rex." I lie looked at her mournfully over the edge of tiie shoe, then he looked halfcrosseyed down his nose at it. Ilien back at her He execi-ted a ciuick dance stop,, tossed his head, shook the shoe fiercely, pracing and jumping, and then suddenly let go of it. ft sailed through the air for twj or three feet, plopped on the car pot. rolled over, 'and lay still. He danced after it and stood over it looking down, panting. Something' had fallen out of the slice and lay boside it on the catpet: a little, rumpled piece nf paiper, burned along one edge, with 'bine lines across it. Hex studied it, sniffed at it, and picked it up in his mouth. Kath orine felt the sudden stiffening in the figures on either side of her, and heard Paul say, "Milliccnt" "Yes . . . yes . . ." She thought rapidly: The: paper was .in that tennis shoe all this timo. The shoe was in my closet this morning, and the paper must have fallen out of the dress while Amy was hanging it up. And it fancied in the shoe, Why didn't I look? Why didn't 1 think of jju ing through all those shoes? their eyes on eel a moment the cottch. "You must call lo him.' Paul started silently across the; carpet with a long, lithe, weight less tread like a cat's, while TU-Jc watched him with inquisitive -in teresl. After a second HE slopped dancing, the piece of paper still hanging in hist mouth, looked al Paul, and then, stood there wag ging his tail. "Call him" "No ..." Kalhonn? squeezed tho one word out like a median icnl doll. Jlfx thought it was a splendid game, lie backed up a slop, and stood still a pain, his tail thump ing, ready ;H nny moment to be gin Ills barking and bouncing once more. Aunt Millieenl said. "If frighten him . . ." H--I- voice- low and terrible. Sh • begai Charlotte about two wfeeks ago lo suggest someone for the job ol killihtf Mrs. Sfftilh. The man she asked was 6 bblice ihformsr Who notified belective Suth Jtuth met Miss Massey Nov. 15. Me carried a hidden (ape record- ef. She gave him a $iOO check. Police said Miss Massey was hot arrested until Sunday, sirice 1 officials had not decided on the charge to be placed agaihst her. Charlotte Solicitor (prosecutor! W, H Scarborough said the charge is a misdetntfahor. carry- vifig a maximum sentence of t* f o years. I Slate Highway Patrol Lt, S, L Willard Said MtS. Smith is Int* wile of Palfolrnah Martsofn Smitn of the Greensboro h-odp, who ffi' signed from the force Saturday. Patrol Col. James ft. Smith (rio relation) said at Raleigh that the trooper "had a splendid record and had been ah outstanding member of the patrol." As a high school student, Miss Massey won the hetional Knights of Pythias public speaking contest in St. Louis, Mo. ih 1053, and was awarded a $1.000 scholarship At Wake Forest, College, she was the first girl freshman to make the debating team. After pradua* iiort she attended Wake Forest Law School fof a year, Launching Attempt by Dee, IS (AP)— The fmb- licaticm Aviation Week predicts the Ait force will attempt OH bee. 15 to launch Us first Setitty Satellite. The Setitry will be designed to scan the earth during its ofbitihg. It will be aimed at a Horth-South orbit. The whole globe will folrfte under the Sefilrj'. the lauhchitigs would be from the iie\V missile Site at Vahdeii- berg Air Force Base, Calif. Lutherans form 9d {jerceftt of Finland's population, you wns to pull Katherine across llv: irresistibly, i arm. still clamping her RC.N was still holding it In his mouth; ho shook his head, dropped it for nn instant, barked at it, worried it with his nose, pounced on it, and picked it up again. Aunt Milliccnl said, "Stand up." Her voice was low and hard. "Don't do anything to frighten him or he'll run away." The two of them stood up, pull ing Kathu-me with them, keeping Katherine tried to dl-aq back, planting her feet against the grain of the c a r p e t. Aunt Milliccnt jerked her; and then, when she still resisted, bent her fingers and pii.ehcd her arm viciously. Katherine screamed; anil Re.x bounded once and shook the pa per "Call him" Katherine allowed herself to oe dragged on, resisting IOL;S than she had a moment ago. She had only one thought in her mind. "No" And she was down on her hands and knees on the carpet Rex looked at her inquiringly, his head on one side. Their positions were li'ke two dog. 1 ; facia/; one an other. Katherine thought: I've got to scare him. make him run away, nuikc him think it'.'3 part of. the game . She lunged at him suddenly, shouting with all her might, "Run away. Run away. Don't let them catch you Run" She flailed, her arm.-! at him, 1 still screaming, until she felt a grip on her collar, ft»U her.yelf turning, collapsing', and she sprawled back on the rug on her .face, gasping, her breath knocked out by the jolt. She pushed hut- self up on her elbows, just in lime to see that evarythiiii> was happening the wrong way. Ee\ had waited for one moment t" see whr.t the next turn in thi.- wonderful game would be; and then when she had fallen back him, he had run in the paper still in his thumped against her at her. away from toward her, mouth. He and pawed "Catch him" (To Be Continued) tfl EDSEL Abow); Rangers-door hardtop Now priced the most popular three! This is the car built with a shrewd buyer in mind. A car that's made right. Styled right. And priced right. For the challenging nesv 1959 Edsel is actually priced with the most popular three—Ford, Plymouth and Chevrolet! And Edsel's new, low price is just the start, Everything about this all-new car makes sense. Its crisp, clean, lines give you the kind of distinction that usually costs much more. Its sound engineering gives you spacious six-passenger room without useless length. Its four new mileage-minded engines include a thrifty six and spirited new V-8 that uses.regular gas! See the car that makes history by making sense. At your Edsel dealer now. EDSEL DIVISION • FORD MOTOR COMPANY 1959 Edsel makes history by making sense HOPE AUTO CO. Phone 7-2371 220 W. 2nd St., Hope, Ark. This TOO is Texas Eastern Delivering over 5OO billion cubic feet of natural gas yearly That's the annual rote at which TOKOS Eastern is delivering natural gas to its customers-companies and municipalities*-that ' • millions of homes and thousands of AictoriQs in a or mor§ Midwestern, Appalachian find Eastern Sesbpard Jn jyst 1 1 ye«rs, average daily deliveries have i tenfold, In esrly 1947,' a day's delivery was pnly abpwt 13? million cubje fee! pf gas, Today, |hp <500Q*mi!e Texas Eastern natural gas pippins netwprk. ean deliver more than L7 bill'm cubic feet pf ga§ daily) And ths demand is 11 msts hcme ewnw ar§ switching tp ?lgant raj ps foj teating, spoftng and sir epn.djjjpjiing, > jjry is stgidjly finding n§w us?§ fpf this hjgWy adaptable &_?!» Tlj? ifoniand i? equipping nil fspsptajiofls. New a o?w $y§tefflff ** tbs pstvpetonicaJ iRdu?lry—is eiUiing (w w«» and mere miml $& Um flq'turaJ gas is us?d a? p jaw niatgfial in —"'••^•"• ! «" °> In every dirss ton, th? OM^PP^ 'f ?f tl)i s «flf?'WS?tsd wtural res grows stpadily Wghter.

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