Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 25, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 25, 1958
Page 3
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, Netsitibtf 25,19S§ HOP! STAft, MOfl, AIKANIAS ffctii PhofiJ ? Calendar Tuesday, The Cosmopolitan Club will meet Tuesday, Nov. 25 at 7:45 p. m. in the home of Mrs. George Newbern with Mrs. Kelly Bryant as co-hos- less. Cub Pack 92 will meet at Brook« ood School Tuesday, November i, at 7 p.m. Jerry O'Neal will show films made in Japan. Wednesday November 26 All Oirl Scouts, Brownie Leaclet-s & Committees will meet at the Girl Scouts Little House at Fair Park, Wednesday, Nov. 26 at 2 p, m. The Daffodil Garden Club will hold a bake sale Wednesday, Nov. 20, at the old Stewart Jewelry £tore building beginning at 9 a. The Wesley Choir of Methodist Church will practice Immediately after school Wednesday, Novem- MAY WE SUGGEST Van Raalte Lingerie For Her Christmas? The Fashion Shoppe 112 So. Main PR 7-5850 COMING TUESDAY, DEC. 2 •: Adults Children 90c 50c' SAENGER TONITE 6:30 - 8:00 COMING WEDNESDAY Bring the Whole Femily , , , V ; -§e' cjlpd ypy "Allied SNQWfiftf ill th« thrill of bet 26, at the church. This choir is made up of children in Third,, Fourth, Filth and Sixth grades in public school. ' Evening Shade Good Neighbors Club Meets The fivehlng Shade Good Neighbors dlub met in the home ot Mrs. Suck t)eVenney for its Nov. meet* ing with eight metnbers present. Mrs. Charles Huekabee, a former member was welcomed back into the club. Two hew members, Mrs. Stella Wright and Mrs. A. Z, Turner joined, The meeting was called to order by the singing of "Won't It Be Wonderful There". Mrs. DcVenney gave the devotional with the theme of Thanksgiving from Psalms 100 followed by prayer voiced by Mrs. Joe Martin. Holl call was answered by, "Something we are thankful for." After a short business session, games were enjoyed by all. Prizes Were won by Mrs. McMuntney and Mrs. Turner. Door prize was won by Mrs. D. W. Milam. The next meeting will be the Christmas party and dinner in the home of Mrs. Howard Calhoune. of Commerce Auxiliary ahd its fcoii* Stitution. Seven Hope Jaycettes Attend District Meeting Seven of the Hope Jaycettes attended a district meeting of the Junior Chamber of Commerce Auxiliary at Camden, Arkansas Sunday afternoon. They were Mary Ann Herndon, Oleta Burton, Carolyn Ross, Lanora Clark, Rita Dyers, Linda Young, and Betty LaFan- tasie. The purpose of this meeting was to learn what other Jaycee Auxiliaries in our district are accomplishing and also to learn more .about the State Junior Chamber MfS. BailSy WfSfrikeh- to §wtel H6W6 MB 6lub The Sweet Home tttJ thib rhel in the home of Mrs. Bailey Warnkeri foi- the Novembef meeting, Mrs. J. E. Ward presided over the busihess session and plans were made for the Christmas .party Dec. 19 at the church. The club Voted lo buy a tandy leather craft tool set and plan to make leather articles lo sell. Home baked cookies ahd coffee were served by the hostess to fourteen members and otte Visitor, Mrs. Map Brother-Ion. DOROTHY DIX Three Generations.Perm <a Peaeeful Partnership Clear Oorothy bis: i. . 4 ... , . Voting people today seem to feel bachelor at S3, very deVoled to his Junior daffodil Garden Club Meets The Junior Daffodil Garden Club met in Paisley School Auditorium, Nov. 21. New officers were elected as follows. President, Sharon Faris, Vice-president, Bobby McGill, Sec* retary, Grady Burton, Reporter, Jack Wntkins, Pianist, Pat Muck nbee, and Song Leader, Ronnie Ingram, Scrapbook chairman, Jerry Burnett. The leaders showed how to make different arrangements for Thanks* giving. Mrs, Harold Brent took a group of fifth graders and showed thorn how to make different fruit arrangements, Mrs, Ralph Lehman showed the sixth graders how to make flower arrangements. The leaders served refreshments to all present. Coming and Going Mrs. Joe Cooley, Nashville visited her sister, Mrs. Bill Marlar, and Mr. Marlar on Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Truax and daughter, Leigh, of Crossclt spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Camp. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Craine and son, Steve, of Texarkana visited Mr. and Mrs. Roy Craine on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Phillip Watkins of Texarkana were Friday STARTS TOMORROW REDUCED TO CLEAR! EL 11.95 VALUE MEN'S BROWN 8"LACE BOOTS $790 • Cork Sole • Only 9 Pair 7 VALUE TO 10.95 Men's Brown Oxfords • Black Oxfords • Black Loafers • Sizes 6i- to 1 1 SAVE PLENTY! CHILDREN'S SHOES and BOOTS! Cowboy Boots Combat Boots Brown Oxfords Black Oxfords Lots of Sizes VAlUi TO 12,95 WOMEN'S SUEDE PUMPS and STRAPS VALUE TO 4,9§ WOMEN^S HOUSE ^ t For Christmas Qivincj 7 Skimmer Fists they are doomed lo a lifd of misery if they have lo liVe with 1H- laws. This Ish't necessarily so nnd perhaps some of your readers will be interested in ohe family's Solution. When our datightcf, who is our only child, married, she nhd her husband established theif owH little home. We felt this was the only way to avoid in-taw troubles, although We had a house plenty big enough for all of us. The yoting folks had quite a struggle to make ends meet and it took everything We had to keep our house in repair so we weren't able to help them much. Finally wo got together, decided to pool our resourses, and build n house that would be don> lot-table for all of us. This was 12 years ago and ( the ipfim has worked niost successfully. My daughter and 1 divide the housework, she cooks and I slay out of the kitchen. J help with the children, my husband helps with outside work nnd makes minor repairs. The young folks have ibafby sitters available at all limes, tooth families can now afford things we couldn't even dream of before and we older folks have the happiness of sharing the joys of youth again — A Happy Grandma. Dear Lady: Nothing succeeds like success. Your plan has proved It- Self, However, you- neglected to mention one thing without which it never could have been done. Your house was built on n cornerstone of diplomacy. Without it the experiment would have been doomed to failure. It takes love, tact, consideration and forcbearance,; to make a three generation household work. You, and all the family, are to toe commended for the achievement of a minor miracle. Dear Dorothy Dix: Burton and I met on satisfactory blind date. a very He's a night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Anthony. Mrs. Sarah Moses and daughter, Karen, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs, D. D. Powell, and brother, Tommy, in Junction City, La. Mrs. Franklin Horton has returned to Hope after representing the state" organization of the P.«E. O. on a trip to Little Rock, Augusta, Wynne, and Marianna. Miss Polly Nations and Miss Nan Spears, both of Pine Bluff, were Sunday guests of Miss Mary Ch'ar- lene Horton. The girls are 'all students at Ouachita Baptist College and sang at the morning and evening services at the local First Baptist Church on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ray had their daughter, Kay, and Miss Mary Fitts, both of Dallas, weekend guest's. as their This past weekend, Tom Ed Hays and Richard Hunt were in Hope from Dallas to see their parents, Mr, and Mrs, Thomas Hays and Mr, and Mrs, Dale Hunt. Mrs. John Wiggins returned home Sunday after attending an investment company banquet with her brother, Arthur C. Abbott, Wednesday night in Little Rock and then visited her daughter, Mrs. A, W. Ringgold, Mr, Ringgold and their son in Bcnton, Mrs. W, P. MeGraw spent last week in Nashville with her daughter, Mrs. Charles Tale, and family, She was joined on Sunday by Mfss Dell McClanahan and they returned to Hope together, •r" r*T}\ » ,, MOVIES finest Jmnily of diem all Big seletdon of Koduit movie odak niavie kit at this low, law price! ffQl tegm fgr indoerjgytds?/" ina. Thi} jignd^milv eylfU insliisfci Iht ?| Irwnis Msxit Jenj sod parents, Every time we have a dale, he buys sctrfiethlNft to take home lo Iheffi. We've developed a mutual attflchmehl <tnd he often snys. "My Miolhef and you are my best loVes." he also lolls me he'd like Id date fnofe often but hcs not ready to sellle down. When will he be ready? — Hannah Deal- Hannah; Have ! got news for you. Sad Hews, I'm afraid. Burton Is already seltled down — and quite comfortable. Don't expect anything more from Burton than occasional dates. Dear Dorothy Dfoi; All the books for mothers, with new babies say, "Father gets Jealous of the baby because it -gets nioi-c allenliott lhan lie does. There fore, he feels left out," Well, hero's a switch, Since the baby came my husband doesn't know 1 exist, The new son gets all the atlenlion. 1 do everything to please my husband, get up at Q turn, to get his breakfast, .paittl the house, even do minor plumbing repairs, while all he can think of Is the bu'by — Depressed, Dear Depressed: The first baby creates a major emotional upheaval in many homes. Once Ihe newcomer has been firmly established as a member of the family and the novelty has worn off, adjustment comes swiftly. Time lakes care of this, as it does most problems. M'eanwhllc, don't let father forget that he must take care of baby's house, too. Dear Dorothy Dix: iMy boy friend and 1 broke up a month ago, shortly before I moved. He knows where our new house is but doesn't know the phone number. Do you think it would be all right to send him a birthday card with my phone number? — Charlotte. Dear Charlotte: Read the handwriting on the wall which appeared when steady dating stopped. As long as the boy has your address, he can get in touch with you when ever he wishes. Sending a birthday card is always a friendly gesture. But go no further. 30,000 Movement Goal May Be Reached LITTLE ROCK (AP)—Dr. C, C, Warren of Charlotte, N. C., origi.- nator of the Baptist "30,000 Movement," predicted here last night that the goal would be altailled. The aim is 30,000 new churches by 1904. Dr. Warren made the prediction in an address at Little Rock's Im- manucl Baptist-Church. 'The ' campaign started 20 years ago when he was president of thu Southern Baptist Convention. He is n former pastor of.Immanuel Baptist Church and returned here lo participate in a program dedicating the 20th mission founded by Immanucl under the expansion program. The ncsv mission is IhQ J, IW, Grert' Memorial Mission near Litlie Rock, Comptroller Urges Revision of Salaries LITTLE ROCK tAt'3 Sin to Comptroller ICelly Cornctl indicated nt n Legislative Council budget hearing today lha! ho ex- poets to leave otfice with Oow. Oi-Val tC. Fntlbus In two yenVs. trt presenting his tlrparlmelil's iidgelj Cornolt said n requested salary Increase for his job would bt'hofh his successor more thflii himself. "1 doh't expect lo be lure for nioi-e than two years, ns this Is a political appointment," Cornell snld. Perry Rep. Paul Vtiii Onlscm commented, "Who knows, Fnubu* mny run for n fourth loriii." Cornell asked Ihiil his salary bf from $S,506 to $iO,6W * ytnt. tie also sniffled * study o! fill stale Job* to eejuallffe Intern* ifid re*tftm£lblllli!'*. Cdtnett Said fi* knew of mnhy SfcefclflMcs who* SM pnld $4,200 but nr6' ho better qtiafi. fi«l than others drawing $,1,600. The comptroller 1 rtsked tof modest inerenses for other lay drawer jobs tn his deprirtfrteiit buf Iho loin! request was $l8#,0f«) art- hunlly, the same nS Ihe current nppropHalloft. Other budgets heard toddy lft« eluded: Local Audits tJlVlSfoM of (lift Comptroller's Office $^27,000, tip $11,000. Social Scetirlty and Rellrcmenl Division, nn itveregc of nboul fjfl. 000 for thfi coming bifiinlum, eohi pnretl It) $44,025 for lost year. Social Security Contributifru Fund $3,000,000 n year Compared lo the current $2,700,000. Stole Employes It e 11 r e m ent Fund $2,230,000 compared to $593* 'o4ril o? ft(* Jtofter f-ecehl tlshlhg be jusl Ihe the hatiohfll budget. , sH 1 to Oft ft' lined Itofh* enufihl 18 bluegtlls liaiftg only thrcti fot- ball, hard-wiirMnl ; PRE-CHRiSTMAS PCRMANENTS DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON JEAN - EDITH * DIANE Pha, 7-3118 204 S, Main UCED A RACK FULL OF THIS SEASON S s s ll Sizes 5 to 15-12 to 2Q-H r 6(ifSizis Regular Prices $10.95 to $19.95 -->•*«, " f >, , ED f^-,-,"'':;,^."'*!'/ '' '-'"^' - '4 *m Here is the Lark by Sluclebaker;*- the one car so right for the needs of the times it is winning overnight acclaim from the driving public, the press, its dealers—and even dealers of competitive, makes ;>-here is your new dimension in motoring ;>-big-car spaciousness on the inside (seats 6), small- car convenience on the outside (nearly 3 feet shorter than conventional cars), economy where it counts (runs for miles on a hatful of low-cost, regular gas) ^ top performance from either the spirited six or super- responsive V-8 engine ^- handles like a dream, turns on a dime, parks where others can't ^superbly built and engineered by Studebaker craftsmen $*- simple, clean and classic styling—-harmonizing colors inside and out ^ rich and fashion-right interiors, finely upholstered in fabric and- vinyl ^costs Jess to-buy, far less to operate—prices start under $2000 ^The Lark is-the one car that perfectly-balances passenger comfort and driver convenience, puts economy where it counts ^ smart, sensible, spirited •""•it's a honcybun! HARP TOPS S POOJl SEDAN'S 4 BOOR SEDANS STATIO.%' WAGONS

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