The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 10, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 10, 1896
Page 5
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THE REPtffiLlCAN, AL(*OM, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16, 1896, S+*******MWW Peterson I fc A Jfc. Jt,JJL A. .a.' A A A-.* JL A A A A A A IFWVVW W W^-vw^v ^ fdWA. 0 • 0 • « Up-to-Date PHOTOGRAPHER. Pictures In any Style and Size. Over REPUBLICAN OFFICE, DODGE ST, ATTMTfAM AllmuMN We have received a new sample STEAM RIG, NICHOLS and SHEPARD. make, 16-Horse Power, Compound Engine, and 36x60 Separator, Self Feeder and Nethery Wind Stacker, all complete and a fine rig. All those contemplating buying a Threshing Machine should call and see this rig before buying and get our prices. Yours for business, IRIX ALGONA, IOWA. POTATOES POR SALE. Lars Johnson, north of depot schoolhouse* Can be had cheap. 300 bushels. Call soon. MONEY. I am loaning money on farm lands at six per cent interest. Only a small charge will be made for procuring this cheap money. The borrower can have the privilege of paying off all or any part of his mortgage at the time of paying interest. J. J. RYAN, Office over the postofflco, Algonu, la. (First mortgages MONEY TO LOAN ON ] 2nd mortgages, ( Collateral. GEO. C. CALL. FARM LOANS AT SIX PER CENT. And the expenses of making the -loan can be paid at the option of the borrower. Interest payable annually, unless otherwise preferred. This loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIE & BRUNSON. MONEY TO LOAN! On improved farms. Farm Lands and Town Property bought and sold on commission. • E. C. MOUNT & SON. Opera House Block, Algona, Iowa. Algeria .Residence .Lots For Sale! I have some nicely located, most any size. !expent ..the,. '.'.too.', .small,!','. .vyj- vr,frsatisfacto'fy- 4x8" rods size.» My lots are 1 5 rods wide by 10,11,12,. 13 to' 14rods deep. Some on sidewalk already graded and set to Shade and fruit trcfs. Parties intending to build soon can ;, l low prices and easy terms on these k-.s. J. E. STACY. BRIEF LOCAL MENTION, sold his Whitte- Cliase & Sanborn were awarded the contract to furnish coffee for the Wellington Catering Co. during the world's fair after testing all other brands. 90c S5c WATER MILL,FLOUR. "SnowQueen" (Fancy Patent), per sack. " Family Favorite " .(Straight), per sack. "Bock Bottom" (Baker's Patent) 65c per sack. '....'•' Delivered. Five cents off to those who take at the mill or store. 12 Ibs sacks Buckwheat Flour, 30 cents 24 Ibs sacks BuckwheatFlour, 55 cents Try our flour and convince yourselves that Algona and Kossuth county are not dependent on any foreign, country for bread. JONES & STACY. GHKL WANTED QUIOK, Call at the REPUBLICAN office for in• formation. Everybody smokes Sportman's Game cigars because it is the best 5-cent cigar in town. * . Lessons in oil painting and pastel. —MRS. GOODNER, North Dodge St. Walker Bros, now have a full line of Chase and Sanborn's tea as well as their coffees. Dr. Kay's Lung Balm cures every kind of cough. Pleasant aud safe for all ages. See ad. Have you tried "Flourine" the whole wheat flour at Langdon & Hudson's. Greatest line of men's $2,50 shoes you ever saw, tans or black at Brownell & Alfred's. Dr. I 3 reston, oculist and aunst at Dr, Keneflck's, Monday, June 15,—2w Jf you want to buy a B flat Conn cor« net cheap) inquire at the REPUBLICAN office. ^ __ ' . Mrs. II, C, Ayer' of* Bj<5b,m 0 n4,' Vt. wjifes; "After having fever I was very much debilitated and had dysnep- sia so bad I could scarcely eat any thing, A little food caused bloating and burn-, ing in t«e stomach with pain and much soreness in my side and a great deal of headache. My physician seemed un? able to help me and I continued In this condition until I took Dr, Kay's Reno- valor which completely cured me." Sold by druggists at 25 cts- and $1.00 Sold by W. J. Studley, Algons, la. Ask for Chase & Sanborn's Tea and have no other. John Goeders has more store. The republican county convention comes June 26. The Wilson mill is shut down for a six week's vacation. A meeting is to be held Sunday afternoon for the organization of a Y. M. C. A. Capt. Foster was moving into the Holm residence, on West State street, yesterday. A new delivery wagon, one of the handsomest in town, advertises Cord- ^;!ey's meat market. The subject of Dr. Beardshear's address at the normal commencement is "The Strife for Masteries." Rev. Muller, of the Episcopal church, will exchange pulpits next Sunday with Eev. Jackson of Emmetsbtirg. T. II. Conner has been making plans for the Chubb Bros, residence, which will be one of the finest in the city. Quarterly meeting services were held in the M. E. church on Sunday by Presiding Elder Black of Eagle Grove. Rev. Juo. K. Nutting, of Hull, preached an able sermon at the Congregational church Sunday morning. The A. O. U. W. field day will be the great event next week. It will come Wednesday and will be an all day affair. .. .-A.d/Utions were made to the Baptist church Sunday morning, and the rite of baptism was performed in the evening- Miss Dodd has Col. Spencer's story of "Capture and Escape" for sale at the postofiice. The book sells for 15 cents. The north end of the county will celebrate with enthusiasm on the Fourth. Bancroft, Ledyard and Elmore will have celebrations. There will be preaching service in the Free Methodist church next Sunday at eleven o'clock by Mrs. Augusta McArthur, pastor in charge. The supervisor district question was up before the board last week. It is anticipated that the board will give the"county seven districts. Bill boards are going up for Robinson's London Show, which comes the 29th. It will be a three-ring circus and it takes 45 cars to carry it. The teachers' institute will open August 3d and will continue three weeks. So get down your civics and economics and begin studying hard. The coming of "Baby" Bliss next Saturday will be a great event with wheelmen in Algona. Wilfrid P. Jones will take care of the "Baby" while he is here. Tickets are on sale at Dinpley's for the High School Commencement, to occur Friday evening. Tickets are the usual nominal price for such occasions, 15 cents. The district convention of the Epworth League will be held at Dows this week, The Algona league will be represented by Mabel Gilmore and Jewell Patterson. The Wigwam put up a geared wind mill for Cal. Manning, of Lotts Creek, a few days since. The Wigwam has already this spring sold nearly a car* load of the Monitor mills. The Wigwam received a carload of binding twine Monday. It came all the way from Boston and it weighed 25,000 pounds, The Wigwam is ready for a big crop ofjoats and wheat, The REpinj&iCAU" learns that an Algona family gathered a bouquet of ap- pje blossoms Saturday from a Transcendent tree which is well filled with growing apples ' Workmen are a large-hearted lot of people, and they want everybody to get what fun there is going. Bert Williams, of the State Bank barber shop, is remodeling his residence in the north part of town. Joe McMurray is doing the carpenter work and the house will make a cosy dwelling place when finished. Rifle practice is going on at Cedar Rapids this weeli. Col. Cook is in charge and Lieutenant W. E. Ward is assisting him. Company F. is represented by Roy Carpenter, W. B. McMurray, E. Burbank and Rue Boals. A. D. McGregor, who everyone knows sells furniture, is advertising a June clearing sale. His stock of fine furniture is among the best in the state and Algona is fortunate in . having such an up-to-date furniture man. The committee having the Father Cleary lecture in charge announce that the lecture will be given on the 23rd of June, one week from next Tuesday. The lecture will be free, and ither the rink or the opera house will be secured. The thing for Algona business men to do is to get right together and form a stock company and put in a thoroughly efficient electric light plant. It is the height of absurdity to bring an outside company in to do this business for us and bleed the town for twenty years. The meeting of the County Mutual Fire Insurance Company yesterday was well attended. C. B. Hutchins was lected president, Ed. Donovan vice- president, C. 0. Chubb treasurer and E. BlackfonTsecretary. The company sanies nearly a million dollars of risks. A. M. & G. M. Johnson have been in he machinery business in Algona for a great many years, and their reputa- iion for square and honest dealing is well known. They have an announcement in this week's REPUBLICAN that will be eagerly scanned by our readers. Sheriff Samson on Monday received a telegram from Sheriff Geo. II. Forsythe, from Brainard, Minn., which said: "Tell the old man that lost the jlack team and buggy last season that 'hey are here." Mr. Samson goes for hem today. This is the Haberger team. Edward P. Wilson, one of the barb- srs in the Galbraith basement, was married Wednesday evening to Miss Alice Hotelling, of Whittemore, a cousin of our teacher of that name. The ceremony was performed by Rev. D. R. L/andis, at the Baptist parsonage. There were about twenty-five Algona Masons at the funeral of John Hunt at 3urt Monday, and Bancroft members of the order attended in considerable numbers. Mr. Hunt was about 81 years of age and had been a member of the Masonic order since 1848. He was'the )ldest Mason in the county. At a recent meeting of the city council a resolution was unanimously adopted directing the mayor to exact a $1,000 bond from G. W. Hunter, or in default of it to deprive him of his police power. It was a very rational thing to do, and we have no doubt that the result will be wholesome. oSText Sunday. June 14th, the Rev. Dr. Jackson, of Emmetsburg, will exchange with the Rev. A. A. Muller. At the 11 o'clock service there will be a celebration of the holy sacrifice and administration of the blessed sacrament. Evening service at the usual hour. There was a scrimmage between Rob Bullen and Tom Kelley at the Burt picnic in which jack knives were used with some effect. It is reported that both of the belligerents have their heads done up in bloody rags and that one came near losing an ear. The trouble grew out of the alleged theft of a whip. Delegate Geq. C. Call expects to start for the St. Louis convention tomorrow. This county will not be so numerously represented as it has been at some national conventions, but Geo. W. Hanna of Lu Verne, Marsh Stephens, A. A. Brunson and C. C. Chubb will probably be on the ground to join in the shout for the next president when his name is announced. The biggest fish caught in the Des dorresponding secretary of the society for the Northwest Iowa conference, conference, was a leading participant and spoke Thursday night. The address of welcome Wednesday evening was by Mrs. Gardner Cowles, and Mrs. David Grilmore read an interesting paper on the deaconess work at the same session. There was a special meeting of the school board Monday evening to decide on a heating and water closet system for the new building. A dead lock about something or other resulted and the meeting adjourned without action. It is understood that Miss Coate, after giving the matter considerable thought, has concluded to remain in Algona, and it is understood that she Will be re-elected by the board at their meeting on the first Monday in July. The assistant principal and two teachers for the new building are also to be named at that meeting. The annual meeting of the Congregational Christian Endeavor society Was held Friday evening, when some interesting reports of officers were made. From these reports it appears that the society contributed $65 to home and $20 to foreign missions during the year. The society numbers between 40 and 50 active and 22 associate members. It had an accession of twelve active members recently, and 24 members of the society united with the church during the year. The officers elected Friday evening were C. A. Tellier president, Mrs. Lilly vice-president and Guy Grove treasurer. All the members of the society were made delegates to the district convention, to be held at Clarion, Tuesday and Wednesday next, and it is expected that a large number will attend. Baud Concert. Following is the program for the Band Concert to be given on the court house square Saturday afternoon and evening: AFTERNOON, Canton Hall fax-Two-stop B. B. Hall Frolic—Song and Dunce J. O. Casey BliHT City-March Dulby Pearls of the Orient—AValt/, Aug-rell Chicago Tribune—March Chambers La Ozarinc—Mazurka Kusse L. Gaune Presidential Palorialse Sousa EVENING. Irftli Regiment March B. B. Hall Fancies-Gavotte Dalby Blue Bells of Scotland—Cornet solo by G. W. Giicly. Forguatc Tasso—Grand selection.Doml/etta Penomo— March Dalby THINGS TO GO TO. WANTEPW\N AGENT in every section, to canvass, $1.00 to fS.OO a day made, sells at sight; also a man to sell staple gaods to dealers, best side line, $75.00 a month. Salary or largo commission made, experience unnecessary. For sealed particulars 'send Stamp, ..Clifton So»p & M»Hufa,ctgHng Company, Clflelij- Ohio. society held a meeting Ding and elected, Misses Josie „„ and Caddie Waterlwuse as delegates to the Clarion convention of next week. The Emmetsburg Reporter makes the rather ungenerous remark that "thelCossuth county newspaper men carefully conceal their knives and hold a love feast at Algona on June 15." Mr. McElroy yesterday received about fifty volumes of new books, mos> ly for juvenile readers. Another invoice will arrive in a, few days. The new books will be on the shelves Thursday. Children's day exercises at the Congregational church Sunday morning will be at 10:30 o'clock, The rite of baptism will be observed, and admissions to church membership will follow the children's service. .The Workmen;^ field day next Wednesday will be for everybody, p| course, * no admission will be charged. The Moines river at this point this spring, was hauled out by O. H, Goodrich Thursday morning. It weighed an even eight ponnds. Mr. Goodrich had numerous callers that day and was interrogated as to where and how. He had gone fishing five times including Thursday and had caught five pickerel, while others had made five trips without getting one. G. W. Lambert, of the firm of Spurbeck & Lambert, has returned to Algona after an absence of about ten months at his home near Waverly. Mr. Lambert had a severe run of typhoid fever last summer, and before he was fairly over that, he was taken with the grip, which gave him a pretty hard shake. He is not well yet, being troubled with something like pleurisy, but since returning to Algona he has constantly improved in health, strength and weight. George Patterson went down to Blairsburg last week to investigate the reported burglary of Patterson & Co.'s store, and he found it to have been unimportant. The reports appearing in the daily papers stated that wagons had been backed up to the front door of the store and virtually the whole stock had been carried off. In fact, only parts of four suits appear to have been taken, and indications are that the burglary was committed by'tramps, articles of cast off clothjng having been found on the highway between JJiajrs- burg arid Webster Ci£y. We wfiole loss >yas, nolplwaia^Qi fipoy Dr, Studley has been?' exhibiting to United Workmen some of the prizes that will be awarded at the field day contests at the fair grounds one week from to-day. One is a gavel to be presented to the lodge that puts up the best game of ball. It is a beauty, the head peing ivory and the handle ebony. It is presented py Dr, Morse. Another prize is an elegant toilet set to go to the lady who "heaves" the ball the farthest, and the second pmt> in this class is a cut glass bottle of finest perfumery in a box. Mrs. L. P. Ward carried off the prize for throwing ball last year, but the Burt people are going to make a hard try for it this time. The annual meeting of the Ladies' Home Missionary Society of the M. E. church for Algona district was held in this place Wednesday and Thursday last, and besides the Algona attendance, about ^a dozen Jadiasfrom outside towpwerepiessnt- Mr*. I*egus, Interesting and Alluring Opportunities for Amusement, Instruction and Edification. The coming weeks will be crowded with interesting local events. The High School graduating exercises, already well advertised, take place at the Call Friday evening, and the reception to the class will be the following evening, at the court house. The invitations are extended by the junior and sophomore classes. THE MORMAL. The baccalaureate sermon to the normal graduates will be preached Sunday morning by Rev. D. R. Landis at the Baptist church, and the commencement exercises will follow at the Call Mqnday evening. In lieu of the tradi- tibnal orations, Dr. Beardshear of the Iowa Agricultural college will deliver an address on "The Strife for Masteries." The graduates in the Scientific Course are Claude Sttill and Elrna A. Ilamsey; in the Normal: Laurence A. Wilkinson, Ada M. Smith, Mary Gaffney, Francis E. Farley and Grace Gaffney, and in the commercial, Wm. Fish, Harvey Wadsworth, Wm. A. Parsons, A. E. Anderson and Chas. S. Johnson. A. 0. U. W. FIELD DAY. This event, which is likely to call out the biggest crowd anywhere, comes Wednesday next. The program may be divided into three parts, the picnic dinner, the speech by Rev. J. W. Geiger of Marion and the sports. The latter include all the smart tricks and tests of skill and muscle. There will be the 100 yard foot race, running high jump, standing high jump, running long jump, standing long jump, half- mile bicycle race, putting 16-pound shot, throwing 16-pound hammer, hop, step and jump, throwing base ball, ladies' 1 and gents, driving nail in oak plank—a puzzle for ladies, base ball game between Algona and Burt, tug of war and throwing base ball, gents competing. Some valuable prizes are offered which can be handed down as heirlooms to remote posterity. The aggregation will march from the hall in Cowles block at 9:30 and follow Dr. Morse, who will be marshal and wear a red sash. There will he free admission to the grounds. There will be harmless refreshments, non-explosive oratory and exhibitions of muscle that will astonish everybody not a member of the order. FATHER CLEAKY'S LECTURE on total abstinence comes on Tuesday evening, the 23d. This is looked forward to with great interest, and the question now is whether a hall can be secured large enough to hold the aud- isnce. This will be the time to swear off and make ready for the circus and the Fourth. A, M, & G, M. WILL SUPPLY YOU WITH THE Osborn New Columbia Binder; also Corn Binders and Mowers, Tlie Minneapolis Binders, and Walter A, Wood Tubular Steel Mowers, Milwaukee Junior Binders and Mowers, Rockford Imperial Mowers and Rakes, The D. M. Osborne Twine; the Twine which received the Highest Award— : 7c for Sisal; 9c for pure Manilla. We also handle a large supply of Eope, the Ney and Louden Hay Carrier goods—Slings, Steel Tracks, etc. A full line of— CARRIAGES AND SURREYS. SEE US FOR BARGAINS. I And if you are in need of a WIND MILL we can furnish you with the best mill made. Tanks and Cisterns any size, put up to order. all good& sold at < : 1. M. & G. M. N 'S u» REED'S BUTTERMILK MINE. It is Struck at a Depth of 150 Ft. on His Walnut Grove Farm in Cresco Township. Supply of Bu'ttermilk Literally Inexhaustible—The Beverage is Refreshing and Rejuvenating to Man and Beast. pop- are among the best known and most ular. At noon of Thursday, June 18, occurs the marriage of Mr. Wesley E. Lamson and Miss May E. Henderson. The wedding will be at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. H. Henderson, of Rivet-dale township, and many friends will wish them happiness. Wo have a special interest in this latter union, the groom having been an 'Indispensable' member of the REPUBLICAN'S office force j for the past few years. He is well worthy | of his good fortuno. The vinegar season is here. We have the kind you want. GROVE & SON, Pure Wheat Flour 24«Jb, thrown in, sacks, sacks, —AT THE- 30 55 cts, cts, Water + Mill, or pur FLOUR STORE door south of the Qfftce, JONES '* STACY. "Doc" Daily and his men have been drilling a well on Supt. Read's Cresc< township farm, formerly the property of W. L. Joslyn, Esq., and known a the Walnut Grove farm, taking it; name from a grove planted by its form er enterprising owner. The sinking o this well will give the place a new naim that it will never get over. It will hence forth bo known as the Buttermilk plauta tion, and the reason will bo the discover; of an apparently inexhaustible buttcrmill mine. When the well had reached i depth of 150 feet rock was struck, and si multaneously a vein of what seemed to b good buttermilk was tapped, and the milky fluid in the well to within forty feet of the surface, giving a straight 110 feet of buttermilk. All efforts to lower the buttermilk level were unavailing. A steam pump coughed up a stream of buttermilk for a hay and a night, and a tank holding 30 barrels was filled, after which the fluid ran to waste. The theory is that an underground lake has been found. How wide an area may bo underlaid with buttermilk, however, is pure speculation. The quality is said to be unsurpassed. It is used on the table by the tenant family and drunk with a relish which has caused the frequently recurring request to'Tlease pass the buttermilk?" to wreathe in smiles the faces of all but the tired head of the house. People who never liked buttermilk before like this. When it was offered to the hogs Mr. Reed says they stuck their noses into the refreshing drink up to their eyes, They did not regard it as a campaign fake but a genuine good thing, and squealed for more accordingly. Particulars of the strata passed through are not such as to warrant any conclusions, but Supt. Reed wishes to investigate the hypothesis that it is a milky shale that yields the flow. If so the milk veins are largo. COMING NUPTIAL, EVENTS of'gosVs' 1 Will'Witness Beautiful Ceremonies — Young Hearts Made Happy, This evening, at the beautiful residence of the bride's parents, in Algona, will occur the weddjng of Miss Mae Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, D. S. Miller, to Mr. John H. Thompson of Armstrong, The ceremony will be performed by Rev. 0. E. SiHclaJr. The fortunate groom is a young man of high standing who runs his father's 400? acre farm near Armstrong. He is an elder in the Presbyterian church, and is a nephew of Mrs. August Zahlten, his mother being the latter's sister. Tuesday evening of next week, June 16, so. the cards of invitation announce, Mr. Irving B. Dodge and Miss DoEtta Randall will be wedded. The ceremony will be at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. an4 Mrs. M. F. Randan. Tbwe will be widespread interest in the event, as the parties Before buying glassware, look over our new line.—Patterson & Son. For your fruit jtirs and extra rubbers go to Patterson & Son. Are you made miserable by Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, Yellow Skin? Shiloh's Vitalizer is'a positive cure. 2 Sold by Frank Dingloy. WEIGHT LBS., The heavy - weight bicycle rider of America. Will Ride a 24-Pound America, Bicycle. DON'T FAIL TO SEE HIM, AT "The Wigwam" j m ,fS WATER OB NO PAf,

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