Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 7, 1963 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1963
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE ELEVEN A Lovelier You More Curves Wanted By MAttV SUE MILLER A lovely writes, "My problem is a hollow thlghllne, the inner: line. The effect is the same as that of bowed legs, only above the knees. Can it be overcome?" A gap In the inner thigh area can be closed by building up the muscles. Performed daily over a period of several months, the following routines give excellent results: 1. Stand erect with feet together, and hold onto a chair for balance. Slowly, and with tension, raise right leg directly right, as high as possible: leading with toes, twist leg backward and hold position for five slow counts. Return to starting position, relax and give left n , _ _. leg same workout. Repeat 20 W CUUinQ be times. ° 2. Sit with back against a f Of JUIlC 1.5 wall, legs stretched out straight. Turn feet away from each other, so that only heels touch. Press heels together and, for three counts, contract the inner thigh muscles — hard, harder, hardest. Then go limp. Ten repeats. The test of resultful performance is a steely pull along the inside tendons of the legs. Try to increase it each day. The greater the pull, the quicker the build-up. To further speed the outcome, get in the habil of occasionally tensing the muscles when you sit and stand. The action goes Plan Your Vacation Wardrobe Raines-Leigh Mr. and Mrs. Fennley S. Leigh of Salt Lake City, Utah, announce the forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Miss Linda Leigh, to Cpl. Gerald D. Raines, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Raines, 220 Thomas St., Roxana. Cpl, Raines is stationed with the Marine Supply Center, Barstow, Calif. The wedding will take place Juno 15 in St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Salt Lake City, and a garden party will follow at the Leigh home from 8 to 10 p.m. Miss Leigh is a 1962 grc^uate CARBONDALE, 111. — Where are you going? How? What will you do en route and what after you arrive? These are some questions you should ask yourself in planning your vacation wardrobe, according to Ritta Whitesel, clothing and fashion specialist at Southern Illinois University. Miss Whitesel suggested a good form of "fashion insurance" for the vacationer is (a) to obtain booklets on your vacation destination from a local travel agent or (b) to write the Chamber of Commerce at your destination asking for information on climate and the kind of clothes worn there. "Wherever you are going, plan your wardrobe carefully so that you will have a minimum of garments—but appropriate ones," she advised. "Take only those clothes that you will actually need, but be sure to include some of your favorite garments." One easy way to keep the wardrobe small is to build it around a basic color scheme, she said. Thus you can mix and match garments so that three or four single and two- piece garments worri in different combinations and with different accessories can be extended into a wardrobe of considerable size. "This also enables you to keep your accessories at a minimum, since they also can be interchanged," she said. "Then, too, if you choose compatible colors, when you have to dress in a hurry you can be sure that whatever you choose will harmonize." Easy-Care Fabrics Easy-care fabrics are a boon for the vacationer, including drip-dry synthetics, crease- and stain-resistant cottons and silks, and jerseys and knits. "Before selecting garments made of drip-dry fabrics, be sure you will have the time and place to launder them," she cautioned. "To check for creasing and wrinkling, crumple a bit of the fabric in your hand and hold it rather tightly while you slowly count to 20. Then release it and note what happens. If the fabric wrinkles, don't buy it." Jerseys and knits are excellent for traveling, since they pack easily and compactly, and wrinkle little, she said. They are favorite choices for European travelers. Miss Whitesel cited one travel-wise acquaintance who utilized an "ample" wardrobe of only three knit dresses of different weights and one suit with two blouses. Two of the dresses were two-piece so that the tops, blouses and skirts could be interchanged. One blouse had a low neckline and tiny cap sleeves so that it could serve as a cocktail blouse when woni with dressy jewelry. "For automobile traveling, a comfortable hot-weather garment is a skirt which can be buttoned quickly over shorts." Miss Whitesel said. "This is especially useful if you are stopping at a hotel and are not sure about the appropriateness of trousers." Pleated Skirts Permanently pleated skirts are practical for long trips, she said. "They shake off creases overnight and are ready to be teamed up with a pretty blouse the next morning." Other travel musts which she suggested: a folding hat that can be carried in your out-size handbag; a light non-transpar- ents robe; a pair of roll-up, pull- man-type bedroom slippers; and some good comfortable walking shoes. "By all means, treat your feet well, even though you have to sacrifice looks," she said. For the camping or outdoor vacation, the wardrobe will contain more slacks, shorts, bathing suits and active-sports costumes, so that one or two "dress-up" dresses of a casual type are adequate, she said. "Whatever your vacation plans, do plan your wardrobe sensibly, keeping it small and appropriate for the activities you will encounter," she urged. unnoticed by an onlooker. Yet, O f gait Lake City High School, when performed a dozen times nnc | ^p]. Raines was graduated daily, it makes a very effective aid to formal exercise. How to Charcoal-Broil Chicken More Curve (or the tagllna If your loveliness problem is thin, shapeless lens, send for my leaflet, "More Curve for the Legline." It shows how to build up contours with spot-increasing exercise. The leaflet also includes your ideal leg measurements, and tips on a graceful stance as well as flattering footwear. For your copy, write to Mary Sue Miller in care of Alton Telegraph, enclosing lOc In coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. O 1963, Publishers Newspaper Syndicate in 1969 from Roxana Community High School. Mr. and Mrs. Raines and family will attend the wedding and the young couple will come to Roxana after the wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Raines will have open house honoring the newlyweds June 23 from 2 to 5 p.m at their home on Thomas Street. Cooking Cues Grind soft dried apricots with walnuts and mix with mayonnaise; use as a spread for sandwiches of date bread. Ji •••••• (COLONEL HARLAN O. SANDERS !•••••• "BONUS BUCK" COUPON This Coupon Good For 5 1.00 Toward the Purchase of FAMILY SIZE BARREL KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN MJslB^B^B^HtftM" • •y^KKBlYI 20 PIECES XJHF^^ Only O.ilU Coupon OFFER GOOD FRIDAY. SATURDAY, JUNE 7 & 81 One Ducket Per Customer, Only I Coupon accepted on each Bucket! GOOD ONLY AT THE ORIGINAL PANCAKE HOUSE 3030 GODFREY ROAD PHONE 466-0201 Ojicn Daily 'Til 11 P.M. Fri. and Sat, 'Til 2 A.M. •'••••••••••BONUS BUCK COUPON • •••••••••? URBANA, 111.—The secret behind juicy, well-done charcoal- broiled chicken is slow, even cooking. And, according to Hugh Johnson, University of Illinois extension poultry science specialist, you don't need a lot of charcoal to do the job right. Charcoal briquets placed one deep and about one inch apart will give off plenty of even heat. Also, to prevent burning, keep the chicken as far from the fire as possiblie. On most home barbecue outfits, this distance is 10 to 14 inches, says Johnson. Choose whole broilers that weigh between IV*. and 3 pounds. You can either split them yourself or have the butcher do it. But it is more convenient to charcoal-broil half a chicken (split lengthwise) than the pieces or whole bird. Turn the chicken often to avoid overcooking the outside. Blistered skin is a warning that the chicken is getting too hot. Generally, it's necessary to turn it every five minutes or so. For a handy, safe and sanitary way to handle the chicken, wear clean white canvas gloves. Whether you use butter or barbecue sauce for basting depends on your taste. But, whichever substance you use, baste immediately after turning the bird to allow the substance to cook in. If you baste and then turn, you waste much of the liquid. Make sure the chicken is thoroughly done before you take it off the fire. Easy livin 1 calls for comfy, colorful Kinney Kapers! The gayest spread of summer canvas under the sun — all at an easy <£ ^^ Q Q 2. A Skimmer. Driftwood, black, white. 4V»-9. S & M widths. • K«p«r C/ass/c. Red, navy, olive, charcoal, black, china, right blue, white. 4-10. S & M widths. Stndplpw. Olive, chino, fight blue, black, white. 4-tO. S & M widths. Miss Jenkins Selected For Engineering Program Miss Yvonne Jenkins, a junior student attending Civic Memorial High School at Bethalto, has been selected as a participant for one of the State of Illinois Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) two- week summer programs in engineering. A scholarship covering the 580 fee was given to Yvonne by the Madison County Chapter of the Illinois Society of Professional Engineers. Yvonne's activities at CM include cheerleader, secretary of the Latin Club, Future Teachers of America, and the Thespian Society. She is the vice president of the Engineering Club and a member of the Student Council. Yvonne is also a member of the Dramatics dub, the Science Club, the band, and the Eaglet staff. She is a newly inducted member of the Na- tional Honor Society and ranks first in her class. MISS JENKINS Yvonne is the daughter of Mi's. Charles Feldman and lives at 151 Blair Ave., Cottage Hills. Englar-SnyderNuptials Married Saturday at 7 p.m. in the Assembly of God Church of Cottage Hills were Miss Marsha Ann Snyder and Alford Ray Englar. The bride's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Roy Snyder, 330 S. Pence St., East Alton. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. August Englar, 853 State St., Wood River. Attending the couple were Miss Elizabeth Kitson and Travis Snyder, brother of the bride. The bride attended East Alton-Wood River Community High School. Mr. Englar attended the same school and is employed by the Carl McCormick Construction Co. The couple resides in Wood River. Cooking Cues Bake stuffed tomatoes in a moderate oven for 15 minutes or until tender. Don't over bake or the tomato skins will burst and your effect will be spoiled. EASTGATE PLAZA Open JO A.M. to 9 P.M. RUMMAGE SALE 519 Belle St.—Alton Sat., June 8th—9 a.m. Clothes for the Whole Family Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints •THOROUGH SPOT REMOVAL • SOFT, NATURAL PRESSING • TRUE COLOR CONTROL • NO DRYCLEANING ODOR • NO MISSING BUTTONS FREE Pick-Up And Delivery SERVICE, TOO Yes, you get all this and much more ... because we do it the right way with no sacrifice in quality or care. And you're always sure, whether it's the speed service you want or normal processing, that the same perfection will prevail. The price will amaze you-it's so reasonable .. . you can't afford to put it off. Cull HO 6-8877, we'll be right over. [; 809 E. Broadway- Call HO 5-8877 -226 E. Elm St 2012 State St. Two School Secretaries Certificated Bible School Next Week at Brown Baptist Vacation Bible school at Brown Street Baptist Church will extend Monday through Friday of next week, from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Mrs. Jean F. Paul and Mrs. _ ... . „ . . ... The officers of the school vill virah D. Henesoy have received br: Miss Ethel Green, director; lotice from the National Assn. I Educational Secretaries that Mrs Charles H.cksnursorysupor- intendent; Mrs. James Hillery, hey have been awarded certifi- :ates under the Professional Standards Program. Mrs. Paul las received a Grade III Cert if i- ate, and Mrs. Henesey a Grade V certificate. Certificates are granted on the basis of experience, participation n the professional organization, md on the basis of tests. Both vonien took written examinations it Washington University in April, covering American government, English and typing. This program s entirely voluntary to members of the Association. Members may ipply for a higher-grade certificate and take the necessary examinations s they feel qualified. Mrs. Paul is the wife of John P. Paul of 108 Paris Drive, Godfrey, and is secretary at West Junior High School. Mrs. Henesey s the wife of Thomas E. Henesey of 1821 Evergreen, Alton, and is secretary at Humboldt Elementary School. Final Exams and Netv Son Arrive At Same Time Final examinations and a new baby came on the same day to Thomas Monica], a student at Washington University Medical School. Monical is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Verle Monical, Alton. The baby, Mark Thomas, arrived at 7:10 a.m. today in Jewish Hospital, just a short time before Monical was scheduled to report to the university for final examinations. Monical, who is a senior student n the medical school, and his wife, the former Beverly Baptist, a former technician on the staff of Jewish Hospital, reside at Brenrwood, Mo. MADRID — More construction machinery is moving into Spain. Sunbeams; Mrs. Walter Bartlett, beginners; Mrs. Gilbert Hartman. primary; Mrs. Gaylard Hamilton, juniors; Mrs. Ralph Scheffel. junior high. The Rev. and Mrs. Wilburn Hon, members of the church for 10 years, will be honored at a farewell party following sen-ices Sunday evening. They will leave soon 'or Manning. Iowa, where Hon will be pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. Also to be honored at the party- are Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Buck and family, former members of the church who recently moved to Delhi. Circle to Meet With Mrs, Selkirk Jennie Bcnecke Circle of Main Street Methodist Church will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the home of Mrs. Marshall Sekirk, 1508 Seminary St. Schneithorsfs "FINE FOODS SINCE 1917" Located in the New HOLIDAY INN — Edwardsville, III. On By Pass RB and III. 157 at Sunset Hill. SERVING DAILY 6 A.M.-12 P.M. FEATURING ON SUNDAY A FAMILY SMORGASBORD — I I a.m. - 4 p.m. * DINNERS STARTING AT $2.25 • BUFFET LUNCHEON SERVED MONDAY THRU FRIDAY— I I a.m. - 2 p.m. DIAL EDW. 656-3115 FOR RESERVATIONS NOW! LOCAL SERVICE ON TEMPO-TRONIC ELECTRONIC CUT STENCILS For A. B. Dick, Gestetner, Roneo, Gena, Speed-o-Prlnt, Machines. Perfect Stencils Made from any drawn or printed copy or paste-up. 50 Each OFFICE MACHINES EXCHANGE 2900 E. Broadway HO 2-8442 LAST CALL LAST CALL LAST CALL COLORADO & S. DAKOTA JULY 1-10—$120.00 Y.W.C.A. Members & Familial $130.00 Non Y.W.C.A. Members 4 Reservations Left, Men and Women CHICAGO - JUNE 21-22-23 Leave the Y.W.C.A. 6:00 p.m., Friday, June 21st $22.50 Y.W.C.A. Members & Families $22.50 Non Y.W.C.A. Members 9 Reservations left. We must know by Monday noon, June 10th — Men & Women INDIANA COVERED BRIDGE FESTIVAL October 12-13 $19.75 Y.W.C.A. Members & Families $22.75 Non Members The little town of Rockvllle, Indiana, explodes from a population of 2,500 to 25,000 for this weekend. This Is why our lodge reservations must be made far In advance. Please mail a $5.00 deposit on this trip to us by June ISthl This is a must. This festival Is an unusual event and Includes such things as a town of 'Rustic Covered Bridges 'Farmers market one block long •Persimmon Ice creum 'Autumn beauty at Its peak 'Nostalgic — You'll love It 1! Price Includes chartered bus, accommodations at Turkey Run State Park Lodge, and 3 meals at lodge. Men & Women Call the Y.W.C.A., HO 5-7774 today for full information on all our tours. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily by KROEHLER NEW f-f|G||-|lNVALUE LOW IN PRICE FEATURING "CAN'T MAR" PLASTIC TOPS Imagine a complete Kroehler bedroom. Panel Bed, 62" Triple Dresser with Mirror and 5 Drawer Chest Mirror available with Triple Dresser above $17.50 more. Special Price Ends June 22, 1963 Skylark by Kroehler—the exciting blond of the best! See the richness, the bold beauty the Skylark bedroom suite possesses. Cosmetics can't mar the "Can't Mar" plastic top surfaces—won't scratch. Set is completely dustproofed and so beautiful— as only a Satin Walnut finish can be! Browsers Always Welcome Buy On Jacoby's Convenient Time Payment Plan i'heal >ii"i UO Bookcase Bed $07 50 Free Parking At The Rear Entrance 627 E. Broadway 465-4451 Alton Jacoby's Since 1883 \

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