Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 24, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1958
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Page Sf* HOP! STAR. MOM > ARKANSAS Mtwtlay, , 19SI Little Men Do Quite Well Saturday YOKK i APi- A couplo of feflllirday's 'm u>r« would tied n Indclcl- tu hang ml tod.iy K tuutbatt Wash. flond.i In lit l.'itcln St,itr 21-7 tinrt 142 pound h.illhack .limmv Dunn {.ciiinl ; ' ii touch dim in "Triggering lllrii j- 2720 ui'lniy iiv11 NoiHmc'Sli-r:- wa« ;i 5-B. 130- potintl .qunrfl'i bnck. Joan i ;is<n- btook. .{jassihg for ohe touchdown aftd ruhhififi for another score. Tfieii was 159-pound Chnrlic R a v p ii f I, UnrVnrd's rlveiboat qunrU'rbacus who scoi'ccl one and ffl up thioc- nlht'r TD's Id tno Crimson's 28-0 thujnbiHg of Vald And iJilly Austin. ttulgcrs' brilliant tnillmck who lists fit 108 but looks like tilt 1 high School kid down the block. Just tnpod Up his hro' kui hnntl and scored 34 points cut 1 five touchdowns and a pair of iwo-point er>nvor.«lons whilo handling the bull only 11 times in it I *ii fl romp <'vei <'o!,nibln. j What turns ccnclies gray I Bennic Ooslptbaan. In his last Kntne us Michigan's head £oach. Ohio Stale U;uH ~'"-14 . . . a niiri- Hid to play Miihlgan lirrds a yard fnr a first Hmvn on the Ohio Slate :t. Rrjirl Mvfis blasts to the two. rumbles. Ohi« Stutc recovers. Bow (ml Bennii'. a loser. ftetaiisp RfanfiT't snk) "gn for broke 1 ." Cfilifnf fii.-i said "Hose . Bmvl hers wf i >-n;r " Stnnford scored awninsl f;il in the closing minutes, drawing within a fjoint The Negro Community K, Kj4, &V' •wf- 1 «-j* lv s $•& m*. M ft/ ^ Free Delivery Moore Bros Serving You Since 1896 Dial 7-4431 PRICKS GOOD MON - TUES - WED — 24th - 25th - 26th SWIFT PREMIUM Butterball Hen Turkeys Small Size Dei Monte Peas Cons Cranberry Sauce Cans Fresh Dressed ENS Del Monte Pumpkin Cans Sweet Potatoes Lbs. Young Tender Corn Fed . Fresh Dressed LARGE 21 SIZE CAN SPICED SUNYAUiY for th« day To maintain an opinion because it is thine and not because it is true. Is to prefer thyself above the truth — Yenning Calendar of Events The Hopewcll PTA will sponsor a Pre-Thanksgiving Banquet.Tues- day, Nov. 25 at 7:30 p.m. in the ealeterla of the school. Miss Huth CJarlancl, Science instructor at Yerger will be guest speaker. Admission is 75c single; $1.25 per couple. Tickets can be bought from 1'TA members and teachers. DeGaulle Wins Confidence of French Voters By M6ASfMUS (AP) ~- Prerniei- Be Gaulle, without having lifted a linger in the campaign, WoM 3ti* other strong endorsement fi-oitt lbii» French people in first-rouhd V(St* ing Sunday for the new National Assembly. With many candidates trying ttt fide De Gaulle's coatUtils, oub Hght foes of the Premier made the poorest showing, A Sifofig rightist swing was* accompanied by" a Somffiuhist eI3- elifie, IhdiifH the afiti<C3auiiis? eofiiftitinists Wei-e still the slroft^ test Jingle J*a My. Med chieftaW 3ae«iUes Biiclos faced a stiff, light ih the runoff ttefct Sunday. The tie Gaulle tide swamped such hon-doffittiUhist foes as former Premiers Pierre Mehdes- Fraride and Maurice Sourges* Matihoury. Both lost their Assettv bly seats ofi the first ballot. It boomed to second rank—after the Communists—a brand new DP- Gatiliist party, the tfrtion for thd New Republic fUNft) headed by Information Minister Jacques Souslellij, This was the cleafciit tretlrl through dhly 41 of the 408 ttlifes from maihiahd franco were elected by a ihajority Vote avt$ all opponents. %e remainder will Be chosen in rilfibffs tiexl Sunday, when a winner will heed only a plurality. \Vith only 20,904.797 of the 28 million eligible borthering to Vole, the Interior Ministry gaVe Ihis breakdown of the results: Communists, elected 1 deputy 3,882.204 popular votes, 18.98 per cent of the Vote, UNft. 8 deputies, 3,tf03,958 votes 17.0 per cent. Socialists, 2 deputies, '5,167)354 votes, 15.5 per cent, Independents, mostly rightists, 15 deputies. 2,816,170 voles, 1174 per cent. The remaining Voles wore scat« iercd" among 11 other JJaHtfis groups. \VitH 25.6 ift the iast f eftffal . of 1958, and IH8 fied pobli* let Vote compared with theif pe'St* stfehgth of S.'/6 million Votes ift 1846. They held 142 seals iff the old Assembly. 4 Projection of the ti-ehd eould CUr the CbfftlflUhlsU lo below SO seats, fie Gaulle 'lent his nartte otfi» tally fo ftohe of the candidates. But \vlth issues few, candidates" of all stripes grabbed his eoattails: as Ihe most aUraclive thffia ifi sight, Benefiting most was the »mph'e« minded SoUstelle, who lielped boost De Galille badk td boWcf last May during the rightist re« bellion in Algeria, The PTA or Fulton Elementary Sellout held its regular meeting Thursday, Nov. 20 with Mrs. V. Cannon, president, presiding. Plans wore made 1 tor the annual ThanksgiviiiK least, which will DC .served to all interested persons on Thursday, Nov. 20, beginning at 12 noon. Mrs. K. U. Mudison, reporter. Coming and Going Rev. and Mrs, Sliep'Jaekson had as weekend guests' her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Howard, her sister, Mrs. Ella Howard of Grambling and her sister and brother- in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Wasn- ington and daughter of OubalU, I-.ii. Akers Leads Punt Return Department By THE ASSOCIATED PRES Those yard-eating twins ol Baylor-runner Larry Hicuman and passer Buddy i-iumpnrey—have eu~ gained Uieir leads in Southwest uonlerence football slatistics out tlierc s a mighty battle browing in Ihe final weuK oil the campaign. JacK Spikes ot Texas Christian ins only 40 yards away from HIBK- man in the -ball-cari-yine 1 i'a* i( -'Charley Milstead oi Texas A&M and Donald Meredith of Southern Methodist are hot on the heals oi Humphrey lor the passing cham- ionship. Hickman shot back to the top last week when he racked up 'Oil yards against Southern Methodist-* while Spikes was gaining only 3U against Rice. Now the Baylor fullback has 583 yards on 134 runs and Spikes shows 543 on 115. The battle in passing is the hottest of lharn. all. Humphrey l eads in completions, with 90 out of isa throws, while Milstead tops in I distance.' with 74 connections out of 134 for 944 yards to 920 i'or Hum- phroy. Meredith has GO completions out of 103 attempts for 907 yards i He can hardly hope to beat out •Humphrey in completions but might do it in yardage. Meredith also is endangering ! Milstcad's lead, in total offense I Ihe Agjsie star has 1189 yards ,ou H33 plays, Meredith 1112 on 104, j Henry Christopher of Southern I Methodist continues to top Ui« I punters svith an average of 40.4 Ion 21 kicks, I Freddy Akers of Arkansas ha? regained the lead in punt reluvns with an average of 11.4 compared to 11.2 Cor Jon Fesv of the ASBtes i John 'fracoy of Texas A&M didn't play last wek but retained a long' lead in pass-receiving, Southern Methodist again look over the lend in team total offense, runnnig ils average to 329,i5 yards per game. Texas Christian fell to second with 316.B. TCU still is tin. defensive lender, aUov/injj 207bjBd)7ontesl, at 10-15 while 81,492 shuddered at Berkeley, Thp Indians gambled on a run for two points and victory. Cal stopped }t short, Quote of the wecK: "Warren Rabb Is the best quarterback we've soon all season," said LSU Coa,ch Pfuil Dielgol. A noble opponent? Nope, TUW> quarterbacks LSU. How to The poor boys of Columbia iboatuji Bl-Q by fiiUgars), Tnla»« (boaton 62-0 by LSin, and tho Citadel (bvivicd f@-Q by GeorgiaJ, NeHce NOTICE IN THE pRQBATg 5QURT QF IN THE! M41TPR OF THE ESTATE pp . Jf. WIfW, deceased knowf] address pf dece4ej)t; 5103 pi-apbuj'n priyp, of death; A^rU i, 1958 An wstrvujiwt d.ated »fnne 30, iaS6. was o.n (\\g 18lh day pf ' us the last yviii o| i!jP aboyp decedent, aiiid,-tiie ui\dprs|gned bcv-1,1 gppou\(e4 exeuut.oi" there under., 4 cd.jUc'st o^ Uvj pvojjaie'p the will- jean b<? e/lpete^ only |ililig a p,pUtiofl 'l>vovicled,'by i.a\v, 'All p.e}'n« . the estate n^sl px,h|bii, t,li,en:. duly viiwfie.d, to U\e tuvdyrsiet^'d witiiu\ MX moi,xths fvam U\p ^te of'Jlje' first pu.biica.U0n, .ojE ll^is notice;' or |o,vever ' Tins ot KJwejnbpr, IBSK """ " ADVERTISING ... THAT LASTS! JV f •'^.•.•^T>" ? Golden West-August 17-29,1958 t.,*.v v, *•• ••• f • »<1 ,',•*- •.; '•* **. - , - ';• '.-.-A ,-- • ti*hU.l, , "~!'-K' n« f"., .«,"b-'«>s-iK,j v « i "v»«fif«rouc " <"/*» /^ &*tfiB&ifr**4i&& f ,> Pjctorul-hnotype map by Alex. H. YVashbum This is a reduced phgto copy of the cpver page of the Golden West Tabloid. Lqst August Hope Star took five Hope boys on an educational tour of the Golden We:'t, The boys saw the bears in Yellowstone National Park, , Wyoming, and the Indian cliff-dwe|l«ngs in Mesa Verde National Park, southwestern Colprado, Publisher Al§>>, H. VYa>hburn took 230 black-and-white and 300 color photographs of the 4,602-mile tour. The best of the black-and-white will be presented in g 16-page pictorial tabloid on which the newspaper organization is, now at work. The tgbloid will be printed on 45-pound Oxford book paper — a separate. insert of beautiful appearance and permanency. It will hgye gn <?ndviring appeal to the local public because of its interest to Youth-^the Hopg §tgr nawsboys and 'all their yoyng friends-*-Qnd. to gdults as well, beeflusg q syrprising number of local people have made this tpwr ond in this tgblgid section they will find professional pictures pf the plagei they themselves visited, This Newsbpys. Toyr pf the Golden West Edition offers an unparalleled opportunity fpr in.§titutional or brgnd name advertising by Josgl indwstries and hows§5 — Q cpmpact and beautiful tabloid sggtipn whish will ]?§ fgr y?sr§ tg comg,, Ng mgi'f than hglf of th§ ]$ pages will be available fyr scjyfrtisjncj. Thf §tgr is prrgnginq for a, specip) purchpff of this mggozing r gnd mgt?hinp Jnk, on complete tbchnicol fldvic§; hgweyff, if ink smear or other technigai prpb'fnis makes Us us§ impgsiiplf w the ripht ta prpdwsf tfte pigtorigl edition on stgndard ae. Wiprint ~^£n pur $'5Q gamfelg. !a any fysnt, it will be a production HPR§ is bound tg be prgwd Qf- Twgnty*twg yegr| ggo the librarian pf the AlgmQ flt Sgn Antpry'p/- Tgxgis, wrsl§ ths? Sditor thgt our ArHQnsa; Cenignnjal wg§ th§ gditJpn ^r»jiyse4 in eUhsr Ar^gn^gs or Jenas in Th§ §?y§n Wfit Tgblpid leftiqn will b§ indued in the of Th^ftgr or) thg 09t§ pf 'my$ t t?Mt thp sectipn will also J?,§ ot § |pj wsnt iq moil S9pi§ t l jhpyjd. j? Tabjoid. fcp distant ffi?nd§, god f§? mw IP we tw bi guided ,gf te g«r

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