Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 24, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 24, 1958
Page 5
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Mswday, Ndvemtier 24,19S8 STARRY-EYED—Surrounded'by two new, designs for Old Glory, each with an'extra star for Alaska, are twojflfth-graders at Seven Hills, Ohio, Elementary-School. Anna Nenadal, left, designed the flag on the wall, < and Gary'Salzgeber-'originated the "U.S." pattern. Rep. Michael Feighan will-take the banners to Washington as possible models 1'or the next official flag. Unbeaten and Untied List Slim By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The list of college football's un beaten and untied teams is down to 14 but it will get no lower than •12. Only Mississippi Southern and Arizona Slate of Flagstaff of tlv, perfect record class t have regular Get A New Admiral 21" TV — for only — $199.95 During November, A lifetime picture tube warranty at no extra cost. EASY PAY TIRE STORE 214 E, 2nd, Hope, Ark. Says Flight Engineers to Strike Next MIAMI, Fla. CAP) — A -union spokesman says 600 flight 'en necrs for Eastern Air Lines will strike today: The 'company says this may shut* down .service throughout its * system. A spokesman for <the Flight En* gineers International ' Assn. saic here that the strike would come 'during the morning: Eastern said if-the strike occurs and * other union groups honor picket lines, service will be halter, throughout the system. The line employs 16,000 persons in serving 124 cities in 25 _states, - Canada Puerto Rico, Mexico and Bermuda, Main issue in .the long-debatec contract .is an .objection by 't season ,games remaining. 'Louisiana State is the only ma jor school,on the list, winding up a 10-0 slate with a 62-0 wallopiitp of Tulane Saturday, • Arizona State has won 10 games while Mississippi , v9 Southei-n has brushed aside eight opponents, Also unbeaten jn 10 games were St, Benedict's, Northeastern Okl? horna, GustetVMs A'dpjphus, Wheat' on, Kearney and Ohadroh, Rose Poly, California (Pa.1, .Rochester, Sewanee' and 'Missouri Volley a]l finished unbeaten, in eight games, *-'',, ALL 6 VOLT STARTERS AND GENERATORS - REBUILT - $4.95 EXC. Hoys'Defeat Called Tragic by Nixon WASHiMSfdN (AP\ *- "there ivtfs ho inrji'e IfSgit! l - §suli of IH1* last Bleclion, fltim the' BlaHdptj of lta» "nation, thhh yrtiti' tiafeal 'Ai-kansas," Viec 'President *" NissH has written ; Rot5. •Mdys M>AH«1, Hays, A racial moderate, Wll ., defeated for reieelidH trt Ai-kan- gas' fifth Congressional by Dr, JJsle Alfdfd, n .,^ 8 , cetl - tioHtet rnehibdr of the Little RtteK School Board, In ti letter to Mays, Nixon wrote; "When statesmanship of the type ,you represent in siidh -ah «t v Je< erHplary way boeomos the vietirn of dehiagoguery and prejudice, it ig lirrte for men of good will hi both major parties ih all se " ' of the country to exert inbre ,...,.-,,- tivc leadership in developing tht. public itnderstnnding on me Issue of civil rights which is essential if Arnerida is to continue to be a nation of responsible laws rather than irresponsible men." Nixon's office made excerpts' from the vice president's letter public upon request, WASHINGTON (AP) — Vide President Nixon says Rep. Broolis Ha.vs (D-Ark), defeated by a strong segregationist, was -n "y)c tim of demagogUerV and .prnju- dice." " ' Nixon expressed his regret in a letter.to Hays, saying; "I can,say Without qualification, that .there svas -no more tragic result r pf this last election, ifrom thc'.standoo'frit of thp nation, than your defeat in Arkansas:" Hays, who .snys he'.is'^a modpr ate on -the segregation tissue, '.was beaten for , ro-election "Nov. '4 :by Dr, Dale -Alfoi'd, an 'avowisiJli stronof .foe o'f the Supreme Court' decision against school segregation. 'Alford ran as a write-in 'can- rlidate in 'winning' 'the "Little iRqck district -Hays has represented •* If! years. The vice president .?aid-In "'When statesmanship <d't the'typu you represent .in' such 'an ox cmplary way ;bpcome's 'the victim of demagoguery. .and. produdtc* it is time fnr>'tnr>ti "rtf .good yil' in both of our'major ^parties in al! sections of the, country 'to "exbr more ".positive, '^leadership • .in' ''dp Velooing the }publi'e .'understanding on the issue of 'cjvil, rights"wl ' is essential if Amnrira its' to < tinue to bo a -'nation of >resiDonsi5ile laws .rather -than -irrest)onsib*!n men," Woman Hires Mori to Kill GREENSBOrtO. N.C, fAP)- -»- f 22-year-old social w"O'Vk p -'' i| .charged .with hirinir .a man to 'kji the wifp of a state ihighwaynatrri! man sho loved, The man shfi al legedly hired for 9500 tur/in'd on to be n n'olice detective, -The-inlnn'd"'' hjnrdnr was nHi committed." Thp .highway patrol mnn was not implicated, Barbnrn ;A"n 'JWpsev. was ro Ip.nsed unrlrr Sl'flflO hon'd n')/>)'• her aprnst and >and arraignmont yesterday, wpvvnnt fo'' h"r nfv ,thnt .shf. 'hired n Char- (nf 'ssnn, p'oifod ' "" mnn '\ t'"n ' fir* thp Inb. , i. ©CgAN-SPRAf»»5erve wilN Hfcsm 6f fur'key CRANIERftY SAUCE ."<•', 23< •W.'TO 22 LB.AVG, iiilB, :<> "N nilbi BELTSVILLi TURKEYS 4 fa S Ib, Avg, DUCKLINGS FRESH SLICED BACON ROASTS DRESSED AND DRAWN,..,, Lb, PRESSED AtiD DfcAV/N ,.; Ib. .ALLGOOD' -BRAND., "Mb,.j 4th, 5th, • "SUPER.RIGHT" 'RIB '6lh Ribs HEAVY BEEF : ; Lb. E PORK SAUSAGE 85 SMOKIES •'*$ "SUPER.' RIGHT",, 12-oz, t-'zJ CTADC WORTHMORt.. V * 91AK* "MILK 1 CHOC..,.];,,.'. Pkg. 'j MiyT MIABBDC ]WORTHMORE '%•«• oej, Iffllli I If MrBIW.CHOC....,',.,,..^ ,...„ if^g. jWjf. . „ MOLASSES CHIPS S!I:,:.,.,,,.S: 354. .. BISCUIT MIX „.... „.. 2 .^:25< SANKA COFFEE ^854 wfiiH^se jiip4 ; COFril CREAM ^^ T ,;. v ^ 294 IPARKLE . , Biiy-4 Pkgi.' and Gtl 1 Extra for 2$ 'More !l JIFFY — CHOC FUDGE BROWNIE MIX , , ., WHITE, YELLOW, , SPICE, CHOC.'FUD'GE SPICY ; Pkg. RAINBO SOUR'OR DILI GHERKINS • T^t ' x "1" tW* ^ X . » f "r. ) 'I i a WHITFIELD CANDIED CRISPY WAFERS H '12-02. Jars WHOLE/OR 'SPLIT,, '' '^Li 60 294 SALAD DRESSING POTATO CHIPS MORTONS,: 1% 394 SALAD DRESSING ^ 45< .% 494 46-oz. Ofif. , ..;,., Con •• T LEA & PERRINS SAUCE ^ 334 NUTLEY MARGARINE 2 33< • -it ,1 TOOTHPASTE : ^m POTATO CHIPS TOMATO JUICE ^ 16^01. "-*• ^ Canj Trr:"^?', . ''.iilp ' ' it- jTx .i. '^^' ,-^..^*l !•:«>•.]•<• »4 i'-,",_*,.-i r ' * '• DROMEDARY DIXIE t 2 TUBES DENTI-KISS' ' ' ' '!• SHED^NO TOOTHBRUSH •BANDED .TOGETHER /.. ONLY EQUAL TO-THE BEST - VET COSTS YOU IESSI •SULTANA STUFFED OLIVES lOVi-oz, Jar , ^ ^_ ^_ -— — f" i •** • n*. MI-W i — p 1.1 v.w,ji ^ i \j\j tcaai FRUIT CAKE MIX !S 75* dexo Shortening 3c L bn 73^ SULTANA FRUIT FRUIT COCKTAIL 29-oz. ,,.,..Can M4» ANN "PAGE PURE VANILLA 39< EXTRACT A&P CRUSHED PINEAPPLE A8.P SLICED ' J-OI. Bll, 20-oz,--? Can 39* ?5< MINCE MEAT 9Pk " 23t A4P FANCY ' •" ' GOLDEN CORN TOMATO SOUP & N E GREEN BEANS ^LE .' !. 6 S: 254 A&P FANCY , KERNEL 2 ^ 354 PINEAPPLE 20C - 29^ PUMPKIN 1 lovi-w 7*. PIUSBURY w Cam w*T ..Can HOT ROLL MIX SUlNYFJELD TRAPPEY'S SWEET POTATOES li-oi, ,..,.. Can WnCBIi, DEMI19 WHOLE Con 4»5 .^ur^NTMtLD - - . , A&P ' r ' UIV1A BEANS S C,. 1 ,!!S23« ?«!"?!"- -'- 2 * «««H P(A$ V -X^l '- ,^?* -:li •IIICUDAAMC BRANDYWINE 4, ot . lflU9nKUUIV19 PIECES AND STEMS, Can RAJAH SHREDDED MOIST ' 16-ci, .....Can FROZEN RITE COCOANUT I % 17< DINNER ROLLS 24 All pprts For Ccrs And Trucks A&P s Fresh Fruits 1 •, '»,* AND VEGETABLES • All Siie Full Cap Tires, Also New And Used Tires! , ie Glass & Sqlyagf Co, Hwy,67We$f HopWArk, Phone 7-2786 )n ho Qhn'-lot'fl .! w JT. ! rbar"n vie a nifiS'imuro ppii'f"'' 1 ? of ivn Hi nV *v>v Patrol T/t. S, ' \\-ifn jQf -Pntvnlmfpi 'Ron nf Ihp nrppn'hnrn tronn. who re fpnrn th<i 'fdrfn, insist on As P hiTh wnri }V>o f 'B«tbifvs BY 20 YEARS OF REDUCING SUCCESS ft Ite Sfcgffar p.rJns!p!g Jigs ........................... 2 ^" ....................... 2 QRQUN0 CINWON GROUND UOViS GROUND NUTMEG GROUNP mi ARRANT I|OP iUSAJ? ,,, 2 .| ...... „ ............... ,111; \H. ii? jjuwmfeass **^8 nil 1 ?! '* , ^,S -2fM*" , , TCV'A.T ««u . itTv — **-L ~~«>..*u' c L.J~..«

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