Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 22, 1958
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

1 , Sefufday, Net §mte» 22, '1 ?&l 9 rr s T > * r H e? t ., * 1 Italian fneldent td PtfH?« SfMatfveof PRECIOUS — French dancer $ToeUe Adam's hair has an un- uslial sparkle, probably because of'that half-million-dollar dia- riiond she's wearing in Munich, West Germany. The setting is he\v but the stone is the ''Nepal" diamond, found 400 years ago in Nepal. It has been solr to a Nfcw York firm. M , fc . if "-VJV" \ "***"'"*"<MKjU,** " *" .12 * " ^** * ' • '"V*' V,A , *iji 'SONG, ANYONE?—Nineteen-' 1 j year-old France Grove holds 'a king-sized mouth organ ' in §; Paris, France; after she wound up with the unusual title of • i."Miss Harmonica." 1 Italian rivet. , 6^= ti-tatt^f IHisftatibiCi fctifici^al ' Wops r IL&kf.-f*!! ene ef 1(4 beaullful lahdffiai-kS 1§ PuttJQSS 13fiv»te<Jhlf,) 14 Sacred bull oi Wckhatnd M NatWe of Latvia 1A Salt 19 Soattef ' 21 Legal point 22 *Tidy 24 fixclamatioh of sbH-oW 25 Dwadful 28 Sflh of Seth (Sib.) 29 Put oft SO Pelilitiine appellation 31 Entomology tab.) 32 oriental coin SSlm&el 34 Very (Pr.) 36 Gaelic 37 Biblical garden 39 Tatter 40 Swift 44 Seine 48 On the oceaD 48 Natural channel' 49 River in Germany 50 Give heed to 61 First woman TIZZY 'i MohaffiWledaa officers i Native d/ its' capital 3 fastened With bradS 4Afed S Lea§6 1 fi Peridd ot tifflg ? Jlea eagle 8 Wolfflimiie 9 !t has tnahy beautiful *-*» II Hops'kilhs " ID Greater iH strength 25 CaVe US6 27 8 tailed (hdf.) 33 Pressing" 35 Dispatcher 36 Artist's frame 39 timber free of 41 Eras 42 Surface A stfeel 43 Passage in the Main v Alt6\W ' waste" 4? Bustle 49 butch tmele 50 0 "Here's some cookies Mom Mnt'oVer, Mrs. Powers. We -r 1 ! had more than W6 could eat . , . the way they turned out'.'.' ^^gjsaj, 6Hd9f W* 1 ORDON *7/7 SI f DO, AHtW> \VITM dLJfc COM&lESTOFtH' Lt> \vitH' t dUt OOP? Wfc'Rg ALL' ( VM&N ONNIA MW?CH V RIGHT PAST CHICK£M/ 11-41' CHICKEN/ "<? X 1 ^ 1 By Nadiru S«,tz«r BUO, VOU REW> 'TH6 LETTBRTO " i. PIP HER ER SftVSH ^ p^RT no NOT, WAS', : TO THINK OP IT,.. I IT, IN By Kate Oionn TJ«. «•(. OA P«t (Ml. »/.*?•* T.M. R-£, 0,5. Pit, oil, . © 1958 b, NE» s,,,; c THIS WEEK CAfTAlH tASY ^wq since SHB'& . AN ACTRESS, WE \;Mweei.,LEr.s see, ASSUMED |T WAS ;J \P,:"HeRiNAWB i l5; ; IN A PLAV. WHAT /FeATUKEO IWAW 6LSE CAM IT 86? y£ 0' THEIR A051 MOPE,,. \ SHe ^A^y NOT se At OOW't, H6ADUN6R, WE'LL OS' , && Ifl /<UIST OP ALL CLUBS FKOW1 THE CLASSIPIEO Ol(?BCWKK, AMD START c*ALLW(S'6Wl/. DAGNWOOD, DOVOU.WANT MAYONNAISE OR FRENCH DRESSING ON SALAD ?"f 'C MAYONNAISE THEN NWHV » DID YOU SAY YOU V/ANT6D MAYONNAISE? 3TJ C-SQa "«; DON'T JUST .1^ fc'v® ^ SIT THERE ; * . TRYING TO ' CONFUSE ME'J "You better watch out or my Pop will see you in court!" «y "WHEEL 1 IS A WHEEL « ; tent lepsman gets set to sjjppt » pieee o| toipressjonjstjc an tjy Merpgj Duphamp st a franlt« ,*Brt, West Qennanj 1 , <Uspjgy, , Ite HtJe? «eic/nl9 Wbeei," ROACH - HUfiiHfS INSURANCE t Firs t Mfe A Ga«y "Boys are so fickle—Herbje quit'going steady with me ! just because I've been dating Joey!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS SHOW- .OFF/ LOOK] //-zz. I'LL BET I CAM BY ONE ARK 'You ^M HOLD THAr BAR. BELL UP/ U'l \ ITS A eer, 'SHOT? V ^ T.W • e i rrr BO '-XCTT* 1 HfcB THE PsF^—* , ,,.\^ T 0^r W Jfl SHE ' HOLLYHOCK V PLAYED' .COMPOSED sJSONG' x—' THAT ^-N f LITTLE .GIRL ^.CERTAINLY ST^r HAS r (TALENT. 1 ME! N/- (l-l 1 ). HOW WAS IT?, GOOD OW, IT ^WASN'T ; SO .MUCH.,/ IT DIDN'T SOUND; LIKE ANYTHIN<? I'D EVgR. HEARD T-' BEFOREi- OUT OUK . H, OU«{ MODS* Wi*b Major Hcoplij . BATiS IMY THI Moyifi/ DOCTOR KIT,hlUHi ^o*?ry?tir^? Pl6Afie?WUH, "08rw£i$?/ S2*«Ay? "In pr«§fhting yoy thi§ little lift/IJusi want jo la'y.that wg'fe. §9 happy t9 h^vg yew fgr i p§st president]" 2J \^^NmIWA>/iMOd6l I HE MUST LIKE ME... Tk T It-it / JU&T LOOKAT THAT YWELL,VOUT?EWEL- , MASKJIPICENT PLANT/ \ COME TO TH' CQM- ^ SOME PAY JHOPpTOBE I PLENTIES AMPTH' f(?|5IPENTOFApLACE j PROBLEMS'-1 JUST LIKETHAT--TDPIKECT X HOPE TO BE ABLE ITS VAST COMPLEXITIES, N TO WALK OUT OF A TO SOLVE IT& UNJEWPIWO PLACE u«e THAT PB00UEM6/ WHAT A / WITH A FAY CHECK BE/ WEEK/ &5VI dpLPie TH/NK& LIKE TH' pic-i BOSS AMP YOU THIWK LIKE TH ,'COMMON LABO.RER HTASWEL THNK UW.W 816 STOCKHOLPERANP SIT BACK AKIP REAP TH' 0EKIEFITS OF YOUR COMBIMEP EFFORTS/ '7 I THE PiAH HAK-KAFF/ ro AS SOON EMULATE LADY eor> AMD RIDE DOWN MftlM ^IRSET ON A WRIT& 5TEED AS g5 SEEM WITH ANY RNSEC 6-TOCL IN TH& NECK OF THIS COMPOUNDED VASE/-— peRHAP^ SV K6EP|M6 AW HANQ THRU5T lM A\S COAT t CM MAlsiTAli" A NAPOLEONIC AlR^ AS FOR • COL5LP EASILY Pg iSTAKSK FOR A PUEHM6 PISTOL,) OR A PACKET PP . PUECIOUS, ' HIS HIPS <5\ $ &-*!tLo, t Tnflrpict! " T@ J f ^tj ^i'Mj UT; fflt A^* i J THoy§HT VQU8 WAS SQQN'S J -CQUIrP- 1 ^L v >,' THAT '*!»H IffSJ -,?f{-\t4Sjw^ ^"^aK^J "^r\ % <-''"' -S-.T LSfisftelOA AJA' "^*i seftfj i^y...^

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