Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1965 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1965
Page 2
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(|«*a) A6VAN€fe THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 196S Ann Haise and friend Jan Slick came Saturday for a weekend visit with Ann's parents Mr and Mrs Gail Itaase, They &re students at the State college, Cedar Falls. Mr and Mr* Maurle* Thompson and Mrs Osta Thompson went to Eagle Grove Wednesday to attend the funeral services for Scvert Nervig, 82, a rel» ativc. Gary Merg«n, son of Mr and Mrs Leo Mergcn, will return April 18 from Port. Leonard Wood, Mo., where he is attending a Communications school for National Guards. Melvin Trout, Ambrose Call state park custodian, returned Friday from a five days course in water safety and first aid at Port Dodge. He rated highly in this advanced Course. Mr and Mrs Dick Meyer wont to TStonka Sunday to* visit with Mr and Mrs Harm Huisanga. Mr and Mrs Earl Miller were recently visited over a .week-end by their son Paul and wifo, of Lake City. Mr and Mrs Earl Miller were Sunday dinner guests of their son-in-law and daughter Mr and Mrs Raymond Lovstrid at Burt. Cheryl and John Lovstad were .home till Monday from Mankato, Minn., where they attend the State college. Mr and Mrs H. W. Stebritz and Mr and Mrs Andrew Hanson went to Buffalo Center on Sunday to see Mr and Mrs George Hanson. Gretchen Deim, a student at William Woods college at Fulton, .-, Mo., is spending several days with her mother Mrs John Deim. , Mrs W. J. Payne had as guest a few days last week her daughter Mrs Lee Sceberger, of Mason City, who concluded the visit •.•Saturday. Mrs George Sehirmer, 91, grandmother of Frank Moulton, died last week at Mitchell, S. D., and funeral services were held there for her Saturday. Mr and Mr* William Lampright and Mr and Mrs Pat Mergen, of West Bend, went to Des Moines Saturday to see "The Grand" 01' Opry." The Lamp- rights stayed over night at Indianola with her brother and sister-in-law Mr and Mrs Mark Kollasch. Mr and Mrs Dean Taylor spent. from Saturday'till Tuesday at Des Moines attending the automotive convention. Mrs Lloyd Wellenddrf stayed, with the children during their absence. Rev. Everett Black came from Spencer Saturday morning to take Mr and Mrs William Gccr- ing back with him. The daughter Mary Ann Black was home from Bethel college. St. Paul, for the weekend. She is a granddaughter of the Gcerings. Mary Ann has arranged for summer employment at a resort at Brainerd, Minn. Mr and Mrs Walter Klamp have been visited by Mr and Mrs .tames Stewart of Cokalo, Minn. The visit was extended more than had been expected due to the snow storm. Mr and Mrs Walter Klamp attended tho funeral Thursday at Burt for Albert Volentine, 85. Patricia Groen and a sister of Burl spent a week at Council Bluffs with their sister Mrs Gary Pringle while Mr Pringlc was away on a business trip. Palricia is employed as a nurses aide al Good Samaritan rest homci. Diane Malueg was home' for the weekend with her parents Mr and Mrs Irwin Malueg. She is a student at the Mankato Stale college. Pfc. Darrell Wichtendahl, son of Mr and Mrs Edwin Wichtendahl, of Lbtts Creek, left Saturday for Fort Dix, New Jersey, and from there will go in Kir- scnalaughten, Germany, for 22 months. Mickey Zimmerman, a friend, will also be stationed at the same base, Darrell left from Mason Cily and slopped in Chicago, 111., lo visii overnight with, his sisler Charlolle Wichlcn- dahl. Mr and Mrs Larry Strayer and Carla Jo, of Forl Dodge, were, Friday night and Saturday guests of Mr and Mrs Edwin Wichtendahl at Lotls Creek. Mr and Mrs James Utt spent Sunday at Nora Springs with Mr uiid Mrs Merle Roberts. Mrs Phil Kohlhaas accompanied her son-in-law and daughter Mr and Mrs Clifford Livedalcn lo Minneapolis last week and frpm there all went to Washington, D. C., where Mrs Kohlhaas will spend a month with her sons and families. Dean and Bob who .had come for the funeral for Mrs Karl Hoffman left for .Washington, D. C. via plane, Mrs .,Frank Vera, Mrs Rose Sigsbee and Mrs Elizabeth Post went to Mason City Monday. They were supper guests of Mr and Mrs Marion Burbank. ; Mr and Mrs Murl Potter, Mr and. Mrs Arnie Ricklefs and Mr and Mrs Rex Voyles are going to Minneapolis for the weekend. The Potters will attend the Spoils show and the others will attend it and also see Cinerama. Mr and Mrs Claude Ruark and YOU MUST SEE THIS AND "TEST HEAR" IT AT ZENItH SOLITAIRE IN-THE-EAR HEARING AID' with amazing Mjcro-Lithic Circuit Developed for your personal comfort from space age knowledge, the customized case of the new Solitaire is Individually fitted to your ear and contains the finest features for full or part-time hearing help. Small and light in weight, yet amazing in performance. No cords, tubing or separate earmold, yet Mlcro-Llthic circuit gives 5QOV, greater reliability than amplifiers using conventional components. You owe it to yourself to "test-hear" the Zenith Solitaire. Rusk Drug & Jewelry Algona, low* THi ZENITH MAN IS IN OUR STORE THIS WEEK" MONUMENTS - MEMORIALS Q*in Kinsnun, owner of Algona Monu ment Co v wishes fo remind ypy thit th«rf c*n never be a substitute for « monument , . . ef knowing you marked the final resting plice of your departed loved one in the proper manner. Algona Monument Co. offers a wide selection which they can furnish in various sij- et, styles and designs. If you wish to save, please before yog buy, write or call §9555£§ Algona Monument Co., and let them give ypy the facts about monuments and markers, both granite and bronze, for cemeteries sud memorial Gardens. Algona Monument Co, Phone 295-5565 Algona, low* Mr and Mrs Ray Cunningham stJent Saturday with friends al fJes Moinos. Mrs C. N. Reblhsen and dau* glilor Mildred wore dinner guests Sunday of Mr and Mrs Keith Stephen at Ayrshire. Mr and Mrs Albert Reid had as guests Sunday the tatter's, brother 'and sister-in-law Mf**an*8 Mrs Ervin Turner, .Joe and Dave,: of Atnos. , ._.;• -,j.; Mr and Mrs Harvey Ra»ji lig^ came grandparents again 'whfitT a daughter was born Sunday SI St. Ann to Mr and Mrs Dale Wegetter. of Lone Hock, at St. J Ann hospital? Other children in the family are Connie and Jet* ry. The* infant has been naAed Pamela Deanne, Mrs Fred Wege* ncr is the paternal grandmoth' cr. Mrs Bless Rusk went to Es- therville, last week Wednesday to see her mother Mrs Thofa Sorensen at the Good Samaritan fionie. She also visited with her Uncle Marts C. Nielsen who is a fesidettt at the home. Mrs J. D. Burns aeeompsti- led Mr and Mrs Marc Moore to tal Where he fof several weeks. <t>atffent Des Moines Monday to visit her there later for surgery. •"*-•' ""'"" Mr* Aftni HsrVfey f«tuf«*d 6rt Friday from California where she Visited the past foUf months 'with her daughter arid family, the Harry McCorkleS^of Alfr»d Lartdn Nfurrtfi) homo Sunday from Iowa City where he has beeft taldhg Ireatm^tits for siJc weeks. 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