Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 21, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1958
Page 5
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HOM STAR, HdM, -taftf ff* •' West Agrees to Avoid Any Action Now My JOHN M. vrldttfoWfiR "vVAfeHiftdfON (AP) ~ The Western Allies were reported agreed today to avoid any actiofj in the developing Berlin crisis which could be construed as t<<C' ogdition bt Coitiffitiiiist East Ger- Jtiafiy, If the Reds fordo the issue arid • block Allied traffic to West Berlin, the Allies nre tuidei stood to be reedy to resort to an airlift. The United Stale?, Britain and t nhce also were reported study* j, counter moves to improve thplr bargaining position with the Soviet Union. Some authorities indicated thes<5 might involve a crackdown on trade between the West and East del many, Stule DepartVnent ofilcials were studying, meanwhile, a report received late Thursday from Bonn on the meeting there between Soviet Ambassador Andre S tin It 1 ' A>v and West Qbrman Chancellor Ronrnd Adenauer, Smirnov was reported to havp told Adenauer what steps Russia intends to take to end the four- power occtilntipn end control of Berlin, Which is 110 miles inside Communist territory. Although diplomats >weregiving close attention to the -Be'rUn'-'con- troversy, there was no -air of alarm. This was underscored by the absence from the city of both ^'esident Eisenhower and Secretary of State Dulles. Both arc vacationing, Eisenhower at Augusta, Go,, and Dulles at hib! Lake Ontario retreat. Withdrawal "of U.S., British and French forces from the Western sector of divided Berlin is a Russian objective In the maneuvers which began two weeks ago. An effort to force Western recognition of the Red regime in East Sjrmnny is regarded here as an- ler objective. In the long run, this campaign may be aimed at the neutralization of nil Germany. Proptr Apparel td Iv 9tefc Turn** At-ROss am IBabyW&aMIt !£%* t A Irtiiftgef ' Metal Weirl ft 3BHde| lAUtftAMfflf i^^ Waste 5 One time ii«j"*-"-'•-.*« "i"" 8 Decorates i 14 Bfels cdlef . dress 21'Attd. 22 JaissttfeS* olitcSStl 26 Smugly nle«' 2? fiutch jjalnter, 50 Recess 32 WolMlke 34 Married Woman 35 Costlier 36 D6nkey 3 1 ? Faulty in walk 3d Ascehd 46 Hybrid animal 41 Equip 42 Vapor 45 Dried grapes 4 9 Con tending 51 Show, disapproval 52 Seed covering '. 53terigth' i measure 54 Deep. 55 Network 5d Keats,'for 57 Measure'* of SSsadery 40 free .- w.,^...,, B 2SPiiH(tlve 41 Corfect , II Try. 2??lyiHg .y 4izGleatH}c ffiathihe 43 Ripped 28 Individual! 44 Give forth _,.,,„.,.. SBEsisted , 46N6UHsulfiJc SSOiaeHtleal SI Book '^Midday hiark 33 Style cehler 48 Plattts 24 Mother 38 Dres^ material "' ' ' MEATS T.*. H«». U.S. f.L O ft 19!« l» KU Stl.lti ' > _M_-M *r-n -t T~I-J_I: j- - - J .. l^^»» n» 11 mm^i *n~ - - — i --_LI^B^I ; "Marvin had much better luck on his hunting.trip this year. He used a different size shot and a marked deck!" Kwrr-iF PIE By Nodine Se.tzer essifiF SOWING, BALfe/ SBMITHIN6 ' "B*But t SHIP M6 J66N DIAD iH GORI l\v MQSiR, t AIM'TGOIN' ON Md VVCT " " '.wrvLrulCtjl i» • NOR t>INMV> WU...M5U OUC -^Q ( "^tt AWRISHT, vdu i FALL IN/ UP <3I pgMfy WJMPAfi MARCH/ WSli ,-tt/ IWEWT TO BOTH THEATERS. &M '. _ ELLEN'S WOfHEK ISN'T IMTH'CAST 1 EITHER PLAY! (tepueeo. on TUB DATE o? CHMJ6ED'. • TIZZY •y Kate Ot'ann North Carolina and Duke to jBattieltOut North 'Carolina No. 18 and Duke with its pride, 'as well as a possible bowl, at stake. This intrastate rivalry rocks the Ca'rolirins each fall, and Jim Tatum's JTar- heels are looking fondly at the Sugar Cotton and Gator bowl?Twelfth-ranked Florida, even with four losses, is a possible for the Gator Bowl provided it can get by Florida State, in a game f at has seen /bitter comment am both sides on ticket arrangements and scheduling of -la.st week's opponents. George Izo of 'Notre Dame matches his passing arm against Iowa's Randy Duncan in the television game of the day, beginning at 2:30 p.m. EST over NBC-TVI This is the finale for Big Ten titlisl Iowa (No. 0), v.'hile Notre Damo (.No. 15) plays next week, The Big Ten winds up its sea£n with fifth-ranked Wisconsin mooting Minnesota; Purdue (No, 8) playing Indiana for the Old Oaken Bucket! Ohio Slate (No, 11) entertaining Michigan, whose Bennie Oosterbnan bids farewell; and 20th ranked Northwestern plays Illinois, For tradition you can't boat thp 75th meeting of Yale and Harvard at Cambridge., Mass., nor (lie 94th ineeWng of 'Lohigh and Lafayellp, in Easton, Pa, •rhe Ivy Lea'gue crown is on the line at Princeton where UJP Tiger?, meet Pai;tmouth in a rpplny of the 1957 game won by Princeton, Brigham Young oqr> win the Skyline title if it defeats Wyoming since co-leader Now Mexico fin* ished its conference schuduje, TIAKPEI ('A)P) — The Formosa provincial government warned the citizens of Nationalist China today Hf]( they are forbidden to speak Japanese to oaoh other, -A For, mesa-born minister in the Nation* alist Cabinc thad cpmplflined lh.nl sonic of his people were still conv nuinicatjng in Japanese, ROACH . HUGHES INSURANCE • Flrf ,t yfi A 9iiy IE, 5rd, Phent 7451 M. S, tAftS "WKff "S*" 1 «l IM« kj M* ».!*.. IH. TJI. to* U.L F«. an. . TJ». Aig. •* f* 0* e mill, HCt $**a. he. ^ /t-'2f —"i^ '*>' {gl 1858 b/"NEA S«nrK«, lite. CAPTAIN EASY 4-IC [*Mt I NEVER HEARD X THAT'$ WHAT THEV NEXT U Ot 4 BOIB HM?WOb),,A SAlO'AT Trie OTHER. t>AY... WUCri UE55 HER IM THIS AND jd'ebokiNfiS Hwe •fteew' GUESS I'VE NW>B A VOU SURE WILD £30056 CW.S8UH6(t LETTER TO, CSOSHi t RAtB TO 'J ELLSW SWP IT. LET BLLEN DOWN Ltf WAS A, Pl*^ J filONDIE 'J r '.in 11-2) IJUST READ, YOUR ^ ^ HOROSCOPE IN THE < PAPER AND IT SAYS ) TODAY IS YOUR ,—- /; ' LUCKY DAY'. I SURE YOU J ' HAVE \t -, ... x - TODAY'S^. x PAPER?- "This is alt stuff my mommy uses when she wants to fool people!" "Butch is doing half my lesson so t'll get through sooner!" By FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS * i* - J , , YAWMA) i wen PAISY WOULP HUHR: ' POWMSrAIRS/ SHE LOVES ME — LCVES Ke MoT— Loves ME •-LOVES N\ENOT"- r\ I HATE-Ypu/ If WAS k CRAFTS/ e^ YOU ANP //-z/ » < *L*.l > .-, f f •\vy HER BUDDIES " >g . T —-. o f, 1 tt, M &£± 's ppr J BoYii I'M; GLAD I MARRIED AN OLD- FAS WIONED GIRL U-1.V* ^',, OUT OUP fy J. *. Willlon. OUR ROAROIWG HQUSF With Major HoopU "You're to? §en§itiv?, Mildrtd, If Impgepe said ab§tr§9t painting looked' just like ygy, §he . meant it s? a compliment« m ' — r _-THI§ _ ABOUT THE MAN WHQ l«_ CAgQHTHISFINGgB "lACHgWINC . OF aUM.,,WHAT A IT TOOK RQWCE T FREE HIM, ANQ HgYANI§Hf p LET THATT AUOWE, YOU \ ATH?AP, AN' \ I &0 OH ABOUT 7 . S VOUR / •~T\ BUSINESS') THAT'S A BOLT VA FOKTV-TDM N FROtA TH' SKIES.' \ CRAME7OKILU TH' CRAME/AAKJ I A KA'I WITH/ IS TRVlW TO KILL / HE'C? TAKE TH' A RAT B'/ t,ETTIN' \ LOCOMQTIV/E TH' CHAINS POWM I RACBIT QUICK WHEM _/ HUWTIW'IF IT CO/VAES try He WAS A OUT TO TH' J RAIUROAP n gs^ /ff^n THE BUWP-OFP JU I., ut »., • ^tf V2V *l I ill ,.iW. </;•• 11 y JHT AhlB A f ALB J'Yg, ATTAEDTO Ml IrtCHtl-' It' A CINCH FORA ClRCpS v^OS A\AYB& S {OU TM^VA5& \M1TH LUMINOUS PAlNrt S'PP— 5PUTT-TT// VOO, SALVER, THIS UI?N V CONTAINS A GAS ANDTHESA5 &, YC>U MAr>< RUM FOR I '^ (I 1 ,?E ^NP p|5|! ;§{ TH?Ri IS H8 • 4\V A5AINST/" • A ^;i ^"^S%L; _*'5W«' J v ^* 3 f*L*.wf iTiftT-i's V % i, - (IB*!' !$f8

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