Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 21, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 21, 1958
Page 3
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Friday, Natgmkr 21, 19SI PHSHS ?'34§t §etW86H 6 A.Mi dnd 4 Calendar , Saturday, November* $2 . ,. , , . : - ----- --< ' the ladies of the Garretl Mem.! lwo local rest homes - ofiai Baptist Church will sponsor a bake sale. Saturday, Nov. 22 itt the old Stewart Jewelry store bldg. For special orders Call 1*2103 or November 24 VFW Auxiliary will meet Nov. 24 at the home of •Mrs. Alvin Willis. tuesday, Noveber 25 Chapter AE of PEO will meet Tuesday, November 25 at 3 p. m. id the home of Mrs. Mable Eth« ridge with Mrs. W. Y. Foster and Mrs. W. W. Compton as co- hostesses. Mrs. Cecil Robinson Honored F>lnk and Blue Shower field, a happ't hctWi Miss Cffarlehe •Wiggins, a flSip*r 6f '§9; Mrs. •John Norveli and Mrs. H M. Farts, both Of \vhoffi vvdre fl little' bit of everything. The ladies stopped their fun-making long enough to_ have a short business meeting. fSuHhg it t they decided to have a Christmas din ner at Mrs. C. F. Wiggins' home on December 16. if there are no con the winning Thanksgiving arrange-! flicfittg activities for the members menls of fruit and vegetables to the oh that dale. Since Miss Charlene Wiggins anc Mrs. D. E. Paris had recently celebrated birthdays, birthday cake and coffee were served in their honor. Miss Leorta Riclcjdill Honored With Bridal Shower Mrs. Cecil Robinson was the hon- orce at a pink and blue shower given Monday night at the home of Mrs. V. R, Herndon, Jr., 1501 So. Walker. Mrs. Olin Purtell and Mrs. C. XV. Parsons were associate hostesses. Beautiful arrangements of paslal flowers carried out the pink and blue theme along with several unique settings where games were ]i"jyed and whore Mrs. Robinson were seated. A lovely rose bud corsage was presented to the hon: oree. A g"a>me, "Queen For a Day", was played and at the end Mrs. Mrs. Qraydori Ahthofiy Hostess T6 H6(3e Lilac Gahdeii Glub The Mope Lilac Garden Club met on November 19 in the home of. Mrs. Gfaydon Anthony with Mrs Loyd Kinard as co-hostess. Fall flowers decorated the home, and ,* «,,.,,, ri , , Mrs. B. W. Edwards brought a I ' Sj William StcphcnsoH and dried arrangement for the club' Mr f' Fl ' ahk Scliooley entertained study. • j with a miscellaneous bridal show The members answered the roll j call with a Thanksgiving thought. During the business meeting, the president, Mrs. A. C. Ball, gave a report from the Garden Club Council Plans were made for the Holiday House tour, and the home of Mrs. John Kelly will represent the Lilac Club. At the meeting the members brought bulbs for members of the Junior Garden Club which they sponsor. The hostesses served delicious ice cream, cake, and coffee. The next meeting will be a Christmas luncheon at the Diamond Cafe. given many nice Robinson was gifts. Mrs, Cliff Bridget's presided over the silver service when refreshments of pink and blue embossed cokes and coffee were served to the 23 present, Mrs. Floyd Leverett Hostess to Daffodil Garden Club The Daffodil Garden Club met on November 20 in the home of Mrs, Floyd Leverett with Mrs. C. V. Nunn, Jr. as co-hostess. Roses and chrysanthemums decorated the home. Attractive Thanksgiving arrangements of fruit and vegetables were brought by the members, and in them, the first place was won by Mrs. Homer Jones. Mrs. Wayne Russell received second place recognition and _ Mrs. Crit Stuart, Jr. was third. In the business portion of the meeting 1 , it was decided to have the club's annual pancake supper in January with the proceeds to go to the local Boy Scouts to help them -build another scout hut at Fail- park. Also, the club will have a Bake Sale on Wednesday, Novem- bj|) 26, in downtown Hope. The program was in charge of -Mrs;, Jim LaGrossa, and she showed the group an interesting film, on conservation, After the hostesses served dessert and coffee to 17 members, s a committee took Amerlcan Legion Auxiliary Meets in Spates Home Mrs. Lahroy Spates and Mrs. Clyde Sexton were co-hostessos for the meeting of (he American Legion Auxiliary in the Spates home on November 18. Pretty chrysanthemums were arranged at vantage points in the room. During the business meeting discussions were held concerning the Poppy Sale held in November and !he Christmas party the group will have in December. The ladies brought aprons they had made for the patients at the Ft. Roots hos- pita'l, so fnal the veterans there will have something to give for Christmas presents. After the business was completed, the hostesses served ice cream, cake, and coffee to 12 members. Mrs. Oliver Adams Entertained Bridge Club On Tuesday, November 18, Mrs. Oliver Adams entertained her Bridge Club. Some lovely bouquets of chrysanthemums were seen in her home. When scores were tallied, Mrs. E. J. Whitman was high scorer and Mrs. Kelly Bryant, second high. Tasty snacks, cold drinks, and coffee were served during the afternoon. Ridgdill, bride-elect of Don Kauffman. Attractive arrangements of yel» low and while chrysanthemums filled the entertainment rooms of the Stephcnson home. The hottoree was given a corsage of while chrysanthemums which she pinned to her turquoise wool sheath dross. Similar corsages were also presented to Ihc hoiioi'ec's mother, Mrs, Ernest Ridgdill and Mrs. John Kauffman, mother of the bridegroom-elect. The guests played a clever game, dircclpd by Mrs. William Schooler. in which items used in the kitchen were named. Mrs. Roy Seewald was declared the Winner of this contest. In another game, the, bride-elect was led by clues to the dining room where many gifts for her wore found on the dining table. About 22 guests were served fresh coconut cake and coffee by the hostesses. Friday Music Club To Meet In Mrs, Oliver Adams Home Friday M'usic Club will meet the home of Mrs. Oliver Adams on Friday, Nov. 21 at 4 p.m. Mrs. Arthur Wimmell will be in charge of the program on "Folk M'usic." Performers will be Mrs, James McLarty Jr. and Mrs. J, C. Carlton. 2 GIANT Action Hits Today & Saturday Mrs. John Britt Hostess To Tuesday Bridge Club When Mrs. John Britt was hostess to her Tuesday Bridge Club on No•s ember 18, she used camellias, roses, and. chrysanthemums as floral decorations in her home. Prizes during the afternoon wei e won by Mrs. Tom Wnrcllaw and Mrs, John Britt. The hostess served--a- salad plate and coffee to tsvo tables of players. Woodman Circle Enjoys Tacky Party i The Woodman Circle had a ( Tacky Party for their monthly so- j cial on November 18. It was held at the home of Mrs. J.- C. Rothwoll, and everyone's eyes were attracted to a beautiful, full-blown Peace rose in the Rothwoll living room. Prizes for tacky costumes wont to Mrs. W. C, Sanders, a clever clown; Mrs. C. F. Wiggins, a bewitching witch; Mrs Leo Harts- Couple's No. 1 Sunday School Class Meets The Couple's No. 1 Sunday School Class of the Garrelt Memoria: Baptist Church met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bordelon's Tuesday evening, Nov. 18 at 7:3C for their monthly meeting. Dale .McKinney voiced the opening prayer, after which class president, Thomas Duckett introduced the guest speaker, Robert Warren who brought an inspiring devotional from the 23rd Psalms. His subject "The Lord Is My Shepherd." The closing prayer was voiced by Earl Bordelon. The business session was conducted by the president, after which the hostess served refreshments assisted by Mrs. Thomas Ducketl to nine members and one visitor. The next meeting will be a Christmas .party Dec. IB at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Charles Edward Key Jr. - , ,, Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs, Fred Luck attended the Baptist State Convention in Little Rock on Wednesday, Under the leadership, of their son, Dr. J. T. Luck, the Ouachita Baptist College Choir sang at the convention, Wednesday night, Mrs, Franklin Winter of Jonesboro has returned to her home alter spending several days with her sister, Mrs. Vance Smiley, while Mr. Smiley was in a local hospital. 'Mr, and Mrs, Noris Rateliff and family have returned to their home at 502 Peach St., after residing in Indianola, Iowa for several months where Mr, Rateljff was employed. - .MVs. Jack Wilson and daughters, Mary Jack and Wanda Lee of Rayne, La, and Mrs. Roland Gazes of Dallas are visiting Mrs. L, A, Keith and the Claud Byrd family. Mrs. L, G, Tuckev O f Cotton Valley La., spent Tuesday in Hope with her sister, Mrs, Kejth. Hospital Notes Brapoh Admitted; C. "A. Krijghton, Me- Nab; Mrs, Charles McAdams of Camdcn. Smiley, of HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Suggests Elections fie Held Sundays 'WASttlHfltoM •«APj-4Se«i. Wit* tinm LAHftfir (tt-Jraj wanl^ hd* lions) elections h«sld«»tm Sundays IH hopes more- -ppoplB^tll vote. tiftfiKcf Said loxtgy Eutbpeah' ha* Huns gel ,1 better, voter turnout with Sunday bnllotlttg- thatt ,tht$ United 'States' does otr Tuesdays. LnhjgeY.sald he wJU'.lrilfoiUifce a bill In .itfliiiirtfy to- provide -limi "elections be, Held ori'thc .first Sunday ttt Novembod ^ Gifts of beauty that fl«.V ffJrl would like to find under her Christmas tree can vary so widely as to include eye make-up, cologne or a beautiful compact. To enhance her eyes, there's this automatic mascara stick (left) In its own little case with mask design. It rolls mascara onto the lashes without beading or smearingr. Cologne in fresh flower scents (center) is hot- liends in window treat men I tend to ink-guile, ratJinr than dominate, room settings. Shown, above, is a window wall sectioned off and hung with bix narrow shades of textured tweed. GEORGE MONTGOMERY SUNDAY Adults Only Lower Floor , . . 50c Balcony 35c Admired! IVIrs, Bobby Wilson PRIVi-IN THEATRi LATE-SHOW Saturday 11;99P*M. Double Header A BJS HOWL SHPW JTOY. U5WJS in "Sad Spick" A brand new French, fragrance makes its bow in : time' for • Christmas giving-. This girl uses the purse-sizea fluco/i which }s lenkproof, gpjjjproof and refillabje, a. aviaperise novel kjy E.L.WITHERS Chapter 2? When sho opened the door, he ijcsv out in a torrent of dancing and barking, .sniffing- and jumping. He bounded up at her, raced to the bed, raced back, and ;hon to the \vindo\y. She followed him over and pushed the button and lie dashed out across the grasps, pawing and throwing Ins huad like a stallion, After 3Q seconds slid, 'o| the windows own apcprd. Katharine thought: Nobody's; also . been in here this morning. J can tell. Ji they had- they would have put on fresh clothes, and wash myself, and comb my itair. She went into the bathroom » turned on the cold water, and that moment it occurred to her. lor the first time why tho house was so empty, faui and Aunt JVJi« liccnt had g'one to church, too. Aunt Millicent was, very religious. She'd probably made ~ " v, ith her. \y$5 plunging her (ace into the cold water, when she thought him out. would have particularly and scratched O n the just the same a? he did I came In, fj, wouldn't itu they liked or wanted to be kind — ' ij. would be dog a J ways- Jet |4m out. 'When ,a slew. , you Jjjsgan , p u U i n g off her clothes, thinking! I'U look better, too -r- Nettie La;i4es, fli, ij" fipcheUe, Uoge; yj Hop,?; ^Samesi JOyfise,, ' I'm |»Irs. There's that another pair gaming way. She kept repeating, over and over in her head; ( "I'm safe f.os i an hour, I'm safe'for an hour," [and after a moment the fright f began to ebb away a little, and she thought with relief: Even if I'm not very brave, I. can't go on being thai frightened forovor. It's got to go up and clown. Or if it doesn't, I'll get accustomed to it after a while. The hall was empty. Now that she was out of Paul's room her confidence betiun to re turn a little. She turned and went down thci hal! and across the living' room , toward the kitchen. Shu dreaded j being scolded by Amy, or beiny 'babied. Shu could anticipate tho questions she would bo asked, and the; fuss, that would be inadt Another time she might not hav. 1 minded MI much; but now aho had no tinw tut questions and fussings, The paper was the only important thing. She opened lue kitchen door and went inside, steeling herself as the radio voices swelled around hei. Amy was patting out i-he dough for bt.scuits She looked _ around, s/n.lccl wanly, t,nd snlJ, j ''Well, love did you have a good j rest this morning?" "Yes,." "} just thought you needed your sleep — you looked something terrible last night, poor liltlo thing — so I didn't djsluib you," "Whore are Paul and Aunl Millicenl?" •'Oh, they've gone to church. They left a iojjfj time ago. They asked rno at breakfast if I'd seen you, but I told thorn you was sl:(l aslocp, which was what you needed moip than mi) thing else-, heaven knows. Are you hungry How, baby?" "No." "Weil, wo H b'i having lu»cli before too long now. Lot me .sac , . , I think I'll just run, on down to youi ) oorn und spread up the bed. 'Did you just now get up?" •Kalherioc $tM. "Yes,' 1 without thinking. "Well, I'll b"t you did have a! good rest. Come ht-ie now and M lied in ni'olhccnry jars for Chrlstmn. 1 ) gMttg, Slim eompiict In brushed silvcr-ond-goltl mciul (rleht) has bowkhot dcslft* on (op, contflitis powder, Sontc beauty g\tts arc ideal as stocking stutters; others can go under the tree or, beautifully wrapped, decorate a mantelpiece. Wherever they are placed) they will make Christmas more festive. GOG Goes Out of Exist-once Jon. 31 COLaUA'DO SPRINGS, Colo, i (AP) — Tho G r o u n tl Observer Corps, a nationwide group of 350,000 civilians organized by the Air Defense Command six years ago to watch the skies Cor signs of enemy planes, will go but of, existence Jan. 31. Tins was disclosed today, on thq 'basis of letters sent by ADC headquarters here to governors und COG director. ; ' It was reported the decision to inuctivate the COC Was made because of completion of the ADC's warning network, which would intercept enemy aircraft before they could reach North American shores. .Included In tho network are thu Distant Early Warning lino racial 1 stations along the Arctic Circlet and across Canada, as well as air and sea warning stations on the Atlantic, -Pacific and Gulf coats, her I was gone, but they knew it. They'd been in my room last night and found out that f wasn't there. They tried to find out if she knew where I was, or if I'd told her anything, I'm glad I didn't tall her anything; shu might have told them what I said. I'm still safe for a little while, but the first thing to do is Jind the > paper. (To Be Continued) Woman to Lose Grim Reminder MIAMI BSAClt, trfih'" tAP)—A wurniin who lost her fnmily tihd Idt'ittliy in wartime imprisonment Is golhtJ to lose n halcd>cmindur of thostj grim dnj-s-—her t.itloud concctiti-nllmi c!trnp""^crinl number. „ »' . ' .T Plastic surgery" will be started Thanksgiving week to remove the "A 108 2" * fl'rtifl *thb urin of Mrs. Mnx Zofninrim'ic, "ill She won ihu operation on u television show. Gets More Days in Jail Than Pennies ST. LOUIS' lAP)—-Hoy .incksoii, Ii5, gets more days In jnil than hii docs pennies In his thofts. Ho wns sentenced to 10 days In tho workhouse Wednesday for theft of a 10-cont candy bar,. . Last March,»hO'idraw.-a-.!)0-,clay* sentence for stealing' 20 cents from a How's vondfirVc'llnnjR!! boSf," ' Jackson, no home, no occupa-i lion, told Judge Louis Comerford he slolu the cnndy because he was hungry. PRE-CHRISTMAS PERMANENTS DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON JEAN - EDITH - DIANE , Pho. 7-3118 204 S. Main Get A New Admiral- 21" TV — for only — $199,95 During November. A lifetime picture tube warranty at no extra cost, EASY PAY TIRE STORE 214 E, 2nd, Hope, ArK, Smoothest ever / wilh the wonderful • Strikes away unwanted hair with) 1 imoolh rotary action, \ • Can'l cut or nick...never plnchei,' • No (wiling wilh crgom; or lolloiu.; • Eaiy |o clean, In Ncmau pink Witt* travel cot* AC/PC ALL 6 VOLT STARTERS AND GENERATORS - REBUILT - $4,95 EXC, » All Ports Per Cor? And Trucks t AU Size Fwll CQP Tires, Also New And Used Tires! Wylie Glass & Salvage Co, Hwy, 67 Weft Hope, Ark, Phene 7*2786 look ai those bruises things, I don't know how in world you win- nvmagud to do yll thpl." Her and prodded. . are in Mother's bedside table, l j saw them yesterday. J"ll b'j able to se to me. 'fhey! think you ou?M to i<et back And wjien &he had gglton h«r-» eeli inlly cjresscd «gam — cleyu, at least, if still disfigured -~ s'no went out into hay. Nothjng Ii^d been tpucutd. awn flashes lay at the ficmt oj* the drawor; she SAC! p«t them, .on, HP They seeiog her j? she . yesterday had offered, their own no.w javq-ytjiiag' yy^p , r«o/]v;ns'ev-/) mprp tlje chest "of ' Pali's bed, That's, whal 1 Ujink ' i 1 in "1 don't want to gtt back ii\ '' bed.' **] did it you took better than you lim nlyht. And you got up (at- Sunday, too/ She surveyed ihe hun-Miil. "3ut why did, you put on that little thing,- iQVC'?" "It's comfortable." Katherino squirmed nwoy fiorn h(.r, tu start iu-r search ''Well. I don't know what pver to see you thi<> fiut I guess }t's all wojp'4 worry about 4hat, wljj I'll gu to your room, vvc-'li have lancet £*>i't;ack iwn talking J»IK« wwvt oj£ to" Jrflp." W% "' 4^1 ^y% 1 To All Neighboring Cities and States

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