Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 20, 1958 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1958
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Page Eight STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS *!. » ~ . =- l v i, M ram PRICES GOOD FRIDAY and SATURDAY MORTON'S A REAL BUY SALAD DRSSING Qf. BLACK PEPPER 3 Boxes BELLE MEADE THIN Lb. CHOCOLATE COVERED Box '/ 4 OIL Cans PORK & BEANS 10 «- 89c A»l TOILET SSUE 4 * 25c COCHRANS BEST Lbs. GODCHAUX Lbs. 99c FOLGERS Lb. Full Creom or Whife Goose FLOUR 25 u,, 1.69 50 u, 3.38 8ISQUICK — fbFFIN SCUITS Can DELICIOUS Lb. TEXAS TEXAS GREEN Lb. QUALITY MEATS Nfc'UHOFF'S PREFERRED — CURED HALF or WHOLE Lb, • v w «s^r^ SIRLOIN U.S.D.A. Heavy Beef Cut to Your Satisfaction Lb, FRESH -"N"- LEAN —«-*— TEll/r Lb. FRYffRS GRADE CUPAHAY PURITAN A PACK POUND jiHpvcwitji\eAlal missiles is Find ay B§ Key to Future By 5gL6§ IMlfM Upl Wife of OWet'a! Kilted JERUSALEM (AP) — fho ing wife of BrHairis air attache to Israel was found today, shot to death ISO yards from the Syrian- Israeli border. She had been Shot hi the stoiri- VOUK (t.-pti — CoKain i radinretivo siihslnhceK and chonv j I icai compounds when put in\o f"- ; iriale rnusclcs or blood stream? find up in'clnSp'oroxllnity eggs from which Iivt 4 s. to This hew scientic find is basic 1 in science's worries over tho in beritcd make-ups of future generations because today's parent.-* arc subjected to radiation and chemical hazards their own progenitors never had. Scirnce already knew fm- fncts that (li radioactive substances anr 1 some chemicals will cause germ cells to "mttlafc" or fhangc | and (2) those substances get into I human bodies. -But it didn't know 'for sure until now that they got I to the reproductive even when -they enter wa? no stiKgesifofi that «llher mrprnbnmate or penicillin is capnble of causing germ cefU ... , in mutate. Neither have that poa-' spring human i ^ c) . 3,,,, gome chemical com- I pounds clo have that power, and there is tio doubt of radiation eilher from x-rnys or the "fallout" from atomic explosions, hav-' ing that power. The scientists reported to the inlet-national technical joUrrtal. "Nature." that their studies "sug gcsted" Ihe human egg is "ex po.oprl lo therapeulic agents hitro- ,. SOMETHING TO SQUEEZE AT— Pretty Krrin Black of Barrington, 111., Wonders if you cnn -Sew what his old-looking instrument she holds was ever used for. It's a lemon squeezer, common in households in the early 1800s. whlc-h was on display at a Chicago antique show, common . The wbod-jn device was designed to close over a lonton half set on the 'knob. understand Fans May Not Like This Criticism By WILLIAM EWALD United Press International NEW YORK (UPU—I mustered up enough stupefaction Tuesday night to watch ABC TV's "Cheyenne all tlic way through and I must say lhal ils hero, Ty Har- rtin, possesses an almost spectacular In.ck of acting skills. , 1 would plnco Hnrclm one level below Dale Robertson of NBC- TVs "Wells Fargo and Rory tiajhoiin of .CBS-TVs an." 1m afraid 1 clidnl the camera work on one portion of CBS-TV? '"I'o Tell The Truth Tuesday night — while Polly Bergen was spinning a hula hoop, the lensman was zeroining in on her fa,cc.. .Henry Morgan visited CBS-tvs "Arthur Godfrey Show Tuesday night and the following exchange took place: Oo,dfi',oy: "1 hov.c no talent. I play "the ukelelo — b.uclly. Thuts nil. Morgan: "Thais true. Carl Reiner, n brilliant second banana, reallv sparked the poi'- tions of the NBC-TV' "Cforgc Cobel Shiny . .that 1 caught vl'uasciay night. One "skit set in a ^upcr- muj'kct jjackad some wonderfully t'nnn'y bits. Stave Allen, hitprvicw.ed Tuesday niglil on "The Ben Heel Shr.\v — which is.s.oen only in thn New York aroa — had th's to spy: "I cpuld put pn a much bolter show than 1 put on now on Sundays if I wore not king fm. say. tho iNBC Allen was referring' to the need to enter to mass lastos because of the pressures of ratings and sponsors needs I bflievc my favorite lino of tho TV week occurred Tuesday night on the NBC-TV "Jack Paar Shaw when Tnllulah Bankhoad j casually remarked- "I smoked hashish once and got siek as a daw. The Channel Swim: NBC-TV has an option on "Showboat vants Polly Bet-pen (n star in i 1 Bill T.oyden will pinch hit f^' Jack Paar on tho latters NBC- TV show tins Friday — Paar ii going to Washinaton to accept an award CBS Radio will revaijip its en- tiro sr-lindulo on Jon. 5—nelwoik i>mo will bo cut from (he present •i5 or 00 hnvu-s a week to nhout 30 hours per work, Bishop FuHcmi't J. Shen will be lontwed in special half-hour ABC-tv Christ man Dj>y sh^w, ABC-TV is looking fo rn now lime slot for "Man With A C,im cra ~ it* Fridrv niaht ajv a little sogay. Tammy Grimes, who is Christonher plum- mer« wife, and Sgllv Grncir, who js Rod Slpipoi-s wife, will a couplo of fjoozjes in the .CBS TV snecinl "Gift of tho poc, 9, 'An N'BC-TV ' n»c 14 sncpjnl, "Tho HallmarJ? Christmas Tree," will oflVr Raluh po"Rmv, Carol Charming, Manriee Evans. Tom Poslnn. Cvril Ritehard, \yiJlinm Shatnor and ,Tos?1ca Tn«dy. Cliff will "bo fepti"'i;4 P« as Charlie Weaver on Hhc NBA-TV <"fpnness# Ford Show. ABO-TV will launch n scrips of "Meet McGraw." repeats in a ;i;«hllimo s=«ot this Sunday TV may shift the'mornine ,Gorlfrov vhmv ta pn earlier Umo ' Ratings avg the reason—tho N fp? thp comn Is Right $.5 o .qpcTfreys ,3 Would Probe Smear of the 's Hoover WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. John Marshall Butler (R--Mct)' said today he will ask the Senate Internal security subcommittee , to investigate deliberate smear campaign against .1. Edgar Hoover and the Federal Bureau of. Investigation.'.' Butler, a member of the Senate Investigating group, listed three recent moves which he said he regarded as critical o£ HooVer and the FBI. "It seems to me that the American people ;jre entitled the origin of the vicious sm^ar campaign, who is behind *• it 'and how it is financed," he said. Butler 'called attention to a CO- page article in the Qct; 38 as.s'ue ol The'Nniion magazine, He said the .article consisted "largely of misrepresentations, and distortion,' hail truth and innundoes obviously designed to damage the' FBI's reputation." He said thousand of extra copies of the magazine' were printed and said the Senate committee should determine "who contributed the money for such a large printing." When a charge similar to Butler's was made a month ago by Preston '.T. Moore, national commander of the American Legion, Carey McWilliams, editor of The Nation said the issue "was in no Sense "a 'smear job' oh the FBI." Butler said another attack will be made by the New York Post. "I am relio'bly informed," Butler said, "that reporters for the Post are seeking out former FBI agents and asking the most repulsive questions imaginable concerning Mr. Hoover. No self - respecting n,ewepap,er .\v,ou_ld permit such questions t<5 be'•'askcjd." • James A;- Wechsler, editor of the Post said of -Butler's statement; • "-This' is the latest in a series o.C attacks ap^arefntly designed lo 'discredit! 'independent study ol Mr. Hoover arid '.the FBI even before' the 'research has been com- pleled and the articles written. "As' I have pointed out in response to earlier attacks, the simple fact is' that the lost is preparing, a comprehensive study ol the FBI director and his organiza tion. 'We are interviewing a wide 'variety 'of sources in an effort to chemistry bodies In ulaces remote from that chemis- ry. - Provided Missing Link Drs. Kurt N.: von Kaulla, .Terry K. Aikawa, and John D. Pettigrew of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Denver, jrovided this missing link in precise scientific kri'owl'edge through relatively simple and harmless experiments in 29 female bodies. These women were under-going hysterectomies for compelling medical reasons, which meant their reproductive tracts were exposed surgically. Before surgery one or more of 'the following substances Was put into their bodies.' either by injection into a vein or muscle or by mouth. The radioactive isotope, iodine- 131; human gamma globulin "tagged" with iodlne-131; surgi cal medications "tagged" with the radioactive isotopes, carbon- 14 or mercury-203. Medications included the tranquilinin.s drug, meprobamate, end penicillin. Substances VVere Present During surgojr.v, samples .were taken of the fluid of the cells which surround the egg-producing organs and through, which eggs pass. In; all cases, the injected and mouth-taken substances were present. Indeed, there was some suggested that they were "Con duced into the general circitla tion." they said they 'did i'ol know whether drugs present with in the ovarian fluid could do harm to the egg. Bui they're going to find out. They said (hey were eurreiitlj Irving to show whether the substances conveyed to tho fluid "actually penetrate, into the egu proper.'' ach. The <vomah was Mrs. Kenneth G. ttofah, 47. If. fi. truce teams bosati an id* estimation. tV WitH MOtOROtA Full yea* guarantee on all tubes atid parts. 6 years pH Golden Tube Sefitty Unit, Use 66 stereo speaker, Fu> libesf Chafj IM CMHMI MA) CoaX Graibed Mahogatjybf Grained Bldhd. Mod» *1 21T58. 229' tut YOUR T*AM obtain a complete and balanced report. We trust 'Mr. Hoover does not share the view, that he, unlike all other 'government officials, should .be immune to objective reporting." EASY PAY TIRE STORE 214 E. 2nd. Hope, Ark. For Safety — For Silence — We Install International Parts Mufflers • All Welded Construction • "Silikote" Protection • Guaranteed for Life of Car • No Installation Charge i Wylie Glass & Salvage Co, Hwy. 67 West Hope, Ark. Phone 7-2786 Compare the cost ,of ClabBer Girl, ounce for ounce, with that of other leading brands,. You'll be surprised! Clabber Girl is exclusively known as the baking powder with the balanced double action ... balanced for uniformity in both bowl and oven. CLABBER GIRL BAKING POWDER CAP. FIRiMG 1 MACHINE GUN & BIPOD r f

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