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Iowa City Press-Citizen from Iowa City, Iowa · Page 1

Iowa City, Iowa
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Thursday, February 17, 1916
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THE UNITED PRESS Special Wire la CHBoe Ow News Faculties Keep Yo» te Tow* With the Wortd THE IOWA CITIZEN THE DAILY CmZEl DeUvcvM teg ·* Tow IOWA City Oste Tear C6TH YEAR-DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY IOWA CITY, IOWA, THURSDAY, FEBRUART17,1916. PBICE TWO CENT- NUMBER 21 This INVESTIGATION OF SEED CORN CONDITIONS IN JOHNSON CO. SHOWS DANGER TO CROP -Agricultural College Experiment Station has been Investigating Johnson County Conditions and Warns Farmers that a Great Loss is Possible. Johnson county faces a seed corn crisis. Last year's crop yielded nothing in the way of good seed and preliminary reports on the 1934 crib corn show that most of it is unfit for planting. Unless some organized effort is made to find the best of this 1914 corn, test it carefully and then distribute it where it is needed, thousands of acres of corn land will be planted with poor seed and the 1916 yield will be cut down seriously. In an average year Johnson county puts 90,000 acres of land into corn; the'difference between good seed and poor seed may easily mean a loss of five to ten bushels an acre, and that in turn would mean 450,000 bushels or more, a loss of $180,000 and upward to the county's farmers. * * * * * * * * * * * * * 4* * * * OU.IKCT OF A SEED CORX CAMPAIGN * t . * * ·J. 3. * * * * * 4- To lorato enough seed ·£· corn, if possible, for the 4* county. ·§· To bring together the far- * mer who has seed and the ·£· fanner who doesn't have seed. * To get every one who * grows corn to test his seed. * * These statements about the s i t u a - j In some twenty-five other coun- J. 1HJQT3 O L C l l t l l H ^ 11 t o t * * ' " * * * - * - " " " " . f tion are sent to The Citizen by the \ ties in northern Iowa the campaign agricultural experiment station of has been organized by township*. the state college at Ames, and are The county organization consists of * y i l G j j G CL L ^.m^t'f u,iiL* «^* I 1 reports trom various parts a president, secretary, treasurer and EXPLOSION IN OPERA HOUSE RESULTS IN DEATH OF NINE --SEARCH FOR MORE Hoto a County Association Tests Seed Corn based on of Johnson county and on complete reports from such counties as Chickasaw, Floyd, Allamakee, Cerro Gordo, Emmett, Black Hawk, O'Brien and about twenty others. Thousands of tests conducted by the agents of the agricultural extension department of Iowa State college show that old corn which tested strong last spring and was considered good for seed is not testing strong now. In Floyd county, for example, 72,000 bushels of old corn that seemed suitable for seed was tested; only 1,7."0 bushels tested eighty per cent strong; 8,715 bushels tested from forty to sixty per c^nt strong; and 9,920 bushels tested twenty to forty per cent strong; the lemaincler was altogether worthless as seed. That county may not have enough good seed. In Chickasaw there is a similar shortage. Some other coun'ties, like Pocahontas, for instance, are finding more than enough for their own use. How to Meet the Situation There is but one way to meet the situation in this county and make sure of the coming year's corn crop, according to the Amos workers. That is to locate all the corn that promises to make good seed, test it thoroughly, and then make it a v a i l able for those who are short on seed. That cannot be done, h o w ever, without the active help of all the farmers in the c o u n t y and their co-operation to do the w o r k . Tore is the plann offered: If the farmers of the c o u n t y and the business men want to organize, tlie agricultural extension department at Ames will help them con- duet a farm to farm seed corn cam- a county committee made up of one man from each township. The township man is chairman of a township committee. The Township Committee The work of the township committee is this: 1. To locate all farmers who need seed. 2. To locate all cribs of old corn and estimate the amount. 3. To arrange for a township meeting and get the people out. 4. Take seed corn agent through the township and gather samples of corn for testing. When the tests are completed, the good 1914 corn is listed with the name and address of those who have it for sale, and the price for w h i c h it may be bought. That serves as a guide to those who need to buy corn. It is an interesting fact that thru this co-operative plan farmers are able to buy good seed at a fair price. Nowhere has there been an effort on the part of those who have seed to take advantage of those who do not have it. "Everywhere" says R. K. Bliss, director of the agricultural Mexit, Texas, Feb. 17.--Fire caused by an explosion in^the local opera house 'caused a'loss of nine lives and $100,000 damage to property. Several other nearby buildings were also destroyed and search is being made for other persons transients, thought to have perished in the conflagration. The dead are A. B. Weisner, superintendent of schools, and Mrs. Weisner; Chas. Burton, Oscar Johnson, Claude Johnson, Claude Yuldo, Ray Cox and Tillie Womack. paign. It will send one or more | importe(1 seefl . extension department "there been a fine spirit of co-operation. The average price for seed in the counties organized is about $2.00." Use Johnson Count Seed The corn gathered in this county in this way w i l l be the best possible seed, says the experiment station. Seed imported from other counties of different l a t i t u d e i.s likely not to m a t u r e this f a l l , but to give another crop of s o f t corn. Twelve year tests conducted by tho agricultural extension department show that seed grown locally will yield f r o m three bushels more per acre than IOWA CITY PLAN SPREADS WIDELY OTHER CITIES IN STATE ARE GIVING PRI/E FOR BABY WEEK SLOGAN HEADQUARTERS OF THE FLOYD COUNTY SEED CORN ASSOCIATION, BUSHELS OF SEED CORN WE KE TESTED. THE WAR A YEAR AGO TODAY AFTER FIVE DAYS' FIGHTING RUSSIANS CAPTURE T L R K STRONGHOLD German Generul and SOjOOO Men Reported as Constituting Garrison-Victory Most Import sians in Caucasus Ct npuign, Petrograd, Feb. 17 Three other cities in the state have accepted the Iowa City plan of giving a prize for a slogan foi Baby Week, and in every case the idea is working outw ith great success. The idea is being used in Storm Lake, Corydon, and Red Oak. A clipping from the Citizen which was sent to Mrs. F. F. Faville, ol Storm Lake, one of the leaders in the state in the work of the Feder ated clubs, was responsible for the spread of the idea, Mrs. Faville wa struck with the idea as developei here, and through her the sann plan was adopted in the other low; cities where it is now being used Mrs. Faville writes to Iowa Citj club women that she is struck with tJie idea, and believes it will be ? great publicity factor in the wort which will be done through the baby week campaign. nouncement is made tl it the Russians have captured E leruni. Grand Duke Nicholas has % egraphed the emperor as.follows: ' "God has granted tn^ brave troops nt by Rus.- -Official ap Feb. 17, 1915. French steamer Villa de sunk t*y German submarine. Two Zeppelins wrecked off Danish coast Allied airmen attacked network of Belgian canals. Cholera and typhus raging In Poland. ALOYSIUS \VALDING UPSETS LAMP AND SET HOUSE ON FIRE IN NIGHT Walding Is Being Held on Charge of Intoxication--Accident Happens While Mother is Seeking for Policeman. While his mother went to the Rock Island station in quest of an officer to take her drunken son to the police station for the night, Aloysisu Walding upset a lamp in the dining room of her home at 12 W. Prentiss street, about 12:30 o'clock last night and Mrs. Lyde E. Walding returned with Officer Maher to find her home, her only property in the world, in flames. Much of the inside of the house was burned out, and the damage will reach probably more than $500, for which there ts no insurance. Walding abused his mother so when he came home last night that she could not bear to have him spend the night in the same house with her. The son was taken to the police station by Officer Maher and lodged on a charge of intoxication. He has not yet had his hearing. been frui'less. a5 were those of the French in a t t e m p t s to regain ground lost northwest of Tahure, in the Champagne. ZAPATA STRONGHOLD FALLS age,nts into the county to canvass the situation, visit the corn cribs, and help test. The only cost to the county will be the living and traveling expense of this agent. What a Campaign Will Accomplish The objects of the campaign are these: 1st. To locate enough seed in the county, if possible, lor the, county. 2nd. To b r i n g together the f a r - mei w h o has seed and the farmer w h o doesn't h a v e seed. :',rd. To get every one who grows corn to test their seed. There is s t i l l t i m e to organize t h i s sort of a campaign in t h i s county. I The, experience of other counties shows that it w i l l work and that it will pay. I f it adds only one bushel per acre to the yield in the county, it will be worth many thousands of' dollars, but it is quite likely to add five bushels or more, and that will be worth up in the hundred thousands of dollars. IMPORTANT SALES W I T H I N A WEEK .J. .!. ·J. .f. Thurs., Feb. 17--11. M. Young, p u b l i c sale, 2 miles northwest of North Libertv ai.d CHEEKTOL One grim "wvi $olemr\ omes "to me now If 1 skevld rvr\ out oF versus some dk.y, UWt woyld Become, o fme Poison IMnx Anal/.od. ll Chi'capo, Feb. 17.--Search for the j£ m i s s i n g container of the poison · w h i c h ended the l i f e of M a r i a n Frances Lambert, Lake Forest hish cliool girl, was m a d e Wednesday a l o n g t h e r a i l r o a d t r a c k s o \ e r w h i c h Will II. Orpet, accused of her m u r der, t r a v e l e d back to the T n i v u ^ i t y of Wisconsin a f t e r leaving the woods where ( l i e body was f o u n d . The inquest was not rcs'irncd Wednesdav because of the n n a l v . - i s of the poison from w h i c h the t,ir'. died was not complete. 11 probn'ih w i l l be resumed S a t u r d a y or the fiis*. part of the week. * one-fourth mile southwest of · * Young station on the interur- · 4« b a n ; horses and mules; I!2 ·} 4» head of 'cattle, hogs, separa- 4* 4* tor, etc. * * Feb. 18.--J. Y. Yodcr. pub- * * lie auction nine miles north- * * west of Kalona, ancl one and * one-half miles west of Fry- * t o w n ; mules and horses; * .]« g r a i n ; f a r m i n g implements * * and n u m e r o u s other articles. 4" * * 4» S a t . Feh 10--Ed Rohret, * * sal^, one ancl one h a l f miles * * west of Iowa City; horses 4* 4« and mules, c a t t l e , pigs, farm * »J» i n a c h i n r r y , corn, hay and ·J chic-ken?. * * Mon., Feb. 21--C. H. Sailor, 4* * closing out sale of horses and »J »J« mules, cattle, hogs, farm ma- 4" -J« c h i n e r y , corn, h a y , 'corn fod- * * der, 6 miles southwest of So- * 4« If". 0 miles southwest of Cedar 4* of the army of the Caucasus such great help that Erzerum has been taken after five days of unprecedent ed assault. I am inexpressibly happy to announce this \ictory to your imperial majesty." London, Feb. 17.--Renter's Petrograd correspondent telegraphs that Erzerum has been captured by the Russians. A later dispatch from Petrograd said the report of the capture of the fortress has been confirmed. The capture of Erzerum has been the objective of a hard campaign of the Russians in the Caucasus. Its possession is of considerable strategic importance, as it is the chief city of Turkish Armenia and the center of a system of roads. It has been understood that the "urks hat''l at Erzerum n .irmy of (f.iinideral le size. Press i s p a t r h f \ s from Petrograd recently xi'l G e r m a n Field JLir-'hal Baron ^ eji 'olt/. w a s in cemmaiKl there w i t h Sti,- (iO m e n . t V i r e Tape had been ut off, anrl that ti i r i v had provisions or only a f m t n i z h t \ relief f\pedi- ion «;.=· Fc.^t by t h e Tin I r. but it was eportorl t h o s e forces had been rlefeat- d bv th^ R u s s i a n s w n ' i heav lossf; K r / e r u m i* about sixty miles w e s t f t h e , Russian border. It has belinsr- ·cl to T u r k e v for fftir centuries and has played a prominent part in nrev- ous u a r s . Victory for Grand Duke. Tlie ca;''urr of Er/.erum, if a c r o m )1 c h r d a- reported, r^'rcse^ts onp of 'ic lew c." ( l nite a c c o m p l i s h m e n t s of h" ( a u c a u n campaign. In the first ci: of th" war tV Rossions sent an i n ; i n t o the fa-: 0 ; . anrl won some !uec^s i n c l u d i n g f.'i important "vie r at Sari Kann-.h. Uit the inaucur" ition of t h f Aiistro-Orman offensive n Galicia and Russia put an end for the t i m e to f u r t h e r a c t u e efforts in this field. Jn September of last year Grajncl DuKo Xichclas. who had been R u s s i a n r p i n m a n c l o r in c h K ' f , w a s sent to tin- Caucasus to t a k e c h a r g e of the campaign. He received rc-enforccni nts asro began a c t i v e Carranra Forces Take Ajusco--Cuernavaca May Be Evacuated. Calve-iton, Tex., Fob IS--Ajusco, a f or* i fled 7ao?.ta stronghold. \\as cap '."red by Carra:iza forces after a bat- t'e of several hours, according to In- f o r m a t i o n reaching; thp .Mexican con sulatc here, which adds that the Zapata forces suffered heavy losses. Aiusco is considered a point of great strategical value It also is reported that Zapata forces are evacuating the city of Cuernavaca and are goi,ng farther south in the state of Morelos. RUSSIANS TAKE MANTTROOPS G R A N D D I K E ' S SOLDIERS TAKE MANY T U R K S PRISONERS IN FIVE DAYS' FIGHTING London, Feb. 17.--Between thir- t y and o n e - h u n d r e d thousand Turkish troopo were captured by the grand d u k e ' s soldiers in the raid on Erzprum is the word received from Petrograrl. Also the report has it t h a t l , 0 i O guns were taken, purchased f i o n i the Krupp f a c t o r y before the war. The city fell w i t h i n ii 1 e da} 1 !, a l t h o u g h the news is meager, but it is learned that the f i g h t i n g took place in a driving snow storm. SHOOTING AFFRAY AT FREEPORT INFORMATION' GIVEN BY NEW YORK POLICE LEADS TTO ARREST OF ANTONIO TONIONE Chicago, Feb. 1"--Antonio Coda Tonione, 24 years old, was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon by Detectives following the receipt of, information from the New York police that he was a friend of Jean Crone's, the University club assistant chef believed by the police to have put poison in the soup of the guests at the Archbishop Mundelein banquet last Thursday night. Ton- ione gave as his address the number of a house in which Crones formerly lived. Information regarding the friendship of Crones and Tonione came to the New York officers, according to Captain Hunt, when they had arrested a man named Camillo, charged with carrying concealed weapons Under questioning by the New York officers, Camillo. it is stated, admitted knowing Crones and told ol Tonione's alleged intimacy. Chemists today were asked to dis cover the nature of another poison found in kitchen utensils used in the preparation of the banquet. It was said that a new poison was the pri mary drug used and that first one found was merely a secondary poison. William Flynn, chief of the United States secret service, who returned to Washington Wednesday after an investigation of Chicago angles to the St. Paul stamp robbery, was consulted in regard to possible federal interest in the nation-wide bomb plot reported discovered in connection with the poisoning. The b u r e a u of investigation has already turned over to the local police a catalog of known anarchists. Search for Crones a n d the woman with w h o m he is said to have left town continued both in Chicago and other cities. A. drag net search of the local Italian colonies was contemplated by the police, some of OWA CITY TO WEST BRANCH? WHY NOT? 1USIXESS MAN SUGGESTS THAT ROCK ISLAND BE ASKED TO SEND STUB TRAIN THERE "Why not ask the Rock Island railway icompany to run its stub train from Iowa City to Elmira through to West Branch, when the new interurban takes over the line south from the city?" said Charles Welch to a Citizen reporter today. "As the arrangement is the Rock Island will still operate its- train north from the city. If it would run through to West Branch instead of stopping at Elmira it would accommodate a large amount of travel between the two points, and more than pay for the extra mileage." This looks like a good suggestion for the Commercial -club. The train to West Branch would be valuable both communities and the railroad as well. whom bore. that Crones is hiding * * * * * * Give Thyself. » Bluffs, and 8 miles northeast 4* of West Branch. Tuesday, Feb. 22--Clark * The only gift is a portion of thyself j* Hughes, J 1 , Vfc miles southwest * . . , Therefore the poet brings his * of Iowa City. 2 miles east of * poem; the shepherd, his lamb; the * the Welsh church. Horses, * farmer, corn; the minor, a gem: the 4* cattle, hogs, farm machinery, * sailor, corals and shells; the painter, * ctc his picture; the girl, a handkerchief 4* of her o\\n sewing.--Emerson. ·j'************* incl several w e e operations The\ M e \ e pressure on die Hritish in Mesopotamia, and it is assumed a junction designed to re- with the I'ritish is l i o p t d for. An official s t a t e m e n t Wednesday reported t h a t nine ot l^rzerum's forts are now yi R u s s i a n h.inds. The\ were stormed a".d ta'.ni at t h e point of the bayonet in a den e struggle up the m o u n t a i n s i d e s in zero weather. From t'ie ! r ne.\ positions tl'e Slavs trained the'r c'yis at close range on other fcrts heM by the Tr.r 1 s Germans Say Grins Are Held. Berlin. Feb. 17 - T h r e e attacks bv the British in effort F to recover the trenches southeast of Ypres. in Belgium, which (hey lost to the German'', are announced by a r m y headquarters. All the attacks are declared to have worvns WIFE AND SEVERAL OTHERS--WIFE HAD SECURED DIVORCE SHOUT T I M E AGO Freeport, 111., Feb. Sanclrreier, 41, shot his j"--Ezra divorced w i f e . Clara. 32, Mrs. Albert Heinz, 20, and Samuel Markel, r3. a neighbor and then t u r n e d the h i m s e l f . gun on Sandmeier forced himself i n t o the home of H e i n z , where his w i f e resided and shot her t h e n ho went ups t a i r s to where Mrs. Heinz was crouched and shot her. Markel re-j»J« week sides next door and upon hearing 4" C o m m u n i t i e s in al I p a r t s of * * * * * * * * * * HAVE YOI' KENT !N YOUR * SLOGAN? S E X T I T T O D A Y * * 4. Can yon o f f e r a better slo- * 4. gan for "Baby-week" than * 4. this one? "Better parents, bet- * 4. ter babies, better communi- 4* 4. ties " If you ran. write it out 4 1 4. and m a i l it to Mr-. E. W. * 4. Rockwood, Iowa City. A prize 4* 4. of two dollars is offered by the 4« 4. iclubs of Iowa C i t y to the writ- 4. * 1 A DAUGHTER FIXDS HEH BEAD WHEN CALLING HER EARLY THIS MORNING Mrs. Alice Gearkee, 65 years of age, of 512 S. Dubuque street, was found dead in bed this morning by her daughter, Irene Gearkee, when the daughter called her to rise. The mother was lying peacefully on her side, apparently asleep. It is believed that she died toward morning, as the evidence was that life had been extinct but a short time. There was no evidence of a struggle, everything seeming to show that she had passed away quietly she slept. Mrs. Gearkee retired to bed last night feeling as well as usual, though she had not been in the best of health for some time. She is survived by a son, F. Gearkee, ancl daughter, M. Irene Gearkee, of Iowa City, and another daughter, Mrs. W. A. Dorcas, of Chicago. The deceased was on of the pioneer residents of the city, having made her home here for more than fifty years. The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon, but the hour has not been fixed. , i 4« er of the best s l o g a n to be used 41 d u r i n g the baby campaign ·$« the shooting rushed into Ihe house. He w i l l die. Mrs. Sam'meTer and Mrs. H e i n z p i o b n b l y will recover. Mrs. oaiulnieier h a d recently procured a dhorce on the grounds of c i u e l t y and non-support. 4* * \YEATHER REPORT Fair tonight and Friday. * Somewhat colder in the west * * Friday. * the c o u n t r y are choosinc slo- * * pans for t h n r baby campaign * w e e k . M a r c h ! to 11. The slo- * gan s h o u l d represent w h a t * your c o m m u n i t y means by .f. c h i l d w e l f a r e . It should em- * ·$· boclv your idea of a baby wel «J* ·J. f a r e station. M a k e your slo- «J« .J. gan short and to the point. ·!· ·{· The contest closes ' S a t u r d a y ·%· .j. noon, February l!»th. Prof. C. «f. .J. H. Weller, Earl B r o w n i n g and 4* .J. Mrs. E. II. Weber will act as 4 1 .J. judges. Chanpe of Date. A change in the date of the opening night of the Iowa City Fine association's third annual exhibit of oil paintings is announced. Instead of February 22, as previously announced, the publicity committee is asked to stress the fact that the first day for admission to the gallery is Feb. 21. The reason for the change is an earlier arrival of the pictures, which are now in Iowa City, than had been experted. mercial Club, in whose uaintings arc to hang, The Corn- room* the is Joining heartily in preparations for the exhibit. INEWSPAPERif Citizen Want Ads Are Best. Citizen Want Ads Are Best. Citizen Want Ada Are Beat. »-- . NEWSVAPEfiflRCH

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