Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 20, 1958 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1958
Page 7
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, Nevsmfegf 20,19SI HOPI 5TA«> MOM, ARKANSAS fags "STATESMAN'S BENCH"—Bobby Hoi-rick, 4, examines a plaque Sot by the New York City Park Department at Bernard Baruch's famed Central Park bench while the" 88-year-old advisor to pros Id en is wnlchos. Plaque reads: "Elder Statesman's Bench—Reserved for Bernard Uaruch." PiittibuM ky NEA fenfe* !•£ Chapter 28 At the far end of the collar and nearer the middle, along the wall, there, was a great sunken ph, ij^jcc or four feet deep with an iron railing around it and steps leading down into it, and set in the 'middle was the enciVmous, •complicated, writhing mass of machinery — gears and wheels and pumps and clutching metal arms — that worked all the elaborate gadgets with vyhich the house was filled: the sliding windows, the fire screen, the disappearing ovens in the kitcKen, the beds that elevated themselves to •W made, the dozens of mechanical wonders o£ which ^Catherine's mother had been so proud when the house.was new. • Katherine had never ibeerr down into the pit. It had been explained to her that it was dangerous, that she must never go near it. Red lights that glowed on two or thre of the metal humps. Switches on the various parts had lists ol! instructions pasted beside them, 'ilfiihe Kvch't ''Jou-n rd *thc"iooT"br Uic stairs -past the corner of the iron railing without toucnlng it. There were other things for her to be alraid of now, things which really needed to be feared. A piece of machniory was not malevolent. Jl Uad only been as a child that she had thought such a thing. She felt that she had grown immeasurably older in the past 36 hours. She looked up the stair well. She put her hands on the banisters and started up. The first step creaked under her weight,. She had , forgotten how . noisy these wooden steps were. , She tested the next one before she- stepped on it, trying, it gingerly .with one foot, ft did mot creak. A sound came out of .the greyness behind her. She stood deathly' still for a moment waiting; then she looked over her shoulder: a new light had flashed on in the pile ,of machinery, it began to .hum with a melalic whine, one of the iron arms lifted anc! fell, one of the giant wheels started around, Someone had ; opened a winclov Or perhaps Amy was making th beds. Anyway, it was not a nois Thinks Voting of Norfolk Tragic , Vft, (APi -. Norfolk siipbrmicfidenl &t Schools lesUlled today "il is Very tragic" for the thousand of while pUfjilS locked out of six Integraliofi dosed schools "to misg the education Id \vhicti Ihey are entitled* •' these pupils will have difficulty gctt-.hg into college 1 and lltcif iu> lure job oppoHttJiitics Will be greatly affected, Supt, John J, Biewbakei- told a three judge fed' oral court, Btewbakct- was the lit-st wltticss at a hearing of ft suit, brought by 15 while parents atid 11 children, attacking the constitutionality of Virginia's school closing law, Tito suit sucks reopening of lh<s six white secondary schools, The closings, which 1 - bcttirrdd Sept. 29 upon the enrollment of \1 Negroes in compliance with a fed' a'elr court desegregation order, this had a "very demoralising of' feet on the teachers trt th<5 schools," Bruwbakur testified, The schools have a total enrollment of about 10,000. if the schools do not open soon, the teachers will leave the city," he said, Brynner Replaces Power's Role MADRID (AP)—The movie public will not see Tyrone Power as King Solomon, A spokesman for the company filming "Solomoii and Sheba announced the picture would be re- riado with Yul Brynner replacing Power, who died Saturday, Red Candidates Fail to Get Majorities BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Only 91 9f 89,192 Communist- Jacked candidates for village councils in Hungarys single-ticket election failed to- win majorities, he Red regime announced today. All 338 candidates for Parliament were approved Sunday in the first ,'ote since the 1956 uprising against Russian domination. SHOPPORTUNITY DAYS Friday & Saturday, Nov. 21-22 LADIES NEW New Fall Styles • •100% Wool • Wool and Dacron • Rayon and Dacron Full 'Length • We Only have 20 of these • . Vglues USE OUR UYAWAY* BLANKETS Full -size Orion, Rgygn gnd' Nybn Thi? i? on exceptional 4,4? MEN'S FLANNEL SHIRTS f) Assorted §tyl?5 gnd colors; \ygshgt;le gnd , '; .^ 2 ppcket?.- Fwlt ewt t • .ftswlar,$3»98 ,Yahie •' .,; ' ^1 fhi§ great<YsIw,e fsr «•,,,,,«,, |j hat should alarm her. The door at the head of the stairs did not open directly into he kitchen Jproper; instead it opened into a sort of alcove, a larrow passageway between the kitchen and the living room. When she felt the. cold metal of he doorknob under her fingers, he began to turn it slowly tor ear it would click; and when it "id click, almost Jnaudibly, she ased. the door open a fraction of n inch and waited. (She crept across the dining oom door and laid her ear gainst it. Again there was only Hence. She inched the door open and peered through. The double doors into the living room stood open. She stole across toward them, keeping out of sight as much as she could against the wall. 1 She felt a little foolish. No one was in the room, She ventured on,,inlo the living room, still ' walking on tiptoe, stopping every tew steps to listen. The sense of insecurity began coming back to her suddenly, standing there by the chimney, by the lowered fire screen, She started to move back away from the windows when she thought about the table. She hadn't thought all morning about the peculiar events of the table — that Aunt Millicent had moved it back into place before she did anything else, Last night she had absorbed the fact, but it iad meant nothing -to her, But io\v, when she was more alert, more rested, knowing al) that she did know, she-saw what hac( been going on. Aunt Millicent had gotten her to jump off the roof and hen deliberately stood back so -hat she would fall the farthest possible distance, She'd been try- ng to kill her, and she'd thought she was dead, She had'been in a lurry to move the table away the c li i m n e y so tUat it vould look as if Catherine had alien off the roof by herself, She oujd have said it was an acci, lent. And that would explain what he saw now, loo, looking ou| eross the terrace. The table was 0 longer at trip far edge, where t had been moved back to: it as under the chimney again. omeone had moved jt ejther Jale ast night or this, mowing. 'She might have tojd someone — nyone—Amy—Mr, Wetherby — about what had .happened last light, There was less yisfc of hpr •emembering that the tabje had ieen b ythe chimney when she han of h,er forgetting that U had een -by the chimney when ?q "roped. , " Se started toward the haJJ and he bedrooms. Sh,e heard '4 sound or the first,time, a sound of Jffe, 1 activity, of someone moying. 'aid's door wag open.' Amy waj aking, hi? ,bed, She walico; until Amy vv«s bentj, pypj- the be4 W ito her, 'back, to Pprj aw, A |)4 ^en 5 h> ran tJ^Qwa Jtj<?'h,ail Jo, he* PWP. This FO°nj was empty, tou. Jt ' jusf as siio 'Jiad {eft it Ja.st '» tile I'wmjpjed ^gd 'whfch. 084 o l Qcu|e |or half an Df6Jjed,.Qftcf tl Dfawfl Turkey! 43* TOMS "SUPEIMUGHT" SMOKED HAMS^39< ^45* ;*:53* s59* "Super-Right" Smoked Ham Center Slices Ib. 89i "SUPER-RIOHT" SLICED Old'FaihJoned Thick-Cul Bacon 99 "SUPER.RIOHT" SHOULDER _ _ "SUPER-RlOHT" PORK f%f\ CA|) ' N JOHN ' S FR03W PORK STEAK lb 5 5' SAUSAGE £ 89' PERCH FIllET ",T, 43' "SUPER.RIOHT" BOSTON BUTT _-^ CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN _^ CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN flUET •_, " PORK ROAST ,49 (OD FIllET ",:„'43' CATFISH; '-53' WHITFIELD SWEET MIDGET PICKLES 2 '£? 59* WORTHMORE ~ — CHOCOLATE STARS ^35* WORTHMORE ~ _ MINT WAFERS 3s 35* WORTHMORE MILK CHOCOLATE ^ .MOLASSES CHIPS ft 35* WORTHMORE ' - _ CHOC. PEANUTS 2te 35* V/ORTHMORI _. _ CHOC. ALMONDS ft35* BETTY CROCKER v /hit« r\r\ CAKE MIXES a- H..29* SULTANA _ _ SALAD DRESSING a 35* SULTANA STUFFED OLIVES S;:49* WHOLE and SPLIT ARGO FIGS SWEL CHOCOLATE FUDGE FROSTING RAINBO DILL OR SOUR GHERKINS 60 off Reg. Price WHITFIELD CANDIED CRISPY ' f i - '-, CONFECTIONERS OR ; BROWN SUGAR OCEAN SPRAY Cranberry Sauce 16-oz. nti Can X4* Shortening dexo 3 -lb, Can. 73* SLICED Pineapple Ann Page Currant Jelly 12'oz, Bell'i Poultry Seasoning JIFFY (MIX) A OH 4. .PIECRUST, /P 9 £:ZtP TRAPPEY'S SWEET OOa POTATOES l^Zo* FROZEN RITE Ofla. DINNER ROLLS 0 ^2i)< ALCOA REG, WRAP A 4 , ALUMINUM FOIU ^Ol* A4P FANCY ft ft , MINCEMEAT :%:Z3^ A&P FANCY 1 fla. PUMPKIN !^19^ FRENCH'S SALAD /) O 0 J. MUSTARD 2 6 c 2 0^ A&P FANCY CRUSHED np , PINEAPPLE !S:Z5* FRENCH'S' BANANA QR RUM OOj. EXTRACTS : ':i;:2J* SPARKLE — Buy 4 fpr 27# and get J for GELATIN ANN PAGE PURE VANIUA EXTRACT ANN PAGE TOMATO A SOUP , 3 SPARKLE INSTANT ' ft PUDDING 3 EQUAL 10 Tile BEST-YEr COST YOU dexola OIL .. A4P ENGLISH PEAS ANN PAGE CHERRY PRESERVES A&P SMAU WHOU n BEETS 2 A&P FANCY WHOLE GREEN BEANS SULTANA FRUIT COCKTAIL " 5 %d* Pl-gi •& 39* i 10'A-cz. X?4 j 1 A»sl. //T 1 Pkcil fcfc LESS Jflvt B||' Hu • °"' 1 ,,. 23< i Can *• v ' Can 1 16 r- 35^ I i i •^25*1 294 ! FRUIT CAKE WHOLE and, BROKEN * • CHERRIES RED WHOLE f UCDDICC LncKKIt:) EREEN™.~. CUT MIXED FRUIT GLAZED CITRON PEEL GLAZED ORANSH LEMON PEEL SLICED WHITE rmtAlf IE , _ SLICED G'(?EEN OR RED PINEAPPLE ,,.„ RAISINS .,...„ BLEACHED " """"' "'"" RAISINS DESSERT CLUSTER '' RAISINS HEARTS DELISHT PEAR NECTAR HEARTS DELIGHT'-' """" PEACH NECTAR DEL MONTE ••"•"•— SPINACH ., HOME pELIGHT PECAN HALVES AiP INSTAHT COFFEE A&P SECTIONS o7" ' ORAPEFRUIT F RU ITI ib. 83 1 ib, 53< «.t..«w-i>"! D( Jf y ib. 65 ( ib. 67 ( I5 p^' 33 < 15-or. jTrf Pkq, 4/< H 2 cinV29< 2 Cant ** ^ 16 Ol, 1 C J 1>w «.,..,Cdn ' ^ * << oz, "jCrf „,,.„„„ p ng, 0? V 4 o/, nc w C^ni OVER .% FRUITS ond NUTS I * Jgnt Pprksr Fruit Cakes 1 35 •HiTb, §i?e 3 5 Ib, §i? 5 .H>, sfl 3,85 jane Parker Pumpkin Pie ...... 1IMON PIE-41^ Jane PaiUr 5f edecl RYE BREAD JANE PACKER LARQE RINQ A A Angel Food ..JRr Tin Ann Page SPICES ANN PAGE PURE GROVND CINNAMON ANN PAGE PURE 9ROUNO GINGER ; ANN PAGE PURE GROUND BLACK PEPPER ^ 29* ANN PAGE PURE GROUND NUTMiG AHti PAGE fURE GROUND PUMPKIN Pli SPICE .'is 25* HiP-Q-LITf WAR5HMAUOW '

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