Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 20, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1958
Page 5
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Sf At,,: MOM,, AtKAMSAi Movie Stars Golf Course UPI kOLLVWOOti (\jpb- A cloud of divots Will cilgulf rtovielaftd fiest week When a 'pack of stars st-dfffi Ihe golf course*, for the title of "world ehtdrleihrtienl' goltj chnfhpioH." • 'Buffers afid ohe * \viii belt it out at Los Country Club with comedians, leading men, Character actors, and cmvfjokes tryihg. for honors. Golf rates highest vyith, Moilv. Reginald. 14 Ugt\ fried IS,B&l,(eomb. fdl-m) 16Peilaihih|lS lohia Cofi-ecllons S0fheat«-sign . 21 Book of- I Psalms' "^.^•.c fnore lime to curing a slice thah t>el-feclli)g their acting, techniques. And some, of them are hiighfy good, BUt because they're, a 4 part of sho'w biz ofily a few .private clubs allow them membership, Ths grenl bulk of movie, and TV stars belong to one of. three chibs—Bcl Air, Lakeside and Millci-est. Some belong to all three, \»ds Angeles Country Club has a strict ban on the greo^palht yet, Anyone faintly connected with the movies hasn't .a chance, Bln'a' Can't Join Bing! Crosby once sdld; "it'd 1 be all; right if a distant •cousin of mine applied. But I. live a short Par, four from 'the 'LA club aiirl I "can't join-," Crosby and Bob- Hope, tinsel town's^ most ' farnotis golfers, nl]c 'Oregomg tho tui.it namc'ht because t\«j!work. But most Of' the other hackers arc, having a go at it. Favored 'is, Bqtij Sterling, (of TV's "Topper" series) who shoots to- a "1" handicap. Also In contention are crooner Don Cherry (a scarlch player), Gordon Mac- Bac (5) and,De'ah Martin m." A pair, of dancers, Ray. Bolder. (10.) and Fred Astaire (7)< will'be flailing away against such cowboy stars as Jim Garner. — a fl.handicappou who. claims he !*it afford, to join, a private club —Richard- (the Califoriiians) Coo- San (It. Ty (Cheyenne;) Hardln (12), Guy Madison (0)\ Gene Aulry 12). ' • two former, screen "Tarzans," Johnny Weissmuller . (8 and* Lox Barker (7)- will be bunching their muscles- in, a privatq duel' for tourney honors. Jack Benny, the magnificent scrambler with a 16 handicap, » hd '.' ew frorn competition after checking the, opposition. Mickey' Will Compete But little George ; Gob'el,, sporting a 10-handicap, Phil 'Harris (9)> and Mickey Rooney (9) will 1 be. on hand- to provide laughs along, with some bctter-than-ave'-- flg'e golf. , • 'Two of golfdom's zaniest aether Cuts will' be missing- — Jen-y Lewis (who is ill) and Victor- Ma, ture (.who, limits himself to two- Juen tournaments) Jerry ancL-Vic, ,»ay one another frequently in' rigged tourneys. The winner- buys the loser a huge loving cup for second place, and tho, loser present!, 1 the winner with an impressive trophie, Both Mature and Lewis have lined their, don walls with eye-popping trophies, , ' • ' All, told somo 120 golfer-entertainers will competn nt LOK Coy otes (located in Bellehurst) to Wkise money, for the Motiom Picture Relief Fund. Am} for the lirst' limo in history-'n champion will be named among movietowiv golf addicts, an accolade, many would prefer to an Academy Award, ' 32 Baked clay ' * 'piece" Sssumatfan , squirrel shrew. 34 Mflhdfe,'' ' . 36 Killed? 36 Legal point 29 Genuine 40 Began 43 Greek letter 4ti Stair part 47 Little (ft.) 50 Laid afresh 5'2 Mechanical '"devices 54 Abatement- 55 Hebrew ascetic 5fi Trapped- 57 Appeared UOW.V It Wtfc tuf«*i NTtsgrw 10 Himalayan moiiKshnoct ot 44 YPtit- hctwocrt biicle 12 nnd 20 30 -*-* your frviit 4a Medieval pf-esci ves carefully 47 Versifier's SB Attacked product suddenly 48 Sea eagle 3? Bitter vetch 4!) fcmpIo.Ved meters Sliriiver In ' 4 liThroadbaiG SWifzcrlahdt 53Africnn'/Ty 43RlroyS (var,) ,, 2i.Y.elloWisll .„ '.'«"* S4 Sow up, ANYHOVM VBm MORE USE Ws i WSW'M.MOU TAK§ CAR6 Cfc., / OiCtURE \VWA1CWA 10 ALLW VMORLR, THATS FOR' Y'GdTTA THIW(4 TH'.GLC&'l GLORY? : /V>K> .Au-io>r -"tS.-rVC's II it Ull kf htl fttn>u4 d<t TM tt.j ut f,t UOOKiOO.,,1BUT fiHB'3 GOT TO BB1 s NO \ w/wte SH& CHAWSEP GOSH, SHE'S NOT automatic transmission! No matter; I push I get th« sam« result..., ' hit »omethingJ' ( : '.... "I think It's the what button SAW HER WHEN SH&, VISITBP ELLEN THIS CAST I, Ii 1 Crustacean a Olympian goddess 4'Ro'ya! ' Geographic 'Society (ab.) By Kate Oionn -»:*«•»,«"' CAPTAIN lASY ' ' MIT. QUICK-MORE FOOD* •LHAVE TO BUILDUP MV'STRENGTH*, AFTER THATA SCARE NO MORE-POTATOES NO STARCHES NO CAKE;, NO PIE-NOTHING BUT LETTUCE AND DRY. TOAST" IS VOUR.SONS BELT, BLONDIE ,, 'AROUND' ME— I'VE'GOT-TOSO sit With P me more often!- I- liko your boy friend!" . y ~G«lbraith "You should Really, mother, you're making me take a.very ' view of marriage!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS *.;-O HER BUDDIES WKA7S CHARSE,?. DISTURBING' Y'iMl . -i-. i— —._ . __ / / (-JM ! l. jusr rue POUCE: r ER...AH... IF I'D KISSED HIM HE'D . PRI-SCILLA HAVE SLUGGED (SO LONG; \ G^iKII ' TONIGHT HAZEL With Mojor Hoopii<» v y^ ? H •y ^ it. Wlll»Mpi* OUI? HOARDING WHEN DO MUSEOAVS MUSEUMS *. MOW n\y FIN HAS IN TH£ VASE- AS A PIPE IN A NISHT WATCHMAN'S Te But i <?9wp!t,9f times sron^thft with 1 the baby-anfi he's txhawstw" { "That'? my Bill,': at night ROACH , HUGHES West Colls on Reds to Help End Danger •>ENEVA. CAP! — TJin' Western Powers called on tho Communists today to study the instrument^.- ofi surprise attne); and techniques use in lessening the danger- of such b]o\vs, Former Italian Defense Minister Paojo ETDHJO Tayiani advanced the. proposal at tho JO-nntion .oop, l^ejenco on prevention of surprise attael?. I| was tho second effort by tha in as n^sny <3a,vs to get thp nee down to the technical for which it was convened, An ° the

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