Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 20, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 20, 1958
Page 4
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Page MOPE STAR; HOPE, Rice and TCU in Conference -•&-, 6y fne ASSOCIATED Baker Larger Pro Ram Feefballer- l\VO ' MI ill I tlio Snutlnvosl }OnSlll|l (111 (111 Ihptf kirklnu sj.iim i "filial liiirrl tli 1 Conch AI.'P M.-n'in Chrislian p:iyi'ii> <•!<».•'• plthting Umtrr l'ir".Mi clay, parlicul.il l\ I •yard lino 'I.YVI- <'<>i ,i 'uvdny wlvn Tf'i \\ .1 ;kick from Ihc ciul '.nn •At Houston, (V.ich .ii ••<; Avrirktcl his Hire ( iv. Is Imu: '•• looting thr- l<ii k- 1 ! in i iini i blocked punt led in u>r i,nn' •that put Tp.xnt A\ M cln ,d ,n 1o Hipp •>. do\\nr,iU ). "I •< < k Rico hart only oiu- ).'.,• > i • injtu V lisf ;ind In - i MI i I'd Rll l'i|!ht Saturn. iv Mi ..'Kin'!), a ccntor. \\ h" h,-i< .1 hllJ'i 'J'f.Xfls I. )|| | ll. /' I ' I'll) - injun il H,..:e'.,n \vi!h TCr nhle to \Vitt li, i..»!' ii nee ehr.mrimhship if it opi<-* "t'*»ij_'h If Hire Wills lllt'rc . ill he .-i 'if for h< lead. B;ivliii piihshcH up 1(5 hiah' ,-,,,,;. .f.cive .,, .he same l,ir, C ^ ^OfcLfiS ,.„,, ,..,|.IM., .\l,th..rh«< -.vs worklmt Jnhll .. Bflkpr , s ' ,- h , r ,,l «.-,^ j.i.rl m.;,n^ .,) IvihHhhs .1. J Los Afl(<H(?8 r{! , n ,, (hl . ,.,,.,,„<( 1 infill they pvpr hen 11,' «ol int" I Ihe nrSalll/.ation mainly beeausc he §y §6§ Associated Press Sports Write/- fil line bulling inln movie ftltli imphroy threw for t'.vo ;,tvl Lan.v Hiekmnn j when Ihe iVarns wen living to . In feinure n fl-loltch- [ . the lipf.1 I\VM viir- isl the , e?ei vi's as j nipped sr Imp on nnothpi ply.M r. (•"'klip Kolfi). be-ill <i| thr Rnrnp' system. rccnllcd thpy fl defense ,ir.d did i B'i;i) K.'i Kui'ii i'nd Leo I.IXP I.KI rt in Ihp . wen- screening ;.i i'e< I DM H Klnnd.-i A Xt M • North Ciii'nliiii! roll, ^i> a .anme. ''We Were sroulinii a Klniuln bock, hut C'Vt'f.v limi' 'here \v;is ... " '" "".''e-ifiMiff r,r n punt. ( >|l « c i-ttllil see ...,U I,,, .nib are ...xpi-cloi - w ., c snmp onol . m , )lis ;V ,, rlh c ,,, 0 . ••[•.i\-cred from Injuries nn:l . fi. S;,!'irdiiy. ivns 'v 111 ell wltulR lip the it'iun^l TexrtR Teeh nl lAlb- u(l:i,v. luned up ils around (n si lime in : emu-entrilling | ri.ssing. Texas Saratoga in Double Win From Fouke Snrabma senior cn.Me toatns won a doublebeiider from Foiikp Tues- tls.v til"ht m Ihp loser's g.< r m. SUP I'nrtpr. Mvra Mdljin'oy. .M'olly Ellen and C'barlollp Orppri pa ell hit for 10 points as Ihp Saratoga sen- Hope Star Classified Ads A6S MUST II IN OFFICE DAY 66FORI PUftLICATIOrM - PHONE 7>3431 FOR AD TAKER linn tiicklp chf.i '.nn-j do\vn ihc lii'ld." said Kotiil "Ifp'd do his p; ;t in hoiding un the defense, then '...i;p n.l iind s'i'l I)P the fivsl m'an (iriwii to make tin- tackle." Kddie wns in>pn by tin Dock ill!!!! I: i,M(l li I' 111, I'll I'. ' • • k' A (Isn't 'reel,' ,' 'oMm^'i'l't ;,'"'(•'.' our.d "le'nm K l jot>tl nll d !h(Y "i7e " f lht ' Uu ' Ull> MIU.\->V MM-I p( for end Riehnrd s " ^c cnu^ht Ihe jersey number ,R ( .|i A.i..i'1-..-n will be iniury free. ''" lc1 fiunlly une- rl!-"il "l.ini- 'Hell 'i:,... ;, sii;i.-neil knt'e ligament ' John." who lower--- li fool ni/' .-ind pioliahlv win'I play. is now n sliin I Tcxns .ui.l e |,lny tins •.' ••( '•' tu prarliet A&M don't \ his ordinal 315. returned Coach Sid Gillmnn siiy ; , 'J2-.yp.ir- •k bill they \V'( i7/ies-<iay In start fold John has mm h I" le.un in pr rr;iH\ [or their tniditionnl! loolbnll but expects on a '12-30 contest. SUP '.V.T hiBh for Fouke \v)lh ior girls Wiilrnvpn 20 tallies Coach l.oi,is Sinulcton's snhior boys fii;il)l)ecl n 39-32 victory with Samuel MeJunkins. Bill McJunkins James Pied Stantnn and McElroy Dillard rnch setting 7 tallios. Cos- Ion mode H for Kouke. The H-irnlofiM senior girls How have a '.'.on 4 and lost 0 record \vhile Ihe boys arc standing a 2-2. Monday nij>ht, Nov. 24, the Sara- loBa Junior teams entertain Foiike in a d.'uble-he;i(ler with the first game ;,l 7 p.m. The Junior girls loam members are Alice Lewis. Hliehael Webb, Neila Null. Pat Schouley. Rosemary Bell. Linda Kay Galhright. Judy Cannon. Patricia King, Botty Rice nnd 1i\,-, Cliii'-l'.n d.-is'i 'Tb.'ink(|"ivuiK Day (.'arne at Ausliji I n truly srcot pliiyei '"'V 11 '" '"'" Fontame. Rose h< 1! "'• C '"""-' becea Knl K hl..n. Fontaine and Re- Melmac Dinnerware Disliss Sfainless, Wont Break, Wonf Chip, Wonr Crack. Start earning your set today. Come in and ask us how you can have this beautiful set FREE MAXWELL HOUSE or FOLGERS Fruit Cake Ingredients Candied Pineapple 69c Lb Mixed Fruit Candied Cherries 59c ib 75c Lb. SOUR,and DILL I-S* PALMOLIVE BATH SNOWDRIFT 3 Lb. Can PREMIUM Kraft .— Strawberry, Blackberry &, Peach PRESERVES 20 Oz. Glasses BETTY CROCKER Powdered and Brown FROZEN PRESTONE Gallon GOOD FRESH PRODUCE SWEET FRESH DRESSED RED FANCY DEUCIOUS HQM - MAID for Yawna Fct Mad 6jrio*,tiU<19la<1iM)fc Alio.Fat Hs* The schedule- of SoiUftaf as printed below, has beefl4ftk«a from John Aldeti Knight's Solunaf tables. Plan youf days §6 that you will be fishing ill good territory or hunting in good cover during these times, if you Wish te5 find.the* best sport that each day has id offer. The Major Periods are shown in boldface type, These begin at the times shown arid last for an houf and. a half or two hours thereafter. The Minor Periods, shown in regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration. A. M. P.M. Mtttor Major Minor Major Thursday 12:45 6:55 1:10 ?!15 Friday 1:30 7:40 Saturday 9.M5 8:35 Sunday 3:00 9; 10 1:55 8:45 2:40 8!45 3:26 9130 Junior boys squad members are David Kricks. David Peebles, Tommy Sunders. Alton Parson. Wayne Marcum. Kir>by Gathright, Dwighl Chism, Danny Mc.lunkins. Tommy McJunkin.s, Stanley Reed. Richard McKinney. Jimmy Ellis and Jimmy Sanders. Sports importers for Saratoga are Myra McLaresy and Charlotte Grepn, Jackie Jenson Named Most Valuable By DAVE O'HARA Associated Press Spirts Writer iBOSTON (AP)-r-Jackie -Jeiiscn, whose slugging helped the. Boston Red Sex to a third place'* finish, today was named the American League's most valuable player in the 1958 season. ., V" The 31-yonr-old outfielder ended the New York Yankees'- four-ypai hold oil the coveted award by drawing 233 points in the balloting by a 24-merriber committee of the Baseball Writers' Assn. of .'Amor- lea. New York right-hander, Bob; Tur- !ey, the major league's pitcher nf the year, was riihnerup with 191 points, followed by Cleveland's Rocky Colo'v'jto with 181 and-'Kansas City's Bbb';Cerv with 164: Mickey Mantle of the .Yankees, the 1056 and '57 MVP winner, failed to gain a first place vote and was fifth with- 127 points. Washington's Roy Sievers was next with 95 votes followed by American League batting cham- ion Ted Williams ol the Red Sox With S9. The voting' was by. three baseball writers in each of; the, American League cities 'between the end of the regular season and the start of tile World, Series. A first place vote was worth 1'4 points, a second 9 points, a .thjrd 8, down to 1 for 10th. , ,, ' •' 'Jensen, who lead^the/.leaguo In runs batted in with',423,' earned a place on all but one." ballot. He received nine first place voles, six second, three thirds, two fourths, two fifths and one eighth, Turlpv had sovon first place votes, but wns not named on three firsts but failed to earn a point from two voters. Cerv, svlio despite injuries crashed 38 homers, drove in 104 runs and batted .303, w.is tno only player named on all 24 ballots He was placed on .top on thveo ballots and had one second. Chicago's Nellie Fox, who trailed Williams by a single point with 8S, was the only oilier piny pr awarded a first placp vote. Ho was narnpcj on 1? ballots, The Negro Community Esther Hlcki Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 Thought for the day: He that easily believes rumors has the principle within him to augment rumors. II is strange to see the rcvenous appetite with which some devourers of character and happiness fix upon the side of the innocent and unfortunate — Jane Porter. Calendar of Ev e nts Thursday, Nov. 20 Zorah Chapter No. 4 OES will meet Thursday, Nov. 20 at Hicks Funeral Home. All members are askod to be present. On Friday, night, Nov. 21 the chapter will sponsor a benefit in Harris Gym. The pu'blic is invited. .. . The Southwest District'Congress Chorus will meet for rehearsal Thursday, Nov. 20 at 7 p.m. at Munn's Chapel Baptist Church in Prescott. The Charmettes Social Club will hold its regular • meeting tonight at 7:30. in. the home ot! Miss•'Sus'ie Seay in, Presco'ft. : ' Birthsf V,'?,'':.•<*- ,'•' Mr. and Mrs, Roscoe Smith ,of Hope announce the arrival of a baby girl, born Nov. 20. Mr. .aiid Mrs. George .Smith Jr, of Hope' are the paterna,! grandparents, Maternal grandparents arc Mr. and Mrs. Fred Prince of Terrell, Tex, Obituary Notio 6 Ed Lewis of Cnmdon, Ark. died in a Nashville Nursing Home on Wednesday, Nbv, 19, Funeral arrangements are incomplete and wij'-lbc announced by Hicks Fun> oral Home, Dirtetors Burial Association MOMfi Blfll PR 7-2123 20-lm-e tOftt ttound, Between Highway 29 and Spring Hill fioad. Moon M'u'llitis oh collar. Call Hare Seed store. 7-382fJ. 18»3tp Found A RED mviley co\v. weight 850 potittds. Jumped in pasltfre of W. tl. Wafle, Blevins. l8-4tp For Rent or Sole 3 BEDROOM Home, 41G S. Grady. Contact or call Mrs, W, 1, Stroucl, YUltott 3-2362 Washington. 14-1-mo c Wanted to Rent furnished apartment, bedroom, kitchenette and bath, Write George 'Meehan. Hotel Barlow", Hope', Ark. 20-3tp 3 BEDROOM house, unfurnished. Must have vented heat with thermostat. Contact Mrs, G. R. Me- Morran or' George B. Hughes. Phone 7-2745. 20-3tc Business Opportunities RiESPONSIBlJE person from this area, to service and collect from cigarette dispensers. No selling. Car,' references, and $592.50 to .$1975.00 investment necessary. 7 to '12 hours Wedkly nets up to $327.50 monthly income, Possible full- time work. For local interview give phone and particulars, Write International Distributing Co., Inc. P.O. Box 762, New Orleans, ,La, 20-Up Reol Estote for Sole Need 3 bedrooms and 2 baths in a modern comfortable home close to uptown. district? Then take a look at this lovely home at 117 W.. Avenue C. Already approved for FHA' lban / — we cau sell for small down payment or accept your present home in on a trade. Vacant now. FOSTER REALTY -COM'PANY 217 South Main- Hope, Arkansas Phone .P-Rospect 7-4C91 ' Property Appraisals Loans Homes :..'.-. . ,-.-.', 20-3lc Coach Won't Compare Baylor, Mikan By JIM KI-OBUCHAR MINNEAPOLIS (AP) * — Compare Elgin Baylor with George Porkers Brush Up on Their Ground Attack • AvH. (API -~ The Arkansas pazoi'bacH?' up lhe|r ground 'attach yestevclny, the first limp in jnore than two weeks they, hqd worked oh it, Thp shift 5n practice ,e;nphasis was talsen because St\|urdpy's, foe, Texas -Tech, 'bases , its ofi'ense en ' running, ,,'ai'ot p,assig. That the- Porter fy'om lengthy paa?" freed o,f their, Sriljs pefove games. ^Coach ,'FvanJ? clash 1 a,t ihat Qcpiipjeij most ' three the ex.'' might put liis- $>3qrbfiek,s .against a fired up Texas team, ' He noted th^t th? game will be . the • P.aid.ex-s pj-Qb^bty' • \\jould. 'be aepfeing rgveng? ^Q fiost year's at- mur Rack > \vijjclii jVi'i " n point' ing fov us lor i for Jh.o in • tM" ,T,epi; ", slasi}. In, ' The man doing the neat professional job of sidestepping that one is Coach "Johnny Kundlq of tli Minneapolis TJ'O k o r s, 11 battle scared vet of 19 years in the Na' basketball Assn, They're two different kinds of players," , "The man sajd, amazes me, sacl To think that a rookie co»)rl lead the clvib in points, as sists and rebounds even i\t ihi? stage of the season. And. be way up among the Ipadero in the league \o boot. "J had a lot of hopes fpr him he caine to, use Jrpm University, But- I difln't he'd, teke h,ol,d sp |ast t " The 6-5 AU-Ameyica college has come opto tJ 1 ? ,pvo scene a volcano. In 1? Sfimes Jie ?3.8 points a ' an avpvsge of 16 aboxit five ,ps?i$ts a and He's been In the league Coi\-)Q ganies,.nnd he's already one o£ 10 l^est playevs, 1 ' sajci t-evRiie of the W Cockers pn the swing 1 , i , Elgin's specjapular is 'all -the mo'rp 'nP Ho was a pivatjTiijn In f(JJ l lege, seldom haying M \wrry a,i?PU> cornei- shooUng. With th,e ' " " he's » WWW , -mpderh, three bedrpom homo/ floor furiinee, near school. $8,000,00 Only $1200 cash and assume FHA loan, will buy modern throe bedroom home; contra) heat, wall to wall carpeting, carport. Lived in two , weeks, owner transferred. A bargain. Six room homo, built-in garage, Eas't 14tli Street, excellent condition, We have o'ther well - constructed homes, with PHA or conventional financing available, IJEONABD ELUIS Heal Estate, Insurance, Loans 108 East Second Phone 7-3221 20-Otc Per Soli ALtJIVtfMUM scfeehs, dociW, sfofm Windows, weather » stripping, itt« sulntioh, robfirigi avVrHngs, JUt» taring, ofnawehtdi i-niliHM*. FfeS estimates, And5> Andrews, lobo sfilbfi&AKER pickup, dattls bed. henkiS clean" and ifl fddd condition. Phone t»2204 of FIVE room house, $1,000. A good buy to rebuild or move. Johjj W, Webb, Ozan, Avk. 21'lttt'p WANT AD RATi Ail Want AJS or* pdVab' edvdfice btif dds Will B8 6»«f thd telephoHS ahd a fldri aeebuftts fillowed With" fh? Urt- tUsHtaMifiQ ihg tircouM IS jjayablB *fiisH sfaletfieht is tendered, • Nuffibcf Of Wbrds u& fa is 6 ta _ 26 Jt fd 25 24 to 3fl 31 <o 3s 36 to -in 41 to Diiy .-15 .60. .n .90 t.es 1.20 iD.it OLDS Fordof, hardtop, (3ood second oaf. Call PR 7'248f t 27'tf FIVE room home*. Dinette and daf port. Completely furnished. SeJll cheap for quick snlfl. Phone 7' 4047. t4-(Stc 8 ACRES, Hope pdgc, rnodcrh 4 room furnished house. SB.000 -^ $2.500 dowtipnymeitt, Balance like rent. 11 ACRES. 1,000 ft. I-twy. G7 front age. Fully modern 5 room home). Ideal business sites. STROLTT REA-LTV CO. G20 W. 07 Hwy. ln-6tp COLDSPOT Refrigdrntor. like ne\V, also good used gas range and small dinette Suite. Will sell reasonable. Gall 'Donal Parker, 7* 3431. 17-lf 3 SMALL tracts of land near town suitable for chicken forms. 80 acres timber land two miles out of Foreman, Ark. Sec Ralph Saunders or Phone 7-4001. 19-tf NEW Philco Transistor radid and size 11 hip 'boots, also new, Call 7-6767. 20-3tc ONE riding mare, white and gentle See Harlan Honea, Blcvlns, Ark. 20-3tc For Rent LOCAL trailers. Byers Gulf Service. Call Day or Night. 7-9955. : 8-lmoc NICELY .Furnished 4 room apart-, ment Adults only. No drinking. 801 East 3rd, . 3-t'f. UPSTAIRS apartment. 3 large rooms and private bath. 203 High Street. 15-tf 1 BEDROOM unfurnished apartment. 222 N. Louisiana. Sec Sara Katliff. 18-3tp Female Help Wanted AVON Cosmetics has immediate openings for mature women not otherwise employed to. .service excellent Avon territories,. Can earn $2.00 or more per hour. Pleasant, dignified work, Openings in Fulton, McNab, , McCas- ]dll and Columbus, Car necessary. Write Avon, Box 377, Hot Springs, Ark, Give directions to home. 12-lOlc Wanted Hope Star route open for boys 12 years and over, Apply at Hope Star Office, IMPROVED farm or ranch. From ,100,10 480 acres. Write Abo Steih- Ic, JJillstooro, Kansas,' 18-fitp NCAA Fails to pprove Aluminum Bowl LITTLE ROCK — An Aluminum Bowl football game fui Little. -Bock, is nt lo'ost a yen; nway in view of action by the ffationnl ColJeginte Athletic Assn. yesterday, Thp NCAA left the ' proposed Aluminum PowJ off a list of JJ app} s oyed post-seoson games and gajc] it would be considereci along wjtl), three otjliei's at a meeting in " . Tentative pppcoyq] for Ihe game in War Memorial Stadium had been' given bv tho.NPAA special eyen_ts committee parly this year. Executive .gommitte, appvoyal is Jo cpme at the session, pjan§ |ov toe pp were' pui inie operation by , Bowl. Assn.- Goes South for Vacation . - Ipyelf 5o«H3 ;<j' tlie" ygpaUan retrpat lie t pf- all «"U)P Augusta, fiolf. CJub jn,6ppvgia, abo«i a IQ-day stay schemed, gboar,d his pri Services Offered ,u« renovat* yaur old m«t- tress, We specialist In r,e(3 Inperspring. ' •• COBB MATTHEWS SHOP 712 West 4th, PhoDf 1-'. Montgomery M»f*0, tem slaughtering, We l»8v» for your <|eep freeze, Se« ui before b.uyipg, • 17»t* .. 46 »d 50 1.50 btty* .90 I.SO 1.50 i.PO 110 2.40 s.te s.ob Si* Days 1.50 2.66 256 3.66 3.56 4.06 4.56 5.00 Morttf 4.56 6.86 ?.5fl ^;00 10.5*1 12.60-' 13.50 15.00 SEWING MACHINE CO, Sa,les apd Service, 51? East 3r It. E, popt,h, phpne-pB-7-8695, ' QUSTOM slaughtering, Hogs $2. Cattle for hides, Ifaule4 free up to 10 miles. Phone PR 7.3578 or 7-2701. ' 'g7'l' Notice Wf B, P, FRAWKkJN A, if* Bate?, Cal 7«u - W1U Triytl -- - , T *. Bar&pa W.1S Buy and sell Antique •and- bric-arbrejp, SJ-IQP, go"^4, ,Sh.qvfir 4057. , , }ft.- CLASS! PI ED DISPLAY 1 time. 3 times 6 times S6c (aef ihith 65£ per inch sse per inch Rotes queted seeutivd Msertiorts, Irregulor of skip ddte ods will take the one-day rate. All doily classified advertising copy Will he dcc&bted urttil 5 p.rrt. for (publication Hie following day, , t The (jublisher n-;erves the right to 4,1 revise or edit all advestisements 6f fered for publicotibn ond to reject any bbjecliohoble advertising submitted. Initials of one or more letters, groups, of -ficiures, such as housg or telephone numbers count as one word. Thd Hope Slar will not litf responsible for errors In Want Ads Unless irrbrs ore colled to our attention otter FIRST insertion of od and then for ONLY the OKIE incorrect insertion, PHONE; PROSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star Stor of Hope 1S99- Press 19Z7 Consolidated January IB, 1929 Published eyerv Weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Scey-Tres. ot The Star Building 2I2-T4 South Wnlnut'Strcef Hope, Arkansas Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publisher Pou'f H.' Jones, Managing v Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. George ,W; Hosmer, Mcch. Supt. 'Enterdd 'as : second ; class mbtfer ot the Post Office' at Hope, Arkansas, under the Aet of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau; of Circulations Subscription Pio.fss (payable'In qdvah:o). By carrier In.,.'Hope and nelghborina towns •— Per week S .30 Per year 1i60 By mall In. Hempstead, Nevada, LaFayette, Howard and Miller Counties — One month $ ••* Three months 1'85 Six months , 3.50 One year , °-30 '?AII 'other moll — '" One month 1.30 1 Three months 3.90 Six months 7.80 One year ;. 15.60 Not'I Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Sterlrk Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn; 505 T exos Bank Bldq., Dallas 2, Texas: 360 N Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III,; 60 f. 42nd'St., NPW York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscof Bldg., DPfroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklnhomo City 2, Okla, Member of The Awdclotea 1 Press: The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for rrapubllratlon of all the laral nows printed In this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. Tovlbr & Jordan USED CARS — BODY SHOP ~- FOREIGN CARS — » 216S, Orvllje Taylor ' John Bill Jordan WANTED TO BUY pine pulnwopg by Truck "_Cut In Weods gr otherwise, , HAROLD HENDRIX >Phpne pR 7.4321'- 1?th 4 UsylfUiwHepe, Ark, GRILL CAFE — BRIAKFA5T 35c *^> 59s " Hpme Sty|§ Hof Ops p J A, M, to 8 P, M, MATTHI5JI5 r M Wsrk . Furnltwre I C«, Herndon-Corneliui iurJa! ' Ambulance ' ,?,

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