Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 19, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1958
Page 6
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Si* H 9 P 1 STAR, H 6 Truck-Car Accident Leaves One Dead JMftfc BtAJFF. Ark (APi — A ear-truck collisinn on a nenrby rural rond last night killed one person and critically injured fliio- (her. Theo Manuel, n Nt-u.ro, of Wnb Lego) Notice COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the de» crelal order of the Chancery Court ut Hempslciid County, Arkansas, made afid entered on the 18lh day of November. IflSfi, in n certain cause thun pending therein wherein Georgia McKlvcne. ot al. were plaintiffs and Verify Powell, el al. were defendants, the undersigned as Commissionc'r ol said Court, will offer for sale at public vondue to the highest bidder, at the front door or entrance to Ihe Court House in the City of Hope In Jlempslcad County, Arkansas, within the hours fur judicial sales, on Tuesday, the Oth day of December, 1058, the following described real Her course lay quile clear before litr. This was hot the first measurifig the distance as well as she could, squinting to see a little Zt/il, tiirt . t nift tf nft ttisi nit; 11 : ^31. . . - . lime she'd sneaked into the, mu ™ clearly. She was ready, house. She'd plnyed at it oftch — estate situated Hempslciid County, Arkansas, lo-\vit: Lois Nine <!)> and Ten (101 in Block One (I) in Cornelius Addition 10 the City ot Hope, Arkansas; The Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter tSW/i SW'/i< of Section Seventeen (17) and the West Half of the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter iW'/i NW'A N\V',:ii of Section Twenty t20V and all of the Southeast Quarter of the Southcnitt Quarter (SE'/i SEm of Section Eighteen (IB) except one acre in a square in the extreme southwest corner thereof — all in Township Thirteen (Ki) South, liangc Twenty-four (24) .West, and containing in all !)l) acres, more or less. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser being required lo execute bond as required by law and the decree o said Court in said cause, with ap proved surety thereon, bearing in tercst at the rate of six per cen (0%) per annum from date of sail until paid, and u lien being retainer On the premises sold to secure (.In- payment of the purchase money. GIVEN Under my hand this I8tl day ot November, 1U5H. J. P. BYEliS, Commissioner Nov. 19, 26, li)58. hevct imagining that she would someday be doing il in deadly carnesl -- nntl she knew jusl how lo sol about u. There were trerf sciittarcd over t'ie Inwn, and caslonal clumps of planting. She could dodge from one to another »f them, making her way toward the house. She could be seen, of course, if thc-v were looking tot her; bul on the whole she would be well covered and only for o second (mother second third second, would she be exposed. She held her breath again, bascka. wns Ihe victim. In critical condition at a hospital here WHS David T. Fowler. 10, of Wabbaseka. a passenger in Manners car Slnlr Trooper Willie Ingram said the occ'upanls of the truck. Charlie Wooltolk, II). and Anna May Adams, 1(1. were not seriously injured. Both arc Negroes of Wab- bascka Legal Notice Legal Notice COMMISSIONER'ST~SAuT~ ; NOT ICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the de- cretal order of the Chancery Courl of Hempstead County, Arkansas, made and entered on the 38th day of November, 1958, in a certain ;cause then pending therein wherein G. F. Lively, et at. were parties, the undersigned as Commissioner of;:Said Court, will offer for sale at public vcndue lo Ihe highest bid- 'dcr, at the front door or entrance to the Court House in the City of :Hopo in Hempstead County, Arkansas, within the hours for judicial sales, on Tuesday, the 9lh, day of December, 1038, the follow.- nig described real estate situated in Hunpstead County, Arkansas, to-wit: The Southwest Quarter of Ihe Southeast Quarter (SW'/i SE'/i) and Ihe East Half of Ihe Southeast Quarter of tho Southwest Quarter (EVi SE'/i SW/.U of Section Twenty- five (25), Township Nine (9) South, Range, Twenty-Five (25) West, containing GO acres, more or less. TERMS OF'SALE; On a credit of three months, the purchaser being required to execute bond as required by law and the decree of said court in said cause, with approved surety thereon, bearing interest at the rate of six per cpnt (ti'.i) per annum from date of sale until paid, and a hen being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of the purchase money. GIVEN Under my hand this 38lh clay of November, 1958. J, P, BVERS, COMMISSIONER No, 39 2G, 3958, Legal Notice IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS VINCENT W, FOSTER PLAINTIFF MINNIE L. MOORE DEFENDANT LPIGAU NOTICE OF SAUE Notice is hereby given that the nuclei-signed, commissioner in chancery, will, pursuant (o the order of the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, rendered; on the 18(1; day of NP- vember, 1958, in a cause therein pending wb,en,in Vincent \y, Foster js r plainiitt and Minnie L. Moore is defpn.dant, on the Plh day of pe- cembor, 1858, offer for saje at public auction, al tl\c County Cpuvthouse In the City of Hope, County of Hempstead apd State of • Arkansas, to the highest and best •^ Bidder, _tlu following lands and, J property in the ppvtnjy of H.emp. r'^ipjid, Stale of ArKangtis, to-\viU "<• '3'he Northeast Quarter of the n,V,S.9u.theast Quarter (?JEy* SEV 4 ) of geption Thirty-five, (35), Township Fourteen (H) South, Rjnge Twen,* V §&W ?ale wjll be- held betwpen the ^wurs of.nj,ri£ o'clock in the {PVP* : 1< S flo,PA' a«cj yiree o'clock in % a.f|ej\ pf Uv? 4aje aforesaid, upo^ s; pa,sh or p,ne T , ,...!f pap'} and M< Credit i\ot to ejscped -pSl: f'fli? w||l fee fif pent at sag giy? feoivft, to segyi-jo tele 4'.e§lfte4 sm COMMISftlONER'S SALE NOTICE IS MEnEBY GIVEN Thai in pursuance of Iho authority and directions contained in the de- cretal order of Ihe Chancery Court of Hempslead Counly, Arkansas, made and entered on the 18th day of November, 1058, in a certain cause then pending therein wherein T. N. Below, ot al. were plaintiffs and Robert Gaylc, ct al. were defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public vcndue to Ihe highest bidder, at the front door or entrance to the Court House in the City of Hope in Hcmpstcad County, Arkansas, within the hours for judicial sales, on Tuesday, the 9th day of December, 1958, the following described real estate silualed in Hempstead County, Arkansas, to- Beginning 225 feet south of the northeast corner of the West one- fourth of the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (W'Xi SE'/i S\\'V.\1 of Section Twenty-nine (2!)), Township Twelve (12) South, Range Twenty-four (24) West, which is the northeast corner of Lot Tsventy- six (20) in Shady Grove Addition to the City of Hope, Arkansas, and run thence south 195 feet to the •southeast corner of Lot Twenty- seven (27) in said Addition, run thence west 254 feet to the southwest corner of said Lot 27, run thence north J95 feet, run thence east 254 feet back to the point ot beginning — all in Shady Grove Addition to the City of Hope, Arkansas. TERMS OF SALJ3; On n credit of three months, (lie purchaser being required (b execute bond as required by law and the'decree of said court in said cause, with approved surety thereon, bearing' interest at the rate of six per cent (G<;) per annum from date of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises gold to secure the payment of the purchase money. GIVEN Under my hand this 18th clay of November, 1958. J. P. BYEHS, Commissioner Nov. 18, 26, 1058 She dashed to the first tree, Crabbed hold of it to stop her- sell, and stood behind il waiting. Somdohe tn\gM call her. Surely if she'd been seen, she would know il; there would be some sound from the house. But nothing broke the silence. She looked arotihd toward her next goal, a clump of bushes beside the driveway. This was the most exposed part. Slip didn't wait lo worry about it. She could take no other precautions than the ones she had already taken. She sprinted to the bushes, ducked behind them, hoping the lop of her head was out of sight, and flopped down onto her knees in the grass. She had Covered more than half the distance. She waited again, n little longer this time, cquiiiling through Iho leaves toward the hou:;e. Sue was not sure she we ulcl be able to clclecl any lelltalc sign of a A'atcher even if there were one. The windows, at this distance, ivere long' dark rectangles with fuzzy edges. Would she know it f a curtain were dropped cautiously across a face? She thought: Oh, well . . . it's halt over now, anyway. If tbe^ haven't seen me by this time, maybe they won't. She roller! back off her knees, squatting, ready to spring up and run. The next objeclive was a Iree across the driveway. She dashed to it, caught it like the first one. and stopped. No sounds. No sign that anyone had seen her movement. There was one more lap — to the wall of the house, this time. A bod of shrubbery clustered around the back door; she could dive into It, almost head first, hide there, lislen for sounds in Ihe kitchen. She had often hidden there before — playing — and she knew that no one inside could see her once she was safely under cover. She ran out from behind her tree, trying to take a straight course, to do it in as fesv steps as possible, as quickly as posi- ble; and then, almost 'before her had started, it seemed, she felt soft branches nuzzling around her and her knees pressing the earth again. Legal Notice NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That in pursuance of the authority .nd directions contained in' the de> erttal order of the Chancery Court of HEMPSTEAD County, made and entered on the 48th day of November, A, D. 1058 in a certain cause (No, 8}33) then lending therein between Gunter & Timber Corpora tiorf complainant, and Joe S. Trotter d Mary Jane Trotter defendants, ho undersigned, as Commissioner ot 'said Court, will offer for salo it public vpndup to (he highest bjd- dar, a( the East door or entrance of the County Courthouse, in which aid Court is hold, in the County of IEMPSTEAP within the hpurs prescribed by law for judicial pales, on TUESDAY the Oth day of DE- EMBER A. p, 3058, the following dascrjbed veal estate, tP-wit: A pact pf the S»,a Js r J2% See, £7, Twp. 31s, Rge, 20w-, described as fol* lows: Stprt at the SW corner of ho SWVi W&Vt P* said S7*l|s-?(iiv, nd vun thpnca North 440 feet, thence Bast ?§3 feet, to the point of beginning; $un thence }JO oet, then9e East 4?0 {pet, thence South 13Q fpot, }h,pnce WejH $?0foet, 3acK \Q ths-pQjnJ o{ beginning; sarrie 'bpjng ihe parcej of iaty} uppn which is located the Japk, iomo, U/3rcJ> of till? fpwnship H\o ovic.th.ivd, i NE^t Spp. 27, » Rflnge 2§ -\ypst, res o|f oJ tjje >Yes,t pftd, tHerppf. o, tip mvn §\Wi gee. $? t TWP. us., Rgg. ?e\y, Aisa,- yje jjpjfti £ouiJi, t IJjyep mplljl^ ng i-ojpjr^d, i« •$3«4i¥d i^'w decree of. s in s , | ^ » OP 9 pyj-sljajei fe 'ft £040; ibv-pf&w s sg,jd, §$} H would be so easy for her to slip in through the open door, to hid in the kitchen, listen, wait, peer through the crack by the hinges in the pantry door. But she thought: No. That's risky, They might see mo. Anybody might go into the kitchen at any lime. Amy's bourd to come back before long 1 . She'd start talking to mo. They'd know I was hiding in there. But there was another way to got into the house,, a way she had Union to Back Up on Drive to End Corruption By NoMAN WALKED WASHINGTON (AP) — The AFL-CIO faces n problem of backing up on its anlicnrrupUon clriVo or possibly losing another of Ihe labor federation's major unlohs, the Carpenters. Man ice Hut&iesoti, .the Ctir- pchlcrs Union boss, lias dared | AFL-CtO President dcorge Meariy ] lo slop Investigating the carpenters or risk withdrawal of the 8-10,000-lnember Union from the ino-gccl labor organization. Having already tossed out the i!'a million member Tearnslors! Union on corruption charges, AFL-' CIO leaders may think twice about further depleting federation ranks now down to aboht ]3>/i> million members. At an AFL-CIO Executive Council meeting two weeks ago Walter j Reulher. head of the Auto Workers, and Jnmes O. Carey, president of the International Union of j Electrical Workers, moved to oust! Huddleston as a council member j arid AFL-CIO vice president riant then and there. However, the council decided u> give Hutcheson more lime lo ox- pluln his refusal to answer questions by the Senate Rackets Committee tind to discuss his indictment in Indiana highway scandals. While shunning an invitation to allend that council mooting, Hutcheson scni a written denial of wrongdoing or misuse of union funds. Then last week the Carpenters Union convention authorized Hutcheson and fellow union officials to pull the union out of the AFL-CIO if and when they bee fit. The way things stand now. the AFL-CIO council has a s k e d Hulcheson to appear and make I his explanation of corruption charges at its next meeting in .February at San Juan, Puerto Rico, or at a special session whenever Hutcheson is ready. Argentine Congress in Joint Session BIENOS AIRES CAP) — The Argentine Congress mets in join', session tonight to act on the resignation of Vice President Alejandro Gomez. Gomez submitted his resignation to the Senate Tuesday after denying for six days that he had plo\, ted to overthrown President A.- turn Frondizi. Congress was considered certain to accept the resignation. household around her. But it rested securely enough on the brick ledge. She twisted herself around until her feet stuck out in front of her and then, very gently, trying not to mak» the bushes rustle too loudly, she lowered herself, squeezing into the small square space, floored with soggy 1 e a v e s, until lound and used when she was' crouched just in-front of the win- playing in the bushes — it seemed ' so long ago was it only week? She turned her back oh the kitchen door, and looked to the other side. There was a basement under the whole house, and hure —just beside her—one of the windows opened. There was a little brick-lined hole in the ground that I ho window opened into, and an iron grill across the top. The grill was loose, She'd pried it up a _woek ago. And the window below it was unlocked. She squirmed across the two feet to thi. edge of it, and took hoM of the grill. It was ruste.l around the edges, where the mc;al came in contact with the brick, and she had to jerk sharply to pi|ll i' loose, It was henvy, She tilted it bock and (hen Jenncd in against the wall, praying she wouldn t drop it, find heaving in her mind the sopnd it would maHe — the clatter of iron — a sound that would brjna the whole' dow. She pushed it. For a moment it, too, stuck, and then with a scraping of ^paint and wood swung open. It was hinged at the top, and a stick lay on thu sill for holding it open. Below it was the washing machine, She pulled back the slick and closed the window silently. Then she looked around the basement. It was very grsy and very dim, with the only light filtering t h r o u g h the subterranean windows. It was a vast, bleak concrete large the whole house above, stretching away end- Jossly, it seemed, fn one gloomy recess after another, The sound of the waves did not penetrate hero; it was utterly silent, Kath- eiine sci ambled down irom the washing machine and adjusted her skirl. (To pe Cpntinued) < WEST'S J A WEST CO. THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY Nov. 20 Through Nov. 22 THUK5, . F 5ATURPAY HOURSi — §;3Q A, M, tg 5 P, M, iiSO A, M, tg 7 P, M, 5x7 PHOTJ) of YOUR CHIIP FOR ONLY j'S&i' 4 7^i.,^^3y WESTS GIRLS NYLON PANTIES Sizes 4 to 14 Pairs LADIES COTTON SLIPS Size 32 to 48 Sanforized Reg. 1.29" Value € L : a. PLASTIC Shower Curtains Size 6x6 Many Colors CANNON BATH TOWELS Pink, Ye I low,'White, Taffy, Green, Blue Sizes 22x44 Heavy Grade Terry BOYS ; GIRLS' Ribbed Anklets Sizes 6 to 1 1 Many Colors First Quality Pairs MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS Long Sleeves Metalic Woven Sizes S-M-L For MEN'S SWEAT SHIRTS Heavy Grade Sizes S-M-L NEW ™r?j Kf? 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