Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 19, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1958
Page 4
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Pags HOPS S T A R , M 8 P 1, ARKANSAS .a , Nswmte* t§, 1151 <-t •nts ; nvv i hrv I hi' the- Wo PlCl von our I Frnliiv Wr. had by !'!•• ;r-d and | are IT-ll I s.-v , Coaches Warn Prescotl Has Size, Ability The Ilnpr Hiu'h Sr)v«>l Bob \vl1O hnvc the hrsl i-rrord .if learn in Ar1Uiti?a<; will piny old foe KridfU nifilil whon I journey to Prr-scn't I" I Curlpy Wolves. Tn commenlini: M'Slei Jtope Co.it hr's s,i (I "Wr> think our liny."-- nl Of UiPJr hi'llfT pnme.« );j night ngainst ArkfidHnhin good downXiold hlnckini! entire team and il lon sounded awfully ROMC!. proud of them." paid ier intfl Bc-asli" "Prpscnll has a u — one Hint we will have I" respect in order In win. They have 1 ist a few sanies but those were to teams with near-perfect record-They dropped nnt? to Briirdfi. Ifl to 13, who hat; a 9-1 reeord. Jnoinn only to Forclyce Tliey ;ils<> ln«t l<> Dierks M to II! but the Outlaw- have 11 0-1 record, losma onlv lo Broken I3ow, Okla. So vnu e.m SCe they have a pretty gnotl In, it ball team, "Prcscott's line is well-balanrecl with Pry. n 1H5 pound tackle and Steed, the other lackle at. 17n. tThoir two enrls, 170 pound Shrrrncl Who is 0'5" tall; Marl at HiO is ; G'2" tall. Their guards are Peters and Steed at 150 pounds each and Center McKen/.ie weighs 170. "We watched them play Bearden and were real impressed. They have a big fast, backfield led by Worlhinuton at 180 who plays half; ::Sullivan at 170 is fullback. Rillinj's- ley, IGi) is the other halfback and Lewis. 130. is the quarterback. "They all can run and we still can't see why they haven't won more games than they have. I've been scared all year." said Coach Pierce, "and after seeing them play 1 have the nervous jerks." PROPOSING A NEW SUITOR Confirms That :S,choendienst HasTB ; ST: LOUIS (API — Red Schocn- : dicnst, Milwaukee Brnvcs second 'baseman, has tuberculosis but his wife snid ho is determined 1o play njoiih in the major leagues. .iSchoendicnst's persynal physi- ician, 'Dr. Ray Martin, said i> si>- rlos uf tests disclosed beyond a dorbl thi-t the vclonin ballplayer has TB and probably will not be able to play next your. But Schoendienst's wifu, Mary. snid Tuesday night that he was "in very good spirits and dclw- jvuivjd ID play n^am " Red is in Mount St. Rose Sanitarium here. For a week or 10 days he will not bu permitted lu receive telephone en lib or visitors except members ol his inimedi ate family. Dr. Martin s-iid "he's a sick man and medh bod rest." The doctor made no estimate on -how lont> it would (tike Schoon- dienst to recuperatt 1 but Kiid 'IP \s r iis "ontunislR abnut ,i full recovery.' 1 Brrvpp officials said (ho team would miss the slim infiUder but expressed c'onfidence thf-y coulcl "win without him Manager Fred Ilaney said three Braves are second base material Mel Roach, Kehx Mantilla and Casoy Wise Roach, l Irorn surgery to repair lorn JJEUirnpnls, apparently is Uu> likply replacement knee mo.-. I Schoendienst, veteran of 13 years in the major"!, led 'ho , Braves to their 1P57 w >rld cham- pionshi'p. He was bothered virtually all last season \\ith a chest cold which developed int.i pluor- isy, He also injuied n lib and broke a fing"r. He balled only ,262. In spile of his rundown condition. he played a splendid l!)ji! World Series butting 300 *,md well, GiqrdeHo, Webb Fight Tonight S_AN FRANCISCO (AP>— Middln >\'ojght contender Joev Ojardi'Uo Hims to enlist public support tonight in jiis campaign to win a shot at the titlo '*If I put up a good fight, maybe the people will help mo," =avs joey wh')p goes against Spider ^cbb at the Cow Palnce in a |0- a - OHi;der televised by ABC m 10 . , Qja.rdello, 28, is ranked No. 3 'contender in the IGO-pound Division J»y .both Ring muijaxinc and tho 'SKfliio»«} Boxing As-sn. ," Wpbb, 2G, a former Olympic boxer frcy-p Chie^eo. holds the No. 4 v spat ip the NBA ratings und . S in Rinu mafn/4ne'?, re good boxers with a - \Veb,b showed his, jicte Insl when he knocked out -y Pplhown in tl>e fourth d, after being;. d,o\vn twige him' " % This One Likes Texas Tech Over Porkers By HAROLD CLAASSEN Associated Press Sports Writer NEW YORK (AP)—This is the weak that any bump or bruise suffered on n football field becomes a knightly coat of arms — a regal black badge surrounded by a fringe of royal purple. That's because of tradition, old chap. Picking the winners, tradition- all of course: Harva.rcl over Yale: Absolutely nothing at stake in this one. The Hnrvards, beaten 54-0 last year, will try to pour it on, California over Stanford: This is known as the Big Game on the West Coast but this ti,me it is big only for the Golden Bears. Louisiana Stale over Tulane: LSU will be Tulane's guest but what Billy Cannon and Johnny Robinson will do to the Tigers is a caution, Ohio State over Michigan: This one always is unadulterated fury. Bob White to make Benny Oosler- baan's farewell a sad one. Missouri over Kansas: Both the conches in this one are new. The things they will see wil surprise them. Southern California over UCLA; San Francisco had, an earthquake once, Los? Angeles survives this collision each autumn, Texas Christian over Rico 1 Not only is this one traditional but this lime the Cotton F.owl berth could hinge on its outcome, Klsinvh. re Iowa over Notre Dame, Southern California over UCLA, Florida over Florida Stale, North Carolina over Duke, T.^n nessce over Kentucky, Boston University over Connecticut, Uoly Cross over Manuiette, Dartmouth over Princeton, Kutf.crs over Columbia, Villamna over Quantico Marines. Detroit over Dayton, Northwestern over t.lhnois, North Texas Slate over Louisville, Michigan State over Kansas State, Oklahoma over Nebraska, Purdue ovor Indiana, Wichita over Georsje. Washington, Wisconsin over ]\Hn- nej-ota, Alabama over Memphis Slate, Auburn over Wake Forest, Clemson ovor Boston College, Davidson over Furman, (icoigui o\er The Citadel. South Carolina, over North Carolina State, Maryland over Virginia, Syracuse over West Virginia, Southern Methodist over Bdyku'. Texas Tech over Arkansas, Arizona State over Arizona, Wyoming ovir Brigham Young, Oregon State over Oregpn, Wash- mgtun Slate over Washington, Jegc of Pacific over San A,\r Force over New Mexico. Syracuse May $y Reports fro,m Jdiami say Syracuse is the likely c)\oice to oppose Oic Big ^ight ret?respntjt- tive — most |ikcly in the Qr^nftP ^lowl Day.- Bui non-poet, jtyog nam?4 who could iwt »he laiP of- 1958 CONSUMPTION . , "' '""•'• ENOUGH TO SUPPLY ALL !'. , - .; '•'• ,1.3 vi,,, /'," • '/'lit '* jurru i A\UU ... • , • •— ,"\;\ /i'' ' ; . : K- ° F 1959 ' S NEEDS ^' BILLI ° N K - 1 - .f-" BILLION."A "^ ,v,' ; AC C^ULATED; ^ . BUSHELS ! • SURPLUS • ••".'!.. i. • "•* 1957 CROP ] BILLION BUSHELS 60.3 MILLION ACRES ON 55 MILLION ACRES 1959 (EST.) 1.2 BILLION ^^^^ \ <v x?X ^v ON 55 MILLION ACRES GOOD NEWS IS BAD NEWS—Despite determined government cutbacks on wheat neiviig'.-, this year's harvest looms as the largest on record. 500 million bushels more than can be consumed at home or by export. This means that America's mountain of surplus wheat will be hiked up to 1.3 billion bushels. Tins IK enough, -.i\ the Di pjilmtm of Agiiculturc, to fl.'l all our needs 1'or ISiSSJ and still have 300 million bushels for I960. But already am.ther bumper crop is bbini» predicted for next year. The government ;it present holds §2.5 billion worth of "wheat in *t.ora«o bins 1 worth ?250 million, costing $-150,000 a day to maintain. „, , LOOK T9 YOUR LAURELS, DIXIE— It's cotton-pickm' in ol' Ohio, bUh, Farnur l-ioJ Shuman examines bolls time from six-i'oot plants a i-l -wn >n lus y;»vd in T-owull, The seeds noy» produce buslvheiglu growth in the Hope Star Classified Ads A6S MUST ee IN O.M.ICE DAY BEF.O.RE PUBLICATION — PHONE 7*343? f&fc AD TAKER The schedule Of Soillhaf Periods, as printed beiow, has beett takefi from John Atdett Knight's Sdluhai 4 • Tables. Plan your days so that ! you will be fishing Ln good territory , or hunting in good cover during ; these times, .If you, wish to ffrid the bost sport that each day has to I offer. ! The Major Periods are shoWtt in boldface type. These 'begin at the times shown and last for 1 an hour and n half or two hours there* 1 after. The Minor Periods, shown in regular type, are of spirieWhat I shorter duration. ! A. M. P.M, : Minor Major Minor Major We-dncs. 6110 l?.!-25 G!30 Thursday 12:45 6:65 1:10 7:15 7:40 8:35 9:10 Friday Saturday Sunday 1:30 ?: in 3:00 1:55 2140 .3:25 8:45 8:45 9:30 Mexico Ready for Top Golf Matches MEXICO CITY CAP)— The glit- U'ring fairways and greens of tic reptively beautiful Club 'de Golf Mexico were given a final trim today on the eve of the International Goli' and .Canada Cuu matches. A record field of G3 stars from 32 countries* will tee off Thrusday in the first of foui 18-hole daily rounds on the tough 7.216-yard par-72 course on the outskirts of the Mexican capital. The two-man team with the lowest combined score will \vin'the Canada Cup. The',.individual low scorer will win the International championship. - , . "Anyone shooting 28,0 will'-win.'' predicted defending champion Torakichi ("fete) Nakamura of Japan, waving a chopstick over a hot Japanese meal delivered to him and teammate Koirhi Ono at the clubhouse. "I think a 282 will bo ,good enough," said young Gary Players of South .Africa, The man expected to shoot that winning low score despite his age, is Ben Hog'an of the United States. Hog an and Sammy Sneacl, both 40 and the oldest in the tournament, are also favored to win the team trophy. Exnerts rate the U.S team No. 1 followed by Japan; South Africa, England, Ireland, Australia, Sw>-' den, Wales and Argentina, Hogan and .Nakamura are betting favorites, but they could be upset by Playai. Snead, Wales' Dai, Rees or Dave Thomas, Peter Alhs Jr of Enelcnd or Floiy Van Dpnk of Belgium. Ho^an and Sneacl arc matheu agaiiTst Argentina's strung Fidel cle Lua and Leopoldo Rui in the opening contests, Japan's defending champions tangle with Mexico's hosl team of Jose Gonalc and Juan Ncri. opening game victory, to three moved Jeff Lnngslon, to NO. 1 }eft wins and a lie in their last Join games, Longfellow, a m\te' at 5 foot 9, has* gamed M8-7 yards in 9 games to overtake Virginia T.oeh's BsU Jiolscjaw, who has end and Capl. John JJoqerfi \vpvKoc| at fullback in place of Ihc Jnjwed linn Horn' At JNi'oryi , Carolina, where the Tar l^eplg aro,stUl hoping fop i\ .vcrmtv-o y«-em»* •j.ut-Hs DU Tyr i^ plg ftr0j still hoping fop i\ iclaw who M all star.on, Hu.bowl bid, things were settled dowir completed 72 of lo9 passes mn today after n verbal scuffle bp- ynrd? and 6. touchdowns, jtwcon Tu.rh.cl Coach Jim Taivim Another bov.-J hppcfui. Clumson. and North Carolina paaeh f;arl? toJs ji verbal |)rod from Coach-Kdward? over eligibility pf ?>', <3. gnipe \vilh, Poston Col- talk like thuy wanna's fia to a, bowli' 4 ' he s?»id, "but now I'd |ik,e to ?bp \e<n P'ay that w<.y. We (Jon't lafjfc good at all, U> Dick Tatvu« que S»biUty whjjo he. K'-arnod Ihe soph-, wnuye had agrt'4 tfl play pro with the paUipxB^ p e lts. ihe gig U,<>june , $lght Utle- offieidlly, bolh wm-ljei! 90 rf Tuesday, OR ip^; Sicfe'^iBli'QSant'e, liob^lEa )« 'Ift? ^Rf^^MTO'-l^f'-'V 8 ' 8 * 'Bssted.m; ^e-^aim.", r >- :,," : '-*j-- played for the Camp, end, his eUfi,bMy,« by Funeral Directors Ambtilanee Service Bunial Association OAKchF.ST FUNEftAL HOME Dial PR 7-2123 Instruction PRfVATE music lessons On all Sax- aphoncs, Cornet. Trombone, Baritone, Piaho, Piano Accordion & Organ. Phone PR 7-3309 or see Rev. S. Joseph Geno for com* pletc details. 13-6tc Lost B12AGLE Wound, Between Highway 29 and Spring Hill Road. Moon M'ullins on collar. Call Hare Seed store. 7->3829. 18"3tp Found A RED muley cow. weight 850 pounds. Jumped in pasture of W. U. Wade, Blevins. 18-4tp Lost or Srrayed By TOM HOGE UNITED NATIONS, N.Y (AP> — The prosntcls looked good to. day for unanimou" U.N a^reo- incnt to, get started on an International study ol ways to 'explore outer space for peaceful purposes, Russia's sudden shift toward 'he estern pofjtion brought demands trom several quarters, that Western and Soviet delegates meet to non out their remaining differences and farmulaie a unified resolution for the U.N. AS' sernbly, Western delegates were heartened by the new Soviet proposal, which dropped oaUirr derrmiids for abandonment of U.S. bgses. ovevseas and a ban ori military space missiles. This appeared to eliminate the chief hurdle to agreem.erit. In presenting hj$ new plan, Sq. yiet Depyty Foreign Mjnister made plain the Vnion wou.ld eontiiiup to press for abolitjo.n of American oyersea? . ses and a bgp on seeding mjjj ,l,aj-y ' missiles ' into outoj spaep " But he indicated this would N> done through tjio nc-w SJ-iiaijoiv \J.N. pisarmamont Commission,, Russia's new proposal caljed. /or creation of an Jl-uatioij st^ly gj'Oup to svarj< gut the "pVPgl'Sm 9nd rules' 1 foil a permanent, \y.!J. fomm^itce. Xor corporation in fh.0 study 'pf outer sj'aco foj> pejjce|u| CS. ynitod Stgtes and Ji? nation^', have ,a,ls9 Pf, 9 tejnporar the pqssf!piJU%s at in «,9.yit,e}' §,nd ,to ' yxf** . .f'.i 'A, "T-'™ vf 11 . ^wj^'fw* '• ^.-"^^ •t*' 5 W«J»Hl PW«M|tt»- -.HI4; 'W BLACK arid white male setter bird dog pup. 5 months old. Reward. Buddy Calhoon, RFD 3, Box 186 Hope' Ark, Phone PR 7-3014. 19-Gtp For Rent or Sale 3 B-E'DROOM home. 416 S. Grady. Contact or call Mrs. W. I. Siroud. YUkon 3-2362 Washington. 14-1-mo .c to A S'MA'LiL furnished apartment, with- ibedroom, kitchenette and bath. In the city or on edge of town. .Male occupant, quiet and orderly. Write Box B, Hope Star, Hope, Ark. 17-3tp The Negro Community Esther Hicks Phone 7-4678 or 7-4474 For Sola ALWMtNtjM screens, doors, stbrrrl windows, weather » stripping, ih- sulation, roofing, awnings, gut' tering, ornamental railing, estimates, Andy Andrews, 1-5861' oo sWeE-SAJtfi-ft pickup. bed. heater, clean aftd in good condition. Phone i ?-2204 oi' 7-4011, All Want Ads are poyafc'r) 'A gf blif ads Will bt 4c6>0ted the telephone and ar..:6ffidda- Jterl accbUnts allowed with tHS Uft- 'ciefstandirtg the faccourtt is payable >h6fl slatefnePif Is reriddrSd. FIVE room house". .$1.000. A good buy to rebuild or rrioVe. Johjj W. Webb, Ozan, Ark. 21'lrrt'- Nufttb^f Of WbW i Up fo 'T5 16 16 20 *1 to 53 54 to 30 31 to 35 3.0 to 46 41 to 45 %& id SO Bay .'45 .60. '.90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.5& Three Day's .90 1.20 1.50 ' t.80 2.10 2.40 5.70 3.00 -SlJt 1.56 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 S.OO Ort« Montt 4.SO 6.69 7.58 ,. 12.00 13.50 15.00 1951 OLDS Fordor. hardtop. Gbod Second car. Call PR 7'248?, FIVE room home. Dinette and car« port. Completely furnished. Sell cheap for quick sale. Phone 7* 4047. 14-Glc F"ACR-ES. Hope edge, modern 4 room furnished house. $8,000 <— $2,500 downpayment. Balance like rent. 11 ACRES. 1,000 ft. Hwy. 07 front age. Fully modern 5 room home. Ideal business sites. STROUT REALTY CO. . 620 W. 07 Hwy. 15'Gtp PECANS, 35c Ib. Russell White,-. Spring Hill Road. PR 7-3909, 17-3tc. COLDSPOT Refrigerator, like new, also good used gas range and small dinette suite. Will sell reasonable. Call Oonal Parker, 73431. 17-tf 3 SMALL tracts of land near town suitable for chicken farms. 80 acres timber land two miles out of Foreman, Ark. Sec Ralph Saunders or Phone 7-4001. 19-lf For Rent LOCAL trailers. Byers Gulf Service. .Call Day or Night. 7-9955. 8-lmoc T.hought for th e day A person completely wrapped up in himself makes a small package — Anon. Calendar of Ev e nts Wednesday, Nov. 19 The Yerger Band Mother's Club .will meet tonight at 7:30 p.m. in the Band Building. All members are urged to be present. | BeBee Chapter No, 412 OES. will meet tonight at 7 o'clock at Davis Chaptel 'Methodist Church. NICELY Furnished 4 room apartment. Adults only. No drinking. 801 East 3rd. 3-tf UPSTAIRS apartment. 3 large rooms and private bath. 203 High Street. 15-tf 1 BEDROOM unfurnished apartment. 222 N. Louisiana. See Sara Ratlitt. 18-3tp Thursday, Nov. 20 Zorah Chapter No. 4 OES will meet Thursday, Nov. 20 at Hicks Funeral Home. All members arc asked to be present. On Friday, night, Nov. 21 the chapter will sponsor a benefit m Harris Gym. The public is invited. The Southwest District Congress Chorus will meet for rehearsal Thursday, Nov. 20 at 7 p.m. at Munn's Chapel Baptist Church in Prescott. State 4-H Club Congress On Nov. 13 nn H, three 4-H Club members from Homestead, along with Miss E. L, Ford, assistant HD Agent, attended the State 4-H Club Congress on Philander Smith College campus in Liittle Rock, Attending were Sclvis Wade, the stale song leader and .county achievement winner; Sammie Grace Tyree, county leadership winner, both of Blevins-Iron Springs 4-H Club and Charles Block of Anlioch Club, state leadership winner, Sammie Tyrec won second place in the hula hoop contest, Charles Block, a state winner, is eligible to attend the Regional 4-H Camp in Washington, D, C, Brotherhood C|ob Hss Meeting The Brotherhood Club of the Rising Star Baptist Church met Monday night, Nov. 17 for their regular weekly meeting with U members present. * ' t The Bible lesson, taught by Rev, H. p. Washington, was -from 23r* psalms '91 '"Unity." CJa.veno<? Hadley was accepted as q jie\v memjjer'of the cjub, pro, C, «. Johnson, president,; H. It, Washingion, teap)ier; the Rev. M, J* RU e X I s „ , M'rs, Iropip 0}}isori \va? oalject to Portjancj, Oj-fi, d,ue io the JJlness her daugJjtpr, Tims. Mi's-'- Mrs. Mvs. JP Hope . The At- Ppnvent)0»i plans to orgpnUation tn wwi>yi» ymww*>- \^^^^wm^^\f n T'7nA^ h ^7\ Thk U.A'H ni- ' i Female Help Wanted AVON Cosmetics has immediate • openings for mature women'not otherwise employed^ to service excellent Avon territories. Can earn $2,00 or more per hour, Pleasant, dignified work. Openings in Fulton, -McNab, McCaskill and Columbus. Car necessary. Write Avon, Box 377, Hot Springs, Ark, Give directions to home. 12-10tc Wanted Hope Star route open for boys 12 years and over. Apply at Hope Star Office. IMPROVED farm or ranch, From 160 lo 480 acres, Write Abe Steinle, Hillsboro, Kansas, 18-6tp Services Offered LJST ,us renovat* your old tress/ We sp'eelalizt in prei»urt- Fed Jnnersprlng. COBB JMCATTRESS SHOP 712 West 4th, Phone 7-39M Montgomery torn slaughtering, W« have m«»t for your deep freeze, Se* ui before buying, Vj-q SINGER SWING JVI/VCHJNB .CO, Sales and Service, 513 "East 3rd, t, E, Booth. Phone PR CUSTOM slaughtering, Hogs $2, Cattle for ; hides,- JJauJed free yp to ip miles. Phone PR 7>3578 pr 7-270}. > 27'J=fnp Notice B. P F A, P. . SOTAT YaBt** Wttl l*iy« *" It'll tl*l , brie-a-bvap. BYPRg QU'JS SHQp, Ps » CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1 time S.Oc pef Irtch S times -. 65c pef Inch o times ., S5c per jrtch Rates quoted above are for cbrt- seclifiye insertions. IfhegUlar or skljS date ads will tdke the one-day fate, All dally classified adver.Mslhg copy will be accepted uhtil 5 p.m. .Jot publicatlbh Hio following day, \f The publish.*"' fuscrves. the right to revise of edit all ddvestlsernehls of fe'red for publication and to reject any objectjorjable advertising submitted."" Ihitials of one or more letters, groups 6f .fl.siires, such as houje or telophorie n'um'bsrs count as one word. The Hop.a Slor will not be respon- slble fof (jrf.ors in Want Ads unless errors a't> colled to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then for ONLY,the; ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPEGT 7-3^31 Hope Star S»nr of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated'January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C, E, Palmer,'President Alex. H. Woshburn, Soey-Trei. at The Star Building ^ 212-14 South Walnut Street • Hope, Arkansas Alex: H. Woshburn", Editor & Publisher Poul H. Jones, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmer, Meeh. ! Supt. Entered as second class matter at the Post Office ot Hope, Arkonsot, under the Act'of March 3, 1897. Mem'u'er of the Audit'Bureau of Circulations Subscription Ratas fpayable li^ 'advdndo) By carrier In Hope and neighboring) * towns — Per week f .30 Per year li>60 By mall In Hempstead, Nevada, l.aFoyette, Howard and Miller Counties — i One month •• 5 'J| Three months '•»> Six months »••>" • jOfi* ve«' j *•* , All other moil — 9 One month • '•'" Three month Six months ,., One ycor ; . Not'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dollies, Inc., 1602 Sterirk Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn.; 505 T oxas Bank Bldg., Dallas ,2, Texas; 360 N, Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III,; 60 E, 42nd St., NPW York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscor Bldg., Detroil- 2, Mjch,; Terminal Bldg., Oklohomo Cit>*2, Okla Member of The Awoelated freii: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republicatlon of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as well as all AP news dispatches. "Tqy|or & USED CARS ~ BODY SHOP — FOREIGN CARS •* 216'Sr Hazel Phone 7^022 Orvllle Taylor • John Bill Jordan TO PUY Pine Pulpyypop by Truqk Load Cut In HAROLD HENPRIX "Phone PR 7-4??! .-, GRIU. CAFE «- JRIAKFA5J ,«* 35s «, Oc — $5s Style MATTRISSE5 ^ Rtiiulit 9T MM» Jnta innw» a«,irintff|r ' PAYIf and HAULING "

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