Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 19, 1958 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 19, 1958
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To City Subscribers! , tf yeu fail te g§l yatof-Star please fgfiphofii 74431 by 6.-30 p. m. and a spseiaf gaff igf will delivgf y&uf 60TH YEAR: VOL, 60 - NO. 3 1 *UOt Knife For Waatltif lUpofti Sea €efuffifl af BaHem of This Paa§ HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, NOVIMIIR 19, 1958 Three Ways for • t - • ^» • • ^ • • v v w ill »'• n I* /* • • Berlin Crisis By SEVM6UR fOPPINdi BERLIN (AP) — Communist .East Germany dropped a stfong hint today it expects to get con* trol over the Allied ait 4 corridors leading to isolated West Berlin. I These would be the Allied garri'' \9°fis only lifeline if the surface routes were closed. The hint came in the East Berlin newspaper Nque Zeit. It declared the United States, Britain and Franco are violating a four-power agreement that the air corridors—stretching between Berlin and Frankfurt, Hamburg and Hanonver — Would be used only for Allied military purposes. 'Pan American, Air France and « ritish European Airways use :em for regular passenger flight, These airlines also carry out the thousands of refugees that stream into West Berlin every month from East Germany. Neue Zelt contended the -Western Big Three were using the corridors "for purposes of the cold war and the time has come for new negotiations on their use. This article fits another piece Jnto the .pattern of the Soviet jfclonis campaigln—touched off by Nikita Khrushchev last week—to turn over control of supply lines to the East German Communists and force the Allies out of Berlin. Soviet withdrawal from the four-power occupation of the old German capital is now considered a certai&ty, although authorities here had no idea how soon it would come. The Western Big Three were al- ^eady getting set to cope with the ^impending transfer of control over surface supply across 110 miles-of East German territory, those were cut in the 1948-49 bloackada that was broken by airlift. The Russian action was expected to touch off the most serious Berlin crisis since the 1948-49 Continued on Page Two College Rioting Broken by Police CttAftLOTTfiSVlLt.E. Va. (At 1 —A demonstration b> about 1,000 students agaihsl University of Virginia regulations curbing 1 the use of automobiles Was broken Up Tuesday night by police using tear gas. '' ' Five Students were arrested ahd charged With disorderly conduct aiid resisting arrest. More than 25 state troopers from central Virginia were summoned and brought tear gas with them. The incident began when an old car was dragged into an open field and set afire to protest the ban mng of automobiles for all but senior students. The crowd of students began marching in a massed line toward (jbwnlown Qharlottesville. They were met by a solid wall of state, city and university police. When the students refused to return to the campus, police fired tear, gas bombs into the Crowd, .Weather Experiment Station report for 24-hours ending at 7 a. m, Wednesday, High C2, Low 36, o precipitation. Total 1958, precipitation through October, 47,d8 inches; during the same period a year, ago, 61,74 inches. RED RIVER rose 3,3 feet at Index to 9,4 feet and 1,6 feet at Fulton to 11.1 feet; LITTLE RIVER ifc'osc six feel at Horatio to 30,5 ™'eel and 2,3 feet at Whitecliffs to 23.2 feet, Little River is cresting at Horatio and the rise at White- cliff s will continue to a crest of 25,5 feet lo 26,5 feet about Thursday. Flood stage is 25 feet, Denison Dam discharge, 2,410 cfs; Texarkana' Dam, none. Cold Spreads Across Half of Nation By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Strong' northwest winds from the violent storm which raked the Rockies and northern Midwest fanned cold air across the eastern half of the nation today. Gale warnings remained posted on the Great Lakes. Wind gusts of 50 and 60 m.p.h. lashed northern Michigan Tuesday. A big cargo ship with a crow of 35 was caught in the mountainous waves of Lake Michigan and apparently .broke up and sank off Gull Island* 38 miles north' of Charlfivoix. The missing fil5-fool carrier was the Carl D. Bradley. Gale-like winds also hammered the north shore of Lake Superior as the tail-end of the storm struck the Dakotas and Northern and northwestern Minnesota. Towering waves smashed summer cabins and resorts as the storm swept into-northwestern Ontario.' At least 10 deaths were allrJb-: uted to the snow storm which, pounded sections 1 frum' Idaho. Utah and Arizona-" .northeastward 1 to-Minnesota. "However, temperatures rose from sub-zero and freezing levels in the storm- stricken areas of the West. Warmer weather was the outlook in rill areas Vest of the Mississippi Riv- SKY SPY—An air-to-ground robot "spy," the Republic' SD-3 f a0 , m1 ^-n SU T° ( V nanc0 ^ ronei , ls shown above oni il s portable Armv S! Pl , at £ orm ' ?. llrre " 11 ?; undergoing night tests with the Army Signal Corps, the pilotlcss drone switches from television to radar, infra-red or photographic sensing devices by means of interchangeable nose units. Driven by a pusher propeller, it is launched initially by JATO rockets l p Talks Against Taking Paying Cancer Cases LITTLE ROCK CAP)—A incm- 3cr of the state Cancer Control Commission told the Arkansas Legislative Council loday- that any icceptancc of paying patients by he Medical Center here would eopardize other charitable pro- Dr. Frank Kumpuris took issue with a report by a Now York con- ARK 'REGIONAL FORECAST By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ' Ail sections; Fair this afternoon •pnighl and Thursday, warmer Triuirsrtay, Friday partly cloudy and mild, High this afternoon low 60s central and northeast, low to mid 60s southeast, in 60s northwest and southwest; losv lonjght upper 30s central, in 30s northeast and northwest, near 40 southeast iipcl southwest. ARKANSAS: Generally fair through Thursday, warmer Thursday, Lowest 35 to 40 tonight, High,-. 0st in COs Thursday, LOUISJJANA: Fair today through Thursday, Colder east find south portion. Lowest 35 to 45 interior with a few spots of frost topjght, WE-ATHSR THf? Py Albany, ploucly Albuquerque, dear Anchorage, cloudy jBUjtinlftj cloudy '' Bismarck," clear Poston, ploudy Buffalo,, cloudy Chicago, dear Cleveland, cle.av Denver, cloudy 'Pes M.oines,' clear' .Detroit, plear Fprt Worth, clear -JJpJena, High fcow Pr 58 5§ JSa ansas QJty", |0 13 79 51 '28 1? 5? <}? 74 4S 5§ *7 69 ,37 i5 eQ 41 ?S? 67 W 57 34 •1(2'35 48 27 ,P3 l One Candidate Would Defy U.S. Court LITTLE ROCK (AP)—A candi date for the Little Rock School Board said yesterday he would be willing to defy federal court integration orders to reopen Little Rook's four high schools as segregated institutions, Traffic Judge Robert Laster said he would be 'willing to go to jail if necessary "to uphold Ihe principles in which J .believe." None of the other 13 candidates for the six school board posts has expressed willingness to defy the courts, although those who have made public statements said they fa\ored segregation, The schools did nol open this order of Gov, Ovval E; who sought to block fi> tegration. All six school board seats are vacant in the Pec. G election as a result of the resigna lion of five members and the elee tion to congress of the sixth- Meanwhile, tho Little Rook Pri vate School Corp. is considering expanding its facilities at mid term. Pr, T.J. Ran'oy, corporation prc« sident, said Little Rock student; Who wtjnt to schools in nlhev giliiv Want to eoma back. The school no\y provides classes for about 850 of the 3,000 white students left without classroom: when public schools were elosec jn, the facp of court integration orders About 1,850 Ljttia RocH students -?Y *¥. t^W*»* *'' •• ^4VV l -*»'V,l i ' 1 teta, 4=a Vlr I Atf^^ 1 ^5- Medical Center take paying patients. Kumpuis said the state now gets the equivalent of a two million dollar cancer program for $125,000 because so much tree work is done by physicians and hospitals. Ho did not elaboiate on how the program would be imperiled if tho Medical Center accepted some private patients. The physician spoke in support of the Cancer Commissions request for an additional $50,000 to care for indigent cancer patients who cannot > qualify under the' states welfare program, ', In addition to the regular state appropriation of $1G,880 a year the Cancer Commission expects to receive $33,000 in federal grants. Tho Legislative Council also heard a request for $25,000 for the Arkansas Childrcns Hospital, This budget amount is the same as the current 'appropriation, Supt. Ruth Beall said the actual budget last year was more Ih.in $030,000 with the extira money coming from the Community Chest, counties, private donations and other sources. Yesterday the council cut proposed pay raises from the state Welfare Department's multimillion dollar budget and then approved Value of Farm Business Cited by Hope Judge The observance of the fourth annual Farm-City Week in Hope reached its climax yesterday with an 'address by Circuit Judge Lyle Brown before the Hope Kiwanis club and some 40 honored farmer- guests which filled to capacity the private dining- room of Diamond cafe and spilled over into the caf- the A«i6tt«tt<i ftm t Audit 8uft«it of A*. Nef Patrf Cini. ft MSI. andrng S:BI. 36, ml J,46d PRISE No Integration Says Voters of Norfolk, Va. NORFOLK, Va. IAPJ — Local voters advised the City Coimin an informnllonal rcfc'rendtim Tuesday that they do Hoi want si* tilosed while schools returned to city control for integtated operation. It was the first lime the ques tldn had been put to residents In any of the three localities In which schools are closed under Virginia's massive rcsitance to inlcgra- .Ibn laws. Unofficial returns from the city's 4C precincts gave 12,RIO votes against requesting Gov. J jindsay Almond Jr. lo return the schools lo 8,712 vole for making Ito request. ,The outcome of the balloting Is ic|l binding on the council, al- .Itough at ( 4lcasl five of Its seven members ' had indicated they voukl act on a majority vote. friiree junior high and three scn- or high schools have been closed slji'ce Sept. 29 when the City e'hool Board, complying with a (bderal Court desegregation or- or, enrolled 17 Negroes. Sti.it'- 1 a.iiv requires the immediate clos- hg of any public school in which he races are mixed. The law also provides that Iho ;overnor may, at his discretion, cturn any closed school to the ocality if the local governing' body nd school board so ask. But if it s returned and opened on an in- efiratcd basis, state funds arc cu( ff. Two of 35 Aboard Ship --•,-,. Which Sunk in Lake Michigan Are Rescued Others Sighted ,1 • * f jvjKJ • v?y £' ?3 '3 •Jd Welfare Dept. Pay Raises GutbyALC LITTLE ROCK (AP) — The Aransas Legislative Council Vester- ay cut proposed pay raises from the state Welfare Department's multi-million dollar budget and th&i approved It,. The council okayed $50,272,000 a year for the next bicnnium for the agency — $40,000 less than it requested. An increased staff was sought raw -materials that has made I by the department, including 50 eteria. Brown -'declared that production of food and fiber by the farmer is of fundamental importance to .the United States, and of the wise use of all the God given natural resources which serve as .01 . ']Y{emph.is, i* 40 ..eft 35 35 ;•" £0 17 §8 33 f , Ifoyk,, ctoudy , 4099 41 §S « 57 ,58 m 76 . are i-jifojlecl in school elsewhere.— in and out of Arkansas, sajd, the corporation has received a total of about $225,000, in contributions lo finance thi> school- He said more money wlJJ J?e needed but thai the amount on whether an expansion 4, L-jghflSMt 7S/ of Columbus, Dies President Hopes Waste Con Be Cut WASHINGTON (AP —President Eisenhower hopes federal spending in the year stavling July 1 can be cut below this yoar's estimated $79,200,000,000, Rep, Joseph W. Martin Jr. (R.'Mass) reported today. The House GOp leader who lojd newsmen of the President's hopes alter a breakfast conference at e White House. Martin also paid he and America great. "Farming has come to the day of mechanization, an assembly line process in which fewer farmers are producing more and more food, livestock and poultry which accounts for the fact that the American family loday is eating better than any nation in the world. "Farming is a big business with assets of $135 billions of dollars invested in land, homes and farm implements, "The farmer's dollar right here in our own community plays a big part in our economy, It's turnover is greater than the industrial dollar, I am told that HompsteaU county this year will produce two -million dollars in livestock, a half million dollars in dairy products; nearly a million broilers; hundreds of thousands of commercial eggs in addition to other farm products. "It is good to have a Farm-City Week, an event that brings city and farm people closer together, an opportunity to discuss our problems and complexities, About 6000 other communities across tho nation arp | more case workers. Only about 14 million dollars of the department's budget will come Irom state sources, Federal ai.-l will .supply the rest, ' Budgets on five other agencies were approved and one deferred. The council pul off action on n budget of 5)99,070,83 a year for the Girls' training school. The institution sought another $200,000 lor construction and re-pairs. Budgets approved were for the Negro Boys Industrial School, $103, 000 for the 1959 fiscal year and $95,000 for I960; the while Boys" Industrial School, $140,700 a year; the Fargo Training School for Negro girls, 757,800; the Arkansas Confederate Home, $30,500; and and the child welfare division of Ihe Arkansas Veterans service ollice, $48,280, Faubus Declares Government Is Rights Threat LITTLE KOCK (tl')-Gov, Orveil E, Faubus warned today that tin all-powerful central government wsos a massive threat lo Inherent Ights, Including Iho right of workers lo organize into labor unions. .Faubus, addressing the Arkan- 'sas State AFL-CIO convellon. said loaders of the labor movement should "fully and clearly realize that your rights to organize and bargain collectively are guaranteed more by thalo and local governments than by an all- powerful central government," Refuting a previous speaker, Faubus declared emphatically that he was not suppovting a third party movement. "1 nm a loyal member of the Democratic Parly and 1 will do everything In my power to remain so," he said. Former Gov, Sid McMalh, addressing the convention last night, labeled Faubus as a prime mover, in such a movement which McMath said was ."well-established" in the South. Faubus did not mention McMalh by name, Fnubus asserted American workers "must not 'be led, as workers of other countries, .into surrender- ins individual freedoms for tlui promise of material gains." He said Adolph Hitler of Germany promised the workers evury- Ihmg and they gave him all power, but this led lo persecution of min orilies, destruction of ,acadomi<? freedoms 'and 1 eventual destruction' "of Ihe-eounlryr ' ' ''"" '*; "Hitler suid he would build Uiu finest highways in the world, and he did," Fau'bus said, "but what good is fine highways unless Jt leads 5o a ....onic, a church, a leads to a homo, a church, n longs to you? I personally would rather cjimb the most rugged mountain trail afoot as a free man than "-to ride the finest autobahn Opposition Shown by Hungarians BUDAPEST (AP)— ltun«ni-lnns snubbod fli of the W),l!)2 cantli- dales pul forward by the Communists iii a single-ticket election for vlllfifi'e councils, the government announced today. With only one Slate of candidates appearing on the bnllnt, scratching off mimes was the only way voters eoulcl show opposition lo the Hod regime. Hoys Beaten by 1,256 Votes LITTLE ROCK (AP)—Certified returns of Hie Fifth District con- having a simitar- observance", grcssion&I race show Dr, Dale Al Judge Brown concluded. Pretty Girl Foib Plans of Bank Robbe N.J. A pretty hower convinced that with proper parly organization the Rc- puWicaps gtin st?ge a bjg political coineback iji JS60. As (or spending, Martin said Eisenhower is determined to cut ixpendiUires whcvever possible,. "lie is cjisturbeci about the 'integrity of the dolleV," Mp^tin said. Mar|io S3i £ | jgjsenhower als-j lopes ' to • avoid nsjjing Congress |or pnolhpi 1 - jncrggse In the public ebt '• ceiling. '£$? te;Tipor»ri' cell- m§ pj 258 "biljion, dollar? will }'or|' June |Q t.o thy (jew ceiling-' pf $5 billion, liui 4£§l,ipefl eommcol by flarp^d,'|3. gtassen ft-(?sjdynt, ,the- who doet>n'5 scare easily foiled Louis J. Cerruti und his elaborate bank robbery plans, Miss JSlaine Gapch, 20, is a teller at the National State ' Bank. khc was working quietly Tuesday when Cerruti, an unemployed travel agent, handed her a note do- all her pash and threat- ! lord defeated Rep. Brooks JIays ' cD-Ark) by 1,250 votes in his write- in campaign. Secretary of State C, C. Jlall re, leased figures yesterday that show, ed Alford polled 30,730 vots and Jlay 29,483 i« the Nov. 4 general election. Hall also released certified re turns that showsd G. |3, Calvin Jr. of DermoU defeated Paul Johnson of Mopticello by 2,095 votes for the Tenth. District circuit judgeship. Colvin got 8,522 votes, Johnson s -m. ening harm to her mother anJ brother if shp sounded an alaim RJJss Gapch quietly read the .note, handed Cr-rrntj $4,000 a.'H pulled an equally quiet poliue " JTaubus said slates rights and lo cal iiutonomy were the best sat'o guards for indivdua! liberties. Ho said Germans had these right be' fore Hitler, Italians had them before Mussolini and Russians before the advent of Bolshevism. "What happened In these countries can happen here i| we par mil a centralized government to assume total power," Faubus said, Faubus said the American labor movement had not r o c « i v e d enough credit for resistance to subversive elements und its effort to weed out communists and fascists in its own ranks, "However, subversion of unions JE no longer a problem," he said. "The main concern now is with racketeering, both in labor and management, and tlier« has not been enough in the precs about racketeering in management." Faubus said ho was certain that there were no racketeers of any kind in Arkansas at this time, "I understand that in the past, a few have eomu in' battered a few heads, been .paid off 'by management and left," he said. "J assure you that we are watching fur them now, and, if they return, wc'Jl accord them some Arkansas hospitality ut the Tucker State Prison Farm." J-'aubus said the Communists abandoned about 10 years ago an unsuccessful attempt to infiltrate iaijor and farm groups, "they turned (hen to the Continued on Page TWO Integration Battle Grows More Intense By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Integration battle that haa closed schools in Arkansas and Virginia todny engulfed Goorglo In nn intense struggle between diehards on both sides of the Issue. An Atlanta member of Ihe state Legislature called for repeal of a slate law that would automatically close schools ordered to integrate. Al the same time Sen. Richard 1 Russell hit at what he called the Georgia surrender group and Gov,- ctect ISrliest Vancllver reiterated his stand against school intet'ru- lion. Stile Rep. M. M. Smith lold nn Athintu PTA meeting he would in troduee a local option bill permitting each school district to votL on "public .schools or no public. •schools at the January session of the Legislature, Mayor William B, llnrtsfleld o Atlanta attended Die PTA meeting and,- said he thoroughly a"grj>et \vitV 'Smtth^'ITarlMfflv/cr urged last week that Atlanta citizens be ill lowed to hold a referendum on Ihe (.jucslion of w h o I h c r to close schools if they are ordered to mix the races. Russell told n meeting oC the Georgia Farm, Bureau Federation ,in Albany last night Unit lie was opposed to those who advocate a little integration. "Jf you do this, he said, "it \yill not be long until all the doors are open to the integration flood. Sen, Herman' Tulmndge recently as Search (s Intensified By ED MARKAITV predicted thai court orders could be expected affecting Georgia public schools before the fall term starts next ycm. U. S. Jet Is Winner Over British Plane NJSW YORK (AP) — An American jet airliner twice spotted a British jet airliner a head starts Tuesday on the London to New York route and then arrived hero Jirsi. Both pijots insisted the flighls; were routine with no ruce in All Around Town TJif Sfar Staff volvt'd, Tho airlines agreed. The victor by 11 minutes was an American built Boeing 707 airliner flown by Pan American Airways. Its flying time from London wu* 7. hours, 27 minutes. That was 53 minutes, faster (ban Ihe lime) required by the Uritish Overseas Airwa>s Corp.'s Comet IV. The Comut IV left 5:34 a.m. KST, The P took off 36 minutes later and gained 27 minutes over the Atlantic before bolh planes landed CIIARLI2V01X, Mich. (AP) ,'— "-J Two men were found alive today ''v. in angry waters of Luke Mlchlflnn, 1 " .vl which It was feared have claimed - „-: Ihe lives of 33 others from the- *1 freighter Carl D, Bradley when' j she went down In the cold, storm* t /"'. lossed lake late Tuesday. n . • ^ Unoffleinl Uibtilations Indicated'-/^ 18 bodies had been recovered.' '. r,/j Some veteran seamen expressed - ^ Amazement oven two had sur-^-vj vived overnight in DO-dcgree we«- ~ ter In howling gale winds that piled 'up mounlainous waves on,.,*' Iho Grcnl Lakes. Tho air temper-".vi a lure was 40, • "' ,'--»j The 0 IB-fool Bradley, longer' than two football fields end-lo-cnd,' went down off Cull Island at the o"-S top of Lake Michigan in 00-mile- f^ winds, Split apart, she apparently v ' exploded when incoming water lift" -,!*| her hot boilers. ' ' /v" "-Y^ The German molorshlp, Chris- '~,'4 tlan Sarlori, which battled £oi*.u,!^ more than an hour to cover llie."^ -hree miles lo the sinking site," ;?'Jfi found no survivors, no lite, boats;" >^ nothlnjf except '-a tank, that came, "A$ Jrom deep insidq and indicated'ex-* kl plosion. , , First mate Elmer Fleming, "kaV-'^ and deckmnn Frank Mays, -'"20, " ill bolh of Rogers City, Mich., were ^Ji found alive loday off High Island, ''*ij north and cast of where the' ley went ,down' " ' '«.,8aa* pUn H tec/IBs* unable to say whether there was.r life in any, • ' Verne Cole of the Grand' Rapids"-' Herald, keeping lab o/i ship' and!" „ aircraft radioes reports, at tho ol-' !?fS bow of a ham operator, said-'18 ;.^ bodies had been recovered. • ' ,*'&& There was no confirmation ot^S!! any body recoveries from" the/'||| Const Guard. •', '<."- f 't« Rescue crnft, with waves still 3.?'^ running high in 30 mile winds,' * f| were reported having difficulty- ^ g'etting into shallow waters wheve */'J the bodies were reported sighted. "Vv| At S;!JO j).m. Tuesd<iy the Brad-v.Hsij ley radioed its home port, Hiigors ,' 'Vi City, it estimated it would arrive;'- fl at 2 a.m. loday. A limestone 'caiv-Jra rier, it v/as en route home empty,". "'$$ having loft its cargo for Gary V,^" sleei mills at Buffington, Ind.-" CHARILEVO1X, Mich. CAP)—,^ '.'$ 5i&'anticj'-air-sea starch for suVyK" ; '$$ vors ol tho storm-sunken freighter>y^l Curl D, Bradley was intensifiedV.fvl toaay alter two survivors wore rescued, and bodies of eight sua«'" men • were spotted in Lake gan. Coast Guard cutlers.and plarfes, 1 '"v'Jf spearheaded Ihe intensive search ^'S for the rest of - lhc 35-man'erew.-J,^f| The hunt, hampered by high v/iiuls ,*'?';« hut Uishcd the lake, was stepped.^'53 up after reports flint a Ufa with men a'board hud boen^s.,.,.^ od. It was not located immediat<?« v i The Bradley sank in the'ley ors of upper Lake Michigan Tuesday, Found oljv« \','erc Frank AJ ^G, and First Male Elmer Flerning,,VA, both of Rogers City, M.ich, •" A Const GUJ*rd amphibian plans f 5 ^ '--' "-'-"" ,'rgw reported sighting London $\ more survivors on a rait nearby/vf^l an Am jet, f ' Jf High inland, Jt gave no figure^;,-^ «t Gander, Nfld. The Comet also preceded the Cerruti was rnet et thu door of the bsnJj by |wp patroljnen. ' I'm Iho wp. Pon't hurt 1 me,'" he said. , . Police said tha,t Cerruti, 33, is /nairie^l and the father of five chijdfan, was Ijeavjly in debt. Wo Icaj-jied M>ss tity idcn ' called hex mother on th« told h,pr he ftn>r«' s^n Show.' in ,answ,er \o b(s Ad(.-}a Qapch of hi«i §he ( t}^5 two sons, $8 fijethfldist youths' gp an a 9-d^y . trip > to Mew y6>H whe,re they wi|l tQyr the Vn.it.p4 The VF\V Auxiliary will hojd a. sale |fl front i>jf the H.ppc Store Satui'd'yy, $oy. gg. ing the trip wiU iwiude % B; 'fppjojr «jt Hope, ' '- juyevsd-/ of 4<'Mri*as,ftS Jftx-i pxiu- -•ip.sii speaker. " _ ., y'^'^; / |{^dj'em e ?i'.,!Sha,( ir feer", .br«ther Pyt.l *'^'ltMM*M$ togflks'' American Legion Post J2, last night elected Tom Wiirdlaw jf new commander . , . Lahroy Spa tes and Rufug Martiridaid fjrst and second vice commanders C. Y. Nunn Jr., adjutant . . . Jones, fjnanee o/ficpj- . ,> ,' 'jlarry |Su.gene CQ?S, Ha.wihorpe, Bprnjp Fgn4 the 'group alsp .pl.anned a Christmas par|y syjth the ary. , service officer , sergeant,-at-arms son when only six fire? were start' ed by hunters , . . considering the hu(idrcd,s of hunters and the (Jry woods condition, this is i-c 4 i7iark- ^b,le, the Forester said, The name of Barton Hill as a -ea,nd,idate for Post No. 1, BloYios School District, was evi'wag omitted in a rotu^up report iurday. Boeing out of Gander—by 15 min-' utes—only to be overtaken route to New York. However, the Comet arrived 1"> minutes ahead oi schedule, Tii$ 707 was 34 niinults late- Two Sentenced for JP00 TWO Negroes, James tfarrls, J{ope and At'gusta Collins of 'few; Jcana, were sentenced to two years in the penilentfary hero Monday by Judge L^'le Brown, They eel ^guiJt/ to dog stealing, Condition of the two rescued not immediately determined, cutter Sundew quickly p!ckq4 up and other rescue craft the scope. Kigh Island is some 45 miles in the lake from Michigan's no.i western shore, High Island is north and. past of ^'fl Cul( Island, off which the " " Bardley went down after a desperate "may day" distress''-J signal reponing she was brepKipV'-1 up and sinking. , pi':* It had bfian feared that' '''' " Braaiey's full crow had pe with her in the mountainous , whipped by winds of up to t>0 an hour. 1 "4 end B' wiU meet in Nov., I? ",a,t 8 pan,"for ih^o purpose qf selestin| ^ji ,i a'lUstote "uaji aij-star/tear's, Tickets for Bobcot Banquet on Sale annual ,bynque( Xpr the>|ppo ,U'>viil be ht>id in t,Jje .cyuaMtt 7 jj.-'tn,,',."" One of the first vessels on page.

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