Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1958 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1958
Page 6
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Page Six MOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS fuel Jay, IS, 19§l ' 8> IWJ kf RiMlidff I C*Mf8M, M XXV! "J could siny with Jill While You're gone, couldn't Jt She \votildii'l mind h n v i ti g me. 1 know she wouldn't." "Dr. Trrilovc's coming back after church to have lunch with rnc, So ilill will bo working In the kitchen nil morning, 1 Mcpocl." "J sec." EvorythliiR was sinking in nroinid her. He had Rotten up nnd WHS stnndinu be^ile her chnir now towering benignly over her. real- ins liis wrinkled, capable liniid on the curved brick, Ho said, "01 course you know I'd be Rind to have you stay if you want to, Khlhorme." "No. I'd better nut." She el'michcd over her plate, looking straight down. • He said, "Is tlic're something Wrong, Kalherinc?" His v o i c e had a new tone to II. a lorn- «f responsibility, a toe which -- if she answered at all. or i-vi'n rcjjistcicd contact wilh it—would force responsibility on her, loo. She did not want. now. to have to go nack to the horrible world of actions which wailed for her, "Why do you t 1; 1 n !< there's something wronj>?" If she could only stop talking! Bui slm couldn't si-em to keep tjiilet. "1 don't, if you tell me there's not. 1 ' , Shr munched up thr Insl of her •bacon; and Jill came in with the plate of fresh toast and set It down on the table. , K a t h c i in e said hopelessly, knowing uhat she would hear already; "Can I stay and talk to you nl'ter Mr. Wetherby «oes?" Jill said, "There's no place for you to sit down in the kitchen. But you ran sit in here and t.ilk to me through the door if you want to." She was not unkindly. "No, that's nil right, I'd probably belt e r go on home, an "f'll Ihu yon Jill won! buck la the kitchen. Mr. Wetherby was just corning (tit (if his bedroom. He said, "Ah. You've finished yyur breakfast?" "Yrs." "I'm almr.Vt ready to leave, Ciin ( tnkc you home in the car?" "No — nn, thank you." She didn't know quite why she do< elined his ciffer. She IhnUfthl thflt perhaps (lie process ot walking, the sunshine, the lenvcs, the light on the wnlcr would in some Way restore her nbility lo think, just cut across through woods." "Of course. Whatever like." He picked up his hat, opened Hie front door, nnd they went out nnd down the brick steps together. Jill closed (lie door behind them Kntherine snid ngain, "Well .. . (hunk you. . . ." "Not ;il till. You must come back soon I'm sorry I have to Irnve you 1( does seem Inhospitable, doesn't it? But perhaps I'll sue you later on in the day. When I asked Dr. TreMovc for lunch he said something about wanting to drop by your house this afternoon. I don't know if lie's still IntcnditiK t" " "Will you come with him?" "1 mny. Of course, Til have to see whether lie wants me to or not." "I want you to." U, S. Planes Raided by Russians WASHINGTON* (AP)-fhc Uf.il ed Slttlcs Charged today that Hus siah fig-liters singed "dnngcfotis nnd pf-oVdfcallve" ailflcks ajfilhsi Aftiortenh plaHcs 10 days ago over the Baltic Sea and the S"ca of He smiled at her. and suddenly she felt a desperate .need to tell him everything. She didn't know what she was going to say to him. She opened her mouth without anticipating what was going to come out; "Paul and Aunt Millicent are try- How llii.N community is served I ROY ANDERSON INS. AGENCY Through the insurance' co vernge we provide, this agency protects business concerns nnd individuals throughout tho community. Through safety •engineering and firo prevention work, we aid in preventing accidents and fire. And by removing fear of loss, we help encourage progress and prosperity. Those are not special features to be viewed wilh pride ,.. they arc some of the regular services which wo reader our clients and'community. YOUR, iniuiani j-? z, 'AGENT Roy Anderson Insurance Agency Roy Anderson Mary S, Eyani George Frazler 210 So, Main Hope, Ark. HOT SHOT SPECIALS FRESH DRESSED C FLAVORS FANCY DELICIOUS ,, $3,00 or II INSTANT oz,. MR 1 I II '/^••a. !r*0;* A '- ix't.i.-. A fof-rhftl hate demanded thai Ihe Soviet tfovcrhttioht tnku IrnrHedliiid steps to hall such interference With American aircraft. The hole wnt-ned that in the future "commanders of Ariieridan aircraft Mil be under inslrlldtlofis to take any defensive action Which the yconsider necessary and ap' propriate." A State Department spokesrnatt declined to say whether American planes would fire fit such attack- ccs. The attacks came within five hours of each other Nov. 1 in the widely separated areas. The tf.S. planes were flying what Ihe State Department called "normal Air Force training flights over international waters," in the Baltic attack, Soviet fight* era fired twice at an American plane at an altitude ot 83,000 feet. The note said the attack occurred GO miles from the nearest Soviet territory. The American plane withheld lire, the note said, even though "there can be no doubt that tho objective of the Soviet fighter air. cralt was to destroy the American plane without warning at n position far- outside the Soviet frontiers." In the case of the other U, S, plane, the Stale Department- sa ld Soviet fighter planes three times launched "simulated attacks." This involved fighter planes ver- ing toward the American" plane crossing in front of it sometime* only 100 feet away. This attack came, said the note, over the Sea of Japan 64 mile* from the nearest Soviet territory. Court Refuses TV Prbtisf WASHINGTON '(AP) — The Supreme Court refupc'd today to hear a protest against 'the transfer of two television channels in St. Louis. The court's action let stand an order by the U.S.'Court of-Appeals here dismissing an appeal by the St. Louis Amusement Co, St. Louis Amusement was one of live applicants for a permit for channel 11 but did not take part in hearings and-was held in default. The Federal Comjnunica- tions . Commission - awarded • the permit to Columbia Broadcast- luff System. . .... Appeals from this rii)ing wcrf taken, by 220 Television, 1 by St. Louis Telecast and by Broadcast House,-which alsro were applicants for Channel iH, Prescott News 5ub §toul 08(1 8 Has Outlhg Sub Scout Den 8 met in the home of Mrs. J. D. ilines on Wednesday afternoon. The meeting was opened wilh each boy giving an Indian sign and telling what it meant. Johnny Redfern served t'old dHnks and pop corn balls to Bill Oliver, Jerry and Gary Beck, Billy Wines and David Pry with Billy Mines giving the invocation. After which the Cubs went oh fl field trip wilh Mr. and Mrs. Mines accompanying them. They' went to Will Harris' wnere they explored a sargum mill and"learned how to make sargum molasses. No Confirmation on Molenkov MOSCOW (AP) — No comment has been obtainable from official scources here 'on a report published in New York to-the effect that ex-promior Georgi Mnjenkov has been shot dead, There was some speculation ing to kill me," "Oh, my dear?" His voice w f ,o full of sympathy*."full of understanding for her. Hjs- kindly eyes seemed to lopk dqop down inside her. But shp knew thin 'ho didn't behove her. He thought it was her childish imagination. She said, "But K's true, That's why I want you to, gome over this filtcrnoon." But it was no good, She could see that his 'attention had skipped on. ever -her fantasy to matters of greater importance, greater reality-rgetting jo church •—having Or, Treslpve to lunch. , . . She WHS scarcely oven disappointed; she hfid known that, he wouldn't belieyp her, It didn't ivuiko any difference, Me gave her his vague, uncoil- contrntecj smilo, and. sjijcj, "Wpll, wp'lj sec. Qopdhy for a little while, anyway." "Goodby." She stood ;ijid wtttohcc) while Jio went down the erjivelect dnvpway to thP £arbagp, The OHF spluttered iis hp started {he niotpv. and he backpcl it out, swung it ground, wovcd. to her, J?IK} tirave nwjiy. The sun w«s a J jn 9 s t directly i\bgvo her n°.Wi Beating hotly on the top of her head,, Jt was a real summer cjsjy, All the traces of the storm were gone! ihp rain had. only Joft % oiproentsiry illu- >n of poolness, of the |ir?t tinge of Autumn ji) Jhe air, Aytutjitl was still 'a long way ijhea^ o{ y\em, ""i? W8VC5 rpUfii MB PlUo thg came the pun? 9| to tqvvarii that Ml 30,4 top i rf Jb? ifh mi »' tip .ill, ; - Mrs, Pow e il and fylrs, Msrah entertain •Mrs. J. C. Marsh and Mrs. Fred Powell cnlcrlalned at the Lawson Hotel with a luncheon and cards on Wednesday. The dining table was decorated with mums and autumn leaves and the card room was bright with autumn leaves. High score prize W{is wort by Mrs. J. B. Westerly arid Ihj cut \ prize by Mrs. 'W. P. Uenhisfi, , Mrs. W. F. Dehmafi Jr. ahd Darrel) Marsh, who made pictures' j during the a-fterhooh, assisted the : hostesses. I others present were Mrs. Mai-* ion Franks, Miss Lillie Butcher) Mrs. Watson White J.r., Mrs, L, L. Mitchell, Mrs. Homer Ward, Mrs. Wren Scott, Mrs. Jim Yah* cey. Mrs. Imon Gee, M'rs. W. IP, Cummintjs, Mrs. A. W, Mudsoii, Mrs. J. V. Fore, <Mrs. Marion House. Mrs. E. M. Sharp, Mrs, C. G. Gordon, Mrs. H. J. Wilson, Mrs. Douglas Brooks, Mrs. Sob • Kick. Mrs. Cora (Muttii and Mrs, i Flurine Buchanan. among Western diplomats that the report Was tied to y^ar-old rumoi-3. Premier Khrushchev, ut one point after those rumors appeared, de- i nled that Malenkov was dead, I ^ The current report, as published | in the New York Sunday News un-j der a London dateline, was credited to "informed Whitehall OiiV ] ish government sector) sources." j it said Mc.lenkov was shot prematurely by a short-tempered interrogator when he refused to '. "cooperate" in an assigned role as i star witness at a purge trial. ! Anna Gordon Brownie Troop 3 President The weekly meeting of Brownie Troop No. 3 was held on Wednesday afternoon in the home of the leader. Mrs. Archie Johnson. The meeting was opened with the Brownie Promise and Pledge of Allegiance lo the Flag. M'ary Jane Erskitic, president, Conducted the business ut which time the following officers were elected: President, Anna Gordon; secretary. Marvana Cunningham; treasurer. Phoebe Johnson; flag bearer. Marila Jane Bemis; leader, Sara PUrtle; hostess, Msthy ftea- v«M; J3rownie aides, Mary Jane fifsklfie ahd Pam Fofe. fh an in* Vesliltlffc gefVicfe Mary Jahe fes- feihe feSeiVed her fifowfiif pifl. Other Srmvhles received their i year stars. At Ihe close of the meeting the girls enjoyed making devils food cup cakes. Mrs, WatklRS '4? Glub Hostels Mrs. Mark Justiss ahd Mrs, W, L. Isom wore added guests \vhert Mrs. O. W. Watkins entertaihed the '4.1 Bridge Glub with a dessert bridge at her home on Wednesday, Arrangements of chrysanthemums iri various hues decorated the party room. The high score award was won by Mrs, Earl fippler. Other members included Mrs. Vernon Buchanan, Mrs. B. A. De* Lamar, Mrs. J. B. Franks. Mrs. Glenn iHairston, Mrs. Jim Nelson. M'rs, Bill Dates, Mrs. ' Bob Rey» nolds, Mrs. E. R. Ward and Mrs, Bob Yarbroligh. OVtfss June 'Hines, student at Qua' chita Baptist College, spent Ihe Weekend wilh her parcnls, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hines. Mrs. Charlie';'Thomas attended a Crippled Children's Clinic in Camden Thursday^ Mrs. A. G. Shell has arrived from Salem to spend the winter Wilh her daughter, Mrs. Lewis Garrett and family. Mr. and M'rs. Everett Orren and children have returned to El Dorado after a weeks visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phles Orren Court Docket Municipal court oj Hope t sas, November It, I9o8, 6ity Socket James E, Fee, hazardous driving* Forfeited $5 cash boHd. ttuliiis Stuart, Jr., possessing beer and wine lot sale, Forfeited $100 cash bond, daiviri McPhersbfi, Wallace Neil, tiohald Cdllor. speeding. Forfeited $5 cash bond. Willie Meed, drunkenness, For' fulled $10 cash bond. Frank Smith, Johnnie Henderson, Cecil F&ulks, Chester Brahdford, drunkenness, Plea guilty; lined $10. Frances Gene Watson, no drlv« er's license. Forfeited $5 cash bond, Frances dene Watson, no brakes on car. Forfeited $5 cash bond, Waller Joseph Pechr, Carl J, TUssa, Carmela A. Stallings, pass' and Mr. and Mrs. t). D. Avery. 'Mrs. J. B. Franks was a clay visitor in 'Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thomas Were guest of the Hope B&PW Club on Thursday night and show* ed slides of their recent trip a< broad. Mrs. Roy Duke has relurned from Little Rock where she nc* companied Mr. and Mrs. James Edward Duke and Jane Elizabeth who are making their home there, Friends of Guss McCaskill will 'be glad to know he has returned home after undergoing surgery at a Texarkana Hospital. ing in a f-estflclfed zdne.- $5 cash" bortd. fcloise- Johfisoft, Lquisfe Philtip'St disturbing peace. Forfeited $25 cash bond. Lee Bell Marfisbn, disturbing thd peace. Plea guilty; iihed $25. Chester Bradford, disturbing peace. Dismissed. Stale Docket Charles Vouftg, illegal ttse bt' spotlight, Forfeited $5 cash bond. George W Kellutti. failure to yield right of way. Plea guilty! lifted $10. Matthew Trotter, Possessing itt» lokieatihg liquor for the put-prise of sale, Tried; fined $100; notice of appeal, U, S. Coffee Co.. S. D. Sedberl-y, Anderson Grain do, overloadi Fdr» felted $25 cash bond. Thomas 'Turnipseed. distltrbitift peace, Dismissed on payment of cost. MeKinley Ruder, hunting deeJ? out of season, Dismissed on pay* ment of cost. Lee Roy Williams, petit larceny. Tried; dismissed, Jessie Janies Stuart, giving aft overdraft. Dismissed The following forfeited $100 cash bond on a charge of hauling for hire without PSC authority: Powcy. Farm, Rudgins Cortege Co., Keri- nelh Blankcnshlp, James Salley, Eldon Matthews, Paul and J. T, Slmpkins. Southwestern Bell Telephone Co,, vs. Elnora Dixon, action on account for $139,58. Judgment by default for Plaintiff. C, B, Russell Grocery Co,, vs, Garland Neal, Brunei' Ivory Handle Co,, Garnlshee; action on account for $45.41. Judgment by default for Plantiff; Garnishment dis^ missed. *' NOlV« From Lion Research Laboratories comes... NEW/ in LI " '- v f "% *' ''-»V &* i'tr'* V ' T -r -/~, 1 * ! " •' _!_ GASOLINES ONLY; : ;!• -'I" New High Gas Mileage Now there's an exciting new, standard of power, efficiency and protection for. the high^coinpression, precision- machined engines of this Rocket-Age, By exploiting a| chemical break-through and uniting petrochemistry with' advanced refinery'technology, Lion Oil Company research • has opened up a great new dimension in automobile I performance, ' j iThis revolutionary new concept in motor fuel is made possible by NEW Rocket-Age Lignite, This Advanced Supercharging additive makes Lion gasolines the first com* plete gasolines—doing the complete job of furnishing power, e,v//'s efficiency and protection for,today's modern autq engines, ' ' j Lion gasolines are both Japoratory4e.sled and road-tested^ These superior gasolines with New Rock,et»Age Lionite give y ou,, .Motoring BenefitsNot Fo und in G^solme^Costins HIGHER OCTANE Lien Premium U gyarflntef^ !» d fi ^- yer */' 'N* P»w*' »"X JW»t9'r «BP develop HIGHER OCTANE Lien Regwlor i§ guBranfeed Is delivsr si/ Ihe pswsrjnwf m9l9rs ciin CONTROLS SPARK PLUG MIS-FIRING MULTIPLIES SPARK PLUG LIFE KEEPS CARBURETOR CLEAN CONQUERS: "CARBURETOR ICE" STALLING PROTECTS FUEL SYSTEM FROM CORROSION . SiK*|g «t the I if n • * • ^ia99jjlM$99l9£ •V , f -jj_

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