Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1958 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1958
Page 5
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TtiKtfey, 1 8, New Leader Takes Over in Sudan Bj' WlLfoN WVM | eAtftO (AP>—Gen. Ibrahlrn Ab- 'ooiid look oVer today as Pi-eft dhd defense fnihistei of Sudan 1 . Tile Sudaficse fiadio abftnitfl........ Ihe formation of a hew cabih'el headed by the 38-year-old army" eottiriiaHder %>t#> led file eottfl thnf deposed pro-Western Prernier Ai>« dttliah Khali! Monday. iAbbocrid's deputy, Son. Ahrhed Abdel Wahab, became minister of ths interior and local government of "the miliiott-square-mile African fchalioh that sprawls between ifhb tJed Sea aHd the. Sahara. In f.hd cabinet ate scVen army officers and five civilians. Abboitd issii'ed ,1 decree giving himself '"full legislative, execlitlVf fend judicial powers.'" Abbotttl seized power In Kh t ir« toutn, Charging comiption a«d po> litiettl instability, ho ousted Rhalii, dissolved Parliament 'and abolished political parties'. The general also named 12 6/fi- ters. with himself tig phairmun, to a tnilitary council that becomes •the armed forces' high command. This looks similar to the old Revolution command council that governed Egypt in the days after the overthrow 'Of King Farouk hi 1952 'and led, about two years lilt, er, to the emergence of TA Col. Gamal Abdel Noser ns Egypt's leader. Release of all politicians do• talned in the Coup was announced- fuv Khartoum, the Sudanese cnpi- \Vithotit specifically mentioning Khnlil,,the army indicated hu was at liberty. The army command s'nid all Is quiet throughout the nation. The Cairo press, controllc'd .by : President Nasser of the United': Arab Republic said that the Coup would not a-ffect relations between Sudan and the U.A.R. The newspaper Al Ahranvqupted jJAmerican news agency reports J'rom London that British experts though the cocp was to •-.forestall any .Sudanese concessions to Nasser. Seresn At'ROSS 1,4 Scteen Star, ROU'tf ^J..S ot !°^ t AkhA «t sen Weed NelheHahds 14 Is Kfeadow IS Annual " 4 Oorior's assistafll 24Co1om?.6 4?_._ , 5 Ifidivfdual 25 Pealed 48 Weight 6Wihe(Fr.) 2B Heavy bldW deduelldft .»:-.—• -•-;,-". 9 AltofneJ (ab.) 37 Wild ok of 49 OistiHct {JaH i? Her lalenls 8 Retains Celebes Soficborfid , fr^4 mahjr i 9 Sll « ' s A 29 Wind 65 t>e|iaftt?d 18 Wifldow paHS i-ihiilnd •?-• 31 Couple 53 Baking 20A»fll5'ie4 lOOfgansbf 32 spafilsh Jaf ehamBdJ 1 sentence hearing 33 Gloat ill S-J Bugle call 22 Seifie ll Large plant stature 57 ftovel 24 Mtitinef's 39 Com-hisloii 41 My (fr.) 68 Orirhtal tlircction 21 Roman brohJe 43 Above (jjoet.) porgy 25 Highway t>3 Meddle 45fcmp!oyeis S3 Sea eagle ESHigh.rnrd 30 Blemish 3-1 Pemirtifte appellation 35 Witticism ,8(iWinglike , 7 ... 37 Heccht (combi toi-m) 38 Deep hate 39 Sick 40 Mung bean 42 Measure of cloth 43 Verbal 44 Possessive pronoun 4ti first woman 48 Revolves 51 Fungoid disease Of plants 55 Blackbird of ' cuckoo family fifi .Penetrate 60 Eggs 61 Disencumber fi2 JSrects News Briefs JONESBORO. Ark. ;<A'P)—U.,' S District Judge J. Smith Henley yesterday fined -Ivory Columbus Caldwell, 43, of Blylheville $300 and ^placed him on two years proba- 1 F tion. Caldwell was; charged with" violating the white slave ( trafflu act by transporting a 15-year-old girl from Blylheville to just -ov«>r the Missouri line for purpose's of prostitution. • LITTLE ROCK OAP) ,— Abaut 15 'persons will become U,- S. citizens in naturalization ceremonies in federal district court her«» Dec. 2. Judge- A^el J. Beck*will ^preside. LITTLE ROCK fAP) —.Two major agricultural conventions will be held in Little Rock this week and next, The Arkansas Assn, Qt Soil Conservation Districts w>Jl meet (here" Thursday and Friday; the 24th annual convention of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation opens Sunday night, ' LITTLE ROCK fAP) ~ .:_._ kip under vyny at'the district JeypJ to select finalists in the- "Farm • Family t of the Yoar in Arkansas!', contest,' Tjie program Is sponsored by, the Arkansas' Press Assn,, Ar kansa Pnvypr fr LiRbt Co, and thf various agriculturaltaeencios, Winners are selected Jn |soth landowner and tenant'-'(iivisions/ Dates, for judging-,the finalists liqvc, not bept? announced, ' x '' LITTT.E "RQCK (AP) "«- Opv |Orva) E, pnubw? ypsterday ns'ni- ^od J, \V, Durden of Fort Smit?> to serve out tpe uncspired term of James A. Gvit-ensoV)n-of Fort Smith, Who resigned ns !2 .Hidioja) district prosecutor; to accept a jojj with thn Justice DoparJmlnt, Th"e ' will expire 'Pec, 3j, . .. „..*, ArJ?. (AP) Qrand - r .., Foreman, Hnrnn Patipn said yes terdfty !ie-~))a(3 fecpjyed o peth tjop apHioa ,sn .inypstjgajjon of nil iMQuauhita Coimtv officials, but that m the jury wfts-jn recess and he did not knpjy wtoep \\ wpu)cl reconvene, Tj)p pcUJJon. si'/nsd b;^ !)0 vojej-s, wps repeiv^^'Satprdjiy py t|ie of- J'icq oj Prosecutor Pili ROACH , HUGHEi •A ^2S«v ,» .», .«*. '^'^iv'^S HOPE if AJf f AURAMSAJ t CAN'-T BEPEVE-A ) ASVRkJHt SO I'M DfeAD... fp VBU W/^M'T / SEMSfe IN «w,.-. w, /^, , . /, , 5&Y 1 W C(*IOUBHIM6 /N"> _ PEAW yV tH' -\l ^ v ^_" u. ^n'-J-*" <3N THIS PlCMIC? WHATS tH 1 ,MV^,. MATTER, ARfe f M M5T VOU SlCk? IS ABdUt TO fitART/ L-..I.J WH6KI t 00, I'LL CM.L EUUENI TO WILL SOU PUf HSR. t-; ow TIME TO ASAIN WEU LOOK APT6R THlS^.yf KEEP 63 Fiber' knots TIZZY CAPTAIN EASY 'l DIDN'T LOSE FIVE-DOLLAR BILL TM. B.(.U.S. Pit, Off. ft <»5B b, NC» sirvic., Int. "I thought'you sai'd'it'-was a 'wash > and'Wear t "dressl" By Galbrafth "Your.'fa'ther requests that you stay home tonight and help him with your homework!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS r^'fo 1D5B 111 NCA S»r»ict, Inc. T M. flit'. U,». I'M. OH ' HtR BUODIEb MINP tF x. TAKE' IT Tug SOUNP BOOTH 7 NO, YOU ) ( YOU CAM DON'T < -S GROW UP HAVE ) I WITH, DULL r YOU CAN WAVE PAINFUL CAVITIES, Sri DENTAL &ILLS, * " FALSE TMANkS/"^ K »^-\k^ i \rn V M) I A «•/ PRISCILLAl YOU) DIDN'T BRUSH f . YOUR TEETWJ T* T — -s DINGY TEETH IF YOU LIKE! AW, MOM! DO HAVE TO? pp'r OUT OUR WAY J, R- WllHa»n» : OUty HOARDING With Major Hoopl« ^M.^^'''^m.^''^^^k^ MEAtOffV'^ /NOT ' WEREN'T yCW TOLP TP BE HPME SUFFER f SONE UOKJ6 ENOPSH SUT I KIM NPVeiS RADIANT AS A 0UNE SRIDg ToTHE OWLS PARTY TONli«UT' x ApUUI A' MUCH CHAHC&l $MfllL LOAH-WE'RE CHIPPING M r<? eyy AN »'J <J90't Ilk? the way ft ,WONT THIS TIMi, I'M COINS TO /• PIP YOU WANT TO §££ ME - HIM ay.SURPRISE; TUWWEPfflMi/ HQW ABOUT WITH TH656

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