Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1958 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 18, 1958
Page 4
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Pfi* fatit s T A ft, Picks Winners for Stale High School Games Arkan§as Takes Cross Country Meef FORT By JdHN R. "T'Assocmted Pre<ss Sports WHt-sr "* *Thp football season is just ,-ibrtnt Wrapped up urid rhosl of the tit IP raC(J>! in the sack, but Uir> (James wilt rpfnnin intrrpsling. bccnusi' it's traditional rival iirnr. tin refer. When the championship IshM on the lino. srrhp »f the .1'- portclnbls teams tend to let up. That's why we're picking tht-rn (bis way: woRfft, r«.\. (API -« i- .Inn AhlbMi of South* em Methodist ran uway frttm & '31 iriiin field to win the Southwest iC'onfci'iTi'-f cross eouniry rim lit-re ! yuiti'id.-i.v in the siwIinK time of M.-.TJ fur thr throe mile ruti over rtnin UVi'h Hills grili" coui sfi. Itm'-f\M. Univiisity nt Ariiaii- pas c.-ipt'iipcl tlip loam title for the thin! si i ,-:i|i!M year with d point !nf,i! /if '17 SMU wns ;i surprising s'M-niirl v. Ith 47 points. UnivcrsH.v nt 'IYx;i<: b.-'<l on t>nlnts lo bnrcly nip Tfxa<! A&M for third. Thv h.id *?0. These 1 were thf C "schools In ohtc'i tr-arrlS. I Alilhrr:' fhp 24-yenv-olrt Swdifcti imp'Tt fimshpcl 23 second's ah<*nd j of .lor \Ml.-iiTonl of Tnxns Ahl-bers j was clorltp Hin '1:20.3 for tho first 'mils anrl 0-34.5 a( !ho Hvo mild LSU Holds Top Spot TCU Is in 7th Place By JACK f»ress Sparta Writer Lotlistinnn Strlf. thr> nation's only major rnllcrp football Irani still unbenten »nrl untied, has Forrest City 10. t.tttle ftork Hnll mink i4: So the rtid nf the 1 ufibpti! .n i Rrhintl Villarrcnl Came sopho- tond dortltss fbf thp Warriors. Anil i nmrc .tacky Nelson of Arkansas Vc find out once flfjnin, xi'hy Forrr.i-l I timcrl in l, r >:07 mid his tcnmniolo Clt.\', which nothitm this [.tnrttd with almost season, has bocnmc <>M of (He stat'c's iliusl cuiisisl-pftt football power. .-Little Rock Central 21. Bl.vthc- | \/!llp 12: That mnans second place* iktin«ns, for Cenlrril a bilti'i- pill nfl«>r <lx Straight I3i(> Nino championship. | Fort Slnlth 25, Caplal Hill. Okla. Wi Blind fnith in the Crlx/licit, iilnco wo know about us much | .about Capital Hill as we do about] -tho other skin of the liioon. i ' Hot Springs 28, -Pine Bltilf 7: The | Trojans wrap tip one o f their better scnsoris. Pine Bluff nrai'a thi? end of its longest, loughest one Since 1945. ' Nol-th Little Rock 31. Toxarkann 14: thp up and down Wildcats aro up again. The downed Rnorbx.icks don't get up. 'Plus: JTayottoville over Harrison, Sprinndnle over Huntsville. .lonos- "boro over Wynne, Stuttgart over fS'earcy, West Memphis over Mar- Jannb. Morrilton over R^iiifon, Russcllville over Jacksonville. Malvorn over Cnnulcn Fairvieu', Sniackover o v t- r Arkadelphia. CamdcMi over Kordyco and Hope over Prescott. Tom Onklc.v whn had ti 15:l, r ). Arkansas tiink tlif tt'nm tltln as Allen Rannii-k in.>l< seventh, Juc Bessert- bnckcr mis 11th and the dcfond- itiR champion, Ray Dyck of Ari 12th. Ex-Greats to Play Saturday in Midwest By Associted OAVE DILES Press" Sports Writer Fights Last Night By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Providence, K. 1. — Curly Mini- roe, 1 )2, Worcester, Mass, stopped George Araujo, 137, Providence, 2. • , Qdcssa, Tex. — Paul Jorjjcnsen, 132', Port Arthur, Tex. slopped Ruben Munpz, 129, Odessa, JO. (New York — Billy Flamingo, 14611;, New York, outpointed Ecldb- Lynch, 149. 'New York, 10. Boston — Chico Vcjar, 1(51%, •Stanford, Conn., stopped Joe Do- riucci, 162, Newton. Mass.. G. New Orleans — Charley Joseph. 160 la, Now Orleans, outpointed George Benton, 161, Philadelphia. 10. , Billings, Mont. — Lou Bailey. IGO';., Peoria. 111., outpointed At Andrews, 163''a, Superior, Wis. 10 Scrimton, Pa. — Tony Baldonl, 156'- ; , Wilkos - Barrc, Pa. outpoint- ed Young' Joe Wiilcotl, 158, Brideu- port, Conn. 10. Rome — Ted Wright, 151, Detroit, and Scrmmdo SpnlJotta, 162, Italy, drew 10. Home — Charles Douglas, 13(5, New York, and AnibmUe Omcdj. 13G l ,a, Italy, drew 8. Paris — Ali3hoii.se Hiilimi, 313, Prance, outpointed Peter Koimau 118, Britain,, 10 (non-title). DETROIT (Pi — Michigan no lonyi-r i.s champion of the West and tho term "splendid Spartans" no longer fits Michigan State. For no matter what these two letims c!u in, their flnn-1 games Saturday. Hie 1858 season will ho remembered as the blackest in thp state's iootbivll history. Michigan is one of the schools that made people s. r vy Hint' the bc.'l college football in the world is played in the Big Ten. When Michigan State wont big time un- idi.'i- Biggie Munn in the Into 104Cs, 1 the Spartans enhanced tho slate's reputation as the birthplace of champions. M i c h i g a n's Wolvrri.i^s have boon playing collegiate football since 1H79 and their upstate rivals started in 1896. Michigan has won more Big Ten football titles than any other school in conference history.. Unless Michigan dcfetits Ohio State next Saturday — and the Buckeyes are lavorod by at least two touchdowns — this will be Michigan's worst record in 23 years. Michigan Stale is favored ovCr Kansas 1 'State, and'unless the Spartans cyme thrfhigli .with .a vicfory, tills will be their'Worst CtUTipaigllV; since 1017 when 'they'.failed to wMiv in nine starts. ..,.,, .Michigan's. 2-3-1' record comes as no great, surprise r - since most t'veryone predicted this would be an ol't-yoar, for Ihe Wolverines. Michigan saps it is rebuilding and has promoted backi'iukl coach Bump Elliott to the head coaching jab, 'succeeding the retiring Bennio Oosturbaan, .Duffy 'Dauyhorty himself said this would be another fine your for State, and Spartan followers The Associated 1'rrss poll of sports writers and spoi-tcaslcrs. With thp season drawing to a close, a big vote of I«3 writers and TV-radio mon lift LSU the unquestioned Insider. Despite iff close call a )> a i n s I MisMssippi Slate, which LSU b,-rc-ly topped 7-G, the No. t team polled 114 rirr' place ballots. Unless Tulane is nble lo upset Louisiana Slate In Saturday's fl- iiJile, the Tigers will \\ind up with a perfect 10-0 record. Auburn moved up to second place with strong support alter its 21-6 victory ovtr Oeorgin. Iowa, last week's runner-up, dropped to sixth after losing to Ohio State 38-28. Army remained in third position after its 2(1-0 decision over Vlllanova. The Cmk-ts. tied only by Pitt, still must boat Navy 10 finish unbeaten. Oklahoma's decisive 39-0 thumping of Missouri moved the Soon- ers , up to fourth place with 22 first place ballots. Wisconsin held tight to fifth after beating Illinois, 31-12. and Texas Christian advanced to seventh, a step behind Iowa, by knocking off Texas 22-8. Purdue clung to eighth off i(s l.'3-O triumph over Northwestern and the Air Force Academy acV vancecl a peg lo ninth. Syracuse made 10th place by bombing Col- gale 47-0.' Mississippi, upset by Tennessee, skidded from' seventh to 13th. The top 10 teams, with first place votes in parentheses: 1. Louisiana SUilc MM) . .1.U40 2. Auburn (21) l,21i! 3. Army 112) 1,1(52 •I. Oklahoma (22) 1,146 5. Wisconsin 872 (t. Iowa (4) U12 , 7. Texas Christian 047 8. Purdue CO) 630: 9. Air Force . 4»8 10. Syracuse . 4(50 Second ten: Ohio State (.6) 42G; F 1 o r i cl a 20S; Mississippi l'J7; Vunderbilt 1(54; Notre Dame 157; Clemson 152* North Carolina (1) 128; Mississippi State 97; California 85; Northwestern 76, Spring Hill Cops Couple Off Garland Sprlflg Hill rngp teams Won 2 out of 3 (janies last night iri tile Garland (lyrri. Bobby TofHpftihs hit for 13 points lo lend the Spring Mill Senior boys in a 45-29 WiM. Coach 1 Billy Mitchell's Sertior girls edged out ' a 31'38 Victory with Litida Galloway getting 20 points. Dorothy Nix scored 14 for d<irtaild. Spring Hill Junior boys we're £ascd out 22-20, with Hay Gaffi getting 8 for the losers. Spring Hill gties to Guernsey Pi-iday hlghl-f 3 games. ibelidvcd hint: Thai is'what .makes 'Michigan State's 2-6-ki-srecord. so bad and now there is "talk of a major split between Dougherty .and Athletic Director Munn, the man Duffy replaced. Even the University of .-.Detroit, the state's third major college, has collapsed. The Titans announced a couple oi' seasons ago they were once, again aiming for •the big lime, but they have a 3-4-1 record and reports are circulating that Coach Wnlly Fromhari is on his way oil I. Only Loss Con Keep TCU Out of Cotton Bowl By WHITEY SAWVER Associated Press Sports WHtec Win or Draw Saturday, and Texas Christian will go to the Cotton Bowl New Year's Day, A victory will put Ihc Southwest Conference championship oh ici, 1 for the Horned FVogs. A lie with Rice would leave the two clubs tied for the lead. Then, even it Rico beat Baylor, its final foe, and TCU lost to SM'U, they'd end up in a tie and TCU would get the bowl bid because Rice Was there last year. If Rice wins, something TCU Coach Abe Martin is worrying about, what happens UIR final week will decide tho champions. Martin said he expects Rice to be the toughest foe the Horned Frogs have faced all season and Hint includes the Big 10 champion.. Iowa. ' " •• .... The Frogs ran through a light session Monday, mostly signal drills. •••••• Rice also ran a signal drill; but the Owls were driven indoors by rain. Both clubs wore in good physical condition. TCU is 4.-0 in the conference and Rice is 3-1 after its startling: upset by Texas A&M last week. I '• Southern Methodist, still stunned by the loss to Arkansas which dropped the Mustangs out of the Cotton Bowl race, took a short, light workout without pads. GOach Bill Meek said he was sick' oVer the number pi mistakes" tliat''''his charges made against Arkansas. SMU was expected to be at full strength for a consolation match with Baylor this weekend. Baylor had fullback Larry Hickman and quarterback Buddy, Humphrey in pads nnd ih.v gopd;, l shapo after ..being slowed ...by . injuries, Baylor had ail open- date i'daat week. '-, ' Texas A&M, still swaggering over its victory over Rice, took .a couple _of jlaysr; oil.- The Cadets won't return to'practice until Wednesday. A&M doesn't play again until it meats arch-rival Texas Thanksgiving Day at Austin. Texas also rested while coaches sweated out plans for" the Aggie game. It will bo the final reguiiU season game for each club. ; Arkansas moved inside for its workout. Wet, chilly weather love- VIEWthe NEW The one new car that's 6 passenger size inside 3 feet shorter outside.., Hope Star Classified Ads A5S MUST BE IN OFflCC BAY leFOfct PUILIfiATiaN — PHONE 7<3431 FOR AD TAKIR The schedule of Solilfiai 1 as printed below 1 , has beefi takefi from John Aldeti Knight's 1 SdlUftaf Tables. Plan yoUf day's go that you will be fishing in g66d tertit6r: f or hunting in good coVef durtH|f these times, if you Wish to ftnd tHe best sport that each day has t6 offer. The Major Periods' arc Shdwfl Ifl boldfaeie type. These begin at the times shown and last for* aft hetlr and. a half or twd hours there* after. The Minor Periods, shown ifl regular type, are of somewhat shorter duration. A, M. P.M. Minor Major Minor Major Tuesday 11:40 5:25 11:55 5146 Wednes. 6:10 12I3S 6i30 Thursday 12:45 6:55 1:10 7.'i5 Friday 1:30 7:40 1:55 8:45 Saturday 2:15 8:35 2:40 8!45. Sunday 3:00 9:10 3:25 9:30 THE BYSTUDEBAKER f ',-"*- rfvc fe- >..!, "-• Perfectly fed for your family n?eds today, ^ Parks Q» & postage turns on a dim ^ Pssk'p&formanee for mte and miles on a r gas* ^ ftpmiMly 'styled, richly uphplit,ejjed» tastefully Costs less to;b'uf 4 .fap.Jesi |a,op§ra^ Saw/^jwWta.*^Spirited* Mort Cooper, Famed Cdrd, Dies at 45 LITTLE IOCK. Ark. CAP) — Mort Cooper, fireballing Cardinals' rig'ht-liander who with his brother Walker formed one of. baseball's top batteries in the 1940s, died here Monday at the •ago of 45. Death was due to cirrhosis of the liver and slaphylococcal infection. He had been a patient at St. Vincent's Infirmary tor about three weeks. Funeral home attendants said they understood the former St. Louis ace recently bought a home in Berryville. Ark. but had riot yet moved, his household goods from Houston, Tex,, where he had lived for five years. Mort, a 6-2, 200-pounder, woii 128 games and; lost 75 in a 12- year major league career, first reporting to the Cards 21 years ago. In 1937, Cooper made the spring roster of the Cards. He didn't stick, however, until 1S39 when he had a 12-6 record, . It was then. that; Mort began badgering the Card front office to keep an eye on another Cooper -named Walker, . Walker came to the Cards- In 1940 and took over as the regular catcher in; 1942. • Pitc'hings.tu his brother, the b'ig right-hander--led the Cardinals- ,to three straight pennants in J942. '43 and '44. In these three year's jVIprt won (55 games and lost oiiiy 22, In '42 Mort posted a 22-7 season 'and was namdd the most valuable player in the National League beating out teammate Enos Slpug'hter. He hurled a complete game in every contest, that he won and led the major leagues in shutouts with 10, Although Mori appeared in threo World Series, he won onlj 2 of 5 games. But one of thosu came in 1943 and was tile only Cardinal decision as the Now York Yankees regained the champion ship. Mort allowed only six hits and beat the Yanks 4-3 in a duel with Ernje Bonbam, Brother Wjilker caught the game, The Coopers' father Had died that morning, Mort spent eieht year': wJtn the Cardinals, He also pitched for the Boston Braves, New York Gi. ants and Chicago Cubs before ending his career m 1949 ; Born nt Atherton, Mo,, Mort pilche.4 for Houston in the Texas League a.nd Columbus of t] American Assn. before going to the Cards. lie -had made his home at Houston the last five years whore hu was connected with a boys camp, Survivors include his wife and a son, The funeral will be at Jn- cjepeqdenge, MO. Funeral Directors Ambulance Sefvlee Burial Association U^f:BftAL HGMfi Dial Ptt 7-2123 Instrueh'on PfiiVATE music lessons oh all Sax» aphoncs, Cortlet, Tt'ombone, Bar< Hone, Piano, Piano Accordion & Organ. Phone Ptt '/-3309 or see fiev. S. Joseph Geno for com» plete details, 13-Gtc Lost BEAGLE Hound. Between Highway 29 and Spring Hill Road. Mooli iM'ullins on collar. Call Hare Seed store. 7-3829. 18-3tp Found A FtED mtiloy cosV, weight 850 pounds. Jumped In pasture of W, U. Wade, Blevins. 184tp The Negro Community Esther Hlckt Phone 7-4676 or 7-4474 Thought for th e day That past which is so presumptilr ously brought forward as a precedent for the present, was itself founded on some past that went before it — Mad. de Stae). Calendar of Events The Charmetles Social Club will prescni "Tiny Tols Under the Big Top," Tuesday, Nov.. 18 at 8 p.m. in the Harris Gym. Admission is adults 25c; High 'School students, l'5c and Elementary students lOc. HopeWell PTA Plans Banquet The Hopewell PTA mot Wednesday, Nov. 12, at 7 ip.m. with the president, .Mrs. Velma Muldrow presiding-, The attendance was very good. Plans were made for a Thanksgiving Banquet which will be held in the School Ca-feteria Tuesday, Nov. 25 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are now on sale. For Salt sereehs, doors, Stefffi windows, weather = stripfitHg, )ft» sulallofi. foofittg, aWHings, gut* teriftg, ornamerital fsiilng, Etee estimates. Andy Andrews, Photte 8'tl 1950 SftTDfiBAKfiH pickup-, bed. heater, clean and ih good condition. Phone 7-2204 of ?4dli, FIVE room house. gi.OfJO. A gdod buy to rebuild or move. Johjj W, Webb, Ozan, Ark. 2l'lm»{) 1051 OLfcS Pordor. hardtop, Good second car. Call PR FIVE room hotiie. Dinette and cat' port. Completely furnished. Sell cheap for cjltick sale. Phone ?4047. 14'6tc 6 ROOM house to be moved. Fbi' Information call 7-4001 oi' see Ralph Sounders. 12-tf 8 ACRES, Mope edge, modern 4 room furnished house. $6,000 -*$2,500 downpaymcnt, Balance like rent. H ACRES. 1,000 ft. Hwy. 67 front age. Fully modern 5 room home. Ideal business sites. STROUT REALTY CO. 620 W. 67 Hwy. '15-Gtp PECANS, 35c Ib. .Russell White, Spring Hill Road. PR 7-3909. • 17-3tc COLDS'POT Refrigerator, like.n'ew, also good used gas range arid small dinette suite. Will sell reasonable. Call Donal Parker, ' 73431. 17-tf For Rent LOCAL trailers, Byers Gulf Service. Call Day or Night. 7-9955: 8-lmoc NICELY Furnished 4 room apartment. Adults only. No drinking:801. East 3rd. 3-tf Birthday Party Giv e n • .A birthd'ay .party, was given re cently in -the .home of Mr; anc Mrs.. ;Lee Cheatham of McNab honoring Miss Bertha M'ae Smith {.Guests present* were <M'ary .Lee SJIwa.rt, Wanda (Bro\yn; Carolyn Walker, Shirley .Dav.is, Earlei 'Muldrow, Dorotha Muldrow, Ches ter Qdgen, Gladys Staggers, Che'S tor Jones, Chau-les Muldrow, Rob ert : H61ston, Frank Walker, Ray mond Staggers and John' L. Smith UPSTAIRS apartment. 3 large rooms and private.bath. 203-High Street. •' 15-tf J BEDROOM unfurnished • apartment: 222 N. Louisiana'. See Sara Ratliff. ' - ' 18-3tp" Female Help Wonted Man Wanted in Robbery Gives Up LJTTLJS ROCK (AP) - . John Franpjs Kinney, one of twp men Phaj-ged in a $lg,OPO " North J^iltjp. jRopls robbery, survenderp^ i" PPUIjty offjcpcs yestej-flay, Kioopy, 47, pv?viovisly as frepd in S^t, kouls op S2Q.OQO bond pencU 'ng ? hj^beas cqrpus hearing, •' • JSinncy and Chaj'Jcs Jeffej'sp,)) ojlis of Rast St. l^ouis, JU., firs cj\p,rged \yith, robbing W'i Bailey Ferguson et bis $orth, ile ¥ |;opH iwmp.jnst p?c, 19, " stUJ fa in Ppst St. fov Siuney did Wjljmpi J. at Warris Forming Third Baseball Loop Not Easy MILWAUKEE (AP) — Warren Giles let New York's ambitious planners in on '• is version of the i'"acts oi' baseball life^ Monday night, . '" * » Forming a ' third major league, said tho National League president, "is easier to iicpompli.ih through a press release than actually getting the cities, parks and playc rs " Forming a third major league and players," At the same time, Giles apparently is in opposition to Commissioner Ford Frick's hopes for an expansion of major league baseball, -, Baseball, • said Giles, must "keep a small structure, rather than enlarging it and diluting; it," Speaking before moj-p than SOU persons at a testimonial dinner (or General Manager Johri Quirm of the Braves, Giles added! ;'If enlargement means dilution of our product, sve are riot keeping 'faith' with the peopjp " Qiles said he favored onopera* tion within baseball on oH l^vejs *- in pjayer recruiting, and if igsfiry, in the subsidiivtUo'n nt minor leagues, to guarantee a supply of talent Coj- the majors, His views on a third m^jor Jeague were a fojjow up to an ment by the New Yor!< .. . . Baseball Committee Jas( weeK that u planned to form a thjrd league — either withjn Ply present ba,sel}§}r structure pr Q\){» ?if!e • it, raiding the, majors. (oj- slayers -r in' an effort to regajjj iwp.team status |or the city, Sjles .originally answered that 3nnPvinpe;pe,nt by sayjng he did not b,e]ieyB"''JJe'w yprjj g'sm 9 Natj9nal keagu by ijireata. , 5 pn jepord as bejng Jn Iseepitig fjey YorJs '' in fCWB?r9tog will} JUe gr<3Mn4s. • • titp ' IHUp AVON Cosmetics has immediate openings for mature women riot otherwise /employed to" service excellent Avon territories'. Can earn $2.00,.,or more per hour.' Pleasant, dignified work. .Openings in Fulton, McNab, McCa's- kill and Columbus, Car necessary. Write Avon, Box 377, Hpt Springs, A,rk. Give directions to home. 12-lOtc, Wonted Hope Star 1 route open for-boys 12 years and "over, -Apply" at Hope'' Star Office. IMPROVED farm or ranch,'From . 160 to 480 acres, Write Abe Stcin- le, Hillstooro, Kansas,- < 18-6tp Services Offered LET us renovat* y«ur old mat- tresa, We speciallzt in pr*Miiri> zed ,innersprlng f * "'•/', . COBB MATTRESS SHOP, : 712 Weit 4th, Phont 7 NumBef 5f Words Up M (5 16' td 20 21 fe 55 76 to 3d SI (6 35 36 td 46 41 to 45 46 fo SO Day .45 .60. .fS .96 1.05. I.JO 1.35 Coys .90 1.26 1.50 1.PO 2.16 2.40 3:00 , Si* Qays T.SO 2.66 256 366 3.56 4.60 4.56 560 WANT AD RATH ° All Wdhf Ads 3fS J3oyab:« !n ad»ohcS but ad^ will be SceepfSd bvdf rhd t«?lsphone ohd or-:oHi6dd- lidft accourits 6llowed with trig UH- cfefsfdhdihg fh^ dccouftl is t>ayabl* »heH stdterHfiftt Is rfncle'fed. 6ftg Mo«h 6.66 7.59 Ifi.'f- IS.iW tsioo CLASS!PI60 DISPLAY 1 tlmd 86c f.6f IKch 5 Hrhdi . o5c )3ef Inch 6 tlrrtes 55<e pef inch Rales quoted ab6ve ore (of c6rt= seeufive irtsSffioris. Iffeguldf of skip) dots ads will take the one-day fats. All ddily classified advertising copy will be dcceptod until S D.ni. *or buBlicatioh' \hc follbwlrtg day, t* The publisher ft'rerves the fight t»- fevlse df edit all ddvestlssmedts d( fered fo,r publication and to (-elect any dbjectlonable advertising submitted. ... Initials of one of more letters, groups of fiqure 1 !, surh as house Of telephone numbers count as dne word. ^The Hope Star will not be resporv slbte fdf cffbrs |n Want Ads' unless efrbrs OIK called to our attention aftof FIRST. Insertion of ad and. then fof'ONLV the tiNE fncbrfect Insertion. PHO'NE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Mope Star Stbr ofiHopc 1899; Pres§ 1927 'Consolidated January 18; 1»2» 'Published everV weekday afternoon by -STAR:PUBLISHING CO. Mrs. C. E. Palmer, President . Alex. H.,Woshburn,.Scey-Trei. . or. The Star Building 212-14 South Walnut Street ( i . ' • Hope, Arkansas ~AI». H. Woshburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H, Jones, Managing Editor Dbnal Parked Advertising Mgr. ' George- W. Hosmer, Mech. Supr. Entered as. second class matter at the Post- OHIce at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act ot March 3, 1»97. Member,of, the'Audit Bureau of Circulations . Subscription' katss (payableT in advents) By carrier In Hope and neighboring towns — . . Per week ............................ •• -S .30 Per year - li60 By mall in Hempstead, Nevada, LaFayette, Howard and Miller Counties — One month ................... , ....... $ •'* Three montht ........................ 1.11 Six months .......................... 3.50 •n'e ye'ar" .............. • ............ ,.— ' *'. 5: " All other mall — O'lie" "month* : Three months Six months One'^ye'oV ............ ...... ?( '• j . V30" > 3,fO 7,«0 -MM Nat'I Advertising Representatives; Arkansas' Dailies, Inc., 16Q2 Sterirk Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn., 1 505 , T sxos Bank Bldg,, Dallas 2, Texas; ?60 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 F. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y.J 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, , Okla. V. ' Member of The' AMnefated »r««: The-,Associated Press Is entitled exclusively ta the use for republlcatlon of all the local news printed in this newspaper, as , well as a|l AP news dispatches, RALPH Montgomery' M»rlt«t, cu* torn slaughtertng, W« h»v« m««t for your deep frt«i«, 8«t til'be- fore buying, ~ ' ' - , 17 SINGER SEWING MACHINE' CO, Sales and,Service, 513-Ea?t<Sr4, L. E, Booth, Phone PR CUSTOM slaughtering: UogS ,$2, Cattle for hides. Hauled free up to JO miles, Phone PR 7-3578 or 7-270J, 274'mo Notice . W* REAL B, A, F, Howard •Jwt,. Rlteg, Vm y§ni — Wjil 1TORAQX FRiBegrr, " ".mi BABHAM ?«• Wrttt J3 Buy and sell A.i}tiq'up"Fuitur •and briora.bi-sjp, BYiRS rg SHQp t Patnws For Rent or Sole Tovlor & Jordan USED CARS — BODY SHOP — FOREIGN CARS — C 216 8, Hazel Phone '7-4022 Orville Taylor • John Bill Jordan WANTED TO BUY Pine' Pulpwooo by Truck Loa<» Cut in Woods,pp otberwis?, HAROLD HENDRIX Phpn? PB 7-4981 - 16th & Upuisjana, Hope, Ark, , GRILL CAFE -= BREAKFAST — 35e P. 50c — Ws, Home Style Hot iiscwiti Optif 3 A, M, t9 9 f, M, MATTRISSeS Ht JfLMM* Intt .•print,, WPI* Ouiran P»y itrvlst ; i Mjnr.il Cf, » Hcrndon-Corneliui "*"• -•'^mtWJurioJ Ambulance StfYict LOCAL MOVING

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