Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1958 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1958
Page 3
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Hittmfcer 1§, 1958 HO PI IT A I, HOPl f A IK A MS AS 4 P.M. NoVSWbSp 13 Mrs. Lahi-oy spates, 308 South pttiee St. will be Hostess to the ttiede&tt Legidfi Aukilidfy flies* ay, Nov. IB at 7:30 p.m. Mem* drs arc i-eitiiHded to bi-irtg an a(Don for the Christmas, packages beiftg wi'dpped ih the VA hos* -_„—.^j will meet in the home of /its.' .Paul 'MeClellan, Tuesday, tfqv, 18 at 7; SO p.m. with Mrs. Rufus ' Smith as co-hostess. Mrs. iahltel Ha'nihi is guest speaker. The Couple's No. 1 Sunday School of the dari'etl Momoi-ial Church will meet at the home of If. and Mrs. Earl Bordelon, 420 IgeWood St., Tuesday, Nov. 18 FiiSO p.m. for their class meet ig, All members are urged to Itlend and bring a friend. Anthony with Mrs. Loyd Kinard ris coihostess. Kach member is asked to bring biilbs for the t Garden club members. Mothers of children of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades of (Brookwood School Will meet Wednesday at 10 a. m. at the home of Mrs. Jim Jaines. The Ambassador Sunday School Slass of Garrelt Memorial Church Srlli meet tonight at 7:30 in the nome of Mrs. Ivy Mitchell, |f Wednesday, November 19 Mrs..R. L. Gosnell's Elementary ftiadi 7th grade Piano Pupils will : a program for their parents and friends in the Garland school iauclilorium" Wednesday, Nov. 19 at p p. m. I The Patmos P, T. A, will meet Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. ih the school library. A meeting of the executive committee will precede. All members and friends are urged to attend. o Second grade Brownie group meet Wednesday at Garland school at 3:30 p. m. Lilac Garden Club will meet I Wednesday, November 19 at 3 p. in. II at the home of Mrs. Graydon Thursday, November 20 The Order of The Eastern Star will meet Thursday, Nov. 20 at ^:30 p. m. at the Masonic Temple foi' their regular meeting. Notice The Ladies Bridge Luncheon to be held at Mope Country Club on Thursday, Nov. 20 has been can» celled. Hope City Council of Garden Clubs Meet Friday, Nov. 14 The Hope City Council of Carden Clubs met Friday, Nov. 14 In the home of Mrs. Billy Dan Jones Which was attractively decorated with chrysanthemums and dried arangements. Mrs. Jones, council president, conducted the business meeting. The Holiday Mouse tour of six homes Were discussed, and it was decided to have the tour Dec. 11, from 2 until 8 p.In. The theme will be "Through The Ages." After the business meeting, the hostess served doughnuts and coffee to 13 members of the council. Mrs. C. C. Lewis Hostess to Friday Bridge Club Beautiful roses and chrysunthe mums decorated the home of Mrs C. C. Lewis when she entertuino her Friday Bridge Club on Nov 14. High score prizes for the after noon were won by M'rs. ;M. ; ,M McCloughan and Mrs. Charles Har Woman Robbed by Hot Springs Pair HOf SPRINGS*. Ark.- (AP")-f wo vhfcfi yesterday grabbed a yoxifif womah bahk clefk oh a Hot Springs Street fqrced hot inlo ah automobile and robbed her of about $300 ah'd several cheeks. Mrs. Bella Phillips, 20, told po- iice that one of the ffiett threatened her if she screamed. After the toahdits let he rotil of the car hi a residential area, Mrs. Phillips returned to the Arkansas National feafik and thefl Was hospitalized for treatment for sfioek and facial bruises. Mrs. Phillips told detectives that while she was making" t'olleetions and delivering batik documents, ail auto pulled up beside her, She said one man leaped out, grabbed her vrist and shoved her into the back seat of the car. She said one of the men held a handkerchief over her face and Dressed an object that felt like a knife against her side. •oil. he hostess served a salad te and coffee to two tables of players. ITS HERE—-THE BIG EVENT OF THE YEAR! A ONCE IN A LIFETIME TREAT Only Showing in Southwest Arkansas ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY TONITE 7:45 P, M, All Seats ... $1.00 'A Major Event of The Dance Season... THE BALLET A RANK'ORGAffli'.AllON,PRESENTATION Filmed in London In EASTMAN COLOR STARTS VVEDNESDAY — The Picture Everyone is Talking About •'• • • SAENGER THiATRI HUNTING flSHINC? WORKING WAIKIN© Ferrand-Bruce Vows exchanged In a simple ceremony on the afternoon of Nov. l(i at the home 3f the groom's parents, Miss Judith <ay Ferrand, daughter of Mr. and Vlrs. Harsc Vines Jr., was joined n marriage to David Larry Bruce, on of Mr, and Mrs. M. C. Bruce. Dr. John H. McClanahan, pastor f the First Baptist Church, read he single ring ceremony before! n improvised altar decorated vith pretty garden flowers. The bride wore a dress of white aquard, fashioned with an empire vaisl, three-quarter length sJeevus nd a scoop neckline. Rhinestone ar rings were worn to match he buckle on the dress. To com- lete her ensemb'Je, 5)10 wore a vhile hat trimmed with seqcins nd a tiny veil. M'iss Joyce Lynn Ferrand was her sister's maid of honor. She was attired in a pink faille dross and' her dark hat was in harmonizing tones. Charles Ferrand, 'brother of'the bride, served as best man. An out-of-town .guest for the wedding was Mrs. June Paskevieh of Ambridgo, Pa., the maternal grand mother of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce are now residing on E. Third Street in Hope. Loafer Is Leafer Here or i3enr borothy Dix: Would you help clear up hiy state of confusion? I've been 1ft this country only three years but it didn't take me lohg to gel used to this way of living, though some things still mystify rtie. 1 fell iti love with a young man here btlt am afraid to accept his proposal because he's American and !'m European. My friends say it won't Work. What really bothers me Is that \ve quarrel a lot and he 'can't •told a job. Me sleeps late and slays home irom work, we nrgtie and then he won't go to work the next day cither. So the whole hing starts all over. 1 tell hi hi : won't marry a man 1 must slip- 3orl and he says if he were a nan-led man, he'd work. Wow can 1 be sure? We've been intimate several times, too. He says we're round to get married some day, so why wall. That's another thing we fight about, ts there any way to simplify the matter for me? — Geneva. Dear Geneva: You have n re- irmrkable command of the .English language and write beautifully. You Certainly deserve a compliment for the adjustment you have made to our language. Therefore, I'm sure you will understand the slm- pie summing up t shall present. A man who won't work Is n loafer here and n loafer abroad. He has not the guts to buckle down and support a family, so what kind of n husband will ho make? Sin, also is the same. There's no difference between the domestic and foreign brands. Look the field over, Geneva, We can offer a much better brand of man than the one you collected. (Dear Dorothy Dlki I'm sick and tired of reading about the shb^r*crffs In MollyvWcfd who bring scaftdill to the whole city, these nf6 the few. rtot the representative -tnahy, Hollywood is n /me town and most of the people In it are fine people, whc ther they are in or dut of the mo vie Industry. We read so much about the tmiltimarried nnd divorced people but Very little Is written about the fine, upright folks. Why doh'l we hear more n'bottl ftoy Rogers ntid IJnle Evans, Ann Blythii and her family, Irene Dunne, Dennis Day and countless others t could mention? — Faithful Follower. Dear F. F.; I'm sure Hollywood will appreciate your defense, in any walk of life, <n any place at ail, it's the unusual that makes news. Since most people in Hollywood, and elsewhere, arc good- living folks, they Just don't make Headlines. These people are subjects of frctiiieht write-ups, not only In movie magazines but In other publications. However, since :hey are jtist "good copy" nnd 101 sensational news, stories about [hem are In slower tempo. They do very nicely without the wrong kind of fsufellelty. til*: For the fiflst 81* tHofitfiS 1 h«f8 been goihg out with l#w\ We'Vc" been very gtioo frieftds but h thnl we'ra becoming Sdfloxis his father apparently docSiYl at/nfll him let go out with girls, After nil. Lew Is -20. When 1 go to his house, I'm treated like* o very casual friend, not Hi rtll like Lew's girl friend, if we're trtit together and he sees his fnthOi We dttek. Ho says It's just to avoid at-gu- mchla. Isn't this childish ibehavlor for a man of 20? — H. It. Dear M. ft.: Unless you can In- splra your fooy friend with ellmlgh confidence to slick up for His rights I'm afraid yott'to fighting n losing battle in this war of the orange blossoih. Bear in mind thnl Lew's father will become your father' In-law, If you manry. Use all your charm to win him to your sldo —now, J3ear Dorothy Dlx: My husband Is a hard working, , doesn't smoke or tlrlnk nttdi .mill recently, always had a pica* stint disposition. Now he's Belling so frfUfifete that tit Wtf me if f eVcft asft hlrti ttf {Stfifc tip ftiS fifoth* cs. I ttreaien id Tetfc* fiim uttA h«* ttflSifht to |6 iftfad. I'tfl ally Rotting seated of fiMi MB. L. K. L bear i* >#.:• Yotif hiiSbafrd la* prtfbnbty feeing frustrated by softie* IhlhR outside — at his job, fop In* stance — nnd ts taking II out oft you. try to 1 win his confidence. I'leK up for him Until he recovers from 1 his wood, Perhaps he JUst wants a little spoiling. the Liberty Bell was cracked while being lolled Ih meftiory o! Chtef Justice .Tohn Marshall tn 1835. PRE-CHRISTMAS PERMANENT* DIANE'S BEAUTY SALON JEAN . EDITH - DIANE Phe, 7-31)8 204 S, Main Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Russell Celebrates 76th Birthday Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Russell -eelei torated their 76th birthday Sunday at their home. in. Okolona. Attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Felis Russell, Patsy arid Billy of Caroden; Mr. and Mrs, Clifford Russell and Mary Mr. arid Mrs. Jamie Russell, Janice and Sue,- all ' T Rowc, Paul, Bobby and Ronnie of Okolona; Mr. and • Mrs. Forrest Russell of Hot Springs; Mr, and Mrs, Carmie Cox, of Okolona; Jim Russell of Delight; Mrs, Mario Rothwell, Lynda, and Kenneth of Camden and Lewis Buckley also of Camden; Mrs. Tom Hare and daughter, Mildred of Okolona; Mrs, Jess Morris and David and Louise Daughtery of Hope, .',-,'. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs, Brooks SluiUs of Fulton were in Little Rock, Monday, to meet their daughtci- A Mrs, James Flippjn Jr., and their grand son, James III, who have returned to Fulton with Mr, and Mrs. Shults for a visit, Miss Arlene Kuehling and Mitchell LaGrone, both o£ Dallas, were weekend guests of his parents, MY, and Mrs, LaGrone, Miss Barbara LaGrone accompanied them to ftope, following a recent trip she Tiade to Monterey, Mexico, 'Dr, and Mrs, 'John McClanahan and Rev. and Mrs, James Hunt are attending the 105th annual Ar« ?ansas Baptist State Convention in Little Rock, ,Dr, McCJanahan is oastor of the First Baptist Church and Rev, Hunt is the minister at the Baptist Mission Church. Rev. 3111 Moore, pastor of the Unity Baptist Church, left for the convention on Monday, Representing Garrett Memorial Baptist Church are Rev, and Mrs. A, D. Livingston, •Among the ftazorbaek fans in 'ayetteyille for the A.rk-SM'U game aturday \veve DC, ajid Mrs. Emmet.! Thompson, Mr. and Mrs Foy iarpmons, .Mr, and Mrs. 3Uly Duckett, ftjr, and Mrs, L. B. Tooley , a,nd Mrs: Ruffle Booth, Mr- and Mrs, CJine Franks, M»'. and ~YIrs, |-.ouls Button and Mr. and its. Oliver <M'r, and Mrs. Lyle Mpore of Lake iharjes, La., are visiting his mo' lief, Mrs. Harry Moore. apd Diane an4 'Ml', and "Vjoore ^nd 'I^any jiavp' returned, rom a trip t,o jfatchjtojtjes, l<£i. vhere tl>e motion, 'picture, "Thp rse Soldiers," is bejng filmed MPM. They despribed s.ps laminating, ' Hgspital WESTINGHOUSE Floor Stock MAKE ROOM FOR NEW MODELS Close Out Prices * * * \ v U -~ »-*rf fl ^ r vi j. •n-**'-*,*>. rotors And Freezers Jj't YOUR^WESTINGHOUSE DEALER FOR OVER 23 YEARS 120 S. ELM SJ. HOPE, ARK. PHONE 7-2271 The Newest of Everything Great! The Greatest of Everything New I . , J,?vW'^^v^>fpPT^.g^^ -i r^^^ t it .tf,;^tf / ;/ $-,4, r,,,-.^^.^.^.^ '#> t ,»>^&*.A.,& t ~&&£&&ffi.$.ey»*~ - ,*«. ^, w *. -^ j Introducing the first all-pushbutton car! 4 tr^-J ,' ," ' ^erywherp yoij lopk* there ai'P Jiew; things, gre«/ tln'ugs, to see and discover in this '59 Dodge, Firsi, the pew Swivel $. They wjjjg yqu into driving position, sjnogllijy and ellortlcssly. ju front of you, a gleaming k ge\v instrument panel \5jhis Podgo 45 Ajweriaa's first aU'pushbuUou car. Jt ghcs you push-button pojUrol of hcjth driving and \vpalhw, V 1 out-^nd u^Jjp anqther discovery! Thp three dimuiibiouul Jnastury of LcVcI'Fh'lo TorsioiirAire. Here is guntrol jroorf p§ntrQl* k>n4 cQutrijl, And tUerp are other discoveries, ijlsor- tu see, to,feel, tq ex|ier|e«ge, Wiy it

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