Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1958 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1958
Page 2
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Pa§§ TVa HGPI §f A R, H6P§, ARKANSAS Johnson, Nixon to Lead Rights Compromise By JACK bfeLL • WASHINGTON IAIM - VU-P Presioi'iil Nixon and Sen 1..\ntloii B. Johnson iD-Tcifi nprmipn'lv Pre preparing to lake the Iran toward compromising mi impend- ins? fighl ovoi tlie Sennit ^ fid bullet rule 'NiKon has told friends he is confident the present rule — Which requires CO nMirm.'iIiv Votes to curb debate — is going <o b<" Chnliged as the first order ff business when the newly m- Uirped Semite meets in Jaiiuniy Ar. presiding officer. Ihr vii 1 " prrs.i'1-. '•.', h,-is made it clr.^r hi; will iK.ld in order a motion to adopt 11. w Senate rules. In tlm 1'aR.J. i.hr Semite traditiolinlly hns cni-rir'l its rules over from OIK- Coivu ^«, to Die nevl Any such precedent • breaking decision by Nixon Is certain to t»e rtrpp.-'led to the Senate nnd 'o tip settled by a majority of its JJlEmliersliip, ,j;aisud to 98 by ,lhq, •odrUtion of two new -senators from- "Ateska. ^'."The vien president evido-iHy .expects lo go beyond such a rul- •l(ig. however, and work actively 'Unvard some compromise that ,Wjll make it easie.r to shut off .the lime-conwiming talk which has blocked most civil rights legislation , As an aspirant for Ihe 1900 ^Republican presidential nomination, Ni.\on obviously is anxious 3ft have n record of paiUclpation Uu any weakening of the filibuster i u!e. w Johnson, the Democratic leader au the Senate, has a big slake in preventing a parly split on the •**>' ,;Some Republicans, led toy Sens. Clifford P. Case ol New'Jersey LASTS ALL YEAK LONG IN PICTURES 19, 5 Candidates Continued From fng6 One \voul dnot discus-- ihe reasons for her withdrawal. The "Slate" candidates arr Ted L. 1,flrhb Rnescll II Mr.Ksnn Jr tSvc-etl 1'tir-kei ,h William K Another Union Man Takes 5th Timid Student Has to Leave Sick," the sophomore at Centre! Christian High School said. "The cat kept scieafnint; while the teslcher fhade the incisions," Boeing Wins Firsf Leg of Jet Race Amendment J Biology Class By G. flh Amendment today when askrd bv Senate rackets kansss' bolhng intonation fiont— '"•" «^ Kl « " v ^cuaic rackets l3rooks'rfavs V m Ark'i'Vn^hp Nov' i *' aV , P M° r ' J " rnt> " 1B ' shoolings and 4 Kmetnl election. ,,ari,,m".d hi «"«*•*"<»>»** '» Texn» labor d,s. stahd that (ho t'S Supinme Couit 1 ' .7 In its despj»ft>gp1l m dprloons has s nafer. business inanager of tlsurpod poWer And infringed " ln our J-ighls, Rrp. Oron Harrh iD-nt-k). spt-ak. itig al Jonosboro. assorted that Qov. OrVal K. I''mihu$ rnnrilis enn- sidoratlon as a Dcmncratic presidential nomltiee. And. the State Education tl 'leamslor Local 057, JM'TCHlNSO.V. Kan. <AP)—"\ went home shaking like a loaf. I'll never go back." The vu>rds came trorri iS-ycJt- old A'nla ttoltrr, who vv*alked out ot n pri'-ate high school because in i biology eli ss experiment in «-hl( h a kitten was put to sleefj with rther ithd cilt opcH^ I (ouldn t wnlch, it tuade fne traditional rrinhtllullnhnl ! u ' as forced in lislen tllert to what «nr:c ordered the Word "ral" the investipnlors «aid wore set'iet< iccordmss of 1iis Voicu of involvpment m a wave Jnn "f bi'ijihings in I'i r i4 and 1955. Si|Uinning in the witness cbilir. Shafer rofu.-ed l</ say whether he could rr.'C'.«ni-/.p his voice in the se.nerl vuth arid on the forehead ;i truck driver thfir union. parlmenl began mailing transfer s ' 1 ''/"chy loundinfi recordings. EMPIRE LOOK—Model Carol Filer seems lo wear the ulli- "empire look"—candlesticks'on , her hair at a London 'fashion show. Actually, she was standing in front of a chandelier when the photo was' taken. / Policeman Involved in Conspiracy Deal BATON ROUGE, La. (AP)— A state trooper has been discharged and a brewery truck driver is being sought in connection with un alleged conspiracy lo sell 1C cases of beer. The FBI identified the truck driver only as Davis. State Police Supt. John Nick Brown said yesterday he discharged Warren G. Allen. 29-year- old stnle trooper, of Slidull, La , aid piymonts lo school niDi--j':i.t • t1 -• - •• MUM which have accepted students; tlU- . Jlm ' k 'C'uil>> Owens, identiflod placed by the pnv^rnor's ortlev " nt V,' f ."' c v "[ crs '". "^ recordings cloSlna LilDe nock's high schools ' as to nvold integration. 01 ' Alford adctressod civic club. 1-Ie snid "we rntist tak« a firm eland, not an emotional utahrt... given to violence or lawlessness, but a firm stand lh.it our traditional constitutional riglus bo preserved within and under ihi> Both Congress and Hie- Supremo Court "must come to know liio pnople are sovereign." hr said. ; •Harris, in a "Dollars for Uemo crals speech, expressed confi- wrm refused 'to to say whether an Odessa, Texas, IriiCk- had testified I.CUlhfuIly tn saying that Shafer harl engineered violence including gunfire under Ilnnyci ^Zi.mi SmUh^and jorricrs from M W ibusly) Millet', " ~ ''* "" hv;\cl of Ihe Southern Conference of Teamsters, to "get tough," Shafr-r wouldn't even stiy whether he knows Miller. Other questions Shafer refused to answer included whether he had tried to induce Owens to use a silencer-equipped rifle to shoot dcnce thai even though Alford ran i ln fi s discussimj amnhg oth- thine!-' ihe payment of $l,4l() Linie TJcfk lo ° Wl '"s fr "- his admitted role in stealing dynamite for bombings' and helping to plant Ihe bombs. Siniih tcsiii'ir'd the Hangers had I plfn-pn 1 a fiiflclcn microphone In a room in which the conversations woio recorded. Shiifer invukod the Fifth Amend- mcnt to questions 37 times in 27 minutes before the committee an- Inutos before the cntnmlUe'e " announced it would try to refresh'his memory by playing the record- OUTFIT U With Starftash Camera in your choice of colon Everything needed for day-gnd- night inapshooting, Brownie Srorflash Camera (hat takes Ek- tachiome color slide; as well as black-and-white and Kodacolor snaps. Built-in flasholder. PJus barteries, flashbulbs, Verichrome Pan Film, instructions, Camera in choice of colors; coral red, skyline blue, alpipe white, jet black. All for $9.95 YOUR KODAK AGENT Word & Son Druggist Service, Qualify, Courtesy PH, 7-2292 102 W, 2nd and Jacob K. Javits of New York, have proposed a rule undor which two-thirds of those voting — instead of two-thirds of the, entire Senate — could curb debate immediately nnd 50 senators coulcl e-iici talk that wont on beyond 15 days. Also favoring this idea are Democratic Sens. Paul Douglas of Illinois and Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota, among others.These four served notice Monday they will battle any compromise that would fall short of a;i effective rule- chpnge, Nix m is reported opposed to any provision by which ,a majority could pul' a ;';!§• on debate.He is said to feel this should be done only wilh the approval of two- thuds of (hose voting With the Sonata likely to bo about equally divided 'on that is?••"<• the buttiiiF is that Johnson will come up wlih a compromise t,iu"l.v i!c\rl.v ihp new t>ts,sion Legal Nofice The annual school election will be I liold by the qualified electors of the ' Hope School District No. 1-A of He4npstejd County on Saturday, December 6, 19S8, between the hours o4 8;00 a. m, and 6;30 p. m, The electors will vote n school tax of 35 mills to be levied for debt service and general fund for the operation of schools of said dis» trict and for two board rn embers to bo elected for Post No. I for a penpcl ot throe yoais nnd Post NO. 2 for n period of three years, The polling places in the district, will be the same as heretofore designated, SIGNED: Mrs. C. C, Secretary o| School Bpard. Nov. Jl, 18, 25, JP58 oore Red Hot Wednesday « Thursday Specials DIAl 7-4431 FREE DiUYiRY FRESH FRYERS ROl-US SOFT TISSUE ONLY COFFEE 5VYIFT PREMIUM BACON 1 UP, CAN WHITg POTATOES Hays as an independent Die congressman-elect would "be seat ed as a Democrat and given committee assignments as a Democrat." Harris said Alford was elected by the Fifth Congressional District voters, "most of whom are Democrats." There have ibeen reports that an ntlempt would be made in 1he now Congress to seat Alford as an independent. In his praise of Faubus. rlar l 'i < ? said "I wish we had one in Washington that was as uood and dependable, Gov. Faubus' dependability and leadership... ahd faithfulness to the Democratic Party ... places him in n position for consideration by Democrr>ls us President of the United States." Education Department officials estimated yesterday transfer aid paymufts fo ptiittlc Rocks displaced high school students syill totnl about $25,000 a month. The latest school districts to apply for the aid, and the number of Little Rock studenls accepted, include: Omaha, Boone County, 1; Lake Village, Chtcot County, 3: West Side, Cleburne County, 1; Murfroe- sboro, Pike County, 1; and Truman, Poinsett County, 1 Since; only accredited schools are eligible for the 'aid, LitUe .Rock's new privatv, segregated high schools cannot legally recelv • the payments at present. W. C. Brashears, superintendent for Hie Little Rock Private School Corp., said the 8/50 student's enrolled in the corporation high school would be able to complete 173 days of classwork by June 20. Hi> said this would be six days mor" .than the minimum time requuvi! for accreditation. Brashoars also announced the appointment of Mrs. V.an Rice, re- Ured principal of England, Ai K , High School, as principal of the corpoialion schol Nine Added to Football Ha!! of Fame KANSAS CITY tAP>— Nmc< nov- sons IIHVO been added to the Fool- ball H.-U1 of Fnme bv tjic Nntionnl ASSH, pf Into)collogiatp Athlotic-s Clipsun >verp IS'oi'av Ebv, focimu cpnch nnd Athlelic director at COP College, Ceripr Rnpids, Fown, mid John Wesloy Rollins. Athletic council chnii'mnn at jspst T»xas Among other things;, he declined lo say whether Owens, a former henchman had told the 'troth on Monday in swearing that Shafer cither Roy .r. Gilbert, a San Antonio truck lino operator, "f Gilbert's son; had ordered acid dashed in the face of nonstriking truck drivers and hidden gunmen lo fire with riiles on Irucks of Gilbert or others. Nor would Shafu- say whether he had, as Owens swore, hired Owens to steal 32 cases ot dynamite with which to fashion bombs wilh which to blow up trucking plants and equipment in Texas. Tennessee and Louisiana. Thai was Ffid&y The girl re- fnained otrt of school today, Ahita 6allett duy Miller of Ihe mirnane Welfare Assn. C'otmtv Ally Johh Altlen said he also planned to look mlo il and wrilld decide whal action he would take Central Christian is in Ihfpvde- nominatioha) pilvale junior high school with ah emollfnehl fit 100. the leather, 35-year-old Irvin Jackson, a tfnivprsity of Richmond graduate, said Ihy object was "to acquaint students wuh medical (procedure ahd the tool of biology Work." Me said the experiment provided for killing the animal duting the course of the ptoject, and U was never In pain "We grvo the animal ethci be> fore and during the experiment. " fie said. "The brniti was de.acti' valed, and the outcries were from muscular contractions." A. W. Miller, assistant superintendent of the tttitchinson public schools, said dietary experiments are performed on lower forms of life in biology classes at the public schools, but that vivisection is | GANDfcR, Newfoundland fA* 3 — A Pan American Boeing 70t **o the first leg today of a jet airline racfe with a fintish CYmct H across the Atlantic The Comet left London Anpoi ?1 minutes t'cfme the Booms fall the American airliner Dicker) U 26 mihtites and landed there dfil 9 minulcs behind the British plane The Cornel, operated by fit His Overseas Airways Corp.. is carry irig 33 passengers; the Booing i carrying 110 the Commot later took off fo New York, jeaving the U, S. Jo in the hands of tnccnanlcs Irylh", to fppair minor mechanical trou bic. Owners of pigs in Ontario, Cah ada. must have at least five acres for the animals. not to his knowledge practiced. "We've got to develop scientists," Jackson said, "In Russia they do these things in the grammar schools." For Safety — For Silence — We Install Internationa! Parts Mufflers ^^^* • AM Welded Construction &j^**g • "Silikote" Protection ^5§&^^ • Guaranteed for Life of Cor y&*£^ • No Installation Charge Wylie Glass & Salvage Co. Hwy. 67 West Hope, Ark. Phone 7-2786 Oinosaurs ruled the eirlfi lof atwul, 120 roiiilott years, saj-s the ft&tiofia/ Geographic* SdcMy. So-fhc of IheM reached a length of 80 feel and weighed abdut 50 tdns. A buck dfcier -Which Had eluded hehlefs in NoVa Scotia dtirlhg the erttire 1 open season wandeted into accident. the steamer "Ahcoh" in 1D14 made the first transit of the Paiia* ftia Canal, cofnpieting the passage in hitic hours. tOW^HICI TV WITH IXClUtiVI MOTOROLA •OiDtN «OA«AHTM Full year guarantee on ail tubes mid parts, 6 y«ut om Golden Tuba Sentry Uait< Use aj sUreo ipeaJcitf, lehee: Char- coat Grained Mahogany or Grained Blond, Modal 21T68. IMI taut HAM EASY PAY TIRE STORE, 214 E. 2nd. Hope, Ark. ANNOUNCING THE FIRST LUXURY CARS WITH A CONSCIENCE: NEW GAS-SAVING MONTEREYS Nnmcd if) n posthumous award Rnlph R, .lones, forme>iv poach nt i,o kp Forest (ill ) College nnd o()o4imc Chjcapo Boms Coaph. Olhsj- poaches h o n o r c d A, \V, Mumford, Southern Univei'sity, J3n'on J^oype, 1 .1 , and Clqrejipo A, CJingenpel, formpilv or Central College, Fnyetto. l\Io Players honored, VVPTO IJaiinn flill pf (Jjo Chjcpgo J^enrs nn.1 of Florence (Ala.) Sl'Ue A)e5f SandupUy ol Iho pqjis, [gfmcfly of Penu- State Tcafliprs Oollpeo, jv, kepn §pn£o\d of the . Colts, formerly of Lou^- Pplytechnjp Cpllpge, Cushion, fl!>4 T°m Dojney, Kansas Ksn.. forn-jarly o£ Rt Beno- Cpllfine, Atp)»son, Kan. fho Awards \vill be pixspntcrt ?t •tho jinnya.). Footbe,!! H^H of F^ine flintier at ?t. p^tf-vsbnv>?. Fla . <>u pp^-. 1,1, thp dfiy bpfore the NA'A's .ehnmpipnslHH game m tht |Ioliday Bowl. Pity, New economy-powered Mercury Montereys let you "ride free" 10 miles In every It's •Tim U S Coast Guard was established m 1700, after hjs had, oa.rUcipa.je4 in » scheme to $p}j {hjp'beer. tepee was dpstined for West lims SQ0wfig,in&de $ Juswy car S eiifiw that divers * Q P pwfonn* P» rejdw (mi ftwAw) with this panel has k§§» moved away frem you? tep. There's 9 inpftra j)W§ »to9 Uto'CHt " ' gas. You $# ha.s AUPO \vpnt into thine ' Jl'l abeyt styled i\»t fe • truly- a be§utifuUy f f sr jgslffl cemf<?rt for sertieweat gersi ttw t«nn§l'hum|? in ^ fl tyeo cwt in half* Pssseysm in tji§ »Q teller ride. with their Jega doubled up. fa$ the lew bump Jimtes roow for adjusting bmk§e eliminate New S»p§y»Sngm§l flnish keepi its n't K§fd wa^ni for y«acs, t of $,11, these beautiful Monteneye of 2 put of 3 ,«f w tc see We invite ysu J» t%t and ,f «r »asi t ti 8X8 fo < fltlier'*J68 1 «ws} Wessr 'Ill BlfiCfi ^tlm^K ^ IPte $ *$ 5 It B&T $3P*- • f 4)1' |[i(||[|I kf)88 JTSflJI)^ Jb\l$ U~$fyU$)$Kk S^S^ ^'fliSt 4^R~ J - ^ '5^dW3^ J&8R§f ^li'» ^i!|JLT ffS^JLlAfi 1 BtSy)iT' f 7'© t •^2 ^^. i ' ^$ .irijtf*- b&§ iiwja-4^U|iUf t'_ ' ""' '^ • * \ ",, *" , '?'•'% > * ,'' ( v ' ' . -'\'* ( ~ V-oi- *"</ *'*!?. r ' $ -^ ^"-TTi^T^ir^'v ^u «^ *Y ^'~^^a" r ^jS^w^^ f i i( / c ^ ' ^ *, v>^?^!^^S^^^^^^^F^^Hi^^^^S?^^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!^^\WiW^S?^^^PSSlP^^Sj^TK^S^^^^^^ffl^R^R^^^!iW9fP^WTPW*JPWIiHBBP^ '^::i;>-v/?V, >^r\->--^ /; -/ : ,> r>/ ,, .^ ^ ;?i . t ^ f r .* ~> Jl * 't "*,,» t " 'I J 1 m

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